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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  August 31, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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our big story tonight, street racing for the pros in downtown baltimore. some of the most skilled drivers in the world will lead their high octane racecars in the second annual grand prix of baltimore. >> right now, crews are beginning their overnight worked to smooth out some of the bumps along the track that they complained about. some of the issues are right down here that caused a minor crash. despite all of that, day one qualifying put on a great show. >> the speed is not twisting. -- neck twisting. skill is simply amazing. >> this is the best thing we
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have ever seen. >> grand prix baltimore is officially back. >> the rumble of the seats, the rumble of your face, the panic of them going around the corner. "there was a crash thanks to the light rail tracks. they were flying over the railroad tracks and literally getting air. notof the bmw's could handle the height and hit the wall. >> a big commotion, the tires screeching. luckily, they were able to make it. >> they put a set of tyre turns to slow the cars down. there was mixed reviews from drivers and it was nice to see. it is great for racing.
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the disney to make those adjustments -- they needed to make those adjustments. >> the city officials are hoping for a fantastic circuit despite the financial difficulties of last year's race. >> i hope that we continue to be a case where a world-class events can be held. the schedule includes a few more qualifying race and a morning and then the real races began from 2:00 on. .e're live downtown two people are wanted in connection with the shooting at the townshend center mall. we have been following the
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developments all night. >> the state told the jury the defense put together a killing came complete with an assassin, spotters, and a getaway car. the prosecutor resembling a hand gun with her finger and thumb, slowly counted one to six and punctuated the display with iran phatic a dead -- with an emphatic "dead." court testimony was that williams had heard that rodney pridget shot his cousin. codefendant jermell brandon struck a deal for his testimony which also implicated the shooter. brandon spotted rodney pridget and his cousin of the mall and a contact williams to put together a crew for the job.
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the detective told war they have surveillance tapes showing his arrival at the mall, following the victim, pointing out of the victim to the person wearing a gray sweatshirt. exit in the mall with a gun. the police into the revealed. the mastermind of this crime was a fall guy. the attorney took aim at the state's evidence and expert witness declaring they took a high-profile case and work backwards from a conclusion. the jury deliberated three and a half hours. the jury advise them not to talk about this case come or go on social media. one of the jury members had a death in the family and the
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judges accommodating funeral arrangements. it was shot to death in front is baltimore county home. it is believed that he became a target would be turned down a bribe to give false testimony in a drug case. *shivering * an accident in catonsville, this was the scene at about 4:30 this afternoon. a police cruiser and another car collided. the officer was taken to shock trauma with a non life- threatening injuries. it is unclear if the officer was responding to called at the time, the accident is under investigation.
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howard county officials have released the 911 calls placed moments after a train derailed. 21 cars jumped the tracks on august 20th it and don't call on the two young women who were sitting on the end of the bridge. -- and dumped coal on two young women who were sitting on the bridge. >> the train fell over. the train fell off the tracks. >> it is it on the road? >> it is derailed. >> is anything on fire? >> not so far. >> well, it did not hit anything. >> i don't think so. >> is a passenger car? >> it looks like a cargo train. something is coming from the back. it smells like fuel. >> get away from it, ok. get people as far away from it as a can an antique shotgun was
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found unlocked and a home. the victim of the shooting remains in critical condition. doctors are working to close a gunshot wound. he has had a breathing tube for most of the week. they're grateful for the are part of support. they're starting to realize the
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impact of the have and some lives. they are so thankful for the prayers, the support, the encouragement, some people are sending towards them. >> before tonight's football home opener, the crowd observed a moment of silence. we have posted a link explaining on our website. mitt romney officially accepted the republican presidential nomination today. the team hit the campaign trail again. ah, ok sell the kit has our commitment 2012 coverage. >> the latest polling shows that mitt romney has gotten a modest bounce from the gop convention. the race is still considered a dead heat.
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after the big finale for the grand old party convention in tampa, the newly minted nominee made a campaign. romney had to louisiana. walpole ryan rallied in virginia. -- why pauwhile paul ryan rallid in virginia. >> they call their plan new, bold, and a gutsy. there is nothing gutsy about giving another trillion dollars in tax breaks to millionaires. >> president obama met with troops at fort hood texas in a
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non campaign event. >> we have the best trained military in human history. next week, is the president's turn as democrats kick off their convention in charlotte. >> the situation is not good. they have to go after the other guy. >> the president launches his road to charlotte toward this weekend in iowa and colorado. then on monday, he heads to louisiana to survey the ongoing response to isaac. >> some lucky school students from charlotte, n.c., and got their first glimpse of the convention hall that will be used for the democratic national convention. organizers showed how the time warner cable arena was transformed into a state of the art convention center. highlights include an innovative podium and stage that will be is for the first two days of the convention. >> in just seven weeks, this
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arena has been transformed into a world-class convention facility that will host are nearly 6000 delegates and thousands of other official guests and visitors come not to mention thousands and thousands of members of the media. >> this was part of a community open house where charlotte area residents can visit the facility maryland will have some considerable firepower at next week's convention. our senator will highlight a plan that looks for a female candidate for senator. she is the longest serving woman in the history of congress. steny hoyer, don edwards will have prominent roles. the governor is slated to speak at the convention. the 2012 democratic national convention begins this tuesday. we are your home for every moment of the convention to end.
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this culminates with the acceptance speech next thursday. you can follow live updates on our smart phone application. up next, you will find this bright the color display. the story behind the thousands of pairs of shoes. though once in a blue moon site seen all over baltimore. battle and the bronx. the battle for first place in the american league east. we will look at the orioles pitcher for the postseason. >> we do have a little bit of rain in the seven-day forecast. clear skies, 77 at the airport. clear skies, 77 at the airport.
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>> and in-your-face message on johns hopkins university today on how the strike -- on how dangerous distracted walking can be. >> 12 hours, 3000 shoes, and one life-saving message. >> stop, don't text while you are crossing. get off of the phone. cars might not stop. >> it is called the roads scholar campaign. students and faculty started decorating the intersection first thing this morning with a 3000 pairs of shoes. >> the 3000 pairs of yellow spray-painted shoes represent them hit by the state. a somber reminder of those who died in those accidents.
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>> we can show it to them in a symbol. >> hundreds of students walk by the under construction display. many carrying phones. >> what i hope is that put their eyes up and look at going on. we just don't want that to happen again. >> they were gathered and spray painted over several months. the organizers are planning to keep them up for as long as possible. this is just the beginning. >> we have senator, we will have advertisements. -- we will have signs, we will have advertisements. we're looking to promote the awareness. >> by the way, the anniversary plans to do a similar campaign on other campuses.
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>> now, your insta-weather forecast. >> if you have not noticed, there is a big bright beautiful moon out there. this is the second full moon in the month. sense is the second of the month, it is called a blue moon. i want to thank chris for getting those great pictures. it can turn blue. it is a complicated thing. as of thissr at thes airportly, 76 in a randallstown. -- 76 at the airport, 76 at randallstown. we will still call it mostly clear tonight. you will see that when it breaks up tomorrow morning. all of the rain will be west of us. you can still see some tropical features there, almost a
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tropical characteristics holding on. the center of speculation is coming up in central missouri. this will start to fall apart. -- the center of circulation is coming up in central missouri. when we save the remnants of it is it will come through, we don't mean the actual storm. -- when we say the remnants of isaac will come through. we had a big area of high pressure blocking this from coming in. now that it has drifted off the coast, it will open the door to the tropical moisture so we can get some hit and miss thunderstorms on sunday and monday. i will put a chance for a slight shower on the forecast. the best chance for rain will be on sunday and monday. i would not chance on any outdoor plants. the forecast, mostly clear. temperatures have dropped back to the lower 70's, a 60's.
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a 20% chance for rain showers. most of you will not see rain tomorrow. the high will be around 90 degrees. if you are going to take the boat out tomorrow, probably start off on the south and shift to the north as the front comes through. the next high tide is at 7:44. if you are heading down the ocean, it does not look good here on the map but there will be plenty of dry hours mixed in there. i was still go. i think overall it would be ok. -- i would still go. sunday, monday, tuesday, the moisture will jump. the way should look at it is that there is a 60% that it won't rain. don't cancel any plans if you are going down to watch the race
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or something like that. temperatures in the low to mid 80's. >> coming up, the best night of mark's career. high school football under way and a great story. straight ahead. isn; >> our first number tonight is 40 followed by 47. next, 48. that is followed by 31. the final white ball for this evening is 41.
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the megaball number is 45. if no one matches all six if no one matches all six
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>> i called this season for the orioles their most important in 15 years. they keep playing like this, baltimore have many far more important ones. once in a blue moon the yankees are going into the yankees -- the orioles are going into yankee stadium for a shot at first place. the first of two homers on the night. the top six, still 3-0. look at the plate for mark reynolds on defense. remember when he was a defensive liability? a great play there. how about it, j.j. party in the sixth. this 18th home run of the season. corona is tagged for more than
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three rounds. nick struck out three times by gonzales. a seventh shut out inning. six-one, 16 games over 500. >> this is huge when your plane defense. you are always on your toes and ready to help them out. he had a split in that form. he kept those guys off balance. their ravens' set to pick roster. for a full list, go to our web site and click on sports. justin tucker is the kicker. thompson making the team. he was the week one of the preseason. the touchdown in st. louis
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sealed the deal. a little surprise, struggling to make plays. notable cuts from tonight, anthony allen pan to the raven'' go with just two quarterbacks. curtis not on the 53. brown came up with four turnovers, but it was not enough. high school football under way across the state. we start on a college campus in towns and. it makes sense. this is part of the i-95 classic. to drop a hammer. that is a heck of an entrance. --, never say never. a nine-yard touchdown run.
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we pick things up second quarter, there is no score. lane put his name. thomas is up 7-0. the third quarter, same score. this time we have got to get it burning. 71 yards for the touchdown. thomas stars this season with a win on the road. up i-95, the second quarter. hammer, coming right at you to sean jackson. jones, a great catch. -- up 14-7.
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a little bit of reflection for the shooting there. it was a nice distraction. up to the middle, the sabres taking a lead, 6-nothing. the second quarter, perry hall. it looks to just fine. john beating into the end zone. st. paul with the win over the gators. brooks once started the player from -- he suffered a spinal cord injury. the doctors said he would be paralyzed. this is two months after the injury. watching his team play at the turkey bowl. he took five steps on his own power. this reminds us all to never get up. he has been an intern here.
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we have gotten to know the young man. -- this reminds us all to never give up. we are so very happy and proud of him. >> that is amazing. stay with us. we have a look at the seven-day forecast.
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>> some rain this weekend is still time to get in some labor day festivities. >> i want to emphasize the fact that it will not be a wide shot. tomorrow will be ok, just a 20% chance. then sunday and monday, 40%. >> always have to look at the positive. >> you have to look at whatever way the wind blows. >> that is it for the news tonight. have a great night, everybody.
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