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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  June 29, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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like downside. heat index. take it easy and slow down. barry simms is live outside. i hope you were sitting out in the truck. >> people would be the place to be. i'm doing this live report for your right now. they have been taking breaks a couple periodically. will hours have been extended. right now i can spend time looking for others try to handle the heat. >> he has two jobs. >> i drank a lot of water. >> it all part of a family-run business on garrison boulevard.
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>> water. get a drink. let's go. >> there warned about the dangers that they pose and the staff make sure they drink water, plenty of it, 15 minutes. there has to be simply a time in the sweltering heat. -- play time. >> this is drip, drip, drop. a variation of duck, duck, goose. >> marriage doing extra rotation the inside than staying inside as much as possible.
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it called for a heated exchange and these actors from a shakespearean company keep it lively. we're told breathing techniques and ipads in the costumes help them cool down. >> the show must go on. >> one of the best ways to stay cool is to take a dip in the pool like this one in the park. >> the next time to get in the pool is lining up right now. they will remain open until 8:00 p.m. live, barry simms, wbal-tv 11 news >> a bit of good news heading
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into the holiday season. the price of gas continue to drop. >> the results of 840,000 families will be traveling by car. that is up compared to this time last year. the highs are expected to be on the fourth of july. >> the maryland averages today is $3.32 per gallon, down 23 cents one month ago and down 68 cents from the record high we saw back in april, $4 per gallon. that's good news for motorists as they hit the road. >> happen this weekend, prices could drop another 15-25 cents per gallon nationally and they could fall below the $3 per gallon mark. for a look at how traffic is moving, let's go out to capt. roy taylor in the sky team 11. >> if you're working your way from the western shore to the eastern shore, no problems in the toll plaza. traffic as get a little bit heavy going across the bay bridge. a little bit of a stop and go of
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this works its way towards the eastern shore. once you work your way of down towards the 404, is moving steady and no problems to report this time. there is the normal backup on route 50 eastbound between the seven river bridge and 97. live in a sky team 11, capt. roy taylor. >> before you get behind the wheel, and download our free application to see the traffic camera throughout the state. you can check out forecast them live radar all free and available for your iphone, ipad, and then dried devices. >> on the new laws will have an impact on your bottom line. anyone who makes $100,000 or more per year will be hit with a new income-tax and flushing the toilet is about to get more expensive. david collins joins us live with the details. >> we counted more than 200 new laws going into affect on sunday
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including some that will cost some of us more money, but all designed to improve our quality of life. the abundance of a squad of life is one measure of an abundant chesapeake bay. several laws are enacted in reducing pollution pouring in from different sources. >> this legislation will make a fund for every community to have the clean water they deserve. >> the flesh taxes doubling to $5 per month and it will be used to upgrade a wastewater treatment plants. a measure taking aim at septic tanks is on the books limiting where they can build residential subdivision that use septic tanks. governments have until december to adopt the limits. jurisdictions will be allowed to set fees to fight storm water pollution. they will have one year to decide how they will be
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collected. if that's baltimore city and -- and the nine largest counties. this will increase and to qualify, the form must be worsth more than $5 million. single filers making $100,000 and couples earning $150,000 will see an increase retroac tively to january. taxes on cigars raising to 70%. the smokeless tobacco will rise. >> this tax increase will deter kids from using these deadly products. from now on, if your kids will be dying early preventable death. this will raise millions of
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dollars which will be available to help fund health care programs and it's a great public health care victory. >> there are plans underway to seek a $1 increase in cigarette sales tax. environmentalists are pushing for a tax on grocery bags and other items. reporting live from federal help, david collins, wbal-tv 11 news. >> 7 million college students and their parents can relax. >> the interest rate on student loans will not double. congress passed a plan to fix that rate. >> we are on capitol hill with the latest. >> down to the wire, it passed the house and the senate. it's not one of the short term stop-gap. the highway funding is secured through 2014. flood insurance through 2017.
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student loan rates in for one year. a rare bipartisan compromise. >> this is a good moment. i believe we can actually celebrate something before mr. battling over health care. >> republicans, stunned by the upholding of what they call obamacare and had a new line of attack, that the penalty for not buying coverage starting in 2014 is a tax. >> its a tax. it is largely on the middle class. >> they estimate only 1% will refuse to buy coverage and pay that penalty tax. instead, the pioneer of the concept was mitt romney. >> with the proponent of this policy when he was governor of massachusetts because he said it was fair to make sure there were not free riders driving up the costs. >> democrats claim the health care law is essential to our economic recovery.
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>> this would have cost the loss of 400,000 jobs. >> republicans are planning to repeal next week. the much for bipartisanship. wbal-tv 11 news. >> baltimore city police have arrested and charged a man with robbery and impersonating a police officer. they arrested him today after officers found him on the 400 block of south broadway. investigators say the vehicle match the description given by victim rod 10 days ago just a few blocks away. when police approached the car, they found him with several police-related items. >> they observed to have a badge around his neck and wearing a bulletproof vest. he had handcuffs and other items in his vehicle. the suspect had some kind of scanner.
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>> he was able to give a very specific detailed description of his attacker helping them iran -- arrest the suspect. >> their surging for suspects after a deadly shooting in west baltimore. they responded to a call on madison street and found a man lying in the street suffering from a gunshot wound in the head. tonight, authorities have not released more. there is a suit is -- a suspicious death and responded to the inn were they down the 62-year-old man suffering from a parent,. anyone with any information about the case is asked to call the major crimes unit. still ahead, you have probably
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heard this before, people dying because they were spoiled. >> it's kind of truth. the department of agriculture looks out, and food mets in "medical alert." >> i'm in colorado springs. president obama toward the most destructive fire in colorado history. i'll tell you what he had to say coming up. >> i'm kate amara. it's shaping up to be one of the biggest rivalries of the
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>> president obama visited paul roddick today to see the most devastated areas. one person is dead and another missing. nearly 10,000 residents have been forced to flee. we have the latest from call roddick springs. , actually after announcing that 346 tons had burned to the ground, officials in colorado springs had more great news. one person was found dead in a home and up to 10 people could be missing. >> where looking with a relatively small group of people. >> this is the most destructive fire in colorado history. president obama opened up more money for the firefighting and
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recovery. >> we're putting everything we have into putting into one of the worst fires we have seen here in colorado. >> a second day of the cooler weather means more progress, less danger. >> the focus of today and is to improve the line that we have in place. >> meanwhile, 32,000 people are being evacuated from their homes and are slowly allowed to go back. >> i have not been able to the back to my house since tuesday. >> for those, the reaction is immolation mixed with sadness. >> i feel very lucky and blast. they do not even know yet whether there house has burned or not. >> we will get back and settled to get ready for the fourth. >> it could be a somber or nonexistent independence day and in colorado.
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>> this fire is now 15% contained in the air force academy is not backed up and running. in colorado springs, wbal-tv 11 news. >> your 11 insta-weather + forecast. >> the key to making all the way back to the eastern seaboard. tracking 100 degrees in most areas. 100 in hagerstown. 102 in frederick. these have been as high as 106 in the hourly reports. a they have even gone higher than that. the current high at the airport is 100 degrees. this extends all the way to the eastern shore along the coast to get some nice comfort from the cooler ocean water nearby. temperatures sweltering under this heat wave. the dew point for a while ago
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today was not even that high. it did not feel as bad, but the dew point up into the 70's in 78 degree reading at the naval academy in annapolis is an indication of a lot of moisture in the atmosphere. when you combine that with the relative humidity and the actual temperature, that's how it feels on your skin. 112 in frederick. one of six indianapolis. it is just really a dangerous heat across the region which is why a warning has been issued for the city, anne arundel county, down towards the sea, metro philadelphia and it's an advisory. that is for 9:00 p.m. tomorrow. the heat will continue through the upcoming weekend. on the edge of this, some cooling were these two air masses are kind of washed up together and we see these storms developing. a nasty line of storms down
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into western and central ohio tracking south and east. some storms trapped in here last night and they went north of baltimore. this group will get into western by nine. by 10:00 or 12:00 tracking back. we may catch a thunderstorm here between 10:00 and midnight. then the someone come back tomorrow and heat things back up again. warm and 80 downtown for a low. you can see the front separating a scorching heat. the pattern will hold tomorrow, 95-100. out on the chesapeake tomorrow, northeast wind shifting back to the south in the afternoon with the waves around 1 foot and the possibility of some gusting.
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but it% chance that you have to dodge a storm over the weekend. warm and muggy. 90's on sunday. it is a good weekend to be at the beach. temperatures are a bit cooler down that way. 20% chance of a storm. the seven-day forecast, hot and humid through the weekend and still in the 90's on monday. replied that keep an eye on the radar for the board of july with a slight chance for a storm and a high of 90. >> tonight, reusing dirty needles and syringes, something all medical practices are not supposed to do. they say could lead to some frightening possibilities. >> need to be very meticulous in
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your sterilization techniques. >> he's the deputy commissioner for public health and he is determined to and outbreaks of infections or the threat of an outbreak because someone was sloppy when handling the bills, sir manges, medication biles, and i've the tubing. the problem happens in clinics and doctor's office. >> you have biles of medication to serve multiple patients and once you enter that bile come you have to be very careful with it not to re-enter it. only used a sterile syringes wanonce. >> more than 135,000 yorkers were told they had been exposed to hepatitis c, hepatitis b, and/or hiv because these particles were not followed. >> once a syringe the tax --
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attaches to a patient, it's considered to be contaminated. once it goes back to get more medication, that by was assumed to be contaminated. >> it's not clear how many people may have been effected, but the push to protect patients is nationwide. we want patients to know that it's not only ok but to speak up when getting injections. problems can also arrive when blood glucose monitors are used on more than one patient or a single injection devices are used. don't be afraid to ask about any of the sanitation issues. summertime outside can be a dangerous place for food, but the department of agriculture says many of them are unfounded. manas'-based salad will not make you sick of long as they're put away within two hours.
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you can safely cut food directly. in other myth is you can tell when you're food is cooked by looking at it. >> one in four may look don but it has not reached the internal temperature. the only way to tell is to use the internal thermometer. >> once they are done, you can put them immediately into your refrigerator and do not need to wake them to cool off. what they looked pretty good to me. still had tonight, we take you to vatican city for a special ceremony. highlights from the second round of the pga tournament in bethesda.
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getting ready for another michael phelps-ryan lochte match. >> kate amara as live with the details. >> michael phelps and ryan lock 1 and they set the stage for their third and last showdown, the finals of the 200 meter individual medley. after the preliminaries, lochte and phelps, phelps was second fastest. one of the man who trains with phelps qualified third. lochte had the fourth fastest. he won another last night in his signature race, the 200
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butterfly. >> that is what i wrote on to the scene with and it is something that we like having. we enjoy that race. all of us have been hoping the spanish with something strong. >> phelps v. lochte and you can watch them tonight in the 200 i.m. on wbal. ive swimming followed by gymnastics trials. >> a big night. >> how exciting. >> we were the first to break it on mine and now we have an update. >> the center of a stabbing investigation and by both parties are now being charged. parties are now being charged.
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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> live, local, late-breaking. . you're watching wbal-tv 11 news at 5 in hd. 11 news at 5 in hd continues now. >> new tonight, it's all but official. the longtime superintendent is it to begin his retirement. and does not start for another 6 1/2 hours, but he's ready to make the superintendent to a retiree. >> he shared some parting rules -- words with tim tooten. >> i guess you remember his first day on the job. >> of never seen a more relaxed and eager to move on. >> i just want to make sure that i've got everything out.
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>> it's all done. this will always be inside me. to the good times and bad times. i'm looking forward to spend a little time sharing with my wife, family, and grand kids. >> harrison is looking ahead to brighter days as he ties of the last of unfinished business and some on finished packing. >> i can say that i'm not very emotional.
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it was certainly a relief. you are on all the time. my mind never stopped about scenarios and situations and planning ahead. that's just the way it is. >> we will have a clean slate. >> my good friend will be in your july 1st. >> these making friends for his next assignment. >> there is still something out there to do. i'm not done. i'm done doing this work here in the baltimore county. >> it will be passing on as a mentor what he believes will help a success. >> i will leave a piece of me.
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>> he will begin his tenure of baltimore county school superintendent on sunday, july 1st. tim tooten, wbal-tv 11 news. >> there is a look at some of the other top stories. a suspicious death in anne arundel county. he walked into the road to find a 62-year-old suffering from some kind of trauma to his upper body. the man lying on the ground outside the lobby and was taken to the hospital but died shortly after. an update now on a story that we told you about online. the son of greg bernstein has been charged with second-degree assault. he and his 30-year-old roommate are both in the hospital after reportedly taking part in some kind of blood brother change that turned violent.
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the montgomery county attorney has agreed to handle the case due to august council -- conflict of interest. >> hope benedick to give all 43 new archbishop's a light shawl made noble shorn from a lamb and it is blessed and given to the new archbishop says part of an annual service. the pga tour is in maryland with tiger woods in bethesda. >> they are battling one of the most prestigious courses in the world of the homecoming for what may be august shot on tour. pete gilbert has the story. >> despite his troubles come tiger woods remains the draw in all of golf. [applause]
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17-year-old rising star bo involves a nice following to. >> i would refer both. they said his name more than mine today. i walked off the 11th tee and second holes thinking i was the hometown guy. >> a small but vocal group both fans felt the same passion for a 30-year-old tour rookie. he has more than earned his attention. a graduate of the naval academy and the first-ever service academy graduate turin a spot on the tour. >> it's not all that bad. it should not be. yeah has already served in the persian gulf. >> this combination has am really enjoying the short
5:36 pm
commute from annapolis this week. >> i'm doing really good. it's a blessing to get an opportunity like this. he's only been out of the navy now a few years. now he's here. this is the way more than i could never have dreamed of honestly. >> a late start his career from serving our country. the pga tour was more than worth the wait. pete gilbert, wbal-tv 11 sports. >> how exciting. >> good luck to him. >> a teenager found that after be reporting it missing. >> george zimmerman ask the judge if he could be granted bail and be released again. will he or won't he? find out next. >> under the motorcycle riders are gearing up now for the seventh annual ace ofce
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>> the body of a missing teenager has been found, jennifer hernandez, from texas.
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police have said there was blood at the scene and that the girl had noticeable injuries. the 16-year-old was last seen at her mother's house. make ans waiting to official ruling to grant and george zimmerman bond. he is the never would want to volunteer that killed 17-year- old -- neighborhood watch volunteer that killed 17-year- old trayvon martin. prosecutors told the judge that the man and his wife misled the court about how much money they had during the april bond hearing. at a time table has been made. >> a few weeks after the big sailabration is getting ready for the war of 1812 and they will involve the waterfront to
5:41 pm
create the waterfront when u.s. and canada were at war. this will help complete the picture much like the actors that fort mchenry. >> the gymnastics trials for the olympics kickoff tonight. reintroducing to the women hoping to get to the goal. the g we introduce you to the women. >> what are our chances for a few thunderstorms this weekend? the insta-weather plus a straight ahead. straight ahead. 100 degrees at bwi marshall.
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>> get ready to pay extra for several than most when two under new laws go into effect in maryland.
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>> heads one of the most popular sports at the but what summer olympics. >> gymnastics. we are sending some new faces over to london. we have some of the and women hoping to make the team. >> the competition and trials are feaseirce. >> to think about the pressure
5:45 pm
so much. five spots is really tight. >> she is hoping to earn a trip to london. >> my mind has gotten used to this because i have been training for this since i was 6 years old. >> making time for gymnastics, school, and friends is tough. >> i've been doing as much as i can. when she admits getting nervous before competition. >> you have to learn to use the nerves. >> it started at an early age. after 11 years of gymnastics, at all coming down to one last routine.
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that will decide of her dreams come true. >> she said she did not want to regret not having tried for her second olympics. expect to see her at trials in san jose. trialswomen's gymnastics can be watched live on nbc tonight from 9:00-11:00 on wbal- tv of the swim trials. the games are 28 days away. we will have more video and pictures from london on mine. click on the olympic zone on wbal-tv clicks the almanac to they will show you some scorching heat. the official record reported down at bwi marshall or the entire baltimore region and would have broken a record downtown of 106, but that's no longer were the official record
5:47 pm
is. bwi fell two degrees shy of the record set back in 1934 and it does qualify the second hottest june temperature on record. anywhere between 110-117 at times in downtown baltimore. the normals are getting into the hottest part of the year. iss not surprising that this kind of pushing into the icily can get around here. 100 in hagerstown. 102 in frederick. the only cool spot in there is the mountains.
5:48 pm
the higher the viewpoint, the more moisture in the year. this is why it feels so sticky out there when the dew point levels it way up into the 70's. you just cannot cool off. 100 a downtown. the heat index right now. westminster into the low 100's. easton and cambridge, feels like 109. the heat warning will continue for the cities from baltimore to washington. he did advisor in the suburbs throughout tonight and through the day tomorrow. embedded in this hot air, there are some thunderstorms. and looks like the temperatures will be warm enough so that even after sunset, the storms will survive. these are coming out of indiana, northwest ohio, west and northern virginia. we will be on the fringe of this, but computer model showing it getting here by 9:00 or
5:49 pm
10:00. offshore going into the early morning, and do not be surprised to hear some light like thunder. 70's in the suburbs. it should be quite hot tomorrow. the front is picking up the storms. nothing will clear our region. it will still be hot and humid tomorrow. highs of around 95-100. northeast in the morning. weighs about 1 foot. eighties in the mountains tomorrow with a 30% chance of a storm. cooling off a little bit inching towards the fourth of july.
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>> great news leading the consumer alert with stocks clothes and other second-biggest gain of the year as a day announced to relieve the debts and on a bird in the banks in europe. the dow jones closed up 270 points. on the last trading day of the second quarter, the s&p 500 finished up 33. and the nasdaq also up 86 to close at 2935. it is the start of the swimming season and lifeguards are in short supply. many high schoolers are taking summer courses and they are looking for a job patrolling the waters. others cannot afford the hundreds of dollars in costs to get certified. speaking of safety, how about keeping your suitcase they find you travel. this can be a big problem in the
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airports, but here are a few ways to help keep the problems that day. remove tags from previous trips, especially the bad check destination stickers. do not check expensive-looking bad. your home address available to be logged. >> sunscreen, swimming suit, a toothbrush. the most important thing to pack may be your smartphone. >> as important as packing your suitcase, and the smartphone is more important. >> it helps you travel smarter, cheaper, and easier.
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>> this helps track some of the beneficial travel applications around. they called it sit or squat which finds the best public restrooms. >> you can filter by the type of food you want, the setting you want, the neighborhood you are in. >> for those wanting to stay in touch -- >> it they have the application, there will be no charges other than being on wi fi. >> there are other travel
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applications that you can use. wbal-tv 11 news. for that. an app because being pulled they do not meet flammability standards. they run from 12 months- 4t in boys. you can log on to our web site,, for informational how to get a refund. >> technology has taken one of every child's favorite activities to a whole new level. they come up with a great way to get refrigerator art 3 can now take a picture of this, uploaded to your computer, and they can turn it into a coloring page and you can printed out. you can get some brand new
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crayon our contributions for the bridge. new laws going into effect this week and in maryland and how they may effective. >> a great weekend for a bike ride. you can help raise money
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>> the seventh annual ace of hearts run as this weekend. this bill be raising money for cancer patients and cancer research. jennifer franciotti has the details. >> from the 98 rock morning show, it is our behind-the- scenes love of writing that has made her the base of the annual ride. it raises money for pediatric brain cancer and breast cancer. jan wilson is the executive vice president of the red double the
5:58 pm
place for it -- pays for quality of life services. >> last year, they gave as a generous grant of $8,000. we want as many bikers as possible the, and join us. >> and members allover the world and on saturday, members from three states will join the ace of hearts right. >> it gets bigger and better every year. this club here, every year we do a charity. >> he's 51 years old and had a yearlong struggle. just to see the way cancer effective family and the way it breaks you down, takes a person that strong and breaks them down. seeing about -- seeing that
5:59 pm
personally, there is no way. its back roads. not going down a belt way. we pride ourselves on providing a safe driver. >> the ride starts promptly at noon. jennifer franciotti, wbal-tv 11 news. >> that the present 5:00. here's a look at what's coming up now at 6:00. >> i covered chairs in baltimore. coming up, team coverage on the weather and how many people are handling the heat. >> live, local, late breaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news that 6:00. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> and absolutely sizzling start to the weekend. a code red alert has been issued throughout the area. the searing heat in the big story tonight. story tonight.


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