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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  June 15, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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-- wiretaps, pounds of cocaine. >> city police and atf agents rounded up a group after a violent confrontation on the streets of north baltimore. we're joined from the courthouse with the new disturbing details. >> federal agents and initiated the undercover sting operation back in april. five of the six suspects is a federal court. one of them this bill in the hospital after being shot by the police. the six suspects went to hampton thursday to carry out what they thought was an armed robbery on a drug house. it turned out that they had been duped by an undercover sting operation. the police officers moved in and took them into custody. >> one of the agents who was in fear for his life and the other agents and officers around him
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fired one round from his weapon at the driver of the vehicle who was attempting to run him over, striking him once in the right shoulder blades. >> the sting operation started in april. they wiretapped conversations between the ages and the suspect. the people involved are it known drug traffickers. they were looking to rob a fictional drug house. the suspect ask, do we need guns. do we carry guns? at another point, the suspect says we're risking our lives, we know what we're doing. they even discussed killing one of the undercover agents. the suspects ranged in age from 18 to 23. they are charged with conspiracy to possess a firearm. >> these were very violent
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individuals who intended to do some serious harm. >> the majority of the suspects are due back in federal court for detention hearings on june 19th. >> we now know the name of the off-duty police officer accused of killing a teenager and baltimore county after putting him in a chokehold. officials will only confirm the officers last names. electronic court records identify him as james laboard. he said that he heard a noise and he saw three to four boys take off. he ran after the boys and he caught up with christopher brown. a physical confrontation took place. brown lost consciousness and later died at the hospital. police have made an arrest in the death of a baby they had for is called suspicious. now, a woman has been charged --
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now, a man has been charged in the death. he confessed to shaking the baby who he said he had been watching for several days. when authorities responded to the scene, the child had visible bruises. she was taken to the hospital where she later died. >> two men are facing charges in connection with a string of burglaries at several shopping center. now, it is believed they might be responsible for the 84 break- ins. the suspects were arrested. at this hour, johnson remains behind bars while jones is out on bail. these men allegedly robbed a dozen restaurants and businesses and several strip malls. all entry was made to the front of the business. there was also alarm systems that they got through by calling -- by crawling on the ground.
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they have been connected to 20 other robberies in baltimore county. >> a maryland state police have confirmed that the pilot in a small plane crash this morning died from his injuries. the regional airport remains closed as the investigation continues. we have more on what we've learned so far. >> it was a crash that shutdown the carroll county regional airport on friday, a small plane attempting an emergency landing crashed just after 10:00 a.m. on the north end of the runway. the pilot flew into shock trauma in critical condition. he has been identified as henry judkins. he was the only person on board. >> my heart goes out to his family and his friends. >> the crash left a 40-year -- yard debris field.
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this pilot has been flying small aircraft for more than 20 years. >> i never want to hear that. and that is just sad ending at this morning. >> now, the investigation begins. the faa and the ntsb were on the ground all day. before the impact, about a mile from the airport, he recorded mechanical problems. >> there is more activity going on. there is more concentration between the tower and the pilot. more things to stay on top of it. >> investigators will be back on the scene searching for a cause. >> the celebration continues through this weekend with lots of of events to commemorate the
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war of 1812. >> they're expecting about a million people to attend at least one of those zero events. the blue angels had a full rehearsal. >> the rehearsals started this afternoon. all kinds of aircraft were featured doing all kinds of maneuvers, but everyone was here to see these guys. >> we present to you, your it united states flight demonstration squadron, the blue angels. >> the rehearsal show went on for more than an hour. the crowd was impressed. >> really loud and really cool. >> i think this is awesome. >> this is one heck of a show. this is the first time i have seen anything like this.
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>> these are also shows are extremely important. >> important for us to make sure that when millions of spectators are on the river and the harvard, that we can put on a safe show and do it professionally. >> it was quite a show this afternoon here at fort mchenry. the blue angels will be performing here at the fort saturday and sunday. if you can come and get out here this weekend because seen the blue angels flying over fort mchenry, that is something very special. >> this is special. while they will be a huge draw, there are plenty of other things to discover. the marketing director for the celebration, it is so beautiful and it is so exciting to see all of the things are in town.
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what would you say that the attraction that most visitors seem to rave about and why? >> the hospitality of the sailors, the international, the american sailors, is just wonderful. people are so impressed with how much is on this and how kind of what is. does and how kind everyone is. >> for mobile it those that cannot spend the whole day down there, what would be your top cannot miss option. >> come to the celebration villages. there is so much going on, especially for the family. there is sand in the shape of a commemorative coin. at&t is here with a texting while driving simulator. in baltimore county, if you cannot come to the air show, they have the star spangled
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festival this weekend, 10:00 until 5:00 each day. you will see the planes take off and land. this is a really great way to touch and feel the aircraft. >> that is really amazing. most of it is free. >> it is all free. it is terrific. >> what do you think the lasting impact will be? >> it is just a great week. this is a weeklong celebration festival. this is a three-year commemoration. the folks that are visiting are the people that live here have so much pride in the fact that we are home to the star spangled banner. it will be a great time. i hope that you come back and visit more history. there is so much here in baltimore and in maryland. >> hopefully, you can relax. >> i look forward to that.
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thank you so much. >> if you did not write all of that down, we have your one- stop, sailed through hundreds of pictures, see when the blue angels fly, see what the park, what you need. the celebration like at the top of wbal dust at the top of -- to align the celebration at the top of >> the government will stop supporting those who were illegally brought to the u.s. and are more than 30 now. they may have graduated high school or have a diploma. >> this is a temporary measure that lets us focus on resources wisely while giving a degree of relief and hope to the talented and driven and patronage and people. it is the right thing to do. >> those to meet these standards
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will be eligible for two-year work permits. this is not a path to citizenship. mitt romney says that the president's decision will make it harder to solve the larger immigration problems. >> when it doesn't -- when the president does announce a major policy shift, the last thing you really want to do is interrupt the leader of the free world. >> excuse me, sir. it is not time for questions. the next time i prefer you let me finish my statement before you ask the question. is this right thing to do for the american people? >> the reporter in question was a white house correspondent. he had shouted question, why do you favor foreigners over american workers? he said he did not intend to interrupt the president. >> coming up next, a vegas high roller has his sights on
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maryland. >> the reason behind this accident that has maryland motorists at a standstill. >> later in sports, it did change that the n.c.a.a. has implemented. >> it was another beautiful day today. today. here is a peek outside.
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>> and gm resorts has struck an agreement with the governor for a facility.
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it will have table games, slots, restaurants, and a luxury hotel. they're looking to create some 4000 jobs. there are some that do not like the idea. they believe the location will be one too many. the governor disagrees. >> this is in the center of baltimore city. the one that would be in the view of the nation's capital and the monuments. they have different markets than say the one in western maryland or the one down in ocean city. >> the proposal includes lowering the tax rate to about 52% and legalizing table games. the agreement is contingent on the general assembly passing legislation and voters approving it in a referendum. >> cameras located inside of the school headquarters on north avenue. it will be open on fridays and saturdays all summer long from
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midnight to 6:00 a.m.. the center provides a way to get young people off of the streets and to hold their parents accountable. about 750 juveniles came to the center. >> supino there is no use crying over spilled make -- there is no use crying over spilled milk. a tanker overturned in an intersection early this afternoon. my stomach and police said it happened after the tanker started spewing diesel fuel on to the roadway. fortunately, a driver escaped without injury. a tight rope walker attempted to cross a stretch of the niagara falls over an hour ago. he battled high wind, fog. almost 130,000 people gathered to watch on both sides. it took a little bit over 25 minutes to complete this.
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another tight rope artists have tried to cross it but no one has walked directly over it before. >> a meteorologist forecast a beautiful weekend and suggested that we all go out and play. it looks like something terrific. more than 1200 student athletes and 64 high schools competed in the regional tournaments' and they displayed their best talents. >> i have proof positive that they do. >> now, there are a million things to do in baltimore. >> it is all free. >> many times, free -- is still free. >> let's start it off, it is a beautiful evening, it was a beautiful afternoon. the temperatures are in the
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upper 60's and low 70's. if you have not done so already, you can still up in the windows and turn the air conditioning off. this is the key to our forecast. this was the drought probably for the next 40 hours. the average height is 83, tomorrow will be in the upper 70's. the one thing is that kind of piles up the water over on the western shore. if you live near the water, it could come in a little bit below average. it will not be a big deal, made just a foot above average. here is the same situation we talked about last night. there is this big area of low pressure that is out in the north atlantic. this will not move all the way through the weekend. that log jam has blocked this area of high pressure at the surface from moving out of our neighborhood. that is why we will stay dry
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through the weekend. that will probably change a little bit i think on monday. we will watch as this whole situation falls apart through the beginning of next week. this evening, a couple of clouds showing up on the satellites. you can see a lot of sunshine early tomorrow morning. clear and partly cloudy for the rest of the night. during the day tomorrow, the same situation. we have high-pressure up in new england. we will see the sunshine around. that means the temperatures will be nice and mild. and easy forecast to into the mix of sun and clouds. sunrise at 5:39. if you are taking the boat out, it should be a decent day on the water. high tide at fort mchenry at 5:30.
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if you live through the water, that will be the high temperature. speaking of the water, if you're heading down to ocean city for your father's day weekend, it will be nice there, also the wind will be coming down the water. the current risk is moderate to high. one thing that you have to keep in mind. there is an undertone with that area of pressure. the high temperatures will stay slightly below average all the way through monday. on monday, that whole situation will break down. we will have a slight chance for a few showers and thunderstorms. then most of next week, it will be a that a bit more active. expect a high near 90 by thursday. >> the orioles had to open up their road trip with the longest winning streak -- longest road trip of the season.
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>> six straight wins remain for the orioles. that is the longest winning streak of the year. they start their early road trip, losing in atlanta.
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brian regretted this first inning pinch. brian raced to right center. the orioles would even the game in the fourth. this will drop, this is off of the wall. the orioles even if it up at 1- 1. chris davis is playing his first ever game in the al appealed. how was this for an elite caliper catch? that is exactly what davis does in right field. the lead, it dissolves in the sixth. this rips a shot to left field, the two-run homer. the washington national's the not help the o's cause. a-rod 81 to the right field.
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-- shooting one to the right field. a rocket, the damage is already done. the yankees go on to win over the nationals. for a while, lou chambers -- but at the end of the second round, tiger woods shares the lead with a three-way tie. they moved past the first-round leader, michael thompson. he reads the green perfectly. a birdie putt there for tiger. there was a patch of the pokey. then, he loses it with a double bogey. he finished three over par. tiger, even par for the day. he is looking for his first
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major win in four years and he is looking strong. wood's shares the lead. all three leaders at 1 under for the return. they might not have the star value of tiger woods but they have every chance of winning the open. >> i know that it will get even more firmer and faster. get some rest this afternoon and get prepared. >> starting today, the n.c.a.a. has given the phrase unlimited texting new meaning. they will allow division one men's basketball coaches to send tweets as much as they want as long as the prospect has completed the sophomore season in high school. the recruiting game. the former oklahoma coach lost
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his position. now, over doing it on the cell phone is just plain rude. the olympics get under way in 41 days. getting to the live this can present a little bit of an adventure. this is not so much of a run as a sip. he zipped across the river. this is a guy who eats bugs and camps out in cater swamps. -- gator swamps. by the time it gets to london, it would have flown at least across one river by way of supplying -- by way of zip line. the torch is still it at the end
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america's beverage companies are delivering.
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course we are checking the forecast for an unbelievable weekend. >> it will be nice to do anything outside. the overnight lows will be in the 50's. this time of year, it is nice. next week, it will change. the scattered thunderstorms will pop-up. >> don't worry about that. >> a nice father's day for the forecast. >> that is all for us. >> good night. >> have a great week, everyone.
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