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tv   11 News at 5AM  NBC  June 18, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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some of that rain in the mountains will catch up to us. variable clouds. a few chance for off-and-on rain showers. high temperature 73. when we come back, we'll look at the seven-day forecast. first let's go to kim and check on the roadways. >> an accident now in baltimore city. originally on herman street. watch for that traveling in the city. 63 on 795 in the owings mills area heading toward the beltway. we're looking at 47 on the top side of the beltway to come off the harrisburg express way. you should be all good there. on the outer loop along the west side, 11 minutes. 95 southbound looking at six minutes from the beltway down to 100 there in howard county. a live look outside at maria view road. light volume at this time. switching to a live view of
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jesks -- j.f.x. at reston road. you can see north and west are moving just fine. that's the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> our big story this morning, a family picking up the pieces after a deadly weekend fire. >> jennifer franciotti is live this morning with the latest on a search for a cause. good morning, jen. >> good morning. that fire started just after 11:00 killing a man and two pets inside the home. we're told bruce wagner died in this home. two people were able to get out safely. a fourth person was injured when she tried to save wagner's life. she was taken to johns hopkins for treatment to burns to her face and smoke inla legislation. family members say it was their
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pit bull that saved their lives. >> the pit bull was the only one that was parking -- barking to wake us all up. we came to the living room. the fire was bursting to where we just made it outside alive. >> that was the victim's wife speaking there to 11 news. we know the cause of the fire is still under investigation. reporting live here until southeast baltimore, jennifer franciotti, wbal-tv 11 news. >> one of the fire companies that responded to that fire is one of three companies that could permanently close because of city budget cuts. one representative said it is important to keep the squad open. >> we need every resource available to us to protect them. we take an oath to protect the citizens of baltimore. it is getting tougher and
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tougher. >> hoffman said the company closures will be discussed with the budget. >> the v.a. maryland health care system joined lisa robinson during the sunday morning broadcast, and he discussed what's available for veterans. >> for people coming back from the military, the first five years from active duty, anything we will treat at no cost. finances should not be a concern for the first five years. >> he added any other medical visits will cost the vets just $15. >> if approved, there could be a sixth state casino added to prince george's county. a proposed casino at the national harbor.
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the 13-acre facility would have 4,000 slots, 250 table games, restaurants, and a luxury hotel. m. g.m. would invest millions and create nearly 4,000 jobs. however, some do not like the idea, including the cornish company that recently opened a casino in owings mills. they believe a sixth casino will be one too many, but the mayor degrees. >> it would be one within the view of the nation's capital and the monuments. they have different markets than say the one in rocky gap or western maryland or the one in ocean city. >> the proposed tax rate is 67% and legalizing table games. the -- this is contingent on maryland voters passing this in november. >> it seems many of you attended the sailabration festivities.
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we hit the inner harbor to see what you thought. the results were unanimous. some say the events made them proud of their city. >> i think it brings everybody together and brings everybody out and helps them celebrate and let's them know that baltimore is rich in culture, and this is history. that's why we came down. this is history. this is never going to happen again in our lifetime. this is a once-in-a-lifetime thing. >> sailabration is not over yet. ava marie will bring us more later in the newscast. >> our "water cooler question", what do you think you -- the city can do to make it easier to get in and out of the city for public events? >> one of the navy's newest
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ships were docked at the inner harbor. the u.s.s. monsoon showed off state-of-the-art technology. the ship has 29 crew members on it at all times to keep it running smoothly. >> if you are still planning to head out to the sailabration events, you can head to our web site for a lot of details. you can get a schedule of events and see how to get around downtown. it is on the front page of our web site. >> a cool morning. 61 degrees on tv hill. the defense is expect today make its case today in the jarey sandu -- jerry sandusky trial. >> here's a live look at traffic
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>> welcome back. the time is 5:09. it is in the upper 50's and low 60's in the suburbs. probably a good idea to take an umbrella with you. i think the rain will catch up with us. you look at h.d. doppler, you see a few sprinkles, but steadier rain moving east. the chance for rain will go up as we go through the mornings. the forecast for today, off-and-on rain showers this morning, early in the afternoon it may break up. the high temperature 76. when we come back, the forecast
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through the upcoming weekend. stay with us. >> covering the nation this morning, the defense is expect thed -- expected to start its case against jerry sandusky. the former penn state football coach is accused of sexually abusing 10 children. the defense may argue their client soffers from histrionic person -- client suffers from histrionic personality disorder. >> zimmerman had conversations when he was in jail concerning finances that had not been disclosed by the court, according to the prosecution. since then, his wife she willy has been charged -- shelly has
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been charged with perjury. >> rodney king's fan say found him at -- fiance reportedly found him at the bottom of a swimming pool. he has died. king made a famous plea for peace on the news saying, "can't we all just get along?" rodney king was 47 years old. >> new plans in store for wireless customers across the country. how your habits or your bills might be changing. >> would you be willing to eat a pizza from inside a vending machine? >> and we take another accident in howard county. the latest on that and the r
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>> good monday morning. kim dacey checking on your monday morning commute. we are looking ok so far. just a couple things to talk about. we have an accident in the darlington area at glennville road. those are the only incidents that should be causing problems on the road. the live drive times looking good. 8:00 on 95 northbound between the beltway on the south side and the fort mchenry. certainly no daze delays there to report. looking good. a live look outside at 8:95 at
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moravia road. things have been moving fine there and very light during the morning. switching to a live view of j.f.x., you can see north and southbound moving fine. southbound a little heavier, of course. that's the latest on "traffic pulse 11." now we head to kurt kroncke of the m.t.a. >> a diversion on the 22 bus. other than that, looking good on the rails. no delays on the pen, camden, or brunswick lines. we have shuttle buses operating. for the m.t.a. transit team, i'm kurt kroncke. now back to tony pann. >> good morning, everyone. after a beautiful weekend things will change a little on this monday. some light rain out to our south and west. some showers down in d.c. sprinkles in carroll county. heavier rain out in the
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mountains moving eastbound. so the odds are, even though it is not raining at your house, most likely, it will be at one point or another during the day today. so it is a good idea to take an umbrella with you. the beginning of the drive will not be a big deal. the further we get into the morning, the better the chances are these rain chances will catch up with you. >> we have another one behind us. we can see showers and thunderstorms up across the great lakes. that may arrive here later on tonight. so there is one that will come through this morning, and another will come through during the night time period. here's the total weather set-up. pr a storm stalled out in the atlantic. things just having a chance to move in the atmosphere. so that whole logjam is going to break up there that's been warming up in the midwest will get a chance to visit us here in baltimore. the chances will jump now over the next 24 hours.
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today will be relatively cool because of the fog and showers. 60 in parkton, 61 in jaretsvill. then again rain showers become more likely the further we go into the morning and afternoon hours. maybe a peek of sunshine coming through. if you take the boat out, waves one foot. the next high tide is at 6:46 this morning. seven-day forecast backed up like this. -- stacked up like this. here comes the heat. wednesday is the first day of summer. i suppose that's appropriate. 94 on thursday with a heat index in the upper 90's and scattered thunderstorms as we head into the weekend. >> in "consumer alert" some of the expense of summer camps might be tax ductible.
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the i.r.s. reports people that quarterfinal for the credit can claim a day camp or at home babysitter. overnight camps do not qualify. >> you can soon see a vending machine serving up pizza. that's right, pizza invented -- the kiosk was invented in europe. price is $6. they say it will available in smalls, bus stations, and schools. >> as chris clackum reports, the price of chatting and sharing is going up. >> last week verizon unveiled its plan where all services are bunched together for all of your devices. the share everything plan includes unlimited voice and detection plus a single dathe data -- data allowance for up to
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10 wireless devices. >> if you are a family, a smart phone, a tablet you can combine that all in and sharpe the same bucket of minutes. >> sharing that bucket of minutes in one household could get complicated and pricey. if someone dips into your bucket for streaming videos and movies or for time on facebook and twitter or for accessing things in the cloud. >> all this stuff adds up and people don't know how much it dullly uses, and -- actually uses and that's what i think can get some folks into trouble. she says that's >> she says that's why people should watch their data usage like they do this furnish -- furnish ace. >> it will say, you know, this app is a data hog. you might want to consider doing less of it or moving into wifi.
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>> she said i can also reconfigure your device. but face reality, the days of unlimbed data are gone. chris clackum, wbal-tv 11 news. >> microsoft jumped into the music download market late with its mp-3 player, but now it is hoping better late than never. we are joined live from the new york stock exchange with our "bloomberg business report." >> stan, good morning. companies are paying more attention to what we're looking at on the web. citing a new study by data management company, "washington journal" says online tracking on 50 of the most visited web sites has risen sharply since 2010. the journal says the rapid rise in the number of companies collecting data around web viewing is a testament to the $30 million online ad business.
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>> greece's election sunday. concern over whether or not it will exit the euro really eased. we had gains across the board in europe and the u.s. this morning. stock futures here have given up those gains, as have some of the markets in europe. as we're showing you on friday stocks were rising. going to make moves this week to help stimulate the economy, especially in light of what's happening in europe. we have a two-day federal reserve meeting that kicks off in europe. >> meanwhile, lockheed has snagged a contract to have the defense acquisition program. contractors look abroad to confront lower spending at home. >> an event in l.a. today sources tell bloomberg microsoft expected to showoff a company branded tablet. the blog says the tablet may be built in conjunction with march and april. now barnes & noble said it is
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developing a reading an for windows. we'll have to wait and see exactly what gets unveiled. that's the news at the bloomberg stock exchange. ellen brinkman reporting. >> apple making a pitch for a new music company to rival i-tunes? >> microsoft tablet and the ipad this time. it is amazon having to do with a music service using cloud computing. i'll have details on that and when it is expected to launch coming up in the next hour. i'll see you back. >> look forward to it, ellen. thank you. >> the time now 5:22. 61 degrees on tv hill. the official start of summer is only days away. school is getting closer. details in "education alert." >> don't forget to e-mail your answers to our "water cooler question of the day." what is it that the city can do to make it easier to get in and
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out of the city for big events like the sailabration? we'll show you our smons on bhal balance. or send your responses to
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>> in this morning's "education
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alert" there are only three days for baltimore parents to sign their children up for summer school. >> they are urging parents to turn in applications to the office of alternative education in middle river or one other location. the classes are for those who want to get ahead. >> he is supposed to be a junior next year. if we don't do this one class this year, he'd have to do the whole thing next year. we don't want to do that. it is very important. education is very important. >> yes, it is. >> baltimore county summer school starts on july 9. for more on how to get the application visit >> the time is 5:26. 61 degrees on tv hill. >> still ahead -- >> a deadly house fire over the weekend in southeast baltimore has fire investigators trying to figure out a cause. i'm jennifer franciotti. details next. >> world leaders meeting in --
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focusing on greece. coming up more on why g-20 leaders are interested in the vote in greece. >> and we'll check the seven-day in a few minutes. >> two accidents worth tracking in traffic pulse 11. one in the city, one in harford
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>> good morning, everyone. welcome back to "11 news." i'm stan stovall. >> and i'm mindy basara. today is international picnic day. is it a good day for a picnic? >> tony hayward boo-boo!
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you guys remember that, right? some people are looking at me like i'm crazy. some rain showers today. nothing happening now. just a few sprinkles. if you look at the left hand side of your screen, a good chance the rain will catch up to us at one point or another. the forecast for tood today, off-and-on rain showers. high temperature only 76 degrees. it will really feel like summer. >> by the way, you are not your average meteorologist. [laughter] >> hopefully the rain will hold off by the morning commute. right now, looking pretty good. a couple accidents to talk about. one at ridgely and her man street.
5:31 am
har moneyy church p a couple problem spots there. major roadways looking ok. heading toward the beltway, looking good. currently no problems there to report. a live look outside at 895 in the area of moravia road. looks like both directions are moving just fine. switching to a live view of the j.f.x., looking good. north and southbound no problems to report. that's the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> today world leaders are meeting in mexico as the g-20 kicks off. >> the discussion topic is the european economy.
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>> in the greek election voters chose the party to support the bail out. the question is, why does this matter to us? it is a pick many see as helping to stablize the european economy which naturally has on effect here, too. >> one did i after greeks made their pick, people are waking up to the new democracy party. a referendum to report austerity measures and keep sharing the euro currency. if greece had left the euro-zone it would have rocked the world's economy. it has many breathing a sigh of relief as leaders head' g-20 summit president obama's press
5:33 am
secretary released a statement saying "we believe it is in all our interests for greece to remain in the euro-area while respecting its commitment to reform." a big focus of the summit will be the economy overseas. a focus signally and here at home as mitt romney explains on the campaign trail. >> we're not going to send checks to europe, we're not going to bail out the european banks. we're going to be poised to support our economy. >> as for greece, its next big step will be forming that coalition government. work on that should start soon. >> ally jackson live in washington. >> one east baltimore family recovering from a deadly weekend fire. jennifer franciotti is live in the 1600 block of eastborn avenue. jennifer, i understand the death toll could have been much higher. >> it could have been.
5:34 am
there were reports of five people inside along with family pets, and this morning the family is crediting one dog with saving their life. >> my father lost his life. i'm not going to see him no more until i leave this world. >> 5 -- 51-year-old bruce wagner was killed in a house fire in southeast baltimore. >> he was asleep. no sooner we came in there, he was burning up into flames. that's all we see, his bedroom into flames. >> officials say three people got out safely. one person said a family friend was hurt while trying to save her father's life. that woman was taken to johns hopkins for smoke inhalation. the family said several pets died in the fire. fire officials did not find working smoke detectors working in the home. the family credits their pit bull for saving their lives.
5:35 am
>> the pit bull was the only one that woke us all up. no sooner we came to the living room, the fire was bursting out so bad to where we just made it outside alive. >> he barked when we didn't have no smoke detectors or carbon monoxide detectors when our landlord refused to put them in for five years. >> this morning we know the cause of this fire is under investigation. reporting live here in southeast baltimore, jennifer franciotti, wbal-tv 11 news. >> thank you, jen. >> 10's of thousands of people gathered in druid hills park. the annual pride event celebrates the city's diversity with music and crafts. this was the 19th year. >> the time now 5:35. 61 degrees on tv hill, whether it is for fear of a super bug or over-using antibiotics, doctors are writing fewer prescriptions
5:36 am
for children. >> when it comes to staying in a hotel, a study reveals the dirtyest parts of the room. which parts of the hotel room have the most germs? >> don't forget to e-mail us your answer to our "water cooler question of the day," what do you think the city can do to make it easier to get in and out of the city for big events like sailabration? you can send us your response to our facebook page or send it to ♪
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to greenville-spartanburg and charleston. book all of our destinations online only at >> the time 5:38. 64 degrees at the maryland science center. low 60's in the suburbs.
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right now not a whole lot is happening, but we expect the chance for rain to go up as we look at the commute. we can see sprinkles in the western suburbs. steadier rain. the forecast for today, and they break up a little later on today. sunshine, high temperatures of 76 degrees. when we come back we'll look at the seven-day forecast on through the weekend. >> in "medical alert" doctors are concerned about super bugs or over-use of antibiotics and they are writing fewer prescriptions for children. >> a large study from the food & drug administration said the number of prescriptions for antibiotics fell 14% between 2006 and 2010. prescriptions for adhd and asthma increased. just in time for your summer --
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>> according to a study the university of houston -- drum roll please -- the tv remote. think about it? they also found high levels of bacterial contamination on the bedside light switch. researchers say items like housekeeping parts have the potential to cross-contaminate them. don't panic just yet. only three rooms in three different states were used in the study. >> still ahead, the orioles head to new york but not to take on the yankees. we'll have the latest o's win in sports. plus -- >> our coverage of sailabration continues. we are live at fort mchenry. we'll have details after the break. >> and it seems like the nice
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weather we have had for a good stretch here might not stick around. tony will tell us about the next chance for rain and kim has the
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>> good morning. kim dacey checking on your morning commute. we have a crash reported to us in harford county in the darlington area in harmony
5:44 am
church on glenville road. those are the only two problem spots you should encounter. the mayor harrisburg express ray heading southward, 11 minutes on the outer loop between 95 and 83 there and the northeast corner. 95 northbound between 82. looking at 10 minutes. nine minutes between the harbor and 95 there on the south side. no problem to report there on the roadway. a live look outside at 895 at moravia road. very light pume volume. picking up now. a live view in the area of reston road. north and south bound moving well also. we head to kurt kroncke in the m.t. a. >> we have a delay on the right rail now. it is running 15 to 20 minutes late. due to construction on the light rail line, metro subway is on
5:45 am
schedule. we have the train online service. buses, 32, 25 operating with delays. when you are away from your radio or dell vision, updates available on demand by phone weekday mornings. 410-500-4444 for updates. i'm kurt kroncke. back to tony pann. >> so far things pretty quiet for us. a little rain coming into the picture this morning. i'll talk about that in a second and of course check the seven-day. sailabration continues for the next couple days. it is not over. a couple events coming up. ava, what's going on? >> the sailabration is not over yet. a big event happening later today. i'm here with ranger vince and
5:46 am
you have become somewhat of a local celebrity. you were featured on the today show. >> that's right. >> that's right. it is all part of the hometown team. >> so great to have baltimore in the national nuse news for such a big event. of course today at 11:00 a.m. you have a commemoration this is the day they began the war in 1812. >> yes, the 1812 inauguration, this is the start of t this is why we have sailabration at this time. at 11:00 we have the royal marine band with the british, the u.s. navy band for the united states, the ambassador to canada, the ambassador to the united kingdom will be here at fort mchenry. the president of the united states now. barack obama on the jumbotron, governor o'malley. come on down. >> that's neat that will president obama will be giving a
5:47 am
little bit of a speech from that jumbotron today. what a fun thing to commen commemorate. this is not just talking about the war, this is talking about the peace we made with the dunn country. >> that's right. this is the positive thing here. there was the war of 1812, but when the war was over, everybody moved on. but actually we have been the closest of friends, our brothers in canada, great britain, and we helped each other out for the last 100 years. we want to emphasize that also. >> you mentioned the morgan state choir. >> the speeches will be short. a lot of music. the morgan state choir will be here. we're having a hometown scene here and sing the star spangled banner. >> it is a free event open to the public of all ages to come out to fort mchenry at 11:00 a.m. today. we will also have events throughout the day to celebrate sailabration.
5:48 am
heading back to tony in the weather center. >> ask ranger vince how much fan mail he got from doing the "today" show with al roker. >> autographs. we are lucky he is talking to us this morning after how big he's gotten. >> he is a rock star now. >> thank you, ava. we'll talk to you again in the next half-hour. sailabration continues. there is still a couple days left. it was a big success downtown. the weather was great. now the weather will take a turn for the worst. we have some rain in the forecast. sprinkles showing up on h.d. doppler. light rain in howard and carroll county. that's not a big deal. over in the mountains, there was heavier rain showers. this is moving to the east. it will take a couple hours to get to baltimore. sufice it to say, the further we
5:49 am
go into the day, the better the chance the rain will catch up with it. as we look up stream we can see another batch of stoorms coming across the great lakes. that impulse may produce rain for us tonight. then the overall set-up looks like this. there is an area of low pressure stalled off the coast for the last several days. that will get kicked out as well. what that means for us on the east coast is some of the warm air in the midwest will get a chance to move east. we expect the high temperatures to climb into the 90's over the next couple days. today it will be relatively cool with clouds and showers around. we expect highs in the 70's. 60 in parkton. the forecast for today, off-and-on rain showers. could even be a rumble of thunder, high temperatures in the mid 70's. seven-day forecast, we'll turn up the heat. take it to 87 on tuesday. 92 on wednesday, 94 on thursday. when you factor in the hugh
5:50 am
myity -- humidity it will probably feel like 90. summer begins on wednesday at 9:00 p.m. in the evening, if you are keeping score. thunderstorms going into the weekend. >> big party at tony's house. all right, tony, thank you. 5:50, 61 degrees. coming up, the o's accomplish something they haven't done in years. how they pitched their way to another win next in sports. >> and a look at last night's winning lottery numbers.
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bring on the day. bring on the flavor. hurry in for dunkin's new breakfast burritos. >> time to get answers to our "water cooler question of the day." >> kim says, "do the impossible. convince the people of the city to use mass transit and expand mass transit." post your question on the front page of our web site at >> now 11 sports with keith mills. >> good morning, everybody. it is on to new york for the red hot orioles. they set out the braves 2-0 in atlanta to win the series. they are still a game and a half back of the yankees in the east,
5:54 am
but they are 12 games over .500. freddie gonzalez watch his team get shut down by jason hammel and weigh in. chen, nice play. it starts a double play. j.j. hardy to first. man, that is a big-time play by the orioles right there in the sixth. birds up 1-0. umpire d.j. ray burn calls a balk. pierce scores. the first run scored on a mark reynolds high fly. they get a couple runs there in the ninth. matt johnson. chen's seventh shutout inning. the bullpen takes over their back-to-back shutout, the first time since august 2010. they play the mets tonight in new york. they are fun to watch. playing good baseball. getting really good pitching. in miami, lebron james and miami heat have taken control of the nba series. they beat oklahoma city, coming back from 10 points down in the
5:55 am
third quarter to win it. it was lebron down the stretch. tough shot. he had 29 and it is 86-79. 115 left. russell westbrook hits the shot. cuts the lead to 1. the thunder get it back. westbrook misses a wide-open three, the heat get the rebound and win game three 91-85. they lead the series 2-1. game three tuesday in miami. final round of the u.s. open not kind to tiger woods. 4 over to start the day. a bogey on 1 and then a bogey on 2. 73 on the day, finishes 7 over. this is webb simpson, 26 years old, went to wake forest. birdies 6, 7, 8, and 10. finished one over and was the leader in the club house. jim furyk lead almost the entire day. bogeyed 16. final round of 74. fin finished 4 over.
5:56 am
graeme mcdowell. that would have tied it and sent it to a playoff, instead webb simpson with his wife in the club house. he and his wife have a baby boy and one on the way. how about that? >> and happy birthday and how are you today? >> you don't want to know how old i am. a little older than webb simpson. >> happy birthday. >> thank you. >> turning 30. >> i can't even remember 30. >> coming up in the next hour of 11 news, after four days of testimony, the prosecution rested today in the trial of former penn state football coach jerry sandusky. >> the supreme court could hand down rulings on several monumental pieces. what's at stake at 6:15. >> and who doesn't love taking a dip in the pool? if you are afraid of heights, you might want to take a look at
5:57 am
this one. >> and after a beautiful weekend we have rain in the forecast >> scompeff debris -- outside traffic moving on major roadways coming up.
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