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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  June 4, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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to be a garage that health a painting detail operation. you can see what is left of it. all of the cinder blocks that held this thing up are off to the side here. i want to show you off to the right, you can see all the sharing that was done to the trees in the lot behind it. there was a lot of damage to cars as well there. it is truly a miracle that no one was killed in this event. the all too familiar sounds after the storm, from the chain saws to the wood chippers, the sounds of cleaning up after friday's tornado could be heard around fallston in harford county. >> it was like world war ii carpet bombing. explosion after explosion after explosion. that is all we were hearing. >> patrick, who lives in the neighborhood of whitaker mill road, was one of many waiting
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anxiously for three removal. a couple oaks and fell in his front and back yards. >> the morning after, i came here and it was like a circus. there were guys coming out of the woodwork, working without shirts, no protective equipment, no helmets. >> tree workers say it is very important for homeowners to work with the license company. -- with a licensed company. >> call the insurance company, make sure they are insured before they start the work. >> for all of these hard-working folks, storm cleanup is a literal windfall for business. friday storm had a huge pot. >> total disaster everywhere. it was just crazy. trees went flying over houses. a mobile home was picked up and flew over 10 houses. we are all very fortunate to be alive today. >> tell that to jeff, a stone's
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throw away in this all repair park on route 1. >> we cannot see anything. i heard the doors of my shop get sucked out. i looked outside and you could see stuff lying in every which direction. the damage is truly amazing. cars and containers overturned, debris everywhere. it destroyed automobiles and a level campaign detail garage. harford county officials say dozens of homes and businesses were affected by the storm as well as dozens of motor vehicles. there were three entries, one serious. as far as the price tag, right now is that a million dollars and expected to climb much higher. the good news, no lives were lost. >> we were very, very fortunate that the power of the day and the circumstances did not lead to fatalities and more injuries
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than the three that we had documented this morning. >> as far as the man who is seriously injured while in his garage and the tornado blew through, he has been identified as keith matthews. his mother tells me she expects him out of a hospital sometime tomorrow, and then will begin physical therapy. as far as the final price tag, harford county officials say could take months. live in boston tonight, lowell melser, wbal-tv 11 news. tx series a burglary and home invasions and anne arundel county is concerning to residents there. many of them occurred over nine of the victims were at home and in bed. kai reed is live in and around a county with more on the investigation. >> the elderly victims from the most recent home invasions early this morning in maryland city tel terrifying stories. both women woke up to find the suspect inside their bedroom. >> i heard my mother screamed and i went to her bedroom.
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the guy was in there, and i jumped on him. we started wrestling, fighting on the floor. >> this early morning wake-up call has him and his neighbors afraid to go to sleep at night. in the past five days, the small maryland community has had five attempted home invasions. the next-door neighbor said he knew something was up. >> the dog was barking, so i got at four o'clock and let her out to see what was going on. >> what he did not know is that his neighbor was fighting to men who broke into his mother's home. >> a second i came in and he started fighting against me. then he left and by that time we had barricaded the door. another guy came back and said i've got a gun, i will shoot you. >> the confrontation ended a week-long assault on this normally quiet block. retired police officer recalls when they tried to break into his home earlier.
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>> i heard their words to people, so i put a light up outside. it is getting bad to live here. >> in another neighborhood, 91- year a oldlex yost logo to find a man standing over her, shining a flashlight in her eyes -- alkex yost woke up to find a man standing over her -- alex yost. >> the suspects have been taking cash and rifling through wallets and purses. >> will have an increased presence in the area. >> for now, neighbors remain on high alert. >> one of this morning's home invasions was in the 200 block of sharpton south. the suspects are described as
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two african-american males, one bald and the other with short hair. anyone with information is urged to call metro crimestoppers. kai reed, wbal-tv 11 news. >> internal police documents reveal new details about the man accused of killing and eating parts of his victim in harford county. the doctor show concern about the suspect months earlier at the university where he attended school. jayne miller is live in the newsroom with details. >> the documents are police reports. they reveal that he may have felt picked on. there were concerns about him long before the almost unspeakable murder. >> the documents we have obtained written last december when a military instructor at morgan state university raised the flag about 21-rolle
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alexander kinyua. he admitted punching holes in the wall of an rotc computer lab. he told investigators it was due to stress caused by finances and personal problems that are beyond his control. he said burn marks on his arms were tribal marks. he then said people don't think i can defend myself, suggesting he felt picked on. the instructor record -- recorded the incident called him an angry person. he described him as a virginia tech waiting to happen. kinyua was kicked out of rotc and cited by the campus judicial officer. now out under review by morgan is what happened after that. kinyua remained under -- at school and was accused of beating a man in a dorm room. he was charged in that incident but bailed out may 23. two days later comic-conkujoe
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agyei-kodie went missing. >> a spokesman for morgan says the university is now reviewing its handling of the incident involving kinyua. at one time, he was considered an exemplary student. jayne miller, wbal-tv 11 news. >> a petition has collected more than double the number of signatures needed. most of the money for the petition drive came from out of state. david collins stalin's us live from federal hill with details. >> most of the money comes from out of state. the petition fund report indicates only 15 baltimore city residents sent in money, and the biggest contributor is a
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national -- the stated goal is to drive a wedge between gays and blacks. opponents of legally recognizing same sex marriage in maryland collected more than double the number of signatures needed to put the question before voters in november. like a campaign, petitioners have to report for the money comes from. an analysis finds that 65% of the contributions came from out of state. only 35% of the donations came from maryland. both sides of the issue contend public opinion is on their side. >> people that were on the fence are no longer on the fence. they are engaged. >> it does not reflect growing momentum among maryland voters. >> the powerful bloating -- a voting bloc of the african- american community. recently unsealed in federal court documents suggest this is a strategy being used by
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opponents across the country. a strategy recommended by the petition drives biggest contributor. the national organization for marriage. it disclosed aggregate contributions made to influence the same sex marriage debate there. the documents say "the strategic goal of the project is to drive a wedge between gays and blacks, come equipped, it dries, and connect african-american spokespeople for marriage, develop a media campaign around -- promote the gay marriage a center responding by denouncing the spokesman and women as big it." a spokesperson says we are not a party to that campaign strategy. the naacp recently came out in support of same-sex marriage. >> marriage is a civil right and a matter for civil law . >> >> $73,000 for contributed to
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the drive. the maryland marriage alliance donated $36,000. the maryland catholic conference put in four thousand $293 into the campaign war chest. >> once the signatures on the petition drive or validated, both sides pledge a vigorous campaign leading up to the november election. david collins, wbal-tv 11 news. >> recovery or recession? >> some are wondering about the future of the u.s. economy after another shaky day on wall street. >> the numbers are coming up next. >> orioles find out today with the current streak of bad luck includes losing adam jones for a while. >> and cool air moving into the mid atlantic along with [ female announcer ] with xfinity,
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>> a mixed day on wall street as the dow finished well points down >> friday had a record drop as to stocks turned in the worst performance this year. nikole killion has more on the market jitters and what washington can do about it, if anything. >> later this week, ben bernanke will testify before congress and many investors will be watching. wall street struggled to recover after posting its biggest loss of the year friday, closing down nearly 275 points. the dow block juke -- fluctuated much of the day following huge
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sell-offs overseas. a financial expert warned of the volatility could continue, but he is not ready to pull the trigger-jet. >> the recession worries come on the heels of a disappointing labor report last week that showed only 69,000 jobs were created in may. >> we are just barely hanging on. the implied -- the employment rate is starting to go back up significantly, but we are not adding enough to get us out of the crisis anytime soon. >> europe is now facing a debt crisis. >> it is looming as having a real potential negative on the u.s. economy. >> more questions were raised on whether the president is doing enough. >> he continues to argue that we can do more, and we can do more right now. >> the white house says the
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president is talking to his advisers about new policies, but insist he has already put a number of economic proposals on the table that congress should act on. >> now, your insta-weather forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> cool weather for early june in the mid atlantic and a couple of showers on hd doppler. most of the rain is staying east of baltimore for now. coming down out of wilmington for northern delaware across the delaware bay and down for the beaches of baltimore. most of the state remaining dry today. there were some showers late last night and early tomorrow that ended up in the rain gauge. showers dropping out out of central pennsylvania. certainly a possibility of a passing shower, but for now is kind of cool and dry with a little cloud cover around the area. a storm is heading off the coast of new england and we will see the impact it had. chilly air going out of eastern canada.
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even into western maryland we have seen afternoon readings only in the 50's. 71 degrees at bwi marshall right now and temperatures will remain below normal. we are getting closer to the warmer part of the season. 80 now, the first day of the year that 80 is the normal high. some upper 60's 4 afternoon highs in some locations. a little bit of rain in the rain gauge today and a chance for showers overnight and tomorrow. 50's out near deep creek lake, only 64 degrees at ocean city at this hour. a shower passing through overnight with mostly cloudy skies and northerly breezes. the load tonight, 49 in the northwest suburbs and 57 at the inner harbor -- below tonight. the sun does not set until 8:29. this low pressure will slowly drift a little farther away. high pressure will build in slowly behind it and with it
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will come the warmth we see in the middle of the country. 90's in denver today, 101 in phoenix. the heat in the middle of the country will get here but it will take four or five days before it slowly move sen. isolated showers overnight and continued isolated showers tomorrow. just some hit and miss showers. instead of hitting 80, it is over 60's to around 70 tomorrow. the weather service has a small craft advisory out for the open waters of the bay. 30% chance of some hit and miss showers in the mounds and cool temperatures tuesday and wednesday. the eastern shore will mention the possibility of a shout or working through, but most of the day is dry. down at the coast at ocean city, a slight chance for a shower each afternoon. about 70 with partly to mostly sunny skies. 71 tomorrow, 75-76 on wednesday
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and thursday. then we start to see those temperatures warmer near normal. friday -- a little above normal on the weekends and we could see upper 80's and low 90's going into early next week. >> this is a 11 sports. >> a day off for the orioles but an important day for center fielder adam jones. he stayed behind in florida to have an mri taken on each of his rest. good news, the results came back negative. they all came back showing no breaks and no damage. tomorrow starts a three game series at fenway. baseball hall of famers including frank robinson rang the opening bell at nasdaq in new york to commemorate the
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ninth amateur draft. the orioles will have the fourth overall pick, the sixth straight year that have a top five picks in the amateur draft. the nfl -- labor issues have led to a lockout. the latest attempt at mediated negotiations broke down yesterday. using replacement in games when the season begins, unless they beak ridiculous they come to a labor deal before the season kicks off in september. -- unless they come to a labor deal. the l.a. kings probably wish they could play anywhere but home. they have won 10 straight road games, including two overtime wins against the jersey devils in jersey. they have won three overtime
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games this season. the l.a. kings players would love to treat their home crowd to a win that only last three periods. >> we've got to get better. we have to get better in this series. >> for the first time in 51 years, the new york mets did not have a no-hitter until this season. bill amamaher thinks he should t a share of it. he attended his first game since becoming a part owner yester day and said let's be honest, they did not have a no-hitter for 50 years, now they do. draw your own conclusions. ♪
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adds beautiful weather outside. >> a couple of areas picking up some rain but none of those severe storms from last week. the end of the week, we feature a warmup, 80 on friday and close to nine the early part of next week. the heat in the west now is slowly making its way to our direction but it will take about a week to get here. >> nbc nightly news is next. >> we will see back here tonight at 11:00. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute
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