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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  June 3, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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>> wind, rain, trade is. now to workweek of cleaning up. an 11-year-old boy shot in the woods. police a member of his own family is responsible. remembering a tv icon. dawson is responsible for decades of memories. >> live, local, late-breaking. this is wbal tv 11 news tonight. >> good evening. the damage is done. nine confirmed tornado slammed states. a people with an unexpected mess
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to clean. >> severe thunderstorms and tornadoes ripped across maryland, causing all sorts of destruction, especially in harford county. one of the hardest-hit areas from the storm. the estimated cost of damage from the tornado is expected to exceed $1 million but they say could have been worse. -- it could have been worse. >> days after, the path of destruction is still visible. downed trees, damaged homes, and collapsed buildings. >> bill and robert stopped by what is left of their auto detailing shop located on the 2000 block of belair. the building collapsed on the
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honor and he was sent to the hospital with serious injuries. >> he has had an operation on his shoulder and a rod and pins in his leg. >> harford county government officials say could have been worse. >> it was a mile to add a mile and half area the tornado traveled. it was a quarter of a mile wide. the very fortunate the number of residences in that area were not hit harder. but had that occurred and the storm taken a different path or chord in the middle of the night, we would not have been fortunate. >> the cost of the damage could be more than $1 million. they crowded a quick response time and their emergency preparedness training to keep the property damage and injuries to a minimum. >> we dodged a bullet with this storm but nothing in the world
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is better than prepared best -- preparedness. it bans. >> at the height of the storm there were 26,000 b custerge without power. everyone -- bg pastore mairs without power. people trying to make a quick buck. the better business bureau is warning about so-called storm chasers, people come into town without licenses and offer to help with the work. a lot of times they decide to inflate their prices or they did not finish the work. >> it will come in and make a request of 50% or 75%. they will take your money and they may do some work but we will see those guys not finish the work and not get the job
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done but they have taken your money. you want to be cautious about how much you pay up front. >> just what people did not want to hear. more storms. a live look from tv hill. as we headed around -- into the evening, a couple of severe thunderstorm warnings into harford county and carroll county and parts of baltimore county. a couple of storms moving through the area around the city in towson. pretty heavy rain coming down south of rock hall. it will be a rainy beginning to the week but we will have a reward toward the end. the highs today at the airport, 79 at the inner harbor. 83 degrees. the weather forecast is coming up in a few minutes. >> dramatic new details after a plane crashes into an apartment building, killing 150 people.
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let's go to nigeria with the latest. >> moments from touchdown, the aircraft crashed into a residential area. the weather was good when their plane appeared to land on a two- story building in the surber of lagos. >> my children were outside playing ball. we asked them to look up because the plane was about to land. the minute it passed, it was going down. >> it was late afternoon. many people were in their homes when the passenger jet fell from the sky. thousands poured outside trying to find survivors in the burned wreckage. >> you could still see the painting from the airline company inside the wreckage. from there, the cabin had been destroyed. and reduced to rubble. >> government officials say all passengers and crew, 150 people
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feared dead. 100 casualties on the ground. nigeria has a poor air safety record. investigators are trying to find out what caused a cargo plane to crash by ghana. cause andthe yet unknown. even though it is late, and emergency crews are still searching, still hoping for some good news as nigeria and enters three days of national mourning. >> one man is dead after being stabbed. it happened at 1218 east lafayette ave. antonio madison was stabbed multiple times in the bark -- back. the woman's brother got involved and stamped madison. the woman and her brother are in custody. police are looking into a shooting that left edmund
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dabney injured. they came across to other men. one of the other man pulled out a gun and shot dabney in the head. and 11-year-old boy is dead, allegedly shot by his younger brother. michael and her brother -- his brother were doing yard work for their neighbor saturday morning when the pair removed a gun from a secured area of a neighbor's yard. the boys took the gun to a wooded area where police say the 8-year-old accidently shot his brother. >> it was identified by the young man at the scene that he saw his brother fall. we used a canine and air support to look at the area to see if we could see anyone in the area that was hunting or target practicing, to see where perhaps this random shot had come from. >> it was not random but an
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accidental shot by the 8-0. no charges have been fired. george e. zimmerman is back behind bars. a judge revoked his bail because he was not entirely truthful about how much he could afford to pay in the first place. >> after six weeks, george the zimmerman is back in jail. >> he is quiet and cooperative. the 28-year-old who shot and killed trayvon martin turned himself in on sunday after the judge revoked his bond. >> based upon the material presentations that the court relied upon. >> prosecutors argued during his initial bond hearing, zimmerman and his wife hid the fact that they raised money for his defense through a web site. >> it was misleading and a blatant lie. >> they have countered saying the commission -- a mission was
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a mistake, not a lie. >> why did he afford all the money i asked him to for the day i asked him to? >> he is charged with second- degree murder in the death of martin. the family attorney said the bond ruling calls into question zimmerman's assertion that he acted in self-defense the night the florida teenager was killed. >> the credibility is the issue and it is the most important ruling so far in this entire case. >> there is a credibility question that now needs to be rehabilitated. by explaining what they were thinking when they did what they did. >> l2 offer this explanation to the judge and i will ask in the next two days. >> less than stellar unemployment numbers have the president and his campaign plane to france this weekend.
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mitt romney's campaign said the president's policies are to blame for unemployment going back up but the president blamed congress. mr. obama says congress has been sitting on a jobs bill for months so that is the holdup. what is the holdup? republican lawmakers will not agree to raise taxes on the wealthy which the white house has been pushing for. so much for the dog ate my homework excuse. it is the president made me miss class. and 11-year-old kid in minnesota was excused from class and he could see the president speak. what he did not expect was president obama wrote the excuse not himself. it said, "please excuse. he was with me. barack obama." it had been cold, rainy, and windy, but hundreds of thousands came out to cheer on queen elizabeth ii as she sailed down the thames river on her royal barge. it was to celebrate 60 years on
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the throne. >> this has been a day where the modern monarchy has been mixed with tradition. it was prince charles' idea you have this to commemorate his mother's time on the throne. this -- 1000 boats on the river today raging from paddle steamers to everything in between. >> fantastic. we're having a great time. >> the idea was to demonstrate the rich maritime history. >> there was one vote that took place in the diamond jubilee celebration in 1897. the queen travels in a barge
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decorated with 10,000 flowers. her husband and son and grandson were present. there are two more of celebrations to come. >> a clown, calls, and a good cause. -- all for good cause. the owners of classic cars were invited to be in tay's parade. the ronald mcdonald house is a place where families can stay when their children are being treated by nearby hospitals. you probably remember its charismatic host, richard dawson. the way last night.
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a look at his life and how he is being remembered. the record-setting wildfire in the mexico continues to burn but mother nature might finally be cooperating. we will have more. we will have more. at bank of america, we're lending and investing in the people and communities who call baltimore home. from funding to help a local business expand their operations... to financing for an organization which provides affordable housing for artists... and partnering with a local hospital to help expand patient care. because the more we do in baltimore, the more we help make opportunity possible.
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you know... ubig game... that was sort of supposed to be for all of us. [ slurping ] [ male announcer ] give 'em what they love. subway! giant subs, sandwich and cookie platters. and big-time value. subway catering. order today! >> hollywood is mourning the passing of entertainer richard dawson. he was the host a family feud from 1976 through 1985. he died saturday night after battling cancer. he was 79. you remember he would kiss each female contestant. a total of 20,000 kisses during the show's nine-year run. imagine that. he played a prisoner of war in the tv comedy hogan's heroes which aired from 1965 through
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1971. a short time ago, miss maryland nearly became miss usa. the judges named her the first runner-up. she grew up in maryland and went to high school near bethesda. the title went to miss rhode island. if she cannot fulfil her duties, miss maryland will get the spot. congratulations to both women. the wildfire burning through mexico has charred more than a quarter million acres of forest and shows no sign of slowing down. the whitewater baldy fire has over 1200 firefighters working around the clock to control the flames. evacuations are mandatory but some people will not leave their homes. >> i wake up and the first thing i do is i lift my head up a little bit and i see flames and every night is getting closer. >> the wild weather is aiming
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crews to get the blaze under wraps. containment lines are in place and evacuation orders have been lifted in some areas. >> now, your 11 insta- weatherplus forecast with meteorologist lowell melzer. how she now when? beautiful weather we had until 6:30 p.m. when a couple of violent thunderstorms moved through caro, harford, and baltimore counties. we're seeing some remnants of storms pushing through the hardest rain this side of rock hall. we will see a couple more rain showers moving through this evening and unfortunately for the next couple of days, the rain is in the forecast. temperatures mid- to lower 60's. westminster, 57. parton, 58. in ocean city, 58-67.
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we have lower jurors in the mountains. to the north, in the 50's and temperatures in the mid-70's in the south. there is this upper level trough that will hold in these temperatures for the next couple of days. these low temperatures, high temperatures will be in the lower 70's. we will talk about that in a minute. the rest of the evening not bad. mostly cloudy and isolated thunderstorms. wynns out of the no. at 10 to 15 miles per hour. another night without the air- conditioning. 54 to 80 -- 258 degrees -- to 58 degrees. it was a great night until 7:00 p.m., we started to see these showers moving through the area bringing rain. i have not heard of any damage
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reports of that is the good news. no one needs that especially in carroll county and harford county. some of the showers over the state here and i want to show you the mess will bring this rain. this upper level trough will hang out and push to the east pass the great lakes and kind of sit here for the next couple of days and unfortunately, bring us on and off showers. monday, the chances, tuesday chances, and wednesday, chances. get ready for that but there is a silver lining. cloudy conditions running -- moving out of here into tomorrow. then this spotty showers moving in and out through the day and monday evening and to tuesday morning. the forecast, partly cloudy and breezy. an afternoon shower, a 20 percent chance. -- a 20% chance. if you're going to ocean city,
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it looks pretty good. a chance of rain every day. you will see the temperatures drop like they are in the greater baltimore area. suggest the attention to that. here is the silver lining. we have all these rain chances throughout the week. thursday is probably the last good chance, temperatures in the low 70's. once this thing moves out of here and high pressure gets into place, there is your good news. a beautiful weekend with temperatures into the 80's. >> people have been wondering about how tiger woods has been playing and there is no question after today. >> there's no question right now. he is very good, he is the best and we see that once again. one of his best shots ever es
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>> the orioles saw everything
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right first six weeks. adam jones gets an mri monday to check out a sore wrist. if he goes to the dl, the three highest players not available. he did serve this up today. there is the matt on matt crime. 1-0. errors all over the place today for baltimore. adam jones makes the catch find that the -- but the thorw is a little --throw is a little regrettable. he walked the bases loaded. the orioles lose 8-4. somehow still in the mix.
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despite dropping four consecutive series. a day off monday and a three- game series at boston. maybe carmiel will return. and the starting off the fun with the reagan celebrity game. -- the celebrity game. he a bunch of players with him for the softball game. it was a great atmosphere and the weather held up nicely. joe flacco, his brother is a professional baseball player. the -- it was fun. webb thrilled to give young fans a chance to get up close with their heroes. >> i had never met a professional athlete before. for me like to, i say to see
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the smiles on their face, it is a joy. >> to see all their happy faces. i am trying to get the community. it is a great thing. a positive thing. >> we talked about tiger woods a minute ago and wondering about whether he is back. what matters is we see a transcendent athlete when he plays great. that is what we saw. he was two back with four to play. this is the shot that jack nicklaus called the gutsiest he has ever seen. for theone is. in full swing flop shot. the chi showed, it dropped like a bag of sand. he made bogey on that same hole.
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make it two with that. a birdie at the last. tiger woods, the 73rd victory of his career, tying him for all time with jack nicklaus. >> the point i shot a 16. that was kind of sweet, too. but to be able to tie jack at 73 and to do it at such a young age is really special. >> the u.s. open is just a couple of weeks away. the fedex 400 is another example of a driver liking a track. tony stewart and the chain reaction which is 13 cars. a red flag delay, the biggest rec of the season. leaving johnson and jeff gordon battling for the lead.
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he and never looked back. jimmy johnson, his seventh career victory. we had gone into overtime between the celtics and the heat. that is game four in the eastern finals. we will check the weather after this.
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