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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  July 5, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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back in 279 degrees. -- into 79 degrees. caroline county, is stifling 100 degrees there. factor in the humidity and it feels like 105 at the airport, in westminster, and in annapolis. advisories' in the suburbs. a heat warning also continues. there are some stores in central pennsylvania drifting south. we will have to keep an eye on those. it may end up that the atmosphere is too high to sustain thunderstorms. it can happen with the mid to upper level heat. lowell melser is out in the heat. it is tough for folks to take, especially when the forecast calls for even hotter weather on
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friday. >> it is worrisome. we're constantly warning people when it gets hot, and the upper 90's, maybe a 100 degree day here or there, but when you're talking about a string of them, it is dangerous. the state health department has issued yet another heat advisory for maryland. so far, they are reporting 80 heat-related deaths, for happening just yesterday. -- 8 heat-related deaths, four happening just yesterday. >> if you think it is hot outside, try flipping burgers inside a food truck. >> it is 120 inside here, very hot. >> we caught up with the guys working at the chow hounds in downtown baltimore and they told us it is a constant bottle -- battle to stay hydrated. >> it will be 2:00 p.m. soon, so -- >> state health officials will be very worried about the next
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couple of days because they are expecting 100 degrees or more temperatures. a warning to those who have to work outside, especially all of the utility workers trying to restore power. >> we are very concerned about a prolonged heat wave and its affect on a lot of the folks in the mid-atlantic region. >> so far this year, according to the national weather service, we have had 18 days since april of 90 degrees or more and in june, 22 days at 100 or more. doctors are urging people to be where. >> do not be foolish. >> this doctor with mercy hospital says the e.r. is starting to fill up with patients with heat related illnesses. it is vital that people learn the signs of heat stroke. >> a warning sign is when you get confused and irrational and you aren't -- that is when you know you're getting into
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trouble. >> where lose, light fitting clothing, and stay inside as much as possible. area pools are staying open later, and cooling centers as well, which believe it or not can save lives. meanwhile, the guys at the chow hounds are still trying to stay cool. the bottom line here, if you do not have to go outside, then stay inside. stay where there is air- conditioning. hopefully, the folks who do not have power will have a very soon. -- half it very soon. we have a ton of information about extended pool hours and cooling centers at >> we have breaking news in baltimore county, a serious accident on highway 83. let's go to captain roy taylor
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and skyteam 11. >> we are between middletown road and york road north of the harford zone. there has been a crash with an suv. they requested a helicopter to transport the victim to shock trauma. the vehicle was going north when they somehow lost control and ended up flipping into the southbound lanes. northbound and southbound interstate 83 is shut down and there are about half a mile delays in both directions. expect delays. >> it has been one week since storms hit maryland, knocking out power for hundreds of thousands. >> and for people who still have no power six days later, they are understandably exasperated. bge has advice for anyone in that situation. here are details. >> you do not have food, no cold water, and a house is 87 degrees. >> sixth long and very
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uncomfortable days without power for this no. baltimore home owner. after breaking up another day in a bed of sweat, she is starting to worry about her health. >> i woke up feeling stick -- sick to my stomach and cramps in my legs. those are signs of heat stress. >> the area is shut down because of downed trees and power lines. the residents have been calling b.g.e., who they say have promised to restore power to the area on a number of occasions, but have yet to show up. the frustrated residents as she is tired of the runaround. >> i have called myself seven times. the lady said yesterday, "you have already called." well, the governor said to keep calling. >> this man and his wife have also called the bge call center more times than they can count since they lost their power at their pine hearst community home last week.
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the utility will provide an estimated time when customers can expect power to be restored. he jumped at the chance to call the call center, but said it got him nowhere. a b.g.e. spokesperson tells 11 news that callers will only get an estimated time of restoration when crews are actually assigned to their area. that is not this -- the sign he was hoping for. >> they need to deliver what they promised. >> if b.g.e. calls you and tells you the power is back on and it is not, you need to report to the outage again because you may be dealing with a more specific outage at your home. >> and there are other parts of the area dealing with the same thing, sweltering heat, no
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power, no air conditioning, and six days after the storm knocked it all out. we look up and down the east coast to see how they're coping tonight. >> this home in the nation's capital has not have electricity for six days. the owner is feeling powerless. >> when they told me july 8 this morning, i cried. i cannot believe i actually brought to that point. >> millions of americans woke up again without power and temperatures are again topping 100 degrees in many seats -- cities across the nation. >> it is actually dangerous to be outside for long time frames. >> stay inside and -- staying inside and comfortable like this is basically mission impossible. president obama is famous the cool, but even he was feeling the heat today in ohio. it was even worse in his hometown of chicago. the record heat left many
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buckled and broken like this. schools without air conditioning have been forced to cancel some summer clauses until the heat lets up. as for the rest of us, a new lesson in their more dynamics. -- thermodynamics. can you find a way to beat the heat? >> 83-year-old boy drowned in a 3-year-oldrk -- oa boy drowned in a pool in brooklin park. his family members suddenly realized was missing and he was found unresponsive in the pool a short time later. he died later at the hospital. >> at 10:00 a.m. this morning at lawrence and mcculloh st., a man was found with multiple gunshot wounds. no word yet on a suspect or a
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possible motive. and late last night, police found a 40-year-old man suffering from a gunshot wound. we are told he died at the scene. no word yet on the victim's identity or a suspect or a possible motive. >> president obama about that the plan he got past is here to stay. >> but most of the focus today was on jobs. steve handelsman has denied commitment 2012 update. 2012s tonight's commitment update. >> kicking off the bus trip in the battleground states of ohio and pennsylvania, is blue collar. he claims he has saved millions of auto industry jobs. >> governor romney said we should let them go bankrupt. i refuse to turn my back on communities like this and three
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years later, the auto industry is roaring back. >> unemployment in ohio and pennsylvania is almost a point below the national average. mitt romney knows that no republican has won the white house without winning ohio. as romney took time today to go vote, his running mate, tim pawlenty and bobby jainal went to ohio. >> half of our graduates will be unemployed or underemployed thanks to this administration's policies. mitt romney said that no one would lose their health insurance. all of the studies said that health care costs are going up. >> since the supreme court ruled it constitutional. >> i will let anybody who wants to work with me to continue to improve our health care system
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and health-care laws, but allied task is here tuesday. >> a fight over health care and jobs in a battleground state. it is the essence of the race to the white house with the election now fewer than 18 weeks away. >> still ahead on 11 news at 5:00 p.m., details on the 45 wildfires raging across the nation. >> and it looks like a helmet, but it is not for protecting the head, but to reshape it. >> sunglasses, check. sunscreen, check. coming up, another progression that you need to take if you go to the pool or the beach. --
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>> in tonight's medical alert, it is known as a dock band and it helps to reshape the head. when the cause was born, he had a humid, that caused a bulge on the side of his head and when it cleared up because his head to be misshapen. if not treated, it could cause
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had pains in adolescence. >> he was flat here, and now he has an nec forming. he was also flat on top and now has a forehead starting to come up. >> the " -- the total cost plus weekly visits is about $4,000, which unfortunately, insurance does not cover. it weighs just 6 ounces and adjustments are made when he grows. treatment should stop right about the time he's 18 years old. >> it might be a good idea to keep a close watch on your children's years this summer. there is an increase in the number of patients with this summer's here. it is a painful, but common infection. >> on a typical beach day, there are more than a few things you need to protect the kids. >> everything possible. towels, definitely extra sun
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block, especially for your lips. a lot of people forget about that. >> but she never considered what might be happening inside her kids' ears while they splashed along the shore. bacteria could cause customers year, an infection in the ear canal that causes painful -- , and cause swimmer's ear infection in the ear canal that causes painful infection. and here-knows-and throat doctor -- and ear, nose, and through doctor says it can happen just after one visit to the water. he says it is more common in people who produce more than average ear wax, or that have narrowed your canals, like children do. it requires antibiotics to treat. >> and it can cause a blockage of the canal. >> but do not jump out of the
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water for good. they are steps you can take to prevent infection. >> there are solutions you can buy over-the-counter and typically they contain vinegar. >> but these do not care and affection with it has already developed. the best way to take care of it is to pay close attention to what goes inside your little swimmers year. >> a lot of people are quick to reach for a q-tip right after a swim doctors say to avoid that. one doctor recommends putting a drop of alcohol, which dries out any residual water. >> firefighters hope to have the raging fires under control by sunday. the fire has destroyed 350 homes and scored 28 square miles. two people have been killed in what is declared the worst fire in colorado state history.
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another wild fire has spread across 400 square miles of branch plant, burning 16 homes. and the national fire center in boise, idaho said there are 45 wildfires burning in 36 western states. -- in six western states. >> warm around central maryland. a bit cooler in far western maryland or down at the coast. but from baltimore through d.c., another sizzler for sure. 97 at b.w.i. marshall. upper 90's around frederick. around and it's burke, 96. -- around emmettsburg, 96. loh 90's at the beach. a lot of moisture in the air, so
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the skin cannot cool off. the evaporative process that it uses to take it away, there is just too much moisture in the air. it feels like 106 downtown. 104 is the current heat index at b.w.i. marshall. that is where there is a heat warning out through the evening hours and it will be issued again tomorrow and even into saturday. a couple of isolated storms in pennsylvania. the weather service things they might be able to build up a little bit. until about midnight or so, we have the chance of a thunderstorm. it is probably not going to get much below 85 degrees in downtown baltimore for tonight. some of the "cooler" suburbs might be able to reach 75 or so. storms in pennsylvania are actually developing on the edge
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of a cold front. all thenew england at way to 100 here. that is a pretty good contrast. the boundary to the north is kicking up the storms. it does not look like it will have much here as far as coming past as. it will pretty much washed out. it may trigger a thunderstorm or two. 102 in kansas city right now they have been up around 100 in chicago, knile 97. -- 102 in kansas city right now. they have been up from 100 in chicago, now 97. 97-102 around here, with the heat index likely to go over 100 tomorrow. 84 degree water temperatures around a central part of the
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bay. in the mountains, some storms more likely out that way. 20% chance of storms tomorrow, 30% chance on saturday. and near western maryland, they will be pushing the 90 degree mark. on the coast, 90 tomorrow. 95 on saturday. then a cold front will push in saturday night into sunday. that will bring storms and we're hoping it will cool things off a little triple digit heat for the next two days. by monday through wednesday of next week, highs dropping back into the mid 80's. >> we have an update on the investigation of the air france jet crash. >> what authorities are now saying killed 200 people. >> live in the 11 news room, the school bus story coming out.
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>> schools may be close for the summer, but it is not stopping anne arundel county from serving meals to students. >> some of them are having them delivered to their door. tim tooten has the story. >> this is for children who are out of school and whose parents may be working during the day. they hope to serve 100,000 meals by the end of this summer. >> this is no ordinary bus run for stella. she is the head of school food and nutrition services, and a team of volunteers. they're on a mission to make sure that students are served lunch over the summer. most of these students attend the boys and girls club. >> they are excited. >> why? >> because the meals are good. >> it is a program operating in part with federal dollars. >> they like it when the bus comes. >> and they know it is coming? >> yes. it is something to look forward
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to every day. >> you can see the smiles on their faces. it is pretty good. i'm glad they have something like that. it gives back to this community. >> jews, and apple, goldfish -- juice, and apple, goldfish, and beat that. >> sometimes, it gives them a little push. >> what better way to have a nutritious meals going out this summer -- what better way to provide that to have a nutritious meals going out this summer? >> i am excited to see all of the kids come running to the bus. they know me now. they know what we do. iand what we are bringing here. it is a really heartwarming feeling.
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>> but most of the county's free meal programs will run until mid august. tim.ght's program, thank you. coming up, a toddler drownings in baltimore county. the what the family was doing when the child wandered away. >> and will george zimmerman be able to go home? a judge's decision concerning bail coming up.
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>> live, local, late breaking, this is wbal tv 11 news at 5:00 p.m. in hd. with stan stovall, donna hamilton, your forecast with tom tasselmyer. 11 news at 5:00 p.m. in hd continues now. >> new at 5:30 p.m., the fierce thunderstorms that knocked out power to hundreds of thousands of people has renewed the debate over whether power lines should be put under ground. bge says it is too expensive to do, but there are others who say we cannot afford not to. >> we are live in north baltimore with some answers. david? >> we discovered the answer to the question of whether power lines should be put underground -- it is an expensive one. >> it is this verses that. milissa likes living in a community where the power lines are all underground. >> i think it is beneficial.
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i was not out very far -- a very long. it was out for two days, but did not affect me like it did everyone else. >> according to b.g.e., 62% of its class -- of its power lines are currently under ground. 38% are above ground. there are 9,406 miles of power lines above ground in the b.g.e. territory. officials estimate the cost of burying those lines to be astronomical. >> we are talking 8,000 miles -- $8,000 per mile, and that is assuming -- $1 million per mile, and that is assuming that you do not have any difficulties. >> 9,000 miles at one hot million dollars per mile -- at $1 million per mile, that comes out to $1 billion. >> it would take years to put
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the canucks will system underground in this state. >> conversion of the entire system of electricity does not appear to be viable. a 2004 study showed the useful life is shorter than overhead lines. the duration of outage is could be two to three times longer for underground verses overground. >> when you have cable underground, it is harder to find where the fault is. it takes longer to diagnose the problem. a tree may have taken out the line above ground, but you can see exactly where the problem is. >> it would cost each consumer 3 $500. the -- $3,500 to put the lines underground. the public utility of taxes cited costs as a deterrent to
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undergrounding power lines. >> it is a very expensive proposition. >> no new studies are in the pipeline, however, the chairman recently got a request approved before doing a study on one. >> tragedy along with 600 block at riverside road in anne arundel county. a 3-year-old drought last night while at a party at bergland park. the family discovered him missing and found him under -- unresponsive in the water. he died later at the hospital. police say overnight, a 40-year- old man was discovered suffering from a gunshot wound along the 2300 block of utah place. we're told he died at the scene. no word on suspect or motive. demand accused of robbing a farm store, ceridian santillo -- a
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man is accused of robbing a farm store. surveillance video shows that date as of the two clips and took an undisclosed amount of cash. -- that they took an undisclosed amount of cash and assaulted two clerks. >> george zimmerman's has been set at $1 million. -- new bond has been set at $1 million. to get out of jail, he would have to come out of -- come up with 10% of that amount, but it is something that his lawyer says his client does not have. now he is waiting in jail for the trial of the shooting death of dritan martin to begin. -- trade don martin to begin. he pleaded not guilty to second- degree murder, claiming self- defense.
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police showed this video from the day after the shooting. george zimmerman has been in jail for more than a month. his original $150,000 bond was revoked after a judge decided he and his wife misled the court regarding their finances. >> he has put themselves squarely in the cross hairs of this judge when his credibility was the main issue. >> the judge said it was not punishment, but additional insurance that the marin would not leave town -- that zimmerman would not leave town. >> still ahead, a lifeguard is fired after rescuing a person from drowning. >> plus, seven children killed this 4th of july. details on a boat that capsized in new york, and two electrocutions in mercer and tennessee.
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>> an update on the 2009 air france jet crash that killed to wonder people. according to the information -- 200 people. according to the information studied, the plane's engines stalled and hit the water at 200 miles per hour. since then, they have made a number of recommendations in pilot training and cockpit design to avoid repeat disasters. >> a dangerous 4th of july across the country. off the coast of long island, a 34-foot yacht flipped over after a wave struck the boat, killing three children, ages 12, 11, and eight. only some of the 27 on board were wearing life vests. meanwhile in missouri, three
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other children were electrocuted while swimming. and in tennessee, a 10-year-old also was electrocuted while swimming. >> i have -- i remember i saw a lady and a kid in the water. >> investigators say they are not sure where the electricity came from. all of the incidents remain under investigation. and a philadelphia man will remain behind bars until he is sentenced. he was found guilty of child endangerment for sending a priest suspected of abuse to a new parish. he was the first official ever convicted for his handling of abuse complaints. >> a lifeguard in south florida
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is fired after trying to rescue someone for -- from drowning. he left his post to make the rescue, which calls for automatic dismissal. the lifeguard said he put his morals ahead of his job responsibilities and does not regret his decision. >> i heard somebody else got fired because they said they would have done the same thing and a fire them, too. >> your computer may be infected and you may not know it. details on a new virus, including when it is expected to strike. >> it takes about 5,000 gallons to make a bushel of corn and i'm afraid we will be a bit short. >> the current heat wave is causing major concern for farmers. how it could impact the food on your table. >> midlantic he'd advisories and warnings are in full effect.
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>> coming up on 11 news at 6:00 p.m., triple digits punishment. get ready for temperatures to soar and how state and local officials are taking extra precautions. plus, a power outage misery, some are demanding better restoration the fish -- efficiency. some are discussing whether under our power lines
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>> the hot weather is taking its toll on crops and livestock. the heat and lack of rain are causing major concern. it could eventually lead to higher food prices in the coming months. >> we need rain. >> most of this farmers court has made it past his need -- his knees, as he had hoped, but it has not made it far enough yet. >> i'm afraid we are a little bit short this year. >> for six generations, the farm has depended on mother nature to keep plants hydrated. but even as the williams family installed an irrigation system, the cost to water 3,000 acres it would be too much. >> because of a lack of water, the projections will be going down. >> his concerns are similar to all farmers in the area. even those working in with livestock.
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the 3000 cows at green meadows farms have to be modern church every minute in this heat. -- half to be monitored every minute in this heat. it takes thousands of gallons to keep them cool, hydrated, and producing milk. but no matter what they do, the high and dry temperatures cause them to lose their appetite. >> when they are hot they do not eat. and when they do not eat they do not milk. >> causing them to lose thousands of gallons per day on average. but even if the rain comes soon, damage has already been done. >> it is no surprise if the drought conditions mean we pay more for food. farmers are also expecting milk production to be down. we will have to wait a few more weeks to be sure. >> and now the vote -- >> and now, your 11 insta-weather plus
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forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> the almanac for this fifth day of july shows we have passed nine -- 90 degrees. we felt a couple of degrees short of the record high, 102, which has been reached a couple of times, in 1999 and 1900. look at the morning low downtown. 83, the coolest it has been all day. at the inner harbor, another rally one night. another number of -- a number of 90-degree days so far this year, 19 of them. 101 degrees right now downtown 94 in parkton and hancock. the western mountains are a little bit cooler and a more
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maggie, too. -- more muggy, too. it is dangerous to be out doing anything strenuous for too long. advisory's all across central and eastern maryland tonight for extreme heat. they're likely to continue for the next couple of days. we are seeing thunderstorms to the north and in central pennsylvania, dropping down into baltimore county. there's the potential that some could be severe with damaging winds and hail. through the midnight hour, the possibility of a storm and partly cloudy skies. certainly do not want to see any more damaging winds. isolated storms, warm and muggy. 85 downtown. except for the thunderstorms, not much went to talk about.
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temperatures in the 70's in maine, 75 in boston. 80 degrees around syracuse, new york. there is a boundary just to the north that separates the stifling heat that we are dealing with from the cool air over new england. the front, while it looks promising, is not really going to cool off. it will get here and break apart. the gulf high-pressure is determining our weather. 97-102 tomorrow. east wins on the bay about 1 foot with warm water temperatures. when you start talking temperatures in the upper 80's, it is getting warm. almost 90 degrees on saturday in the mountains which hit and miss thunderstorms. it is looking like center time continues.
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-- summertime continues. in the 90's on saturday and cooler temperatures are right on sunday. dropping into the low 90's sunday and in mid to upper 80's for most of next week. >> as americans appear to be spending at a slower pace, the dow jones closed down 47 points, to finish at 12,897. the s&p 500 fell six points. and the nasdaq was a fraction higher at 2976. good news from the housing market tonig, new home sales are up and foreclosures are down. that is according to the commerce department, which released data this week showing sales of new single-family homes are just 8%. meanwhile, smart money --
5:50 pm reveals 1.3 million homes were in foreclosure in may. that is down 25% from a year ago. meanwhile, consumers are reportedly buying new cars and trucks left and right. the automaker reportedly sold increases in june. all of the big three showed increases. economists say if sales stay at this rate, it could be the car industry's best year since 2007. being credited for the latest trend, falling gas prices, cheaper loans, and new models. tens of thousands of internet users could be days away from losing their service. the fbi has set up a side warning folks of a dangerous now where that could -- set up a
5:51 pm
site warning folks of a dangerous malware that could have you offline. >> all it takes is a quick check to find out if your computer is vulnerable. >> come monday, you may not be able to get online due to a vicious software drogin to keep you -- trojan to keep you from connecting to the internet. he is an expert with the company in partnership with the fbi. >> what this malware does is take your computer when you go to a web page, it. to to other pages. >> what can you do? >> i would suggest installing an anti virus program. one of my favorite is from microsoft, called microsoft
5:52 pm
security essentials. it will search for viruses and remove them for you. >> facebook and google are also issuing a warning messages to those who may be impacted. >> we feel pretty confident that if something happens, i call your service provider. they will help you out or call the people that you rely on to help fix your computer. do not panic about monday. >> you can also go to this website and they have links to click on to find out if your computer is infected. >> a furey member of the fort beach fire station ran off, but to date is reunited with its fellow workers after being found along interstate 295. tonight, bo is doing just fine.
5:53 pm
he is back on duty. hot, hot, hot -- and we have not seen the worst of it. what will happen this weekend and when we could seek relief. details at 6:00 p.m. >> the advantage but on and off the court. i will explain, coming khatami -- coming up.
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>> some students in baltimore are taking part in a camp that combines school with athletics. >> they are spending their summer vacation fine-tuning their skills on the basketball court. >> lately, we have been working on ball-handling skills, layettes, free throws, and things like that. -- lay ups, free throws, and things like that. >> it is the brainchild of franklin teacher nudge russia thurman. she got a grant and started this year. -- natasha thurmond. she got a grant and started this year. she has 30 kids in her program. >> it provides the children with a program where they could master their athletics and academics. >> before going to the gym, students spend the morning in the classroom working on math, reading, and writing comprehension skills, all
5:57 pm
designed to help students keep from losing their skills over the summer break. learning thiseen summer, i will not forget it. other kids don't do nothing during the summer. i will remember it. >> and they work with the morgan state university basketball team. it allows them to reach out to more kids. >> we want for them to see themselves going to college and to have that basic foundation, like this is what is supposed to happen. i am supposed to go to college, you know. it is great for both parties. >> me and my mentor have the perfect kind of friendship. if i need anything, she is there. i can always depend on her. >> the program has been so successful they will plan to
5:58 pm
expand a program and bring it back every summer. >> that is a great little program. that is all for us at 5:00 p.m. here is what is coming up at 6:00 p.m. >> he advisories are developing. the insta-weather plus straight ahead. >> and the death toll is now at 8 because of the heat wave. >> should power lines be underground? we turned up new information tonight regarding that issue. details just ahead >> live, local, late breaking, this is wbal tv 11 news at 6:00 p.m. in hd. >> good evening, everyone. there is no fun in the sun inside the arguing area. >> the triple digit temperatures are already giving away -- giving way to get the consequences. >> it is just hot, hot, hot, for sure.
5:59 pm
temperatures around 100 degrees in the city and clothing to the mid to upper 90's in the suburbs. -- and cooling down to the mid to upper 90's in the suburbs. it is hot either way you cut it. it feels closer to 105 degrees in most spots when you factor in the heat index. it does not like it will cool off as much for the next couple of hours. the heat warning for the city goes until 8:00 p.m. tonight. the oppressive heat has many residents concerned. when it does not clot that night, that makes it even worse. >> it sure does. a little bit of cooling off at clipper mill. it has dropped about 2 degrees since we saw you at 5:00 p.m. the pepsi sign showing 96 degrees. the heat is very serious and will extend over t


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