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tv   11 News at 5AM  NBC  July 6, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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today. 78 at the airport. dew points in the 60's. we will hit 100 this afternoon but probably will not break a record. a slight chance for a thunderstorm late in the day. we will come back and take a look at the seven-day forecast and see what a relief is going to arrive. >> good morning. we have a couple of problem spots in northern baltimore county. it was a man break on that york road has been going on for the last couple of days. one lane is open in each direction. also, there is a tree blocking baldwin mill in both directions. westbound 50 at the bay bridge, a disabled vehicle. otherwise the major roadways are
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checking out ok. six minutes on 95 northbound between 100 and the beltway. no delays at this early hour. this is 95 near 395. very light volume. things are moving just find moving in and out of the city. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> our big story is out of the frying pan and into the fire. gettingoks like it's even hotter this weekend. nadia ramdass has what health officials are saying. >> on this big jumbo tri, the temperature currently in handed it is 77 degrees. it will increase throughout the day.
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you're talking about something very serious. this week, the heat wave has claimed the lives of five people so far in baltimore city. health officials say emergency rooms have been swarmed. i east and bottled water has been passed out to people -- ice and bottled water have been passed out to people without power. davis says he suffered back-to- back heat. he and his wife continue to sleep at home with the windows closed for safety reasons, driving up the temperature. >> it has been miserable. that is true. >> we are just try to cope with it. we bought a portable fans.
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my grandson, he got sick and had to rush him to the emergency room because he has asthma. >> the heat wave -- the heat is a silent killer. those with chronic conditions can get sick after the heat wave breaks. you have to be vigilant before and after the heat wave takes off. nadia ramdass, wbal-tv 11 news. >> thank you. making matters worse, no power one week after last friday's storm. b.g.e. crews have been working around the clock. 29,000 people are still without power. officials hope to have everybody back online by the end of the weekend. you can find up-to-the-minute information on the power outages online at
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you confine current weather conditions 24/7. >> a boy has died after drowning in a pool. this happened on wednesday night in the brooklyn park neighborhood. the blood was at a party when family members realized he was missing -- the boy was at a party when family members realized he was missing. >> paramedics transported the victim to the hospital. still no word on who shot and killed a man in west baltimore on thursday. kenneth williams was found with multiple gunshot wounds. he was rushed to shock trauma
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where he later died. investigators are still searching for a suspect in the shooting of lance johnson. this happened at eutaw place. anyone with information of should call the city's homicide unit. we'll get a snapshot of how the economy is doing when the june jobs report is released. president obama travels through several key battleground states. hallie jackson joins us with our report. one of a predicting as far as the unemployment numbers? >> they are guessing the unemployment rate will stay the same with about 100,000 new jobs giver today. jobs has been the number 1 focus on the campaign trail. on his betting on america bus
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tour, president obama laid out his vision for a second term. >> our goal is to build for the long haul in an economy work hard work pays off. >> we should double down on barack obama. his presidency has been a losing hand for ohio and for america. >> political analyst says there's only one number to are about. >> no single thing is more important to their campaign then these jobless numbers. the jobless numbers are what is going to drive people at the end of the day and who they will blame for that. >> we need about 100,000 jobs every month just to tread water. >> this is the third anniversary of the start of the recovery. >> a mass will be into a recession is a very low bar. we want to see substantial growth to start putting back the 12 million people back to work.
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>> the jobs numbers we're expecting to date should be slightly better than we saw in april and in may but only slightly. the numbers come out at it o'clock 30. >> give as an idea of what the numbers will have on the stock market. >> the stocks closed a little about lower. that cannot be all blamed on the impending jobs report. some retail chains reported some blah numbers. you can bet that we will see a boost or the opposite. >> we'll keep an eye on that. hallie jackson, thank you. >> 76 degrees. tsa agents are inspecting something new at the biggest airports. >> a suspect in a murder trial is back in court this week. what scott peters it is asking a judge to consider. >> this is traffic on 95 near
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395 heading into and out to the city.
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>> welcome back. 85 degrees in downtown baltimore. it will be a smoking hot day when you start out at 85 degrees. we will crack 100 degrees. get ready for another hot day today. we had some rain last night. it dropped the temperatures in the low 70's in the northern suburbs. as soon as the sun comes up, those temperatures will
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skyrocket. the heat index between 105 and 110. we could see some thunderstorms in the heat of the afternoon. stay with us. >> scott peterson is appealing his death sentence claiming he nothing to do with the murders of his wife and their unborn son. his attorney filed the appeal. attorneys claimed he didn't get a fair trial due to the overwhelming publicity. the appeal could take months or years. a couple was arrested in texas on thursday after they tried to get a marriage license. they were quickly turned down. they handcuffed themselves to
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the floor. there will likely face a misdemeanor charge for criminal trespass. >> a new policy in colorado has some passengers saying enough is enough. passengers have to hand over drinks that they buy in the terminal for additional testing. tsa officials would not say what they are looking for where this will happen at other airports across the nation. that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. what do you think about the tsa inspecting a passenger's drink purchased inside an airport after they pass through security? you can share your response on, on our facebook page, or send us an e-mail to >> 5:12. 76 degrees on tv hill. how to protect your pets from the sun's rays.
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>> a crippling virus is making the rounds. [inaudible] [inaudible]
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>> now traffic pulse 11 and insta-weather plus together. >> good morning. kim dacey checking on your morning commute. a couple of problem spots in northern baltimore county. there is a downed tree. also it was a man break on southbound york road. we're still down to one lane in each direction -- also light
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water main break -- also a water on southbound york road. the major roadways are checking out ok. this is 95 near 395. things are moving fine. this is the topside of the beltway. inner and outer loops are looking just fine. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. now let's get the latest on the buses and the trains. for that we go to kurt kronke of the mta system. >> good morning. moving along nicely. no delays on the penn, camden, and brunswick lines. light rain is on schedule. metro subway is on time. we have a couple of boston versions. a diversion at northern parkway. the 44 bus with a diversion at liberty and rogers. i'm kurt kronke. now back to tony pann.
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>> good morning. it will be another scorcher today. let's look back to it yesterday. we're moving in and out of this heat dome. yesterday it will hit 99. it was 104 in richmond. 105 in st. louis. those were the actual temperatures. we were on the fringe and we had some thunderstorms developing along the boundary. you can see those storms drifting through baltimore county and baltimore city. i cannot rule out the possibility that a storm will pop up. 78 at the airport. there is no rain to contend with for the morning commute. there is some relief in sight. it will take a couple of days. by monday and tuesday, the jet
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stream will fall to around and digging down into the carolinas. that will allow some cooler air to spillage from canada. it will be in the 80's next week. you won't need a jacket. our forecast for today, hazy sunshine and humid. high temperature between 96 and 101. there's a slight chance for a couple of thunderstorms late this afternoon. the average high temperature today is 87. i do not think we will break a record. their record is 105 degrees. after that summer, we have the big winter with 70 inches of snow. maybe this is a sign of things to come. it should be a good day to be out on the water unless there are some thunderstorms this
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afternoon. it should be fairly quiet at the beach until sunday afternoon. 100 today. 101 tomorrow. scattered thunderstorms at the tail end of the weekend. temperatures will drop into the 80's by monday. >> i think we should make him stand in the quarter for the rest of the morning. your computer could be running fine today it could be a different story by monday. an estimated 300,000 computers are expected to be infected by a virus. there is a quick solution. you can find it on our website, the new numbers are out on june retail sales and they are not good.
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people cut back on spending in june. experts say the poor report could push retailers to drop their prices before school starts. experts say you need to protect your skin will you go to the beach or the pool. the sun could be damaging to other things as well. kurt gregory has more. >> mother nature can be unforgiving. there are some simple steps you should take to protect your simple gadgets from the elements. >> there is a pretty simple solution and that is to stop in the kitchen with the baggies and
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find the size for the devices you have and put each in one. >> you can make calls through the plastic. >> you can take photos through the baggies. it was like a weird effect. >> you need to drop a few more dollars for higher-and the protection. >> these have a heavier seal. >> screen projectors can help glare.l none offer protection from the summer's heat. >> keep that device as cool as you can. keep it below the mid 90 degree temperatures is probably a good idea. >> your devices need the
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protection from the harshest summer elements. >> we have heard about the tabloid wars. now amazon is looking to compete th the iphone. jane king has the bloomberg business report. good morning, jane. >> good morning. a lot at stake with these numbers that we will get in about three hours. the monthly unemployment report. stock futures are very quiet. this comes as president obama wraps up his tour through ohio and pennsylvania. we expect the jobless rate to hold steady. we'll find out for sure when the numbers come out. is out with its own report. it says military specific positions are among the
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occupations showing at the lowest job growth. lockheed martin has landed a big contract for a system able to shoot down iranian missiles. getting to the markets yesterday. most stocks did end lower. the next big tech gadgets -- amazon is developing its own smart phone. the company that makes the iphone is working with amazon on this project. amazon planning to release it possibly in november. at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king, bloomberg news, for wbal-tv 11 news. >> and industry proving it is recession-proof -- weddings? >> people want to still tied the
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knot and shelling out big bucks to have the day they have been waiting for. why the bus services -- >> thank you. >> 74 degrees on tv hill. one man tried to collect on an insurance policy ended up in big trouble. >> don't forget to e-mail us your response to our water cooler question of the day. what do you think about the tsa inspecting a passenger's drink purchased inside an airport after they passed through security? you can share your response on, on our facebook page, or send us an e-mail to
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>> a man is facing fraud charges for filing a claim on his cat. >> the man said his cat died in a crash. kevin mccarthy explains. >> does this cat look like it is worth $20,000? he's charged with insurance fraud. it started with a minor traffic accident in 2009. the insurance paid more than $3,400 after their client hit his car. allegedly signed off on any further climbs. he filed an additional claim saying his cat was killed in the accident and that the paet was like a son to him.
5:28 am
an investigator became suspicious and did a simple search for a cat. up popped the picture. >> it just sounds like america. it sounds like stupidity. >> i tried to talk to him but i was told he did not live there. he faces in insurance fraud. >> what can you do but laugh about it? >> he got caught. 5:27. a woman sense police on a wild chase -- it will then sends ild chase.a while sh >> we do have a break in the heat wave in sight over th
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>> live, local, late-breaking, this is wbal-tv 11 news today. >> good morning, everybody. welcome back to 11 news today. i am stan stovall. >> i am jennifer franciotti. thanks for joining us for 11 news today. the heat is the big story. >> we have two more days to go. we will be over 100 today and tomorrow. 78 right now at the airport. the dew points are in the upper 60's. if we do hit 100, it will be up around wondered 5 or 1 under 6. there could be a couple of thunderstorms -- if we do it 100
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come up the heat index will be up around 105 or 106. >> traffic is usually pretty light right now. >> we have not seen too much in the way of volume-related delays. there is a downed tree at baldwin mill. that is shut down. also southbound york near cockeysville wrote, we have a water main break that has been causing problems for much of the week. anne arundel county, we have a traffic light out at dorothy and ndlewood.woul eight minutes on 95 northbound. eight minutes on 895 southbound. no problems on the major roadways.
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95 at 395 looks pretty good. you should not have any problems. this is the topside of the beltway. picking up in volume just a tad. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> our big story this morning. >> triple digit temperatures expected today. nadia ramdass joins us live with how this is impacting those citizens who are more sensitive to high temperatures. >> let me tell you that we're live here at the pepsi plant. this will sound unbelievable. the temperature dropped one degree within the last half an hour. i don't know what to make of that. health officials tell us that five baltimore city residents
5:34 am
lost their lives. many are elderly ben. --men. try flipping burgers inside a food truck. >> it is one of the 20 in here. very hat. >> people are concerned about the next couple of days because of the temperatures. when those who have to work outside, especially utility workers. >> we are concerned about this prolonged heat wave and its affect on people in the mid atlantic region. >> so far this year we have had 18 days of 90 degrees or above and two days in june of 100 degrees or more. doctors are urging people to be aware. >> it is common sense. do not be foolish. >> a doctor says the er is
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starting to fill up with patients with heat-related illnesses. it is vital that people learn the side of the heat stroke. >> you start getting confused, irrational. then you start getting into trouble. >> the heat is actually a silent killer, as bessie for those who suffer from chronic illnesses. people often get sick several days after the heat wave breaks. nadia ramdass, wbal-tv 11 news. >> thank you. a woman is being held on bail this morning accused of leading police on a wild chase. the woman intentionally hit a woman and her son on franklin street on tuesday night. officers arrived and she struck
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a police car and reach speeds up to 100 miles per hour. >> four men been indicted with a meth lab they set up. a scarcity of drugs on the streets lead 5 meant to create their own meth lab in elkridge. it happened last month. >> the search is on for a pair of men who robbed a royal farm store. man entered the store and assaulted the clerks and took off with an undisclosed amount of cash. anyone with information should call metro crime stoppers. >> another check on the pulse of the economy with the june jobs report.
5:37 am
economists are not expecting a lot. brian mooar explains what that means. >> before the release of today's jobs report, president obama was on message. >> our goal is to build for the long haul an economy where hard work pays off. >> a drop in unemployment claims is good news but not good enough to stanch his reelection -- to cinch his re-election. >> every week i apply for four or five jobs but nothing. >> he announced his administration is getting tough with china for unfair trade. >> you have heard the phrase johnny come lately.
5:38 am
when it comes to getting tough with china, this is broarack come lately. >> after today, there are only four jobs reports before the election. >> 5:38. 76 degrees on tv hill. a new benefit for vitamin d. >> a concern among menopausal women could soon be put to rest. >> don't forget to e-mail us your response to our water cooler question of the day. what do you think about the tsa inspecting a passenger's drink purchased inside an airport after they passed through security? you can share your response at and on our facebook page, or send us an e-mail to >> the major roadways are
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looking ok. looking ok.
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>> welcome back. 5:41. the air quality will be in the poor range. 85 degrees in downtown maryland. it is cooler in the suburbs. 69 in york, pennsylvania. there was some showers in the suburbs last night. we'll be up close to 100 degrees. it will feel like between 105 and 110. thel come back and look at
5:42 am
seven-day forecast to see when the heat is going to break. stay with us. >> we have heard that vitamin d is good for our bones. that may be especially true for elderly women. women taking more than 800 units of vitamin d a day lowered their risk of hip fractures by 33 percentage. taking less than 800 units had no effect. patients should have their levels measured before taking any supplements. working out does not make hot flashes worse. most who exercised had fewer hot flashes the next day. not everybody reap the benefits.
5:43 am
those who were overweight sought no significant improvement after exercising. jenn? me. 76 degrees on tv hill. a big movie is swinging into theaters this weekend. we will check on the scorching temperatures we're expected today. do not go away.
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>> now traffic pulse 11 and insta-weather plus together. >> good morning. kim dacey checking on your morning commute. a couple of problem spots. a the baldwin area, there's road shutdown in both directions for a downed tree. road crews are on the scene. southbound york road, we have a
5:46 am
water main break. down to one lane in each direction. it traffic light remains out. those major roadways looking good. 62 in the area of security boulevard along the west side outer loop. 62 on the j.f.x. heading south in towards the city. 95 at 395 is looking good. this is the topside of the beltway with very light volume. inner and outer loops are moving just fine. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. now let's get the latest on the buses and the trains. for that we go to kurt kronke of the mta system. happy friday. >> thank you. a smooth commute so for on the rails despite a delay on the brunswick line. penn trains are
5:47 am
running on schedule. celebrate african-american history at the african american festival this saturday and sunday at m&t bank stadium. metro subway and an mta bus are convenient options. call 410-539-5000 for schedule information. now back to tony pann. >> thank you. another smoking hot day today. we will be on the fringe of this heat dome. we only hit 99 yesterday at the airport. 103 in chicago. 105 in st. louis. we're on the edge of the heat dome. you could get some thunderstorms to pop. up.
5:48 am
.hat's what happened yesterday nothing after right now. we could see a couple of storms may be pop up again this afternoon. 78 at the airport and in catonsville. 71 degrees in parkton. we do have some relief in sight. the jet stream by monday and tuesday will get down to the south. that will open the door for much cooler air spilling in from the southern part of canada. high temperature next week will be in the 80's. that will be much improved from what we're experiencing right now. a mixture of sun and clouds. maybe a thunderstorm late in the day. high temperature between 96 and 101. we will not break the record today appeared to record is 105. we'll have the century mark but
5:49 am
i don't think we will break a record for today. 101 tomorrow. then the cold front approaches and we will have some scattered thunderstorms. some could be strong or severe. we'll watch that for the tail end of the weekend. most of next week, will stay in the 80's. >> it has been 10 years since he made his big screen debut. >> kind of crazy. they brought back spider-man with a new cast. it seems to be paying off. we have the box office preview. >> an orphan gets bitten by a radioactive spider. he is a teenager living with his aunt and uncle.
5:50 am
he is trying to solve and the stone. this is a showdown of alter egos. "the amazing spider-man" is rated pg. drug dealers face-off in "savages." they run a pot shot along with their girlfriend. they turned down a cartel for a piece of their action. the boys launched a vicious assault. "savages" is rated r. >> i started to sing in church. >> a pop star exposes herself.
5:51 am
been next stage performances with home movies. it is rated pg. that is the box office preview. >> "savages" looked good. >> here is a look at last night's winning maryland lottery numbers.
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>> time to get to your answers to our water cooler question of the day. >> this morning we asked -- what do you think about the tsa inspecting a passenger's drink purchased inside an airport after they passed through security? >> keep sending us those responses. we will read more of your responses in the next hour and post all of them on the front page of our website, >> good morning. the orioles hit three home runs and scored seven runs last night by the fourth inning against the angels and it was not enough to win the game. the orioles lose in anaheim. it was all orioles earlier. jim thome, that is the second
5:55 am
baseman. first rbi as an oriole. mark reynolds creches it. the orioles have been waiting for his bat to come alive. ryan flaherty, opposite field. 3 by the fourth inning. 9-7, the angels win. jake arrieta was optioned to norfolk after the game. the national's turn back the clock to 1924 as they played the giants. it was all giants early. bryce harper.
5:56 am
then he scores on this play appeared could be a double play. the relay to first. he cannot come up with it. 6-5.ationals win won four games in a row. n a the women's semifinal. victoria azarenka against serena williams. she was hustling. she won the first set 6-3. she had 24 aces. the second set goes to a tie- breaker.
5:57 am
she goes back to the search for a match points. serena williams advances to the finals tomorrow. she was playing some wicked tennis yesterday. >> thank you. big plans for the owings mills metro center may have hit a speed bump. >> it doesn't look like accused trayvon martin murder suspect george barnett will be getting out of jail any time soon. >> anything can happen on live tv. >> that is funny. we will show you the seven-day forecast in just a few minutes. >> as far as traffic, we're looking pretty nice on the major roadways. details are next. details are next.
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