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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  June 15, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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officers swarmed what they thought was a drugs-house in hampton. it was actually a sting operation that had been working since april. they detail wiretapped conversations between undercover agents and the suspects. there were to rob the case containing multiple kilos of cocaine. three are known as "known drug traffickers. they discussed killing an undercover agent. they praise their hard work in bringing suspects to adjust to the -- suspects to justice. >> they were going to do some serious harm. the agents and officers from the baltimore police department and the atf should be commended. what they range in age from 18- 23 and they are charged with intent to distribute 5 kilograms or more of cocaine. these carry a maximum sentence of life in prison for the drug
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charges in 20 years for the firearms charges. he tried to charge on officers during the raid and is still in the hospital being treated for non-life threatening injuries. the majority are due back for a detention hearing next tuesday. kai reed, wbal-tv 11 news./ >> we now know the name of the off-duty police officer accused of killing an officer putting him in a chokehold. they only confirmed the officers last name, a nine-year veteran of the force. he was inside his home when he heard three or four boys takeoff. he ran after the siege and caught up with christopher brown. there was a physical altercation and he lost consciousness and later died. >> this man was arrested and charged with the murder of a 1-
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year-old baby. they said the child had visible bruising. she was taken to the hospital but later died. >> in 1919 year-old accused of shooting a man in a glen burnie pizza shop is facing life in prison after parole after tempera every with a dangerous weapon. johnson and three other teenagers tried to rob the store in november 2010 and opened fire. one of the suspects fled to second-degree murder and another pled guilty. the third is set in the fall. a small plane crashed in carroll county airport in westminster. >> we have learned that the pilot has died. nadia has been following the story all day and joins us live from carroll county regional airport with the latest.
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>> a very sad story. the airport is still closed due to this tragic crash, but they're hoping to reopen at some time this evening. officials have been out here all day trying to piece together what caused this tragic crash. here is a bird's-eye view from sky team 11 moments after the single-engine plane crashed. >> my heart goes out to his family. "just after 10:00, witnesses told the maryland state police they noticed a small plane bobbing up and down just north of westminster. the months later, the small aircraft crashed 30-50 feet from the runway. emergency crews arrived on scene to assist the unconscious 64- year-old man. a helicopter tried to taken to shock trauma, but the chopper had mechanical issues and had to be grounded.
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the man boarded in ambulance. the second man picked them up in reisterstown. he passed away at the hospital after suffering a cardiac event. >> there's more activity going on. there are more things that he has to stay on top of and make sure that they do correctly. >> to have been flying small craft plans for 30 years. trying to figure out to bring closure to the pilot's family. >> i never want to hear that. it is saddening and disheartening. >> because of the crash, again, is under investigation and federal investigators will be out here. in the meantime, the identity
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will not be released until the family has been notified. >> at a casino operator has come up with an agreement to build a casino at sixth location. they want to build a casino in prince george's county. >> top brass from mgm resorts were here in annapolis today talking to the governor about a sixth location telling reporters they think it's a great idea. >> we are not going to drop to vegas down here. >> the chairman and ceo making it clear that the letter of intent they signed friday with the prince george's developer will bring a world class casino
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to the national harbor, one that will not just be a casino but a destination. >> we look for places to build our non-gaming enterprise because we do not yourselves as a slot company. best on interesting to us. we want to be an integrated resort-based company. >> they want to lower the unusually high tax rate from 67% down to 52%, legalizing table games, and approving the sixth sight. this would be a green property, 4000 slots, 250 table games. they would invest $600 million and create 4000 jobs. come togetherto on terms and know that they will build a resort that will make national harbor a better place than it is today. >> one group not happy, the
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cornish company that just opened a the live casino saying a sixth location of over saturate the market. supportsin o'malley this. as far as how this would affect the baltimore's proposed casino, he said it would not because of demographics. >> it would be in view of the nation's capital and monuments. they have different markets than the one in western maryland or the one done in ocean city. >> it will come down to a special session, which is rumored the governor will call for in mid july. if a referendum passes, it will come to the voters in november. in annapolis, lowell meltzer, wbal-tv 11 news >> now that
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students are home for summer, construction crews are using this time to create crucial school projects in baltimore county. tim tooten is live in the newsroom. >> there are almost 300 project on the drawing board from baltimore county. in number of them will be finished before the end of the summer. workers are putting the finishing touches on baltimore county's newest high school. george washington carver center for arts and technology in townsend. >> it is extremely busy. we have the new carper center which will come on line in august but we have additions at hampton elementary school that just got under way. there's an awful lot going on. >> it is taken a few years to finish construction on carter and a good number of the project will take place this summer and behind closed doors. >> these are things they may not
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see when they come back in the fall such as heating and ventilation systems, improvements that will really make it in nicer learning environment. >> that is the goal of the outgoing superintendent that can take credit for projects ramping up long after his retirement. live in the 11 news room, tim tooten, wbal-tv 11 news. >> the star spangled will continue. one
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>> the blue angels! >> the rehearsal went on for more than one hour. the crowds were impressed. >> really loud and cool. >> awesome. >> great. >> they're doing a good job. >> these rehearsal shows are extremely important. >> it's important for us to get out and make sure that the spectators are lined up tomorrow so we can put up a save show and the professionally and to standards. >> was quite a show this afternoon at fort mchenry.
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they will be performing here saturday and sunday. if you can get out here this weekend, it is something very special to see the blue angels flying over fort mchenry. rob roblin, wbal-tv 11 news, >> plan your visit to sailabration. watch ava marie's flight withthe blue angle.s >> romney hitting the road to visit some towns and cities that he says are often overlooked. his first traditional campaign trip. >> in a policy concerning young illegal immigrants in the united states. >> tiger woods tries to make it a father's day weekend to remember at the u.s. open. we show you why. >> we will check the seven-day in just a second.
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great shots of sky team 11 there. stay tuned.
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once we will be traveling in what are often called the back roads of america, but i think the tour will take us along what i call the backbone of america. >> and gop presidential hopeful mitt romney jumping on a bus to visit six key battleground states.
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this is his first traditional campaign trip to sway voters that live outside of american mainstream. there will be 14 rural towns and cities that he says are often overlooked. >> president obama announced a policy today concerning illegal immigrants saying the this is the right thing to do. work permits will be given to young immigrants if they meet certain standards to. for instance of they arrived at younger than 16, have lived here five consecutive years, younger than 30, graduated from high school, earned their ged, or served in the military. >> put yourself in their shoes. imagine you have done everything right. studied hard, worked hard, maybe even graduated the top of your class.
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only to suddenly have the threat of deportation to a country you know nothing about. "the new policy is expected to affect as many as 800,000 immigrants. >> now your 11 insta-weather + forecast with meteorologist tony pann. >> nothing to talk about again. 79 at the airport. 77 and in randallstown. the average time is 83. a few degrees below the mark. this is a treat. there is the key to the forecast on the bottom of the screen, that eastern wind. that will keep things cool. water temperatures in the 60's
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and 70's. -- thise's the water of pile up. they may be coming in a little bit above average. an area of low pressure off the coast and it will sit there producing walking in the atmosphere. we will wind up under the pressure, so nothing to talk about. things should be dissipating after sunset. the forecast goes like this. partly cloudy tonight dropping into the upper 50's and low 60's. turn off that air-conditioning and opened the window. is and mild again today. some rise tomorrow morning at 5:39. the next high tide in fort mchenry is at 5:30 tomorrow
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morning. temperatures in the mid 70's. you can still call that outstanding for this time of year. that is one little footnote you have to pay attention to. great weather. the wind will shift to the south and will start to feel like summer close to 90 on wednesday and thursday. >> from the susquehanna banks for center, this is a love and sports. what's the orioles continue enter-league play away from camden yards. there in atlanta against the braves. the former oriole pitcher last night that eight hits and seven runs in four and two-thirds innings.
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adam jones scored one of those dozen runs last night. this will turn into one of the best grades of the past decade and a half. recovering from taking a bunton ball off his nose earlier in the week. that is when you look to southwest air and say, "want to get away?" tommy starting,. lebron james doesn't want to be teh buffalo bills. running even, 1-1 in best of seven with the heat winning. 18-2 run to open game 2. great rally by the thunder. kevin durant, look at this kick slam! 1:30 left and lebron delivers
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the biggest shot. a chance to tie with a baseline jumper. thought he was fouled -- no whistle. ties 1-1 and shifting to miami for game 3. >> we did not play too well in the first 36 minutes in this slipped away from us. they will keep coming, keep fighting. have been doing it the whole season. all the teams that played against especially at home, we just want to make one or two more plays than they make, come out with a victory. we were able to do that. >> tiger woods in the pursuit of his first major win in four years. round two, he grabbed his share of the lead today, but it did not last. first-round leader, michael thompson, missing the putt here
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on 12. double bogey slipping to -1 par. tiger on 3, nice approach for tiger. looks like he was going to get hot and possibly grabbed sole possession of first place. moving him to -2. he has since bogeyed 3 holes and is +1. for a moment, he had a share of the lead but now 2 off continuing in round 2 of teh u.s. open. tony pann has a father's day treat the seven-day forecast that may be the best of the year.
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>> the police say these burglars hit one dozen places in four shopping areas, but you will not believe the new number of businesses that have allegedly targeted. the sailabration going on all this weekend in the key places you have to check out. this following
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>> of the weather gets any better, i might take the weekend daoff. >> go ahead. rod will be off. temperatures in the upper 70's and the low 80's. >> thanks for joining us. >> "nbc
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