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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  June 28, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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million uninsured americans. >> it will certainly affect nearly every single person in this country puree good -- in this country. small businesses may have to a absorb additional costs. by the attention, listen up. >> the obama health care law was upheld. conservatives were outraged. >> america will never be the same. >> john roberts sided with liberals to say the penalties for not buying health insurance is a tax, because the constitution permits such a tax, it is not our role to forbid it. the court did limit the federal government's power to take more medicaid patients, but the
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affordable care of it goes forward with guaranteed coverage. good >> i was hoping bolting would come down. and we have to unite and fight this. good >> i am very happy with the decision today. >> president obama praised the high court decision. good >> today's decision to implement an improve on this law. >> is scheduled to repeal for july 11, and it romney said he would sign of appeal if he wins. >> if we want to get rid of obamacare, we have to replace obama. >> the chief justice most thought would help kill the health care a lot. gerd >> it is no surprise, and the o'malley administration applauds the decision, saying it
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gives considerable momentum to health care efforts already under way in the state. maryland has 740,000 residents who do not have health insurance, and maryland has already passed legislation that sets up an exchange, creating a framework and a marketplace for individuals to buy coverage. the lieutenant governor said the decision is expected to accelerate those efforts. it does not rely on state funds but rather on federal grants, and the state caucus as it believes maryland taxpayers will pick up the tab when subsidies run out. many small-business owners are asking how this will affect them. we have a closer look at that, and a lot of people are concerned about that. >> a lot of people were concerned about the costs associated with it.
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because it is so early, they were not sure how they would be affected your your -- how they would be affected. >> it is not going to be favorable for small businesses. 5 from one of the first of its kind in the city, the supermarket has been serving customers since 1930, and while the owners are grateful for the affordable care act, they are concerned about how the decision will affect their business. >> it is overly burdensome to the retailer. it is unworkable. it is hard to administer, and we do not need any more expenses. good >> under the new law companies that have more than 50 employees will be required to provide health insurance for their workers. if not, they will be forced to
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pay a penalty. it starts of about $2,000 for every worker that does not have health insurance. he says in some cases it may be cheaper for businesses to pay the penalty than to provide their employees a. >> many of those employees will pay the penalty and send their employees out looking for health insurance, and that will take an interesting dynamic. good >> it is still very early, and they are waiting to see how the decision will eventually impact their bottom line. i saw lot of experts are encouraging small business owners to familiarize themselves with provisions. >> i am sure a lot of them are going to have to wade through it. we have coverage of the health- care overhaul. find out more on what this means your family, plus get an
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interactive timeline of how health care has evolved throughout the year. >> tonight is a big reminder of how you can help people who count on blood donations. the blood supply has reached emergency levels. our long spring may have kept donors busy and away from donating blood. we have the perspective on the dire need. >> the blood supply is down by about 50,000 units. the means there is half the amount of blood there was this time last year. medical shoppers have been landing a lot more often the last few weeks. >> with the warm weather, motor vehicle crashes, we have seen an increase in violent incidences
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this summer, and those patients require blood products. good >> and blood products that are in short supply right now. >> all of this should be sold off the record >> officials are looking at their shelves -- bare shelves. >> we need to collect between 900 units and 1100 units a day, that is not happening. >> there are a lot of possible reasons why. hollande allergy season may be why some people could not donate. -- along allergy season may be why some people could not donate. taiex we think it was the allergy season affecting that, so there are a lot of factors. >> they are hoping to drop potential donors in. >> we are trying to avoid a
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situation where doctors could have to have elective surgeries or they could have to forgo surgery for even more serious patients. and i've got forbid we have a situation where we do not have a flood of failed -- god forbid we have a situation where we do not have blood available. >> o negative is most in demand because it is universal and your good -- because it is universal. good >> we are learning more about a bizarre incident between the city state attorney, and his roommate that left him hospitalized. authorities were called just before 4:00 this morning for a report on aggravated assault. that is where they found a when bernstein -- found owen bernstein.
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authorities say they agree to cut each other as part of a blood brother exchange, and then they got into a fight. a montgomery state attorney has agreed to handle all assets because of obvious conflict of interest. >> two men they say robbed and shot a man as he was walking home from work. it happened at the 4600 block just after midnight. we are told the man tried to russell -- to wrestle a gun away when he was shot. anyone with information is asked to call baltimore city police. this man is accused of holding a woman against her will in a basement for 23 hours and allegedly raping her repeatedly. officials are calling him an extreme danger. documents show that he met the victim at a party, and they maintain contact through facebook. when she arrived at his home for
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the first time, investigators say he forced himself on her, at one point using a knife. >> one of baltimore's the biggest challenges, the city population continues to shrink. the bureau reports the city has lost about 1500 residents in less than a year and a half. the drop it to just under 619,000 people. washington, d.c. has gained about 1600 new residents, making it one of the fastest-growing cities in the country. >> a woman desperate to find her half-brother. >> he was adopted, and he may not know he has a half-sister. up next, her quest for answers. >> an air mass is moving toward baltimore. baltimore. it is
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thousands of new good paying jobs... all without raising taxes. that's what a world-class resort casino at national harbor would mean for maryland. but it won't be built unless lawmakers give us the right to vote on it this november. call 1-800-492-7122 and tell your delegate and state senator to vote "yes" on national harbor... one of the biggest new job projects in the country.
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>> family secrets, who lost family members, and hard to come by answers. that is what one woman is up against in a quest to find her brother. she shares the story in hopes that someone watching may be able to help her. for years, this picture haunted jan irvine. it is a picture of her mother. she has asked relatives why her mother looks so sad. good no one gave her an answer until this past february. good that is when her and spilled a tightly held family
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secret. >> i said, the you have any idea why my mother looks so sad? she said, you deserve to know that you have a brother living. >> she said during 1945 during world war ii, her mother was working and air-traffic controller on the night shifts. but there was a man with children. they had an affair. good she became pregnant. >> the brother convinced his sister to move in with him because she could not work and support a child. once she was there they convinced her to give up the baby. >> that baby has to be put up for adoption. this is a shameful thing. my aunt who kept the baby and put him up for adoption.
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good >> they went to maryland, searching for answers. they already found a live birth record, but they needed more answers. >> we wanted to know who he was, who he was adopted by, and what his history was. we could bring closure, or bring over union. >> the family held on to the secret for so long. when she was 22, her mother died, her brother shortly after, one in a plane crash. the other took his own lives. at the archives in annapolis, they are hoping to find a vested option record. good >> i am looking to find my brother who was adopted. >> the archivists search the records. good >> we do have a file they
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are looking for. they are going to need a court order, or they are going to need to request an intermediary. >> that is not what they want to hear, so their next step is the department of human resources to see if the department would act as and in new -- as an intermediary to ask if he wanted to meet her. that led to more frustration. they learned by law the state cannot reveal any identifying information on. >> loughner allows us to do that now with a request from adopted children rekindle law allows us to do that with the request of adopted children or the parents. good >> it is a shame. recourse to find his adopted name, but we are going to keep looking.
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>> it is unclear if she asked for the adoptive parents asked to seal them. in those days records were sealed for fears of biological parents interfering with the adoption and to protect those involved from becoming stigmatize. >> there was a concern about protecting the child from at that point as serious stigma of illegitimacy. >> she says they must also consider this. >> if he does not know he is adopted, at the age of 67, it could be quite disturbing. good >> joseph says he is considering a new course of action. >> i have sibling does count. it requires the other half siblings be adopted but not by the same set of parents, so perhaps we could pursue this by
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getting the mother and adoptive. >> they tried knocking on doors and showing pictures. >> when people move here they stay here forever, and we are hoping somebody might know of them a. >> my name is dan irvine, and i am looking for an adopted half- brother. >> she lived on paradise ave. for someone to come forward with information or to hear from the 67-year-old man who was born david nicholson would truly be a paradise for jan and the family. good >> what a sad story. they ask to see if we could tell if the half brother was living. officials are looking into whether they can even tell her that. if you think you know anything about the story, go to wbal
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>> here comes the heat across the baltimore area of. temperatures up to 90 yesterday. it looks like low 100's tomorrow. tomorrow is one of the hottest days we have ever had. it is going to be a stretch to break the record. tomorrow will be hot with humidity. all you have to do is look to the west of us and see what the afternoon highs were today, and it is scorching hot. from southern michigan and around detroit, 99. chicago is 100. st. louis was 108 degrees this afternoon. it was 107th in little rock, 105 in nashville, and louisville at 103, and even charlton it now 100 degrees today, and all of that is spreading east. temperatures are going to stay quite warm.
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and we have seen a couple of thunderstorms, and some of our computer models are taking the storms as it heads to the southeast. wants them pass right through us, so it is possible as this hot weather moves on in, we could see some thunder. otherwise it will be partly cloudy with temperatures ranging from near 70 to almost 80. heat advisories across central and eastern maryland. an area of low pressure and thunderstorms, and now the emphasis on the heat. that is the hottest flow of air we get around here, the possibility of seeing temperatures around 103 tomorrow. it is a day to slow down and stay cool, stay in the shade or
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air conditioning, and drink plenty of fluids. the mountains will be warm, not as hot as we will be because of higher elevations, but still mid to upper 80's, and they have a chance of a thunderstorm tomorrow and saturday and sunday. as the temperature hits 100, it will feel like 105 degrees to 110 degrees. at least you have the ocean near 5. the temperature ranges from 70 to degrees to 75 degrees. how long does it last? at least through the weekend. scattered thunderstorms become more likely on sunday and monday. today we cool off a little bit, and not bad for the fourth of july and 88 degrees. >> see if we can spark our return, next in sports.
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>> with me is the maryland lottery drawing official marsha harris. tonight's jackpot has an estimated annuity of $1,050,000. here are the numbers for tonight. 29-33-21-17-40-27. if no one matches all six numbers, the jackpot climbed to $1,400,000. the next drawing is monday night. good for all the latest lottery news and winning numbers,
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fewer hits than the spice girls. it leads to a more damaging
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street. 7-2. the orioles are giving up too many homers and making too many mistakes in the field. damon in high gear. 3-0 in the. nobody can jump this type to take a home run -- can jump this height to take a home run. cabrera races of a hit show -- races the pitch. michael phelps has served notice. he still has the speed to dominate a race. at the swimming trials in omaha, he holds the world record, and he led swimmers know that he remains the guy to beat.
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153.65, the fastest time in the world. that marks the third of bed. -- event. after upsetting rafael nadal, he says, i never expected anything like this. nadal made it to the top five in the last grand slam events. not this year. the tournament does not seem to give tiger woods much of an edge. as long birdie putt on 10. 1 over par, five shots on believe. but a beautiful out of the bunker, he is two shots behind
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leader. plenty of friends following him. we will show you the graduate from the naval the academy who served five years in the navy. he played this way in the pga tour. he is only three strokes off the lead in the opening round. >> it has been a lot of fun to be out here and competes, and hopefully, i have not had a great year, so hopefully we can turn it around your gut >> a great story. get a lot of folks will follow it. a major upset in the semifinals with germany and italy. mario was cooking with his feet. one-zero, italy.
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he struck again. 36 minutes. he is on fire. italy knocks off germany. italy will face spain. he did get the yellow card for taking off his shirt, but when you endeavor to the finals. >> and if you look like fax with your shirt off, why it -- if you look like that with your shirt off, why would you not take it off? >> what was that about? stay with us for a look of the seven-day forecast.
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>> it is going to feel more like miami than any other place.
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>> st. louis was 108 degrees, 108 degrees in st. louis. we are going to be probably 100. it could easily be 103 or 104 tomorrow. take it seriously. slowdown. drink plenty of fluids. shade or air-conditioning whenever you feel cool. monday the temperatures are too easy back a little bit. your eye thing tuesday -- i think tuesday the fourth of july 88 might feel cool. serious stuff. good >> do not forget your animals with your pet south side. they need plenty of water. >> they have these cooling >> they have these cooling
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your grilling is still gonna be pretty amateur. but your deck? that's pro. finish like a pro with cabot wood stains.
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cabot...that's pro. >> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes -- tyler perry, from "the amazing spider-man," rhys ifans,


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