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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  June 8, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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going to happen, and the wait continues, 34 years and holding. the last was 1978, so many people writing their hopes. hopes dashed because of a front left superficial tendon that does anything but leave a superficial mark. >> morning brought the ease of a foregone conclusion. instead, the presumption ended by lunchtime. the connection for i'll have another saw their place in history displays via swollen tendon. >> he looked great this morning at trained great, but what i saw the swelling, after the training, it wasn't like he had an injury and we took him out for a test drive, that is not the case. run in theidn't
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belmont. it is dissolved from anticipations afternoon morning. soured via horses injury. >> it was unanimous. we had to retire him, and it is a bummer, far from tragic, but it is very disappointing. >> it now feels like a losing ticket. once so promising, and out so disappointing. >> it was the last time i was excited for that, >> a dark cloud continues to hang over of the triple crown hopes, an estimated about 100,000. if officials say they will not refund any tickets, but a lot of its people suspects that many of
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the crowd will spend the day on the beach. >> racing fans reacted to this afternoon, have all responded quite differently. >> they should have them separated, and not have jammed up together. >> these have been all the time. you never know from one day to the other. anything can happen at any time. >> is a good thing that they scratched of the horse. a lot of people would have lost and have been disappointed. that would have been a good thing for the triple crown, for the horse racing, but maybe next year. >> this would have been the first time for a triple crown since 1978. -- [inaudible]e
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>> a man accused of killing of land at trying to eat him is talking about what happened. >> this afternoon, the 22-year- old told us that people should have acted earlier about concerns about a man that seriously injured him and is now charged with murder. >> let me express on behalf of the university and deepest condolences to the families that have been impacted by this unfortunate situation. on the advice of counsel, we cannot discuss the specific case. >> the president offered sympathy concerning a gruesome murder of a former student in hartford county. >> they want to assure everyone that the campus is safe.
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>> the top priority here is to make sure that we all pulled the safety of our community. as i indicated, the is what we have been about here, it is what we will continue to be about. >> he was an engineering jr. that days earlier was charged with striking another student with a baseball bat. >> i thank god every day that i am alive. the blessed me, and my friends were there at the time that saved me. >> he was knocked unconscious and his friends later told him about the attack. >> he was standing over me with a knife.
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he had dropped the knife. >> he lost vision and the suffered fractures. he said he was in the cane plants that acted we're at times. >> i was aware of it being a potential problem. >> today's later, a victim number two. they are intricately related, and we are deeply concerned that he failed to act prudently and properly with the available information and protect their community. >> doctors tell him he may not regain his lost vision. the attorney has notified the university that he intends to file a negligence suit, have the president says he is gathering facts on how the university handled it on campus.
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reporting live, wbal tv 11 news. >> if follow-up concerning the increased popularity of bath salts. a drug is being marketed as a lady bug the tractor. david collins is following developments edit joins us live from the newsroom. >> parties haven't figured out how to ban them, they are being blamed for flights across the country. >> of the tortured howls of this team is a consequence of ingesting bath salts, a supercharged speed and easily purchased on the internet. a summary of headlines across
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the country resemble more science fiction than fact. >> he thought he was being chased by electricity. he kills his neighbors go. >> they are a potpourri of changing chemicals. >> if you think about it, the internet has become our biggest drug dealer. >> this is being marketed as a lady bug the tractor. it even states the material doesn't contain substances recently outlawed, but it doesn't list the ingredients that are in an. it is the same drug believed to be behind the face-eating attack in florida. police call the condition that affects users excited delirium. that makes many people paranoid, violent, unpredictable. >> this is craziness, people that are becoming psychotic and
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doing things that are absolutely horrendous, that we have never seen before. >> calls the poison centers have skyrocketed. 304 in 2010, 6000 last year. the maryland poison center that covers baltimore city and 21 of the 23 counties received 75 calls last year. most of the users were between the ages of 40 and 49. the maryland poison center received 25 basalt related calls. >> we do have to get the word out, and we have to work together with public health, law enforcement, the government to get this off the market quickly. >> officials said that 25 calls about basalts could be a sign that the use of the drug is
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trending down locally. reporting in the newsroom, david collins. >> a war of words over the economy. talking about the state of the recovery, republicans say he just doesn't get it. we are in washington with more on the finger-pointing. >> president peter over his choice of words. >> president obama address the issue number one, the economy. >> citing concerns about the financial situation in europe. >> several -- 800,000 just this
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year alone. >> mr. president, take it from me, the private sector is not doing well. >> on the campaign trail, gov. robb may also said -- >> is he really that out of touch? >> is absolutely clear that the economy is not doing fine. that is the reason i have the press conference. >> policy analysts say the president remains vulnerable on the issue. >> i think the president and his folks know that if the jobs numbers continue they are or get worse, it will be extremely difficult to get reelected. >> the economy needs to be strengthened. in washington.
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a >> enclosure tonight. >> what you can expect heading into this weekend's of that. >> the greatest athletes in the world this weekend will be competing. a live report, coming up. >> the trainer for i'll have another talks about his decision to scratch the triple crown hopeful. all that, later in sports. >> we will
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>> special olympics in ceremonies are under way tonight. >> ability competing in a number of events. including cheerleading, softball, you name it. there is a preview of the excitement. >> is that right, guys? >> i am doing awesome. i have been competing 17 years, and i am not going to stop. >> you have had a tough year, he has been very sick. your back and you look great, jimmy. >> high it will dominate again.
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>> home runs of law- enforcement, a few minutes ago, we have video to show you. he was being pushed in, and who was carrying the torch? you look great. i know you have been very sick and we are happy to have you back, jimmy. you and i have talked so many times, hugh special olympics are so important for all the athletes. >> it gives us ways to strive and be better people, showing the world that we can do things and we can contribute to the community. that is what the special olympics is all about. >> that is right. >> i am competing, it is great
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to be here. >> they are telling me to go, i have got to go. i guess i had better go. reporting live, opening ceremonies tonight. back to you guys. >> of the athletes will do all their speaking over the weekend. the traffic cruise will be moving the existing ground. they will have new traffic signals. the bridge will remain open, but it will be reduced to one lane in each direction. they advise that you plan for just a little bit. >> now, your forecast with half
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meteorologist. >> a beautiful day today, the high temperature in the comfortable range which is kind of unusual for baltimore. a little disturbance traveling north across pennsylvania and new york state, trying to produce a couple rain showers. the atmosphere is having a good time doing it. all of us the focus of a has a heads down. it will be mostly clear after the sun goes down. the temperatures will drop pretty quickly. 79, we will make it out into the 50's. they can be very comfortable when you wake up on saturday morning. we're watching one little thing, this coming down the coast. i don't think it will be close enough for any rain, whole we will wind up with dry weather
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over the weekend. mostly sunny, high temperatures between 86 and 91 degrees. a very nice day. the high tomorrow, 19 minutes after 11:00. taking it to 90 on sunday, but i think humidity will be ok. you'll notice that on monday. hugh will create some showers and thunderstorms tuesday and wednesday that on the the temperature is backing to the low 80's. >> from the sports center, this is a 11 sports. >> hockey tonight from belmont park for this appointment has replaced anticipate meant on the eve of tomorrow's mistakes. and the winner of the kentucky derby will maharajahs. i'll have another scratched
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earlier this afternoon because of tendinitis that has emerged in his left front leg. the devastating news for the horse's owner and for the trainer that was celebrating three weeks ago in the winner's circle. his words won the land allows after winning the kentucky derby by an act. -- a neck. >> we thought he looked great on the track and cooling out, you could tell the swelling was back. he has done so much that it was unanimous between my brother and i and everyone at the barn to retire him. it is far from tragic, but it is very disappointing. >> trying to keep it all in perspective, our executive
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sportsman has his perspective on the web site. the title tonight says it all. not another as they tried to find different ways. coming earlier this afternoon, it changes the nation of the belmont tomorrow. changes the name for the practice facility, now officially known as the under armor performance center as they have partnered with under armor. to of the great brands of baltimore sports coming together not only in the naming rights, a 10-year deal, but they will work together on community initiatives. they brought together the billionaires, haggai's with amazing track records that love to win. >> he looked me and said we are going to do it, i said, how confident are you?
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and guaranteeing we are going to win this thing, we are going to win the super bowl. he said, i will give you the whole thing back if not. i told him i was going to win a super bowl by the time he got bigger. >> an awful lot of clout in that interview right there. the o's are back, as play resumed against the phillies we're back with the seven-day forecast straight ahead.
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>> we will have continuing coverage of the shocking i'll have another that treated the champion thoroughbred, and the babies would not of their heads, but now they are considered a danger. those sto
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>> and bring that he, tony. >> but no humidity. 89 tomorrow, and 90 on sunday. the humidity will go up on monday and we will have some scattered thunderstorms that will knock the temperatures back. it is not like we're going into a heat wave for anything. >> thank you for joining us, everybody. >> we will see you back here tonight at 11:00.
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