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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  June 21, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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year but we are near 100 in many spots. 101 degrees at the inner harbor in downtown baltimore, 98 at bwi marshall. ocean city hit the 90-degree mark with the wind coming out of the west, keeping that cool sea breezes out from the ocean. open to western maryland temperatures are in the 70's and low 80's. it feels like 100 four in downtown baltimore and the heat index is 107 in frederick. we talked about the heat relief, showers out near chicago are hundreds of miles away so we have to deal with the heat tonight and a good deal of tomorrow as well. the shade helps a little bit in the heat. >> right behind me is this glorious people and your problem
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wondering -- is this gloriaous pool and you are probably wondering why is empty. we had to turn away some families who were here in their bathing suits. in the meantime, many of us are trying to stay cool by turning up the air conditioners and the ge says they are ready to accommodate. john and his kids know how to beat the blistering heat in their north baltimore home. for thousands of people across maryland, blasting their air conditioner in search of relief may put a tremendous amount of strain on electric grid. officials have activated the emergency conservation program. much like last july when many customers were without air conditioning for hours in an effort for it bge to alleviate
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the strain on the system. >> it is good right now, but if they lose power, then everyone will have to deal with it. >> we looked at our experience and say what can we do better. >> that opened the door to their nw operations facility to the media thursday to give a better understanding of how the utility operates during extremely hot weather events. they took the opportunity to discuss how they learned from last year's fiasco. summer without power for extended amount of time. >> before the season this year, each customer that participated in our program received a letter. >> at this time they have not
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activated the emergency conservation program, but in the event it does, those customers will be notified by e-mail. in the meantime, to help prevent any power the power outages and keep your bills down this month, it is suggested you set your air-conditioner to 78 degrees. >> you can follow the forecast and share photos of how you keep cool in the heat. >> a follow-up on an investigation about an alleged -- and other medical physician has been suspended by the maryland state board of positions. he was suspended for prescribing high levels of painkillers. the owner and operator of the clinic were criminally charged
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after the clinic was shut down last month. when reached by phone, they had no comment. >> you are looking at video just into the newsroom from skyteam 11. fire crews in anne arundel county battling a house fire in pasadena. a second alarm was called because of the heat issue. we are told that the family that lived here in the four hundred block of virginia avenue is now looking for another place to stay tonight. at this hour, the causes under investigation. >> council members are about to vote on what to do with more than $6 million in cuts to the mayor's budget. that finding could be crucial to keeping recreation centers open and funding programs for the city's youth. >> we just got word from inside city hall that they did take a boat and the bill with the amendments was voted down.
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the bill with the amendments did pass 9-5. the committee was inside voting on amendments proposed by city council president jack young monday night. the immense change the proposed budget includes bonds for youth initiatives. youth ambassadors were in front of city hall all day, urging members to vote for the amendment. they wanted to see the budget include $1.70 million for youth summer programs and four 0.7 to double after-school funds, including keeping all city recreation centers open. >> when i was younger, i went to a recreation center since i was about five years old, it changed my life. i am a youth leader and i am not out on the streets. >> we are hoping that council members will stand behind their word and show you that this is priority. if they are not planning on putting in the budget or
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reallocating those funds, we will both the budget down. >> those amendments did not pass the committee. we'll have the latest coming up live it 6:00. >> two men are being held in baltimore county without bail at this hour. they are linked allegedly to the murder of a college student. police picked up the angelo johnson and charged him with first-degree murder and armed robbery. authorities say they found a 22- year-old miguel bailey shot several times in his car with a motor left running. when we first reported the story, neighbors were baffled, describing bailey as a well- liked in unmanned and could not imagine -- oh, well like a young man and they could not imagine any motive to kill him. police tell us the rest are part
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of an ongoing investigation which will continue until they determine who pulled the trigger. >> jury deliberations are underway in the jerry sandusky's child sex abuse ttrial. there are 48 more accounts for the jury to consider. brian moore has details. >> in closing arguments, the former penn state assistant football coach was portrayed by his defense as a victim, by the prosecution as a predatory pedophile. the prosecution showed photographs of the eight accusers and said that is what this case is all about. then he showed a photo of sandusky and said that is the person who did it. drawn from seven days of testimony, he argued sandusky had a clear pattern in singling out, grooming, and abusing young boys. the defense attorney contrast to the accusers with the hundreds of thousands of youngsters
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sandusky had helped with his second mile charity. he portrayed sandusky as a victim of police officers who coached testimony and accusers looking to cash in. he repeated, it does not make sense. why did graduate student mike mcqueary not call police if he really saw sandusky having sex with young boys at a penn state shower? how could they spend as much time as they claimed with such a busy coach and without running into each other? why did his wife or family not see anything? nbc news is reporting the prosecution had planned to call sandusky's adopted son as a rebuttal witness to deliver what is described as damaging testimony if sandusky took the stand. before coming to the courthouse today, sandusky spend time with a psychologist who would testify for his defense.
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brian moore, wbal-tv 11 news. >> now an update to our breaking news from yesterday. a special session for a sixth casino site in maryland will not happen in july. it comes after a work group in annapolis failed to reach agreement over the proposed site. lowell melser joins us live from the newsroom with reaction. >> it was just last friday when officials from mgm resorts international announced in annapolis their big plans for a casino resort at the national harbour. it had the blessing of governor o'malley, who planned to call a special session for july. now it looks like that will not happen. it was touted as a world-class casino and resort, destination for tourists and residents alike, right in the middle of the national harbour in prison or discounted. it would have 40,000 slot machines and 250 table games.
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last friday in gm resorts international and the developer signed a letter of intent with the state to build a casino, as long as the sixth site was approved, table games were legalized, and the state dropped its unusually high tax rate from 67% to around 62%. governor martin o'malley praised the idea saying he would support a special session in july so legislators could get it on the november ballot. the plan came up snake eyes as the work group could not agree not only on the sixth sight, but dropping the tax rate as well. the group did agree on table games. it would seem that a special session is all but off at this point, meaning the issue will have to be argued during the next regular session in january, and if passed, would then be on the 2014 ballot. both mgm and the peterson company seemed unfazed by the setback.
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the mgm resorts ceo said mgm resources committed to maryland and our interest in national harbour is unabated. the peterson companies founder echoed the statement saying " though we are disappointed in the outcome, we appreciate the efforts of the governor's worker to evaluate this historic opportunity to create thousands of jobs and hundreds of millions in new tax revenue." the group that owns the maryland live casino, which is claimed all along that there already too many casinos in the state. the managing partner told us "in the expansion of gaming facilities before the five designated sites are open and performing is premature and not in the best interest of the state." >> both governor o'malley and senate president mike miller would not comment for our story. we are still waiting to hear from speaker mike busch.
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>> a maryland woman says she was staying with the cincinnati reds pitcher when she was tied up and robbed of thousands of dollars worth of jewelry. police say the details do not add up. >> eddie murray e
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>> orioles hall of famer eddie murray is the latest target in that massive infighter -- insider-trading investigation. they are trying to figure out if eddie murray traded some insider information back in 2009. his teammate was forced to pay out $2.5 million to the sec. so far eddie murray has not been charged with the crime. he could not be reached for comment. a woman told police she was tied up in a motel room with the cincinnati reds pitcher while an intruder stole thousands of dollars worth of jewelry. it turns out it was all a lie. investigators said the 26-year- old child of false report late last month, saying she
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encountered an unknown assailants of she was staying in the room. -- filed a false report. he does it mean he arranged for the woman to meet him in pittsburgh during his trip there after meeting her in washington d.c. enrique is now charged with misdemeanor. >> we begin tonight medical alert with an amazing set -- with an amazing surgery in new england. his name is jim carelli. he suffers from a rare heart condition. the condition requires a transplant, but dr. so far have been unable to find some -- to find a suitable donor for him. the total artificial heart will allow him to survive until a transplant does become possible.
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doctors say his prognosis is excellent once a donor is found. >> i take great pride in telling people i just don't have doctors, i have teams. behind me is a small portion of those teams. when it became clear my heart was not going to make it, i was literally offered the opportunity of a lifetime with the artificial heart. >> since that surgery back on february 17, he says he's getting stronger every single day. a new study on bird flu suggested only needs a few mutations to start spreading to humans. it could naturally mutate into an airborne virus that spreads among ferrets. right now is prep from birds to humans but not from humans to humans.
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the united way volunteers worked in the desert. impoverished neighborhoods without access to fresh produce. it is part of a national effort call day of action. members were sorting and cleaning -- nutritious food for low-income baltimore residents. lower-income residents or more susceptible to obesity, diabetes, and overall poor health. a new study shows half of children living in inner-city neighborhoods are eating fast food at least twice a week. one-tenth said they go everywhere -- 1 and 10 said they go every day. they interviewed nearly 200 kids age 11-14. a majority of the children said they liked the taste of fast- food while others said it was easy access that was the key. >> now, your insta-weather forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> behind me is a view of the
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beach town of ocean city, normally a nice place to beat the heat. even today down at the coast, the westerly breeze is keeping the sea breeze out over the atlantic and not really cooling things off very much. a sunny day there on the beach. it is kind of hot. ocean city at this hour is 90 degrees, the hottest we have seen so far this week on the beach. 94 inland around salisbury then 97 at cambridge. 100 in downtown baltimore right now, 99 in frederick. up in amounts to the west we have had some showers and thunderstorms pop-up in the west virginia panhandle. that is helping cool things off a little bit, down to 73 at petersburg. fairly comfortable compared to our temperatures here in allegany and garrett counties. 81-83 degrees.
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around here, when you factor in the moisture in the atmosphere, the humidity and the temperatures combined, 100 four in downtown baltimore, 107 he index. -- the heat index. the weather service indicating that things will continue to colossally through the evening. they have canceled -- continue to cool off for the evening. they have canceled a heated by three west of the date -- they have canceled each advisory. anyway you cut it, it is still warm and will be that way all night. a slight chance of a thunderstorm moving in overnight tonight because the front that will break the heat wave is approaching. the closer it gets over night, the better chance of a storm popping up. 91 in cleveland but only 80 in
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chicago. the cold front will slowly approach us tomorrow. it will be warm, if not hot and muggy tomorrow. not as hot as it has been. the front will not clear our region until tomorrow night. saturday and sunday it will start to feel a little more comfortable. showers and strong thunderstorms popping up this afternoon and as the front encounters the hot air around here, there's a slight risk for severe thunderstorms around baltimore up to new york city in down to parts of virginia tomorrow afternoon. 89-94, so is not cooling off dramatically tomorrow. it would just not quite as hot. on the bag, the wins will be out of the southwest with waves around 1 ft project on the bay, the wins will be out of the southwest -- on the bay, the winds will be out of the
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southwest. it will be much more comfortable on the eastern shore saturday. thunderstorms in the forecast run ocean city for friday and saturday. lots of sunshine and less humid on sunday. the forecast around baltimore area, the heat wave is coming to an end with temperatures gradually dropping back to normal levels over the weekend, down in the seven's on tuesday and wednesday. >> still ahead, the video that has gone by rolle online. a school bus monitor victimized by students in new york. >> it is all caught on camera. coming up, what the sch
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>> the race for the white house was shaken up a bit last week by president obama'. >> steve handelsman has
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tonight's commitment 2012 update. >> in florida, where the hispanic vote could make the difference, mitt romney indicated he would end the obama version of the dream act. >> the answer is that i will put in place on long-term solution that will replace an supersede the president's temporary measure. >> romney said he would build a fence along the mexican border but in by the highly skilled workers then. >> i will prioritize efforts that strengthen legal immigration. >> is earlier hard-line help him win primaries. link to what he said then rondella. >> a lot of people come across the border with no indication and are looking for three mil. >> now romney hopes latino voters will cross over to him.
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>> over 2 million more hispanics are living in poverty today than the day president obama took office. >> to help remax and all students, president obama today urged -- we have been stuck through cracks immigration reform has dragged on longer. >> we will continue to work toward an alternative to the dream act that allows us to accommodate these kids without encouraging illegal immigration. >> that six democrats who figure there is no way that romney can get the boat from latinos that experts cap -- akaka let he would need to win florida and nevada. steve handelsman, wbal-tv 11 news. >> neighborhood watch volunteer george zimmerman giving his most detailed account yet of what happened the night he shot 17- year-old trayvon martin.
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>> he described a life-and-death struggle that began when the youth allegedly jumped out at him
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>> live, local, late-breaking. you are watching wbal-tv 11 news at 5:00 in hd with dan stovall, donna hamilton, and chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. 11 news at 5:00 continues now. >> another real scorcher. the heat index scoring to 105 degrees. >> the heat advisory was just canceled. >> tom tasselmyer says there is some relief in sight. >> indeed, it will get here slowly, but slowly and surely the temperatures will start backing down now. we are past the worst of it. the heated basra west of the bay
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has been cancelled by the national weather service -- the heat advisory. on the eastern shore, the heat advisory continues. but in southeastern pennsylvania there is a warning in urban areas up there. 99 in frederick, and when you factor in the muddy is that the atmosphere, it feels like 104 downtown. you can see it is still very hot and humid out there. there may be severe thunderstorms here tomorrow afternoon. jennifer franciotti has more on folks about the -- around the region. >> an early practice near towson university just after 9:00 a.m., and the heat and humidity is already bad. >> drinking lots of water. >> the second day of scorching temperatures is expected to keep the emergency room busy.
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the doctor say it is important to know when you are in trouble pierre >> starting with headaches, fatigue, and it can progress to things like a domino crams, muscle cramps, vomiting and diarrhea reject abdominal cramps. >> with the illness like that, the doctor says getting to a cool location fast is the first thing you should do. but being he was not on the mind of this family visiting the maryland suit. -- beating the heat. it was beating the crowds here >> we figured we would be able to see everything without the crowds. >> for the polar bears, the zoo unloaded four thousand pounds of ice. >> we lost count, and there was over 50 bags of ice out there for them. i streets, something for them to dig around in.
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-- ice cream treats. fish should be a fun day for them. >> maybe the most popular attraction today is the listinm isting machine. >> remember, even swimmers can get heat exhaustion. you can get heat exhaustion and any kind of activity. >> jennifer franciotti, wbal-tv 11 news. >> now for startling insight into the shooting death of trayvon martin. george zimmerman the tells what happened that night. he reached sirte -- he carried out a re-enactment four detectives. jay gray has details. >> less than 24 hours after firing the shot that killed trayvon martin, george
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zimmerman was back at the scene and telling his side of the story. it is the first time we have heard zimmerman described the fatal night in his own words. >> his jacket moved up and i feel like he saw and looked at it and said you were going to die tonight [beep]. >> it was part of discovery evidence released overnight by zimmerman's defense team. >> was in portly, it is evidence that we will be able to get in front of a jury. >> during a stress test administered by police, zimmerman describe the unarmed teenager as the aggressor. >> he hit my head on the concrete several times and each time it felt like my head was going to explode. >> later he talked about the
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fatal shot. >> i grab my gun and ended at him and fired one shot. the kind of stepped back and said you got me, you got it, something like that. >> martin's parents and lawyers have a question zimmerman is memory, especially when it comes to what happened that night. both sides in this high- profile, controversial case are preparing for trial. jay gray, wbal-tv 11 news. >> a national campaign is kicking off tonight right here in baltimore. >> launching two weeks of intense rallies and vigils. >> i rob roblin. trying to save a space for s
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>> catholics in baltimore are about to kick off a two-week campaign. archbishops built -- will lori will join bishops nationwide.
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tonight's service starts at 7:00 p.m.. the immediate target is the mandate president obama announced in january that makes employers provide insurance that covers birth control. >> commerce secretary john bryson says he is stepping down. he suffered a seizure while driving earlier this month. in a letter to the president, he said he is concerned that his seizures could be a distraction from his performance. president obama released a statement saying he has accepted the resignation and thank him for his bible experience and expertise he brought to the administration. the deputy secretary is now the acting secretary. >> a woman who lost her three daughters and a christmas day fire is talking publicly about what happened for the first time. the flames tore through her home in stamford, killing her 7-year-
5:40 pm
old twins, their 9-year-old sister, and their grandparents. she told matt lauer on the today show that the ashes did not seem dangerous because her boyfriend had run his hand through them about an hour earlier. she said she woke up to smoke that was so that she could not reach her children to help them. now she has a number of questions she wants answered. >> i want to know not only what caused my fire, caused the fire, i want to know why it didn't the fire alarms go off? the hard word alarms had batteries in them. why did they not go off? >> you will be able to see more of the exclusive interview tonight at 10:00 right here on wbal-tv. tennis of verbal abuse captured on a cell phone is taking the world by storm. >> the victim was a 68-year-old
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school bus monitor. what the school district plans to do about the example of bullying. >> a major makeover. what students in catonsville can expect to see as early as august. >> temperatures are still scorching hot across the region. we will see when he relieved will arrive with the forecast, coming up. coming up. right now, 98 at bwi
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>> and upstate new york school district has decided not to take -- not to press charges. the video of a group of 15-year- old taunting and elderly bus monitor has gone viral. it has been seen more than 2 million times as of this afternoon. there is a warning, some people might find the story disturbing. >> you are so fat, you take up the whole seat. >> it is a disturbing video that has gone viral.
5:45 pm
a school bus monitor, karen klein, being harassed by students. >> what are we doinyou doing? >> why one student records, others call her name, even threatened her life. >> it is kind of scary, you know? i never thought anything like this would ever happen. >> grandmother has been working in the district for 23 years but felt like she had few options that day. >> if you yank the phone out of their hands, you get in trouble. >> the district has launched an investigation and found other videos on youtube.
5:46 pm
they are working to identify the students and said they will be disciplined. >> we do not tolerate harassment of staff or students. >> police are also investigating, but at the same time are concerned about the safety of the students involved. people have been posting their names and addresses on line. >> people are showing up here angry. we understand that. give us time to conduct the investigation. please don't jump to conclusions. these are teenage kids. >> the district has received angry e-mails from people as far away as australia. klein has been getting flowers and messages from people on facebook. she said she hopes the kids on this tape learn a lesson from this. >> i hope they never do it again to anybody else. >> at a press conference late this afternoon, police said they are now dealing with threats
5:47 pm
against the kids involved in that bullying. one international funding side has raised more than $124,000 to send the victim on vacation. >> now, your insta-weather forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> where you doing 40 years ago today? probably something associated with the torrential rounrain ite down devastating the mid- atlantic region. it curved back into the mid atlantic and did all kinds of damage. 128 fatalities were associated with the, $2.10 billion in damages. official rainfall at bwi marshall was just over 7 inches. parts of pennsylvania had 19
5:48 pm
inches of rain that costs those devastating floods from agnes. this time we do have a tropical system that actually became a hurricane earlier today. chris now has winds of 70 miles an hour so it is back down to tropical storm status. it is far away from land areas. hopefully not harming anybody but some shipping routes might have to be adjusted out in the atlantic. we have a tropical system no where near the strength or devastation of agnes 40 years ago today. the heat is making headlines around the baltimore area. 100 degrees downtown right now, 98 at bwi marshall. so far it has been up to 99, the record high as 100. 104 is what it feels like
5:49 pm
downtown, 107 is what it feels like in frederick. the heat advisory remains in effect with the warning up towards philadelphia. drifting in the general direction, a slight chance the storm pops up overnight. it will be warm and muggy again tonight. our heat relief comes when a cold front can get through here. that will be late in the day tomorrow. out ahead of it, another steny day tomorrow. this front will bring us some heat relief, but we may have some strong or even severe thunderstorms breaking out in the mid-atlantic tomorrow afternoon as that front is approaching. another day with above normal temperatures, not quite as hot as it has been the past couple of days. waves around 1 foot and southwest winds on the bay. tomorrow we'll have a few more thunderstorms with a high of 79
5:50 pm
and then some really nice weather settles into the mountains for the upcoming weekend. down at ocean city has been a warm day, up to 90 degrees today. 87 tomorrow with storms in the afternoon and a lingering chance for a thunderstorm at the beach on saturday. sunny and less humid at ocean city on sunday. back in the low 90's tomorrow, less humid over the weekend, and it could be even cooler by the middle of next week. high temperatures will only be in the upper 70's. >> the news that -- from wall street is not good. the dow is down for the day and the s&p down more than 30. a 3.6% drop, the second-biggest drop of the year. federal reserve officials report sharp contractions are discouraging investors.
5:51 pm
home sales and manufacturing and unemployment claims were leading some to place their bets against the stock market. of course, is issuing a warning to the public tonight about scams targeting senior citizens. and number of people received phone call from someone claiming that their annual profit taxes were unpaid. >> someone comes to your house saying you owe money to the government, whether it be baltimore county or the state or any other government agency, called 911. baltimore county does not send people to people's homes to collect tax bills. >> they try to get people to send money to them to bring your taxes up today. if you do have questions, call the county tax office. >> more than 80,000 square feet of astroturf, 200 meter track
5:52 pm
and leaders to accommodate hundreds of spectators. that is what students and volcanic ash expect to see by the start of the next school year. we have learned that they are installing a multiuse athletic field in catonsville. has not been upgraded since 1981. since then it has only served athletes who participate in lacrosse and field hockey. the new facility will include a state of the are playing surface that can be used year round. it will all be completed by the end of the summer with a dedication service for homecoming in october. a student -- log jam. the president is standing quickly sending a mandate to congress to stop the increase. he is urging parents and students to take action. >> do they love the july 4 parade here in catonsville? that story, coming up. that story, coming up.
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you know... big game... that was sort of supposed to be for all of us. [ slurping ] [ male announcer ] give 'em what they love. subway! giant subs, sandwich and cookie platters. and big-time value. subway catering. order today!
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dax less than two weeks from now we will be celebrating our nation's birthday with parades and fireworks across the country. >> in baltimore county, if you know anyone from catonsville, they will tell you that have the best july 4 around. if you want front row seat, you had better act fast. >> to say that the july 4 parade here in catonsville is a big deal is an understatement. it is june 21, and they are already putting out chairs for the parade. they have had a parade here for july 4 in catonsville for 60 years. everyone in the committee comes out for the parade. folks here will tell you there fourth of july parade is second to none. >> is the best parade ground. people want to make sure they did a good seat. next 13 days before the july 4 parade, and people here are
5:57 pm
already staking out their territory. trades are already beginning to look line both sides of the parade route. he already has his chairs out. >> if you don't put them out in time, you are not going to have it. >> he says you want to get the chairs out early, but you don't want to be the first one to put out your chairs. almost two weeks before the parade, you are already putting out shares. >> you have to. you don't, you will not get a front row seat. >> there is nothing like the fourth of july parade and celebration in catonsville. >> we don't have anything like this in pittsburgh, but we have the steelers. >> i am sorry about that. [laughter] >> we have got the best fire works up here, and it gets better and better every year.
5:58 pm
>> one thing you definitely don't want to do is mess with someone's chair. >> the money go to jail? -- did anybody go to jail? >> are you not afraid somebody will get your seat? >> no, i tie it down paraquat it is cool. -- i tie it down. >> it is cool. get out of my chair. >> they are picky about their chairs in catonsville. rob roblin, wbal-tv 11 news. >> i have yet to find a better parade or fireworks. >> here is a look at what is coming of new at 6:00. >> it is hot and bge is working to keep you cool.
5:59 pm
we will tell you how, in a live report. >> and then into the budget could say things like recreation centers. i am live with the reaction, next. >> the odds of a sixth casino here in maryland just went way up. and lowell melser and i will tell you why. 11 news at 6:00 start right now. >> live, local, late-breaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news at 6:00. >> the big story tonight at 6:00, another scorcher today in the baltimore area as temperatures hovered around 100 degree mark. >> drink a lot of water, limit your outdoor activity, and check on people who could be at higher risk of a heat stroke. tom tasselmyer will fill us in on how long this will last. >> looking of to the north and west to find some heat relief. 98 at bwi marshall right now, 91 in pittsburgh. green bay at 79 and marquette


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