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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  June 15, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> it was breaking news at noon and tonight, the big story is the pilot of a small plane crash
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in carroll county has died. good evening, everyone. >> that fatal crash shut down the carroll county regional airport and an faa investigation is under way. nadia is live in westminster with the late breaking details. >> was a very busy day at the airport, which has been closed since this morning after that tragic crash. it will reopen sometime this evening. plans are being rerouted in the meantime. the officials have been out all they try to figure route what brought this tragic crash that caused the life of one maryland man. >> a bird's-eye view it from sky team 11 moments after the single-plane reducing the-engine plane crashed. >> they noticed a small plane bobbing up and down at carroll
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county regional airport. moments later, the small airport crashed 30-50 feet in a grassy areas. but they went to assist the unconscious 64-year-old native of rock bill. they transported him to shock trauma but according to state police, the chopper had mechanical issues. the man boarded an ambulance while en route. they picked him up at mitchell's golf course center. in flight, the man went into cardiac arrest and passed away at the hospital. >> i never want to hear that. that is just very saddening and disheartening. >> he has been flying small craft plans for over 30 years and did not know the pilot who lost his life. he said he is sad about the news and hopes the hobby does not get a bad rap from friday's tragedy.
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>> they would never get any sleep. it is unfortunate, but that is what happened. there's really not much can do about it. >> the cause of the crash is under investigation and we are told the faa officials will be out here as well to continue this investigation. the identity of the man has not been revealed until the next of kin has been notified. wbal-tv 11 news. >> late breaking details on the man accused of a drug trafficking ring. we have obtained a court documents that reveal three of the six men arrested during an undercover atf raid, where an officer shot one of the suspects. they say the other three men were arrested and they're
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planning to rob a drug stash house. kai reed is sitting oin on the hearing. >> police tell levin news that he's admitted to shaking the child whom he had been watching for several days. it was around 10:00 wednesday morning when they say thomas shook the child resulting in a seizure. they say there were visible bruises on the baby's body. she later died from injuries. we're the learning more about the baltimore county police officer involved in the teenager of his custody. can a police official will only admit the last name. he was off duty when investigators say he shoved christopher brown for several blocks after apparently seeing
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him out of his patrol car. he lost consciousness and later died at the hospital. >> it's one of the most highly anticipated event scheduled for the weeklong commemoration of the war of 1812. the blue angels have been practicing all day. rob roblin joins us more -- now with more. how're you doing tonight? >> i have seen the blue angels vera few times but never seen tm here at fort mchenry. it's so beautiful to see them fly over fort mchenry. it something to see. lots of people got quite a treat today.
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>> crowds started showing up around 1:00 p.m. they were in for a real treat. >> present to you your united states navy flight demonstration squadron, the blue angels. >> they called it rehearsal day. whatever they call it, if you were here you saw incredible flying. lt. cmdr royals is part of the blue angels. >> it's important for us to get out in a non-public demonstration to make sure when spectators are lining their river and harbor tomorrow that
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we can do it to everyone's standards. >> the demonstration went on for more than one hour and everyone who saw it today thought it was quite a show. what's really loud and really cool. >> it was awesome. >> one heck of a show. >> of the first time i've ever seen anything like this. >> the blue angels will be performing tomorrow and sunday. >> seeing the blue angels over fort mchenry is something very special. rob roblin, wbal-tv 11 news >> it's not just the blue angels and the tall ships bringing business in, but jennifer franciotti has a look at some activities for the whole family.
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>> there's nothing more picture were the than the inner harbor and these tall ships coming up from woodbridge, va. >> agora around taking pictures of anything and everything. i saw this and had to come out. >> he likes what he sees so far. >> it's big. >> there are all kinds of activities during the celebration. you can ride in the paris we'll near the signing center which is packed with kid friendly-fund. >> these are all provided by the national guard. >> at the national zone, arts and crafts not far from a sand sculpture still under progress. >> probably making some warships, commemorative coins. >> every day, cooking
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demonstrations and live entertainment. this is one of several street performers will see around the harbor, but whatever you do, do not try this at home. >> she may be too young to appreciate it, but the star spangled celebration is not lost on her grandfather. >> on glad this is happening right year so i can get close to this. >> it for the first hour, a ferris wheel is free. after that, $4 per ride. jennifer franciotti, wbal-tv 11 news. >> you can watch a of emery's plight with the blue angels and see how to get around downtown. -- you can watch ava marie's flight. >> what led to this messy scene
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this afternoon? >> it may be as being here tonight can save somebody's life. >> emotions running high where two teenagers were left to die on the way home from a friend's house. >> a beautiful day today. can we keep going through
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what state environmental officials were called to a messy scene whereby thousand gallons of milk spilled across the roadway. it happened around noon. officials found the tanker on its side leaking milk and fuel. the gathering in west baltimore for two teenagers killed in a hit and run accident. there were crossing on martin luther king boulevard when there were struck by a car. the paris show gratitude for those who have supported them in their loss. >> there were amazing. they had big hearts.
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there were heroes. >> they did not deserve to die. >> his girlfriend at the time who was behind the wheel at the time of their rest made a deal prosecutors that included no jail time in exchange for her testimony. an operator has come up with an agreement to build a casino in maryland should the voters approve it. they want to build a casino at the national harbor waterfront county. >> it can develop brand top brass from mgm resorts were here today talking to the governor and vatican single location in ensure this county. they feel it is a great idea. >> we're not going to talk bring
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loss vegas in here. -- las vegas in here. they're clear that the letter of intent will bring a world class casino, not just a casino but a destination. >> we do not view ourselves as a slot house but rather an integrated resort-based company. >> the letter of intent includes lowering the unusually high tax rate from 67% to 52%, legalization of table games come and approving the site. it would be a green property, have 4000 slots, and mgm would invest $600 million in create 4000 jobs.
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>> knowing that mgm will build a resort, making it a better place than it is today. >> one group not have become the cornish company that just opened saying a six the location would over saturate the market. >> we heard the mad and they're very interested in coming to maryland. >> they are encouraging prince george's county government take a look at. as far as how this would affect baltimore's casino, they said it would not because of demographics. >> it would be in view of the nation's capital. >> it will all come down to a special session, which it is rumored the special session will
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be called for in mid july. a fair referendum passes will come in november. will meltzer, wbal-tv 11 news. >> in tonight's medical alert, a new vaccine has been approved to protect against two different kinds of bacteria that causes deadly meningitis. it would allow doctors to protect against several types of bacteria without increasing the number of shots. it currently, they receive immunizations would be included with this new vaccine. it is an inflammation of the lining of the brain and spinal cord. remember the popular volkswagen commercial with the manini darth vader? the 7-year-old was born with a
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congenital heart defect. the valve in his pulmonary artery was basically nonexistent/in the blood flow from his heart to lungs. this morning, they answered a new valve hoping his heart will function easily. >> he is a real competitor. he wanted to keep up with his friends. >> max will have to take it easy for about six weeks during his recovery but he's expected to do fine. >> your 11 insta-weather + forecast with meteorologist tony pann. >> in eastern wind is keeping the temperature is nice and mild. 76 in parkton. upper 60's again tonight to you can open the windows for yet another knife. here is the eastern wind, the
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key to the forecast. one other thing this does, the high tide may come in just a little bit above average. to keep piling on one or two feet. there's a big area of low pressure that has stalled in the atlantic. the high pressure cannot move be there so we will end up with several days of good pressure. none of these will bother us. we did get a little bit of cloud
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cover but will diminish over night but the east wind is the possibility to pick up the marine layer. we will call a partly cloudy tonight. still very nice. temperatures back into the upper 50's in the outer suburbs. sunset at 8:35. same set up tomorrow. love level east wind. keeping the temperatures by san mile. the average height temperature is 83 for this time of year. this system in the midwest will eventually get over to the east coast. in a repeat of today. east wind at 10. waveguides of one the two feet.
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this is going to be about your high temperature for the next few days. if you're going to the beach for father's day weekend, it looks good. the rip current risk is moderate to high. keep that in mind if you will be swimming. there could be an undertow offshore. basically, nice weather. very little change next week for the weather. by the time give to the middle of next week, the wind will ship and will feel more like summer. thursday, the first full day of summer. the solstice is wednesday evening. >> still ahead, the public is about to get its deepest look into disturbing documents about molestation within the boy
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scouts of america. >> the perversion is landing the national organization under fire. >> mitt romney taking his message
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>> mitt romney will be logging a lot of miles this weekend. >> he kicked off a battle ground bus tour and every stop could be crucial for the white house. nikole killion joins us live with tonight's commitment 2012 update. >> this tour is called every tour counts. every town counts. >> yesterday, the president gave a speech -- a very long speech. >> aides say you keep up the line of attack and he claims the president has forgotten.
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>> some of these stocks are really telling. some of these are very telling. >> the obama folks will be defending as much turf as possible. they said it will come down to a handful of states. they say democrats kicked off their own tour. >> they are just as important as they were in 2004, another tight election contest. >> other states included --
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wisconsin, iowa, and a return trip to ohio. nikole killion wbal-tv 11 news. >> it is one of the oldest game of 1812.of the worlar >> making sure it's around for another 200 years or so. >> i'm
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>> live, local, late breaking. you're watching wbal-tv 11 news at 5:00 in hd. 11 news at 5:00 in hd continues now. >> new tonight, time is running out to register for students planning to attend summer school. there's less them and wait to turn in a petition and paid tuition. typically it is for two groups of students. >> those making up class's and those trying to make it ahead.
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>> we both went to summer school trying to get ahead. >> tooten just got out of school for the summer and now have turnaround and start learning all over again. all day long, parents were showing up to drop off summer school applications with hopes of beating the deadline. >> he is going to be a junior. if we cannot let this one class, we have to do the whole string over again. we're not doing that. >> education is very important. >> it starts july 9th, later than in years past. either way, students are eager to start and finish. >> county school officials saty
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staff onenoguugh hand. >> we are here to help students. we want to service those high school students who want an extra class. >> attendance went up, test scores went up. what we want to help you turn in that application soon. you can find a copy of the application and key information o n under "education." >> maryland state police confirmed a pilot died of his
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injuries. he was the sole occupant of that engineered craft that crashed around 10:00 this morning. the carroll county regional airport has been shot down as the ntsb investigates. newly reached -- newly released court documents show that these men were involved in a larger rig. this was on clipper mill rd. yesterday. betters and harris are alleged drug traffickers. it was yesterday afternoon when police say they were busted by an undercover agent while planning to rob a drug stash- house. they were trying to run down an
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agent in a car. late breaking details available tonight at 6:00. right now, you can head to the harbor to see one of a 40 tall ships and naval vessels bought for the week. the blue angels airshows will be over the weekend. it had been practicing all afternoon. and my report coming up at 5:45. >> new tonight, a court in recess in the trial of former assistant football coach sandusky as they prepare their case. the jury heard from the last of the accusers, the most violent account yet. brian more talks about what to expect next week. >> up for four days of testimony, the prosecution is expected to rest monday in the trial of former penn state football coach sandusky. it has been emotionally grueling. this may be an opportunity for
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the defense to approach jurors to a that a few days to clear their heads. >> it may well be that it blocks the testimony in their minds and will be hard to break any grip. >> they have granted a defense motion about histrionic personality disorder. that includes believing relationships are more clothes than they are. the prosecution will also have a chance to examine sandusky. they believe it has been powerful. they verified that he touched him on the leg in the car ride back to his house. this link all of the testimony. it's all different but strikingly similar stories.
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the final most graphic account came from victim no. 9 saying he was afraid to seek help because he thought no one would help him. it was the words of sandusky that may prove most problematic. notes and letters to the boys. >> he had kept a copy of this which adds to the creepy as factor. >> he admits to showering with the young boys. next week, he has a chance to explain what he did and why. brian mooar, wbal-tv 11 news. >> information about suspected sexual abuse within the boy scouts of america will soon go public. ever prove the release of 20,000 documents belonging to the organization. they were kept at a way to flagging questionable behavior and they were brought to light in 2010 involving six men
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alleged their scout leader abuse them back in the 1980's. >> new details tonight out of washington on really serious allegations against the u.s. secret service. >> sexual assault, pornography, and improper use of weapons. >> lindsay low and 911. -- lohan 911. [ jared ] uh, michael?
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you know... big game... that was sort of supposed to be for all of us. [ slurping ] [ male announcer ] give 'em what they love. subway! giant subs, sandwich and cookie platters. and big-time value. subway catering. order today!
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>> new details about the investigation into the secret service has they have released a list of serious allegations since 2004 including sexual assault and illegal wiretaps. it is not known how many of them are proven true but they say some of the claims were dealt with administratively and some were investigated.
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>> calling it the right thing to do, president obama says most young illegal immigrants will no longer be deported. he announced that new policy of the white house today which is a significant shift letting latino groups in saying work permits will given to a number immigrants at a meet certain standards. they are younger than 30, have been here for five continuous years, no criminal history, and graduated from a u.s. high school, earned a ged, or served in the military. late breaking details out of los ngeles where lindseay lohan have been treated for dehydration. she took a nap and did not come back out. officials were called out around 10:15 but they did not take her
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to the hospital. she is also being treated for low blood sugar. i'm just exhausted. >> the weather has been gorgeous of late. a dangerous to recall to warn you about tonight. >> several children have lost their fingertips thanks to these strollers. which to look out for and what to do if you have one. >> i'm rob roblin. this weekend, fort mchenry is the place to be. a live report coming up. >> and other outstanding day-to- day.
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>> here's what's coming up. air raid conducted by baltimore and atf led to charges for six defendants. took so s about what long. time for summer school and school projects. school projects. these
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>> we are going to check back in with rob roblin has been any out at fort mchenry. >> we understand you have sent formation for our viewers who may want to see the show this
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weekend. >> yes, i you. ranger vince is with us. how are you doing? great show today. lots of confusion about tickets. do you need a ticket to get in? >> you do not need a ticket either day to get in. we're probably going to fill the park. it can only hold some money people. >> the shuttle. you can park at the stadium, but you have to pay to park. >> pay to park, but the shuttle is three. there is a special handicap shuttle. you can go on the fort mchenry website and type in national monument and it will come up on the front page. you can go day by day the details for all of that is right there laid out. >> advisor for tomorrow? >> first, brings sunscreen,
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water, and your earplugs. planes are low and loud. it's a wonderful show. >> the rehearsal today was the extraordinary. >> it's a once-in-a-lifetime experience. make a day of it. bring a blanket, bottle of water, suntan lotion. you're good to go. >> do not even think about it are. ride public transportation. >> reporting live with ranger the any. wbal-tv 11 news. >> could he be a little more enthusiastic? that's just sad. this is as seen through the eyes of a baltimore county family.
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this is helping to prevent the british from capturing baltimore. americans were able to keep a lookout for the british and warned them. >> it's very important that the use today learn the significance of our history and what role baltimore county has played in that role in this state and nationally. that is what our goal is, to tell that story. >> the navy is working to revamp the site. the process will eventually turn positive inheritance to a historical and educational center for those from all over to enjoy. >> york 11 insta-weather + forecast. >> it's not going to change
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much. what you see is what you get. the high temperature was 80 degrees. the normal is 83. the record for today, 101 setback in 1994. this is about as nice as it gets. tree pollen count was 0. grass in the moderate range. the bay water temperatures are in the mid 70's.
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the temperature should stay moderate. if you live near the bay, you will probably see temperatures in the 70's for most of the weekend. this piled the water against the western shore of the bay. a little bit above average tonight and tomorrow. the same weather set up. low pressure stalled off the east coast. we just happen to be in a good spot. pleasant conditions. those 60's again overnight so you can open the windows. a mix of sun and clouds tomorrow.
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east wind at 10-50 knots. it should be and i stay on the water. speaking of, if you're going to ocean city, enjoy the beach. high temperatures, upper 50's and low 60's then getting hot by wednesday and thursday at close to 90. >> stocks ending the day sharply higher. this is a one-month high. the nasdaq up 36. the s&p up almost 14. it is likely because they expect federal banks are ready to head off a deeper debt crisis
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in europe. new numbers from the labor department shows 7500 people in maryland lost their jobs during the month of may. trade, transportation and utilities, education and health services, professional and business services. that is where they say there has been the most growth. more than 30,000 have found work compared to this time last year. tens of thousands of strollers are on a recall after children have lost their fingertips. the concern? a child or parent figures could get caught in an opening. that is when amputation or serious lacerations can occur. contact for a free repair kit. all the information you need at
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the web site and click on "consumer." have you accidently cut the cord on your electric hedge trimmer? tired of having to recharge your old battery-operated one? asked for one of these -- these have just been released in time for the weekend. they tend to be more powerful than their older electric power ed ones. >> cool. i love it. and that date to restrict about yesterday. the shooter for soldiers managed to raise $105,000 for the wounded warrior project. the 24 consecutive one-hour lacrosse games was held from 9:00 a.m. yesterday morning to 9:00 a.m. in the previous guinness world record was 13 hours, 40 minutes, so
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congratulations to all the athletes and their parents. coming up, six men busted in an undercover atf investigation and we're learning more about the charges against them including the drug trafficking ring in the waiver the neighborhood. a live report new at 6:00. >> remember this? nick wallenda. this was all a warm-up for a history-making feet above niagara falls.
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>> it was just last month when their double -- daredevil nick wallenda crossed this portion. this was a practice run for tonight -- crossing the niagara falls. we are live with where the
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countdown is going on. >> ironically hoping not to see a fall. >> it is a scary undertaking. >> for everyone it seems, except the man who will try to walk it. >> more anticipation and excitement than anything. >> i have been walking these wires since i was 2 years old. >> he is a seventh that generation dare-devil -- the wallenda's. they have been tempting fate since the late 1700's. he says this will be on his mind as he tries to take this step into history. >> i'm sure there will be some tears involved. >> when it came down here and
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looked at what he's going to do, it's my impression that he will fall. >> wallenda's sponsors want him to wear a harness. >> it does not keep me on the wire but it just keeps me from buying. >> he is confident that it will happen. cut the first steps are the hardest, but once i'm on there, committed. >> a journey that begins with that first step in just a few hours. is did he will take -- a step he will take in well pressed moccasins made by his mother. wbal-tv 11 news. >> that is at present 5:00. here's a look at what's coming up new at 6:00. >> the suspect from yesterday's
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80th appearance -- atf raid make their appearance in court. >> a. carroll county man loses his life in a plane crash. >> can maryland support a sixth casino? i'm lowell melser with the story coming up. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> the evening. the big story, concerning the atf raid that led to one of the suspects being shot in northwest baltimore. >> these six defendants are facing several charges including drug trafficking. kai reed is downtown with the late-breaking details. >> the sixth suspect is still in the hospital after being shot by police in yesterday's raid. dozens of atf agents and


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