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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  July 22, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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at the 18th. drifts right of the hole. so now a formality for dan quinn. just ready to button up his fifth win and move within three of rick rhoden, and he's won it whether it was in stroke play or the modified stableford scoring. dan quinn playing beautiful golf throughout the course of the weekend and especially today. started out with a bogey, but he's played brilliant golf. >> with that not going in, this will be the lowest points total to ever win this championship in the ten years now that it's been the stableford system. 68 being the previous lowest total to ever win. >> it was rick rhoden back in 2008.
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>> with all the improvement that mark mulder has seen in his game, be surprised to see him in contention for a lot more of these titles. got some serious firepower, roger. >> he can bring it. >> mm-hmm. >> par for mulder at 18. 52 points his total. >> rypien's going to hole out here and get out of the way and let dan quinn have the stage. >> if he makes this, it puts him in sole possession of second place. and rypien does. his best finish since he won in 1990 in the inaugural event. 60 points for mark rypien. now dan quinn for his par.
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to make it official. and dan quinn with that par at 18 wins the american century championship for the fifth time. >> what a day for team els, huh? >> dan quinn caddies for ernie els part time. his man won the british open earlier today. a hug from dan's wife, and then dan finishes with his victory at the 23rd american century championship. dan quinn, a 3 under par 69, 66 points the total, as he holds off the field with a six-point victory. we want to thank american century for a wonderful week century for a wonderful week here in lake tahoe. -- captions by vitac --
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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] >> live, local, late-breaking. this is wbal tv ll nes. >> the community of aurora, colorado, holding memorials after a gunman opens fire at the new 'batman' movie. obama just got to town, hoping to comfort the families of victims after the shooting spree. 12 died, 58 were injured. let's go to jay grey.
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>> president obama arrives in colorado, carrying the sorrow of a nation for the families of victims and survivors. his arrival marks memorials in aurora. many turned to a higher power, and tried to understand the killing spree of james holmes, who is responsible. memorials are growing across the city. so many searching for some way to honor the injured and remember the fallen. >> i can't believe this happened in my community. we needed to pay our respects. >> there is little she can do, forced to tell her children
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their dad is never coming home. >> he has the exact blue eyes. when i look at him smile -- when i see his smile, i see him. >> annie dalton must deal with the fact she won't see her great niece. veronica's mother is paralyzed from gunshot wounds to the neck and abdomen. >> her life is changed, for what? >> they try to figure out how and why. they gathered evidence in holmes apartment. he calls this a critical success. >> because of the work of the bomb techs, we preserved everything there. >> there are chemical hazards in
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the apartment, which lingers with the anger and pain after the attack. >> coming up on nbc nightly news, the battle over gun laws after the rampage. just under a week until the london olympics. all eyes on michael phelps as he prepares to make history again. we are live in north baltimore. >> debbie phelps watched her son for years. you cna imagine how proud she is to see him in swimming events -- and we remember when he took the gold home twice, and may make history in next week's events. if he wins three medals, he beats the record of 18. this is a "pinch yourself"
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moment. phelps is the favorite to win the gold. it is his last olympics. sister hillary talked about how bittersweet it will be. >> we are going in, looking forward to watching fast swimming and london. when it has wrapped up with no swim meets to attend, that is when it hits us. >> swimming events start next saturday on tv-11. you can watch phelps compete for the gold and keep track of the records on >> sheldon, thank you. we will be right
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>> big development at penn state, and a landmark is gone as foremen removed the statue of joe paterno. they did this i nthe wake of a report that showed the late coach concealed sex abuse claims against retired assistant coach jerry sandusky. crowds flocked to take final pictures. >> i lived here and joe has been like a grandfather to everyone. >> this is one new development. and pete gilbert has more as the ncaa is ready to lay down tough sanctions. a wet week, will tomorrow be the
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same. >> there is a front to the south. more weather to the northwest. a beautiful evening with 81 at the airport, 82 downtown. very nice.
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>> now, your 11 instaweathe r forecast with john collins. >> the sun brekainaking through,
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some sprinklses in southwest pennsylvania. we can see some more shower and thunderstorm activity to the south but not much here at all. at the moment, we are in good shape but this is just a moment in time. more weather coming in. 80 is the high, 81 -- that was the reading that just came in. at the inner harbor, 100th of an inch of rain. typical high is 87 and we were just below the marc. 81 at the airport. westminster 79. 70's in the mountains. thunderstorms in the carolinas. a stalled front down there. so this is to the south far
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enough that we are out of trouble. high pressure and a southern breeze breaks the cloud deck. there is more weather to the wet st as another cold front is threatening us. more heat and humidity tomorrow and in to tuesday. nebraska, to texas, headings in the hundreds. you see the orange instead of the red and this is below normal for highs. mostly cloudy, 69-75 and a light southwest wind. it will be more humid with a mix of sun and clouds. maybe a scattered storm or two. southwest winds bewill be light- and the rain chance continues
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into monday. a few scattered showers in the picture. a lot of that activity is to the south. the rain chance goes down. we may see some dry conditions. the forecast, 90 on monday, tuesday, 92, monday into tuesday morning. wednesday, dry. more rain chances. another hot, humid situation. the temperatures fall back. >> you want to update on the orioles? >> zach, we wondered if he'd find his form? he found it today. next in sports.
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>> from the sports center, this is 11 sports. >> the orioles saw a 5th quality start from zack briton, after his debut in minnesota. they are 37-5 with a quality start, going for a 5th win and a series in in cleveland. j.j. hardy -- he went yard, 2-0 orioles. here is briton. it is very good. striking out cabrera. signature pitch of the day -- called strike three. six shutout innings. orioles in control. on the release, up the middle -- and he flies. sticks the landing.
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all going well for the orioles. little did we know how important this would be. orioles take a 4-0 lead. three runs by the tribe. johnson gets cabrera -- the birds are rolling. baseball hall of fame added barry larkin and ron santo, with the ultimate tribute. santo passed away in december 2010. his late wife described today as a celebreation. larkin thanked everyone for helping him get to cooperstown. he played his whole career with one team. penn state replaced the statue outside beaver stadium, to remove a "devisive force."
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the ncaa president got permission from the board of directors to apply sanctions without a hearing, and announces them at 9:00 am monday. there will be a bowl ban and severe scholarship reductions. adam scott made 10 in a row at the open championship. a four-shot lead -- and he took a run. warming up with the putter. you can't practice with championship nerves. his second attempt -- tiger at 73, tied for third. scott was 9 under. 15, bogey. 16th, for par. it's getting uncomfortable. ernie els -- he is making a
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move. 18th hole. a guy who supposedly can't putt -- he is at minus seven. scott, his approach shot, and he'd say he was most disappointed. another bogey, falling to -7, tied with els. par, and a playoff. there you go. a gut-shot, frustration. els with his fourth career major and serves as an example, keep plugging away. please stay with more check of the forecast after
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>> a more typical summer week coming up. we are not coming to extremes. humidity, thunderstorms -- at the end of the week. >> that is 11 news at 6:00. we'll see you back here at >> this is a wbal editorial from
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dan jarress. >> from the new olympic center to wimbledon, there will be 17 nights of coverage, that can bee seen at wbal tv 11, from the opening ceremonies to the extinguishing of the flame. 4 billion will enjoy on screens, with 10,000 athletes competing in 32 sorts. we will pay close attention to the swimming events and michael phelps. he has the record for the most gold medals at a single olympics, three medals to overcome those held by a soviet gymnast. he will be the first male swimmer to win the same event at
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three olympics. the olympics are the world stage, with the best athletes competing. join us at 7:30 to keep up with the action, for schedules, details annd results. go to and c
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