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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  June 8, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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a matchup of media coverage. i'll have another will not have another race. >> this is officially telling you that i'll have another retired. >> the trainer took his worst of the track at 5:30 this morning. he wanted to avoid what has obviously turned into a blistering spotlight while seeing how he feared with signs of irritation on his left front leg. >> in the afternoon, we noticed loss of definition in his left front leg. we prayed he just himself, it was just a little bit of skin irritation. we did an easy gala with him today, i thought he looked great, and you could tell that the swelling was bad. he did not feel very good. >> questionable training methods
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in california, he chose the cautious course today. >> this is hot extremely tough for all of us, no one dieter anything like that, but it is extremely disappointing. i feel so sorry for the whole team that has had such an amazing run. >> as they started where it would have become the twelfth triple crown champion and it ends with him becoming the twelfth hurt the worst since the last triple crown champion. joining us live, more racing fan reaction to today's news. >> fans are shocked and devastated.
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it was all confirmed that the bid for the first triple crown in 34 years ended with this will intended. -- with a swolen tendon. -- swollen tendon. some are heartbroken over the news and others are skeptical. in >> i was hoping to see another one in this lifetime, but you never know. >> you never know if the horse will be a good or injured. >> i think there's something fishy going on behind the scenes and the public should know about it. they should have a full investigation. dodged the last comment was in response to the trainer facing a
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45-day suspension after one of his horses exceeded the allowable limit for carbon dioxide. i'll have another will not have another day to raise. >> prosecutors will not be filing charges in the case of attack and robbery at a downtown 7-11 by a group of teenagers. surveillance cameras captured the assault last month. the attorney's office has reviewed the evidence and have decided that charges are not a 3 a. they became unruly during a free slurpee promotion. they stole merchandise at a bank deposit worth more than $6,000. >> of the president of the alleged university who is an alleged campbell is speaking out and allegedly prior incident
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involving the beating of another man. >> there are lots of questions about the man arrested and charged in the hall murder, was he a threat to students here? a 22-year-old former student thinks so. the president of the university is trying to handle those concerns. >> let me express on behalf of the university, our deepest condolences for the family is impacted by this unfortunate situation. on the advice of counsel, we cannot discuss the specifics of the case. >> david wilson offered sympathy concerning the gruesome murder in hartford county. he also wanted to ensure that everyone was safe.
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>> the current priority is to ensure that we of full of the safety of our community. as i indicated, that is what we have been about and what we will continue to be about. >> he was an engineering jr. that days earlier was hers with hitting another student with a baseball bat rack in chains and barbwire. >> my friend was there at the time, >> that was graduation day, he was knocked unconscious, his parents later told him about the attack. >> the told me that he was standing over me with a knife. he had dropped the knife and ran
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out of the party. >> he suffered a skull and facial fractures. he was an acquaintance that acted weird at times. >> he aware of them being a potential problem. >> he was a victim number one, two days later was a victim number two. they are intricately related and we are deeply concerned that the hah was proper to protect their community. >> doctors tell him he may not regain the vision that he lost. the attorney is expecting a negligence lawsuit, the city university is still gathering facts about the handling of its on campus.
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>> it might be a good idea to avoid northern parkway weren't damaged storm drain started to swallow at least one car. we were above the scene this afternoon where if the vehicle had vetoed because of the damage. again, falls road at northern parkway. >> the hunt is on as they were riding their bicycles. three men approached the kids along east and the brooklyn park. they have been canvassing the area since it happened yesterday afternoon, one bicycle head the east towards baltimore city. the kids were not injured, just a little shaken up. >> a request to dismiss charges is refused inside a courtroom after the army private bradley
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may elect to have 10 of the 22 charges against him thrown out, charged with the largest fleet of government secrets in u.s. history. his lawyers argued the charges were not communicated clearly enough. his trial is set for some number. >> it was a beautiful day today, and after having temperatures in the '70s most of the week, we made to the '80s. 84 degrees at the top of the hour, the humidity only 29%. the forecast for the rest of tonight and into tomorrow morning, after making its into the eighties this afternoon, it will go live back in the upper 50s by tomorrow morning. your forecast through the weekend and into the beaches, just a few minutes.
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>> in the white house was shaken up a little bit today. the the private sector is doing fine. this glove with president obama about the economy. 11 news reporter has the story from washington. >> president obama made his explosive claim to reassure the nation that take credit for creating 4.3 million private- sector jobs. >> 800,000 just this year alone. the private sector is doing fine. >> are you kidding? did he see the job numbers last week? the private sector is not doing fine. >> u.s. manufacturing was strong in may. the public-sector was worse. teachers and cox laid off. the president of blamed congress for rejecting it.
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>> to be on track to have a million more americans working this year. keep in mind that the private sector has been following pace. >> he said the private sector is doing fine. is he that out of touch? these comments suggest someone that doesn't understand what is happening in the country he has been elected to lead. >> about the white house, damage control. the economy needs to be strengthened, that is why i had a press conference. >> he ought to offer more ideas and stop playing political games. >> possible bad news for pg&e
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customers tonight. >> utility bills could get higher down the road. >> the maryland poison center is getting calls about a drug that makes some people act like a zombie. [ female announcer ] with xfinity,
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>> college a practice day for the third annual run for kidney health. tomorrow, people will gather at the waterfront in baltimore. provided they can get their feet on the building. they raised $1,000 and i guess it is done the easy way. they will get a fund-raising web page. they will be photographed in action, much like we are doing here. education and research efforts. here's a look at what is happening right now, stunning news from the sports world. the winner of the kentucky derby will and his bid for the triple crown as well as his racing career. the announcement that the horse has been scratched from
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tomorrow's belmont stakes and is retiring because of they swollen can then. >> the request for re-evaluation has been denied. he is accused of more than a dozen sexual assaults including one in maryland dating back to 1997. today's ruling sided with prosecutors that there is no reason for any new evaluation. following a massive crackdown by federal officials targeting child pornography, investigators are calling at operation o'brien. investigations are in spain, sweden, the philippines, and the united kingdom. there were photographs as young as babies and toddlers, many
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destroyed it online. in one case, a man victimized the baby he was babysitting and then produced pornographic material. >> in tonight goes a medical alert, a new campaign to help curb teen pregnancy. baltimore has one of the highest teen birth rates than any major city in the united states, one in six occur to teen mothers. more than 80% and not plan. km is the leading cause of the dropout rate, and the babies born to teenage mothers are prices likely to suffer for outcomes. >> understand the options surrounding reproductive health so that they can stay true to the decisions they are making for themselves. >> the mayor and planned
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parenthood are joining forces as part of the effort called "know what you what those " campaign. the current numbers are actually had a historic low. 13 people have become sick and one toddler has died because of a dangerous strain the -- of e. coli. it is a big name for a potentially lethal strain of the bacteria. the incidents were reported in georgia, louisiana, alabama, but experts say that food is the likely source of the ls and they are trying to identify a common link. >> now, your forecast. >> we have turned the corner into a more summer-like set up. i know you summer fans were a little disappointed last week with temperatures in the '50's
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at night. this weekend, we will make up for that. now we're running to the southern part of canada on the east coast. that means all the warm air in the plains states will have a chance to visit us in baltimore. the humidity is going to go up, but we will start to get to the uncomfortable range. here is a storm we're watching in the upper levels of the atmosphere. it is having a tough time with precipitation, a few showers popping up around harrisburg and back in new jersey. we have had some cumulus clouds build up a little bit this afternoon. the skies will gradually become mostly clear. it is dry. after sunset, the temperatures will have a chance to drop off
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pretty quickly. 49 at the airport, 41 and westminster. in the '50s overnight tonight when you get away from the city. a beautiful summer evening out there, to say the least. >> mostly clear skies, will get back to the upper 50's by early tomorrow morning. sunset this evening at 8:32. have there is one thing that we have to watch for most of the weekend, the back door cold fronts will come pretty close to us. most of the precipitation will stay north, but there could be some thunderstorms developing sunday night. and how they can drift into maryland, but that is just an outside shot. have to keep an eye on that situation to see how it develops.
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warmer than today, but still comfortable. the high temperatures between 86 and 91. it will be a beautiful day on the water, the bay water temperatures in the low to mid 70's. if you are heading to the beach, it will be a beautiful beach weekend. it will be even warmer and land. it will be just a touch cooler, picking up a little bent on monday and should be nice to the beginning of next week. >> the humidity will slowly go up, it will start to feel a little uncomfortable. the viewpoint getting to the
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60's. it will get warm, but it will not stick around very long. >> story is what one vendor is saying after issuing thousands of high school diplomas. >> how most people were alerted to the mistake. the details just ahead. >> i am in washington where president republicans can go over the state of the economy. at progressive, you can bundle your home and auto policies and save. don't worry, tiny people. flo is a gentle giant. bundle home and auto at
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i'd like to thank eating right, whole grain, multigrain cheerios! my bowl, my spoons! mom, are those my jeans? [ female announcer ] people who choose more whole grain tend to weigh less than those who don't. multigrain cheerios has whole grain and 110 delicious calories. looking good never tasted so good. ...more grains. less you! multigrain cheerios >> someone has apologizing for issuing 8000 in the bahamas with misspellings. and nobody noticed it until it was on facebook. here it is in black and white.
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we don't have that. the word program was missing th e second r, said progam. >> for students, is the day they have been waiting for all year. >> summer vacation has officially begun. the day also marked the last day of class as in baltimore and howard county. particularly significant for them because superintendent is both retiring effective july 1. they say it is kind of bittersweet. >> however when the calls made during the school year. >> i am happy and sad at the same time because i am going to miss my teacher.
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>> of the will have their final day, the same goes for students in carroll county. followed up, gaining popularity of bath salts. >> law enforcement is stepping up to fight its usage. >> a special olympic summer games, a live report, coming up. [ jared ] uh, michael?
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you know... big game... that was sort of supposed to be for all of us. [ slurping ] [ male announcer ] give 'em what they love. subway! giant subs, sandwich and cookie platters. and big-time value. subway catering. order today!
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>> of 11 is at 5:00 continues now. >> it is called bath salts, a new generation of chemical is just a mouse click away. we were investigating his last
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year. it is being marketed under a new name. amped is a lady bug attractior, but chemists are trying to stay one step ahead of the law enforcement. it is making a dangerous drug even more frightening. >> bath salts have become more powerful since they first became available. the zombie like results have been frightening. the users were between the ages of 40 and 49. >> the howls is a consequence of ingesting bath salts. an easy purchase on the internet. a summary resemble more science
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fiction than fact. >> he said he was being chased by electricity. he killed his neighbors goat. >> they have become a potpourri of changing chemicals. >> of the internet has become our biggest drug dealer. >> being marketed as a lady bug the tractor. the label warns against human consumption and it contains a substance is recently outlawed. it also does not list the ingredients in there. it is the same drug belinda to be behind the face eating attack and florida. please call the condition excited delirium. it makes people paranoid, violent, and unpredictable. >> this is craziness, people that are becoming a psychotic and doing things that we have
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seen that are absolutely horrendous. >> calls the poison centers have skyrocketed. >> which you have to get the word out, but at the same time, we have to work together with public health, law enforcement, to get this off of the market quickly. >> the virginia poison center confirmed six cases related to ingestion. >> here is a look at some of the other top story this hour. another follow-up to an investigation. the president of morgan state university talks about the student accused of killing a family friend before heeding some of his organs. he offered his condolences.
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joshua claims he was attacked by alex with about how which left him partially blind. attorneys say the school should expect a lawsuit based on negligence. previous winner i'll have another no longer heading toward the triple crown. he is showing symptoms of tendinitis and doesn't want to risk it getting worse. what provision of the first triple crown winner since 1978 is retired. the market wraps up its best week of the year. the dow rose 93 points, the s&p is up 11 points, the nasdaq gained 27. businesses are restocking inventories faster than expected. the dow jones industrial average had its fourth straight day of gains. >> excitement is in the air
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where the 2012 special olympics md. the summer games are under way. we are live on campus with more on the start of this competition. >> a beautiful day out here, you can see some of the athletes have gathered. it will be probably 30 minutes or so from now, and then the opening ceremony and this weekend, the annual special olympics summer games. it was the cheerleading competition today with the special olympic athletes. this is what is all about. and the crowd loved it. >> i am holding back tears right now because i am so excited. they look forward to this, they have come to practice, it is sad for me that it is over in just two and a half minutes.
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>> it is hard not to show your emotions. >> from january to june, their dedication and hard work is amazing. >> there is nothing like the special olympics center -- the summer games. the track and field events will be held at the university. >> as women get the pool, we have cheerleading going on at the center, softball will be going on here. >> for the athletes, there is nothing like competing. >> is fun being part of the team and enjoying it with lots of fun. >> a community of the gives support to our kids and our young adults. it can't be repeated. it is awesome. >> opening ceremonies tonight at
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7:30. if you have never seen opening ceremonies for special olympics, it is unbelievable. >> nice story, thank you so much. >> you could not make this next one up if you tried. >> what gold that caused a huge mess. >> all kinds of activity planned for this weekend to give people for this weekend to give people the value of
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nosher veterans are joining 150 organized rallies today pushing for freedom. they're protesting hautboys mandate to provide contraceptives on health care plans. the biggest issue are catholic and kristian hospitals being ordered to obey. >> it is a falsehood and alive to force the church to go against its teachings.
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it is a falsehood and a lot to say that the hospital or this university is not religious and because it serves all people. >> in addition to their religious freedom concerns, conservative christians say they are concerned with the president's stance on same-sex marriage. same-sex marriage will appear on the november ballot, the latest shows opponents have collected more than 70,000 signatures. that is 20,000 more than required. officials expect that number to get a higher than that. both opponents and supporters are right here in maryland. >> we are learning that actress lindsay lohan was involved in a car accident. according to the web site, she was at the wheel when the
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accident happened. there are reports that she was taken to the emergency room, so she did not go by ambulance and she appeared to be ok. no one else was injured in the crash. drivers in kentucky had a good excuse to be stuck in traffic because a tractor trailer carrying a load of pancakes got into an accident while trying to avoid a car with a lot of tire. the collided into the buttermilk pie overpass. how is that straight out of the book cloudy with a chance of meatballs? boxes of syrup covered all lanes, you can imagine a very sticky mess. it took workers hours to clear everything out. >> officials want to ban the sale of the beat no. cabs. >> what parents need to know about before using these products.
5:41 pm
>> a good chance your utility bill will be higher in the coming months, pg&e looking to raise the rates. >> these are a few of the european horses in town and the area of. we have details coming up. >> a beautiful day to day. it is a good day to go to the pool. the weathth
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>> james has the highly anticipated celebration in motion. it marks the spot where francis scott key will -- who wrote the stars of the better during the war of 1812. you're looking at members of the baltimore and historical society and the crew all getting in to the celebrations. .
5:45 pm
it will remain in place throughout the summer. >> you don't normally see horses stabled in the middle of downtown baltimore, but they are here performing a show at the arena. it is been the most popular live arena show for nearly a decade. as ken says, it is making its debut in the united states. >> the show is writing in the baltimore this weekend. mariner rita has been turned into a rank for it. >> it is something like a broadway show, a full range of major production. we have all the lights and a video and wonderful music, wonderful costumes. but it is with horses. >> this is their first time traveling abroad. they have a 1.5 year north american tour transport and all those forces is not easy.
5:46 pm
to get all 45 forces here from europe, and had to fly them on three different planes with custom-made stables in the back. >> how we are traveling from city and back to the city. they can get back to a stable after the show. >> of the horses are temporarily stable during the course of the show and a back parking lot of the arena. but they don't seem to mind. they say the show has something for everyone. >> people see horses on fire, and you hear a wide gas across the audience. we have a lot of laughing, we have a comedy act. people can be amazed by the routines we have. the there are tricks riders that
5:47 pm
do stunts on their horses. >> it is a show the likes of which will not find anywhere else in the world. >> if you love horses, if you have a family, is something for everybody. it is off to the next town. >> now, your forecasts. >> whether wise, not cool. a couple days in a row of temperature is below average, we climb above the average mark this afternoon. humidity is certainly in the comfortable range. how very unusual thing for baltimore in the summer, enjoy the great weather. here is the set up as we head into the weekend. the last couple days, digging
5:48 pm
down to the south, but it has moved back to the north. that means all the warm air in the plains states and gets to move east. temperatures get close to 90 saturday and sunday. there is one little disturbance this evening, coming across pennsylvania had been to new york state, the atmosphere is trying to create some thundershowers with that. ec is popping up in central pennsylvania and back into new jersey. the wind up with mostly clear skies overnight. >> it is going to be a very comfortable night. as soon as the sun goes down, temperatures will drop off pretty quickly.
5:49 pm
the forecast for tonight, mostly clear and present -- a pleasant. temperatures dropping back into the 50's. there is one thing that we will be watching for, a back door cold front across new york state. it might be close enough to produce a few thunderstorms, and maybe it will go to northern maryland. high temperatures between 86 and 91 degrees. on the day, it will be a beautiful day on the water. 19 minutes after 11:00. it will get even warmer on sunday, making it up to about 90. i don't think you will really feel it until monday. and some scattered showers and
5:50 pm
thunderstorms likely tuesday and wednesday that will close of back into the low 80's. >> pg&e looks to request the increase in distribution rates. they got the parent company of pg&e and other power companies to be presented to the public service commission later this year. the company is reportedly holding off on the rate hikes while constellation was finalizing its merger with the exxon corporation. the sale of a baby bumper pads, how they want to do it pretty soon following an extensive investigation by the department of health and mental hygiene concluding that they do more harm than good. they defined the past as non- mesh material.
5:51 pm
they run the circumference of the crib or along the length of the interior sides. they provide nine months to comply. >> a new survey shows for smaller vehicles. they found many if not most want one thing above all else, lester paine at the pumps. >> a high priority on fuel economy. 37% say it is the top consideration for choosing the next car. >> there are made smaller, car sales are 20% better than last year. facebook looking to offer services to the under generation. they are lying about their age in order to get on facebook. the social networks is testing out new ways to let kids get on the side legally. experts say this is a great way
5:52 pm
to create community that gives parents the opportunity to connect with their kids at their kids' friends. but certain safeguards must be in place. >> under the age of 13, the parent has to hold a master account. a big to see everything in their feed, and kit friend request will come from the region come through the parents. >> and they will offer up a fake birthday. >> the training facility has a new name, the under armor performance facility part of the new partnership announced this afternoon between the ravens and under armor. they plan on launching a series of community initiatives aimed at empowering local youth. john harbaugh will play an active role in some of these.
5:53 pm
and the ravens of necessity linebacker will get his entire salary this year. that is regardless of how he tore his achilles' tendon. the injury back in april happened as he was running through air-conditioning grow, but several witnesses say he was hurt playing basketball. a stunning announcement on the eve of the beaumont stay, the sports director jerry sandusky with the very latest. >> trash in the streets and the in the ocean, it is the simple fact. a whole host of activities, here
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>> learned all about ways you can help the environment. >> visiting marine life is how officials will learn more about protecting the world's oceans.
5:57 pm
it is world ocean day, but all weekend long, there will be family friendly activities. >> is designed to make people aware about how how the oceans are important. >> to work 31 years for the national marine sanctuary program. one of his big messages is not the letter because it ends up in the ocean. >> if it builds up on the shoreline, and they are doing better. we need to continue to do that. gosh, they will get a chance to meet the author of the popular mermaid of books series. bring in a plastic bag can get postcards with the favorite on the front. she is a sea turtle. you could also see her in person and experience over 40 animal encounters.
5:58 pm
>> people think this little guy looks like a singer. but as long tail is only used for flipping himself over. >> and they don't buy and they are harmless. not these are the primary eyes. they have 10 allies, they can actually do that. >> there will also be live entertainment and scavenger hunts for kids. it is the first weekend of summer vacation for area schoolchildren. >> have the oceans day. >> and as a look at our news at 5:00. >> disappointed that replaces a triple crown hopes. what is next for a while have
5:59 pm
another. >> a former student is holding a university responsible for the serious injuries he received, injuries he says came from a man that is now charged with murder. >> of the poison center and of getting calls about a drug that makes people act like a zombie. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> a. no go for i'll have another at shot at the belmont as the trellis as the winner is now retired. that is the big story at 6:00. the shocking announcement came this afternoon when we heard he suffered a tendon injury. >> he would of been the first since 1978. live well and he was expected to run. was expected to run.


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