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tv   11 News Today  NBC  August 16, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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forced to ship a pit bull. >> the war of words is heating up on the campaign trail over the latest hot topic -- medicare. i will have a live report, coming up. >> the as the growing concern over concessions -- concussions have you been thinking about when your child to play contact sports? water cooler question of the day. >> out about the weekend? the forecast when 11 news today continues right now. live, loal, late breaking. for'm lisa robinson in mindy basara. >> i am stan stovall. >> a little cooler this morning. >> the dew point are down and it feels comfortable. this afternoon it will warm up fast, close to 90 but without humidity it will feel lice -- nice. the dew point is down to 62 and
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a drop to the 50's later this morning. plenty of sunshine to start. a few clouds. i will still call mostly sunny and forecasting a high of 89, which is warm, but very comfortable as far as humidity. thunderstorms back in the forecast. i will talk about that and a second. but first, good morning to sarah. >> good morning, everyone. a nice start heading out this thursday morning. thankfully not dealing with wet roads like yesterday. closures on monument and -- due to ongoing road work. eastbound 70 coming toward the beltway, speeds on average 65 miles an hour and 54 traveling east on 125 and everything moving well as far as the dry times -- 11 minutes outer loop ne side and same thing on the west and it will only take five minutes south of 95 from the 895 split toward the fort mchenry. ellicott city, north and
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southbound traffic still on the light side. let's switch to the area of j.f. facts at rockton road to and from the belt way into town, moving very well -- jfx at ruxton road. >> the good news, some one won last night's 300 with the $7 million power ball. >> the bad news -- it was not someone here in maryland. officials say the winning ticket was sold in michigan. but eight other million dollar tickets were sold. the close ones -- pennsylvania and virginia bank. but there is hope you may have won something. let's look at the winning numbers. 6, 27, 4., 51, 56, and the probable no. 21. our big story -- a harford county police officer shoots and kills a pit bull after it attacked a child. >> a day after lawmakers failed
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to reach a decision on a recent pit bull ruling. jennifer franciotti is live. them are around 5:00 last night harford county deputies were called to the location in edgewood with a report of two pit bulls roaming. investigators say one of the dog tried to charge an 11-year old boy and a deputy. the deputy open fire and it apparently took four shots. the other pit bull was found later by animal control and we are told the 11-year-old had to be treated for injuries. it comes as lawmakers are not able to come up with a plan to deal with a recent ruling that pit bulls are inherently dangerous. the ruling states landlords and payable owners could be held liable for injuries caused by pit bulls, including animals without a history of violence. animal activists and workers at. shelters are concerned. >> for our shelter and other shelters, we are inundated. full to capacity. we will be taking in a higher volume. probably less adoptions.
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what does it mean? more euthanasia of animals who would otherwise have a home. >> pit bulls supporters are asking the maryland court of appeals for a motion of consideration -- reconsideration and the court is expected to meet later today. >> governor martin o'malley signs and expand it bill to allow a sixth casino and allow table games at all of the gambling sites and significantly reduced tax rates of gaming revenue for all casino operators except for rocky gap. >> this bill incorporates suggestions from the general assembly. if it is a fair compromise to put forth to merrill lenders who will ultimately have the final say. >> the governor says the bill will create 2300 jobs and generate hundreds of millions of jobs a year for the state. >> opponents of the referendum of same-sex marriage gathered in east baltimore. members of the national black
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church in addition to it held a prayer vigil in opposition to allowing gays to mary. >> and basically what the christian church is saying is that we love you, we welcome you in our churches, but there is no way in the word of god of both 3 scripture and tradition can we as a church community validate anything remotely as marriage. >> mayor laurent -- marilyn beers for marriage equality issued a statement reiterating the same-sex marriage law does not force religious institution to before marriage ceremonies not been quote -- in accordance with the league and practices. >> a baltimore city officials scramble with ways to cut costs, 11 news learned taxpayers will foot -- but the bill before the bill for the mayor's vacation. the $2,000 expense was approved yesterday which allows protection for the mayor and her family. the police say the department's intelligence section deems inappropriate.
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>> mayor rawlings blake as i propofol -- she serves on the national conference of mayors and is very visible. the police department feels she is afforded a certain level of security. >> police say signing an executive protection for the case into the common practice across the country and has been the case in baltimore long before rawlings bleat -- though rawlings'-blake administration but the governor does have the right to decline the security detail. >> the campaign has gone from negative to really negative. in this morning's commitment 2012 report. >> of campaigns and spent the day firing at each other over medicare. president obama was joined by the first lady on his third and last day of campaigning in iowa bank. he attacked the gop claims that his health care reforms cut medicare by $700 billion. >> i proposed reforms that would save money by getting rid of
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wasteful spending, of reforms that would not touch your medicare benefits. >> paul ryan at his alma maters miami university in ohio hit back at the present, and writing a challenge on the issue. >> the president, i am told, is talking about medicare today. we want this debate. we need in this debate, and we will win this debate. >> according to the congressional budget office, obama's health care reforms and ryan that a medicare plan both slow medicare growth by $700 billion. but neither plan cuts program benefits. both republican candidates have been hammered on the right and versus romney medicare plan this week. >> the medicare issue has been a big seller for democrats since the 1980's. given all that, they should have expected this and should have been better prepared. >> today, obama and i did are back of the why house for meetings with secretary of state
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hillary clinton -- obama and joe biden are back at the white house for meetings with secretary of state will be clinton. in washington -- wbal-tv 11 news. >> in this morning's education other -- maryland high school athletes are returning to the field this year with a new set of safety guidelines aimed at protecting them from concussions. the new policy calls for more training for coaches in the area of brain injuries and also determines when athletes are allowed to return to a sport after suffering a concussion. >> i think the hardest thing is every year you read about a person who was injured and has to learn how to read again when they are 24, and that of a terrible thing. i think i would feel remiss in our duty if we did not make sure we were more fully educated and how to do it properly. >> and school systems are required to educate parents on the risks. to learn more, visit the
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education page of our website that brings us to our water cooler question. has the recent focus on head injuries made you reconsider letting your child present debate in a contact sport? share your response on, our facebook page or send us an e-mail -- >> 65 degrees on tv hill. there must the lead, a popular bbc is being pulled off store shelves. -- a popular baby seat is being pulled off store shelves. >> gunfire at a popular conservative lobbying group -- who was shot and what was the possible motive. >> and ocean city hosting a tour -- >> and sarah caldwell checking on the morning commute. we will see what is going
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>> good morning. we are starting you off with a live view from sky cam, and temperatures in the 70's right now. a few clouds to start up for the most part high pressure is building in. we will see some quiet weather today and then acted in the
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seven-day. live at charms city state park hosting the dew tour in ocean city. talking to one of the bmx pro writwriters bank. you can see him on the ramp. he will be coming this way and will talk about his experience coming up this weekend. originally from california, the career began in 1999. i was impressed you were able to stop. >> my bike has breaks -- a lot of not run them but i do. it weighs about 20 pounds altogether. all customized for me to ride. just light and strong is the name of the game. >> just coming up, bmx mega 2.0. >> a grendell oven. it will be a lot of fun. saturday at 1:00 p.m., it will
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be live on nbc. >> talking about how much work it takes to build up. how many times the yajnik fall in the process? you have to have a lot of guts. >> retrain year round for this. we have all grown up riding for some time and we do what we can to try and not fall when the day comes for the contest. >> if you have not done a video of james doing a triple backflip you can look up on line. you said you would at least in some bubble flips hopefully on the ramps. something to look forward to appearing live on nbc. there is a chance for thunderstorms in ocean city -- friday night, saturday night, even sunday. not a wash tub but it may impact the event at times but for the most part they should be able to get everything in -- not a wash out. tony, is a dozen present? >> extremely cool. i will ask the of wisdom question -- if some of the bikes don't have the rights, how do
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they stop? >> they stop by putting their foot on the wheel. >> putting a foot on the wheel? >> whatever you can do to stop. >> i don't know how they would -- it is amazing that some of the guys prefer not to have brakes on their bikes. appreciate that. we will talk to you the next hour, where ava has promised to participate. you will do a double black -- double back flip on the bike. >> we will see. >> thanks, appreciated. things are pretty quiet here at home. the area of high pressure in control of the weather and it is always good news. the storm system that gave us all the rain is pushing off the coast and the dew point have come down significantly. still a warm air mass behind the front but without the humidity it will field mice this afternoon. clear skies, beautiful sunrise in progress. this afternoon, a few fairweather cumulus clouds. precipitation off to the north and west, just west of chicago,
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the line of thunderstorms or the system producing it will visit us friday night into saturday with the next chance of rain. notice how they drop off once you get into the mountains, into the 50's, and the dry air is heading toward baltimore. while we will start out with temperatures comfortable the humidity will make it feel ok. forecast for today -- sunshine to start and a few clouds developing this afternoon. it will be a warm but pleasant day. i temperatures between 86-91. if you are taking the boat, beautiful for that -- like to variable winds. fort mchenry -- coming up in a few minutes. seven-day forecast stacks up like this. increasing clouds tomorrow with a chance of clouds and thunderstorms later today. if you are going to do is of the outside on friday tried to do it in the morning. there could be leftover showers saturday, especially in the morning. a lot of clouds to be hanging
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out this weekend but overall it is going to be dry and the temperatures are going to be significant with the high temperatures in the low to mid 80's so we will keep the trend into the beginning of next week. let's see what is happening on the roads. >> not a lot happening. that is good news as you head out for your morning commute. in the green for many of the major roadways. the only thing we are pointing out is the ongoing road work along monument street, wolf over toward patterson park and the same over light street as the continue their repaving after the water main. if you are going to have out on 100 heading toward 95, 62 miles an hour east of. 95 in howard county, 65 moving down toward 32. here is a live look at traffic. 295 at 175 southbound traffic -- looks like some police activity to the right shoulder. once you get down to 175 be careful.
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and just fine coming to and from harford county -- harford county at emerson wrote. >> taking a look at some of the top stories -- federal officials are still searching for a motive at wednesday thaa shooting at the washington headquarters of a conservative lobbying group. the 28-year-old shot a security guard in the arm as he tried to block the entrance at the family research council. he reportedly made negative comments about the organization that a work in opposing gay rights, abortion, and other conservative issues. the british diplomatic standoff with adequate knowledge of the british police entered the embassy this morning and they threaten to raid ecuador by the embassy if they did not hand over wikileaks founded julian assange who is seeking political asylum in ecuador. he is accused of sex crimes in sweden. assange claims the charges are trumped up in order to extradite him to the u.s. for the leak of sensitive documents on his website. a home in alaska is on the verge
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of tipping into the river. officials say unusually high temperatures prompted more glacial milked and the rushing waters from this river is causing erosion under the home, leaving at half submerged. neighbors have been stopping by to check on the homeowner and look at the destruction. the home maybe completely submerged by daybreak today. >> and the consumer alert, a federal bankruptcy judge approved the sale of the sparrows point steel mill to a liquidator. the location was put to auction after the owner filed for bankruptcy. officials for the liquidators say they will try to find a new operator for the plant, which would avoid permanently eliminating jobs. a popular baby chair being pulled off the shelf. 4 million bumbo chairs being recalled because -- because several children fell out of them and some experienced
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serious injuries. there is a link of our site for a brief three repair kit. sprint has a deal for smartphone shoppers and johnson and johnson taking steps to make more products safer. jane king has of those stories and more in the bloomberg business report. >> good morning gary johnson and johnson plans to move potentially cancer causing and other dangerous chemicals from the adult toiletries and cosmetics. previously the company pledged to remove so quote chemicals of concern from baby products of the been pressured by a large coalition of environmental groups and now the ap says within the 3 1/2 years you can expect complete peace of mind. it includes everything from johnson baby lotion to new travilah. southwest fares for flights coming out of baltimore -- american airlines coming out with a similar failure sale that ends october -- august 24.
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the latest weekly jobless claims today and retailers by the spotlight. quarterly results from wal-mart and sears. a mixed close for stocks yesterday after the fed report of industrial production increased but manufacturing in the new york. dropped. the bloomberg maryland and that's getting a boost. sprint mutt -- wants to boost smartphones sales and offering $100 american express card if you buy or activate any smartphone. it is only for the phones brought on line, however, and it includes a the apple iphone 4s. at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane kane, bloomberg news for wbal-tv 11 news. >> 65 degrees on tv hill. >> for much of the night the orioles look like they would be shut out by the boston red sox but not this time. >> here last night's maryland lottery numbers.
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>> good morning. sarah caldwell with a look at your thursday morning. a smooth start thankfully. the only thing -- closured that monument and light street due to ongoing road work. we will update you on 295 and it looks like just biding to
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develop a southbound delay and also something happening on the shoulder, looking like police activity. all lanes of travel getting by. that is the very latest on traffic pulse 11. >> good morning, everyone. as night -- a nice start this thursday morning. humidity in the comfortable range. temperatures ranging from 72 in annapolis to 61 in frederick. lots of sunshine to start. it will be a warm day but comfortable with a high temperature near 89. we will be back in a few minutes with the seven-day forecast. first -- first we send it over to keith mills. >> the orioles go for the sweep of the red sox tonight at camden yards, 5-3 they when last night, although in the sixth inning they were getting no hit by red stuck -- read sox starter aaron cook. gonzales with a solid start and one atom jones steps in with a
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man on, looks like a double looks wieters doubled and then a needshot and they made the red sox. mattt wieters doubled and then a shot to the left. wieters sborz and chris davis beat the relay and the orioles lead at that 0.5-two. matt wieters, a big night and a run of big night in the manny machado there. manny stressing out. the orioles face six games back of the yankees but pick up the game on the raise, which not only lost to seattle but felix hernandez from seattle pitched a perfect game. the final out, sean rodriguez take strike three and let the celebration began. the 23rd perfect game in major league history and the third this year. he struck out 12 -- final score 1-0.
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the orioles hold the top wild- card spot right now in the american league east. and michael phelps, a big ravens fan, maybe we will see him at the game. >> he must have quite a collection of the we these thoughts with his pictures. v he's got that and luis iotton. >> here is a look and what is coming up for the next half hour. >> a pit bull attack on the heels of failed pit bull legislation in annapolis. i'm jennifer franciotti with details. >> take a look at what a pair of anne arundel county brothers were caught growing in their backyard. >> previewing dew tour.
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>> good morning, everybody. welcome back. i'm stan stovall. >> i'm lisa robinson in for mindy basara. tony, in nice day ahead, but how long? them that at least the next 24 hours but going into the weekend it will change. starting out with comfortable conditions. clear skies. dew point in the upper 50's to low 60's. we will make it up to 89 but with the humidity in the low range it will not feel so bad. we will check the weekend forecast in a few minutes. >> authorities in harford county shoup a pit bull they say attacked a child. >> less than a day after lawmakers fail to come up with an alternative to a court -- court ruling declaring the dog to inherently dangerous. jennifer franciotti has more. >> authorities say they were forced to shoot the pit bull after it went after an 11-year- old boy. it comes on the heels of a failed attempt in annapolis to deal with the ruling that will
6:31 am
affect landlords and all pit bull owners. the opposing as one of the number of pit bulls under -- >> one of the pit bulls under adoption -- finding a home for her became more difficult. state lawmakers failed to pass a bill in special session that would have address liability concerns related to pit bull- related injuries. >> what we are seeing is we have had pit bull adoptions on hold and they have fallen through. we even had one dog, geronimo, who went home with a young woman and as soon as the landlord saw him, he said that geronimo had to come back. >> maryland lawmakers could not agree on the high court ruling that the term and pit bulls are inherently dangerous, so if the breed is involved in the attack, the owner and landlord can be held by a deed in libel. but a bri does not determine behavior. and on the other side, a landlord or third party should not be held accountable for what somebody else does and their pet does. >> emotion has been filed at the
6:32 am
maryland court of appeals and 59 but law will go into effect. it has area shelter operators concerned. >> for our shelter and other shelters through maryland, we are inundated with animals. full to capacity. we will take in a higher number of animals with less adoptions and it means more euthanasia of animals who would otherwise have a home. >> the maryland court of appeals is expected to meet on the issue today so we could no more by tonight. back to you. >> a set of twin brothers in anne arundel county are in trouble for what they were growing in the backyard. it was not cabbage. 41-year twins robert and -- clodfelter face charges after police found marijuana plants in the property in pasadena. $26,000 worth of pot and year. the plants range in height from 3 p to 9 feet tall. >> young people brought into the
6:33 am
u.s. illegally can now apply for work permits and protection from deportations. in cities across the country, illegal immigrant stood in line wednesday to submit applications. casa de maryland says they have gotten blood with request for help. critics call the back door amnesty and cites concerns about the economy and education in the u.s. >> adding 2 million workers to the work force when there is over 8% unemployment and half of recent college graduates are unemployed or underemployed, that is just negligence. >> the new program represents one of the most significant changes in immigration policies in years and could benefit 2 million undocumented immigrants. >> health officials say two new cases of hepatitis could be linked to a former lab tech with the ties to maryland accused of stealing drugs and contaminating syringes and the
6:34 am
east coast. now word of two new cases -- one, a patient at johns hopkins. if connected, it could bring the total number of infected patients to 22. the hospitals are said letters to those who were in contact with him, offering free testing. >> ritchie highway and ordnance road, a crash, another in the city at wicomico street and austin street. monument and wall street and of course light street at lombard as they continue to repave. a quick live look at traffic -- 295, southbound going away from us, 175 down toward 32, flashing
6:35 am
lights on the shoulder and there is police activity but all lanes of travel look to be opened. let's switch to a live view of the area of harford road -- the north side continues to run smoothly. a little more volume to the west side around security boulevard. that is the very latest. now let's check in live with at the charm city state park with more on the dew tour. >> and it will be held in ocean city so a lot will be heading there to see it. we are talking to one of the pro riders this morning, james foster. you can see him in the background. boy, is he impressive. all of these athletes are so impressive. a lot of guts to do a lot of districts. they don't have a lot of power -- padding. falling on hard ramps. the trick is not to fall and they get pretty good at that. a lot to look forward to. it starts today and runs all the way through sunday in ocean city. james foster rides for madgear
6:36 am
and he will be at the mega 2.0, saturday and 1:00 p.m. and it will be broadcast live nbc from 1:00 p.m. until 3:00 p.m. james buckley will be there as well -- he is already in ocean city. it did stop by the station before hand and he is pretty excited. let's get a quick check of the seven-day forecast. if you plan to be out about, a chance for storms friday night into saturday for baltimore. the front will linger a little longer in ocean city so even be on sunday a chance for storms so it should not be a washout for a weekend but just something to keep in mind. temperatures should be dropping down to the mid 80's by sunday. back to lisa and stand -- we will see if i can step foot on one of the bikes. >> you are dressed appropriately. i think you can do this. there you go.
6:37 am
>> find some padding somewhere -- >> and a helmet. >> hopefully she will find those things. but i think she is ignoring us. >> 65 degrees on tv hill. the man with the hat, back to the big screen -- where you can find one of harrison ford quasi iconic characters this fall. >> the water cooler question -- with all the focus on -- has all the focus on the student athlete head injuries make you reconsider your job participating in contact sports? share your response on, our facebook page or send us an e- mail.
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>> in entertainment headlines -- and former blossom actress mayim bialek the sheep severely injured her hand and thumb when a car turned into the path of the vehicle. she was recently nominated for an emmy for her role in "the big bang theory." >> indiana jones -- the really big screen. paramount pictures is released -- releasing "raters on the lost ark was " on imax screens across the country for one week and
6:41 am
september. steven spielberg, who oversaw the remastering said the film looks amazing on the giants' 70-2 -- 72-foot screens. >> 65 degrees on tv hill. still ahead, a look at the morning's top stories. >> and we will also check on a couple of accidents we are tracking and delays forming on 295. details coming up. >> it will be a nice day today but we do have some rain in the forecast. that in a few minutes. first, clear skies -- 65 of the airport. stay tuned. stay tuned. the weather is n
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>> welcome back. in headlines this morning -- someone has cast in big on last
6:44 am
night's $337 million power ball jackpot. but it is not someone in maryland. lottery officials said the winning ticket was purchased in michigan. there were, however, million- dollar winners and pennsylvania and virginia bank tariff governor martin o'malley wasted no time signing the bill that puts the fate of expanded gambling in maryland in the hands of voters. in addition to allowing table games like blackjack and roulette, it would lower tax rate for most casino operators and are for construction of the sixth casino site in prince george's county. it will appear on the november ballot for voters to decide. if federal bankruptcy judge approved the sale of a sparrow point steel mill to a liquidator. the steel mill was bought for $72 million. the location was put up for auction after its owner filed for bankruptcy. officials say the liquidators say they will try and find in the operator for the plant, which will avoid permanently eliminating 2000 jobs.
6:45 am
>> good morning. sarah caldwell with a look at your morning commute. looking at credit a big spike in -- start in spots. 80 miles an hour south down to 95 from 195 down toward 100 -- in 18 miles an hour. police activity at 175. ritchie highway at or near its road, an accident in glen burnie and in the city, wicomico street and off the street. a live view of traffic and an update on 295. police activity off to the right shoulder and is backing up traffic as folks slow down to take a look and add to that the volume this time of the morning, down toward 32. on the west side, picking up in volume -- acts of charity, outer loop traffic, liberty road down port edmonson. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. now ava marie is previewing the
6:46 am
dew tour. a lot of folks i know going to ocean city this weekend. >> actually, i saw your performance one time on the dew tour, so you have given the information. i am here with the james foster. you do impressive stuff on the ramp. but you are going to teach me a little bit. what kind of bike? >> this is madgear bmx coming out 2013. this is my personal customized one and we will get you out here to see how you can handle the. >> what is so different? shorter wheels? >> to do tricks, we put the seat down and the bike is really like, 20 pounds. it has the release strong because if we do big tricks the fat -- the bike does not tumble and break. but it is important for me to know. i am -- >> it is important for me to know.
6:47 am
the trick, you said, is to keep your feet level. down like a normal by but you stay standing. you want to give differing on that. you keep your seat level as you go down the ramp -- brakes against the bottom -- and you should be all right. here we go. i am surprised he let me use your bike. i hope this is not the one you are using in competition. oh, man. that is pretty exciting. i made it down the ramp. but you do flips off of these things. but that is what we did. but you are -- mega 2.0. >> the first time we had mega at the dew tour. >> that is on saturday. when i you having to ocean city? >> today for practice and then practiced amara and nd mega
6:48 am
contest is saturday and 1:00 p.m. >> it is on tv -- so the people cannot make its ocean city they can see it live on tv. >> absolutely. >> we wish you the best of luck. you don't need any luck. you got the guts. the dew tour happening this weekend in ocean city. as far as the weather, we do have to keep an eye on a front moving in. chance of thunderstorms friday night, into saturday, maybe sunday as a lender's but i think it will be at least enough that we get the rides in before it -- between the thunderstorms. i think my adrenaline is going. i am shaking just on that baby ramp. >> after watching you do the olympics sports for two weeks i think it is best you just slowly rolled down the hill. but we were impressed even gave it a shot. lisa is not impressed but i was impressed. good job. what's that? >> very fun stuff. >> it is fantastic to watch these guys. and if you are going down to
6:49 am
ocean city there will be a little rain to contain what unfortunately. we will talk to ava marie the next half-hour of the digital channel and if you what additional footage, fines sarah caldwell's facebook page. you actually did the stuff. >> almost hurt yourself. if you want to see that, it is really cool. fine sarah caldwell and facebook. high-pressure is the big weather story right now and it can give dry conditions at least for the next 24 hours and the dew point have come down from yesterday. you will notice that. at present time, clear skies but i think this afternoon a few fairweather cuba was clouds are to pop up but no precipitation. the next chance of rain -- line of thunderstorms northwest of chicago, it may visit us friday night into saturday morning. 62 at the airport. you can see how it drops off into the 50's. in western maryland, the dry air is heading port of. while it will be one big today at the double become the book. 65 at the airport and down to 61 in frederick.
6:50 am
today, a mixture of sunshine and a few clouds. a warm day but pleasant. high temperatures ranging from 86-91. we will start with sunshine in the morning. clout thickening up and scattered thunderstorms -- there could be leftover showers saturday especially in the morning. the be a lot of cloud hanging out as the front stalled on the coast but i think for the most part it will be an okay weekend. the high-temperature certainly much cooler, low to mid 80's and we will keep the trend in to the beginning of next week. >> time for a last look at one of our big stories -- the shootings of pit bulls in harford county have more controversy in the latest battle to change a court ruling labeling the dog inherently dangerous. jennifer franciotti joins us live in the newsroom. >> there was a report last night of two pit bulls wyoming around in a neighborhood in edgewood. investigators say one of the box tried to charge an 11-year-old
6:51 am
boy and a sheriff's deputy. the deputy opened fire, killing the dog and the other pit bull was found by animal control. comes as lawmakers are not able to come up with a plan to deal with a recent ruling that pit bulls are inherently dangerous. it states landlords and pit bull owners can be held liable for injuries caused by pit bull, including animals without a history of violence. animal activists who work in shelters are concerned it will lead to fewer adoptions and euthanasia. back to you. >> is this issue over? what happened next? >> it seems pit bull advocate asked the maryland court of appeals for a motion of reconsideration and the court is expected to meet later today, so we could know something more by this evening. >> jennifer franciotti live in the newsroom. thank you. 65 degrees of tv hill. coming up, and look at some of the answers to the water cooler question. >> and a last check of traffic and weather together. and weather together.
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>> time to get to a couple of your answers to our water cooler question of the day. >> we ask whether all the recent focus on student athlete had injuries may be reconsidered letting the child but does abate in contact sports. >> mark writes --
6:55 am
>> we are going to pose more of the answers on our website. >> we will give you a live view of two areas we will see delays. 295 southdown, a disabled trailer or something off to the right shoulder, creating an additional delay. your backup begins approaching 175 heading down toward 32. watch for that. we will switch to a live view of another problem spot. looks like a just released traffic. southbound 895 at harbor tunnel, disabled vehicle clear but behind it some residual volume >> it will be a nice day, i think. a little warm but without the committee of the last couple of days. 89, forecast that high temperature. mostly sunny. the rain comes back friday night/saturday morning. >> there is a look at stories confined on the plus the
6:56 am
channel. extreme drought conditions literally adding fuel to the wild fires plaguing the western u.s. we will look of the damage done and hear from some of the victims. >> harsh words on the campaign trail from vice president joe biden produces even harsher criticism from the republican opponent. hear what former new york mayor received -- elice says. >> there are some things we can
6:57 am
live without, the water is not one of them. for months, there have been reports, investigations and complaints about baltimore city water bills. citizen tell their stories about anyone who will listen about clerical errors to create nightmares for struggling families, losing their homes for not paying a water bill, and families receiving the wrong order bill for years. >> they need to fix the water problem first. they need to adjust our bills. >> studies done nationwide talking about how our system is among the best in the country. in order to keep it that way, we have to invest in it. >> others have paid their bills but the payments were credited to the wrong account, and the list goes on. more recently, some businesses and government agencies have admitted owing several thousands or even millions of dollars of unpaid water bills. some businesses have not paid their bills for years, really angering residents of customer struggling to make payments. with an increase on the horizon to help close a budget deficit,
6:58 am
it is more than necessary for all parties to the airport. residential and business customers as well as government agencies should be equally accountable and paying their share for a re
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