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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  June 6, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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home alone if iraq 130 a amped around duke of gloucester street when she noted demand following her. >> he dragged her into the alleyway and sexually assaulted her. she was able to fight back a bit and he ended up running off. >> investigators are calling the man a person of interest in the case. >> even if this is not the person involved in the actual assault, it is definitely someone in the area around the same time and we are looking to identify him so we can talk to him. >> police say there were other people on the street and in the video before and after the man ran dry. they're looking to job their memories. >> it is a nice area. we love to come here with our families. it is one of my favorite places in the world. >> we walked down here every day. it was kind of shocking.
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>> there are hopeful the surveillance video will have helped catch the man responsible and get him off the street. >> there are a lot of eyes on him now. hopefully, they will catch him. >> you can also watch the video on the annapolis police facebook page. if you have any information, you can anonymously call metro crimestoppers. >> for the second time in the past week, ocean city police say a car has struck a young pedestrian trying to cross the street. it happened around 5:45 p.m. yesterday evening around coastal highway and 45th street. -- 41st street. a 17-year-old driver struck someone running to catch the bus. the victim died at the scene
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prepared the -- at the scene. >> a shooting victim from earlier this week died from his injuries. that is the 86 -- and we have now another victim found shot in the head on monday. at this hour, the gun man remains at large. >> something state democrat and republican leaders can agree on is the need for safety at the inner harbor. one democrat from baltimore county tells the news mores -- more needs to be done to keep the public safe. similar statements were echoed by delegate patmon denoia. -- pat mcdonough. >> next week, the inner harbor will be packed with tourists for the star spangled celebration. as you said, democratic state senator jim roach and is saying that safety down here is now a
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legitimate concern. >> i looked across the street and there was a mob forming. people were running around crazy. i grabbed my daughter's arm and ran into the gallery at and found out there had been a nice thing. >> he is crossing party lines to join republican delegate pat macdonald to raise a red flag concerning safety in downtown baltimore after a number of attacks by groups of young people from downright b downs to flash mobs at a convenience store. -- b-downs to flash mobs at a convenience store. >> street crime and the mob actions and the islands are black people, black kids, and that is it. >> you may not like the messenger and you may not like his language, and i do not like his language, but do not take away is a valid idea. baltimore county is a driving economic force behind the
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success of baltimore city. >> the center also agrees with delegate mcdonough that the police should be brought in to help with security. >> having the police come in and be a supplement to the city police force and start patrolling downtown with that is a valid suggestion. >> mayor stephany rawlings-blake office refused to comment on the senator's concerns. >> these men and women are out there every game risking their lives for people they do not know and they will work their tails off to make this city safer. >> police claim that violent crime is down in the central district 14%, however,, and assaults are running even with last year. -- , and the assaults -- common assaults are even with last year. still, this is little comfort to the constituents, would tell him this message more and more each. -- every day.
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>> i'm not going down there anymore. >> in a surprising move, perhaps downtown's greatest cheerleader, downtown partnership, refused to comment, saying it did not want to get involved in politics. >> on day two of jury selection in the sex abuse trial of former penn state football coach, the judge seated the last of the 12 jurors. gerry sandusky stands accused of 52 counts of alleged sex abuse related to 10 boys on and off penn state campus. >> several jurors have connections to penn state, but the judge says this is a small community and it cannot be avoided. though it once seemed unlikely, a judge seated the 12th member of the jury that would decide the child sex abuse case against former penn state defensive coach gerry sandusky. >> the juror -- the judge is
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moving the jury selection process along quickly. he did not waste time this morning. >> juror 12 was seated before lunch, a day and a half after jury selection started. that silence those who believed it was impossible to find a jury in such a small community with such close ties to penn state and its legendary football team. while the judge says these ties are to be expected, some of the connections were a little too close. >> 15 people knew a person named on the prosecution witness list. the 20 people knew someone on the defense witness list, which is much longer. >> one juror in the current student. another is a season-ticket holder, was has been worked with the father of the key prosecution witness mike mcqueary, who said he got sandusky and one of the victims in a penn state shower. -- caught sandusky and one of the victims and a penn state shower. many are apprehensive about the selection.
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sandusky's accused of abusing 10 boys over a te frame of 15 years, charges he has repeatedly denied. but nbc news has learned the prosecution intends to kick off its case with a bizarre letter written to one of the alleged victims, a document that literally spells out an inappropriate relationship with the former cop -- former coach. sandusky had hoped his standing in this community would speak more loudly than the charges against him. >> we have an i-team follow-up tonight. a baltimore city landlord will head to prison for ignoring federal and state rules and exposing his tenants to dangerous levels of lead paint. he owns more than 170 rental units throughout the city. prosecutors say he failed to inform tenants about lead based hazards and allow workers to perform dangerous maintenance
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with tenants in their homes. he will spend several days behind bars followed by six months of home detention. >> property owners in baltimore city may soon be slapped with a fee to control global runoff -- . a separate fund to control runoff controls could be passed next week, which reported on the ballot in november. -- which would put it on the ballot in november. >> this is the view from the grand hotel and spa at ocean city. blue skies for most of the area. quiet serve coming in. a nice day at the beach. temperatures are a little bit chilly, 67 at the coast around ocean city. oberg 60's to near 70.
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-- upper 60's to near 70. coming out of southern p.g. county and into eastern charles county, a that duracell -- a thunder sell down that way it is going to be a pretty nice evening with the storms isolated to the south of baltimore. >> later tonight, gaming enthusiast across the region will have a brand new, state-of- the-art difino to call their own. >> it officially opens its doors at 10:00 p.m., and people are already lining up, wanting to be the first to get in. >> the countdown is definitely under way. there are a few people already in line. i spoke to the woman who was the first person in line and she got in line at 2:00 p.m. this afternoon. this casino is not open until 10:00 p.m. tonight. a lot of excitement at the
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casino. while people are lining up outside the workers are putting the final touches on this casino. we have seen people painting and sleeping up and so forth to get ready. this casinos said on approximately 12 acres of land and is one of the largest in the country. the gaming area alone is 160,000 square feet, and people like to play slots have plenty to choose from. about 32 wondered will open tonight with classic favorites as well as some new ones -- about 3200 will open tonight with classic favorite as well as some new ones to choose from. >> he will find baccarat with real cards, dice being thrown with a real nice. along with black jack, three card poker, and a number of your other favorites. >> this is not just about gaming. at 6:00 p.m., will head to the celebrity chefs new place and we will hear what his favorite item is on the menu.
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>> bobbi fillets in town pipit -- bobby flay is in town. >> a marean is stepping down. details on the retirement when he comes back -- when we come back. >> delays of an hour or worse when construction starts. we will tell you how to avoid it, just ahead. >
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>> a warning tonight from steep highway transportation officials, try to avoid this area this summer. construction crews will be replacing the concrete decking on a four-lane bridge south of interstate 80 at the toll plaza. in august, two southbound lanes were closed and two-way traffic will pass shift onto one of the northbound lanes. use the key bridge or the north
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mchenry tunnel during the construction. wbal veteran mike duran says he is ready to turn off his bike. he says he made it -- his microphone. he said he made on vacation -- went on vacation and made the decision was to discover how nice it was to is the past two a m e that he plans to spend more time with his grandchildren, go fishing, and do things he has not had time to do over the past three decades. but he did have time for this. >> do you know how many people have. -- get to be the one to tell every kid in baltimore county, no school today? that is a rush. [laughter] >> that makes him the man.
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we wish you the best. he has three grandchildren and one on the way. we will miss you around here. >> we have a few months to change his mind. you never know. >> good luck. >> learning a baby's genetic makeup without having to stick a needle into the womb. researchers successfully matched the dna of a fetus using a sample from the mother's blood and its ally of specimen from the mother -- the father. -- and a saliva specimens from the father. they can scream for 3000 different disorders, such as down's syndrome -- screen for 3000 for disorders, such as down's syndrome. and in garlin syndrome, patients developed hundreds of tumors at -- a year and are likely to be
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disfigured by the time they reach adulthood. one drug was shown to significantly decrease the number of new tumors. patients on the drive formed two new tumors a year vs. 29 for those not on the drug. for others, it taught them to completely disappear. this is from the officials in surat, india. police turning to a different kind of therapy to help the officers and deal with the stress of the job. it has been such a hit that officers are holding two laughter exercise sessions a week. it has been found that laughter really does reduce the stress, releasing the feel-good endorphins in the brain. >> and now, your 11 insta- weather plus forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> the weather pattern across the region is looking pretty good here. still a couple of isolated showers and even thunderstorms showing up on radar right now. we will see less of that over
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the course of the next few days. down at calvert county and moving south. a couple of lightning strikes there and this storm system getting close to prince frederick at this hour. a few isolated storms on the lower eastern shore. drifting down toward salzberg and ocean city. most areas are in during sunshine at this hour. -- enjoying sunshine at this hour. you can see the scattered showers in northern pennsylvania as well as to the south and west. more concentrated our activity in the mountains to our south and west. overall, another cooler early june day. we have been running in the low to mid 70's for much of the day. 61 in oakland. 63 at frostburg. an isolated shower or two over
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the next couple of hours. spotty showers during the heat of the afternoon tomorrow. one more day of this weather pattern before more summer-like conditions come in for the end of the week. tomorrow -- tonight, below is 51 degrees. sunset at 8:31 p.m. timarron comsat an isolated -- tomorrow, an isolated shower or thunderstorm in the afternoon. some of that 5:40 a.m. and going down at 8:31 p.m. they water temperatures are the low 70's. the 77 degrees at the airport. high pressure is beginning to strengthen over the region. below of it -- the blow that was over the region is gradually weakening. we will see more summer-like
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conditions developing for the next few days heading into the weekend. in the mountains, and other cold day, 67. sunny skies and 70 on friday. that short stretch into the week ended yet plans to be in the bounds. lower eastern shore, seney tomorrow and 80 degrees. sunny skies as well on friday. tomorrow, in our area, cloudy skies but warmer. sunny skies on friday. the low to mid 80's saturday and sunday on the lower eastern shore for saturday and sunday pippert -- the low to mid 80's saturday and sunday on the lower eastern shore. around here, feeling like summertime with partly cloudy skies. by around 80 for the next few
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days and the next system will arrive tuesday and wednesday with showers and thunderstorms. >> bradley manning says nearly half of the charges against him are bogus. but first -- >> break-in in an orioles uniform
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>> in your next ripkin jersey may not come with the signature 8. >> it just getting drafted by the orioles does not mean ryan will automatically have to follow his father's footsteps, at least not that closely. the orioles selected ryan read can -- ryan ripkin in the draft today. he does have other options. he has already accepted a scholarship to south carolina. his father was picked in the second round draft pick.
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a big difference from second round to 20th round. you will probably have to travel to colombia, south carolina to see him play for the next couple of years. and in a competitive family like theirs, this will almost come up certainly, in the very least at a dinner conversation. 34 years ago, the orioles picked cal jr. with the 48th pick overall. >> a line of the best high school baseball players is happening across the state and they are set to play at camden yards this weekend. they are from all over merriman and selected to play in a highly competitive game this sunday. the first pitch will be thrown
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at 1:35 p.m. >> still ahead, hundreds of thousands of tourists are already planning trips to baltimore for this year's african-american baltimore -- a festival. now you have a few more reasons to go. >> that is right, legendary hip- areartists salt 'n pepa among this year's entertainment. >> new colors, new books, an electronics, this library has at all, all cout
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>> live, local, late breaking, this is wbal tv 11 news at 5:00 p.m. in hd. with stan stovall, donna hamilton, your insta-weather + forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. a 11 news at 5:00 p.m. in hd continues now. >> walter wende after becoming the first governor in history to survive -- walker guion is after becoming the first governor in history to survive a recall.
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could the results tell us something about what we can expect in november? >> that is the topic of tonight's 2012 report. nicole killion breaks it down from washington. >> this bruising battle for the state could set the stage for an equally tough fight in the presidential race. >> gov. scott walker was back on the job after a wisconsin when that's it -- that sent waves through the nation. >> would be like to continue, or would you like to be an elected as president? right heat -- >> he is the first to survive a recall, beating milwaukee mayor tom barrett for a second time. >> we will continue to fight. >> but the concession was a literal slap in the face for democrats. >> the fact that they came up short is a crushing defeat. seantional journal's
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sullivan. >> the gop base that has been at the beginning, -- in wisconsin will stay active and continue in november. >> top republicans hope to capitalize off of the walker win. exit polls show the president still has an edge over what mitt romney. the white house downplayed the recall results, chalking it up to a financial disadvantage. cracks in a race where one side is outspending the other right. -- >> in a race where one side is out any there by a ratio of eight to one, it will not tell us about the future rates. >> mitt romney congratulate governor walker, saying the results will let go beyond to november. >> and some advice for mitt romney and president barack obama? >> that is right. gov. walker said his state will be competitive, and the hopes of
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mitt romney makes more visits there. but he says weather is mitt bothey or president obama, bu candidates want the candidates -- both candidates need to define the issues clearly. >> police are calling this man a person of interest in a sexual assault in annapolis last month. a 21-year-old woman was attacked around 1:30 a.m. on may 19 in the 100 block of puga foster street. the man was seen -- duke of gloucester street. the man was seen running on three that camera in the area. if you know who this man is, called crimestoppers. and there is concern among state lawmakers when it comes to violence in the city. one senator is now echoing
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delegate patmon dhanapala these statements, demanding -- pat mcdonough's statements, demanding more be done to keep the public safe. he said police shootout with security. the mayor's office -- the police should help with security. the mayor's office refused to comment. maryland live will open tonight at 10:00 p.m. right next to every adult -- arundel mills mall in hanover. more slots are to be installed next month. you should expect more traffic over the weekend. there are five new restaurants set to open and that's the casino. -- inside that casino. >> a new program will help target reading and communities in need. jennifer franciotti has details. >> [unintelligible]
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>> etter joya for some students getting a sneak peek at their new library at walter p. carter library. the school library got an extreme makeover. this is less than two months ago. and now? >> we have 2000 more books in the library. we have updated the space and added technology. >> a whole library got an update, and every student in the school, more than 300, will get seven new books to take hold, and so will their siblings. it is a commitment target to early childhood literacy. >> they told us the colors they wanted. they wanted the little kid area with beanbag chairs. we literally created what they wanted for the space. >> and to make sure the kids have enough energy to reach my
5:34 pm
target has set up a food bank at the school in conjunction with the maryland food bank. >> each student will be able to take on 25 counts of food per month, and one-quarter of that will be fruits and vegetables to be sure they're getting nutritious foods as well. >> they are so excited about their new library. >> this library is so amazing. it is the best library ever. >> i think it is great because of all of the new paint and new books. >> i think is really cool and awesome. i would say it is super cool. >> literacy is so very important because if he cannot read, you cannot do anything else. i am very excited about it. >> jennifer franciotti, wbal tv 11 news. >> it is good to see kids excited about a library. i love that story. meanwhile, renovations have
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begun at baltimore city school in towson. improvements will include air conditioning, much-needed air- conditioning, and student lockers. it will also help alleviate overcrowding. class's will be held at george washington carver high school until the worse it -- the work is complete. that will take about 15 months. >> i love that little kid. "i want to live here." so sweet. coming have, firing dozens of shots at an intended target. >> imagine doing that while you are pregnant
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>> seeking dismissal of 10 of the 22 charges against him, stemming from the biggest leak in government history. the number of pretrial hearings
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will begin in september. he claims that they were not communicating clearly. covering the nation tonight, ms. pennsylvania usa is stepping down. she claims the miss usa pageant this year was raped. meanwhile, padgett officials say she merely -- was rigged. meanwhile, the pageant officials say she really disagrees with the way they do things. >> the 25-year-old mother to be is looking forward to competing in the olympics this summer. here's the thing, there appeared she will be eight months pregnant. she will wear specialized
5:40 pm
clothing to improve her posture while she is shooting. her doctors main recommendation was that she just tried to sleep during the 13-hour flight so she will not be too tired or stressed. >> i do not have any stress at all. i want to continue handling the situation. >> she is expected to give birth to her first child on september 2, less than a month after the end of the olympic games. >> she's got her elbow locked in their pretty good. she could use it as a stand for her accuracy. >> i do not mean you can use it as a stand.
5:41 pm
>> we will see. we wish her the best of luck. military retirees in the u.s., be aware. details on a shady e-mailed just ahead. >> toys at wal-mart and toys r us have been pulled from the shelves. the problem, they're not doing their job. the what to look out for. >> and firefighters make a very difficult decision to destroy a piece of history. >> rain coming through. we will see how much of that meanders through the end of the week. week.
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>> year is what is coming up on 11 news at 6:00 p.m. the 11 news i-team uncovers the question of whether the top cop is only a part-time resident of maryland. and we'll have details on a personal interest in a raid in annapolis last month. plus, lawmakers sharing their plus, lawmakers sharing their opinions concerning the
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>> some breaking news out of southwest baltimore right now. skyteam 11 at the scene of a nasty crash on eckman avenue pippert -- edmundson ave. >> it is eastbound edmundson avenue just a little east of
5:45 pm
ronnie's way. it is a personal injury accident. we do not think there is anyone actually dropped in the vehicle. the problem is, there is rubbernecking westbound and only one lane is able to get by. -- to get by eastbound. the cracks everyone wants a good -- >> everyone wants a good imploding, but this one has a sad note to it. this church more than a century old was demolished. it suffered irreversible damage due to two recent earthquakes. residents there had hoped to simply prop up the tower, but the community aftershocks convince the authorities they had to bring it down. it was built in 1907. >> meanwhile, firefighters continued to rajan in hawaii, forcing evacuation is near oahu.
5:46 pm
1,000 acres have already burned, at one. coming within just feet of valuable homes. but a last-minute -- at one point, coming within feet of valuable homes. but a last-minute change took the flames away. this was sparked by a lightning strike in may. >> and now, your 11 insta- weather plus forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> we are tapped into our camera down at ocean city this afternoon. a nice view of the beach. this is a view of the boardwalk there. the beach still looks pretty nice. cool down there, though. those ocean water temperatures are still in the 60's. this morning out at the ocean city at the airport there, a low of 48. one of the coldest spot in the state 52 aberdeen in harford county. 45 in westminster.
5:47 pm
the 44 in mckinley in western maryland. officially 50 at b.w.i. marshall this morning. the normal high is 80 and we have spent most of the state in the low to mid 70's. some showers are popping up to the south and west of the mountains in western virginia. also, the hills and valleys in northern and central pennsylvania. one storm is tracking east along the shore as well. a couple of showers to contend with. they are very scattered, isolated if you will. most areas will be dry through the evening. temperatures will cool off quickly. 60's and 70's around the state. look for some lows in the low 50's around tomorrow morning. and tomorrow, all over again after morningside cool temperatures. -- the morning sunshine and cool temperatures. 51-59 tonight with sunset 831 p
5:48 pm
and 72 tomorrow with like west winds. a light breeze on the day tomorrow with the waves around 1 foot and a water temperatures in the low 70's. high pressure is beginning to strengthen over the mid-atlantic and the northeast and great lakes. this will be the dominant feature through the end of the week. 67 in the mountains tomorrow. a chance for a shower and a beautiful friday. a nice looking weekend near deep creek lake as well. pande mergers will slowly warm up. -- temperatures will slowly warm up. at ocean city, a little warm up. loh 70's tomorrow, but around 80 friday and well into the 80's a round the weekend. back to normal temperatures on friday in this area and then above normal on saturday and sunday, with the next schedule of storms getting here tuesday into wednesday.
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>> it has been months since stocks have seen gains like they are seeing today in wall street. the dow jones surged 286. from the best day this year, closing just above the 12,000 mark. actually, significantly above it, quite frankly. two major recalls to other you about tonight. the first, a dangerous problem with the key at s.t.v.. 22,000 vehicles have been -- the kia suv. 22,000 vehicles have been recalled. the brake pedal mounts are causing accidents. they will be replaced free of charge. and convertible high chairs that convert from a high chair to a toddler sized table and chair
5:50 pm
are being recalled because the chair can unexpectedly detached and an unrestrained child can fall. eight reports of accidents so far. all reports are of bonds and bruises. state and federal officials have a warning from military personnel, read-military retirees, and its civilian employees. and e-mail appears to become -- to come from defense and finance services. it said that you can add -- can receive additional funds from the irs. the irs says it is not legitimate. you should always be worried about what -- about fictitious claims for refunds or rebates, especially if your ask for personal information. >> a beautiful day at ocean city, so before you could write a song about it.
5:51 pm
maybe you can come up with the summer anthem. ocean city is looking for the 2012 summer at them and they want someone out there to write it. they will launch a contest on facebook starting june 11. residents and visitors are asked to write in the original song about ocean city, following two rules. the music and lyrics must be original. the song cannot be more than three minutes in length. and it cannot mention any specific businesses or individuals. the top three will be posted on ocean city's facebook page and the public will vote on a winner. july 2nd, a winner will be picked. the american festival lineup has been announced. the lineup will include salt 'n pepa, big daddy kaine and slick rick. a good lineup. one of the major things.
5:52 pm
down in a press conference today, what is new this year. -- one of the major things pointed out in a conference today, what is new this year. >> we have a movie complex in which we have invited first lady michelle obama to help us. we have rock climbing and basketball and other courses. we have a 50 foot ferris wheel and all kinds of games. >> it sounds like fun. it takes place saturday, july 7, and sunday, the eighth. for more information, go to our website he is the superintendent of maryland state police department, but if the i-team has uncovered that perhaps he does not live in maryland full time. the details, coming up at 6:00 p.m. >> his name is adam hayes, and
5:53 pm
he is an unbelievable special olympics athlete. that story, coming out. [ jared ] uh, michael?
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you know... big game... that was sort of supposed to be for all of us. [ slurping ] [ male announcer ] give 'em what they love. subway! giant subs, sandwich and cookie platters. and big-time value. subway catering. order today!
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>> he competes with fellow special olympic athletes in the summer and take the plunge in the winter, but now this one pays off, literally. rob roblin has details. >> beginning this friday, over 1400 athletes will be competing in maryland special olympic summer games. one of those competing, adam hayes. >> how are you doing? >> doing good. >> for the past five years he has been working for special olympics maryland. he is not only a special olympics athlete, but the chairman of the athletic congress, an organization within special olympics. >> i get to do so many different things that a lot of people thought were not possible for me
5:57 pm
to overcome all of those barriers and challenges. >> last summer, he carried the olympic torch in greece. it was part of the international law-enforcement torch run. he said it was an unbelievable experience. >> i got to cross the acropolis. greg? >> achievements -- >> but achievements that some thought they'd he would never achieve. with hard work and determination, nothing has stopped him. and working for special olympics means he can now help other athletes. >> i'm getting back to an organization that means so much to me. -- getting back to an organization that mean so much to me. >> and this summer, adam will be competing with again, his 17th
5:58 pm
year of competing. >> people have always said to me, adam, you can do it. just keep on trying. you will make it if you really want it. and i really wanted it. >> we wish all of the special olympic athletes the best of luck in this week's games. here is what is coming up at 6:00 p.m. >> maryland, pennsylvania, or both? the question of where the maryland state superintendent lives.
5:59 pm
>> police are looking for a person a suspect in a sexual assault in annapolis. i will explain to muster the head. >> live, local, late breaking, this is wbal tv 11 news at 6:00 p.m. in hd. >> good evening, everyone. our top story at 6, is the state superintendent only a part-time resident? the governor insists his home is in maryland. >> but he and his family are getting tax breaks for claiming primary residences in two different states. >> the governor says that markets brown's legal residence is in this neighborhood in southeast baltimore. but his home is another question. that leads to a suburban neighborhood in pennsylvania. the dark crown victoriaow


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