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tv   11 News at Noon  NBC  June 11, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news at noon. >> the child sex abuse trial for former penn state football coach jerry sandusky is under way. good afternoon. i am sarah caldwell. what could be the trial of the year begins as both sides of the case speak today. >> jerry sandusky nodded slowly
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acknowledging the media surrounding the rear entrance of the courthouse around 8:00 monday morning, the first time he gets to face his accusers in court. accused of molesting 10 miners over 15 years, all minors he met through his second mile charity, prosecutors say . jurors were shown lifters of the -- showed pictures of the victim of the aged they worth of -- were assaulted. they alleged sandusky's wife witnessed an assault taking place during the game theory. the defense plans to renovate users conspirators for money. -- to grant the users conspirators for money. if sandusky is if on
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even a few of the charges, he will likely focus -- feel like --ilikley be sent to prison for the rest of his life. >> firefighters from three counties gained control of a fire in less than 30 minutes. homeowners needed that safely and no injuries were reported. baltimore county police have arrested a woman who they say kidnapped a 10-month-old boy. police say she was involved in a custody dispute involving the boy. the baby's legal guardian says that several people were arguing over who has custody of the void. -- boy. officials found her a short time later pag.
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she is being held on $50,000 fline. fully safe and office -- police say an office for the faithful fans for -- and thep itbull came running towards the officer. fred bealfeld will step down. stephanie rawlings-black has puttogether an advisory panel. the city hired an outside firm to field candidates.
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residents have advice on what the mayor's team needs to look for. >> i would look outside the city, somebody who is a different take. >> this be sure he knows the areas he will be working in. >> bealefeld will be involved in the national search for his own replacement. >> it has been a warm and muggy start for us this monday, but so far, dry. that may change this afternoon. humidity has gone up from yesterday. dew points are in the mid- sixties. 89 degrees at the top of the hour. clouds will thicken up over the next couple of hours. scattered thunderstorms in the heat and humidity. heavy rain and possible towards the middle of the week. >> and unusual call has baltimore county police searching the bushes in parkville.
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the suspect is a five-foot blac snae -- black snake. when officers arrived, it was gone. they track to down to a nearby bush, where animal control officials captured the snake. no one was injured. it was a maryland murder that may carjacking a federal crime. the 1992 driving death -- dragging death. for the first time in 20 years, her husband is speaking to 11 news. he sat down with debra wiener -- debra wiener. >> it is the scene of a virtual horror show 20 years ago. he speaks exclusively to the i- team. for 20 years, he never spoke publicly about the brutal carjacking of his wife. dragged to her death, entangled in the seat belt of the car as she was trying to save for a toddler daughter in the
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backseat. the little girl was thrown out mutilated and pam's body was on the side of the road. how did you come to terms with the lack of humanity exhibited that day? a very, verylly hard. >> tonight, in his first interview with baltimore media, the woodward is talking about the day 20 years ago that -- the widower is talking about that day 20 years ago that changed everything. i never thought you would do an interview. >> neither did i. >> coming up tonight, more on the carjacking that changed the laws across the country. with 11 news i-team, i am debra wiener. >> still ahead, a little girl track of the railing of a building hangs over the ground.
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how good samaritan risk his life to save the toddler. and the latest
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>> fob and off the fourth -- and
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off to a 4 1/4 story we brought you as fracking use fifth crews were able to clear out all of the trash can reopen the road. in large while fire continues to rage in new mexico. hundreds of people have been forced to evacuate their homes as the fire has destroyed 36 structures. so far, there is no containment of this fire. a man in southern china with his own life to save a toddler who was hanging by her head after getting caught in the drilling of an apartment building. you can see them and hanging -- you can see in all the little
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girl for almost 10 minutes. the toddler is said to be doing fine. still to come, we all know that not getting enough sleep is bad for us. what finding all the risks of sleep deprivation can cause. >> let's look outside. good beach day. in baltimore, 89 degrees at the airport.
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>> in the fourth half on the roof, flows fourth half -- in the health of her father, cliff becks are racing to overdraft fees -- in the "consumer alert," banks are raising overdraft fees. it sees you when you're sleeping. twitter. 42 of the story, of new yorkers use twitter just as much during the workday as during the evening. speaking of the social networks, the site linkedin is popular for people looking for jobs.
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but hackers may of gotten a hold of the past with people used to access their accounts. more on what anyone with online passwords should do to protect themselves. >> he spends lots of time in front of a computer to upgrade his family's property management company. many on-line sites require a password. >> i don't regularly change my password. >> many people use the same passwords through most of their on-line connections come from bank accounts to facebook. >> unless i need to change it, i don't usually change it. >> today he changed it to the name linkedin. word is out that packers may still in the 6.5 million user names and passwords. >> everyone needs to change the password on linkedin. >> they may be looking for a
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thrill or to steal from you. time to make a change. most people with a lincoln town don't have information they odyssey, but that is not what hackers are after. it is the passwords. >> when your password on one side has been breached, hackers are smart, and they note to go to other websites. >> i checked my bank account every day, my credit card account every day. >> he has not seen problems with this account, if he is not taking chances. the device for anyone -- good advice for anyone on life in for anything that requires a password fifth. >> now your 11 insta-weather-
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plus forecast with tony pann. >> rain is converging on the front of the left and have won five -- we have one friend of the northeast and another to the south. this will catch up to us eventually take this chance is tomorrow. this afternoon, once we get more into the heat bank and humidity, we could see scattered thunderstorms popping up. you notice the direction this .oving towards baltimore thr if u.s. of the feather of -- you have something for the view of the house it will be fine.
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yesterday the dew pointws were in the 50s. not offensive by any means. 81 in jarrettsvile. wide range of characters out there. just a quick peak at the pollen count. goldthorp gone now. -- mold sport count gone now. 30% chance for thunderstorms late in the day. it will feel warmer because of the humidity. wave heights of one foot or less.
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i tied at fort mchenry had 12:59. partly cloudy skies tonight, better chance for showers and thunderstorms. pretty good chance for rain tomorrow. some of the rain could be heavy on tuesday. high temperature of 83. the thefts -- scattered and leftover showers on wednesday and thursday. >> in the "medical alert," sleep deprivation might increase your risk for stroke. researchers found that middle- aged adults got less than six hours of sleep were more like the tooth for of symptoms. -- were more likely to experience stroke symptoms. the researchers cannot find an increased risk among overweight or obese adults.
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not getting enough sleep could also kickstart a craving for junk food. researchers looked at the friends fans of 25 adults -- brainscans of 25 of all three reward center of the train was activated when people were sleep deprived and they saw pictures of unhealthy food, but not when the fence off healthy food fifth if there is a troubling trend if running -- spreading across facebook. it encourages growth of the -- girls to be bulimic. >> thinspiration, promoting eating disorders, has gone viral on facebook. >> you don't eat as much. >> after seeing skinny
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photographs of her friends on facebook, she decided to slim down fast. onlinee found on nin -- gave her the thinspiration. >> a lot of it is based on condition and who can be seen near -- be skinnier. >> social media has given eating disorders of the firth of forth to reach the masses -- bigger platform to reach the masses. the founder of the national eating disorder association says that social media if this holds impossible to ignore -- makes the images almost impossible to ignore. >> there is no one saying "that is stupid, nobody could be that thin and healthy." >> users post notes encouraging
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each other to eat less. >> it's not how it is. >> nagin has stopped looking at these sites altogether. she wants her peers to know what the images on line actually are. >> don't believe it. it is all faith. -- fake. >> derek mason -- derrick mason is not on the feel of getting ready for this season if is effective to have this for thiamin -- he is expected to announce his retirement this after last yeamonth he said he
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wanted to retire as the baltimore raven. , of death, if
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>> tonight at 5:00, chilling opending statements in the sand usky trial. commerce secretary john bryson back in washington after a terrifying weekend. and now your maryland lottery numbers. >> i am angela jackson from wbal radio. here is pick three. those are your pick 3 numbers. maryland lottery presents the summer of like. like us on facebook and you
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could win prizes all summer long. pick is bob diamond and four. let yourself play. bit of ahas a little fea cooldown. >> scattered thunderstorms are possible0. next weekend, things will be fine. >> watch tonight at 5:00.
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>> have a great day. >> have a great day.
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