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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  June 25, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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the medical examiner determined brown died of asphyxiation. >> i would have been glad to pay for any damages if they had thrown the rocks. the hurt is.s what there is no money or nothing that could replace my son. >> the police officer was off duty and heard a crash from his front door. he saw several people running away and chased them. they said in the course of a physical fight that brown became unconscious. >> this is in no way, shape, or form an accident. >> county police say they still have much more to do.
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>> this used to be a very serious matter. especially when this use of force result in a fatality. >> although it can be frustrating, a thorough investigations take time. there are to records to obtain and review. he spoke to mrs. brown today and said, "i pledge to her a full and fair investigation." the attorneys as to do the job properly they cannot wrest -- rush the process. >> it's official. mayor stephanie rawlings blake's budget has passed. it took a final vote approving the plan in a 9-6 decision to solidify closure of multiple city fire station been shut down several recreation centers on july 1st.
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>> to have to understand until the economy turns around that something has to go. we're not raising property taxes. unless the applicant understand that they need have the id administration be willing to put cuts in. >> than in fighting to come up with a different plan but the council president was unsuccessful. >> turning up the heat on o'malley. during a rally inside the capitol building, labor interests demanded a special session to expanded gaming in the state. they also send their remember a strongly worded letter. 11 news reporter david collins is following developments and joins us now from the state house. >> taking a jab at the governor's economic policy fighting job losses. i'm paraphrasing but they say
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it's incomprehensible that lawmakers would give up the harbor today to create 8000 jobs. organized labor for in the argument for expanded gaming in maryland around job creation and additional revenue for the states. the lack of a consensus to allow a sixth casino site in prince george's county as well lowering the current tax rate on slot machine revenue, house members are both for luring the tax rate. >> our members are disappointed and frustrated about the legislators we send down here to make the decision. in a letter to the governor, they discuss their disappointments and they are wanting to continue the discussion. they say it is facing after seeing the job losses two months in a row, they find it incomprehensible that the
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effective leaders would allow the opportunity to let the job creation slip past us. >> the matter our views on this issue, we should at least let the voters decide. >> the proposed legislation will let them decide whether to allow a casino in prince george's county. according to a new poll, they want the issue decided by referendum on in november ballot. they indicated support and approve a casino site in prince george's county. >> no one is going to lose any money on this, to turn tax revenue to increase that to fund
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social programs in need of the state and local programs and put people to work to create career is coming in opportunity. what's the sticking point is lowering the revenues on slot machines. no agreement has been reached. david collins, wbal-tv 11 news. >> the names are required to issue a referendum. they are adding an exclamation to the overwhelming support in the final count is 162,000 signatures well over the required 55,736. the to be the first time in 20 years the petition drive has forced a vote. they threw out a lawsuit over the congressional redistricting
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claiming that the new maps discriminated against african- americans saying it did not create a third majority black congressional districts. those opposed to claim -- >> sally kidd joins us live now from washington. >> a miex ruling but both sides are claiming victory. the supreme court ruled the requirement shoring papers is constitutional. "this is a step back for civil rights in the united states of america, and we will fight. >> they say it encourages racial
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profiling come about without question before the high court. the case centered around whether the arizona law interferes with federal immigration laws. the justices decided it does not. the arizona, are called that a vindication. >> arizona and every other state can use their authority to defend their people and it has been upheld. >> the court threw out the rest of the law. those provisions required emigrants carry documentation, saying it's a crime to let them work, and allowing the police to make unwarranted arrests. >> this is a big win for the federal government because it reaffirms that immigration reinforcement is primarily a federal responsibility. republican at romney's of the ruling on this is to lead on the
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issue. they say the remaining provision of the wall -- the law will be reassemble.d >> the high court is expected to announce its much-anticipated decision on the landmark health care law next. >> firefighters in kent county continue to investigate after a massive fire. i'm lowell melser with the story coming up. >> the ghoul in the pool ryan lochte and phelps. >> pushing the storms off the coast and the insta-weather plaza straight ahead. looking good. looking good. 85 at the airport, 86 downtown. i'll have the $4 everyday value slam with... bacon.
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>> firefighters are assessing damage from a seven-alarm fire that burned almost 50 acres on the eastern shore. >> it with a huge blaze. the call came in saturday night about a wild fire burning out of control. lowell melser are joined us live from queen anne's county with the latest. >> for the is evacuating because of a hurricane, that is nothing new. some of them had to evacuate any way because of a huge fire that was still smoldering sunday
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night. >> they came toile warehouses and asked us all to evacuate. >> for luanne the rest of his -- lou and the rest of his neighbors, a wildfire began in their late saturday night or early sunday morning on kent and came within 50 feet of the homes along this street causing the evacuation of about 30 homes. >> we thought it was pretty serious because the smoke was getting heavy. -was falling out of the air. we just did not want to deal with it. >> by the time of the broader under control, closed at 50 acres have burned. a volunteer firefighter said it was exhausting. >> we had it contained 90% of the way.
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>> it was a small, slow-creeping fire. the lower humidity came up and it grew. >> this forest ranger took 11 news to some of the most charged areas. some of them were still on fire. >> it still burns freely. it is the last spoke for the residents of the area. we are still keeping it in check. what they called the their roads firebreaks to keep it from spreading and it appears that it's working. >> this way you have fire on one saide. >> used equipment from about one dozen agencies from as far away as glen burnie and parts of
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delaware. thankfully, no one was injured and all of the evacuated homes were safe. >> fire officials say it was earlier in the year, most, if not all, would have been destroyed and that is really startling. they say it was either caused by lightning or carelessness with fireworks. i'm all meltzer, wbal-tv 11 news. >> now your 11 insta-weather + forecast. >> low humidity levels mean that fire could remain. just a few scattered showers across central and coastal maryland. virginia beach, nor full getting
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hammered. still a storm in the vicinity, but these are still on the extreme southern tip of virginia. it only 200th of an inch down at the inner harbor. from here for the next few days, temperatures should settle back to near normal. there is a hint of that and only 60 degrees, 64 in oakland and garrett county. 72 in pittsburgh. this is where it is coming from, so expect to temperatures overnight. the lower the dew point, the drier the air. a dw point is rare into the 40's, but that's an indication of how cool and dry the air will be. down to near 50's as a matter of
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fact. some of these areas in allegany in garrett county will see temperatures into the low 40's overnight tonight in far western maryland as this pushes this out and settles in for a nice summer weather. the front moving through here blocks tropical storm debby for moving our way, but it's been a drenching couple of days. 48-hour rain fall total, this is really start getting a foot or more in the past two days and the heavy rain will continue because this is very slow moving. it looks like it will drift across northern florida of the next three or five days. it may strengthen again. it's not much of a wind threat except for the fact that there are severe thunderstorms and maybe the threat of a tornado. a drift to the northeast and 5 miles per hour and in other foot of rain may fall. we in the high-pressure to come
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in tonight with sunshine tonight. beautiful sunny skies and temperatures should be comparable ford start to slowly move up. sun up at 5:42. gusting wind out of the northwest. 60's for highs tomorrow. low 70's wednesday. a nice break. in it to levels will go down on the eastern shore as well and temperatures will be nice down all the way into ocean city. then back into the low 80's. the seven-day forecasted 80 tomorrow, 85 wednesday, 89 thursday. we will probably get back into the mid 90's this weekend. >> from the susquehanna banks for center, this is 11 sports. >> kicking into high gear tonight. the swimming olympic trials and
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we beaumont have to wait long to see michael phelps to be against his friend and rival, ryan lochte. think of this as a preview of next month in london. phelps v. lochte. this sets up what should turn into a great weekend and even more amazing london olympics. >> i can probably fix a couple of things. >> this is the only meat where second is as good as first. -- the only meet where second is as goo. getting on the olympic team for the u.s. is very hard. i always want to win, of course. i hate losing. but first or second, i just want to make the team. >> the reason my second is just as good? the top two in each event earn a
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spot. the former olympic figure insuring the value sports stars can have in helping others. the cool kids campaign held a pediatric oncology patients and their families deal with the challenges of beating cancer. several in the sports community turned out for a fund-raiser. it jim palmer gave a hand for the group to chip in. our own pete gilbert with the shot of the tournament. the 77-yards out. this is a perfect chip and a better roll. keep with it. going, going, going -- gone! pete lands the eagle! way to go. in as how to find the cup. great fun and a great cause for a former olympian helping
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improve the lives of kids with cancer. >> this is always a great event every year. i have been involved for six or seven years now. every time the athletes come great.'s >> high provile losses have venus williams looking like a former winner. she looked lethargic today in the wimbledon. she lost the first 5 points of the match. she's in the near court. this is not the form of a five- time former champion to say the least. match point, williams, in your court, soft on the return and done, the first time since a debut in wimbledon 17 years ago.
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she loses the opening round in wimbledon. it is this the last we will see her in wimbledon. >> 17 years ago? "she's 32 now. she was a child prodigy. you start to wonder with her auto-immune disease? >> i am the toping maybe it was a bad day. >> it could be. >> stay with us. tomism left with the seven-day forecast.
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>> more sparring between the mayor and comptroller over whether taxpayer dollars for a new phone system or misused. a special message for the bully the bus monitor whose abuse made national headlines. these and more on 11
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>> the update today. >> not too bad. big storms on the coast. the high pressure is coming in with fantastic weather or the next three or four days. it will be heating up, but enjoy the 80's with low humidity. it down to the 50's at night, a rare summer retreat. at 95 on saturday though. [laughter] >> saved it up. thanks for joining us, everybody. everybody. >> "nbc nightly [ male announcer ] if your kid can recognize your sneeze from a crowd...
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