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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  June 9, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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>> the belmont stakes was a photo finish but was not the raise millions wanted. a live report on your the abrupt exit of a champion thoroughbred affected local racing pocketbooks. of late on crime. an attack on a teenager walking down on local streets. it is your chance to shine. the late-breaking details you need to know if you think you can act alongside hollywood's elite. >> live, local, and late- breaking, this is wbal tv 11 news. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> we have another scratched -- with "i'll have another" scratched at the last minute, it was not the race everyone hoped for. today's belmont was still quite or race. we are live with reaction from racing fans at pimlico. we begin with greg tolan. >> kate, everybody thought the belmont stakes would be
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anticlimactic since "i'll have another" had to withdraw yesterday. so even though there was no chance of a triple crown, today's reyes had plenty of thrills as a ended in a photo finish. before the race, "i'll have another" walking to the winner's circle for attribute. it is a shame the colt missed out on a fantastic finish. >> "union rags" at the gun. pacer, "union rags" fighting for the rails. "union rags" has got him. "union rags" in the belmont stakes. >> "union rags" wins the belmont. he atones today. >> it was just the fact that a mile and a half is an unknown distance. if we are going to get there, we will not get there. he rider andh t
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the course being as game as he was, they got the job done. >> bodiemeister finished second at the preakness. >> our coverage continues at pimlico. >> today was the day that everyone thought wfive "i'll have another" would make him a triple crown winner. that did not dampen the spirits of those who came out. >> "union rags" in the belmont street. >> it was "union rags" that took home the trophy. >> of sort of finish, exciting. >> it was exciting but to? "i'll have another" could not raise.
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that was a disappointment. >> that feeling was clear saturday. this was not the party it was supposed to be. many tables were empty. "i'll have another" hats left untouched. a lot of people did not show up after the announcement friday that "i'll have another" was pulling out of the race because of an injured her >> i was disappointed because i was looking forward to seeing a triple crown. >> i was looking forward to having my belmont punches. here at pimlico is ok. >> she canceled her trip to the belmont for the race once "i'll have another" dropped out. at a hotel and tickets and decide it was not worth it. >> i wanted "i'll have another". i wanted to see the next triple crown winner. i wanted to be there when "i'll have another" won. >> though these loyal horse racing fans are said there is no triple crown winner, they know the decision to pull them out was the right one.
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>> i am so proud of the owners and the trader to take him off the track because of chorse is more important. >> this is always next year. >> this is not the first injury a horse had had, and it probably will not be the last. >> off the fans we talked to said they did like becker "i'll have another" -- that "i'll have another" made an appearance. >> for those who have dealt the pimlico to watch the belmont were treated to spectacular weather. >> it was a beautiful, beautiful day today. a little warmer than yesterday. it was tolerable. a quick look at the radar. i have to set it on the wide view to look for rain. a few showers in new york state. a few scattered thunderstorms in the northern plains. not much going on but nothing
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near us. how does this hold together for the rest of the weekend? what about next week, what about those temperatures? we will talk about that in a minute. >> keep the rain away. thank you. switching gears. a teenager is dead after a brazen attack. city police say a car pulled up and gunmen jumped out and shot the teenager several times. all this went down before midnight last night. the 19-year-old was taken to the hospital where he died. this comes two days after somebody else was shot a couple blocks away. baltimore city police ask that if you have any information on the latest shooting to please give them a call. call city police investigate that east baltimore shooting they said they sold a west baltimore murder of qui nton poindexter. kyle williams was the triggerman. baltimore county police said they have snapped a prisoner
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took out before court hearing. 19-year-old named thomas marone a state police custody at 8:00 last night read before he was scheduled for a bail hearing and attempted charges. they were concerned he was near the oak grove apartments. they did catch up with him without incident around 8:30 this morning. this was a big day for the catholic church in baltimore. seven men were ordained. four of them will serve for the archdiocese of baltimore. for one of them it was a day of mixed emotions. >> today, isaac mokobo became a priest, one of four men ordained for the archdiocese by the new archbishop. the mass was celebrated at the cathedral of mary our queen. for these men this is
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the final step and a long journey -- years of personal and professional sacrifice and dedication cured . >> today, all i have been working throughout the years, this is the truth. i feel somehow, so blustered >> just an exciting day. very overwhelmed. >> for isaac it was bittersweet. it's like your wedding day. you want your family there. but his family could not come from kenya. their visas denied. >> this is a happy day for a spirited as africans from the kenya. >> this is a great day. >> a call to serve answered her >> this is just the beginning of a new journey. >> he got right down to work
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after the ceremony this morning he said in his first mass at the church of the resurrection tonight. looking for a shot at hollywood stardom? your chance may be waiting for you in bellaire. the new netflix series "house of cards"will be casting extras there tomorrow. they could be considered for featured roles. the casting call is a sunday at the keller armory from 3:00 p.m. at to 8:00 p.m.. they're looking for teenagers, people 21-34 year-old. 40 to 60 why don't apply politicians. they are looking for people 40 to 60 to play "elegant washington types." one country becomes the fourth and largest european economy to
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ask for a financial bailout. up next, the big decision made today and the ripple effects for the u.s. a girl scouts from around the country tried to break a world record in d.c.. some of them could have earned a best of first-aid best of first-aid
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>> europe is coming to spain to rest your and will bailout its banking sector. finance ministers said they will lend spaying $125 billion. spanish banks are struggling from the effects of a building boom that went bust in 2008 leaving lenders with billions of dollars in loans to home builders. says today isithner a welcome action. this a lot for spain could continue the stock market's upward trend. the dow rose 93, while the
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nasdaq rose up 27 points. the bright and energetic little ladies that deliver those girl scout cookies today descended on the mall to. 200,000 on hand at the mall today. scorching temperatures put a damper on thin. dozens of people were treated for heat exhaustion. there was all blind people wrapping around a first-aid tent. watter was sprayed. organizers are hoping they set the a world record for the largest gathering of girl scouts. it was hot. >> it was. the humidity is going up and used a butchers will still be hot as we finish out the weekend. it will feel like summertime -- the temperatures will still be hot. here is our view of ocean city. the boardwalk still pretty active. they have a lot going on down there today -- an air show and a
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car-truck models show. all kinds of stuff. here in town, at 74. inner harbor 82. we expect temperatures to be we expect temperatures to be just as
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>> cat eye glasses in the spotlight today. hundreds of people gather on 36 avenue for hun fest. the ladies with the highest beehhives strutting their stuff. all afternoon long bands played "hairspray." >> your forecast with john collins. >> tomorrow's weather will be perfect for the beehives, because the humidity goes up and you get a for is is geared for them, it is a good hair day. feel those sprinkles and showers and pennsylvania and new york state. nothing here. a high pressure area overhead. of these storms and the plain states as well, east of the
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black hills around rapid city. thunderstorms cropped up. eventually some of this other stuff will come into play in the weather but not for the rest of the weekend. 90 was a high at the airport. typical high is 81. we boosted the temperatures today. morning lows or 62 and 70. it will not be quite that surely tomorrow morning. temperature is right now, in the yellows are in the 70's. orange around the bay, some readings around 80 degrees. on the boardwalk we saw folks walking. it is 75 degrees. the same at westminster. the same in hagerstown. it has dropped into the 60's of western maryland. here is the satellite image. clouds to our northeast and a couple of sprinkles, nothing major. it is a front in there. it is trying to move south.
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the thing is is not the trouble -- there is an area of high pressure that is beginning to split to the east, so it will become stationary. somebody tomorrow may get a shower to the northeast. but really, rain is minimal until next week. all these other storms come into play. overnight tonight, clear and pleasant -- 60-65. white west winds overnight. tomorrow, most the senate. that front of to our northeast, there is a slight chance of a brief light shower east of us. i do not put a lot of confidence in the. most of the day the area will be just fine. little more humid. 89-94, the high. southwest wind at 5-10 miles per hour. a one foot shop on the opened -- chops on the open water. bay water relatively mild. here is that front to the
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northeast. and sunday, there is a chance for something to the northeast. there is not much more there. for tomorrow, dry. monday afternoon, something could pop to the east of us, and isolated chance of rain chances kick in on tuesday. ocean city's forecast is the drive for the west of the weekend. high temperatures 80. a two on monday. rain chances a jump in the 7 day forecast. tuesday and wednesday. temperatures come back after that rain in the middle of next week. >> a thrilling game today. >> this was fun to watch. the orioles blew two leads, but it was good. if this text by pierce was something, wait and you see how this game ended.
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>> now 11 sports. >> extra innings may be growing for some teams before the orioles it is paradise. the birdsd hav ve won 8 straight games including a dramatic win against the phillies. madame uigher is at the plate. coming through. base hit. that will score j.j. hardy. pedro in relief in the 8th, but he cannot hold it. pierre crosses the plate and we are tied up at four. the phillies have the go-ahead run on first base. no problem for jimmy johnson. ruiz grounds to the 5, 4, 3
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double play. the game remains tied. we go to the 12th, adam jones at the plate. he launches one to deep left center. birds win 6-4 in 12. with "i'll have another" out of the picture the belmont stakes was up for grabs. "union rags" is now emerging as the favorite. two of those forces -- those horses provided a dramatic finish. "union rags" made up ground. >> trying to get involved late. "union rags". pacer, "union rags". "union rags" fighting rom tfrome rails. "union rags" in the belmont stakes. >> "union rags" did not have a lot of room to edge out painter
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but just enough to win the belmont. >> we got lucky. it is all the things -- we opened up when it did and i have to say that the horse did it all. i engaged him to get into the hole. i did not know if it would open up. he took it. once a took it, he put it in his stride. you have to give it all to the horse. >> maria sharapova does not share the same résume may as serena williams but she has accomplished a feat that defines all the all-time greats. she became the 10th woman to complete the career grand slam. she beat sara errani in the finals of the french open. this is maria sharapova serving. winning the first four games of the match and taking the first set 6-3. matchpoint. maria sharapova wins 6-2. maria sharapova we serve fourth
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grand slam title overall with one c rown in each at wimbledon, the australian, the u.s. open and the french. the kings have been playing hockey since 1967 but the franchise has never won the stanley cup. tonight another chance. game 5 in new jersey. outstandning. the first period. in new jersey takes a 1-0 lead. the kings would has. justin williams getting it done. the game is tied at 1-1. 5.5 minutes later, salvador comes up huge. that is the game-winner. the devils a fight off elimination winning 2-1. game 6 monday night in los angeles. ♪
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>> nice and wwarm tomorrow, the high of 92. the rain chances is very little except up towards the delaware. , i am finding myself somewhere cool tomorrow. thanks for joining us. we will be back here at 5:00 a.m. for a 11 news sunday morning. enjoy the huns. welcome to new york sports now. dan mardell. [ cheers and applause ] got a special report on knicks point guard, number 17, jeremy lin and the linsanity surrounding him. noes


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