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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  June 20, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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android devices. find the area's cooling centers,.. and share u-local photos,.. of how you keep cool in the heat. a baltimore county teenager, is driven to a field in howard county and shot in the head... tonight, as doctors try to save the the 15 year old's life, police are hoping you can lead them to the person who pulled the trigger... our live, local, latebreaking coverage continues with 11 news reporter kim dacey, live in ellicott city guy: i was walking to get the mail about 530 or 6 and i saw him laying in the side of the tonight, state police say they were able to trace blood on the shirt
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>> at the time, i thought it was just mud. he was wearing a wife beater that was not white anymore. i asked him if he was shot and he rolled his eyes back and nodded. that is when we called 911. >> he was airlifted to shock trauma. investigators believe that is where the incident originated. >> at this point, we believe the boy was driven to that location from baltimore county and we believe he was shot, taken out of the car and shot there in the field. we don't have a motive but we
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believe he was involved in an ongoing dispute. >> police are looking for multiple suspects but don't have any other details. police agree that this is extremely rare for that area. >> we do get gunshots but people are having beer or shooting at cans or whatever. >> the man who found the team hopes the boy who covers and realizes he probably saved the boy's life. >> if i happen to be walking to get the mail, he would probably still be laying there. >> police are working with baltimore county police on the case and they are offering a $2,000 reward for information. if you have any information, contact howard county police.
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>> police say they were able to trace blood to the murder of a co-worker in the rear area of a building at this martin supermarket along the 1300 boulevard. the first person is on the scene was standing at this store entrance and that is when they noticed the blood. upon further investigation, they noted they had been in an argument which ended in a deadly stabbing in the storage area. the victim is not being identified. both men are from new york and had been say -- had been staying in that area. >> in baltimore, the murder count stands at 100 this year. police say the first one happened along the 2100 block just before 6:30 last night. investigators say that is where an 18-year-old was found shot in the chest.
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of around 2:00 this morning, another murder on the 4000 block in northwest baltimore. police found a 36-year-old in front of a walkway shot in the torso. he died at the hospital. homicide detectives are asking anyone with information to contact them. the man accused of killing in north carolina honors student was arraigned on first degree charges today. police say he killed phylicia barnes as she visited on a holiday. the family members were there for today's arraignment. >> michael johnson entered a not guilty plea during the arraignment hearing and felicia barnes family watched -- watched in the courtroom, all dressed in purple. the family says it was the team's favorite color. >> we are glad the attorney did
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bring charges. >> according to investigators, michael johnson was the last known person to see her alive. she disappeared from her sister's apartment in 2010. prosecutors say he exchange hundreds of calls and text messages the summer before she disappeared. she told a family member that his she did not like the way he looked at her and made her uncomfortable. witnesses reported seeing him carry a storage bin from her apartment. johnson's attorney talked about the autopsy report and said asphyxiation was the cause of death. he says he has seen no evidence linking him to the murder. >> there is no physical evidence to corroborate that. everything was intact and there
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was no indication of trauma or anything to the physical person. it was a rule out circumstance and would have been undetermined. >> johnson has been held without bail since april. >> thank you. testimony ended in the jerry sandusky says kip -- sex abuse trial and the jury could it began the liberation tomorrow afternoon. >> the defense presented character witnesses who spoke on behalf of the football coach. but the -- but sandusky did not take the witness stand. >> and jerry sandusky's defense rested today without the former penn state football coach taking the witness stand. though sandusky did not testify, his interviews and letters presented during the trial made him a potent weapons. >> am i sexually attracted to
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underage boys? >> for the prosecution, his attorney looked upbeat as he left the courthouse. >> are you hopeful? >> the defense struggled to blunt a case built around eight young accusers and a former grad student who testified he saw sandusky abusing a young boy in a penn state shower. the defense tried to cast doubt on whether he actually saw or just assume he's high crime. a family friend testified that he said he heard what he described as a sexual sounds. >> those two words are what the jury will take back with them. that is what they will remember. at the end of the day, he was ultimately a great witness for the prosecution. >> the defense suggested sandusky's accusers made up their stories. a witness, a friend of sandusky 's told the court he was intimidated by police investigators.
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i felt like they wanted me to say something that wasn't true, he said. he and another witness describe meeting sandusky as youngsters and being invited to be sandusky home for numerous sleepovers. both remember him as a father figure. but the jury expects to be sequestered until they reach a verdict. >> coming up, a murder mystery involving baltimore county had police on high alert for the past month. >> a break in the case -- how manned and wound up dead in the back seat of his own car. >> researchers find a possible link between the personal hygiene products most of us use hygiene products most of us use every day
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>> across the state of maryland, flags are flying at half staff in honor of a marine killed in afghanistan. sgt julien case was killed on may 20 while conducting combat operations. he was stationed in okinawa, japan but was deployed to afghanistan for a second tour. he received several service awards, including the purple heart. police in baltimore county say
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they know how weightman wound up dead in the back seat of his car earlier this month. detectives wanted him for a murder and robbery and is found inside his car, shot several times trade investigators say he was a man who pulled the trigger. part of a robbery that turned deadly. smith has been charged with first-degree murder and armed robbery and is held without bail. >> here is a surprising and no doubt what will be a controversial study that says pregnant women may be able to have eight alcoholic beverages a week without harming their developing children. before you pour the class of wine, listen to this. abstaining from alcohol is still the best practice. danish researchers evaluated the best practices of 1600 pregnant women and assess their children die queues when there were five years old. children whose mother who had
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one to eight drinks a week did not perform as well on brain function compared to mothers who did not drink at all. but many other measures of development were not included and the safest practice remains avoiding alcohol altogether during pregnancy. researchers have found a link between certain types of allergies and commonly used household products. it is being considered an important for step in figuring out the trigger behind the rise and profit allergies. -- rise in childhood allergies. >> he has spent most of his life severely allergic to milk. >> you just have to always be on the lookout for anything with milk. >> he's undergoing clinical trials to increase its tolerance to melt. his allergy came as a shock because there's no history of allergies and the family. >> when he was 11 months old, he 82 bytes of quiche and we knew he was ok with eggs.
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his eyes swelled shut and swelled up. >> researchers have made a discovery -- part -- dr. jessica savaged with allergy test results of 800 children between the ages of 6 and 18. by comparing chemicals in their urine, they found to compounds associated with a chance of testing positive for allergies used in common household items. >> if you look into the active ingredients, this contains one of the indians we were able to study. these are compounds -- ingredients we were able to study. these are in things like mouthwash and hand sanitizer and used in food preservatives. >> it's an exciting find called a first that it now that they know there is a link. now it's time to find out if the compounds make us more susceptible to allergens or is
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it the age-old question of what came first, the chicken or the egg? >> one possible explanation is that parents of children and -- children with allergies are more clean and use these compounds war. >> you are by no means telling people not to use these products? >> we don't have enough evidence to suggest that. these are important things. we need hand sanitizers in the hospital to prevent infections. we need food preservatives so our food don't -- foods don't get spoiled. we do not want people to take on the message. >> this family has focused on treatment, not the cause. >> it's a more sterile environment that has been in the past. that makes sense to me.
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>> set aside the hot desert southwest and we are looking at the hardest -- we're looking at the hottest part of the country in the mid-atlantic region. 96 all the way up to boston. it has cooled off in the northern rockies and denver which was flirting with 100 degrees and is now 71. that is some welcome relief for them but in the mid-atlantic, we have seen the heat moved in in full force. 99 in downtown baltimore after hitting 100. frerick at 99 degrees. all the way out into washington county, temperatures in the '90s. down on the coast, they are getting a little bit of heat relief along the shore where it is 85 degrees. plenty of moisture in that atmosphere. combine the temperature with the humidity and the body can't cool off when there is all that moisture in that atmosphere. triple digit heat indices all
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across the eastern store -- all across the eastern shore. the heat advisory in effect goes until 10:00 tonight and will be reissued tomorrow around philadelphia and those urban areas up there. even tougher in downtown locations, including downtown baltimore. high pressure is producing the heat and clearing skies and suppressing thunderstorms accept or the wind is blowing in the higher terrain of southwest virginia. easterly flow coming into the mountains is helping to trigger isolated storms but not around baltimore. mostly clear and warm and barely below 80 degrees. 70 in the suburbs. first sunset of summer -- 8:36 this evening. summer officially begins at 7:09. cold front stretching from eastern nebraska into michigan. behind it, look how nice and
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comfortable that is. it's going to take another day and a half to get here. tomorrow is a hot one all the way out to chicago. tomorrow is expected to be a repeat of today with a front moving through the area friday. friday will be hot and humid before temperatures get back to normal over the weekend. 20% chance of a thunderstorm popping up as we had past sunset tomorrow evening. on the day, a light, southwest breeze. with water temperatures in the mid '70s, if you are near the bay, that give you a little bit of each release. a thunderstorm late in the day tomorrow. the eastern shore tomorrow is just like today. down at the coast, the temperatures stay in the '80s with a sea breeze kicking in. thunderstorms are arriving on
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friday. the first full day of summer tomorrow, 98 degrees and feeling like the low 100. back into the mid-80s over the weekend. >> thank you. still ahead, 14 story cranes making their way down the chesapeake making quite this seen this afternoon. a live report from the sky team 11. >> you are never too old for gold. a veteran olympian it's ready for her sixth and she says final olympic games. how the 45 year-old
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>> there was some traffic stopping activity this afternoon that was a sight to be seen. >> maryland transportation officials would be hauling cars in both directions to make way for massive cranes to pass through. captain roy taylor was over the scene. have been following that vessel all the way up the chesapeake
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bay. >> you are looking live at the four super cranes and the process of making their way into the marine terminal here in the harbor. we have video to show you what it looked like down by the bay bridge as the crane and that going underneath the bay bridge. they had to stop traffic for about 30 minutes while the past underneath the bay bridge. when i got up toward a key bridge at around 4:15, and ended up stopping traffic so it could pass under there. if they were concerned about drivers being too distracted by going underneath the bridge as well as making sure was safe in case something inadvertently happen while something as massive as working its way into the court. right now, traffic is flowing freely on the bay bridge and a key bridge. a live shot here of the ship working its way into the
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terminal of the four super cranes. >> of breaking news out of annapolis -- looks like a group dedicated to gambling expansion has failed to reach a consensus. that means there will be no special session on the issue and a sixth casino will not be recommended for prince george's county this year. the work group had been weighing whether to allow table games like black jack and roulette at 5 authorize casinos. the group was also considering a new casino site in prince george's county. >> shoppers and baltimore county, it's time to rejoice. >> the latest additions to the town center coming up. >> angry employes of a security company in baltimore city say their checks have bounced. their checks have bounced. some have not been paid in
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>> tonight, a health oversight committee has cited attorney general eric holder for contempt of congress for refusing to turn over documents related to operation fast and furious. >> the slot gunrunning prome allegedly killing a federal agent at the mexican border. president obama today invoked executive privilege of withholding the documents. >> the contempt finding comes after more than one year of investigation by the house oversight committee. republicans say they have more questions about what the white house knew and when. >> time is up, republicans say, for attorney general eric holder to turn over additional documents over the botched sting
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operation known as fast and furious. >> to know about it, when did they know about it and how far up the ago? >> federal agents lost track of weapons used at the scene, including to use that the killing of a federal agent. >> just give us the documents. what could be so damning in the documents that they can i give them to us? >> president obama asserted executive privilege to withhold the documents. >> either part of a or is not. he's part of it, we've had a series of witnesses that have missed but this committee. if he is not part of it, yes no business exerting executive privilege. >> it's the most ridiculous thing i've seen in my years of being on this committee. >> democrats accuse republicans of getting into a political witch hunt. >> i'm horrified you're going forward with the contempt charge. >> the justice department says it has released more than 7000 documents in relation to the operation. holder says releasing certain
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information could jeopardize criminal prosecutions. >> you accuse them of a cover-up for protecting documents he was prohibited by law from producing. >> the contempt finding now goes to the full house for a vote. >> also new at 5:30 -- imagine going to capture next paycheck only to have an ounce, bringing on hundreds of dollars in fees from the bank as your payments bounced. that's what a number of employees from one baltimore security company say has happened too often. >> the company -- the employees contacted us for help. >> 11 news received more than a dozen complaints from angry employees of his iwg protection agency in baltimore city claiming their checks had bounced. some told us they have not been paid in over a month. >> we have problems with cashing
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our checks. >> for her and a number of other employees that work for or have worked for iwg protection services, getting paid for their hard work has been a great challenge and now they say it has reached a boiling point. >> you are ruining people's lives. people can't pay gas. people can't take care of their kids. i'm a single parent. i can't afford to keep getting bounced checks. >> she worked for the company for two and half years in and told us the company had a pattern of unpredictable payments. some employee checks would clear, other employee checks would announce at the same time. some are paid within days of bouncing, some within a month, and for some people not all. >> i couldn't even pay my rent. i'm crying to this man and telling him all the things i'm going through and nothing has been done. >> she says one bounced check
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coster bank to charge for more than $900 in fees and yes no help from her employer thus far. we tried in person and by phone to reach the owner of iwg list told no comment. we also tried to piece -- tried to speak to a person entering the building and he said the same thing. >> can you tell us anything about that? >> no comment. >> if you work and don't get paid for the work you have been done, that is wage theft. >> unfortunately, this practice of bounced checks is all too common in maryland. he did confirm there is at least one complaint on iwg, and court documents reveal an unsatisfied lean on the state for more than $53,000. there may be some hope for the unpaid employees -- the company's troubles can be proven. >> we have the ability to issue
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a final order of wage payment in the circuit court of jurisdiction. we will collect for these folks. >> it is unclear how the state labor department will handle this case but they say anyone they feel was wronged by the company should contact them immediately. we have some help on our website. >> here is a look at some of our other top stories at this hour -- heat advisory throughout the baltimore region as temperatures soared into the mid and upper 90s. health officials warn residents to drink plenty of water, stay out of the sun, and stay inside with air-conditioning of possible. public cooling centers have been set up for those who cannot have air-conditioning. a code red alert has been declared whenever the heat index goes above 105 degrees or there is a threat to public health. a baltimore county teen is
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listed in critical but stable condition after police say he was shot in the head in howard county. a nearby resident found the victim in the middle of the field around 7:00 last night. detectives say they think the assailants drove the teenager to the location where he was shot execution-style. police believe an ongoing dispute may have led to the incident. investigators are offering a $2,000 a word for anything that leads to an arrest and conviction. a man accused of killing a north carolina team visiting family in baltimore during the holidays says he did not do it. michael johnson entered a not guilty plea this morning at the mitchell court house. he is charged with first-degree murder in the 2010 asphyxiation death of phylicia barnes. prosecutors say he killed her and her half-sister is apartment and used a 35 gallon tub to move the body. a trial that is set for august 13. >> hundreds of new jobs are headed to the baltimore area.
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>> united healthcare makes a big announcement. where those jobs are headed, coming up. >> we heard a loud boom and the whole building shook. i immediately thought it was an earthquake. >> but it wasn't. find out what caused this massive blast and forced the evacuation of thousands of guests at a tennessee hotel. >> a whole new round in a feud between the city comptroller and mayor over a new phone system. the
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>> more than 300 new jobs are headed our way from united healthcare. the announcement came down this afternoon. the jobs will support their newly acquired health division which provides medicare plans to chronically ill and underserved patients. the new hires will increase the work force by about 10%. to under 50 employees will work in a program that uses outreach workers to assess people in their homes and the rest will work in a pharmacy counseling program. >> supporters of the dream act
5:41 pm
which will appear on the november ballot are launching a new campaign to explain to voters to help the passage. they are ramping up plans to educate voters on the new law. you will be voting on legislation that led to illegal immigrants benefit -- this is only if the students graduated from high school and if their family has gone to -- to be eligible to transfer after two years. >> we have the most stringent in the country. we require every student to -- every student will be required to pay taxes. >> the campaign comes days after the court of appeals affirmed a lower-court decision to keep the dream act on the november ballot.
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>> thousands of people evacuated after an explosion at a national hotel and convention center. no one was hurt. officials say it appears a gas leak was ignited inside a mechanical room and the blast was so strong it tore through tiles as high as the third floor. >> it was allowed a boom. the whole building shook and i immediately thought it was an earthquake. >> sheriffs from around the country were staying at the hotel attending the 2012 national sheriffs' association convention. an investigation has been conducted and ruled out any suspicious activity as a possible cause. >> starting this summer, you will have for new places to shop in the town center. >> a number of big-name >> a number of big-name retailers moving
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>> some heated words exchanged between the city's mayor and the comptroller over the purchase of a new telephone system. a 15-year-old baltimore boy is holding on to life after he was shot in the head and discovered by resident
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>> we are not the only ones of sweltering on the first day of summer, i feel like the middle of a long hot august.
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peep -- temperatures are already pushing close to 100 degrees. >> a heat wave continues to sweep across much of the country right now. >> its sticky. >> sticky, stifling, and likely to stay around for awhile. >> mostly sunny and hot this afternoon. >> even if forecasters are looking for relief. the more traditional dunk in detroit is that the community swimming pools. the outside of boston, hundreds are hoping to beat the heat at the beach. it's anything but a day at the beach for those who have to work in the blazing sun whether it's laying bricks or cutting lawns. crews battling hot temperatures have to take plenty of breaks and stay hydrated. >> in philadelphia, free ice
5:47 pm
cream is helping to keep things cool, but in the end, on the first day of summer, these kids seem to have figure out the best way to beat the heat. >> and they are living right. >> it gets are really hot here. >> it is that 80% humidity. >> one thing you can do is add to the co-star up into the mountains. around the coastal areas, temperatures in the '60s and '70s and that helped to cool down while it is sweltering hot here. on the coast where this picture is a live camera view of the beach down there. hopefully looking at that school is you off of a little bit. we hit 98 degrees today. 100 at the inner harbor.
5:48 pm
it is the hottest we have had around here since august of last year. the first and second day of august last year around 100 degrees. we have had about 690 degrees day -- 90 degree-days this far. it hasn't been all that hot this far. temperatures above normal but not the scorching heat like we have today. the normal high as 85 than the record is 100, but we don't count this as an official temperature for our region. we fell two degrees shy of tying the record set in 1931. warm up through that evening. westminster is 91. 93 in cambridge. 85 at ocean city but it is muggee down there. even worse on the interior of the eastern shore. back to frederick, it feels
5:49 pm
like 106. and he advisory until 10:00 tonight and the high pressure area is a baking us with sunshine. some storms in the foothills but we will see mostly clear skies and temperatures in the mid to upper 70's. first sunset of summer at 8:36 this evening. summer solstice is at 7:09 tonight. temperatures extent to the mississippi river valley into kansas city where it is 92 degrees. another hot one tomorrow as this air mass moves through. the cold front over the upper midwest will be moving in. temperatures back to normal going into the weekend but we have to get through tomorrow. maybe an isolated storm but a better chance along the front as it moves through the region on friday. partly cloudy skies on saturday
5:50 pm
with temperatures back down to where they are supposed to be. the relative humidity with west to southwest winds and not much of a breeze. the water temperatures will cool you off. a southwest breeze at five knots. 98 tomorrow, 92 friday. temperatures in the mid-80s over the weekend and may be the upper 70's by the middle of next week. >> some big news for shoppers. in the town center inside for a major national retailers are to open this summer. one of the biggest names on the list is an accessory store set to open in august. also in the accessories department, black market has announced it is expanding. marketing officials say it's a
5:51 pm
sign that business is strong. >> we are able to sell on the synergy of the other tenants in the wing and we have a mix of luxury and aspiration all in this quaint. it complements the tenants we are bringing in. we have gotten some great response. >> the other three stores set to open an aug. include a kitchenware store and -- a body care and fragrance store. also a game and puzzle hot spot for a kid -- the brains store. i gave that my best shot. thank you for the help. it is official -- a casino
5:52 pm
operator based in minnesota will buy the golf resort near cumberland. the board of public works approved a board allowing the resort to by the western maryland resort. it's a condition that a licence the company was awarded in april to operate 1000 slot machines. the resort inside the state park is one of five approved casino sites. this comes after a late breaking details that it now looks like there will be no special session on expanded gambling in maryland this year. the work group dedicated to looking into the issue could not reach a consensus. they looked at allowing the games and considering a new site in prince george's county. a new way olympic hopefuls are inspiring people to get moving. it all starts with facebook. they're teaming up with ge to bring you the olympics seem
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application to give an people health challenges from athletes. the idea is to get people to share fitness goals and get their friends to do the same. >> what we needed something to tell us how to pronounces words. and we have a new application to show you called connect tv. this works on your tablet while you watch tv and it is free. is the latest social network. you can get behind-the-scenes information about shows you are watching and join viewing parties for your favorite shows. it works across all channels and shows in real time. watch it with us and connect with your friends. sparks fly between the city comptroller and the mayor over allegations that taxpayer money is being wasted. we have a look at 6:00. first, who is too old for gold?
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a veteran of one be in going for a sixth gold medal this year. her inspirational story on never giving up or slowing down, next.
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>> if you feel like you have been hearing the name for years, have. >> most women would kill for her body. she's competed in five summer olympics and is going for no. 6. she hopes to finish her olympic career in london. >> she's well aware many of her competitors are half her age. >> i'm going on great- grandmother years now. >> the olympic gold medalist is far from slowing down. she is training this summer where she will vie for a spot on team usa for the sixth time. >> i don't feel like i have to
5:58 pm
do it again, but i want to do it again. >> she has competed in five games since 1984 and won medals in every single one. >> i interviewed you in beijing. you had to medals at that point. what was going through your head? >> i think that was done. it was relieved to be done but sadness that he just finished another olympic games. >> she is going to compete in just one game, the 50 meter freestyle. >> i coaches have always wanted me to to 100 and it's nice at my age to do what i want to do. >> she is busy raising and energetic sex-role. >> my daughter is very competitive. she will try to raise me to the kitchen. >> you have books and your eyes spokesperson, how exhausted are you? >> i'm ready to go to bed.
5:59 pm
>> a pretty incredible. the swimming trials start on june 25 in nebraska. >> here's a look at what's coming up at 6:00. >> the mayor says apologize, the city comptroller's as for what. the latest coming up. >> a baltimore county teenager is found shot and clinging to life in howard county. that story, straight ahead. >> angry employees of a security company here in the city say they have not been paid in several weeks. that story, coming up. >> live, local, late breaking-- this is wbal 11 news at 6:00. >> are big story tonight at 6:00, frosty words between the city's mayor and comptroller as a new round of charges fly about money being spent on a new telephone system. >> the dispute started last


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