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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  June 18, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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everything went very smoothly. lowell melser is live in federal hill with more. >> everyone involved with the sailabration says this was a huge success. we have a great seat right now to take a final look at some of these beautiful tall ships sitting in the inner harbor, but some of the tents are starting to come down. the ferris wheel that was going up monday is now coming down. there is no doubt if you were here, from the sea to the air, it was an amazing sight. to call this year's sailabration a success would really be an understatement. everywhere you went, from the inner harbor to locust point, there were crowds of people trying to get a peek at the tall ships from real-world and gray hulls ships from our own u.s. navy. the ships were not your thing, over the weekend, all you had to do was look up to get a spectacular view of the blue angels, putting on quite a clinic. >> i love the blue angels
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because they do cool tricks in the air. >> is better than we expected. the weather really cooperated. people were commenting about the jets flying over downtown. it was just a tremendous thing for baltimore. >> kirby fowler says sailabration went beyond expectations. all he did not have official numbers, some sources indicate that more than 500,000 people visited baltimore over the past four days, making it one of the largest events in the city's recent history. one business that they tripled their business saturday night. >> we have used it as a sell- abration. >> baltimore city police to work hand-in-hand with state and federal law enforcement report no major crime issues in and around the harbor, which was a
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great concern going in, especially when it came to groups of young people. they said they had it under control, prepared on the number of fronts. >> people did not see several hundred plainclothes officers who were walking around the venues, making sure people were safe. >> the weather should hold out tonight to give you one final view of these tall ships, and then tomorrow morning they are out of here. in 2014, there should be another big celebration down at the inner harbor to celebrate with the british were turned back at the baltimore harbor in 1814. like the federal hill tonight, david b. lte 11 news -- live at federal hill tonight, lowell melser, wbal-tv 11 news. >> 200 years ago was the beneficial beginning of the war of 1812. rob roblin is live at fort mchenry where some big events have been marking the day.
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>> it was a big day and it is big day in our history here in the united states of america. this is a very special ceremony today. governor o'malley was here, senator mikulski, and a number of people from around the world. the commander of a norwegian ship was here visiting town. the ambassadress to great britain and canada were here. -- the ambassador doors to great britain and canada were here. the cannons at fort meade henry were aimed at patapsco river. that is where the british navy was 200 years ago. today is the 200th anniversary of president james madison signing the declaration of war against great britain could >> it is the war that really gave the united states the recognition as a real nation. we had independence, but we did not have respect. this war gave our country and flag respect. francis scott key understood that. that is why he wrote the
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national anthem. every american understood that. the rest is history. >> today, 200 years later, a special ceremony launching the international bicentennial of the war of 1812 creeks there were recorded video messages from president obama and the prime ministers of canada and great britain. >> an important anniversary for the united states, the united kingdom, and canada. but the secretary of the u.s. navy, governor martin o'malley, and senator barbara mikulski were here. >> we hope we continue to be a great arsenal of democracy. perhaps one of our great it is greatest exports is identified battles, when morse, become allies, but democracy is our greatest tribute. >> the anniversary ceremony was called "from enemies to allies, 200 years of peace." >> britain, america, and canada
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have stood side-by-side with each other. >> as far as the weather is concerned, a little bit of rain this morning, but not a bad day. tomorrow, the tall ships are sailing out. tom tasselmyer is here. how does it look for those sailor selling out tomorrow? >> we have time to this thing perfectly with the weathered through the weekend. a few showers around, temperature still very comfortable, in the low 7's round the baltimore area, down 4 glen burnie temperatures running in the low 70's. westminster into carroll county, changes are on the way. there are some showers and storms out in the mountains to our with. that is the first sign of some heat coming in. looks like some mid-atlantic hot, humid weather is on tap for the next few days. the forecast details and just a few minutes. >> we have had complete coverage
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of this weekend's major event on air and online. talbert to our website you missed anything, -- head over to our website if you missed anything, at >> we have a section dedicated to the amazing photographs taken all throughout the week. >> we go now to breaking news in the perjury trial of roger clemens. a jury has just found the former baseball player not guilty. this is a live look outside the courthouse in washington d.c. area. clemens was accused of lying to congress back in 2008 when he testified he had never used performance enhancing drugs. let's take a listen. >> my sister is here. has been trying on them and i thank them for showing their strength and support, and all of you media guys that know me in followed my career.
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-- that know me and i followed my career. [applause] >> obviously a very emotional time for a major league all- star and possibly future hall of famer roger clemens after being found not guilty of lying to congress about not using performance enhancing drugs in 2008. the baltimore city comptroller is turning up the heat on mayor stephanie rawlings-blake in their dispute over purchase of telephones. jayne miller is right in the center of it all at city hall with the latest in the ongoing dispute. >> this started last week when comptroller john pratt accused the mayor of spending $659,000 on new phones and phone equipment without going through the cities bidding process. the mayor's office says no bidding was needed because the purchases were made under an
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existing contract. opponents include a handful of video conferencing phones and are part of a bigger effort to move to a voice over ip system. the dispute are ratcheted up today when pratt said the mayor wanted to make a trade to take over the city's old system, which is run by press office, and the mayor's office fired back. >> i do know that the mayor was trying to take over the duties and responsibilities of the municipal telephone exchange. the mayor offered me real-estate positions in exchange for the department of communications, and that is why it was an insult. >> we are not convinced that the comptroller's office has the technical capacity to implement voice over ip to all city agencies. we are convinced that the mayor's office of information technology can do it better, faster, and cheaper.
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>> john pratt said she and the mayors were supposed to meet at 4:00 today to address the dispute, but friday afternoon she said the mayor's office called and canceled the meeting. cain miller, wbal-tv 11 news. >> tonight baltimore city health officials are looking at a liquor stores in an effort to cut down violent crime by stripping dozens of stores of their licenses. lisa robinson is live in the newsroom. we understand it is not just violence they are looking to cartel, but also poor health habits. >> exactly right. the zoning laws have been the same for 40 years and now is good time for change in order to protect residents and help improve their health. baltimore city's health commissioner says it is time for change in a big way. >> for some stores in the city that sell liquor, the doctor says while the city's population has declined by 31%, the number of liquor outlets has remained
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the same. >> almost three-quarters of the alcohol outlets that are operating outside of this zoning code are primarily concentrated in the poorest areas of the city. >> officials have identified 128 outlets that were open and operating in residential areas in the middle of a lot. they were allowed to stay open, even though zoning laws were rewritten back in 1971. essentially, lawmakers were saying going forward, he cannot have a liquor store in the zone, but if you are here, we will let you stay. >> officials are proposing that those stores have two years to make a change. >> rid the zoning code, these businesses can choose to continue operating but not sell alcohol. they can choose to move to a different location where they can sell alcohol, or if they want to make other decisions, it is up to them. >> the proposal is not sitting well with the owners of the stores.
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>> dollars of the stores have a right. that is their livelihood. closing them, closing 120 something liquor stores just by rezoning is like communism, i think. >> i don't think i can survive not having that. i have had it for 20 years and that is a big part of my business. >> the proposal still has to be approved by the city council. is expected to be introduced in the fall. lisa robinson, wbal-tv 11 news. >> the man suspected in the disappearance of a maryland woman in aruba now wants to cash in on the insurance policy he took out on her life. gary giordano is suing american press for $3.5 million. -- suing american express. the company says when someone is presumed dead, a claim is not a value waited until a whole year
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after the incident. it has only been less than 10 months since juror donato police that gardner disappeared while they worker in aruba. he was finally released due to lack of evidence. >> the effect of basalt has gained a lot of attention in recent months. >> now the fed may be stepping in. >> tragedy strikes in east baltimore. a family loses their father on the same day his daughter is ugrried.
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>> the purchase of $659,000 worth of telephones. john pratt says the mayor felt to go through the proper bidding process. the mayor says no bidding process was needed because the purchases were made under an existing contract. no word tonight on what caused the devastating fire over the weekend that claimed the life of an east baltimore father. the investigation continues into what sparked the deadly blaze on the eastbourne avenue. the flames broke out just before midnight on saturday, killing
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51-year-old bruce wagner and family pets. >> city police say they are looking for three men behind a bizarre armed robbery during busy hours at an area of mcdonald's. it happened just before 9:00 saturday evening. we have obtained some surveillance images from police. officers tell us one of the suspects leak that on to the restaurant counter, displaying a handgun and announced "you know what time is, open up the registers." the suspects were last seen running across york road. the drug is already formally abandoned in many states. synthetic -- synthetic stimulus mimic the effects of other
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drugs. it is believed to cause paranoia, hallucinations and even violence. >> many of the states have already banded. what happens is the people that sell and market this will work truly bottom feeders changed the chemical compilation and then are able to skirt the law. hopefully federal legislation will work to stop that. >> bath salts are sold over the counter at gas stations and convenience stores. >> one of the largest joint in the body takes quite a bit of a beating over a lifetime. women seem to have more than their share of knee injuries. >> stacey is glad to be getting around these days after a skiing accident grounded her early this year. >> i had a searing sensation in the interior part of my leg.
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then i heard and felt a big pop. i knew that my knee was damaged badly. >> and it was. attached a.c.l. -- a detached a.c.l.. >> these kind of injuries or more common in women than men. >> women tend to strengthen their quadriceps more than their hamstrings. women land a little bit stiffer and with their legs straighter than men. there's a theory that there is a hormonal component as to why women have more injuries. >> doctor littleton says it is possible to prevent injuries if you keep your weight and control, in a healthy diet, and exercises to strengthen the muscles and ligaments in the neat, but don't overdo it. >> the most important thing you can do is a gradual increase in your activity. if i go out and run for 50 minutes today and it felt great, i ought not go out and run 30 minutes tomorrow.
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i should run 20 minutes. if i felt pretty good running up a flight of stairs, at it is not a good idea to run up 10 flights of stairs the next day. that is where we run into problems. >> stacy had surgery in says her injury has taught her to listen more to her body signals and not to push herself when she feels tired. >> i am feeling significantly better. it is long road. >> kate amara, wbal-tv 11 news. >> with so many more obese teenagers in the united states these days, the question of whether permanent weight loss surgery is an option for them. a study found that those who had gastric bypass surgery lost twice as much weight as those who had the adjustable band procedure. teenagers in the steady loss more than 66 pounds on average, but there are no long-term studies on teenagers and weight-
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loss surgery. >> now, your insta-weather forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> hd doppler picking up on some storms west of here up in the mountains. lightning strikes indicating that under our imports of western pennsylvania, skirting through western maryland and down toward harrisonburg, virginia. the showe are not a big threat to the baltimore area tonight. they should weaken after sunset and drifting into the mountains into to more stable air, but a few isolated showers may drift through your overnight. other than that, this code drop forecast. right now, central maryland -- temperatures are down, well below normal for this time of the in june with readings out in the low 70's all around the beltway.
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cockeysville in the low 70's, same thing over to chestertown on the eastern shore. even cooler down at the coast, 67 on the beach at ocean city and only in this 60's up into the maryland mountains as well. temperatures will only drop a little bit tonight in the outlying suburbs, clouds around the slight risk of a shower. sunset at 8:36 as we head for the longest part of the year as far as daylight shows. the summer solstice coming in on wednesday. we will be in hot, humid air when that summer solstice comes in. the he has been in the central and western part of the nation. not -- the heat has been in the central and western part of the nation. denver right now with triple digit heat at 100 degrees. that is the heat that will slowly push into the mid atlantic tuesday and wednesday. tomorrow, the slight chance of a thunderstorm popping up during the heat of the afternoon.
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only a minimal chance of an isolated late a thunderstorm on wednesday. same thing on thursday, hazy, hot, and humid weather. this little band of clouds and showers near chicago thursday morning is a cool front that will get here on friday. partly cloudy tomorrow, and _ might pop up in the afternoon. 83-88 degrees. they water temperatures in the low to mid-70's. 86 tomorrow, and as soon as summer begins wednesday, upper 9's wednesday and thursday. thunderstorms thursday evening, a better chance for storms on friday, and that will " wings of going into the weekend. >> -- it will cool things off going into the weekend. >> what a
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>> the judge in the jerry
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sandusky trial -- is attorneys tried to prove he could not have committed the crimes of which he is accused. >> the jerry sandusky's sex abuse trial is on the fast track, and the judge tells jurors they could begin deliberating as early as thursday. they will be sequestered until they reach a verdict. the prosecution closed today with the mother of young men known as victim number nine, who recalls the night her son made him to pick her it is better to pick him up at sandusky's home. >> he was outside without his shoes on, waiting to be picked up. he was afraid to be inside that house. that is a very powerful moment for the prosecution. >> the defense open with a minor victory. prosecutors dropped a misdemeanor child endangerment charge, but sandusky still faces
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51 more serious counts. the first defense witness was another former penn state coach, richard anderson. he testified he, like sandusky, had showered with young boys, many times. the defense argued that is simply part of football culture. >> he asked whether he had ever hoped invoice in the shower stayed with them in hotel rooms. the coach said know. anderson testified about frequent travel. >> one of the coaches described how often of penn state coach would have to work. you can imagine they would spend a lot of time on trips and giving speeches. you can imagine there would be a lot of times when the coach would have his time tied up. >> the defense says -- the judge refused to dismiss the charges. >> the reporter asked sandusky whether he would testify. he did not answer.
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ryan more, wbal-tv 11 news. >> a major announcement tonight from microsoft. >> they are hoping to have a better chance of competing against apple. >> a burglary spree and our area. two men are charged and we are finding out about [ jared ] uh, michael? you know... big game... that was sort of supposed to be for all of us. [ slurping ] [ male announcer ] give 'em what they love. subway! giant subs, sandwich and cookie platters. and big-time value.
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no strings attached. carmax. start here. >> live, local, late-breaking. you are watching wbal-tv 11 news at 5:00 with jane stovall, donna hamilton, and tom tasselmyer. 11 news at 5:00 in hd continues now. >> new information tonight on two suspects accused the rash of burglaries. many of the businesses affected were small shops and restaurants in howard county. now they have been linked to more robberies in baltimore county. >> police say a third suspect was involved in at least an attempted robbery. barry simms has more. >> the three men were arrested together in baltimore county
5:31 pm
after police pulled over a black 2008 chevrolet impala. we have learned new information about the police investigation. berbers cost about $1,200 in damage to the front door of a business, but workers at an to nellie's pizza consider themselves fortunate the thieves did not -- at antonelli's pizza. >> as officers responded to the store, one of our other patrol units observed of vehicle matching a suspect description of a vehicle taken from a previous burglary. when the officer stopped the vehicle, they discovered that the three men inside were connected to the attempted burglary. all three baltimore men are charged with the attempted burglary of the pizza shop on it york road in cockeysville.
5:32 pm
police or linking johnson and jones to numerous burglaries throughout the area. >> further investigation epergnconnected those two men to other burglaries dating back to april 29. >> they are charged with 12 burglaries in howard county. police are also tying jones and johnson to at least two burglaries in anne arundel county. >> they took care register or to get money from the jars. >> jones admitted his involvement and implicated the other two, saying that johnson came running back to the vehicle and hurriedly told him, let's go, let's go. he also claims he frequently drives the other so they can break into businesses and steal money. >> johnson and jones are charged with the burglaries of two pizza shops and a chinese restaurant
5:33 pm
in essex. barry simms, wbal-tv 11 news. >> here is a look at some of our other top stories at this hour. what a weekend in baltimore as hundreds of thousands of visitors headed to the inner harbor for the star-spangled sailabration. not only did the city benefit economically, it showed that downtown baltimore is still a great place to be. law enforcement reports that no major crime issues happen this weekend, which has been an ongoing source of concern. so far it has attracted more than 500,000 people, making it one of the largest events in the city's history. breaking news at the top of the hour, fire at this recycling plant in baltimore county. skyteam 11 was over the scene around 5:00 this evening. captain roy taylor tells us it is unclear what sparked the flames, but an investigation is under way. we are working to get more details on that. >> the dangers of craigslist,
5:34 pm
after the website was used to lure victims to a location where they were robbed at gunpoint. it happened saturday afternoon. a person thought that were going to buy a car that had been posted online on craigslist. during all the confusion, the victim was robbed of the money he had planned on buying the car with, $4,500. the culprits remain at large. anne arundel county police are investigating a home invasion in brooklyn park. they say -- the victim said an armed man forced his hat cell -- forced himself into her home and fled in a white vehicle. police believe this victim was targeted. prosecutors in the trayvon martin murder case released new evidence today, including jailhouse phone calls between george zimmerman and his wife. this comes as they prepare for
5:35 pm
zimmerman is next bond hearing on second-degree murder charges. j. gray has the story new at 5:30. >> we are hearing more to date, a man who shot and killed trayvon martin. this morning, the special prosecutor released six recordings of the show house phone calls between george zimmerman and his wife, shelley. they talk about their love for each other, confidence in his legal counsel, and buying bulletproof vests for themselves and the attorney. prosecutors say the recordings also revealed zimmerman providing his wife with detailed instructions on how to access the bank account and move money from one account to others. they allege the couple was transferring donations right internet account in discussing the funds in code, calling paypal peter pan and never revealing how much money they had. >> take your 10 out first to
5:36 pm
keep in your pocket, and at the institution, see if you can put 10 into hirsh right away. if you can take that 10 out and put it in the box there. >> prosecutors say when they talk about 10, the zimmerman are actually discussing $10,000, and that despite telling the judge they were broke, the zimmerman actually have access to least $130,000 when bond was set. >> a standoff involving an off- duty police officer in pennsylvania has finally come to an end. >> police say the suspect was lying in wait for them. >> this fire through -- 43 some popular mount vernon restaurants back in 2010. they could be setting up shop where they used to do business pickett's oneself baltimore committee is getting a helping hand and ab sailors -- from navy
5:37 pm
sailors. i will have details, next.
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>> it has been a year-and-a- half since the devastating fire core group mount vernon, destroying several businesses. two of them will not be coming back to the neighborhood. donna's coffee bar and mai tai restaurant. the property management group says they were not able to bring those tenants back. mai tai is opening up a new location in little italy and donna's coffee bar may reappear in another location, though that has not been confirmed. >> an off-duty new jersey police officer is in big trouble after a 10-hour armed standoff. it happened at his estranged wife's home just outside of philadelphia. he is now facing 13 counts of attempted homicide.
5:41 pm
police say he pulled out a high- powered rifle and the rest of -- when they responded to this scene. police brought in an urban assault vehicle less protection. officer said he was anticipating their arrival. the standoff did end peacefully. >> president obama is in mexico. his main mission is economic. and to cut a deal with the russian president vladimir putin whose help he needs on syria, and to put pressure on european nations to solve the debt crisis centered on greased, as greece deals with its huge deficits. -- the debt crisis centered on greece. >> he looks like he is doing something to advance a solution to the debt crisis. >> the mexican president praised president obama's decision last week to let young illegal
5:42 pm
immigrants stay in the u.s. to study and work. >> what say you want to get out of town and you want to catch a flight. >> don't say you were not warned. it will take you substantially longer just to get to the airport. details ahead in tonight's " consumer alert." >> gas prices are down in maryland below the national average. that story, straight ahead. >> thunderstorms in the western maryland mountains and a warm front will heat things up in the next couple of da
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>> here is a look and what we are working on for 11 news at 6:00. a final vote on the mayor's proposal to increase the bottle tax.
5:44 pm
reaction from lawmakers for and against that measure. today marks the bicentennial of the declaration that spark to the war of 1812. the war of 1812.
5:45 pm
>> more residents out west are out of their homes as fire crews face fast-moving flames. it started in san diego county, california, and has forced the evacuation of about 150 homes there. the wildfire doubled in size overnight, consuming more than 8,000 acres. more than 1700 personnel have been called in to fight the flames. devastating for the people in that area. >> great weather here in
5:46 pm
baltimore. >> beautiful weather, but it is going to change. summer begins at 7:09 wednesday evening. temperatures are going to switch, but luckily the heat wave will last a couple of days. storms that in western maryland are developing along the warm front. well to the west, temperatures are soaring, but in the eastern part of the state it was another cooler than normal day. we are only running in the low 70's around baltimore, near 80 in western pennsylvania, with thunderstorms near pittsburg. the story dealt with and bring the temperatures to summer-like levels. 14 degrees cooler than normal on the high temperature. 97 on this day in 1957, and then
5:47 pm
two years later, we set the record low at 48 degrees in 1959. allied southeast breeze and only a minimal chance of an isolated shower. a warm front separate set but cooler air from the heat that stretches from chicago to kansas city, to 100 in denver, 103 in el pasco. some of that heat will come into the mid atlantic over the next three days. might be accompanied by an isolated storm tomorrow. generally just hot and humid wednesday and thursday, with the heat feeling like summer. tomorrow, mid-80's, a lot chance of a thunderstorm, less than 20%. waves around 1 foot on the bay tomorrow. in the 80's 4 western maryland for tuesday, wednesday, and
5:48 pm
thursday. on the eastern shore, you'll see the temperatures climbing, mid- 90's on wednesday. feeling kind of humid as the wind shifts around to the cell, and the possibility of a thunderstorm tomorrow afternoon. we will reduce the over 70's tomorrow, low 80's right on the beach. some nice beach weather arrives with the beginning of summer on wednesday. debitors a bowl will tomorrow and way above normal wednesday -- timber jurists above normal tomorrow. -- temperatures above normal tomorrow. we will be in the mid-80's over the weekend. . >> we are still waiting on the major announcement from microsoft in los angeles. the speculation is that the
5:49 pm
company is about to unveil either a tablet computer or a system that uses the upcoming version of windows to help people access movie and tv shows across a wide range of devices. apparently it started about 3:30 this afternoon, but there are no details that have leaked out of the event. nivea of loan anywhere from washington or baltimore in recent years, you are not alone in thinking it is taking longer -- if you flew anywhere, you are not alone in thinking it is taking a lot longer. a study by the national capital regional dress protection plan board took a look at travel times from more than 15 hubs to major airports in a region. in most cases, highway travel times during peak travel times as increase since 2003. the study found traffic congestion is mostly to blame.
5:50 pm
the drive, you know gas prices are continuing to fall. jennifer franciotti has more. >> it is all welcome sight, the price at the talks going down. -- the price at the pumps is going down. the statewide average is $3.40 for regular unleaded, 12 cents below the national average. >> i am saving about $100 a week. >> it comes with the territory. >> gas station owners ride the ebb and flow at the ponump. >> they are coming inside and buying candy and everything. >> it is easy to forget how much we were paying last year at this time for a gallon of gas.
5:51 pm
statewide it was $3.70, and right now it is $3.40. >> a far cry from earlier predictions that summer guests would reach $5 a gallon or more. some experts see prices come down even more. >> if prices remain in the range with they are, and we think motorists will enjoy continuing declines at pocket corthe pump, which is good news indeed. >> it will probably go back up, so i am trying to get as much gas as i can now. >> anyone driving a toyota should pay attention to this. the federal government has added 600,000 camry's as part of the probe that began earlier this year .
5:52 pm
>> key the ntsb says the power window switches in the power side door can overheat and possibly catch fire. the probe now includes 1.4 million cars and suv's, but the vehicles have not yet been recalled. >> five years in the making, the grand opening of the new columbia wegman is being called a major success. store managers that people were lined up sunday morning waiting to get in when the doors opened at 7:00. the grocery chain said the new location is twice the size of the typical supermarket in the area, 135,000 square feet. the new york based grocer announced it was building its howard county location back in 2007. a final approval for the increase in the bottle tax. how the profit is expected to improve city schools. details coming of new at 6:00. >> navy sailors in town for the
5:53 pm
sailabration are lending a helping hand in the community. i am kim dacey and i will explain, coming up.
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>> kim dacey takes us to one neighborhood or sailor spent their morning leaving a good marke. >> is never good is getting a helping hand for more than 25 navy sailors or reject this neighborhood is getting a helping hand. -- this neighborhood is getting a helping han from more than 25 navy sailors. >> we are from all over the united states of america. anything we can do to help out the community and another city is just like helping a committee
5:57 pm
in your home city. >> the sailors are working alongside local neighbors, including one boy scout. >> the navy sailors are not just helping revitalize this community. they are also serving as mentors for those young boy scouts. >> when it comes down to it, kids need a positive influence. that is what we are trying to do, create a positive influence of what use can look forward to going up in being part of -- maybe one day the united states forces. >> the kids say they have enjoyed working with the members of the navy. the scouts and other community members will be responsible for taking care of the garden. it is part of what these doubts are learning all about. >> i water the plants, take care of them reject part of what the
5:58 pm
boy scouts are learning all about. >> give them water and sunlight and keep it safe for it to grow. >> in a few months, their families will be able to enjoy their home grown fruits and vegetables, and remember the sailors who helped make it possible. >> that is all for us at 5:00. >> here is a look at what is coming of new at 6:00. >> prepared to pay more for water or soda in baltimore city. >> police believe they solved a rash of burglaries with the rest of two men. we will to about a third suspect and his possible involvement. >> the sailabration is just about over. how did baltimore do? i am lowell melser, and i will tell you as 11 news at 6:00 start right now. >> live, local, late-breaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news at 6:00.
5:59 pm
>> new tonight at 6:00, at any moment now the baltimore city council is expected to take that final vote to increase the bottle tax. >> the mayor was proposed by the mayor stephanie rawlings-blake to help bring some dilapidated schools up to par. we began with kerry cavanaugh who is at city hall tonight with more. >> at this news is late breaking. the council just voted to pass the final version of the bottle tax with a clear majority. it doubles the tax to pay on every bottle of water, sir, ice- t or any other artificially flavored beverage in baltimore city. -- every bottle of water, soda, iced tea. >> opponents said there were other options that would not hit consumers so far or jeopardize jobs. councilman pete welshli


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