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tv   Mad Money  NBC  June 27, 2012 3:00am-4:00am EDT

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>> how to pack a romantic picnic for the park. >> we've got everything tomorrow. >> when to buy stuff or stop. have an awesome booze day >> when to buy stuff or stop. have an awesome booze day tuesday. -- captions by vitac -- i'm jim cramer and welcome to my world. you need to get in the game. they're going to go out of business and they're nuts. they're nuts! they know nothing! i always like to say there's a bull market somewhere. "mad money" -- you can't afford to miss it. hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. other people want to make friends. i'm just trying to save you a little money. my job isn't just to entertain but i'm trying to educate and teach. call me at 1-800-743-cnbc. how undervalued are stocks? what if you just looked at the linkage between a stock and the underlying company and then tried to figure out if the stock is simply not worth all that it should be because of the worldwide nonsense that's been keeping a lid on our market. nonsense where we got a rare break from today.
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nasdaq climbed 0.63%. we got to noodle in on the concept of undervaluation. because it just ain't worth the beating. and that's why today's decision by rupert murdoch as we've learned, to split newscorp into two different companies is so important and must be explained here tonight in the context of you making more money in stocks than you might think to do otherwise. now, i saw the exciting play by play this morning while prepping for squawk on the street. when the story leaked before the opening, the stock climbed 40, 50, 60, 80 cents on the rumor and $1 on the confirmation of the rumor. and then $1.50 when the market opened. people began to put pen to paper. close up to $1.65, to $21.76.
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and i don't think it's done climbing. my partner reported his sources say we could get the formal announcement of this split thursday. investors liked what they saw when they realized with newscorp they had an entertainment company obscured by a relatively tiny slow growth print operation. plus, the breakup might insulate the b division from the hacking scandal. now what? i think the newscorp breakup is terrific. we have two different divisions with two various growth rates under one roof. that's the process of wall street. the growth oriented money managers don't like owning companies who are rapidly expanding businesses held back by a slow one. like the red hot smoking entertainment business being
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kept back by the wet blanket of print. who can blame them. because as the brokerage firm noted today, news corp.'s entertainment assets are the fastest growing in the cohort. film division, growing 88%, satellite business, cable up 15%. newspapers, books. wow. magazines declined 19%. you could argue a very small piece of this media empire may have prevented the other 90 from being valued. i think the sfok could trade $25 to $28 being a possibility. i have always been with rupert murdoch, always liked to worth with him, even though it led to him suing me. anyway, there's something bigger going on here, though, that isn't just confined in news corp. if you don't own newscorp, don't worry about it.
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let me explain it to you. something that has a much larger bearing than you on a stock market as a whole. i'm talking about how undervalued many companies are, not because they have some division keeping them back. now, because of the negativity. because of the lack of caring. because of the fear. they have all combined to make stocks much less than they otherwise would be. think about it. you know what was going on here. it wasn't worried about the newspaper. every day rupert murdoch comes in, he would say, wait a second, this is him. because how the heck can this company be worth so little to the public markets versus what we know it should be worth. i'm sure he like everyone else thinks why should my stock be hostage to spain's finances. i don't do much business in spain. every day he must be wondering how much this stock is held down by traders or the endless losses daily from the new kroop crops
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of ipos. rupert many hur dock decided to shine a light on his own company's business. not just the fact that it's a stock that should trade with all the other stocks out there, like one big commodity. he says it's not a commodity. his company is not a commodity. and this is not an aberration. we have seen kraft decide to 134ri9 split into faster and slower growing. sara lee. the oil executive companies have had enough with these valuations. divide into a liquor company, abbott labs, a fast-growing research pharma company and a medical products company. mcgraw hill moving to the data business.
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they're all frustrated. they're frustrated with how their stock is valued in every case, the management of these companies are rebelled against the process of the stock market, how it works or how it got broken. and how it's putting a lit on what they're trying to do. i say that with these breakups, they are to a large extent truly just waving magic wands. but the execs are trying to hold back so many stocks, not companies, but the stocks that trade off the company, or they're supposed to. you see, we've got a market that's hated, not just by you. it's hated by the professionals. everyone has been worn down by this house of pain. that's code for all stocks are no good today or all are okay to buy. all our homework we do in the show, comparing stocks, it
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doesn't mean anything. these spinoffs and breakups are management's answer to the enui and revulsion from the risky equity class of assets. pli splitting up newscorp, murdoch is forcing the beleaguered portfolio managers to look at the central of the divisions and the company that they don't seem to like. and get them out of the context of germany versus spain. the ratings of a spain versus germany football match matter more to newscorp than the actual tug of war between the two european powers. but no one thought of that until today. this is equivalent of howard beel's protestation that he's mad as hell and not going to take it anymore. and given how horribly this market trades for all sorts of reasons that have absolutely nothing to do with fox news or 20th century fox or taking two
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for that matter, william neeson has particular skills without regarding the fundamentals. who can blame them? the bottom line, before you sell your stocks because you're worried about the emt u. summit or the down trades, remember what rupert murdoch floated today. think how much money was made today by leaking news of a breakup. and remember, many, more companies as diverse as ebay, proctor and gamble and john & johnson or jack in the box were mad as hell and didn't wbt to take that euro market trash anymore. keith? >> caller: hi, boo-yah. i heard that newscorp company is going to split. what effect will that have on the media industry? should i keep newscorp or dump it? >> you want to keep newscorp. any company that has a fast
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growing business in tt media under the same roof as a slow one that's been con stain strained by all the nonsense constrained by europe, i think is going to see what murdoch is doing and take action. there aren't that many companies that have the flexibility as murdoch. let's go to connor in louisiana. >> caller: boo-yah, jim, from new orleans. >> nice to have you on the show. >> caller: thank you. linkedin, 106 urks almost back to the ipo heyday. i'm wondering if it's a good time to short it. i wanted to see how microsoft was going to affect it. >> look, i think it's overvalued. the valuation doesn't make a lot of sense to me, but that doesn't matter. we're in a moment where people like linkedin. if i check off on a short and it squeezes up, because of the way the market is trying to value
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these things, i'll have really bad. >> what's going on in all these extrainous companies that sometimes executives like murdoch realize they don't have to take it anymore. i know you're fed up, i'm fed up. murdoch is fed up and look what he did. look how much money he has. "mad money" will be right back. >> coming up, this tech manufacturer surged earlier this year. but since then, it's given up nearly all its gains. do global growth concerns justify the pullback? or is it time to buy in at a serious discount. cramer conducts an interview with its ceo to find out. and later, two companies can get your goods from point a to b. which package stock stands to track the best return. forget about first overnight.
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cramer's guaranteeing his answer within minutes. plus technical buy? commodities have been falling off a cliff. but are the technicals indicating it's time to get back in? or is it still best to stay away? cramer is going off the charts to find out. all coming up on "mad money." another cup of coffee? how long is this one going to last? forty-five minutes? an hour? well...
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after the pounding this market has taken, i think stocks like jbl for all you home gamers is one of the world's leading providers of electronic manufacturing services, which means when companies want to outsource their manufacturing operations, they go to jbl. notice i didn't say tech companies. they assemble set top boxes, computer, cell phones to industrial met works, clean technology and medical devices. it helps them save a fortune or manufacturingst co-s. now we're likely to manufacture the casings for the iphone ipad going forward. apple won't say much and it won't allow the suppliers to talk.
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it's going to be a little bit of a black box on this issue. it's one of the reasons why i think jbl has been hammered mercilessly over the next three months. that could be going away because it's apple business. jbl is perceived wrongly as being all tech. industrial machinery, health care equipment, instrumentations, components for clean energy. everyone still says when i hear, oh, it's tech. plus they delivered results basically in line. though the next quarter was seen as disappointing, the company's optimism which starts in september was enough to make the stock spoke 6.8% the next day. since then, it pulled back to where it reported. it's quite cheap given the stocks in this industry have historically sold from 9 to 14 times earnings.
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has jbl been punished enough? let's hear from tim maine, the always straight-shooting president and ceo of jabil circuits. >> good to be here. >> odd thing on your conference call. we know the world is getting a little down beat. manufacturing worldwide is slowing. we know the quarter is not a traditional blowout, jabil, but the guidance for next year is really bullish. so i mean, am i -- how -- prove it to me. how about that. prove it to me. >> we said it would be below our trend line of 4% eps growth. last decade eps growth has been a growth rate of 11.5%. this is a bit of a flat spot as
3:17 am
we transition from relying on enterprise to high velocity growth to manufacturing services. as a matter of fact, the last year as fiscal belt tightening has taken place and some of the other aspects in the macro economic environment, our manufacturing services, which you outlined in the setup has performed remarkably well, was up year over year, 22% over the last quarter. so when he when we look out over fiscal year '13, we see a return to significant growth in diversified manufacturing services of 20% to 30%, a more stable performance. that should lead to a year in which the company can grow at a 10% to 15% rate. if you can find a better track record, i think you should buy it.
3:18 am
>> one of the reasons why i love having you on, the track record is absolutely incredible. but there are macro concerns galore that have to affect a company like yours. even though you've widened the number of customers, widened the kinds of customers, isn't everyone feeling a slowdown. >> if you look at our 10 largest customers, we had one at high velocity, one at enterise infrastructure, one at diversified manufacturing services. two customers, revenue year over year, down $1 billion. then everything else, the hundreds of customers besides that are growing at a respectable rate over here. so these are some issues in customer concentration that jabil has to move through. continue our trend towards diversification. as we do that, our earnings power and consistency will continue to improve.
3:19 am
but again, diversified manufacturing services segment, 44% of our business now, i think in fiscal year 13 should be the crossover point where diversified becomes over 50% of diversified becomes over 50% of our business. and then we can stop talking about some of the the other distractions that i think have given investors a lot of concern over the years. >> and we've spoken before, i can ask you anything about apple and you're not able to answer. i'm not trying to dodge our viewers. you can not do it. it's part of the deal. but research in motion reports later this week. research in motion has been a really important customer. there's not much you can do about their end market. are you still taking more of research in motion's business. how do you view a customer like that that is obviously very loyal to you, but it's hurting and has to be hurting the rest of your business. >> well look, without addressing
3:20 am
r.i.m. particularly, but we did outline some of that conversation in our conference call, they articulated their intent to consolidate their supply chain to fewer suppliers in order to gain efficiencies and reduce their cost. jabil is one of the go-forward partners with that company. i think the way to look at it is oh, gosh, they're increasing their exposure because we also said through fiscal year 13 we will expect the company to be 10% for revenue which is lower than it's been over the last couple of years. you talked in the setup, companies are relies on jabil provided 100% in some cases of their manufacturing, service infrastructure a lot of their design infrastructure. that value proposition would work.
3:21 am
you can't abandon customers. as long as the risk reward is balanced we feel the shareholders have a reasonable opportunity for the return on the investment and the attention it takes to run these relationships, then we think we need to continue to support those customers. i think customers today that are very profitable customers that were at one time out of favor as well. >> i have time for one quick question. this is something my kids asked me to ask you. you are considered to be a humane employer. are you winning business because some of your competitors are regarded as inhumane? >> i think that's probably true, jim, when we -- particularly when we talk about industrial accounts and clean tech accounts and health care and instrumentation. gosh, some of the things that
3:22 am
are going on in the world today just scare the bejeebers out of them. and even when you look at infrastructure and high velocity structure, i think the flight to quality and people that invest in sustainability and invest in human capital will win the day longer term. >> that's why i think you're going to win out in the end. thank you for being candid with us. thank you for come on the show. >> thanks, jim. appreciate that. >> enough business that i do not think r.i.m. can pull them down. obviously can't talk about apple, but the second half of apple will be pretty darn good. stay with jabil down here. stay with cramer. coming up, delivery duo. two companies can get your goods from point a to b. so which packaged stock stands to bring the best return. cramer is guaranteeing his answer within minutes. . take geico, you can call them anytime you feel like saving money. it don't matter, day or night. use your computer, your smartphone, your tablet, whatever.
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♪ wait mr. postman >> stock picking is somewhere where there's accounting for taste. sometimes when you're trying to choose between two companies in the same industry, the decision only comes down is not to which company is better, but to what kind of name or stock you personally are looking for. in other words, when you're comparing stocks, you can't decide which is better, unless
3:26 am
you know what you want out of a stock. that's why this week we're doing budget comparisons with household names to show you just how important it is to understand your taste in stocks, your temperament, what fits your profile if you want to get all wall street about it. tonight we're fedex against ups. these shipping companies have been hammered of late because of worries about a slowdown in the kpa. and i think they come down to level where is they make attractive buys. but which one is better. fedex or ups. it depends on you. are you look for a quick trade that gives you gain over the next three months? in that case, you want fedex, no question. on the other hand, if you're looking for an investment, something that can generate hefty returns, ups is the winner. and that's not a back handed way of saying ups better than fedex because investing is better than trading. i'm not saying that. i am neutral because the bank doesn't look at it and say how
3:27 am
did you make that? trading? the truth is deciding between these two stocks is knowing about your time horizon and your risk tolerance. it's about you, not about fedex and ups. you can leave that decision for shipping some. for those of you who want something shorter term you recollect fedex wins hands down. fedex announced and went up. but since then it's pulled back. you're getting fedex real chip. sells for 11 times earnings. it's a lower multiple than ups which sells 14 times earnings. you've got a good entry point for the trade right here. obviously it would depend on the growth rate versus. 11 versus 14 for apples to apples. it has big near-term catalysts. things that could really drive the stock higher. first of all, fedex is divided into two separate companies, the ground bis and the air shipping division.
3:28 am
and right now, the express side of fed ex is going through a major restructuring. companies likely to retire some of its older, less fuel efficient aircraft lay off a decent chunk of its work force. i think this move could pay off with serious cost savings rather quickly. that's what happened the last time fedex restructured, and then with the ground business. it's a very clever company. the best thing about the restructuring, though, it will give fedex a ton to have positive things to say at the analyst meet egg october 9. so far, the company hasn't given many details. the stock could react positively when the management goes into more depth in october. i think fedex could be an excellent several month trade going into the analyst meeting. i already said the stock is cheap, but i think you might get a chance to buy it cheaper if you wait until after the eu fiasco meeting later this week and the employment fiasco, which could be real bad. either could give you a viable
3:29 am
pullback. then once the analyst meeting a happens, ka ching. charts. after you get the catalyst and people decide hey, you know what, i'm going to be interested, you've got to ring the register. you're in it for that. if you're looking for a longer-term investment, fedex not the answer. we know for the last century, 40% of all gains have come from reinvested dividends. and that's among the reasons why ups with its 2.98% yield makes a better investment. ups is much better organized than fedex as well. they provide more real-time information on demand. it's more accident than fedex, too. then there's the fact that ups is buying tnt. the big europe-based international shipping company for $6.5 billion.
3:30 am
you might question this given that it makes ups the largest shipping company in europe. although when fedex reported last week, they told us europe was doing surprisingly fine. however, the deal also gives ups substantial growth in asia and latin america. two rapidly growing regions even with the current global slowdown. plus a deal is expected to be added to the ups earnings. imagine if they can get $1.3 billion in cost savings. tnt will give ups road freight service, which is something the company didn't have to have and had to outsource. on the europe side, i'm regarding that as worrisome. the people running ups, they're no dopes and they wouldn't have pulled the trig on tnt if they didn't believe latin america and asia would more than offset any potential -- >> the house of pain. >> -- coming out of europe.
3:31 am
ups might be more expensive, roughly the same growth rate, 13.15%, that's why i said apples to apples. but you're paying up for the higher dividends and greater consistent. and when you're investing, those things are worth the price. here's the bottom line, very few companies can be all things to all investors. the fact is whether you choose one stock or another in the same industry often comes down to what kind of play you're looking for. if you want a shipping trade, then fedex is the way to go. if you're looking for an investment, the winner is the one with the nearly 3% yield. in other words, go brown. what can brown do for you. how about making you long-term cash, as well as making you a snappy dresser. or at least half a snappy dresser. let's go to duane in utah. >> caller: utah boo-yah to you. >> second utah boo-yah in a row. >> caller: i've been watching the aerospace sector for a few months. i listened to boeing's
3:32 am
conference call. i bought a few shares at 74. then i heard nothing but good news. they had the biggest backlog of orders in their history and taking market share from air bus and other companies. of course, that meant the stock price dropped and i bought more around 70. what would you suggest i do with boeing? buy more, sell or just hold on to it. >> i have been puzzling over the same thing. we want to buy more and get even bigger. they're having an air show in july. i think they'll announce a huge number of orders. i say you stay in boeing and at 68 buy more. let's go to stafford in oregon, please. stafford. >> caller: hey, jim, how you doing today? >> real fine. how about you, partner?
3:33 am
>> caller: good, thanks. my question is with the price of gas going down, will this be a positive for transportation stock? >> it depends very much. a lot of them have what's known as a fuel surcharge. trucking companies in particular, but so do rail records. that means they aren't as levered to it as you would think. the airlines, however, do. but you know what, last time i looked, hades has not frozen over. when it really gets down there, i may actually recommend the airline stocks. let geese to marissa in arizona. >> caller: hola, jim. what do you think of amazon coming out with a new kindle soon. >> i'm so glad you asked about amazon. i did a spontaneous pro-amazon burst this morning on squawk on the street. look, does anyone watch this stock? this stock does not get hit. on good days it goes up. on bad day, it doesn't go down.
3:34 am
my thinking is this is a stock telegraphing a really good quarter coming up. i want you to own amazon. both fedex and ups could bring profits to your door. it's entirely possible. it just depends on what you're looking for. if it's short terming you've got to look to fedex. but if it's long term, ups is signed, sealed and delivered and it's yours. coming up, ride the lightning. take a nonstop thrill ride as cramer goes stock after stock. all your stocks rapid fire on "the lightning round. and later, technical buy? commodities have been falling off a cliff. but are the technicals indicating it's time to get back in? or is it still best to stay away. cramer is going off the charts to find out. all comes up on "mad money." septic disasters are disgusting and costly, but avoidable.
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it is time for the lightning round. buy, buy, buy, sell, sell, sell. when you hear this sound [ buzzer ] the lightning round is over. are you ready? i want to start with ton toe in florida. ton toe? >> what's happening with windstream? >> they blew the quarter. i'm completely on the fence
3:38 am
until i hear from them directly why the quarter went bad. not recommending the stock. john. >> caller: how you doing, boo-yah? rndy? >> i'm sticking with it. i know people are worried about the quarter. i think it's a very inexpensive stock. >> caller: jim, what do you think of san tanger? >> i think the stock is a sell, sell, sell. >> let's go to nancy. >> got a question for you. southern company. buy, sell or hold? >> buy, sell or hold. >> buy, buy, buy. >> elliott. >> jimmy, need your opinion on klac tencorp.
3:39 am
>> i think that's as by make. i think the company's business in this quarter, i don't know, but next year is going to be good. let geese to greg in ohio. greg? >> caller: booyah, mr. cramer. >> rkt is the ticker simple. >> no. tom? >> caller: spr. >> you know what, why should i own when i can buy boeing ahead of the big air show? >> speak to peter in new york. peter. >> boo-yah from staten island,
3:40 am
new york. my stock is kimera. >> i know it seem loose ache cheap lottery ticket, but i bought a bunch of lottery tickets today and i think it was a better investment. mike at&t. >> caller: thompson creek. >> not thompson creek. and that is the conclusion of the "the lightning round."
3:41 am
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at long last, could natural gas finally be bottoming? for years it feels like this commodity has been in spiraling. even two months ago, it looked like natural gas prices were headed straight to 0, or definitely $1. but as shocking as it might be, it looks like nat gas should be having a comeback. my colleague, sister sight of the is figuring out if the natural gas bottom is for real and what you should do about it to make money. take a look at nat gas, you can understand where he's coming from. in the second half of april, the fuel got just slammed, falling below $2. but since then, it's been coming back. natural gas has made a higher low, and that's always a good sign, okay? from a technical perspective. but really, you see higher low. what really does it isn't that.
3:45 am
it's the fact that nat gas seems to be making a very large w formation and he loves w formations. that's a classic bottoming formation. in other words, chartists say wow, here it goes. the key level has been 275, the ceiling of resistance. natural gas has been bumping up against it a number of times. but this morning, collins told me he thinks this time is different. this time natural gas has a chance to have breaking through that key 27 5 level. sure enough, that's exactly what happened today.
3:46 am
see this tiny little thing here? that's the breakout. how did collins see this coming. why is it so significant? take a gander look at triple exponential moving average. when it comes to technicals, tricks, not for kids. this is a leading momentum indicator technicians use to figure out when a stock will change direction. it can show big moves before they happen. what we see here is that the trix is currently making what's known as a bullish crossover. the third one we've had this year. boy has it been accurate. boom, boom, now this one. the last two times this happened, we caught some nice rallies. but both of them terminated at the same point. this time the bullish crossover single when it was only a few cents below 275.
3:47 am
this one started right beneath it. it blew through the key ceiling of resistance. and now the next stock could be over $3 by the end of august. so we could be looking at a nice healthy rebound in natural gas. it's the first time in a very, very long time. you know we don't like playing commodities here. nat gas is going to rally, we have a much better opportunity to own a natural gas stock and collins agrees with. ultra petroleum had the best charts,
3:48 am
that ultra was the cleanest way to play this move. why ultra? let's check out their daily chart. ultra petroleum did not make a higher low earlier this month. that's not so good. however, if you look at the relative strength or rsi index, that's a momentum indicator that can often lead to the price of the actual stock, the rsi did make a higher low. this is what technicians like collins call a bullish divergence. the rsi is basically predicting that ultra p would go higher. if you take a look at the trix, sure enough, we are seeing enough that exact bullish crossover pattern we saw with the chart of natural gatt gas that collins thought was so positive. one more element of this chart colin really likes. the ultra petroleum is making a cup and handle formation. it's called that because it looks like a little teacup with a handle on the right side. spotting these patterns may sound silly.
3:49 am
to a chartist like collins, a cup and handle may be the single most reliable predictor of out there. if it can peak out of the resistance from the top of the cup, around 21.50, only a dime higher than where it is right now, a huge move up in if ultra. bingo. just like with natural gas, he wishes we could see this move by the end of august, if not sooner. that's why he says ultra p should be at the top of your radar screen, if not at the absolute top. if you get a breakout, could make a move up to 24, 25. according to collins, we only need one of these things. either natural gas or the broader market, but not both in order for this extremely bullish scenario to play out. if you look at the weekly chart, collins thinks it's very similar to what we saw. you see the same cup and handle formation beginning here. same price target, 25. my view, for ages now, every time somebody has tried to call a bomb in natural gas they've been burned, singed, mutilated. but i'm agreeing with collins here. i think this time could be different. natural gas companies are cutting back on increased production.
3:50 am
got action in the nat gas surface vehicle space. westport, remember we talked to them? even without washington's backing, i think natural gas can go higher. and if anybody in the federal government has the brains to realize the natural gas reserves gives us a once in a lifetime opportunity to crush opec and become energy independent, we'll have cleaner skies. ultra is is historically one of the best run natural gas plays in the country. bottom line, tim collins is making a very bold call that natural gas is bottoming. and ultra petroleum, he says is the best nat gas stock to own. i think nat gas has bottomed. is ultra p the best? let's just say, i think it can do exactly what collins says. "mad money" is back after the break.
3:51 am
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>> heard it for the first time yesterday. shocked me, just shocked me. first it's said vultures are circling around regions financial. on top of that, i read that bbva is going to put come pass on the block. bank deals used to be a stay until this country. banks simply overthrown their areas, needed to expand.
3:54 am
but others needed to acquire competitors. you had banks that were playing defense and you had banks that would seize the moment when they could buy assets less than they were worth. all this stopped during the great recession. first wells fargo, jpmorgan and bank of america were able to exceed, no bank was allowed to be bigger than that for fear of too big to fail. this was the single biggest greatest banking aggrandizement in history, wells fargo making 1 out of every 3 loans. second, there are so many bad loans out there, tangible book, it's meaningless. simply didn't matter as a way to value banks. everyone just presumed it was overstated.
3:55 am
acquiring banks like fnfg got clobbered when they opened banks in the open market. unless fdic overpaid, the stock was punished, sometimes ridiculous. what looked like a brilliant acquisition, the takeover of new alliance turned out to be reducing. yesterday, we got in a good string of nice housing number. today we got case-schiller. home prices are going up throughout most of the country. if a bank is long houses, they're already written down, you could be getting that bank at a discount if you buy it. suddenly in the regions and the bbva rumors don't seem that farfetched. not all banks think about what's going to happen next month or next quarter. some think about multiple years. i don't know if regions is for sale. i don't like the bank. i think it's a second-tier
3:56 am
player. i wouldn't buy it. but bbva desperately needs the money. this deal would not shock me. and for once, i think the acquirerer of compass could go higher. there might be a sweet deal for compass, given the tsunami of spain, it makes too much sense not to happen. stick with cramer. ♪ ♪ pop goes the world ♪ it goes something like this ♪ everybody here is a friend of mine ♪ ♪ everybody, tell me, have you heard? ♪ [ female announcer ] pop in a whole new kind of clean with new tide pods... a powerful three-in-one detergent that cleans, brightens, and fights stains. just one removes more stains than the 6 next leading pacs combined. pop in. stand out. [ male announcer ] nothing will keep you from magnum.
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look, everyone was really good yesterday, suddenly get an uplift. use the uplifts if you're really negative to lighten up. we should getting that kind of end of the quarter buying tomorrow. again, if you're nervous, take some profits or lighten up. i'm not telling you you've got to be there. but i am saying there's a lot of value. witness rupert murdoch waking up and saying let's go bring a lot of value. i'm sick of spain, i'm sick of germany. my company is worth more than you are saying it's worth.


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