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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  August 1, 2012 12:00am-12:35am EDT

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when we're not competing and training, so that definitely brings us closer together. >> there was a team huddle before the floor routine. what was said in that huddle. aly? >> we all contributed to it. we were all just saying how we were having so much fun and we wanted to finish off on a good note and how much we were so proud of each other, so we just wanted to do the best that we could. >> is there any way to put into words what it feels like? we're not that far removed from the moment, only a few hours removed from the moment as we sit here and record this. and now the gold medals are around your neck, kind of a final statement from each of you about that. mckayla? >> it's surreal. just sitting here with you is absolutely amazing, and i'm just -- there is no words to describe how awesome this is and how you just look back at how hard you've worked, and with this medal around our neck and watching our flag go up and hearing the national anthem, it's the best feeling. >> aly? >> it definitely hasn't sunk in
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yet. it's really cool to say that we're olympic champions, but it's still so surreal, i mean, it's really cool to be able to go back to the room and watch the other athletes compete at the olympics and know other people were watching us feels amazing and i'm so excited. >> kyla? >> i'm definitely proud of all these girls. we have definitely worked hard the last couple of months and years and all the sacrifice, hard work, dedication that we've gone through has definitely been put into this moment and it makes it special to be here and have the gold medals around our neck and be a part of team usa. >> it's incredible, thinking of all the hard years of work we've put into this, a lot of us have had to make sacrifices and we've worked hard. it's definitely an amazing feeling. >> gabby? >> it just feels speechless. you're happy, tears of joy, you're so cited, and all of us have put in so much hard work and so much effort into the gym every day, and i just feel very honored right now. i'm so proud of these girls, and
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we went out there, you know, did work for team usa and you wear these -- red, white, and blue with pride. it's just an amazing feeling to represent team usa. >> i got to go with one more here, because in a sense, although they changed the roster size from seven to six and now to five, you were trying to equal the 1996 magnificent seven, and yet none of you are old enough to remember that team, carey strag and the dramatic final moments. what's your earliest olympic memory? when did you say to yourself, watching the olympics, i want to do that. >> i remember watching the olympics with kyla, the 2004 olympics and watching carly patterson, i was around, like, 8 years old. it was a great thing to watch and just be inspired and to know i wanted to be there one day at the olympics wearing those red, white, and blue leotards and competing for usa. >> in '04.
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>> i would watch the '96 olympics over and over again. all day, i was obsessed with it, and i could memorize all their routines at the time. that was so inspiring for me and i knew i wanted to be here some day. >> kyla? >> like she said, in 2004 when we watched it together, that was some of my first memories of the olympics. >> jordyn? >> for my birthday one year, i remember watching it over and over again and dream of going to the olympics. >> gab? >> i was watching it in 2004, watching carly patterson on bars and i realized that i wanted to go there and do what she was doing, and, you know, be like her. she's great on bars, wow, i can do that. i realized that i really wanted to be at the olympics and just exciting moment. >> ah, youth, earliest memories, 2004. take a good look. they made some memories today.
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this is america's fab five. nbc's coverage of the games of the xxx olympiad continues tomorrow from london. wednesday in daytime, key qualifying races in swimming. michael phelps, missy franklin, and ryan lochte are all back in the pool at the aquatics centre. the u.s. women's volleyball team taking on china continues its run at a first-ever olympic gold medal and americans on the court on beach volleyball. playing for a place in the elimination round. then in primetime, more swimming. ryan lochte races to reach the final in the 200-meter backstroke. and for a spot in the final of the 200 im, along with reigning olympic champion michael phelps. missy franklin looks to lead team usa back to the top of the medal stand in the 4x200-free relay, and the sports fastest men sprint for the 100-meter freestyle gold. in gymnastics, the men's all-around final with danell
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leyva and john orozco and japan looking to claim one of the all-time greats. plus, misty may-treanor and kerri walsh jennings on the beach. and tomorrow, don't miss 16 hours of coverage on the nbc sports network. live swimming heats featuring franklin, phelps, and lochte, plus, every event streamed live on portions of nbc's coverage are also available in 3d presented by panasonic. check your local listings. the olympics continue on the networks of nbc universal. so, tonight in london, big moments at either end of the olympic spectrum. gymnastics' five five, olympics rookies all, none older than 18, won the team gold. given the nature of gymnastics today, this olympics is quite possibly the only shot for each of them, though it wasn't always
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that way in their sport, which brings us to larisa latynina, who won 18 medals from 1956 through '64. she was 21 at her first and nearly 30 at her last. changes in training and routines have made latynina's sport the realm of compact teenagers now, and given their short olympic shelf life, no modern gymnast will approach latynina's haul, but a swimmer could and did. michael phelps began his olympic career in sydney, peaked in beijing, and now with his career following a recognizable ark, he remains competitive, if not longer dominant, but as of tonight, his career total of 19 medals and counting means that the only significant olympic mark still out there for him is still his as well. phelps is only 27, yet remarkably, the fab five are all too young to really remember his olympic debut. but decades from now, they will all be able to recall having
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been on the same team as the greatest olympian of all time. as we say good night, let's look in on the medal ceremony for the 4x200 freestyle relay. the gold, of course, to the united states. there they are, ryan lochte, conor dwyer, ricky berens, michael phelps, left to right. the bronze to china, silver to france. ♪ ♪
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he showed visible
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disappointment. and in the 400 meter freestyle. third overall in london. a great reaction from his mother and sisters. and a record that has stood for 48 years. he has only his own record to brick and you'll get chances to increase his count. he will want to limit the sightseeing. friday, back to the butterfly and on saturday, get ready for emotion. he competes in the final olympic event of his now unable career. he will go out with freestyle relay. the previous record-holder offer to present her with --him.
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>> the word history will appear when you google phelps. this puts him in a class by himself. reaction from towson. >> >> they thought they had reached the pinnacle. >> i do not think anyone could have seen this coming. the coach has some idea of how good michael could be. >> his home town pool club could not wait for the races to tehran television. they watched him shatter the world record. >> a lot of the kids were
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screaming and yelling. any time they saw michael or alisyn on the screen after one erected in cheers. >> they look up to people like allison or michael. >> it is amazing that we are on the same exact team. >>n people settled in to watch history. >> good for him. very excited. >> we are pro to be from baltimore, proud to be the -- from the swim club. >> michael phelps may have shattered world records but the usa is still competing for medals in other sports. it can keep track of our country's metals on our website.
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>> now, fasten your seatbelts. it is time to go to the olympics text questioned. we asked how many more medals you think he can win? 5% say one more, 33% stake to more, more than half say three and 6% say it is a wrap. you can still texture choice to 8509. 88509. >> day 5 is about to kick into gear. it is a little after 5:00 a.m. there. more gymnastics, diving, and soccer. there is a much more to come this week. where are your home for the olympic games. join us during the games for the olympic zone and see which days your favorite sports take place.
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our schedule is on >> police in hartford county hope new surveillance video will put them at step closer to the person who abducted vi ripken. it is the same man seen in this video taken at a regional store in anne arundel county. the man is on his way into the store. police believe he took vi ripken at gunpoint before driving her round and abandoning her at the side of the road. there is no word on a possible motive. >> a disturbe domestic disturbance late this afternoon. the offer -- officer is on administrative duty. >> i saw the policeman going to the house with his gun pulled. >> someone called 911 to report a family disturbance inside one of the town homes.
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the struggle broke out between the writing officer and a man inside. the officer called for back up. >> they had guns pulled and they ran into the house. >> the second officer entered the home and found the suspect and the officer struggling on the ground. the public information officer described the details. seconds before shots went off. >> there was a knife-like object in the vicinity. the officer who is the attack did some on the other officer to assist him. that officer fired at least one round to the suspect. >> the man died as a result of his injuries. no one else was hurt. neighbors said the man and woman had lived in the complex for about a month and there were not well known in this typically call neighborhood. >> the had to keep her safe and i am sure they felt they had to do with that time. it is hard to believe that what
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happened. it is usually very quiet around here. it is very rare. >> , will enter the individuals in the home and try to recreate the incident and produce a report for review. >> the officer has been placed on administrative duty pending the investigation. >> police have not yet released the suspect's name pending notification. >> police are looking into a murder-suicides. authorities say a 32-year-old man shot his wife and 2-year-old son before killing himself. police -- people reported hearing crackling sounds from the house. a 12-year-old boy believed to be a member of the family is being treated for burns and cuts to his neck. family and friends gathered to remember two old martinez were
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shot and killed within hours of each other. dominick perry and anthony's body was found. >> baltimore is set for slots. casear's entertainment will operate under the harrah's brand. concerns included the high debt ratio. the casino will be built south of the mnt bank stadium. >> a marine who survived a terrible injury found itself in unbearable pain. that is until a doctor is a risky surgery to end that pain. kim dacey has the story. >> staff sgt burleson had
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served for more than a decade when he was deployed last fall. he was working on dismantling a bomb when it exploded. >> it detonated in my face. i had my hands on it. i was working on that, a foot and a half away when it detonated. >> he suffered extensive injuries including losing the vision in his left eye and his arm was ripped out of his sock it. paralyzing him. he decided -- the pain from his left arm was unbearable. >> it was a never-ending struggle. a couple times a minute all day every day. it felt like someone was running a cutting torch up and down my arm, setting the ball on fire, over and over again. >> his wife and three kids felt the effects of the pain. pain medication did not help. he's heard about a neurosurgeon
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who could help. >> we took off the back of the neck and so we can get into the spinal cord and we made a series of burns, precise burns with a probe in the spinal cord to get rid of that area that was causing the pain. >> he had the surgery on thursday and got much-needed relief. >> i do not know if i am so lucky right now but there is no pain. i could not ask for a better outcome. this has been my merkel. >> he feels he can finally focus on the future and moving on from this terrible accident. >> i can focus on my rehab, i can get better. i can get my life back in order. i can get my relationship back with my wife and kids. >> he will head back to walter reed medical center to continue his rehabilitation for at least a year. kim dacey, wbal tv 11 news. >> a remarkable man and an
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amazing story. stay with us. there is more news ahead. >> it is a landmark baltimore county business. expansion plans are rankling residence in lives are built. that is next. >> a thunderstorm or to late tonight and there is more on the way for
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>> a landmark business needs to expand but plans are not sitting well with the resonance -- residents. >> it occupies all of and prime
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acres but a proposed zoning change could pave the way for new building here. this chapel has been here since the days of [inaudible] >> the president said she wants to preserve the 100-year-old building's term but she needs to update it. >> i made modernized rooms with security with the amenities that everyone is looking for. central air, private bathrooms. like she wants to build a new wing which would add 12 apartments to the 80-bed capacity. the addition would sit with and 3 acres. this base would remain untouched. >> we would promise not to build any more structure when the one wing that we're asking to build. >> the council is scheduled to vote on a bill that would
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greenlight the project by approving high-density housing. the president of the community association is concerned the bill will set a dangerous precedent. >> the bill takes it out of the zoning process and it is a quick fix piece of legislation. it gives them what they want without having community input. >> he is not against any expansion at college matter but believes residents should help guide the process to preserve what makes this neighborhood unique. >> it is a true gem. it goes back to the 1850's. lots of beautiful victorian homes with wide open front porches, (yards, green space -- front yards and green space. >> the new rezoning bill is scheduled to go to a vote next week. >> sweeping new provisions of
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the health care act will take effect later today. the new positions brought high praise from secretary -- the secretary of health and human services. this includes screening and counseling for female victims of domestic violence and early detection for health problems. >> thanks to the new health care law, all insurance policies will be required to cover new vital care that women need to stay healthy. >> the provisions that mandate coverage for contraceptive services which energized opponents over the issue of religious freedom also kicks in on wednesday. the health care act to exempt some religious institutions from the contraceptive in requirements. >> pg&e has responded -- submitted its report on how it responded to shortages.
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the company found on average, customers waited 38 hours for power to restore. some people waited longer. the report laid part of the blame on weather forecasts, calling it a lack of timely advance warning. that report was filed days after bill jini said it was seeking to increase its distribution rates. >> we have to be collectively smart about the fact that these restoration's can take not just hours but days. >> according to them, restoration service is improving. the utility was able to implement lessons learned during her keen eye rain. >> >> lightning strikes moving
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up to the northern part of the bay. also in parts of canada and quinn and county on the eastern shore. activities still rolling up through perryville. the storms are not severe. you can get dangerous lightning and a brief heavy downpour. also lighter showers to the west of baltimore. most of the rain has fallen so far. the highest amount of totals out in the western part of the mountains through west virginia. pockets of heavy rain there. letter mounts around baltimore. almost nothing in parts of the eastern shore. baltimore has been encircled by the showers that are moving through. there's a potential for another shower or two as we head toward morning. nothing at the airport. the total for july will end at
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3.27 inches. 0.8 of an inch below normal for the seventh month of the year as we go into august. temperatures were cooler than normal. 90 degree days so far. we have had 35 of them. the normal by the end of july would be about 20. last year we had 24. we're well ahead of last year and ahead of normal as we head into august which can feature lots of 90-degree days. showers and storms from upstate new york through pennsylvania through central maryland and into virginia. they're not dying very quickly so with the clouds and showers, temperatures will not drop dramatically. we're still at 82 in downtown baltimore. temperatures are cool and western maryland. around baltimore, will not get much below 75.
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the risk of a shower continues overnight. this front has cleared cleveland and the skies had cleared out behind it. it will be slowly working its way through our region tomorrow. that is why showers and storms are in the forecast tomorrow. on friday we may get some more sunshine but that will bring warmer temperatures. these are highs today. 101 in kansas city, 108 in oklahoma city. some of the awards will be felt here at the end of the week. we start august at or below normal because of the clouds and showers and storms. winds will be coming out of the south, weighs about 1 foot and a water temperatures in the lower 80's. a lot of sunshine on thursday. eastern shore locations, a stormy day tomorrow with clouds keeping the temperature down. when the sun comes back on thursday, highs will hit the 90- degree mark. a couple of scattered thunderstorms in ocean city. august begins with highs in the
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mid-80's and we see highs in the lower 90's. scattered thunderstorms, warm and muggy over the weekend. >> the ravens get into training camp. the longer list of practice -- players who do not make it to the practice field raises concern. that is next in sports. hello, america. today is july 31. the jackpot is estimated at $12 million. it must match the white ball. our first number is 21, 29, 5, 18, and the final white ball is 41. the megaball number is 37.
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21, 29, 5, 18, 41, and 37. 21, 29, 5, 18, 41, and 37.
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