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tv   11 News at Noon  NBC  June 7, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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v, internet and phone for just $99.99 a month, guaranteed for two years with no annual contract. or choose a two-year contract and get $250 back. last chance. this incredible offer ends june 16th. call 1-877-729-fios. contact the verizon center for customers with disabilities that's 1-877-729-3467. at 800-974-6006 tty/v. ♪ fios. a network ahead. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> this is wbal see the 11 news pending. >> good news. stocks opened with the dow up. the nasdaq was up two 0.4. good afternoon. i am jennifer franciotti. that is our big story. investors will be watching closely for clues on how the
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federal reserve will move forward as the chairman speaks to lawmakers. we are in washington with more. >> today, members of congress are looking to find out how worried the fed is about our economy. that is the sound of good news on wall street as stocks surged before the closing bell yesterday, with the dow up to 87, erasing the big drop friday after a big jobs report sent shares plunging. all eyes are on this man, the head of the federal reserve, who will testify in front of congress. >> i think investors want to hear whether the fed believes the employment numbers were an anomaly. >> at a meeting in june the fed might take action to stimulate the economy and we might hear some clues about that. >> he will use words to basically say i will wait and see. >> investors seemed to feel
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optimistic boasted all of europe with a report that leaders will help all spanish banks. in the u.s., leaders have to look down the road. >> they're not only looking at conditions currently. they are trying to read the tea leaves and decide where the economy is wendy in six months and one year. >> the next fed policy meeting is june 19. >> democratic state leaders are calling for action. the state senator has act -- echoed the sentiment about the safety of the inner harbour but does not agree with racial overtones. he agrees there is a problem. he seconds a call for police to help with security. mayor stephanie rawlings-blake refused to comment on the concerns but said she would unveil the new curfew -- on unveil a new curfew. the police department's system
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violent crime is down 14% in the area. >> these people are risking their lives for people they do not now making the city safer. >> having the state police come in and supplement the city police force is a valid suggestion. >> the downtown partnership also refused to comment, saying they did not want to get involved with politics. we will head to annapolis were people released serving as video showing a person of interest related to sexual assault. people want to talk to this man in connection with an attack on a 21-year-old woman who was walking down duke of gloucester street around one across 30 a.m. in the morning when a suspect grabbed her from behind and sexually assaulted her. >> definitely an area where people might have seen more than they realized. we are hoping that from seeing as people might say "i think i
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remember that guy." >> authorities are asking anyone with information to call metro crime stoppers at the number on your screen. of vigil for a rape victim's -- 200 people gathered together to pray for those that were sexually assaults by former teacher and convicted rapist john murres backer. the crowd lit candles last night. he is now 70 years old, and john murres becker is accused of -- john merzbecher is accused of assaulting four people. >> back then, you think you are alone, and you find out this was going on in every classroom, 3, four, five kids. was horrendous, malicious.
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he needs to stay put. he really does. >> his appeal will be heard in federal court next month. we of learn the top police officer and his family are getting tax breaks in two different states. marcus brown lists his residence in baltimore, but his family lives in a home in pennsylvania. each house receives a homestead tax credit. that allows them to take a $3,700 break on their city tax bill. >> since his legal residence is in maryland, he pays taxes in maryland, he votes in maryland. as long as he keeps driving down violent crime and homicides, he can go to canada on weekends for all i care. >> a state police spokesperson says brown was not aware he had tax credits on his baltimore house, but the application was filed in 2010.
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>> we certainly have had a string of nice days. beautiful blue skies. clouds from time-to-time in the afternoon. it has been nice so far. on the satellite in new england there is some instability producing some scattered storms. some of the clouds reach into new york state and even pennsylvania. we will watch what happens in pennsylvania. something could increase the chance for a shower this far south. we have had the chance for the past few days and not much has happened. today the to be smaller. we will detail that coming up. >> thank you. we have seen our fair share of construction problems, but another project is coming to the harbor tunnel this summer. june 20 at construction crews will replace the concrete decking on a four-lane bridge. it will include four phases and
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it will not be finished until october. engineers predict the worst delays will come in the first two weeks of august when traffic will shift on to the renovated northbound lanes. you are urged to use the francis scott key bridge or the tunnel during the construction project. workers at the new maryland live casino, are busy working their first full day and if last night was any indication the casino should be packed. hundreds were on hand for the grand opening of the third and largest casino in the state. traffic was a nightmare getting into arundel mills. while many wanted to try their hand at the slot machines, others just wanted to see it. >> we die here and as we were coming in people were -- we got here, and as we were coming in, we were told people had been
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there since 4:00 in the afternoon standing in line. >> i was really excited to see it. it is in our backyard. i'm happy for it. >> maryland live opened again this morning at 8:00 a.m.. for a closer look at the casino, the our website, coming up, details on the jury coming up, details on the jury chosen on [ male announcer ] are you paying more
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feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. oxyn jury selection comes to a close in the child sex abuse case against former penn state football coach jerry sandusky, facing 52 counts. well people are on the jury. four alternates. six are former and current teachers and students administrators. also, a woman who was then a season ticket holder since the 1970's. the judge said would be impossible to have the jury without connections to the university because the town is tight-knit. tsa officials are being called to capitol hill to make their organization smaller and more efficient. the administrator will be asked about efforts to fix poor customer service.
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the hearing will examine recent changes in customer service. one committee member called the tsa for the most disliked agencies in the federal government. still to come, concerns about children exposed to radiation while undergoing ct scans. >> temperatures are warming up during the day. we will see a slightly warmer temperatures each day as we go into the weekend all over the eastern part of the u.s.. details coming up. there is the beaches. they are getting crowded. it is not even thursday. 71 degrees at w.i. airport. 81 downtown. >> dr. kim hammond is here with a cute puppy. he has answers to your pet
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>> you might be surprised to learn how much your 401ks is costing you according to a new report by a nonpartisan research organization. the average couple pays more than one and $50,000 in fees over their career and that could eat into the futures nest egg by more than 30%. the gao says many employers to not understand the fees workers have to pay, so starting next month the government will require extensive disclosure of all fees. new information from the census bureau redials the strange anomaly for the housing market. the size of the average american home rule last year. is the first time in four years and strangely it happened during
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a year the saw terrible home sales. the size of a home increased by 88 square feet. that was driven by move-up sales by luxury buyers rather than first-time home buyers. >> now, your insta-weather-plus forecast with meteorologist john cons. >> for the past few days the weather has been gorgeous. a couple of spotty things have popped up. there is an indication something might be trying to pop out of a crowd in hagerstown, but the real clouds are in new england and that is where most of the activity will be, but we will have to wait and see. let's look at the averages so far. as temperatures are concerned, below-normal. 65.4. that is 3.4 degrees below average. how many months since we had above-average readings? precipitation, we are above
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average. 0.86 of an inch above normal. 78 degrees at the airport. annapolis, 76. on the boardwalk, 71. westminster, 73. 77 in frederick. 60 in the mountains to the west. we are warmer today than we were yesterday at this time. what is giving us the great weather is this the area of high pressure sitting over us right now. that is at the surface. the stormy weather has been closed -- pushed to the tropical areas and the plains states, out on the fringes. let's look to the upper atmosphere, changed the picture and show you the jet stream. the southern jet stream is causing the rain over the atlantic, but the key to our
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weather is the northern jet stream dipping over the mid- atlantic region. this is moisture in the atmosphere, and this is a disturbance that is coming to the south. that might trigger isolated activity later this afternoon. that has been happening the past couple of days and we've not seen much, so there is only a small chance for rain. a mix of sunshine and clouds today. the small chance of an isolated storm. 75-to-80. the forecast on the bay is for some light wind. southwest wind is at five knots, a less than 1 foot shot. temperatures are in the low- 70's. let's check future test. the computers as we might see oscillated activity popup. is a small chance. advance futurecast until
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tomorrow morning, and we see how dry things are. tomorrow evening we see the chance for activity north of us. the same feature, but it draws further north. friday looks dry. saturday, warmer air comes in and along that warm front we see more activity to the north, but not down here. the seven-day forecast is a good one. the small chance of something this afternoon. 78 is the high. 80's in the weekend and our forecast looks dry sunday into monday, and by tuesday and wednesday it will be warm and humid and we have the chance for showers and thunderstorms. >> children who are exposed to radiation while undergoing ct scans might have an increased risk for cancer. researchers in the u.k. look at medical records between 1985 and 2002, and found that those who
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had three scans have triple the risk of developing brain cancer. those given five-to-10 had triple the rest for leukemia. researchers say the risk remains low but they suggest using the lowest possible dose when scanning children. a new report finds vaccines for children are not properly stored and that could cause them to be less effective. the office of the inspector general visited medical practices and found three- quarters stored them at the wrong temperatures and kept a mixed -- a mix of the expired vaccines. the center for disease control and prevention is working with clinics to make sure they are better managed. coming up next, your maryland lottery numbers and another lottery numbers and another
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>> we have been excited little guy. he likes my voice. this is nemo. dr. kim hammond joins a. what kind of puppy is this? >> the first thing you think of his schwab a. >> i thought pomeranian. >> exactly.
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it is a cross. >> whenever he is, he is a two- tiered >> lovable, adorable thing. >> tracy rights in. she is a question about a pit- lab mix. she is having problems getting on and off the bed. is there anything she could do to reveal the pain? >> first, they have to diagnose it. i would definitely see your veterinarian, let them x-ray it and make a decision based on that. speaking about pits, one week from friday, the definitive debate on this new law in maryland and i would suggest everyone pays attention. the humane society, politicians, everyone will be able to chime in. we suddenly have this law that says pitbulls are essentially a
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legal pad >> it is been a struggle for owners, that is for sure. >> why do dogs with their paws? >> so many reasons. when they have an allergy, there paws which. with all of the pollen, they are breeding in these allergens. they turn pink because they excoriated the top layer of skin. that also can be treated. >> kathy rights in. he frequently has had-twitching. what could this be? >> that is a strange one. sometimes, sadly, there are neurological reasons and you have to get that investigated. it could be as simple as mites or could be more serious.
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>> otherwise healthy and normal is usually a good sign. nemo, thank you for joining us. you can e-mail your questions to or visit our web site or you can send us your questions. now, you're maryland lottery midday numbers. the maryland lottery, let yourself play. >> good afternoon. it is time for those pick three numbers. here we go. 2 1 7 217. up next, the pick four, but first, play and a two dollar scratch off and the top prize
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will be doubled. pick four. [laughter] 6 0 0 0 6000 -- the maryland lottery, let yourself play. >> everyone is talking about the weather. >> it has been sunny, and today is another one of those days. and sleet storm could pop up, but most of you will see great. an isolated storm could popup, the most of you will see great weather. late tuesday into wednesday, rain chances. >> a great weekend in-store. thank you. be sure to watch tonight with donna hamilton and stan stovall.
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have a wonderful day.
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