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tv   11 News at 5AM  NBC  June 7, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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backup, keeping some out of the grand opening. >> good morning. i'm jennifer franciotti. >> i am stan stovall. thanks for joining us for 11 news today. >> it was another great day yesterday. >> there could be a couple of showers but most areas will be just fine. we're starting out in the 50's. 57 degrees at the airport. a light wind at 3 miles per hour. there's a slight chance we could see some rain. high temperature of 78 degrees. >> good morning. one accident already on the security boulevard ramp to the outer loop of the beltway. watch for some delays.
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speed sensors 58 from shawan down to the beltway. problem free on 95 out of the northeast. 65 down from the white marsh area. five minutes on southbound 95 from the 895 split to the fort mchenry. on northbound 95, about a 10- minute ride down to 32. here is a quick look at traffic. very smooth ride from the beltway into town. across the curtis creek drawbridge, not tracking any delays. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> state leaders on both sides of the aisle are asking for a chance to talk about what is happening in the inner harbor. >> jim brochin has now voiced
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his concerns. kim dacey joins us live with the latest. what is he saying this morning? >> it was republican state delegate pat mcdonough who raise the red flag about safety in the inner harbor after a number of attacks. he does not agree with the racial overtones, he put forth jim brochin from baltimore county agree there is a problem downtown. he agreed that state police should be brought in to help with security. the mayor's office refused to comment on the senator's concern. police claim that violent crime is down 14%. common assaults are running even with last year. the mayor will be opening a new curfew center last week which should help. police insist they are doing what they can. >> these men and women are out there each and every day risking
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their lives for people they don't know. they will work their tails off to make the city safer. >> having the state police come in to start patrolling the downtown zone with them is a valid suggestion. >> the downtown partnership refused to comment for this story saying they do not want to get involved with politics. kim dacey, wbal-tv 11 news. >> thank you. that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. do you think the city of baltimore should: maryland state police to up control downtown violence? you can share your response on, on our facebook page, or send us an e-mail to >> police are investigating an early-morning shooting in west baltimore. it happened just before 1:00 this morning. police say a man and woman were shot. no word on the condition of either suspect.
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there is a shooting in northwest baltimore. a person was shot in the head on wednesday appeared the victim was taken to the hospital where he later died. no word on any suspects or a motive. after that shooting, police were called to another shooting in east baltimore. we did first tell you about this shooting yesterday morning. the victim suffered multiple gunshot wounds. there is no word on that person's condition. >> police have released surveillance video showing a person of interest related to a sexual assaults. police want to talk to this man. a woman was walking around 1:30 in the morning when the suspect grabbed her from behind and sexually assaulted her. >> definitely an area where
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there might be people that saw more than they realize. we're hoping from this video that people might have seen something else, "i think i might remember that guy." >> anyone with information should call metro crime stoppers at 1-866-7-lockup. maryland's top police officer and his family are getting tax breaks in two different states. he loses his home as baltimore. each house receives a homestead tax credit. that allows the browns to receive a $3,700 tax break on their city tax bill. >> if he should have a homestead exemption on one or the other and that is another issue. whether or not he fulfills the
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legal requirement of being a resident of maryland. i believe that he does. >> a spokesman said brown was not aware he had a tax credit on the baltimore home. records show the application for the credit was filed in 2010. >> workers of the new maryland live! casino are getting ready to open up for their first full day of business in just a couple of hours. hundreds of gaming enthusiast were on hand last night for the grand opening for the largest casino in the state. traffic was a nightmare with backups as far as laurel. there were more than 3000 slot machines. others just wanted to see it. >> as we got here, they were saying that people have been in line since 4:00 this afternoon.
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the line went all aware around the building. >> it is right here. i've not mad. >> he has a good attitude. the new casino is set to open at 8:00 this morning. i'll bet it was packed last night. >> 5;07. 59 degrees on tv hill. >> a huge piece of debris floats more than 7,000 miles across the ocean. >> this is traffic at 95 north of the beltway. we will get a closer look of weather and traffic when we come weather and traffic when we come
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>> welcome back. 5:10. a live shot from ocean city. 62 degrees at home. in the 50's in the suburbs. a cold start for us on this thursday morning. we will warm up into the 70's this set of doom. 56 in taneytown. we have a slight chance for a shower. high temperature near 78. the seven-day forecast is coming up momentarily. >> federal reserve chairman ben
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bernanke will be a witness before a joint economic committee today. he will answer questions about the country's economic outlook. job growth has slowed. congress wants to know the current outlook after any plans to take action. we will have a live report coming up at 5:30. the minister of the transportation administration will appear today. he will be asked about tsa's efforts to fix their reputation. the subcommittee hearing will examine recent changes in customer service. one committee member called the tsa one of the most disliked agencies in the entire government. >> a massive piece of debris has made its way across the ocean. it broke away after last year's earthquake and tsunami.
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this week it made landfall, more than 7,000 miles away. it is a japanese manufactured dock. >> 5:11. 59 degrees on tv hill. kia is recalling a large number of vehicles. >> taco bell going gourmet? >> if you're trying to get to the west side of the beltway, we're dealing with an accident on the we're dealing with an accident on the
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>> now traffic pulse 11 and insta-weather plus together. >> good morning. sarah caldwell checking on your morning commute. not bad as we start out. one problem on the security boulevard on ramp. otherwise, 70 looks pretty good in towards the beltway. no delays on the north side. problem free down towards the fort mchenry. 54 on 97 at 100. 295 down towards 175, around 63 on average. here's a quick, live look at traffic. franklin boulevard is southbound traffic and so far so good down to the beltway. this is 95 at the fort mchenry. southbound traffic looks great. a nice start on 895 at the inner harbor. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. now let's get the latest on the
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buses and the trains. for that we go to kurt kronke of the mta system. good morning. >> good morning. moving along nicely on the rails. light rail on schedule. metro subway is on time. the 20 bus is diverting at o'donnell run the greek folk festival. take the mta to the many events in observance of the 200th anniversary of the star spangled banner included the star- spangled sailabration at the inner harbor on june 13. find information at now back to tony pann. >> thank you. we have the same setup but it is beginning to shift. you can see the flow is coming out of the north. you can see the water vapor drifting down to the south. the temperatures will stay below average for one more day.
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you can see the precipitation around the ring of the cooler air mass. showers stretch out into texas and into the northern plains. we have cool air in the upper levels. there could be a stray shower popping up this afternoon. most of you will not see any rain. 56 in randallstown. a mixture of sun and clouds. will make it into the upper 70's with a slight chance for a rain shower. taking the boat out today, variable winds and high tide at fort mchenry at 9:47. the jet stream is going to flip. the warm air will have a chance to visit us here in baltimore. it will feel like summer in baltimore this weekend. if you go to the beach,
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temperatures near the water will be a little bit cooler. upper 70's and low 80's. it should be dry all the way through the weekend. 87 on sunday in baltimore. near 90 on monday appeared the humidity will be going up. it will start to feel uncomfortable by the end of the week. a chance for rain by monday and tuesday. >> summer is almost here. kia is issuing a recall. the brake pedal announced can break during collisions and possibly lead to a second crash. the recall begins later this month. taco bell it is going upscale. they plan to rollout a new menu
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addition. if features black bean cilantro rice and salon sure dressing. -- and cilantro dressing. new college graduates are finding it hard to find a job and hard to find a place to live. demand for rentals is up and so is the price. tips on how to save some money. >> rents are climbing along with demand. >> potential home buyers are shelving their plans because they cannot get credit or they are waiting for the market to bottom out. >> rents should increase 4% in 2012. personal finance expert says your finances are solid, brag about it.
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>> your best way to bring the rent down is to point to your history. if you have good references, that makes you a model tenant. in this environment, model tenants are hard to come by. >> offer to sign a lease more than a year if you can. note minor problems for discounts like noise. >> lots of parents writing that down to get their college kids out of the house. >> apple is putting more heat on their rivals. lockheed martin is still favored when it comes to government contracts. jane king has the bloomberg business report. good morning to you. >> good morning.
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futures looking a little higher. nothing like what we saw yesterday appearedth. the dow had its biggest day of the year yesterday. money from the european union to possibly bailout spain. there was still some stimulus program on the program to help the u.s. economy. all that giving us the big gain that we had yesterday. we will hear from ben bernanke, what he has to say about the economy. he will testify this morning on the economy. lockheed martin can tease to attract more contract revenue even as budget cuts way on its peers. contracts rose 10% and that is nearly double what we have
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learned by boeing. the new smart phone by samsung, the galaxy. companies have been in court, accusing each other of copying designs. the smart phone market is worth about $200 billion worldwide. apple is seeking to block the new was phones from htc from hitting the markets. at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king, bloomberg news, for wbal-tv 11 news. >> the economy is still on shaky grounds and some workers are clinging to jobs. >> workers are staying put as the economy tries to recover and what jobs could make you more susceptible to gaining weight. >> thank you.
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>> 5:223. 59 degrees on tv hill. a local company wants to try some different colors for the ravens this summer. >> don't forget to e-mail us your response to our water cooler question of the day. do you think the city of baltimore should call in maryland state police to help control downtown violence? you can share your response on, on our facebook page, or send us an e-mail to
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>> a familiar face and voice is signing off. dave durian is retiring after more than 30 years at the station. he was a news anchor before becoming the day-to-day voice of morning news on the radio said. he says he plans to spend time with his grandchildren. he says there's one thing he will miss -- >> you know how few people get to be the one to tell every school kid in baltimore city and baltimore county no school today? that is a rush. [laughter] >> dave will officially sign off
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this fall. we wish him the best of luck. we'll miss him around the building. you might notice some things a different color. >> a way to get into the spirit of the summer. this is part of a new promotion. old bay will also announced a special restaurant promotion. 5:27. >> construction, construction, construction. first the j.f.x. and now the harbor tunnel. >> safety at the inner harbor is cause for concern, according to one state senator. >> stock surge on wall street. what investors are looking for on capitol hill. >> another cool start on this
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concrete. and steel. our cloud is the smartest brains combating the latest security threats. it spans oceans, stretches continents. and is scalable as far as the mind can see. our cloud is the cloud other clouds look up to. welcome to the uppernet.
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>> live, local, late-breaking, this is wbal-tv 11 news today. >> good morning, everybody. welcome back to 11 news today. i am stan stovall. >> i am at jennifer franciotti. thanks for joining us for 11 news today. it may be early for some for ice cream. today's national chocolate ice cream day. that is right. >> i like chocolate. >> my producer brought some in. >> he never brings anything in. >> he did bring the donuts.
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>> i stand corrected. >> you'll want ice cream this weekend. >> nice segue. >> i just thought of it. a light jacket may be in order. we will make it up to 78 this is afternoon. a mixture of sun and clouds. a slight chance we could see some rain in most neighborhoods. we will check the seven-day forecast when i come back in just a few minutes. >> when you could think on your feet, you are good -- when you you'reink on your feet, good. a problem on security boulevard. watch for an accident that is still clearing. doing very well on 95 out of the white marsh region, 63 miles per
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hour heading southbound down towards the beltway. 64 on 295 down towards 32. an update on some of our cameras. 70, no problems east or west bound. we switch over to a live view of traffic of 97 at 100. problem free through this area at the moment. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> less than one week after its worst performance of the year, the dow surged to its best day of the year. >> investors will be watching for some clues on how the federal reserve will move forward as its chairman speaks to lawmakers. hallie jackson is live on that. good morning. >> good morning.
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it is not just investors but members of congress do want to find out how worried the fed is about our economy. that is the sound of good news on wall street as stocks surged before the closing bell yesterday appeared the dow up 287 points, erasing the big drop on friday after shares were sent plummeting. the s&p 500 up nearly 30 points. now all eyes on this man. >> investors want to see if the numbers were an anomaly. >> the fed may help stimulate the economy. ben bernanke will speak to lawmakers. >> he'll use a lot of words to basically say, i will wait and see at this time. >> leaders in europe will try to ease the debt crisis and how about spanish banks. the fed has to look down the road to cigarette will best help
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our economy. >> we're not only looking at conditions currently but they are trying to decide where the economy is going to be in six months or a year. >> today we're getting a preview. but the next policy meeting begins on june 19. >> ais what we're seeing on wall street considered a turning point? >> the consensus is it is more of the rebound, the market kind of correcting itself after the big drop last week. >> hallie jackson, thank you. >> the cry for more safety at the inner harbor is the crossing party lines. jim brochin from baltimore county is echoing statements made by pat mcdonough about violence downtown. kim dacey joins us live from
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police headquarters with the latest. >> good morning. jim brochin says he is coming on board after a scary incident downtown with his daughter. he is hearing more from his constituents who say they will not come into the city. state senator jim brochin is crossing party lines to join the republican delegate pat mcdonough in raising a red flag concerning safety in downtown baltimore. there were a number of attacks by groups of young people. the senator says he does not agree with the racial overtones delegate pat mcdonough put forth, he does believe there is a problem downtown. >> you may not like the messenger and his language, but don't take away the idea which is a valid idea because baltimore county is a driving economic force behind the success of baltimore city. >> he also agrees with mcdonough that the state police should reported to help with security. >> having the state police come
5:36 am
in and be supplement and start patrolling the downtown zone with them is a valid suggestion. >> the mayor's office refused to comment, instead referring us to the police office. >> these men and women are out there each and every day risking their lives for people they don't know, and they're going to work their tails off to make the city safer. >> police claim crime is down. common assaults are running even with last year. the mayor will be opening a new curfew center next week which should help. the downtown partnership refused to comment saying they did not want to get involved with politics. kim dacey, wbal-tv 11 news. >> thank you. that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. do you think the city of baltimore should call in maryland state police to help control downtown violence? you can share your response on, on our facebook page, or send us an e-mail to >> we have seen our fair share
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of construction projects. another project is coming at this time to the harbor tunnel. construction crews will begin replacing concrete decking on the tunnel toll plaza. includes four phases and will not be finished until october. two southbound lanes will close and traffic will shift to the renovated northbound lanes. you are urged to use the francis scott key bridge or the other tunnel. 5:37. oftentimes children need to undergo a cat scan for a number of medical reasons. >> those stance might increase a child's risk for cancer -- those scans might increase a child
5:38 am
risk for cancer. >>
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bee do
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>> welcome back. 5:40. a few scattered clouds. let's look that some of the numbers. it drops into the 50's outside the city. 57 at the airport. 59 degrees in westminster. a mixture of sun and clouds. we have a 30% chance for rain shower. most of the one not see any rain. high temperature of 78 degrees. we'll show you the 74 guests in
5:41 am
just a few minutes -- will show you the seven-day forecast in just a few minutes. children >> exposed to radiation might have an increased risk for cancer. >> children who had ct scans -- those who had the scans have tripled their risk of developing brain cancer after three of those scans. the overall risk for cancer does remain low but they did suggest using the lowest possible dose when scanning children. the life expectancy gap is getting smaller. >> the difference of life expectancy among men and one from over six years to just over five, and women dropped from a few more years to three. homicide is not playing an appreciable role and more --
5:42 am
>> 5:41. 59 degrees on tv hill. it seems like last saturday. the end of the crippled crown race is already here. >> chance for history for all have another. the jockey of another horse has something to prove. >> tony will have the full >> tony will have the full forecast when we come
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>> now traffic pulse 11 and insta-weather plus together. >> good morning. sarah caldwell checking on your morning commute. it is shipping up to be a nice start on most of the area roadways. security boulevard, the on ramp to the outer loop of the beltway, an accident. a tow truck is on the scene. 67 on southbound 83 coming down from shawan road. 895 looking pretty good. 65 miles per hour on 95 through howard county. problem free all the way down to the capital beltway. here is a live view of traffic. you can see we are not tracking any delays. more volume in the southbound direction. 895, a nice start north and
5:46 am
southbound. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. now let's get the latest on the buses and the trains. for that we go to kurt kronke of the mta system. good morning. >> good morning. we have a delay on metro, running about 50 minutes late. light rail is on schedule. on time service on the marc trains. the 20 bus diverting at o'donnell because of the greek festival. a diversion at edison and sinclair because of construction. now back to tony pann. >> thank you. we have the same basic setup in the atmosphere. we have the flow coming at of the north. you see the north to south movement. it will be a little unstable. a couple of widening showers could pop up. you see scattered showers dropping down out of pennsylvania. most of you will have a dry day today. that will be the case on this
5:47 am
thursday. 57 at the airport. 56 in jarrettsville. 57 degrees in rising sun. you might need a light jacket this morning. a mixture of sun and clouds. we have a 30% chance for a rain shower. high temperature between 75 and 80 degrees. we should be around 81 this time of year. it should be good day to be of the water. way fights a foot or less -- wave heights a foot or less. that means the war mayor in the southern plains will get a chance to visit us here in baltimore. it will be pretty nice weekend if you like summer weather. here's the ocean city forecast. high temperature in the upper 70's and low 80's. lots of sunshine and should be dry.
5:48 am
it should be a nice weekend at the beach. same thing here,, especially if you like the warmer temperatures. 85 on saturday. near 90 on monday. the humidity will be going up. be prepared for that. >> thank you appeared the third leg of the triple crown will run at belmont park this weekend. one horse could win all three legs. >> for one jockey, it is a chance to prove something. >> women like her are hard to find. the jackie says she writes with a special purpose -- the jackie she rides with a special purpose.
5:49 am
>> you just have to prove yourself. >> she is about to become the second woman ever to ride in the belmont stakes. >> this is such a huge stream. -- this is such a huge dream. >> she began by raising ponies. this grand stage left a big impression. >> the crowd starts to rise. >> you might think that discrimination against women is old news. she says she has felt the sting of it even at the tender age of 24. >> i have had many traders broader say that they do not ride a girl. >> rosie is prove the doubters
5:50 am
wrong. she won the first at belmont today and hopes to beat back in the winner's circle on saturday. >> you can watch the belmont stakes right here and wbal-tv 11. our coverage begins on saturday at 4:30. >> 59 degrees on tv hill. the orioles pick up another whin in boston. >> here is a look at last night's winning maryland lottery numbers. ♪
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[ male announcer ] we have more than 3,000 daily flights on southwest airlines. and that gives our customers thousands of options to fly where they want, when they want. fly nonstop service from bwi airport
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to greenville-spartanburg and charleston. book all of our destinations online only at >> good morning. we begin with the first-place orioles. they picked ryan ripken in the 20th round of the major-league draft. i was with them last night. ryan played his first game for the maryland orioles collegiate team. look for ryan to play college baseball next year at south carolina. he was proud to be drafted. last night, wei-yin chen turns
5:54 am
in a monster effort as the orioles beat the red sox. one of its four strikeouts. down 1-0. robert andino his the ball to right field. wilson betemit scores to tie the game. endy chavez avoids the double play it by being the replay. 2-1 orioles and the lead would hold up. jim johnson on in the ninth. last night, he got the strikeout. save number 18. 2-1, the orioles win. the yankees beat tampa last night. the yankees are a half-game back. one half of the nba finals are set. the offender comes back to beat
5:55 am
the spurs. kevin durant grew up in prince george's county. looking to stay alive. they played like a desperate team. they dominated. spurs by 18 in the first half. clutch 3. game outside. tony parker gets free inside. re. oklahoma from the they will wait to see if they play boston or miami in the finals. the countdown continues for saturday's belmont stakes. i'll have another will have the 11th post. the post position is not as relevant as the twin-course stampede in the kentucky derby. i'll have another is the
5:56 am
favorite. gerry sandusky headed to belmont. you can see the race right here on saturday. it?he going to do wit >> cross your fingers. new census figures showing the average size of american home getting bigger. >> a baltimore city landlord is heading to prison. what he did at 6:32. >> another celebrity has a run and with the law. what she tweeted to the president. >> it is in other close start this morning. -- it is another cool start this
5:57 am
morning. >> we have a problem along security boulevard.
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> another state politician joins the cry for a safer inner harbor. i have details in a live report. >> stocks surged on wall street. what investors are looking for on capitol hill. >> the political role of the dice put a slots parlor at arundel mills and it pays off big as thousands flocked to the opening night. >> kalikow bought a mild day before the summer like temperatures arrive -- can we temperatures arrive -- can we count on a mild


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