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tv   11 News Saturday Morning  NBC  June 9, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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moment, but first let's look outside with john collins. john? >> what goes on behind-the-scenes. if only we could make a whole series out of it. murphy brown. >> i think ours is a little more . temperature and humidity go up a little bit. it is warmer this morning than it was jed morning at this time. 63 degrees at b.w.i. marshall. the sun coming up. just a few clouds here and there. 72% the humidity. 29.96. the science center downtown. it is 70 degrees. you could see the trend already. more on the forecast for the entire weekend coming up.
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>> i'll have another will not have another shot at racing history as a crippling injury dashes triple crown dreams at the belmont stakes. i'll have another was favored to become a triple crown winner today. >> we have team coverage this morning and we begin with gerry sandusky, the only -- >> media arrived on the news
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>> the couple has grown to expect heart gs break instead of history. >> this is the toughest race, a mile and a half. >> that's why they call it the graveyard of champions. the track itself is a long distance for 3-year-olds. >> doug o'neil will look on from the grandstand, now just a fan. washing a race on the day he hoped to see a legend. it is extremely disappointing. i feel so sorry for the whole team. we have had amazing run.
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>> now the winner of preakness will almost immediately turn his attention to the stud farm. in the short term, i'll have another will return to california early next week. as his trainer left belmont, they do not know if or when they will return to this track with triple crown hopes still intact. jerry sandusky, wbal-tv 11 news. >> the news i'll have another sent shock waves throughout the community. nadia ramdass who spoke with someone that knows the horse's medical history quite well. >> i've seen the last one, but i
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was opening to see another one in this. you never know, it is a tough game. >> he is a very kind horse. he might bite you once in a while, but he's great to work on. when we go to examine him, he just stood like a champ. he said the chances that sidelined him. >> when this ligment stretches, that's when they get the inflamation that creates the tear like i'll have another experienced. >> he continues the experience with i'll have another as a once in a lifetime experience. >> when we went to examine him, he stood like a champ. he was a horse with class. >> a horse so close to breaking
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the 34-year streak. >> they put their hearts and soul into the horse. it is very sad. >> nadia ramdass, wbal-tv 11 news. >> no charges filed in the case of an attack and robbery in a june town 7-11 by a group of teens. despite the fact the assault was caught on two surveillance cameras. they decided criminal charges were not appropriate. the high school -- the teens bill unruley during a -- the teens became unruly during a shrub slurpy. >> police say the suspects approached 9-year-old boys,ed them off their bikes, and stole another bike before taking off toward baltimore city. >> now to an i-team investigation follow-up as the
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president of the university in which an alleged cannible attended. also a prior violent beating of another man. now more from barry sims. >> first let me express on behalf of morgan state university, our deepest condolances to the families impacted by this unfortunate situation. secondly, on the advice of counsel, we cannot discuss the specifics of a case. >> in a prepared statement given to the board of regents, morgan university president david wilson offered sympathy concerning the grusome murder in harford county. wilson also wanted to assure everyone the campus was safe while trying to distance the university from the killing and cannibalism case. >> our priority is to ensure that we uphold the safety of our
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community. as i indicated, that is what we have been about here. that is what we will continue to be about here. >> 21-year-old adam kanua was charged. he was an engineering student. he was charged with hitting another student with a baseball bat wrapped in chains and barbed wire. >> i thank god every day i'm alive and that he's blessed me, and my friends were there at the time to save me. >> it was graduation day. cesar was visiting friends. he was knocked unshon conscious. his friends later told him about the attack. >> they told me i was hit in the head with a baseball bat. he was standing over the top of me with a knife. they wrestled him out and he dropped point knife and wran out of the apartment. >> he says kanua was an acquaintance that acted weird at times.
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>> i'm sure he's aware of him. >> yosh what was victim number one. two days later, there was victim number two. they are related. we are deeply concerned that morgan failed to act pursuedently and properly with -- prudanly and properly and protect their population. >> we have posted all these reports on our web site at >> it is 6:08. you may have to dig deeper when it comes to your energy bill. >> caps, gowns, and large chunks of hail. what happened when a storm came raining down on this graduation ceremony. >> first a live picture outside. john has your insta-weather plus
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forecast after the break. don't go away.
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>> the sunshining here. just to our north, there is a front. rain shower activity reaching back into the glakeds. we watched the front today. it doesn't look like it will slip to the south. sometimes they do. the high pressure south of us pretty strong. it will be tough for this front to move south. it looks like the rain will stay to our north today. keep your fingers crossed. >> here's one of our cameras looking at tv hill. you can see a few wisps of clouds. they are actually associated with that front to our north. that's probably the kind of sky we'll see throughout a great part of the day today. 63 degrees at b.w.i. marshall. warmer at this time or less chilly. 29.96 the barometer up a notch. west wind 6 miles per hour. a week ago at this time, everybody was talking about the
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storms that went through here on friday. it turned out, there were 12 confirmed tornados. not big ones. nine of them were e.f.-o's and ef-1 tornadoes tornadoes. these were minor unless it was your tree or roof affected by it. one on the eastern shore. busy and stormy afternoon. a week ago friday, much quieter weather this past week or so. annapolis 69. camebridge 61. on the boardwalk, 63. westminster 61. in the 50's in western maryland. here's the satellite image. here's the rain to the north with that front coming out of the great lakes. it will come a little farther south today. we will see at the end of the
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week if it will get closer to us. unl then, just fine. great start to the weekend. 86 to 91 the high. west to northwest winds at 5 to 10 miles per hour. futurecast shows rain moving along the front to the north, but it should stay north to us. a few wispy clouds in there. the indications here probably a few more scattered clouds. by monday, rain chances begin to increase. this indicates perhaps an increase in clouds. ocean city forecast, 82 today, 85 on sunday. back into the low 80's on monday as clouds begin to pick up along the beach area. we look at our forecast now,
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seven days worth here in town. 89 today. 90 on sunday. a bit more humid. monday humid. a little cooler because we start to pick up clouds, and then by monday, tuesday into wednesday rain chances increase. >> it was certainly a graduation to remember in more ways than one. that's because a massive hail storm decided to stop directly over the ceremony in new jersey. it became complete with a huge dark funnel cloud and lightning that knocked out power to neighborhoods and caused chaos as people ran for cover. >> this tops the list of being stuck in that storm. >> fortunately, no reports of injuries. >> here in maryland, it was the day four area students were waiting for. this was the scene at brookly park middle and anne arundel county as the final buses pulled away.
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friday marked last day of class in carroll county. superintendents joe harriston and sidney cousins are retiring effective july 1. some kids we caught up with told us it is bitter sweet. >> i'm happy, but i'm sad at the same time, because i'm going to miss my teacher. >> schools in baltimore city and harford county will have their final day of classes last week. >> bad news for b.g.e. customers. we'll explain next. >> getting ready to ban crib bumpers. tell you all about it in consumer alert. >> it is world oceans day. here athe national aquarium, there are all kinds of
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activities planned to teach these people the value of protecting the world's oceans. i'm jen
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>> in this morning's consumer alert. b.g.e. customers could see rate increases by 2012. later this weekend the company plans to submit a proposal to raise gas and electricity distribution rates. the figures are not available
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however since the request is yet to be made. earlier this year exalon merged with b.g.e. as part of that deal, customers saw a one-time, $100 rebait. >> it is t is a controversial topic, are crib bumpers safe? now the maryland health department is getting ready to ban the bumpers outright. david collins has more. >> killer crib bumpers. these soft, cushiony pads can strangle or suffocate your baby. the state health department wants to ban the sale of baby bumper pads starting next june. >> i review the evidence that these products took. >> last year a state health department task force depan investigating hazards that the pads pose to infants. they conclude the risks to benefits out-weigh benefits. amy sue considered buying crib pads but thinks her daughter would not approve. >> i raised three children, and
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i had bumpers with all of them, but they have changed the requirements on the cribs today. they change the way they want mothers to eat today, and i'm going to go with whatever my daughter tells me. >> the juvenile manufacturing association tells me the pads are not only safe but protective. the group predicts a ban will result in unattended consequences. as parents use towels, pillows, or blankets as a make-shift cushion. stores, however, such as the cordoroy button are selling cribs without the bumpers. >> this brand carries the option with 5%. other sides are offering sets without the bumper. you can get it either way. >> nationally crib bumpers caused 27 infant deaths. doctors consider the risks low but real.
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>> babies alone on their back in a crib. by crib it should be a mattress with the sheet. that's it. no stuffed animals, no blankets, no bumpers. >> public comment on the proposed regulation will be accepted until mid august. it gives people nine months to comply with the ban. >> the special olympic summer games. first a look at events going on around town this weekend. how fast is your internet?
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>> special olympics maryland is officially underway at towson university. athletes packed the towson university for a libe celebration. special olympic games and events like softball, cheerleading, swimming. here's rob roblin with more. >> it was the cheerleading competition at the towson center arena today. for these special olympic athletes, this is what it is all about. >> and the crowd loved it. >> i am holding back tears right now because i am excited for the athletes.
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they looked forward to this. they worked hard at this. they come to practice. it is sad for me. it is over in just 2 1/2 minutes. >> for the coaches, sometimes it is hard not to show your emotions. >> to see them from january to june, their dead dedication and hard work -- their dedication and hard work, it is amazing. >> because of construction at the stadium, the track and field events will be held at cop-in state university. >> we have swimming. we have cheerleading going on at towson center and softball will be going on here and in cockeysville. >> for the athletes, there is nothing like competing. >> cheerleading is fun. i like being a part of the team and enjoying it. i have lots of friends. >> it is a community that gives us support to our kids and our young adults.
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it just can't be repeated. it is awesome. >> this is the 42nd annual summer olympic games. rob roblin, wbal-tv 11 news. >> festivities end tomorrow. >> the time is 6:2627. 65 degrees on tv hill. >> a prisoner that escaped from the district court. >> over 800,000 just this year alone. the private sector is doing fine. >> instant criticism from republicans. >> there we are. the radar showing stuff going on north of us. it should stay there. we'll watch for it. see what happens. forecast ahead. lysol knows the soft places we love
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could be home to bacteria. so use lysol disinfectant spray on soft surfaces everyday when you're cleaning up to kill 99.9% of bacteria. lysol. mission for health.
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>> welcome back to "11 news saturday morning." thanks for joining us. a week ago an onslaught of severe weather swept through our state. the furry started early in the afternoon and wreaked havoc
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through the evening. this morning the tornado service confirmed a dozen tornados touched down. tony pann tells us it is a night few of us will ever forget. >> the wind was blowing in several directions. it would rain, rain more, and then like a deluge. it was scary. >> the sorm came down in demassous -- the storm came down in damascus june 1. four tornadoes touched down in eight different maryland counties. 11 news viewers kept sending in amazing videos. here's another look at one funnel cloud spotted in mount airy. and this is the storm that came through the area around b.w.i. in fort meade dark skies were clearing sites. most damage was from trees, crashing into homes, power
6:31 am
lines, and roadways. >> they were so loud around here, the roaring sound. i thought it was almost like a helicopter was, you know, 100 yards above my house. >> the worst of the tornado damage centered around a cell that store through the falston area. county officials say more than a dozen homes were damaged, towers why overturned, and downed trees littered yards and streets. the weather did not settle down that night until 9:00 p.m. >> that was crazy, john, wasn't it? >> it was rare that we see stuff like that. not unusual the fact they were all weak tornados. unless of course it was your tree that went down. the storms were typical. what was unusual was the number. a dozen of them around the area is unusual. >> is it a sign of things to come? >> probably not. just a one-time deal.
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>> our forecast a few days away. not to be of concern this weekend. we'll talk more about the forecast part. let's look at here and now. starting out less chilly than yesterday morning. a few wispy clouds. i'll have the extended forecast in a minute or two. stick around. >> a developing story out of -- police looking on the hunt for a prisoner that escaped from the essex district court while awaiting bail review around 8:00 last night. the unidentified prisoner was in the custody of a private security company when he took off. police say the man has a history of misdemeanors and one felony theft conviction. >> i'll have another no longer headed for a possible triple
6:33 am
crown. he was wulled out of the race. he does not want to risk it getting worse. i'll have another was the odds on favorite to win the belmont and become the 12th triple crown winner since 1978. >> another follow-up to an i-team investigation. the president of morgan state university speaks to 11 news barry sims about the student accused of killing a family friend before eating his organs. he offers condolences as well as the beating of another student. joshua claims he was attacked by alex kua with a bat. the attorneys say the school should expect a lawsuit based on negligence. >> the race for the white house are shaken up. the private sector is doing fine. spoken by president obama in a news conference, he called on the economy. he, quote, got hammered by mitt romney.
6:34 am
steve handelsman has the story. >> president obama made -- reassured the nation. and took credit for 4.8 million private sector jobs. >> the private sector is doing fine. >> republicans say, are you kidding? >> did he see the jobs numbers that came out last week? the private sector is not doing fine. >> the auto industry, u.s. manufacturing was strong in may. >> construction jobs were weighed down. the public sector was worse. teachers, firefighters and cops laid off. the president's point was to blame congress for rejecting his bill to help states and cities higher. >> if congress huh passed it in full, we would be on track to have a million more americans working this year. keep in mine the private sector has been working at a solid
6:35 am
pace. >> mitt romney was in iowa when he heard about his gift. >> he said the private sector is doing fine. is he really that out of touch? these comments he's making suggest someone who doesn't understand what's happening in the country he has been elected to lead. >> the economy is not doing fine. >> back at the white house, damage control. >> the economy needs to be strengthened. that's why i had a press conference. >> steve handelsman, wbal-tv 11 news. >> still ahead, candace grasso to answer fitness questions. >> trash in the streets ends up in the ocean. a program at the aquarium to hopefully make a difference. >> there are storms out there, >> there are storms out there, just not close by.
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>> the study of the historic coast guard cutter james rankin has set sail. the bouy marks the spot where francis scott key was anchored during fort mchenry during the war of 1812. you are looking at members of the baltimore historical society as well as park rangers getting into the celebration spirit. the bouy will remain in place plout the summer. >> now your forecast with john collins. >> the sun is out this morning. just a couple clouds. a cool front up to the great lakes. rain and the front itself should stay north of us during the day.
6:39 am
we may see a few clouds here and there. at the moment, the outlook is good. the trajectory moving everything through the southeast, not the south. and our view is from our ocean city camera overlooking the boardwalk. it looks like we're getting set up for a party. a couple things going down in the ocean. we have we have an air show and a car and truck show. you can see activities along the boardwalk. the air show will include the thunderbirds a couple times over the weekend. lots going on over ocean city. the temperature there has been in the upper 60's. along the boardwalk, 63 here in town at b.w.i. 70 at the inner harbor. 72% the humidity. 29.96 the barometric pressure. west wind at 6 miles per hour. those conditions, and temperatures and humidity rise. the west winds will continue during the day today. annapolis 69. camebridge 61.
6:40 am
chester town, elkton 64. westminster 63 degrees right now. hagerstown 62 degrees. here are those clouds to the north running out of this cool front. that front will stay a little farther south. this area of high pressure will be a buffer. it should keep that north. the operative word is "should." that's the theory. this will give us good weather today. eventually storms out west will creep into the picture. our forecast today, mostly sunny skies. warmer tchan yesterday. humidity up a little today. northwest winds at 5 to 10 miles per hour. >> a one-foot chop on the open water of the bay. we look at our futurecast, again, remember, we have high pressure to the south of us. this stuff up north of us should
6:41 am
have trouble pushing south. during the day tomorrow, we may see a few clouds pop. a far greater chance like tuesday for rain for us. here's the ocean city forecast. sunshine today. more clouds monday. looks like fair weather for the weekend, and dry 82, 83 today. our seven-day forecast, here locally, calls for near 90 by tomorrow. we'll be near 90 tomorrow as well. humidity starts going up. it will feel like summertime by the end of the weekend. more clouds on monday. rain chances kick in tuesday and wednesday. >> all right, john. it is world oceans day. at the national aquarium you can learn about ways to help the environment. jennifer franciotti has more.
6:42 am
>> visiting marine life is how officials hope you will learn more about protecting the world's oceans. june 8 is world ocean day. all weekend long there will be family-friendly activities. >> it is zpined to make people aware about our world's oceans, why they are important, how they can help them. >> at the aquarium is john hollis, a world renown diver that worked 31 years for the national marine sanctuary program. one of his messages, don't litter because it all ends up in the ocean. >> with the plastic, it builds up on the shoreline. some of those countries are doing better than what i've seen in place. we need to continue to do that and do more. >> this weekend kids will get a chance to meet the author of the popular mermaid tails book series. bring in a plastic bag and exchange it for this eco friendly. you request also see her in person and experience over 40
6:43 am
animal encounters. this is dudley. he's a hoards horse shoe crab. >> a lot of people think this guy looks like a sting ray. you know what? this long tail that he has is only used for splipping flipping himself over. >> interpretative specialist jasmine says they don't bite and they are harmless. >> be careful. do not touch the mains eyes there. they actually have 10 eyes. >> there will also be live entertainment and scavenger hunt for kids over what is for many the first summer weekend. >> looks like someone you know, right? >> we don't want to say. >> stay with us. "11 fitness" coming up. >> first a look at last night's winning lottery numbers. the car on the left was filled up with
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>> time for 11 fitness. candace grasso joins us to answer your questions this morning. good morning, candace. >> cheerio. >> just back from london. >> something like that. >> tell us -- here is our first question. i have had three kids. i work out and eat right. no matter what i do, i have loose skin in my mid section. >> that is one of the answers here. i work with two plastic surgeons in the area. if someone calls and wants to have lipo, they do a consultation, they really need to lose 60 pounds, they will refuse them the surgery, have them get in shape, and see what they are dealing with. if they have earned it. if this woman really has earned
6:48 am
her situation, i have looked and seen, and this extra skin is something that is a loose skin swace from being extended during the pregnancy. she's done all she can. at that point there are surgeries that can be done. that is a decision women have to make. once you have done all you can, loose skin really around the upper breast area, there are certain times a woman has to make those decisions. make sure you do all you can through diet, answers -- exercise, and eating clean. you have to make that decision. sometimes you have done all you can do. >> i have been doing the same workout for years, but my results are not so good lately. i am slowly gaining weight, too. help! >> this is a tricky one. when i spend more time with this person on the phone, went over their life and what's been happening in their life, it all sounds like everything is the same.
6:49 am
something huge has changed. you can see they have changed careers. i just came back from overseas. when you are overseas, you walk a lot. this person went from an active job to a sedentary job. they were still doing their workouts and eating well. when you are used to low-level intensity, and you stop that, even though you keep everything the same, it is like putting on a pedometer. now you do 2,000 steps and your workout. suggestions are to put a pedometer on and start doing those. now she needs to. >> i am confused by my heart rate monitor. should i be concerned. >> this comes from most individuals over the age of 50. >> what happens, if they were
6:50 am
working out their entire life. can work at heart rates that most people cannot reach at that age. so they are much more fit than the charts will show. you have to work with exertion and heart rate and make sure you are not dealing with things like beta blockers or things that can adjust your heart rate and make it different than what they would normally show. they would will be able to work at higher heart rates and be able to be ok. if you are not already a friend of mine on facebook, friend me. at 1:30 to 2:30 i will be doing a live chat. my fingers will fly as fast as i can. they will answer at least one question per person. when 2:30 ends, i will be off line, and we will do it another day. i welcome them. >> thank you for coming in. >> you're welcome. >> another way to get in touch with candace is go to
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>> good morning. it is early june, and as of last night, the o's were tied for
6:54 am
first in the al east. the last time the birds were in first this late was 2005. inter-league play was resumed. the phillies came into the yard. the largest crowd since opening day. they saw jake arrietti. a double to left field. that cuts it to a 7-3 game. victorino was a one-man show in the fourth. he unloads a two-run shot. knocks it. drives it five. hardy homers to make it close. the o's lead 9-6. jason arrieta falls to 2-8. >> i can get big-league hitters
6:55 am
out. no question about that. i can do it at a high level. just not being able to put it together for a complete start right now in a stretch of four or five outings is frustrating. >> in plime, plenty of fish on this night. the marlins hosting the rays. b.j. upton the base hit. matt joyce rounds fifth. the rays take a 1-0 lead. in the fourth inning, tied up at 1. will rimes at the plate. the grounder. omar ensante. -- >> suggs will get all of his $4.9 million salary no matter how he tore his tendon. sug depfment s said it happened running in a conditioning drill. witnesses say he hurt it playing
6:56 am
basketball. the ravens facility has a new name "scratch the castle o "it is called the under armour performance facility. two of baltimore's best coming together as one. >> it is the naming rights of the facility. more importantly, it is the things that we're demonstrating to the city. rebuilding some of the fields around town and what we can do to help our city. you know, making that commitment of making sure this isn't just a story that's about just a name on a building. if it was that, forget about it. >> under armour always giving back. i hope you have a great weekend. >> well, will we? >> we will have a great weekend. let's look at the forecast first for ocean stifment they have all kinds of activity. 82 today, 85 sunday. plenty of sun through the weekend, and a few more clouds coming into the picture. here's our seven-day forecast. in general, around the area, up to 90. humid by the end of the weekend. should stay rain free until
6:57 am
tuesday. the higher chance for rain. >> great weekend. >> thanks, john. >> thank you for joining us. >> the "today" show is next. we'll be back in 25 minutes for a live update. >> have a good day. captioned by the national captioning institute .o >> this week we rrted on the deadly combination of a loaded gun and young children. not a new story. for one local family it is very real. for all families, it is relevant. according to the children's defense organization, roughly 3,000 children were killed by
6:58 am
gunfire in 2009. of that number 196 were categorized as accidents. while we have the right to bear arms. we have the right to prevent tragedy. if you own a gun, it has to be stored in a manner that children cannot have access. gun safety classes are held by public and private agencies. there is no excuse for a gun to fall casually into the hands of others. now is the time for gun owners to do whatever is necessary to stop another family from saying good-bye to a child too soon. there are links at our web site to agencies offering firearms safety classes. if you want to find out more log on to
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