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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  June 12, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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cost up to $50,000 per person to attend this event. we understand that governor o'malley and some senators as well as the mayor were in attendance as well. then around 2:30 this afternoon, the president arrived at the hyatt regency at the inner harbor for a private round-table discussion with about 15 top donors, and then he addressed a crowd of about 500. he gave a rally cry to his supporters to say that they need to work hard as the election nears. >> he seems to believe that investorsnd wealthy like him, if they do well, then the rest of us do well. and women shared her financial struggles, and he gave her an answer out of economic output. well, our productivity equals our income. the answer was that people were not paying their bills because they were not working hard
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enough. those of us who have spent time in the real world know that the problem is not that the american people are not productive enough. you have been working harder than ever. >> the president is on his way to bwi marshall as we speak. he will then fly to philadelphia for more fundraising there. the president hoped to raise $1 million while he was in maryland today. coming up at 6:00, we talked to some of the supporters as they exited. we are live at the inner harbor, lowell melser, wbal tv 11 news. >> thank you. and that area is still on the radar of mitt romney. his wife is set to speak at the bwi marriott. kerry cavanaugh will have a live report tonight at 6:00. >> tonight, police say woman strip home over the weekend was interrupted when someone
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attacked and raped her. the 22-year-old victim was assaulted after leaving the mad river bar in grow along south charles street. she said she woke up one hour later face down in a neighborhood about 7 miles away. we are told the woman has no recollection of what happened during the attack. police are asking anyone who witnessed anything out of the ordinary to give them a call. and a bottle bomb. the latest casualty is a little girl. officers were called to an elementary school. that is when, we are told, two juveniles through the device at her while she was playing on the playground. both of those juveniles are from pasadena. >> and they are not sure what caused that fire at south pointe yesterday. the massive damage impacted and neighborhood grocery store and other nearby businesses.
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barry simms is live on south broadway. i know you talked to young one man who is having a devastating impact. >> at this point, he does not have a job. he came here to look at this site. he was concerned because he has worked here for so long. this is a historic building. fire investigators were back again today, trying to determine what caused this fire. >> we were shocked and upset. i have been working here since i was 16. >> this is not the way jurors it wants to think about where he worked for five years, but now the smoke has cleared, and the building which housed the fresh food market is boarded up. peering through the front door gives a glimpse at the tremendous destruction. >> to see that, it was just shocked to see it. >> simmons says he was in the front of the store when the
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building shook, and he began to smell smoke. another was near home. >> it was mostly smoke. the smoke was so thick. you could not say from here to eastern ave. it was really bad, and then the flames and the heat. we had to leave, of course. >> firefighters ran in just around 1:40, ordering everyone to leave. along with the fix smoke, the intense heat caused more damage for firefighters, and the roof collapsed. >> we were dousing water from the front and the rear, trying to get to the seat of the fire itself. it was very difficult. the fire burned for quite awhile. >> she says as she returned from home, all she could see is smoke. >> they would not let me know far there. they turned me back. >> now, she sees the remnants of charred wood and fire
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remnants. the owner of the latin palace said that despite all of his peers, his club and restaurant were scared. he did not even get smoke damage. >> it worked out very well for us to get back into business and to find it still intact and in good condition, with except maybe not having electricity for a few hours. >> now, the latin palace does have power now, in we are told it will open tonight. other businesses do not of power although their doors were opened. other businesses remained closed. reporting live from fells point, barry simms, wbal tv 11 news. >> thank you. face in 18 months of incarceration after being found guilty of using money to pay an employee on her law firm, breaking news on 11 news at noon, she also pulled out money to pay the employee, and the
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jury agreed she skirted the law by saying the person was a member of her legislative staff. she has also been the subject of a number of i-team investigations, which uncovered, among other things, better driver's license was expended, when she was also fell behind the wheel with also expired tags. and there is the sex abuse trial in the former penn state football coach gerry sandusky -- jerry sandusky. we have more from pennsylvania. >> on a dramatic day two on the sex abuse trial, a key prosecution witness mike was called in to testify against his penn state coach and mentor. he has told authorities he caught sandusky in a shower with a young boy, but whether he saw a sexual assault or just assumed it is one is one of the
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questions in this case. he said he heard a sound, caught a glimpse of something, but did not report it immediately to authorities. the day began with a distraught 18-year-old, known as viktor number one, describing what he said was his first sexual encounter with sandusky. "i froze. my mind was telling me to move, but i could not move." he testified that the seemingly innocent touching of sandusky escalated into repeated sexual contact. >> victim no. 1 today was very agitated by being in the courtroom, was very bothered and telling what happened to him. >> victim number one was the first to bring sandusky to the attention of authorities. during cross-examination, the victim of knowledge that he turned -- told the driver versions of the story to the grand jury. he broke down and said he did
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not tell the trip because he was ashamed and embarrassed. and there was that sandusky admitted to having physical contact but that there was no physical intent. he denied that he once said the case was going to make him rich. >> they talked about making their own plans. reporting in pennsylvania, brian mooar, wbal tv 11 news. >> during the day today, we have had on-again, off-again rain. the most significant came in after 2:00 in the afternoon. right now, the bulk of the radar is falling in several counties as well as the city itself. that is inside the yellow circle. there is stomp falling in carroll county and anne arundel
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county. it is mostly moderate rain shower activity. some areas of heavy rain here and there. after 2:00, a run the city, we receive anywhere from half an inch to three-quarters of an inch. up until that point, we have only have up to one quarter of an inch. in the forecast through the early evening hours, details coming up. >> we will see you. and more for the baltimore stars spangled celebration, but for anyone trying to get around, one big message that you have to remember. rob roblin has more from fort mchenry on what you need to know. >> it is raining out here tonight, as you can see. hopefully this weather will get out of fear and it will be nice, because things really get rolling when the tall ships start coming into baltimore, and it will be expediting. if you are coming down to see all the activities through the week, remember one thing, leave early, get here early.
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this sign on the avenue says it all. the expected delays. with the celebration here in baltimore, getting around downtown and to fort mchenry is going to be a problem. >> use public transportation. bringing in a car to fort mchenry is one of the worst things you can do. do not do it. there are shuttles from m&t bank stadium, and there is a special handicapped one. we are handicapped accessible. >> they say there will be a lot to see and a lot to do. >> the tall ships are coming in on the 13th, 14th, and then the blue angels fall " -- flight over -- fly over. >> if you are coming from the inner harbor, there are several ways, including bus route 1 as your best option.
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if you want to see the blue angels, parked at the bank stadium lot and then take the shuttle from there to fort mchenry. >> saturday and sunday for the blue angels, digging here early is crucial, so while you do not need a ticket, my advice would be to get here early, get your spot, bring the food and suntan lotion and prepared to have fun. >> and there will be lots of traffic on the water. expect nearly 1000 pleasure boats are around the harbor at fort mchenry. >> my concern is to make sure that the recreational boaters are operating in a safe manner, and that includes wearing life jackets and not boding if you have consumed alcohol, as well as making sure you are operating at a safe speed. -- not boating if you have consumed alcohol. >> rob roblin, wbal tv 11 news. >> get ready for a bird's eye
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view of the star spangled celebration. some of the greatest navy vessels as they make their way into the harbor tomorrow. this starts tomorrow at 7:00 right here on wbal tv. >> it will be a big night. >> yes. >> coming up, making history. >> what this class has that no other class has seen before. >> and one more bizarre turn. police say suspect was investigated for possibly having investigated for possibly having a machete onma [ male announcer ] if you stash tissues
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>> more details about a bizarre cannibalism incident. he had been on the police radar before he allegedly killed people and ate some of the body parts. it was said he had a machete. that is just one of the run-ins that he had in the months leading up to the murder. police do confirm while they searched the dormitory, they did not find anything and that he volunteered to drop his pants and he did research as well. and an update on the case of the
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eating of a man's face in florida. the victim is no wake an alert. a homeless man has been recovering since being attacked. in this surveillance video, it shows him being stripped, pushing him on to the ground, and then attacking him. he was shot and killed. their images of him walking down a hospital hallway with the upper two-thirds of his face covered in scabs. doctors say he is missing his nose and that both of his eye sockets are covered. >> in tonight's medical alert, if you have trouble sleeping, it could be it from childhood fear. some insomniacs are afraid of the dark. they were also more prone to fear of the dark. they say this may mean a lot of people have an active and untraded phobia. a strange report.
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more tonight on food supplements and whether they are good for you or bad for you, and tonight, it is calcium and vitamin d. thousands take calcium or a vitamin b supplement what the hopes of preventing osteoporosis or cantor, and after reviewing supplements on whether they do not as promised, they say that they should not take anything less than certain amounts of vitamin d and calcium. >> whenever we talk about those types of preventive therapies, we set the bar pretty hot. we want to know that the supplements will be effective at preventing what we are seeking to prevent. >> keep in mind, there are other studies that contradict point- blank those calcium recommendations. experts say eating foods like leafy greens, yogurt, and milk can boost your calcium and vitamin d safely and naturally.
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>> impacting the cancer research at johns hopkins in more they it -- more ways than one. they prevented -- presented a check to a charity to give to his doctor. the doctor there specializes in testing new treatments for pancreatic cancer and has developed a pancreatic cancer study. they are investigating mechanisms of chemotherapy resistance in will be developing and targeting new treatments. >> thanks to your ongoing generous support, contributions will be used to support this education endowment at john hopkins which was spun this for a fellow who will dedicate their career to the cancer research. >> wants smith died last year after a short battle with advanced pancreatic cancer. he had just turned 70 years old. >> now, your insta-weather
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forecast with meteorologist john collins. >> since 2:00, some good rains have moved in, giving us on tv hill a good amount of rain. this is imagery. most of the rain is in baltimore county. although this is beginning to diminish. out into cecil county. the rain is a bit more scattered near anne arundel county. the heaviest is just south of annapolis, and it is all moving to the east slowly and surely. it will move the some of the grains east of us, and eventually, this rain make our -- maker will lead. we have got temperatures only in the low 70's, maybe even some 60's of their, and that is the green that you see. this was more scattered, running into the 70's, and where you see the orange, it was raining earlier, but the sun has broken
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through, especially west of the potomac river, warming up considerably. the front is still to the west of us, so we have a ways to go. once you get west of cowles -- carroll county, howard county, and the eastern half of this data, it still breaks through, and there is still a chance of rain. this is out to the west. look at all of this moisture. quite a bit of rain. this becomes more scattered when you get down into the carolinas. down here, they are getting some activity. this is going to hang around offshore for a couple of days, and there will be a little wave developing. we might be slowed to get rid of all of a cloudiness from this, but the rain should be pushed out by later tonight or on wednesday morning. here is our insta-weather futurecast for the next 24 hours.
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we see the rain moving to the east by 1:00 in the morning. there may still be some showers, but except for the beach area, by 7:00 tomorrow, it looks like the rain is all but over, and we start to dry out. rain ending. there might be a clap of thunder. mostly cloudy skies. 61 to 65. it will be breezy tomorrow. 10 to 20. more sun in the morning, perhaps a few more scattered clouds in the afternoon. breezy conditions. 79 to 84 the high temperature. north winds gusting at 25, and a three-foot chop on the open waters of the bay. there is the little disturbance coming in. this may cause a little cloud in is our way and maybe a sprinkle or so, and that is about it. our 7-day forecast is really a pretty good one, with the exception of thursday. thursday will be the coolest
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day. 82, 84, 86, dry weather over the weekend, great for all of the celebrations on the bay, and going into next week, it looks great. >> still ahead on 11 news, summer camps in the area are starting much earlier. >> and that is due to a lack of snow days coming up in the year. the camps tell us they are ready for the challenge. >> the crash of an unmanned aircraft weeds for new calls
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>> the crash of an unmanned aircraft yesterday. >> yes, this has raised questions about the safety of unmanned aircraft. some are calling for a ban on drones in u.s. airspace. sally kidd joins us with more. good evening. >> good evening. plans are underway to expand the use of bronze here in the u.s.,
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but some say this crash understates the risk of unmanned aircraft. this is what is left of a navy hawks surveillance drone. it crashed in an unpopulated area near the patuxent naval air station. >> i think we need to investigate this, but these are safe aircraft. >> it was said that was one of five being tested as part of the navy maritime surveillance program. >> very high, very fast. 11 miles up. it is hard to detect. it can gather a lot of data over a broad area. >> they reported concerns about the global hawk reliability last year, including communications failures which caused several crashes in the past, and concerns of safety and privacy have prompted a call for a ban on drones in u.s. airspace. >> i think you should have been
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warned to invade people's privacy and to spy on them. this basically restates the constitution. >> the faa is looking at testing the unmanned aircraft. law-enforcement agencies are excited about the use of smaller drones as a new crime fighting tool. members of the services committee want to expedite their integration into domestic airspace for expanded use by law enforcement. bills in the house and senate would put some limits on that and would come in effect, require that law-enforcement obtain a warrant before they use a drawn. live in washington, sally kidd, wbal tv 11 news. >> thank you. some major upgrades at the thurgood marshall airport on the way. >> and it could mean you may not have to go through security more than once. we will take a look. >> i am tim tooten in the news year. coming up, year. coming up,
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>> 11 news at 5:00 in hd continues now. >> new tonight at 5:30, the new howard county superintendent is wasting no time laying out plans for students and staff. she is busy with her own summer homework. >> she takes over july 2, but foose already has plans. tim tooten is live. >> the soon to be howard county superintendent in baltimore county, where she is tying up some loose ends, but it is clear her focus has already shifted to that new position. renee foose is an educator on the move. she takes over in a few weeks.
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>> school is out, but we have a very important job of opening the doors to students fast. >> she plans on continuing to raise the bar been a school system that some consider the best in the state. >> it is a really high- performing system. why can we do to make sure we are moving to the next level? >> she calls it an entry plan, one designed to keep the district on top. foose has already called for a study to analyze student achievement trends and an audit to help build trust and reach the community, the baltimore partnerships, review the technology programs, and tried to rid the school system of areas which may be redundant or inefficient. >> it is a matter of being an organized. i am continuing to write things down. exiting one school system and going to another one is a very busy time of year.
5:32 pm
>> parents. >> they can get involved, provide feedback, be open, telling us how to do a better job to include them. >> you can read the howard county entry plan and look at the survey. you can go to our website,, and look at this survey. >> school's letting out earlier than usual due to the weather. as our 11 news reporter kim dacey found out, it is not too late to sign your kids up. >> these kids are not letting the rain dampened their day at camp. >> each week, we have a theme. this week, it is the big bang league. we will be doing a lot of science activities, educational activities involving science, and we have a lot of fun. we will have games and sports.
5:33 pm
a lot of activities. >> there will be camps all summer long, but this week was added at the last minute, because this week, kids are usually still in school, but because of a lack of snow days, most kids got out early. >> to have that opportunity for parents to send their kids to camp. i know this puts them in a bind if they have their kids set up for school next week, and they are out this week. we are trying to fill that gap. >> and if you think is too late to sign up your child for camp, there are still spots available. they are available at discounts of up to 50% off for subscribers. >> everything at a traditional camp, a sports camp, a science camp. we have got all different times. we will be adding new ones, so some to get subscribers should check back on our site
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regularly. >> so even if you are a little late in the game, your kids can still make the most of summer camp. to find a list of discounted certificate cams, you can visit our website, kim dacey, wbal tv 11 news. >> here is a look at some of our other top stories. president barack obama is in maryland for two fund-raisers. he spoke at a fundraiser at the hyatt regency hotel at the inner harbor. the president is giving an overview of the accomplishments of his first term, including the bailout of the automotive industry, the death of osama bin laden, and the return of american troops. he will now go to philadelphia for another event. and a fire that caught many off guard yesterday afternoon at fells point. the route the day, crews are trying to determine what caused it, and also checking for hot
5:35 pm
spots in the building. authorities say that building housed a local food market. and a woman was raped as she left a federal hill bar at the mad river bar and grill. the victim says she woke up about one hour after the attack face down in a neighborhood about 7 miles from the bar. it is reported that the victim has no recollection of what happened during that attack. >> the standard ground lot is front and center in florida tonight. >> it was front and center for the trayvon martin case, but first -- >> the final chapter tonight in a decades old australian mystery. when we come out, it turns out a dingo did do it.
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>> maryland analysts have concluded that there could be a sixth casino in the state. a report compiled by analysts
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and consultants was discussed today. the joint study was based on comparisons with other metropolitan areas with already developed gambling programs. base in maryland is well within the threshold of being a to support a sixth casino. it includes estimates on how much the new casino would affect existing one or ones that are planned. >> covering the nation tonight, boaters -- voters will make a decision on who they want to have as a successor to gabrielle giffords. one is a director of her office. deferreds will be in tucson today to support him. she resigned in january to focus on the recovery from the critical injuries she suffered during a 2011 shooting rampage that left six people dead outside of a tucson grocery store. there are also primaries in virginia, maine, south carolina, and others.
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it is on the case closed on one of the most bizarre cases in australia. a judge has ruled, 32 years later, that a dingo was responsible for the death of a baby. the woman held up a death certificate of what she claimed for decades, that her baby girl was killed by a wild animal during a camping trip. she served time in prison before some of her child bloody clothing was found in the den of a dingo. until now, because of the death had been listed as unknown. >> the dean of admissions reports to wonder 95 women have accepted appointments to start classes this year, about 20 more than in the class of 2010, so right now, it looks like the
5:41 pm
class of 2016 will be over or smaller, but the percentage of females would be higher. the schools started first in hitting females in 1976. good luck to all of them. and dropping all of the telephone plans. >> watch your data use. when it all starts and how much it means is ahead in consumer alert. >> and in colorado, how far the flames had spread and how close firefighters are to contain the blaze. >> it is a big, wet storm. most of it is away from us. we will talk about how things move along, coming up. ocean city 72. it is not raining there right now. 72 here in town as well, but we do have rain at the inner harbor.
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>> coming up on 11 news at 6:00, president obama was in town today. we will hear what he had to say about himself and mitt romney. plus, the cause of that massive fire is still under investigation in fells point. we have reaction. and finally, what you should expend downtown while the event is going on. we have these
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>> we have breaking news right now on the shooting death of trayvon martin. the wife of george zimmerman is under arrest, charged with perjury. she is said to have lied. they argued that they both had lied about their finances, especially about money where its -- money raised from a website. there is the controversial stand your ground law in florida, which the defense says they will use. the parents of trayvon martin were among those who gathered to push for change of the measure. jay gray has details. >> led by lawmakers and state officials, a task force began its review of the controversial stand your ground lot today, while the parents of trayvon martin, the teenager whose death
5:46 pm
prompted the public hearings, spoke outside. >> i believe my son was standing his ground. he was brave. there was a stranger following him. i just want to speak to the task force that this is personal. they do need to review these laws, and they need to amend these laws. >> back inside, dozens suggest the law remain as is. >> this is a good law. it is not broken. please do not try to fix it. >> others asking it to be repealed. >> there is no justice in this state, and this lot is disgusting. >> but most, including the parents, asked for changes to a loosely written and ambiguous measure, they say. >> where does it say in these laws that a neighborhood watch volunteer can chase down an unarmed teenager and shoot him
5:47 pm
and claim self-defense? >> this was the first of six hearings scheduled across the state. >> i am not going to make a predetermined nation. nor do i want my task force members to do that. i want us to listen to everything we receive with an open mind and to have an honest assessment, to not have any preconceived notions anywhere across the line. >> altman z, they will have the task of determining whether they will have its day in the state, at the legislature. >> while fires out west. this is a view about 60 files more -- 60 miles north of denver. these are being fueled by exceptionally dry conditions. the wind is propelling the flames across the speed. it is very difficult to access. the u.s. forest service is providing more to the
5:48 pm
firefighting fleet. >> now, your 11 insta-weather plus forecast with meteorologist john collins. >> dry weather out west. we have had some pretty good rain here. this is moving east. the heaviest in harford county. cecil county as well. the rain and lightning in baltimore county. it has ended and howard county, and just some scattered showers in anne arundel county. over the bay, some pretty heavy rains as well. a change of view of the radar, putting it in motion, and you can see the direction all of this storm activity is moving. this is generally east of the city and moving on to the east. there could be some scattered showers, maybe a rumble of thunder. we could still see something yet this evening. the pollen count, the rain washes a lot of pollen out of the air. these are in the low range.
5:49 pm
this is for the past 24 hours or so. looking at the highs and lows, 76 was the best that we could do today, and that was before the rain kicked in, which knocked the temperatures down. 80 at the inner harbor. 68 to 71 the morning lows. this is interesting. until 5:00, 32 inches -- 32 hundredths of an inch of rain. you had to be under the right part of the cloud to get the really heavy stuff. where is grain, that is where rain is still falling. yellow, less rain. at least up to the point where these temperatures were registered. nothing has fallen at ocean city, where it is 72. to the west, especially west of potomac, 7 ebidta near 80. they have seen some sunshine out there. here is the cloud picture. the clouds really thin out, west
5:50 pm
of the city, but there are some areas of storm activity. here is the front coming in. this will push through and push moisture through. this will stall offshore, in a wave will spin up along the front. perhaps some clouds will come back into the area on tuesday. the general trend is to try things out. still some showers on the eastern shore. we did break the clouds out of here. by daybreak, maybe some showers along ocean city and the beach area, and then it dries out quite nicely. we may have some lingering clouds. 61 to 65 the overnight low. it could be gusty tomorrow, 10 to 20. 79 them in before the high tomorrow with partly cloudy skies, breezy, and less humid. you really notice that, too. the humidity was kind of high. thursday and friday, we do see a little bit of activity coming
5:51 pm
back at us. some clouds, maybe a sprinkle or two on thursday, so the 7-day forecast. we see more clouds on thursday. a slight chance for a sprinkle. all in all, fine, just cloudy. and we see a fair share of sun. mid 80's by next week. >> in tonight's service alert, new plans for the verizon wireless customers. it will be available starting june 28, and it is called share everything. it includes a lot of of them attend devices. rates vary depending on what you sign up for and whether someone is a new or existing customer. a smartphone customer who wants the cheapest will pay $90 for 1 gigabyte, but you have to watch out for applications and of the things that can use up a lot of
5:52 pm
data and drive up the cost. customers can use a laptop to add in. meantime, if you want to upgrade your mamcbook, you can sail it online -- sell your macbook. it may sell for less than 250 dollars. many die-hard sellers became eager to get rid of their older models so they can have some cash to pre-order the newer ones. and at thurgood marshall airport, some new upgrades will allow you to pass through security just once among the concourses. they have begun a project on the concourse c that will add security. there will also be new food and retail space. once the upgrades are up, the
5:53 pm
gates there will be conduct -- connected to the other concourses with a moving walkway. that will make traveling through the airport a lot easier. and ocean city has that pleasant weather for a surge in business. the mayor tells the local paper that they are calling it a perfect storm for a resort community. business owners and the town are seeing a boom, with visitors heading in by the droves. some are also thinking be weekly events, like the car show. recent estimates show this past weekend saw nearly 270,000 visitors in town, and that is more than 2.5 times the same weekend last year. >> thank you, stan. the baltimore area has been a real hot spot for commitment 2012. president obama made an appearance. we will have more of what he had to say, plus, mitt romney has
5:54 pm
his wife showing up. that is new tonight at 6:00. that is new tonight at 6:00. you know... big game... that was sort of supposed to be for all of us. [ slurping ] [ male announcer ] give 'em what they love. subway! giant subs, sandwich and cookie platters. and big-time value. subway catering. order today!
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>> officials are starting. there will be a nutritional meal. this is all part of a union between the city of baltimore and others, including gary and nonprofits, trying to connect healthy meals, reading, and learning with a lot of fun. the program will run through august 17, and if you would like information to find out, you will find a link on our website. click on consumer alert. and that is all for us at 5:00. here is a look at what is new at 6:00. >> president obama makes a stop in baltimore today. i am lowell melser. i will have a live report. >> what caused the blaze in it
5:58 pm
fells point? they continue to search for clues. i am barry simms. >> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal tv 11 news at 6:00. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> good evening. two big names. the first, president obama. >> yes, he is in town to participate in campaign events, and his competitor's wife is in town to raise money for her husband's race for the presidency. we began at the inner harbor. [cheers and applause] >> during the president's speech, he gave an overview of his first term, pointing at his successes, including returning american troops, the death of osama bin laden, and the saving of the automobile industry. he also talked about mitt romney. >> a new $5 trillion tax cut on
5:59 pm
top of the bush tax cuts. this includes a 25% tax cut for nearly every millionaire in the country. now, he will not detail how he is going to pay for this, but the bill for the tax cut will either be passed on to our children, or it will be paid for by you. a whole lot of ordinary americans, and i refuse to let that happen again. >> later today, the president will go to philadelphia to continue his campaign trip. right now, let's go to lowell melser, who is downtown near the hotel. >> president barack obama began his maryland trip with a private fund-raiser at the owings mills home of some local developers. it was rumored that the cost of this intimate affair was around $50,000 per person. governor o'malley, and some se


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