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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  June 19, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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93 just to our south in richmond. it felt so comfortable in the last few days and this is a measure of moisture in the atmosphere. we're starting to see some 70's and the higher the dew point, the harder it is to cool off. a heat warning up around metro philadelphia, so this will be taught. upper 90's feeling like a low 100's. how long will it stick around? coming up. ships havejust before, the set sail bringing star spangled sailabration to an end. >> it has been a week most of us will never forget. today, the tall ships sailed out of baltimore.
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at the inner harbor, the pride of baltimore two fired its cannon. it was a farewell salute. pride two left the parade as they left after spending a week here. >> looking around seeing the types of ships here is really magnificent. it's great to see them coming together. the first to leave with the tall ships from mexico. from the top of these sales to the deck. on the deck, the sailors waved farewell. >> it had the feel of spain, indonesia, mexico. there were different looks and different scenery. we went to look this point and saw the japanese ship. >> there was a sea of people
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waiting to say goodbye. >> they saluted the ships and it seems everywhere you went there was a small boat. everyone wanted to be a part of this. they made sure they were here in their sailboat. >> i was taking hundred and pictures. >> we brought our road over here to say aloud with of them and hopefully go do some sailing out of the chesapeake today. >> it was a week to remember. >> it can still seek the star spangled sailabration events on
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mine. the pictures show the parade leaving inner harbor and how to get your own souvenir. >> a stretch of the hanover pike is and after a nasty collision with a tractor-trailer and a car. -- it is stretch of hanover pike is backed open. a woman was trying to make a u- turn when she was struck by an oncoming big rig. in the tropics, frozen vegetables. they're suffering from non-life threatening injuries. a woman's body was found in a motel room in dewey beach and the state police in delaware say they are searching for her murder. they have reason to believe he killed the lady found dead by a cleaning lady. the woman has not yet been identified. >> the cannibalism suspect could
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be ruled mentally incompetent to stand trial. accused of killing a family friend and eating his heart and part of his brain, the judge shall now ordered him to be transferred to restate mental hospital. the anne arundel county fire marshal's office is looking at another bottle bomb explosion. libra for anne arundel county headquarters with the latest --- live from anne arundel. >> they are becoming a disturbing trend. ofy saythere were a lot
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kids around. >> for jennifer, it was an earth-shattering shock. in this common area in pasadena, fire officials say someone set off a bottle bomb. >> i thought it was a fire work. we saw smoke. the kids went to look at it and the there was a bottle back there that look like it had exploded. they had found evidence of the bomb, but not no suspects or witnesses. >> fire officials say these types of books was a devices are becoming increasingly popular lately including a case last week of a 6-year-old girl being injured by one on a playground in pasadena.
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>> it is apparently an ongoing thing then. they can find how to make them. there are ways. >> the most popular way is on youtube which as video showing how to make the bombs and then actually exploding. fire officials say they have drano and other items and the pressure causes it to explode. back in jennifer's neighborhood, she's glad nobody got hurt considering the amount of children the ground by playing at the time. >> academics loaded on any of the kids. that's the upsetting part about it. >> anyone with information should call 911 immediately.
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lowell melser, wbal-tv 11 news. >> a psychologist testified today before the former penn state the ball coach, sandusky, that suffers from a mental disorder. >> they also focused on his character and good deeds. brian mooar has the latest. what the defense tried to turn the tables on his accusers. his wife took the stand today to defend the former penn state football coach against charges he abused 10 boys over a decade and a half. dottie sandusky has appeared as a key third party witness, the best hope for an alibi. several accusers say she was nearby when sandusky abuse them during sleepovers up the family home or on trips. the wife denied there was any inappropriate contacts. she said she never saw or heard
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anything. earlier, a defense expert said he suffers from an obscure mental disorder. forensic psychologist said she had diagnosed him with histrionic personality disorder which operas an alternate explanation for what they were previous described as creepy love letters to one of his accusers. day two of defense testimony focused on knocking down charges as well as building up his reputation with a parade of character witnesses recalling his good deeds. >> these character witnesses do nothing other than the fact that a signal to the jury that there are people who have come forward, reputable in the community, standing by. >> under aggressive questioning, two state police investigators denied a share details among the alleged victims to coach their testimonies. an audio tape revealed that they did share specifics with at least one witness.
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to show several of the accusers having a financial interest. >> it raised some eyebrows when they said this was like a soap opera, "all my children." brian mooar, wbal-tv 11 news. >> the controversy of this ruling anchored pet owners and they're wondering if they need a new law. the maryland court of appeals decision world that pit bulls are inherently dangerous dogs. barry simms is live with more on what allegedly the task force is considering. >> the task force heard from advocates who are concerned that pit bulls are being singled out, abandoned, or you denies. the parents of a boy who was attacked have a different opinion and are calling for stronger laws. "inherently dangerous" is a
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phrase that they are rallying around. and the inner harbor, there are complaints from critics and others including anthony and irene whose son was seriously injured when a pit bull attack him in 2007. they want dog owners held responsible. this delegate says he is seeking a clear definition of what is considered a pit bull. >> i looked through it and it could not find a definition. quite frankly, i have tried online to come to a conclusion as to what is a "pitiful," much less a cross-breed.
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>> they're worried about being forced from their homes about dog bite liability. >> this is one of the states where you are teasing the dog or it is protecting its pups that it cannot be inherently dangerous. >> tax force members are wondering if the change in the laws would impact insurance laws. >> of maryland were to join the majority of sisters states and adopt in general, not greed- specific, would there be any change required for those insurance statutes. >> the task force will have their work today on this issue next saturday. barry simms, wbal-tv 11 news. >> still ahead, secretariat is viewed as on the best of all
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time. >> the 1973 record still stands in the belmont and kentucky derby. the timing of the preakness has been a source of heated testimony. a much-anticipated decision is made. [ female announcer ] with xfinity,
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>> state police are identifying the woman found dead in dewey beach. stillities say they're looking for the suspect from wilmington, delaware. this is his picture. here's a look at some of the other late breaking story is right now. an investigation under way were they had to shut down a stretch of the hanover pike starting just before 10:00 this morning. both drivers are expected to recover. tonight, 34-year-old alexander is the prime suspect of this rape and assault charges
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following an incident over the weekend was the teenager was at his home. they believed the acquaintance it is a victim. coast guard and state transportation officials to avoid the bay bridge and a key bridge. huge cranes are on their way to the port. they are 14 stories high, 170 feet, on board a cargo ship. they think drivers will probably try to stop and gawk. they estimate the cranes to arrive at the bay bridge around 1:15 in the key bridge around 3:15. >> it looks as though another
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city is joining the fight against sugar ray beverages. this time, a cambridge massachusetts. they're asking to limit the size of the soda and sugar-sweetened beverages. they cited an increased risk of obesity and diabetes. new york mayor michael bloomberg has also proposed a law from using containers bigger than as16 ounces. the number of children hospitalized for hypertension nearly doubled. doctors analyze the nationwide pediatrics database. childhood obesity is at least partially to blame. they increased by 50%. those more likely to have high blood pressure were older than 9, mail, an african a parian --
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male, and african american. says her y's father pain has spread to her abdomen and groin since contracting the flesh eating bacteria through a gash. >> i can imagine what it's like to have the phantom pain. >> despite the recent setbacks, she could be in a wheelchair by the end of the month and into rehab in three weeks. best of luck to her. living in a sunny state could offer protection from pancreatic cancer. researchers in australia found those in the areas with the
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highest uv exposure had a 25% lower risk for pancreatic sca cancer. research and are hoping to learn more about the benefits of vitamin d, sun exposure, and their relationship with cancer. >> your 11 insta-weather + forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> the highest temperature we've had so far this year in baltimore. officially 94 at the airport. looks like tomorrow and thursday will be hotter than that especially factor in the humidity level above 100. he and humidity are on the way back. some places you can go to escape the heat? the mountains or the coast. 74 on the beach, 10 degrees hotter and land. starting to see temperatures it
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is mid to upper 80's. the sun broke through and started to heat things up. and the site was the evening around baltimore, clear skies and relatively mild light wind, sun that this evening at 8:36. he did rise three already in effect. this includes southern pennsylvania, down into d.c., northern virginia. this red shading is the excessive heat warning for metro philadelphia including new castle county in northern delaware.
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as a light. over 100 with the combination of temperature and humidity. 69 in augusta, maine. this is the heat building in wit high pressure on the gulf providing humidity. summer begins tomorrow when 7:00 and 9:00 p.m. -- at 7:09 p.m. he really on thursday will be out in chicago. this will get into baltimore late in the day on friday. more showers breaking out ahead of that front. when the front itself slide through, we should get temperatures back closer to normal on the weekend.
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will feel like 100-105 tomorrow. bay water in the low 70's. it will feel more comfortable there. thunderstorms thursday evening. thunderstorm chances holding off until thursday evening. down on the coast, a sea breeze keeping temperatures in the 80's. seven-day forecast -- how long will it last? friday, char's around than the temperature starts to back down. then we are back in the mid 80's where we are supposed to be this weekend. >> within the last 10 minutes, more breaking news on the murder investigation in delaware. police have identified the victim from pennsylvania.
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we have learned the suspect, from wilmington delaware, has been found dead in new jersey premium continue to monitor the story for any more new development. >> michael phelps holding the record for the most olympic medals. >> we hear the olympians
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>> late breaking details from the maryland racing commission. secretariat will go down in history for making record time at the preakness stakes. they decided to side with the secretariat's owner using technology to determine the finishing time in 1973 as one minute, 53 seconds, faster than the original time. the preakness was the only race in which she did not establish a track record. jayne miller is standing by and
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will have reaction from the owner knew at 6:00. >> michael phelps plan for the olympics, new tonight, confirming he has entered seven races at next week's olympic trials. in includes the growing for hundred meter medley, the freestyle, butterfly, 200 meter backstroke. they can become the most decorated a libyan of all time after winning all eight events four years ago. >> he only needs three. >> it looks like he is in for seven races. >> he could definitely do that. >> the leader of the world's largest economies as they have a
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plan to prepare the crisis. >> they are issuing the wrapped draft today -- rough draft today. >>
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>> live, local, late breaking. you're watching wbal-tv 11 news at 5:00 in hd with stan stovall, donna hamilton, tom tasselmyer. 11 news at 5:00 in hd continues now. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> there is a mission to fine- tune what our students are learning in the classroom. you're going to hear things about "common core." >> more than 6000 teachers are we giving this a test drive. tim tooten has the story. how different is this? >> it keeps the basics in place but changes how it is being delivered to the classroom. the difference is that they will start learning bits and pieces
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this fall and the rest of the program will come along over the next year or so. they are here to brush up on the common core state standards. >> what did you think? >> learning about teaching english, it was reading and writing, but this is about how all of it is interconnected. that's what it's about. >> we broke model units and model lessons this year that really helped teachers understand what it looks like. >> the goal is to help what they're learning here in their own classrooms. >> we are asking more of them by doing this. we are asking for kids to become a bit more independent in their readings of they can tackle text they may not be familiar with and be successful. in math, they need to be better problem solvers.
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>> need to take a step back and analyze the big picture. >> it's a new way of looking at the same thing, in new ways and that they can be collagen career ready that we may be not have been paying attention to. >> they will be comparing notes and helping to learn the new methods. >> how valuable is this? >> it gives us a head start in preparing for the next year. >> these changes will officially be in place by fall 2013. >> five more of these some indication causes will be this summer. to learn more, and click on "education alert." >> dozens of tall ships and vessels docked have set sail today bringing the star spangled sailabration to a close.
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the naval vessels began leaving at 6:00 a.m. and the scholarships left at 8:00 leaving behind the pride of baltimore two. they could be seen in anne arundel and queen anne's county. officials are concerned about an explosive trend that seems to be on the rise, setting off bottle bombs. the latest case was last night in pasadena. they arrived on the scene to find evidence of the bomb but no suspects in side. it found another one in may. the parents of 8000 boy that was injured in a pit bull attack says a dog should not be put ahead of human welfare. they testified this afternoon reviewing a ruling saying that
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pit bulls are inherently dangerous dogs. they say the ruling should stand meaning pit bull owners could be liable for dog bites without any previous dog bites of their dogs being dangerous. they believe these are unfair and ineffective. >> following breaking news right now from baltimore police, investigating and other crimes list robbery. this time, a couple robbed of $4,000 answering an ad to buy a vehicle on line. one of the victims saying there reportedly pulled a gun firing into the year. no one was hurt, more on this developing story later in the broadcast. >> in the race for the white house, the biggest issue with jobs but the new issue is immigration.
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hasa's change in policy republicans scrambling. we have tonight commitment 2012 updates. >> his move and immigration is paying off politically. 64% of likely voters told bloomberg that they support the obama move to let 800,000 young undocumented migrants stay in the u.s. to study or work. they played up the issue. >> romney is a wall on this issue. if you are out there, if you can arrest -- where do you stand? >> it so much fun running for president. >> he was in michigan not talking immigration instead warning that president obama is doing to the u.s. economy when european leaders at the g-20 decided to do in europe -- spend more to put people to work. >> with a government that gets
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larger and larger, with taxes that get up and up to pay for that government. >> florida center marker rubio proposed an immigration plan like the president's. -- marco rubio proposed a plan like the president's. others are moving to block the "stunt. >> you just added 800,000 new competitors. >> it's left romney in the middle. they are waiting to hear what he wants to do on immigration. wbal-tv 11 news. >> and 18-year-old florida boy
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waking up from a surgery that removed a three-foot long spear protruding from his head. >> getting our first look at the x-rays from what became a miraculous surgery. >> remember that rare blue lobster? it's about to get a new home. there is a 1 in 3 million chance of being blue. >> 39 years after theea
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>> a rare blue lobster was found off the coast of ocean city this week. the national aquarium in the washington, d.c., will have a case of the blues. this is a one in two million exception. he has been staying in a lobster tank since he was caught on thursday. the man decided to donate him to the aquarium where he will live a life of a lobster king.
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>> a story of an amazing survival. even after you see it coming you might not believe it. this is the x-ray after he accidently had been shot with a three-foot spear while fishing. they had to use a rework tool to cut down 18 inches of the spear. it entered 1 inch above his eye and it somehow missed every major blood vessels and did not hit the portion of the brain controlling speech. a team of surgeons found a way to remove it and the teenager is expected to make a recovery. spectacular video out of arizona as this plumbing supply business goes in flames. told as the fire tore through the warehouse that there
5:42 pm
were probably butane tanks. so far, no reports of any injuries. >> getting a look at tripoli projections. this holiday travel could break records. >> microsoft launches its hyped tablet. tech insiders say it brings some new innovations to the tablets new innovations to the tablets
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new innovations to the tablets we gotta sell the car. where would we even start? get the car. hi howard. get in. hi, good to see you. start with an actual written offer when selling your car, no strings attached. carmax. start here. clicks a dangerous trend has police on high alert. explosive bottle bombs.
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new details on cases and one community has been hit more than once. you will hear from both sideses
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>> this fourth of july will be very busy with the port of july on a wednesday. there could be travelers taking advantage of a long weekend. a close to book on what to expect if you are planning a trip. >> whether it's in the air or on the road. plan on getting away for the fourth of july? you were not alone. >> getting out to celebrate this holiday with family and friends. >> 42.3 million americans will make the fourth of july trip, more than a decade.
5:46 pm
passengers will pay about the same as they did last year for a ticket. most will pack their car and take to the road. the national average right now is below $3.50 per gallon which is 60 cents lower than this time last year. analysts say you will pay more for a hotel but less for a rental car. one way to make sure you save is to take a band of on-line resources to plan your journey.
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>> plan accordingly. >> this could be the best road map to a fun fourth of july. >> 25% of your planning to leave but the friday before the holiday. that is 10 days from now. >> your 11 insta-weather + forecast with tom tasselmyer. >> 18 degrees warmer than yesterday. the numbers will continue to climb. a much more comfortable day down toward the coastal areas with water temperature still in the 60's and 70's. it's a nice heat relief and
5:48 pm
natural air-conditioning. a check on the temperatures, only 74 in ocean city at this hour. 10 degrees warmer away from the water in in towards salzburg. near 90 in baltimore. he relates with comparable 79 right now in oakland out towards their creek lake. a heat advisory in the 95 corridor from hartford, d.c., northern virginia, back west toward frederick. a red shaded area around metro philadelphia is an excessive heat warning. the urban areas will be even hotter than the suburban areas. hunker down and get ready for the first heat wave of summer. yesterday, the high was just 80.
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it will feel like it is in the 100's when you factor in the heat index. these are already falling apart. around baltimore, mostly clear, some of the five downtown. sunset at 8:36. off to the west, 90 in chicago, detroit, and almost in pittsburgh at this hour. that is where the wind will be coming from, south, southwest. this is a comfortable 69 up in maine right now, with that will be pushing towards them as well. most of the east will be in the hot air during the day tomorrow with increasing humidity. sunshine abundant and might win tomorrow. the record high officially measured was 100 degrees tomorrow. southwest wind on the bay, cooler water temperatures. if you are out on the chesapeake, you will get some heat release.
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humidity is the main factor on the eastern shore mid to upper 90's feeling like the low 100's. the sea breeze will come in. the cool air will come in. a, temperatures in the upper 90's. scattered thunderstorms friday and then back to normal saturday and sunday. >> we begin tonight consumer alert with a look at wall street as they monitor a special federal reserve session that may come up with more plans to jump- start the economy. the dow jumped out to the highest number in a month. the s&p 500 rose 13 points to finish at 1360. the nasdaq up 34 to finish just above 2900. one of the biggest gainers today
5:51 pm
was microsoft. they jumped 3% after announcing today a new tablets computer called the surface to compete with the apple ipad. we have some reactions to the move. >> this is the new microsoft surface. >> a company best known for its computer software jumped into the hardware battle in a big way. >> microsoft is making an incredible gamble. >> they say the surface tablet puts microsoft in competition against computer makers that they are normally partnered with, not to mention the company everyone is chasing, apple. >> this is what you've got to do. if you are not going to do it, we will. >> they unveiled design features including a cover that doubles as a keyboard and a built in kickstand to prop up the screen.
5:52 pm
>> this could be a design review can inspire other manufacturers to make products to compete. >> the fall debut will coincide with the microsoft launch of their new touch-friendly windows 08 operating system. still to come up? work on the price and its battery life. >> one reason it was such a huge success is because the battery life was unprecedented. it lasted so long that it became a truly useful mobile device. >> they hope that it will entice developers as well as users. >> it's a bold move. it's attractive. it shows they have their head in the right direction. >> their challenge, getting others to follow. >> interesting. >> it's time for steel drums, masquerades, and street parade. the seventh annual caribbean heritage month. the city will be recognizing all
5:53 pm
the contributions of caribbean american heritage and tradition is relatively new. here in baltimore today, also marking the launch of the caribbean american vegetable which will take place july 13th, 14th, and 15th. ronny wrapping up his bus tour with a campaign swing through his home state of michigan. and has been focusing on visiting region's one by obama back in 2008. a report coming up 6:00. >> events are going on every day from the columbia festival of the arts. i'm kim v.c. with details next.
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>> it's become a tradition in howard county, the columbia festival of the arts. >> there are some unique? for the full family. >> can at the ec has the details. -- kim dacey as the details.
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>> they're bringing in some great acts. >> performance art, visual arts, literature, film. each year, we try to mix it up and touch on as many disciplines within that that we can so that hopefully our model is we offer something for everyone. >> it started last weekend with a weekend full of activities, art, and performances and it continues with events nearly every day including performances by johnny cash's daughter, and old favorites. >> its so much fun. the last time we were here was for our 20th anniversary. they do an element of their act called the challenge. your audience is able to bring in items from which three will be chosen to see if they can be
5:58 pm
joggled for two minutes by one of the performers. >> the finale is a performance by a group that offers workshops for the public. they make this a unique festival to kick off summer. >> it brings up the community. it brings up this very diverse community which was the entire premise we had in mind when we designed columbia as the new america. >> some events are free, but some require tickets. you can find the full list on our website. kim dacey, wbal-tv 11 news. >> that's it for us at 5:00. you're they look at what's coming up next at 6:00. >> the maryland racing commission takes an unprecedented step down as a result, secretary it now holds a preakness record. >> pets ruled inherently dangerous. fighting for pit bulls.
5:59 pm
the consideration of a legislative tax force. >> live a, lebow, the breaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news at 6:00 -- live, local, late breaking. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> warning the public to take extra precautions as we could reach index values of 105 degrees. people should try to limit their outdoor activities, drink water, where blues, lightweight clothing and keep an eye on those most at risk for a heat stroke. our big story tonight, on a report about something that happened 39 years ago, a new record for one of the greatest winners. >> today, unprecedented step voting to change the winning time from the 1973 preakness making the horse even faster


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