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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  June 22, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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that will be here in a few hours. expect the potential for damaging wind gusts. hale also possible with the storms of. one group. once this gets passed us later tonight, cooler, more comfortable air will be coming in. nadia ramdas joins us live where the school is still empty. it looks like by the time it comes in, we may lose a bit. >> i think they would appreciate it. this as one of the many schools throughout the city open to the public tomorrow, but they would rather not be open during this heat wave. they say the answer is simple. they say the pools were not ready. temperatures near the 100-degree
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mark in the city issuing its first code red alert of the summer, many arab concern the president had one question on their mind. -- many are concerned the residents had one question on their mind. >> i don't know why they had to keep those closed. >> not only did they want to go in the pool, they actually did. >> they should open and up. >> they caught kids died the and splashing around in east baltimore, and it appears that they could not wait until saturday. the police swarmed the cool in the kids scoffed. >> they will go back in there when they cleared out of the
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way. >> it states when a code red he dollar is in effect, normal swim sessions will be suspended and pools will operate on two-hour sessions with a 30-minute interruption. why were the polls not open under this? >> according to your policy, it states that on code red alert days that the pools will operate on two our open session and so on. both wednesday and thursday were code red alert days and we were peaking at over 100 degrees. why were they not open? >> they were not scheduled to open. they were not scheduled to be open, because as i stated, if we were to open them, we would have known to operate them.
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>> all baltimore city public schools will open tomorrow. nadia ramdas, wbal-tv 11 news. >> get the forecast as it is updated. the iphone and ipad apps have conditions than the seven-day forecast. >> these will require licenses for surgical abortion clinics. these are in direct response to an incident back in 2010 when a woman needed emergency surgery after receiving an abortion. they must meet anesthesia, emergency, a laboratory, and radiology services. a dispute between the mayor and a comptroller to put in a new system.
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>> they won in an opinion on the fact that they violated rules in the purchase of hundreds of thousands of dollars in equipment. he steps over his authority to manage the fund system. they're right there is no exclusive contract with anyone agency. the spending was neither route of the ordinary nor in violation of law. the controller had not seen the opinion according to our office and had no comment. jayne miller, wbal-tv 11 news. >> continue to monitor the
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breaking news out of pennsylvania on the sandusky case. this is a live look. there wrapup day two of deliberations. the two jurors -- the 12 jurors are now liberated. they are sequestered. we will have more on that in the live report ahead at 5:30. >> if you're going to try to person a police officer, here's a word of advice. make sure the person you are trying to impersonate is not an actual police officer. he tried to perform a traffic stop on a capitol heights police officer in his personal vehicle. even after learning he had pulled over a real policeman he still told him he was speeding claiming he was a military, from louisiana. he is charged with impersonating a police officer.
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take a look at the car the suspect was driving. they want anyone who may have been victimized to contact authorities. anne arundel county police are searching for a gunman who attacked an elderly women in glen burnie. he picked the wrong person to try to rob. >> police would not go into details about what the victim was doing in this parking lot, but saying he had good reason to be there. they're calling it attempted robbery, a crime of opportunity. >> it is a very disturbing incident. >> they got a call around 5:04 shots fired in glen burnie. a 78-year-old man was in his car in the parking lot when approached by a man. >> the suspect ultimately demanded money. the victim resisted. there was a confrontation when the door was open and it hit the
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suspect. at that point, the suspect discharged the handgun bans -- and hit the vehicle. >> people who shop at this lows were surprised to hear what happened, especially to an elderly man. >> that should not happen. it's an elderly man. it's a shame for someone to do that. >> it's despicable. it really is. >> the victim was extremely lucky to get away unharmed. it appears the victim used his car door. >> i don't know if i would have even been able to see. >> despite the outcome, police say it's never a good idea of to take matters into your own hands. >> this could have been a very different outcome. we always advise not to resist. it to be safe area and report
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the incident. >> police want to hear from you. you can call metro crime stoppers at 866-7-lock-up. kim dacey, wbal-tv 11 news. >> president obama got good news today. there is now a new revelation about bain capital. he is outsourcing u.s. jobs to overseas. >> president obama went to orlando. the same conference romney addressed yesterday. the president leads by 16 points among hispanic voters in florida. he is six points ahead on average in five battleground states. >> no matter who you are, no matter what you look like, and a matter where you come from, no
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matter what your last name, this is a place where you can make it if you try. was a foreignher student. he said economic recovery cannot favor the privileged. >> we have cut their taxes 18 times. we have expanded new laws, new credit so they can grow and higher. >> ronny heading to you talk to me with major donors promising prosperity for all. new ads in four key states. >> romney stands up to china in demands a level playing field for our businesses and workers. >> he has been slamming outsourcing, but an expos 8 in "the washington post" said bain capital helped finance and run firms that pioneered outsourcing. today, they help u.s. firms go
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overseas to set up manufacturing and communication. top obama staffers pounced charging it, if elected, obama me would be outsourcing-in- chief. romney is charging they got it wrong because they did not extinguish enough between outsourcing and "off shoring." they did help out source within the u.s. but it did not necessarily always mean new jobs created overseas. steve handlesman, wbal-tv 11 news. >> a metro transit officer in hot water accused of shooting and killing a man. >> it all caught on camera. while there are more questions than answers. >> three years ago today, we witnessed a deadly crash. one watchdog groups as
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>> hard to believe it's been three years since the deadliest crash in d.c. metro history. nine people were killed back in june 2009. since then, metro watchdog groups say that it has become much safer, but there still room for improvement.
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it was caused by malfunctioning electric circuit. watchdog groups tell the washington post that the system has fallen off the rail car three times just since december. first responders and families met today at the crash site and plans are also in the works for a memorial park and gardens. a metro chains a police officer is being put on administrative leave and much of the confrontation was caught on camera. take a look. investigators are investigating a possible adoption. a metro transit officer are rides around 12:30 wednesday afternoon and is looking for two men. franklin's weenie and chester crest well. -- franklin sweenty and chester
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crestwell. neighbors and family say it does not make sense. >> i still cannot understand today that he's gone. >> the incident remains under investigation. as for the abduction, the other suspect is now in police custody. >> you have most likely heard about the obesity epidemic in america, but a new study asks the question what if every country was as heavy as ours? researchers in london said if the world had the same level of fatness that it would be like adding 1 billion people of the -- population. higherobesity means more weight on energy. >> 3 thin people use a certain
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amount of energy. it happened to be obese, it would be like four people. they need more energy. in the meantime, a new study of find the majority of cereals marketed to children have gotten healthier. that found some of the healthiest children's cereal, like cheerios, are marketed to parents instead of children. a little stress may actually be good for you. using lab rats, they are tracking key immune cells and into the bloodstream ready for battle.
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>> your 11 insta-weather + forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> cloudy skies on the inner harbor. this has rolled through in the last few hours. a few hours ago around ocean city, powerful thunderstorms coming across the area. they have moved out to sea now. continuing to push away now. another line of storms bear watching calling in from the north and west. these are the ones that will likely bring storms across the baltimore metro area. pretty much from south central pa into carol and frederick county. this will approach us over the course of the next few hours. there's the potential for some damaging pests and tail.
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-- gusts and hail. right now, severe thunderstorm warnings. the orange shaded area back toward the washington county and parts of northern virginia under a severe thunderstorm warning. pink down the coast, that is rare the severe thunderstorm watch continues until 9:00 p.m. tonight. the heat wave is about to end. with the the front coming in, it triggers the storms. lange during showers along the coast and the good news is less humid air coming in behind this front. wind shifting to the west, 65-
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72. 92 degrees right now. it will stick in the area. temperatures are not going to call dramatically, but this will dry out. it will feel more comfortable. a nice area building in on saturday. lots of sunshine anticipated for tomorrow. late in the afternoon for the evening, in the great lakes, making its approach. there may be isolated showers developing after sunset sunday evening. monday night and tuesday, even cooler air will come in. we are trending downward. a warm day tomorrow, but less humid. some of saturday morning at 6:41 bay water temperatures in the
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central part of the bay close to 80. into the mountains, a beautiful saturday. lots of sunshine. if you thunderstorms may return, but staying moderate. on the short tomorrow, humidity levels dropping. the next round of storms will not get here until late sunday evening. temperatures cooling off a little bit. a chance for showers in the morning tomorrow and laid into the evening. the bulk of the weekend looks nice. insta-weather + seven-day -- temperatures back to normal. humidity levels drop. another front sunday night and monday. highs only in the upper 70's. >> i can wait for that. >> we gear up for the summer olympics so is the perfect time
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to meet some of the most talked about athletes. >> prepared be inspired. one person be testicular cancer become a major contender in 2012.
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quite a reminder from city public works officials. you can look it the reservoirs, but do not think about jumping in. it is not safe for swimming which includes liberty reservoir as well as man-made lakes. as we mentioned, you will be able to take advantage of city pools starting tomorrow open seven days a week through labor day. >> not everyone has a chance to beat the heat. be thankful you're not stuck outside drilling and paving.
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some construction workers are taking to the streets earlier this afternoon as part of a private contacting project dedicated to road resurfacing. work got under way just in time. timing is everything. >> you have to feel bad for them. the first indication tonight about how many visitors made it downtown for the sailabration. than 8000 people jump on and off the circulator. it was a line that is vitally important for those going to fort mchenry. it was the only way to reach that part of the city during sailabration. it averaged over 2000 people during that time, the busiest being saturday when the blue angels performed. >> a really exciting time right now for the london 2012 hopefuls
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for the swimmers next week at the trials. >> and 11-time olympic medalist and she hoped to make it through in london. one of the best hopes in the 15- meter freestyle finishing at the world tick in chips in 2011. >> he swam in the beijing olympics despite being diagnosed with testicular cancer. he is in remission and is a favor to compete in the 200- meter breast stroke. >> i'm looking forward to being able to concentrate on swimming and focus on competing and really focus on the swimming at my best without any outside interference or diseases to worry about. >> the games will be getting under way with the opening
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ceremonies set for july 27th and you can see it all on wbal-tv. >> the 12 jurors in the sandusky trial selleck -- concentrating on the two victims still unknown. >> we have a live report from pennsylvania when we come back. >> johnson returns to camden yards and smiles when he reminisces. does he hold a grudge about the way he left? that story straight ahead.
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>> lives, local, late breaking. you are watching wbal-tv 11 news at 5:00 with stan stovall, donna hamilton, your forecast with tom tasselmyer. 11 news at 5:00 in hd continues now. >> the two of deliberations in the sandusky sexual abuse trial. have asked to read your testimony from one of the
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witnesses. after 90 minutes, they went back behind closed doors for deliberations. >> they wanted to hear from one time graduate student that down sandusky in the shower. >> another question from the jury, also about a third party witness. this is about a janitor who is mentally incapacitated and one co-worker testified using your say testimony about what the man told him the night he walked in on sandusky in the shower. similar to the case of the penn state grad student who said he also walked in on him in the shower. the question is whether he saw a crime or assumed he did. jurors finishing their first day
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of deliberations in the sand as the trial with a question. lawyers from the prosecution and defense answered back. they took turns reading the testimony of two witnesses. the jury asked to review the testimony of mike mccreaery, the only third-party witnesses say he some of the alleged crimes. on the stand he was adamant. though it was just a glance, he said he saw him sexually assaulting an underage boys. a family witness testified that he told him only about what he heard, sexual sounds. i kept saying, "what did you see?" each time he would come back to the sounds. the legend victim has not been located in the charges related, but that is only one alleging
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the victim representing only a few of the 48 counts against the former penn state assistant football coach. the jury is sequestered and aware of any of the new abuse allegations leveled at him coming from one of his adopted sons. no word on when he went -- whether any additional charges could be expected. brian mooar, wbal-tv 11 news. >> the entire viewing area is under severe thunderstorm watch until 9:00 this evening. let's get the latest from tom tasselmyer filling us in on what the potential is. >> from south central pennsylvania to central maryland, the wind gusts of up to 60 miles per hour making its approach. there's a lot of lightning.
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numerous lightning strikes out of frederick county into northwestern carroll county as we speak along with a heavy downpour. some of this has moved across ocean city and it looks like the last line will be tracking through baltimore in the next few hours. these are lined up along the cold front. details on that in just a few. >> it's time for the beltway battle at oriole park. time to see them take on the washington nationals in a series that will be a pretty good test as they try to remain in the running for the playoffs. pete gilbert joins us with more on the series. both are trying to keep some positive momentum going. >> in first place, and then the orioles in second. they did have a three-game series and baltimore took two
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out of three. that is a big secondary as today also marks the turn of johnson to oriole park and camden yards, the former orioles manager and lead them to the playoffs the last time in 1996-1997. on the day he was named the a.l. manager of the year, he resigned in the orioles have not had a winning season ever since. for a guy who played and managed care to come back, does he still hold a grudge? >> managers are hard to get fired. all the times that i was here, it was fun for me. i really enjoyed playing here. it's fun to come back and manage the kind of program.
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i did not get to manage them all the way to the world series. all of my members of baltimore are nothing but great. >> he is now 69. he was holding court and he reminisced about walking allie the park today talking about how it was not so much the ballpark, but really the city and he loved so much. go ahead and send it back to you, stan. >> 10,000 climbers attempt to reach the summit and only half of them make it. >> the latest victim in washington was not even trying to climb to the top. >> why the presidential campaigns are working so hard to
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>> won national park ranger has died while trying to save the lives of four climbers. you filled 3,000 feet to his death attempting to pull of the four injured climbers from waco, texas, on mt. ranier. four other rangers spent the night with the last climber who was the least injured. crews in utah battling a wild fire started from the spark of a gunshot. investigators say was started by target shooting making it the 20th while the fire caused by gunfire so far this year. they say the fire is close to homes but not posing an immediate threat at this time. >> a city worker is in intensive care after a cactus fell on him, literally pinning him to the ground.
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he was responding to an emergency leak in there were able to free him to call 911. he suffered multiple injuries and remains hospitalized. >> i have fallen into a cactus before. >> that has to hurt. >> it does. and overnight bomb dropped by at moody's credit rating service. >> it feels like a black hole that we're going in and something we cannot get out of again. >> a black hole of unemployment. just ahead, a dateline investigation into what is being called the best kept secret. >> in line of storms coming in from the northwest. details on that straight ahead. right now, in ocean city, 92 currently at the airport. 89 on
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>> conclusions on the heated debate about the purchase of videophones. the suspect tried to rob a 78- year-old man in a store parking lot. how the man managed to tie up the criminal. after two days of extremely hot temperatures, area pools will be opening up. opening up. we'd have those stories and
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the blacks >> surprising new trend, the suburban poor. middle-class families struggling financially. since 2000, 3.5 million suburbanites have fallen below the party line. here's what we have discovered in tonight's inside report. >> going to a food pantry was not something diane ever thought she would have to do. >> a put my hair in a ponytail and i wore sunglasses. >> they had a combined income of $120,000, but then diane lost executive job and john's salary covered only half of their expenses. for 10 months, she tried to find a job in denver unemployment insurance ran out.
5:45 pm
>> as finances took a hit, so did their marriage. >> the last thing she wanted to do was ask for help, but she had to. >> if we had enough to pay half the rent. >> and remember sitting there thinking, i'm not believing that i have to do this. it sucks. >> they signed up for medicaid, food stands, and rent assistance. they were told they would have to move. >> my love for life, my ability to continue moving forward is
5:46 pm
gone. >> the you fear that? >> i think it strengthens my results. >> will they be able to rebuild their lives? >> taking a revealing and emotional look at suburban poverty in america on "american now -- lost in suburbia." >> your 11 insta-weather + forecast of chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> dropping in from the north and west. some of the stronger storms up in carroll county now. that line of storms as a cold front that will break the heat wave and will be pushing across the baltimore area in the next one or two hours. it looks like it may impact
5:47 pm
oriole baseball downtown at least briefly. it is possible that they could move around the neighborhood. running a 50%-60% chance that anyone. will get hit. on the next map, these of the severe thunderstorm warnings. they're moving through as we speak. damaging wind, hail, and downpour. then in st. mary's county, also won the coast of new jersey, north dandies. the pink. is a watch area where conditions are favorable for a storm to pop up. 98 degrees was the official high down at bwi marshall today. still 92 there. the only cool spots you see are where some storms have already rolled through trying to cool things off.
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these will keep storms east and by dawn, a few showers right along the beaches. skies will clear overnight. this will set the stage for a nice weekend. gusting wind, 65-72. less humid during the day tomorrow once this passes by. dealing with severe thunderstorms. this is keeping an eye on this blossoming area and this will probably become a tropical development. right now, a tropical wave. these are taking off to the north and northeast. we could have the fourth tropical storm of the season. the next name on the list is debbie. that may form over the weekend. behind this, the air is still warm, but much less humid and it will feel a whole lot different
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even if the temperatures get up to 89 and most will notice that it's a lot more comfortable outside. averaging 10 knots with ways around 1 foot. sunny and 70 tomorrow. on the other side of the coast, in the low 80's this weekend. the rest of tomorrow looks nice. these will hold off until late in the evening. temperatures back to normal. another round of storms perini in even cooler air. >> we begin tonight consumer alert with a look at wall street following a volatile 24 hours on the market. the markets are trying to bounce back today. the dow gained more than 73 points. the nasdaq also up over 33
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points. the s&p up nine points. this to be the first week of losses on the dow this might -- this year. this comes as moody's investors service overnight lowered the ratings for some of the world's largest banks. is a's says this concerning four banks with what they call significant market activity during a time of volatility. have been bracing for these cents february when they have lost their review with global market capital operations. allegations of investigations into two popular vehicles. it could lead to a recall. this involves the 2011 ford explorer and their concern that the power steering could fail forcing drivers to use more effort to steer. it could affect some 83,000
5:51 pm
explorers. also, the chrysler 200 midsized sedan. it is for the one with a three- point 6 liter v-6. and have complained of engine stalls. meanwhile, the risk of engine fires has gm recalling the chevy cruze compats. they say buyers can start when that the fluid drips on a plastic sheet below the engine and ignites. gm says most of the fires were caused during a spell during oil changes that were not cleaned properly. these are for cars built september 2010 through may 2012. americans looking to cut their cost of living, remember those big rooftop antennas that everyone used to have back in
5:52 pm
the day? it turns out there making a comeback. they're watching only the three television channels, an increase from one year ago. many are getting rid of their table keep -- cable tv service and are relying on local air stations or accessing online. >> you have hulu so you do not need that bid box that sits there costing $100 or more. >> they say you should consider what you are losing when you give up cable. >> the week before the all-star break. if you could snag starting spots. adam jones is trailing in the boats.
5:53 pm
is less than 38,000 votes short. jj harding is in 3rd for short stops. if you'd like to vote -- and click on "sports." the sunshine state is a battleground state. how will the latino's respond to the campaigner-in-chief? >> one man's trash is another person's treasure. i'm jennifer franciotti. how
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[ jared ] uh, michael? you know... big game... that was sort of supposed to be for all of us. [ slurping ] [ male announcer ] give 'em what they love. subway! giant subs, sandwich and cookie platters. and big-time value. subway catering. order today! once they turn to a local company that has the experience that one man's trash is another man's treasure. >> jennifer franciotti has more on the junk behind the art. >> they called 1-800-got-junk.
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>> they were not being used or anything. why keep them? >> what is of no use to the family is of great use to the artist. >> they have gotten more. it will be kind of like a puzzle piece in this together. klutzy is working on a piece that he calls lost luggage. finding materials is not always easy which is where this comes in. the franchise has been finding unusual treasures for artists for the past three years. >> i sit down and brainstorm on what is unique. how can we marry the two together? >> you pick it up and you know it's going to be cool place. >> they recycle and donate many
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items to the community. >> to get to participate in the next life of these items and that's really unique. they only saw this for what it was and we can see what the next chapter may be. >> the next chapter is being turned in the furniture of sorts. proper stages show how, but how will they keep altogether? >> brackets, rope, strength, anything that will weigh it down more. >> all you need to do is call 1- 800-got-junk they will come pick it up for free. [laughter] >> that's it for us at 5:00. here's what's coming up new at 6:00. >> lawyers jumping in between the mayor and comptroller every new telephone system. >> police in anne arundel
5:59 pm
counter searching for a suspect that attacked an elderly man at gunpoint. i'm kim d.c. live with details. >> why the campaigns are working so hard to win over hispanic voters next. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> this is wbal-tv 11 news at 6:00. >> baltimore area under a severe thunderstorm warning which could lead to damaging wind. in sky team 11, you can see the clouds are starting to roll in. if you made plans for outside tonight, you may want to have a backup plan. >> let's go to tom tasselmyer who will tell us exactly what's going on. >> it's going to break the heat wave, but a price to pay and thunderstorms usually erupt which is what we're seeing now. which is what we're seeing now.


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