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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  June 23, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> jerry sandusky is spending his first day in custody today and under suicide watch after he is found guilty of child sexual abuse. friends and family say goodbye to a teenager killed during an altercation with an off-duty police officer. we take you to opening day. >> live, local, latebreaking -- this is wbal-tv 11 news at 6:00. >> i am deborah weiner. former penn state assistant coach jerry sandusky is spending the first day of what could be the rest of his life behind bars. he was convicted last night on dozens of counts of abusing young boys. one of the jurors tells us he is
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confident the decision was the right one. we have more from pennsylvania. >> as jerry sandusky was pronounced guilty on 45 of 48 criminal counts, one of the jurors said he knew he made the right decision. >> just a look on his face, no real emotion. just kind of accepting because he knew it was true. >> when the verdict was announced, the community that once applauded his victories cheered his downfall. he was let off in handcuffs to face a minimum of 250 years and a maximum of more than 500 behind bars. -- to place a minimum of 25 years and a maximum of more than 400 years behind bars. >> it is a sense of relief that it is over. having said that, i do not think
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it is far from over. >> the penn state athletic director and another top administrator face criminal charges for not alerting authorities and lying to a grand jury. he faces other allegations from his stepson and another young man. for the young men who testified -- >> they felt vindicated. the jury listened to the stories and validated them. >> a guilty verdict marks the end of a long painful run. jerry sandusky is expected to be sentenced in about three months giving his accusers one last chance to confront him in this courthouse. in pennsylvania, wbal-tv 11 news. >> attorneys for sandusky say he is under suicide watch for his own safety. lawyers for a church official said they plan to appeal.
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a jury in philadelphia conducted the monsignor of one count of child endangerment but acquitted him of conspiracy. he was a senior official in the roman catholic church in philadelphia. he is the first u.s. church official convicted for covering up abuse claims. the judge revoked his bail. he was taken to jail. his lawyers plan to ask for house arrest on monday until sentencing. he faces up to seven years in prison. the baltimore county teenager who died after an alleged altercation with off-duty police officer was laid to rest this morning. there are many unanswered questions around his death. sheldon dutes is live with more. >> there is an ongoing investigation to figure out what happened tonight christopher brown died. his relatives are holding on to positive memories and praying for justice. loved ones gathered at colonial baptist church for his funeral this morning.
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loved ones celebrated his life. he was killed after a confrontation with an off-duty baltimore county police officer who has been identified. it happened around 10:00 that night. the medical examiners said brown died from asphyxiation. no charges have been brought against the officer involved in the case. >> we are not in a position to press charges. that is up to the defense attorney and baltimore county and the police department if they find there. >> he says he has met with the states attorney's office and police department that assure him a thorough investigation is still underway. the officer remains on the ministry of leave. , we will hear what the brown family has to say about the case. >> police are searching for clues after an early-morning shooting left one man dead. around 1:15 this morning,
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officers found orlando mcdaniel industry. he was pronounced dead at the hospital. there are no suspects in the shooting. maryland state police say car traveling northbound on 97 crossed the double line and struck a car traveling southbound. the drivers of both cars were taken to shock trauma. the passenger of the second car was taken to a hospital where he later died. route 97 is still closed in both directions. baltimore firefighters spent the day going door-to-door making sure residents have a working smoke alarms. it is part of a continuous effort to reach the zero fire deaths in baltimore. a man died last week in a fire. firefighters must install smoke detectors for anyone without them. some cooler temperatures have moved in for the weekend. john collins has the latest.
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>> only slightly cooler. we made it up to about 90. a beautiful sky. we do not have the haze today. we do not have the thunderstorms we had yesterday evening. there is nothing going on around us. there are plenty interesting things going on on the radar. in new england, they are getting strong storms around boston. you see a cluster of storms off of the florida gulf coast. that is attached to the latest tropical storm. i will have more on that coming up. there are scattered thunderstorms that will probably play into our weather by the end of the day tomorrow. i will talk about that coming up. >> they have been waiting to hear that. histle meant that the
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pools are open. they will be open now through labor day. we caught up with one fan who could not wait to beat the. >> it is real fun. it is fun. >> admission fees will remain $1.50. still ahead, one person is missing after a boat collision off the coast of long island. one of the boat operators is facing serious charges. the weather is not letting up in minnesota after more than 10 inches of rain this week. how much all the flood damage is going to cost.
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>> the coast guard is searching for a missing person after to the boats collided. a catamaran struck a recreational fishing boat and capsized. two others were taken to area hospitals. officials say the operator of the catamaran has been charged with boating while intoxicated. firefighters in colorado are losing ground against the wildfire. it has already burned 120 square miles and bdestroyed 190 homes. authorities issued nearly 1000 evacuation notices last night. some residents had only returned home to their days earlier. duluth is getting more rain. up to 10 inches of rain fell earlier this week causing widespread flooding. officials say the damage might top $100 million.
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evacuees have been returning to their homes to start cleaning up. >> we have oceans of water coming across the road. >> that is as high as the water was. >> forecasters say the mississippi continues to rise because of flood runoff. that could cause additional flooding. wow. a big problem for sure. >> it is tough to complain about our three-day heat wave. it is still considered on the warm side today, but less humid. we have more interesting weather coming up in the next day or two here and around the country. right now, only a few scattered clouds. blue sky. it is 89 downtown and at the inner harbor.
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>> here is your forecast with meteorologist john collins. >> a nice day today. in the sun, it was hot. we dropped about 8 degrees as far as the afternoon high temperatures are concerned. we are weighed down on the humidity. there are thunderstorms in boston and storms in the carolinas.
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also, some new storms coming in and around chicago. that is leftovers of a system that will regenerate and come through here tomorrow. more tomorrow night into monday. we're not done with rain chances yet. 92 was the high at the inner harbor. the average this evening is 85. it will be chilly air tomorrow morning. the rain at bwi was before dawn , left over from yesterday. some areas got more than that. annapolis, 84. cambridge, 88. 79 on the boardwalk. 84 in westminster. in the 70's and western maryland. less humidity makes it more comfortable. here is the satellite image to show you what is going on. here are the storms to the
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north. here is the storm cluster to the west. here is what we look like this evening. most of the stormy weather is over the water. this storm in the midwest was coming in. it will move to the east. it is a small bubble. there is still a big storm in canada. this will be moving in tomorrow. by the end of the tomorrow, we could wind up with more thunderstorm activity. a higher chance on monday. the topics have become active in the gulf of mexico. we have a tropical storm debby, we're dedicating this to deborah. it has finally moved into the gulf. the thunderstorm activity is on the east side of the storm. forecasters think it is going to head west by thursday toward the texas gulf coast.
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other models want to take to florida or alabama. we will have to see what happens. clear and cooler for us tonight. 58 to 65 for the lows. increasing customer. a thundershower late in the day. the higher range chances are on monday. most of sunday will be fine. by tuesday, we look fine. temperatures will be a bit below the average. more rain activity possible next week. >> the orioles will try to make it to in a row against the nationalist tonight. >> jason hamel was terrific. we will look back of the opening game of the series. the birds are releasing the oldest player in their organization today. that and more coming up in sports. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] [ crows cawing ] [ male announcer ] strange things happen
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>> this is 11 sports. >> davey johnson's return was not the homecoming he hoped for. the orioles tried to make sure the weekend follow suit. his return was his first visit in 15 years. a packed house last night. the game was delayed but with the way. jason hammel allowed just one run in eight innings. the bottom of the second, zimmerman with the high fastball. 1-0 birds. in the this, the game tied at 1- 1. nick johnson giving the birds
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the 2-1 lead. the defense steps up. look at this play. barehanded. gets michael out at first. johnson helped himself with a quick reflexes. johnny on the spot. the birds when -- win 2-1. hammel dominant again. >> i have a good feel for both sides of the game. just coming out and competing. going to the glove and attacking. today was my best they command wise with no walks. i hate walking guys. i like to get quick counts. today we did that. i was surprised i did not go back out in the night. to get him out there, it was a
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done deal. >> he made a real commitment. i am glad to see him get a return for what he is putting into it. he is a pleasant ride and a good guy to be around, but on game day, he has a different look in his eyes. >> another good pitching matchup tonight. 3.4.with era's under the orioles released 39-year-old moyer. he asked to be let go. he signed a contract with the stipulation the team promote or release him. the blue jays facing the marlins. check out the sketch. a drive to center. a ridiculous diving catch. it could be the best catch of
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the season. if not come close. one catch the marlins could not make in the ninth, jays win 7- 1. to college baseball. futures school has done it again. south carolina is going back to the finals. bases loaded. comes home. matt strikes out jake. they win 3-2. they're looking to get their third straight national title. after germany advanced to the semifinals yesterday, today became the most anticipated match of the euro cup. france is unbeaten in 22 straight matches. spain is defending champion and world cup champions.
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we start in the 19th minute. that gives spain the 1-0 lead. it stays that way until the 90th minute. spain wins and advances to the semis to face portugal on wednesday. a great day for soccer and anything else. john collins is
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>> what have you got? debby in the gulf.
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we will see what happens with that. we will have more on that several of the crop. tomorrow evening, maybe a thundershower. most of tomorrow looks all right. 84 the high on monday. tuesday through thursday look great. the end of the week, we can see rain again. it will be kind of hot. >> the 80's will feel good after that. that is it for 11 news at 6:00. nightly news is next. we will see you back curette 11:00. -- we will see you back here at 11:00.
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>> this is a wbal-tv editorial. >> it turned into a celebration of our heritage and history. the tall ships sailed up the bay to begin the celebration of the 200th year of the star spangled banner and recognition of baltimore's role in the way it -- war of 1812. the result was magnificent. from the hundreds of thousands who safely enjoyed the inner harbor to the crowds at fort mchenry taking events like the blue angels, the week offered something for everyone. all too often, summer weekends are marred with reports of crime and violence in downtown baltimore.
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this offered a different portrait of our committee, a community united in appreciation of our rich history and ready to celebrate our contributions to this country. we invite you to log on to and continue the sailabration by uploading sailabration by uploading pictures and videos
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