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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  June 4, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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graduation, all because of the case of mistaken identity. >> 17-year-old honors student tiarra brown was taken into custody as she and her classmates practice for commencement exercises. kerry cavanaugh joins us with the latest. >> tiarra brown was pulled out of graduate and practice in front of her friends and teachers and later charged with attempted murder. she was locked up long estimate -- long enough to miss her graduation, in spite of the fact that someone else had been arrested for the crime. >> she reunited with her parents outside of central booking after four nights behind bars. the 17-year-old locked up on attempted murder charges connected to a stabbing at baltimore's half mile track nightclub. another woman had already been charged with the stabbing when brown was picked up. officials say that did not stop someone close to the victims from swearing out a complaint against tiarra brown.
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that was enough to get this tiarra brown locked up, no questions asked here >> it was negligence on their side. they can just pick a person out and charged them without investigating. she is a juvenile, 17 years old, and they picked her up before graduation in front of all the school. >> it took until monday night to release her. she spent the weekend in jail, unable to attend her graduation . >> she is an honor roll student. she starts college june 21. she worked all this year to pay for graduation and she mr. graduation for misunderstanding. >> i was real upset, but i prayed to god and read my bible. i know the best thing for me to do was just to come home. >> she was so grateful to see her family, she did not express any bitterness about her ordeal.
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>> the officers were very nice. they came in check on me. i was eating and drinking and not so depressed and crying so much. >> tiarra brown's family tells us the victim of that stabbing, as well as to witnesses, were shown her picture and they told police they did not know her. we were unable to contact the person who filed a complaint with the commissioner that kicked off the whole situation. >> we have learned that internal police documents reveal new information about the man accused of killing and then eating parts of his victim. the documents were written last december when alexander kinyua admitted to vandalizing a computer lab at morgan state university. he was kicked out of the rotc and cited by the campus judicial officer and he was referred to as a virginia tech waiting to happen. kinyua were as interested in may for the series beating of a
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roommate and days later confessed to killing of harford county man before eating his heart and parts of his brain. >> anne arundel county police continue their investigation into home invasion surround the city. both cases involve elderly victims walking up to the suspects in their bedrooms. kai reed has the latest on that investigation. >> i heard her screaming so i ran in there. >> his wake up call at 3:50 this morning was to the sound of his 74-year-old mother screams as she came face-to-face with a stranger in her bedroom, shining a flashlight in her face. >> i jumped on the guy and we started wrestling in fighting on the floor. >> the home invasion followed another home invasion less than a mile away about 10 minutes earlier. in that case, a 91-year-old woman also woke up to a man with a flashlight in her bedroom.
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[unintelligible] >> i did not hear anything for a couple of minutes so i came out and called the kids. >> police are looking for a suspect and the possibility that the cases are connected. there has been -- never said there has been a string of five home invasions in the neighborhood in the last few days. the suspects have been stealing cash and rifling through wallets and purses. a retired police officer is afraid they will strike again. >> we will have to get someone to stand watch, sit in the car and stan walked all night. i don't know what will have to be done. >> that was kai reed reporting. homicide detectives are investigating the robbery that turned deadly in northeastern baltimore. we are told just before noon today, someone walked in tied -- of inciting seafood store and
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found the owner shot to death. >> every time i came in, he always helped me. he had very good manners. he was a good person. i cannot see why anybody would do that to him because he is a good person. >> police are asking anyone who might have seen anything suspicious to give them a call. new tonight, a triple shooting in highland town. police arrived on east lombard street just before 9:30 tonight and down the three victims scattered. it is unclear what sparked the violence and the gunman remains at large. >> a deadly shooting an east baltimore gas station. family and friends gathered to remember the victim. investigators said the 18-0 was shot saturday morning at the exxon gas station at east bay and north carolina street. he died at the hospital.
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>> i just cannot believe he is gone. i just do not understand. i am so glad that everyone came out to support him. >> police have not released a motive in the case and no arrests have been a. >> you remember how crazy the weather was on friday. tonight the national weather service has confirmed that at least 10 tornadoes touched down in maryland. officials say they ripped across six counties during friday's powerful storms. harford county was hardest hit, with damage to several homes and businesses estimated at more than $1 million. that is expected to get much larger. the ge said power was knocked out to 30,000 households and 1100 homes were left without electricity through saturday evening. fortunately, there were no deaths. >> were very fortunate that the hour of the day and the circumstances did not lead to fatalities and more injuries
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than the three that we had documented. >> tonight, officials are warning residents to beware of so-called storm chasers, contractors who are not licensed in the state and usually failed to make good on promises to do repair work after collecting much of the cost up front. chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer will tell us what we have in store a little bit later in the newscasts. >> the petition drive to repeal maryland same sex marriage law indicate that most of the money came from out of state. documents obtained by 11 news indicate one of the goals is to drive a wedge between gays and african-americans. the strategy recommends having -- the maryland marriage alliance says we are not a party to that campaign strategy. >> about all over baltimore city
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budget continues at city hall. council president jack young offered up his own spending plan today. the question tonight is, will it go anywhere? kate amara has that story. >> staring down a $48 million budget deficit and a series of service cuts to make up the difference, council president jack john offered up an alternative spending plan on monday. a plan he says will keep baltimore city recreation centers open and prevent three fire companies from closing. >> i came up with some strategic cuts that we think will raise over $17 million. >> money would regret to after- school programs, and take some of the sting out of planned cuts for health benefits for city workers. but the council can only cut the mayor's proposed budget. only the mayor can move money from point a to point b. >> hopefully the mayor would agree with me because this is to complement what she has already
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done. >> the plan came as a surprise to the mayor's office. >> i think it is too early for me to give a definitive answer. i am definitely taking a look at it. i learned about a just like you did, when it was printed in the paper. >> the plan is paid for in part to a series of cuts, eliminating the 57 vacant positions and 8 million/from city agencies. his idea to tap $6.5 million from the employee health insurance reserve fund. >> we are taking a look at it. >> including the idea to use $3.50 million in speed cameras avenue to find city services like the fire department. according to the mayor's office, state law mandates that money can only be used for public safety. the council has until the end of this month to pass a balanced budget.
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kate amara, wbal-tv 11 news. >> it could be one step closer to the rolling billboards on the city's fire trucks. the proposal introduced by councilman pete welch last month got a second reading at the city council meeting. it would allow advertising on the side of fire trucks. it would increase revenue to the fire department and keep three fire companies open that are set to close. the vote could come as soon as next week. texted child sex abuse trial against former penn state coach jerry sandusky is set to begin tomorrow. >> are real-life legal drama unfolding, while two major companies that odds over the bp oil spill off the coast of mexico. >> the star-studded celebration for queen elizabeth diamond jubilee. >> the forecast is just ahead. 60 degrees at the airport, 65
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x fire crews in northern new mexico continue to battle fires sparked by lightning. the forest service officials say no structures are threatened by the blaze and there are no immediate plans for any evacuations. firefighters in southern mexico are battling a wildfire that has grown to nearly four hundred square miles. it is the largest wildfire -- largest wildfire in recorded state history. jury selection is set to begin tomorrow in the trial against former penn state football coach jerry sandusky.
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the request was that denied to five of the eight accusers to keep their identity quite during the trial. lawyers had hoped to protect the alleged victim from any further harm. the judge ruled today that there would be no electronic communication during testimony. sandusky is charged with sexually abusing 10 boys he met through charity. he has repeatedly denied the allegations. cracks are real-life legal drama being played out in a new orleans court room involving two well-known hollywood actors. the jury got underway in a federal lawsuit involving stephen baldwin and kevin costner. baldwin is suing kevin costner over the cleanup device after the 2010 oil spill in the gulf of mexico. ball and claims he was duped out of shares in an $18 million deal with bp. >> george zimmerman is back in
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jail tonight. he turned himself in last night, two days after the judge revoked his bond. prosecutors claim that zimmerman and his wife hid the fact that they raised $135,000 in donations to his defense fund, deposited to a paypal account burdo website, and discussed the funds in in coded language during a jailhouse phone calls. >> they are using code words thinking that the police are stupid and will not be able to figure out what is going on. >> zimmerman attorney said the client did not plan to mislead the court. the bond hearing will likely be scheduled for sometime next week. >> a concert to celebrate queen elizabeth diamond jubilee. the star-studded lineup included performances by, tom
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jones, and stevie wonder, as well as sir elton john and sir paul mccartney. the event marks the queen 60 years on the throne. it was held in front of buckingham palace. prince william -- prince philip was unable to attend. he is being treated for a bladder infection. >> there was a partial lunar eclipse. officials at nasa confirm it began at 3:00 a.m. along the west coast and ended at 5:06 this morning. no one here got to see it because -- it was not visible to people on the east coast. >> there is one rare astronomical event you will be able to catch, the transit of venus will be visible in maryland tomorrow between 6:00 and 8:00. it happens every 105 years in paris, eight years apart.
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the last time was in 2004. the next time it will be visible from earth will not be until 2017. the maryland science center will host a free event for the public to cadge a once-in-a-lifetime event. -- to catch the once-in-a- lifetime event. >> everyone's and what you get one of these impressive line is where you see something that is really rare. >> astronomers warn not to look at the trends that directly. you should protect your eyes with thick glasses or reject through eclipse glasses or a welding mask. -- through eclipse glasses or a welding mask. >> those of us sitting here
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[laughter] let's hope we have clear skies. right now we have clouds and scattered showers moving through the area. the same system, low pressure approaching us last week. we are on the warm side of it, picking up some severe storms. it is still generating showers out of new england. watch the lightning strikes right here with that little cell tracking down toward st. mary's county on the western shore of the bay. the storm is sitting well off the coast for now. we did pick up a little bit of rain here and the temperatures cooler than normal. 74 at bwi marshall, 77 at the inner harbor. the normal is 80 degrees. in the next day or so we will be running 5-10 degrees below that and pick up a couple of additional showers. temperatures are curling back through the 50 pusey -- through
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the 50's. almost in the 40 around oakland, down to 50 . >> we will wake up to mostly cloudy conditions, 50's downtown and the northerly breeze at 6-12 miles an hour. the low pressure area off the coast is going to hang there for a couple of days. it will slowly drift south and east and push away from us but it will take a few days for the western end of the storm to stop impacting our region. once it moves far enough away, dry, warm weather in the middle of the country will be spreading our way. 94 in denver, 102 in phoenix. 94 and kansas city. that will move our way but not until the weekend and early next week. variable clouds and isolated showers and a tuesday high of 67-72. northerly winds gusting to 20 knots, a small craft advisory
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and 1-2 foot waves. cool temperatures at the eastern shore, spotty hit and miss showers from north to south in afternoon. down at the coast there is the possibility of a shower popping up. high temperatures only around 70. temperatures below normal and scattered showers through thursday. drier and warmer friday. by the weekend, highs are back in eight of the. >> parents say there is nothing that would not do for their children. the former orioles general manager prove that earlier today when he donated his kidney to his 10-year-old daughter. lindsey has a rare kidney disease that destroyed her kidney. he got the good news that in march that he was a match for his daughter. they are both recovering tonight at johns hopkins. all of us here at 11 news send our best wishes for a speedy recovery for them both. >> the orioles turned their
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focus to the future on their day off. coming up in sports, we will show you the players they selected in tonight's major league baseball draft, coming up. >> the maryland lottery, let yourself play. tonight's jackpot is an estimated $850,000. 14-16-10-37-15-31. if no one matches all six numbers on one line of a ticket, the jackpot climbs to $900,000. the next drawing is thursday night at 11:22. the m#f#f#f#f#f#f#f#f#f#f#f#f#ff
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>> at some points there have to be out to all dividends. for the sixth straight year --
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the list of pitching prospects, taking the sophomore from lsu. he put together an impressive season for the tigers in 16 starts. he is now coming to the orioles. they already have the top five prospects now they can add kevin from lsu to the list of future starts for the orioles. centerfielder and adam jones had an mri taken on both of his wrists. both came back negative. his right wrist and bothered him for a few weeks. the orioles expect to have jones in the lineup after the m.r.i. shows no damage done to the wrists. he will be batting fourth tamara not against the red sox at fenway.
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one-shot separated the new jersey devils from winning each game. some people have the perfect name for their job. the l.a. kings the white king -- dwight king. jonathan quick, he is. the l.a. kings golan to take down new jersey, shutting out the devils' 4-0. nascar driver kurt bush cannot seem to grasp the the idea that his car has a gas pedal, but needs a brake. to brea
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he faces a suspension through mid-june. his future with raising looks uncertain. >> yes the stupid questions, but since i am on probation, i suppose that is improper to say as well. we could talk about racing things. that is not racing. you are in this just to start stuff. that is all you are out here for. >> he is still competing with the duke blue devils. preparation for the upcoming draft, that have the first in 10 picks over all this month. on the top of the board is draft board, he would love to make the top 10 list. -- of the hornets draft board.
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the left maryland and was faced with a one-year suspension for violating the student athlete, conduct. >> stay with us for the seven- day forecast, right after this. ♪
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brave the black forest. >> are we talking about a
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gradual warming up? >> slowly, it will take a couple of days to get here. a few showers will continue to move south to north from out of pennsylvania, new jersey, to central and eastern maryland. a thunderstorm moving toward st. mary's county on the western shore of the bay. that is the pattern for the next several days. it does not look like june around here. >> we love it. >> i don't hear any complaints. >> partly cloudy over the weekend, then we will see upper 80's and 090's going into the early and middle part of next week. >> that is a look at our news. thanks for joining us. >> we will see you back here ee
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