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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  June 6, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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by maryland taxpayers. it is the take-home car assigned to marcus brown, the head of the state police. we took these pictures not any maryland neighborhood, but in a suburb of harrisburg, pennsylvania. it is one of two places brown can call home. >> he has a home here and in pennsylvania. his wife owns a home there. his name is not on that d. they have a situation where they both have professional careers. he works in maryland and visits his pet -- his family regularly, but she lives in pennsylvania and works there. >> he says he is there quite a bit because he has children, but the governor says his legal residence is in maryland. this home was bought in 2004. neighbors here tell us that they see brown two or three times a week commodified never his family. >> it is clear that you live in maryland, and set -- and pennsylvania. are you ok with that?
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>> he pays taxes in maryland and votes in maryland, and as long as he keeps driving down violent crime and homicide cops he can do what he wants for all i care. trex a state spokesman says brown pays for gas when it comes to camp hill. he put 4,000 miles more on his crown victoria than his predecessor locked in a similar time frame. but have you asked him to move to maryland? >> i do not agree with that assertion. >> in 2007, brown sparked controversy with his pension deal with the city police
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department. even though he left the department without the required years of service, he got a full pension by using the argument he had been laid off. in fact, he left the apartment for a state job when o'malley became governor. each receives a homestead tax credit, granted to homeowners only if they claim the residents of -- as their primary residence. his wife all soviets a tax break on her home in pennsylvania. it allows them a $3,700 break on their city tax bill. >> what you ask me about is whether or not he fulfills the legal requirement of being a resident here in maryland. i believe he does. >> a state spokesman said brown was not aware he had a tax credit on the baltimore house. state records show the application for it was filed in 2010. >> colonel brown declined our
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request for an interview to answer his question -- these questions himself. a spokesman said he is too busy. >> a big break tonight in the search for the man wanted in a brutal sexual assault of a woman in downtown annapolis last month. today, investigators released a surveillance video of a person they're calling a personal interest in the case. >> police say there are other people walking down the same street around the same time of night as in the video. they're hoping someone will come forward with helpful information. take a good look at this man. police are searching for him in connection with a sexual assault in downtown annapolis may 19. police say 21-year-old woman was on her way home alone around 1:30 a.m. along duke of gloucester street when she noticed a man following her. >> he grabbed her from behind, dragged her into an alleyway and
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sexually assaulted her and assaulted her. she was able to fight back at it, and he ended up running off. >> it is devastating. we like to come here in this area with my family. it is disturbing. >> people who frequented the area said they were surprised at an assault in such a busy area of town. police say even at that time of night there are a lot of people around. but they're definitely might be people that saw more than they realize. -- >> there definitely might be people that saw more than they realize. we're hoping in releasing this video they might realize that. >> investigators say she did not get a good look at the suspect because it was dark and he grabbed her from behind. they're hoping that people from the nearby businesses can help them track down the person of interest. residents are hoping the video will be the key to catching the culprit. police want to hear from anyone with any information.
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>> you can go to our facebook page at the annapolis police. share it. find out who this guy is so we can talk to him. >> if you recognize the man or have any information, call annapolis police directly, or call anonymously to metro transit -- crimestoppers. >> tonight, a deadly shooting investigation continues in northwest baltimore. police responded to the scene overnight around 12:30 p.m. in the 3600 block of piehler avenue. police found a man in his 20's suffering from a gunshot wound to his head. he was taken to hospital, but later died. >> safety in the inner harbor is a major source of concern. one democratic senator said more needs to be done. >> this echoes similar statements made by republican
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delegates at mcdonough. -- a delicate pat macdonald. >> as you know, next week, it will be packed year for the -- packed here next week for the celebration. and now lawmakers are concerned that it is not safe to be here. >> we looked across the street and there was a mob forming. people were running around crazy. i grabbed my daughter's arm and ran into the galleria. i learned the next day that there had been a knifing at that time. >> the democratic senator is joining a republican delegate, raising concern about the safety of downtown baltimore after a number of attacks by young people from downright be-downs to flash moss at a convenience store. -- b. to dallas to flasch mobs
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at a convenience store. -- beatdowns to flash mobs at a convenience store pipper. they also agree that police should be brought in to help with security. >> have the police start to control the downtown's down with them. it is a valid suggestion >> the mayor's office refused to comment on the senator's concerns. instead compliance -- instead, they renamed as to the police department didn't correct if you look at the track record -- the police department. >> if you look at the track record, we have improved. >> police claim that reince is
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down in the central -- that violent crime is down in the central district by 14%. however, common crimes are the same. the senator says this offers little comfort to its constituents who he says to tell him this message more and more every day -- >> i'm not going down there anymore. >> one thing we found rather strange is that the downtown biggest cheerleader, the downtown partnership, refused to comment on our story, saying it did not want to get involved with politics. >> meanwhile, property owners in baltimore city may soon because 8 -- charged a fee to control runoff by city storms. a separate fund for runoff control would be created. if passed, voters would still have to approve the motion in november. and a warning for drivers to avoid the baltimore to amarah --
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baltimore tunnel this summer. construction will begin june 20. the concrete decking on a four- lane bridge south of interstate 95 toll plaza will be replaced. it should be completed by october. engineers expect the worst time for travel will be during the first two weeks of august when the two southbound lanes are closed. the francis scott key bridge and fort mchenry tunnel are being recommended as alternate routes. >> one u.s. army private will be spending more time in court after an attempt today to dismiss 10 of 22 charges in the biggest case of government leaks in military history. the actual trial begins in september. his lawyers claim that eight counts were not communicated clearly, and the accusation that he did not have permission to use the commuter -- the computers linked to the proper
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network were false. and jury selection was finished at today in the trial against jerrick -- gerry sandusky. he is charged with 52 counts of sexual assault of 10 different voice over fifth -- boys over 15 years. >> the judge is clearly moving the case along quickly. the jury selection process, he did not waste any time this morning. >> he is helping his standing in the community will speak louder than the charges against him. correct some shocked reactions cause some have the sharks, i should say, after they see their brand new library -- >> some shocked reactions copper some happy -- some shocked reactions,, happy shocks i
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should say when students as their brand new library. >> and the new casino opens this evening. and that is gerry sandusky, no relation to the baltimore -- jerry sandusky, no relation to the baltimore coach.
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>> a few hours away from the grand opening of one of the country's largest casinos. it will open its doors in
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anthony arundel mills at 10:00 p.m. tonight. it -- in anne arundel mills tonight at 10:00 p.m. it is more than just gaining. >> already, a steady stream of people are starting to file into the parking garage. we were walking around the casino, getting our interviews and videos and so forth, but i could not help but start to celebrate when i smelled bobby flay's cooking. the games and slot of the big draw here. approximately 3200 slot machines and games and there are plenty of restaurants to choose from, including popular chain restaurants like the cheesecake factory. the one that is getting the most attention is bobby's purpose place, which is owned by famous chef, bobby flay.
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>> basically, think of a burger and take different flavors around the country and put them on top of the burger. the santa fe berger has peso and green chilies -- queso and green chilies. brecht's it has -- >> it has already brought hundreds of jobs to the area and is expected to pumps millions into the local economy. grigsby you taste one of the burgers? we will have to find out later -- >> did you take one of the burgers? we will have to find out later. tonight cappella a program to help reading -- to night, a program to help reading and communities in need. >> [unintelligible] >> as you can see, a dirge away from students getting a sneak peek at their new headquarters -- utter joy from students
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getting a sneak peek at their new headquarters for their library. >> they told us what they wanted in their library. they told us the colors, beanbag chairs. we created what they wanted for this space. >> it is so amazing. if you see the library, it is the best library ever. >> i would agree with you. it is one of the best i've ever seen. they're also making food available in the food bank. they will also include fresh fruits and vegetables with the food the kids get to take home. >> and now, your 11 insta- weather plus forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> cooler than normal temperatures across the region today. statewide, as a matter of fact. temperatures running below normal in many areas, in the
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40's this morning. this is the view from the grand hotel and stops and oceans to the camera. still some blue sky around the lower eastern shore. temperatures all day long have been running below normal. right at the beach right now, 66 degrees. inland, near 70's. showers have popped up across the lower eastern shore. for most areas, a dry day. even some isolated thunderstorms south of d.c. around baltimore, we have had a pretty good clearing out for the afternoon. all of the showers and storms appear to be concentrated to the south at this hour. overnight, temperatures are still -- tomorrow, on temperatures are still below normal. 80 is the normal high. 76 is the forecast.
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a couple of showers across pennsylvania into new york are slowly working their way south. there is a slight chance a shower will track for baltimore in the next couple of hours. skies will be clear to partly cloudy in the morning with cool temperatures again. the afternoon, once again, like today. morning sunshine with a couple of isolated showers developing. if temperatures will be a little below normal. on thursday, a mix of clouds and sunshine and like a shower -- late date shower. expect a very light breeze on the bay. temperatures in the 70's. for most of this week we've had an area of low pressure city year and now high-pressure is beginning to develop, and isperatures -- low pressure
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here and now high pressure is beginning to develop. temperatures will be warming pipper. loh 80's in the next couple of days. mid to upper 80's for the weekend. 20% chance of a storm tomorrow. sunny and warmer for the weekend. mid to upper 80's saturday and sunday on the bay. very close to 90 monday before another round of storms arrive tuesday and wednesday. >> from the sports center, this is 11 sports. >> closing out voluntary team activities. john harbaugh has seen all lot of what he likes from his young running back. harbaugh says he does not feel
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like he needs to find a better backup for ray rice. there will be a three-day mandatory minicamp next week. he says he cannot wait to line up with him on the same defense. >> i get to play with ray lewis pippert i get to it -- which ray lewis. i get to see him in action and be on the same field with him. >> and the last leg of horse racing's triple crown. and like he did in the kentucky derby, "i will have another" will start out from the fourth date. but saturday, the position is not as important because the belmont will stretch out to a mile and a half, longer than either the first two legs of the triple crown. >> we are able to see how the pace set up, and we will hopefully be leading the crawl.
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mario is such a confident writer and -- confident rider and they get along nicely. >> mario guterres. like his father and grandfather before him, ryan ripkin may get a chance to play for the orioles. a pretty good chance he will take a different course out of high school than his dad did. powell jr. joined the orioles as a second round pick in the 1980's. ryan has a full scholarship to south carolina and it looks like we will continue his career in college before playing pro ball.
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>> here is a look at what we're working for -- working on for 11 news tonight. this -- the anne arundel casino opens. we will find out if it is hitting the jackpot with the public. plus, a furry animal is popping up around the area. if what to do if you encounter
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>> a warming trend, almost 80 tomorrow, loh 80's friday and weigh up into the 80's saturday and sunday. maybe even into the 90's early next week before storm showers tuesday and wednesday. [captioning made possible by [captioning made possible by constellation energy group]
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