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tv   Mad Money  NBC  June 12, 2012 3:00am-4:00am EDT

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whopping 158 pounds. before we meet him, let's take a look at chase's incredible story.
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>> my name is chase. i wasn't always a big kid, but in fourth grade i became depressed and my weight started to balloon. i enjoyed eating cajun fried foods, some laden with cream. i attaway too much. my parents tried to help me lose weight but i didn't believe i could do it. after getting my driver's license as a teenager, my eating habits got worse. i would drive to fast food restaurants and binge. i was emotionally attached to food. by the time i reached my freshman year of college i weighed 370 pounds. i needed a change. i decided to transfer to a bigger and more diverse school which put me in an environment where exercise was accessible. i followed the nutri-system diet. now my diet and exercise routine is easily different than my
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i run four miles and eat whole, clean food. i'm the lightest on my feet and the happiest i've ever been. >> we are here with the leader of the joy fit club joy bauer. >> another incredibly special story. one thing that helped to seal his weight loss and beginning and throughout the journey he asked if i start losing weight today, where will i be tomorrow? the thought was so exciting and encouraging that it helped to motivate him. i want to show you something. he was a college student. like so many students, he would like to sleep in the morning >>
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to my world. you need to get in the game. >> firms are going to go out of business and he's nuts. they're nuts. they know nothing. i always like to say there's a bull market somewhere. >> "mad money." you can't afford to miss it. hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. other people want to make friends. i just want fewer days like today. my job isn't just to entertain but to teach and coach you, so call me at 800-743-cnbc.
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when you get news that you expect, it isn't really news. that's how the market chose to interpret the reports this weekend that spain's banks are getting a $125 billion bailout. but the dow sinking 146 points. s&p up 1.26% and the nasdaq plummeting 1.7%. didn't start that way. the dow opened on the belief that the spanish banks -- the save might benefit stocks here. something that seemed to be the case when we had a look at s&p futures sunday night which indicated a surge of a full percent. when the stock market opened. but it didn't last. didn't last for reasons as myriad as the upcoming worries about this weekend's elections in greece. plus a sense that the bailout, while large, doesn't solve anything other than possibly avoiding runs on the spanish
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banks that might have occurred without it. is our stock market being too demanding? is it asking for too much? well, not really. welcome to the world of what's known as discounting. meaning that when someone anticipates a positive move and buys stocks ahead of it, you will get selling, not buying on the news unless the move is a total shocker. this one wasn't. you should consider this disappointment like a company that delivers an earnings report which seems to be better than expected but it turns out there was something we call a whisper expectation that was even higher than the posted number and that wasn't beaten. that's exactly what happened in spain this weekend. we all knew there had to be something. we heard about the so-called secret meeting among european leaders to broker a deal that would keep spain's banks by being obliterated by withdrawals. the whisper was more important. the bulls who didn't cash out on friday's extension of the week-long rally, best of the year, had hoped to hear of a coordinated worldwide effort
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among many nations to help more than just spain. including perhaps the creation of an a entity that would buy the bonds of nations. not just inject capital into the spanish banking system. we didn't get anything like that. the people who stuck around last week hoping the whisper effort would be realized used the strength this morning to blow out of all the stock they held onto and, wow, they took the whole darn thing down. what happens now? i want to go back to where i told you to go. time and again. i'm just getting through to a lot of people now. i want to go to domestic stocks that pay decent dividends or international stocks based in the united states with outsized dividends and little economic sensitivity. yesterday, i put on my innkeeper hat over at the inn that i co-own. as hailey dished up scrambles with ham for a packed house. there were a ton of fans of the show. one man said he listened and his
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takeaway among all the din of wall street was a simple precept. what does the nonsense of greece or spain or whatever they're doing over there have to do with the price to earnings multiple of bristol-myers? that's the world we're in now. i can't let you forget it. the moment we forget is the moment we reach for something that can't withstand the all-out assault on every asset class except for the ones we described. when will we be able to deviate? when can we go beyond bristol-myers, the verizons and at&ts, both of which opened and got stronger? @jimcramer on twitter, the bad guys who are banging me must be short verizon and att. anyway, when can we move away from southern company or anti-politically correct altria as well as virginia slims named by peggy olsson after she left
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sterling cooper. we need actual capital, not loans. when we see real money being put in, actual equity by whoever can be found more loans don't cut it. think of it like a homeowner in trouble. you can refinance the debt, cut the debt. you can cut what people have to put in. but you can't just layer on more debt. not enough. second, we'll know the crisis is over when we see gold spike. whatever happens, whatever cash is put in, that will be borrowed against, which europe will regard it as inflationary. we want to see the countries grow. people in countries like germany would regard it as hyper inflationary. last time when it seemed something big would happen gold jumped huge. a spike that sticks and a long run at 1700 for 1600 for gold would show you something big might be happening.
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you want to see the fxe, the etf that measures the strength of the euro versus the dollar. you want it to jump back to 130. far cry from where it went today at 124. the euro will be preserved by anything gigantic, offsetting damage from greece. we didn't see it today. it was actually down. that's a dreadful indicator. you need to see bond yields for countries like italy and spain to go down. prices go up. you need to see yields of german bonds go up. prices down. money now feels safe in money now feels safe in ne'er do well countries not just bunds. despite the injection of capital in the spanish banks, lending capital, people have no faith in the health of spain itself. finally you need a sustained move in the jjc which is the etf for copper. no matter what anyone tells you, without growth initiatives big
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enough to move up the jjc, any bailout will fail. any initiative meaningless. the whole fiasco in europe isn't about too much debt. it's about too little growth. they are not promoting growth. unlike greece, countries like spain and italy are trying to meet their austerity targets. take as much medicine as possible. must be miserable there. the growth prospects are nil. unless there is stimulus coming to augment the stick of austerity they are beating countries down with, we have to ask ourselves, what does it have to do with the price to earnings multiple of bristol-myers? we don't want the shares to beat the estimates of, no, we don't need them. market rallied huge last week. anticipating not only something good would happen with spanish banks, but it could be something bigger happening all across europe. even though the sums involved were outsized the spanish bailout didn't meet the whisper. we are better than last week. we remain wedded to dividend-paying stocks without
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much economic sensitivity until our list of real deal boxes at last gets checked off. robert in florida. >> caller: boo-yah, jim. i'm calling about diamond foods. the fall of 2011 the stock plunged due to accounting irregularities. the pringles deal, there is an fcc probe. noncompliance letter from nasdaq. i want to know if it's time to buy kellogg. >> i think no. my problem with kellogg is they missed the quarter. preannounced. had to blow it out for my charitable trust. when a company misses the quarter you have to put it in the penalty box and you have to have a couple quarters of growth before you should feel confident. kellogg, it is not a buy. better, but not best. right now after this weekend, we remain focused on domestic
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security and dividends. don't come out of the foxhole until i tell you to. "mad money" will be right back. >> announcer: coming up, in high gear? competition is heating up between rental car companies. and as americans take to the road this summer, only one can emerge the winner. cramer is getting behind the wheel to separate the legendary from the lemon. and later, sugar high? with questions lingering in the euro zone, cramer is focusing on domestic dividend stocks paying you to wait. tonight he's got one that could be bubbling over with turnaround potential. stick around to find out who. plus, refueled? global growth concerns have put the brakes on many oil and natural gas names, but could it be time to buy into discount? cramer is drilling deep down to find the hottest names to get your portfolio pumping, all coming up on "mad money."
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when it comes to picking stocks we like to pit different companies in the same industry against each other. figure out which stock might be the best investment. one of the most frequently asked questions we deal with when comparing individual stocks is whether you should buy the big established player or the small up and coming growth stock. take the rental car business which thrives in an environment of sluggish growth because it's cheaper to rent than own. so is it better to take a chance, for tonight's example, with zip car? zippy, the tiny speculative company that pioneered the car-sharing business. or should you stick with something more old-fashioned, tried and true like hertz. sometimes i'll tell you we don't want the dominant players of today. we want the dominant players of tomorrow. sometimes they say the fast growing hare beats the slow moving turtle. but this isn't one of those
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times. yep. the boxing match between hertz and zipcar is not like the manny pacquiao fight this weekend. we have a clear winner. let's put them in the ring and find out who it is. [ bell ringing ] okay. doesn't zip have a really cool, even revolutionary car sharing business model? isn't the stock down so much it's too tempting to avoid? doesn't zip have incredible rapid revenue growth? something we love here on "mad money"? no, no, no. to me, zipcar is a growth stock whose growth may have already peaked, whereas hertz has solid growth prospects, a much more diversified revenue stream and a
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cheaper valuation. zip has come down 43% since it came public. wow, that's some move. $18 last year. down 22% year to date. it might not even be done going lower. a dozen years ago zipcar created the hourly car rental concept. available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. they are the leading player in this business with half a million members who use 9,000 self-service vehicles all over the country. according to the company, ten million people live within a ten-minute walk of its cars. it's increased at a 5% compound annual growth rate. that is, indeed, terrific. ♪ hallelujah what's not to like? don't get me wrong. zipcar had a great idea but that doesn't always make for a great company. in fact, this is part of the problem.
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the car sharing idea was so good that other, bigger and more powerful companies have decided to get in on the action. now both enterprise and hertz, the two largest rental car companies, have hourly rental car businesses of their own, directly competing with little old zippy. the problem is zip's business doesn't have any barriers to entry. it was just a really good but really easily copied idea. anybody can buy a fleet of cars, place them in a strategic location and rent them out to people on an as-needed basis. that's exactly what we are seeing. i don't see how tiny zipcar with its $400 million market cap can compete against these titans which already have huge fleets of cars with major rental locations all over america. enterprise and hertz have a
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built-in advantage. zipcar merely has a hip brand. that can only take you so far. competition is enough to scare me away from this stock. but it's not the only problem. zip's growth seems to be already decelerating. in 2010 they grew the membership basis by 55%. last year the new membership expanded by just 25%. hourly car rentals is inherently a niche business for a small percentage of the population. maybe zip has already filled the niche. perhaps they have run out of growth in big american cities and have to move either to smaller cities which are less lucrative or to europe which has more competition than the united states. to say nothing of the lousy economic climate. to make matters worse, zipcar is only just now expected to become profitable. the company's been around since 2000, for heaven's sake. all that time, just two quarters
3:25 am
where they have made money? what's that all about? zip car should turn a profit this year. with the massive increase in competition we have to wonder whether the company's growth is in any way sustainable. let's contrast that with hertz. just for a moment, okay? hertz, the second largest rental car brand in america. number one airport-based rental brand, a company with 8,500 locations across 150 different countries. plus hertz has a big equipment rental business. 15% of sales. i think that's going to benefit from the cyclical recovery in residential and commercial construction. in short, it's the opposite of a niche business. what about growth? hertz has a ton of room to expand. first they are moving to the off airport rental car business being dominated by enterprise, which controls 80% of the market. hertz has just 11% of the off airport rental biz and they are expanding aggressively. since 2006 they have increased the off air footprint by 60%.
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they plan to expand off air locations by 12% this year and they are moving into the insurance replacement business. it's expected to grow 20% in 2012. then the acquisitions. hertz bought donlin and the company has been trying off and on to take over dollar thrifty, the last remaining big independent auto rental play. hertz withdrew their latest bid in october but there is a lot of chatter about how they might be interested if they can get approval from the regulators and shareholders. the acquisition could create a billion dollars worth of synergies. plus, old hertz is innovative. they have a car sharing business, hertz on demand. while not big enough to move the needle is big enough to hurt zipcar. they have an asset-like kiosk model where they don't need to staff the locations because customers talk via video camera connecting to headquarters.
3:27 am
then they have an rfid card that pops out and lets them open the car door and drive away. they can set up virtual locations anywhere. hertz is a beloved brand. in survey after survey, 50% of respondents say it's the best rental car company. they get 35% of sales from overseas. it's not a domestic security play, like we like so much. the european business has stabilized. they have a huge runway for growth in brazil and china. the latest quarter was terrific. it earned 5 cents a share. the revenues increased 10.2% year over year. in short, hertz serves many gigantic markets where it has taken share and has multiple ways to win. the growth may have already peaked since the competition is on to them. i would rather buy hertz for 12% long-term growth rate than zip, which sells for 29% last year's earnings with growth prospects not as good as analysts think. here is the bottom line, all
3:28 am
right? hertz versus zipcar? it's not even a fair fight. sometimes it pays to bet on the smaller, faster growing competitor, but not this time. i wouldn't pay anything to see this fight because heavyweight hertz knocks out bantamweight zip one minute into the first round. that's what clubber lang and i call pain! after the break i'll try to make you more money. >> announcer: coming up. sugar high? with questions lingering in the euro zone, cramer is focused on domestic dividend stocks paying you to wait. tonight he's got one that could be bubbling over with turnaround potential. stick around to find out who. and later, refueled? global growth concerns have put the brakes on many oil and natural gas names. but could it finally be time to buy at a discount? cramer is drilling deep down to find the hottest names that could get your portfolio pumping.
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no coke. pepsi. that's what john belushi famously told patrons in multiple skits at the olympia cafe, a fictional greasy spoon on "saturday night live" years ago. the line always got a laugh. i hear the skit virtually every time i go to a restaurant that doesn't serve coca-cola, just
3:32 am
pepsi. on wall street for ages it's been all coca-cola and not pepsico. largely because coca-cola moved aggressively overseas and because it was a pure play beverage company while pepsi included quaker oats and frito-lay, the snack food giant. lately coke's outperformance has grown increasingly marked. in the last year pepsi was flat. that's the stock, not the soda. while k.o. or knockout increased. over the last three years pepsi gained 27%. coca-cola rallied 53%. for the past five years, pepsi has inched up while coca-cola soared 44%. but now i got to tell you. i think the leadership is about to change or at the very least pepsico is about to give coke a run for the money. the reason? actually it's got a lot to do with aerodynamics. for years coca-cola had tail
3:33 am
winds but now they have head winds and the opposite is true for pepsi. before i go into the weather forecast too deep let me tell you why i'm talking about these companies tonight. you know i think the global economy is slowing courtesy of the endless mess in europe as you saw in today's sorry action. you know i believe the place to be in united states, so called domestic security plays, not overseas if it can be helped. my favorite beverage companies are monster for high growth and dean foods for an inexpensive turnaround. monster appeals to those with no regard whatsoever for their health while dean foods sells stuff for people who care about their health like milk and the white wave organic products including the fastest growing category, soy-based milk substitutes like the soy yogurt my vegetarian daughter raved about last night. you need companies with cheap products that are fun to eat or are good for you. the two fastest-growing
3:34 am
categories. good for you. fun to eat. that puts coke and pepsico in the sweet spot. now back to those weather patterns. one reason i prefer coke over pepsi is it doesn't make billions of dollars with snacks. therefore it has less exposure to the grain complex. the other reason is it has more overseas exposure than pepsico, where most of the world's growth had been coming from. the slowness of pepsi international's expansion had always been a black mark against the company. only 40% of the business comes from overseas versus the brilliant worldwide 80% that's coca-cola. in the last year, come on. the basic pro coke cases have been stood on their heads. including grains like corn that goes into frito lay products of pepsi not to mention the soda itself. it looks as though grain will go lower. the plastics, aluminum, glass,
3:35 am
cardboard that go into pepsico's packaging are all coming down fast. pepsi does hedge on a lot of grain commodities. they will benefit though from the declines over time as the hedges roll over and are put on at lower levels. finally on the commodity front pepsico may deliver more products to grocery stores per week than any other company per month. gasoline bills are huge. now the bills have clearly peaked. the reversal is on. witness the miserable decline in oil to $81 a barrel just today. by tomorrow we'll realize gas is cheaper. positive. second in terms of the international angle, pepsico's slow expansion overseas is suddenly a godsend, not a liability. coca-cola has a gigantic business in western europe where a weak euro is playing havoc on america's packaged goods companies. pepsi chose to expand into eastern europe with its
3:36 am
acquisition of a 66% stake in wind bill dan. that's gone up higher. a leading juice and dairy company in russia. maybe it's better to be lucky than good. russian growth as well as the growth of eastern europe far exceeds western europe's slow tempo. russia is one of the most solvent growing countries in the world now. pepsi has moved into china. thanks to an alliance with ting-yi that made pepsi the number one beverage in china. and the land of mao is just getting started with addiction to snacks. only 10% of food in china is packaged. 35% of food in the u.s. that's a monster runway for pepsico's snack business. it's not just the headwind advantage now. coca-cola has outperformed so dramatically, the yield of 2.7% is lower than pepsico's at 3.15%. that will provide a boost to your returns if you hang on to
3:37 am
pepsico stock. that differential combined with the acute outperformance of coca-cola stock and worries about the currency impact on coke's earnings was too great for me. last week my charitable trust eliminated coca-cola as a position. one of the longest owned holdings. there is a kicker to the story. it may be the biggest driver behind pepsico's beverage growth. i'm talking about the sudden acceleration of this drink, pepsi's mountain dew brand. did you know it's the best selling carbonated soft drink at convenience stores in the u.s.? bigger than pepsi and coke. it's larger than coca-cola in pakistan. it just passed coke in india. this! it's like jack daniels, a southern thing. now there is criticism about the strategies pursued by the ceo including keeping the drinks and snacks business under one roof. some criticized them for not
3:38 am
being focused on costs. in february she announced big job cuts. as well as $500 to $600 million increase in advertising and marketing support in 2012. plus the company reset the goals, the earnings goals. moved them lower. that gives it room to beat the numbers going forward. i think she made it clear the parts are worth more than the whole and pepsi has ample synergies with frito lay. here's the bottom line. john belushi may be right. given the restructuring and the strength of the unheralded mountain dew brand it's time to swap out a coca-cola company and go to pepsico. the risks to coca-cola are too great while the rewards for pepsico are at last there for the taking. i want to go to arizona for florette. >> caller: hi, jim. thanks for all your help. i'm really from new hope, pennsylvania, and just got to arizona. >> i love new hope.
3:39 am
used to have a place right there. >> caller: i know. con agra has made recent acquisitions. how does it compare to other food companies? you know, like b & g foods? >> it doesn't have the growth i like. it has a lot of commodity exposure that's probably getting better, but their brands aren't as powerful. b & g foods is an under the radar yield play. conagra has a decent yield. i don't see the growth story. you need growth and yield to stay in cramerica's good graces. let's go to michael in new york. >> caller: hello, mr. cramer. thank you for your help. my question is about kraft and a spinoff on mondolese. with the rise in prices in commodities, which one do you think is a better investment because of the packaged food
3:40 am
industry and the snacks industry seems like a tough one. how do you feel about their move from the new york stock exchange to the nasdaq? >> doesn't matter where they go. i'm thinking about this situation like altria. when philip morris got spun off, the smartest thing was to keep them both. my trust, owns kraft. we're thinking of keeping them both. they both sound pretty darn good. in the cold wars on wall street, k.o. is getting a little -- i've got to tell you -- a little too expensive. i like domestic security. i think pepsi quenches your portfolio's demand right now, more than k.o. or knockout. it's time to make the switch. stay with cramer. >> announcer: coming up, jim goes fast and furious as he faces a nonstop barrage of calls, giving stock after stock
3:41 am
their final verdict on the lightning round. and later, refuelled? global growth concerns have put the brakes on many oil and natural gas names. can it finally be time to buy at a discount? cramer is drilling deep down to find the hottest names that could get your portfolio pumping. all coming up on "mad money." every year we pick a new city to explore. but thanks to hotwire, this year we got to take an extra trip. because they get us ridiculously low prices
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>> announcer: lightning round is >> it is time! it is time for the lightning round. i take your calls and tell you buy, buy or sell, sell. we play this sound and the lightning round is over. are you ready skeedaddy? let's start with justin in illinois. justin! >> caller: hi, jim. how's it going? >> not bad. how about you, partner? >> caller: i'm doing real well. legacy reserves, natural gas play. >> we have enough problems with the conoco with a good 5% yield. i'm not going there and
3:45 am
recommending anything in oil. boy, oil will crack $80. i didn't think that would happen. c.v. in kentucky. >> caller: hey, jim cramer. >> how are you, partner? >> caller: fine, how are you? bra. >> they have a yield they can't give away. dow, yes. yours, no. i want to go to martin in pennsylvania. >> caller: hey, jim. calling for your thoughts on arena pharmaceuticals. >> terrific spec. i think that overweight, obesity is horrendous. they should do a lot of secondaries and raise a lot of money though. let's go to -- people won't like that. debra in new york. >> caller: mr. cramer. a brooklyn boo-yah! >> i'm trying to buy a place in brooklyn, boo-yah. what's up? >> caller: skull candy. >> i don't see why. this is an accessory company
3:46 am
that will be too competitive with other companies. i don't like their niche. tom in florida. >> caller: boo-yah from gainesville, jim. i'm looking to buy a big dividend payer. looking at frontier communications. what do you think? >> gators have horse sense! that's too dangerous. they don't have -- they do not have what it takes in this competitive telco environment. you have verizon and at&t. why look any further? john in california. >> caller: boo-yah, jim. this is john from southern california. my stock is nokia. i just wanted to get your opinion. >> chief, there is nothing there. nothing at nokia. every day, jim, isn't samsung going to buy -- i must have had half a dozen people say they're buying it. it is finnish. the finns won't let you buy nokia.
3:47 am
john in florida. >> caller: hi, jim. international gaming technology, igt. >> i'm done with it. we don't need that company. if you need to have a casino, las vegas sands. right now you don't need a casino play. ally in new jersey. >> caller: hi, jim. first time caller. >> how are you? >> caller: my stock is black & decker. >> it should be higher. it has some european exposure which is why i had to bolt my charitable trust. even though it's terrific. why? it's got too much europe and no one wants any europe. now i'm going to johnny in texas. >> caller: jim. >> yeah. >> caller: a texas boo-yah. how about f.u.n.? >> one of the ways to have fun is to own f.u.n. we have recommended it repeatedly. it still has a 6% yield.
3:48 am
i think buy it. a nice add of domestic security with dividend. you can't beat it. nice theme parks. that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of the lightning round! >> announcer: the lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade. ur cups? [dumbfounded] well, we... doesn't last long does it? listen. 5-hour energy lasts a whole lot of hours. so you can get a lot done without refills. it's packed with b-vitamins and nutrients to make it last. so don't just stand there holding your lattes, boys. make your move. we'll take the 5-hour energy. smart move. 5-hour energy. hours and hours of energy. add some flavor to your morning routine. build your better breakfast. give it an avocado kick. [ male announcer ] kick up your morning. try a fresh toasted bacon, egg & cheese
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whenever the market stabilizes after a sell-off i like to pick among the rubble. for stocks that have come down big even as the underlying companies are in better shape. that's why starting tonight i want to circle back to companies
3:52 am
we know are doing well because we have recently heard from their ceos, but their stocks simply don't reflect the reality. of course they have been dragged down with the rest of the market, mostly by europe. take chart industries, symbol gtls. it's an integral part of the liquified natural gas food chain. you want to export natural gas or turn it into a long range fuel for vehicles, then it needs to be cooled down to turn it into more compact liquid forms like lng. chart makes precision engineered cryogenic equipment for precisely this purpose. they make storage tanks needed to transport liquified natural gas and engine tanks for heavy duty trucks. in other words if we were to embrace natural gas as a fuel for surface vehicles in this country you would expect chart industries to be a huge, if not the biggest beneficiary of that switch. but last week we got some major news on the subject and i don't
3:53 am
think it's reflected at all in the stock. remember last friday when we spoke with david demers of west port innovations which makes the technology that allows engines to run on natural gas? we talked about two big developments. caterpillar struck up a partnership with westport to make nat gas engines for off road equipment. that's big. second, last thursday, shell -- giant oil company -- announced a deal with travel centers of america to build 200 natural gas lanes at 100 stations along the interstate highway system. based on that news westport surged 31%. if we are seeing increased adoption of nat gas vehicles that's good for chart, too. yet it was up just 5% last week. not much better than the s&p 500. i think it should have been up a lot more. while the caterpillar deal was certainly more west port centric the idea that trains and mining
3:54 am
trucks which each consume more than a half a million gallons of fuel a year, some a million, might run on nat gas seems like a bullish event for chart. given that you need their technology to convert the gas into a liquid form that's suitable for long-range transportation. not only that, but chart is actually down 13% since the last time we spoke with the ceo on april 13. the stock was trading $71.49. things have only gotten better. that's the definition of a bargain. the news from shell is a tremendous validation of the concept. we have been waiting for it. now we have two. shell hardly speculative. chart fits into this directly. if somebody builds a nat gas station, chart sells tanks that hold the gas and additional equipment. 100 stations could be $70 million in sales for chart. that's not a drop in the bucket.
3:55 am
talking about a 7% bump to the top line, especially since these stations are expected to be up and running next year. now, about west port's deal with caterpillar to make nat gas engines for mining trucks, trains and other off road vehicles. a little harder to quantify. it will take time. since west port doesn't expect to have marketable product for years. but it's a big deal for chart. when cat makes an engine with west port it will run on liquified natural gas. let's say it's a locomotive or a mining truck. there aren't fuelling stations near mines in this country. the stations need to be built and they need chart's technology to keep the gas in the super cool liquid form. hard to quantify but given the need for infrastructure it's a huge positive for chart. the crucial things is that none of this is in the estimates. none of the analysts picked up on the huge new positive that we
3:56 am
are aware of. we had the company on. of course there is more to chart than the under reaction to last week's bullish news. i got behind the stock in february 2011, well before we knew about shell getting the natural gas stations or cat developing engines with west port. even with the recent pullback chart is up 44% since then. i like to think of chart as an etf on the liquified natural gas industry. it benefits from the need for more infrastructure, tanks and end markets. less risky than west port or clean energy. chart gets 58% of sales from outside the united states. that's a good thing in this case. the rest of the world is much quicker to embrace natural gas as a fuel for vehicles. plus it's easier to export. they don't seem to mind it. chart is a play on exporting our own natural gas to the rest of the world. their technology is used in terminals built in this country like the one from cheniere
3:57 am
energy which wants to take advantage of the price differential between here and the rest of the world. the business is growing so fast the biggest constraint may be to find enough welders to handle the business. chart uses it to deal with a biomedical business. together these segment account for half the company's sales. chart client airgas told us again on this show this kind of business is growing by leaps and bounds and isn't constrained by a growing economy. one more piece of good news since we heard. the company reported a terrific earnings beet. much better than expected quarter. april 26. 13 days after he was here. the key metric is the backlog. up 33%. sales rose 43% year over year. highest level of orders ever. margins up 140 basis points from the previous quarter. stock surged on the news.
3:58 am
it pulled to below where it was before these incredible results came out. it's now selling for 17.5 growth rate and that's a steal. business has gotten better, not worse. here's the bottom line. chart industries is doing better than it was when we spoke to the ceo on april 13 but the stock is down thanks to the weakness in the broader market and a lack of recognition of the new business coming their way courtesy of what we learned last week on this show. that makes the stock a classic bargain, one you should take. stay with cramer. anything. its smooth taste spreads across your bread's delicate surface. while melting into those creamy mashed potatoes... bringing a rich, warm tenderness to your peas. ohhh! it's i can't believe it's not butter!
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