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tv   Today  NBC  September 1, 2012 2:05am-3:00am EDT

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captions paid for by nbc-universal television ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> all right!
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>> thank you! >> oh, my gosh! >> wow! and thank you! >> now that -- >> all righty then. hi, everybody! >> hi, you guys! >> welcome! >> okay. you guys, that incredible show that was just put on is called the junkanu. i'm hyperventilating. >> you haven't lived until you've gotten lost in a junkanu. >> by the way, you guys, we don't want to brag because it's not nice to brag. >> it's rude. >> it's rude. >> and it's unkind and not thoughtful.
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>> but we do know in new york today it's 31 degrees. >> yeah. so sad. >> we heard it was snowing a little bit in new york. >> it's gorgeous, about 81 degrees here. we are at the atlantis resort on paradise island in nassau, the bahamas. and we have been here since tuesday, having the time of our lives. >> picture this. you can be in new york in 31-degree weather. 2 1/2 hours later you land in the bahamas with the palm trees and the sand. it's such a quick flight. i think people think of the bahamas as nassau and a couple of other islands. >> right. but there are 700 of them. >> hello! >> and what i didn't realize is there are 50 international airports with their own customs and everything else. so people are flying in from all over the world. guess how they are getting there. >> brace yourself. >> there has been a merger of two major airlines.
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and it's on the cover of "bloomberg" magazine. this is how they're getting here. ♪ let's get it on >> that's right. that's what we call the friendly skies. >> all right, you guys. we've had so much fun since we arrived here at the atlantis. i mean, so much fun. there are a lot of water activities. >> and water scares you, really. philosophically you don't like water. >> well, i don't like it because i've got hair issues. you know. anyway, we decided to risk beauty and we snapped on these beautiful caps. >> yes. they told us they were beautiful. >> yeah. you know how you don't realize how hideously ugly you look until you look at the picture? look at that. >> we went down the mayan temple. we had a big competition to see who won. it wasn't even close.
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>> by the way, that's a lot of fun. >> look at my hips. that's frightening. look at that. >> i don't know who won. >> oh, i do. i think it's obvious. >> who won? >> not even close. >> you did. it was a blowout. here is the other thing we had fun with. we have kissed a lot of people in our lives. >> well, you have. you've had a much more illustrious kissing career than i have, hoda. >> but do you know what happened yesterday? ♪ we kissed a girl and we liked it ♪ >> her name is sasha. >> she was so cute. >> she's beautiful. >> i used to bring our kids down here all the time when they were little to the bahamas. they have been swimming with the dolphins a lot. but we had never done it. neither of us had done it before. neither of us either. boy, was that special. you'll see a little of that. >> we swam with them, too. when you see other people do it, it looks like fun but looks scary. >> they are so strong, so powerful.
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>> they are like rocket ships. they put their nose on the heel of your foot and propel you through the water. that's called bad hair. it was such fun. it's one of those things you don't forget. how about the atlantis being so great to us? >> well, you guys, when we got here, the first night we went straight to work shooting some of the stuff you're going to see. but that night they were very sneaky. they came to our hotel suites and they're just gorgeous. they said, we are going to be cleaning some windows so we'll close the drapes for you. inside i'm thinking i want to look out. they go, no, no, no. and i was about to take a bath. i said, you're right, if anybody sees me naked, they're dead. so i let them close the things. next thing you go out on one of these gorgeous terraces and we looked down and look what we saw. >> in candles, they spent three hours putting this together. it's hard to see.
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>> 300 candles and six hours is what i heard. >> it says the cove loves kathie lee and hoda. when you open your blinds and see something like that, we are feeling the love big-time. we also, you guys, have been tasting your drinks. >> just because we don't want to be rude. >> we like to be kind. but they have been crazy delicious. what, drinking again? >> you know what, lady? security! actually, we were at the tiki bikini hut yesterday shooting. we'd been shooting all day long, right? they brought us a bahama mama, all right? we're thirsty, we're working. it's at least noon by then. we'll get them. i hear a lady from albany, new york, say loudly, wow, look at them slurp those things down! >> that's right, exactly. >> she was right. you know how much i love you. i'm going to get those for you. maybe not.
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>> so here's the thing. what did you do? >> i don't know. there's something there. keep talking. don't worry about me, hoda. i'm your slave. here you go. >> stop. we've got to show the crowd. we can't thank you enough. we had a bunch of tickets to come watch the show. if you could show our crowd, if you wouldn't mind, we have more than 300 people who came at the crack of dawn. >> the tickets went in 14 minutes. now they tell me it's up to 400. with a waiting list. we are going to ring our cowbells. we have a shake 'n bake and scratch and rake. what's the name of the band? >> we have rake 'n' scrape. these three lovely people have flown in from a different island. can you play a little music for us? >> these guys are called
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rake 'n' scrape. go ahead. ♪ >> they basically pick up whatever's around and start making music. that's the way you feel in the bahamas. >> you really feel like you're in a great mood. these guys are terrific. we actually got on board yesterday a booze cruise. have you been on the booze cruise here? you have. >> it's called the "bahamian queen i." we didn't want to, of course, but we're contractually obligated to go on the booze cruise. there are loving couples, a lot of people on their honeymoon. there was one particular lady that was alone. she was from oklahoma. and we were a little concerned about her. >> she had on a balloon hat. >> over her straw hat. >> and she was smashed. she was gonzo. but i got to tell you -- there she is. we want to show her because she was fun. she was dancing and letting it go. it just shows you, you know what?
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when you want to go have fun, there is a place to have fun, and this is the spot. >> we just hope she made it back to her cruise ship okay. >> we do. speaking of having fun, i hoda get to pick a song every of thursday. >> even in the bahamas? >> this is just a little -- this is an island song. it puts me in a good mood instantly when i start hearing the words. it's laid-back and by a good friend in my heart, jimmy buffet. even though i don't really know him. >> i'm going to love it. >> crank it. >> "margaritaville"? >> you got it. come on. you guys know the words, don't you? ♪ living on sponge cake ♪ watching the sun bake ♪ all of those tourists covered with oil ♪ strumming my six string ♪ ♪ on my front porch swing
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♪ smell those shrimp they're beginning to boil ♪ wasting away in again margaritaville ♪ ♪ searching for my lost shaker of salt ♪ ♪ some people claim that there's a woman to blame ♪ ♪ but i know it's nobody's fault ♪ >> all right, guys! >> good one, hoda. >> we've got a great show coming up, you guys. we are going to get wet coming up. oh, oh, we have to do those. we have to. >> we are going to blow a conch later in the show. what are you talking about? >> this is the aphrodisiac part of the conch.
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it's like sushi. >> you ready, hoda? >> you have to. you're eating it. you have to. you promised. >> no. >> you do it. >> all right, go. ♪ chances are, you're not made of money, so don't overpay for motorcycle insurance. geico, see how much you could save.
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and, after taking 5-hour energy, i feel more energized. i have more energy. you know, i'm not tired anymore after taking it. i was skeptical but i decided one day i'd try it. 5-hour energy works fast. i have the energy to get through a meeting, to get through a workout. it keeps me alert for a long period of time, and keeps me going. on or off the course, play with energy, 5-hour energy. everywhere you look here, it is water, water, water. we are surrounded by the ocean. couldn't be more beautiful. >> we decided to get our feet wet. we did this piece and it involved, as you may imagine, a booze cruise. >> i'm looking forward to today. >> you like to fish. >> yes. we are going not just fishing, we are going deep sea fishing. >> if we catch a fish, it will be a grouper because that is the
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big fish down here or maybe a barracuda. >> thank you. hardest part's over. hoda did it. >> this is the part we don't like. >> la, la, la, la -- ew! >> i don't like this. >> no, no, no. >> you're going to do the other one. we're not touching that. >> ready? >> a grouper. come on, baby. come to mama. i don't like to wait for anything. ♪ tired of waiting for you >> fish on! >> woo! >> work to do. get it. come to me. come to mama! what did you get? mine's bigger, i can feel it. ew!
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>> ew! >> we should tell them, shouldn't we? >> we had a little help because we got bored waiting. >> so, mike, what did you do? >> pulled one out of the cooler. >> hoda woman, you ready for an adventure? >> does it involve getting my hair wet? >> yes, but it's going to be worth it. there is a cute guy involved and slick creatures known as dolphins we're going to be swimming with. let's swim with the dolphins. >> this is sasha. >> hi, sasha! >> oh, my gosh! ♪ i wouldn't have it any other way ♪ ♪ i like it like that >> he's pushing your foot, your foot. i didn't even know that.
2:22 am
♪ i like it like that >> you know what? we've been needing to dance. we haven't danced yet since we've been in the bahamas. it's almost time. >> this is called a booze cruise. i'm up for it if you are, hoda. >> i'm ready. >> let's do it. ♪ >> so this is called the mayan temple. you've got to go up a whole bunch of steps. but at the top there is a challenger slide. two slides side by side. it's a contest to see who gets down there. >> that's what i smell. competition. >> isn't it true the person who weighs the most goes the fastest? >> that's rude!
2:23 am
>> protect the lid at all costs. >> never have we felt lovelier. >> the water is warm. >> i think hoda is going to win. not on style points, of course. i've got a lock on that. >> she has no chance to win in this competition. zero. i'm like a bullet. i'm like a bullet going down. >> i will get extra style points for this. and i will do that all the way down. >> let's go. >> okay. i'm ready. ♪ >> this is rigged! >> good job, baby. >> it was legit. you really did win. >> well, the one who weighs the most really did go down the fastest. we are going to try not to blow this.
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in the bahamas you can eat a conch or use the shell for another purpose. >> we are going to get a crash course in how to make it sing a little bit from christian. you would never know to look at him, he is a lecturer in musicology at the college of the bahamas and you are the founding member of colors, one of the bands we just heard, right? >> right. >> you are a multifaceted guy. >> i love being that. that's the only way to be. >> it's hard to take you seriously with your hat on. >> professor.
2:29 am
>> tell us about blowing the conch. >> the conch shell, like the drum, is a very old instrument and we use it for communicating in the early days. you could sound the shell for different alarms, if you want people to get out of bed or time to go to church or maybe the arrival of a bride and groom. >> different sounds made for different occasions or the same old conch shell sound. >> it's the same sound. we can make it do different sounds. >> let's hear it. >> we've never heard it. >> what i'm going to do is put this modified version of the conch shell down. these are the original right out of the water. >> right. this has been done for centuries. >> show us what one sounds like. ready? ♪ >> you blow it like you blow a trumpet. your lips are pursed like that. how come this has a mouthpiece? >> i perform a jonkanu. it goes from like 2:00 in the morning until 10:00, 12:00 the next day. >> party animals. >> yes.
2:30 am
and the conch is actually a stone. in order to save your lips, i modified this and put a mouthpiece. i'm actually a trombone player. >> so it came naturally to you. >> chris, will you show us how to do it? you can put your lips on that one. >> just use your lips like that. >> you hold it like that? >> no. you're too loose. >> i've been told that. into the mouthpiece. >> let us do it. you go. >> wow! >> i lost my gift. >> there you go. >> this is fun. do it. ♪ o say can you see
2:31 am
>> we've got another thing we've got to do. we've got to go. we've got a lot coming up. sara haines takes a lap around the islands. we'll be back. t a year. and, after taking 5-hour energy, i feel more energized. i have more energy. you know, i'm not tired anymore after taking it. i was skeptical but i decided one day i'd try it. 5-hour energy works fast. i have the energy to get through a meeting, to get through a workout. it keeps me alert for a long period of time, and keeps me going. on or off the course, play with energy, 5-hour energy. dove knows women want to feel beautiful but need strength too. dove clinical protection is prescription strength wetness protection with 3x the care for skin. dove clinical protection. where beautiful women find strength.
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at there's a land of restful sleep. we can help you go there on the wings of lunesta. welcome back to this very special edition of "today" here at the gorgeous atlantis resort on paradise island in nassau. in honor of our dear friend bobbie thomas, we just want to say what a lovely pair of coconuts. >> hi, ladies. >> bobbie thomas, of course. we did this instead of a drink, that's how much we love you. >> bobbie is our style editor, as you guys no. today she's doing everything but the bikini. >> let's face it after your 20s, that is a function you have to pack what you're going to wear all day. we claim to cover up more. >> what you have on is very cute.
2:34 am
i love all the lace. >> i love these crocheted pants. they are one of those things you see on the hanger and think i couldn't wear. this is the perfect place to wear them. >> really cute. >> let's talk about cover-ups. >> rachel alba solina a producer from here helped me find the most beautiful bahama mamas. we have michelle, lisa and lisa's mother angela all wearing cover-ups. >> those are so pretty. >> these are from eco design. they start around $40. the most expensive is $140, but really affordable and everybody's personality. >> and they have to be washable. >> washable, lightweight. michelle has the matching bag, if you want to buy accessories. >> and they fit everybody's coconuts so beautifully. one size fits all. >> i even think lisa's could be a dress at night. >> really pretty. you guys look great. >> thank you.
2:35 am
>> that's what's fun with cover-ups. consider them your gown on the beach like a red carpet. >> there's something glamor to them. >> i like this next group. sometimes when you're lounging around you want to grab a pair of sweats. >> you're on vacation. so you want to feel good and look good. i love the high/low skirt on andrea. it comes from extra small to triple xl. only around $30. pair it with a knit top. an open knit is comfortable. and we have christy who is gorgeous. she's got a cover-up on from venus that's only $39 and $35 for white linen pants. >> i love that turquoise and white. >> all of them can go from the beach lunch and shopping. >> thank you, ladies. >> next, you want to have one outfit that will take you from the morning to night so you don't have to pack multiple things.
2:36 am
>> donna and alicia are great examples of day to night dresses. you can go loose during the day. she's got a belt that can come with the dress. her belt, if you belt the silhouette it looks more polished for evening. and alicia is the secret peek-a-boo cover-up during the day. at night you let it hang like a dress. with the jewelry, you're ready to go for drinks. very affordable, $70 for this dress approximately and this is ravina which is about $70ish. you've got double duty. all the prices are on our website klg& >> thank you, everybody. beautiful ladies. >> bobbie, nice job. we'll see you tomorrow, too. >> bobbie will be here. see you later for a little drink by the pool. >> of course we will. next we are going to seal
2:37 am
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hey, everybody, we are back here live in the bahamas. it's time for today's call of the wild where we meet a lot of interesting creatures. >> yes. well, this interesting creature i met years ago when you showed my son cody at the atlantis the stingray experience. but now he has become the curator. good for you. i knew you'd go far. >> boy, it's great looking in your little tank. this starfish, by the way, was over here and made its way here. tell us about the starfish. >> it has two feet. that's why it can walk along the bottom. >> are you kidding? >> if you look real close, you see those two things sticking out? that's two feet. it's like little suction cups on
2:42 am
the end. >> but dhoent have a brain, right? >> don't have a brain. >> then why do they exist? >> why do we exist? >> i dated a few guys with no brains and wondered the same thing. i wonder what god had in mind when he made a starfish. >> they clean up the ocean. they clean up the bottom of the ocean to keep everything in balance. >> can they eat something outside their bodies? >> they do. some push their stomach out of the bodies and digest their food externally. >> talk to us. this is the cucumber. >> the sea cucumber, yes. >> tell us about this. >> he's ugly. i hope he can't hear me. >> can you touch it? >> you can be gentle. >> i don't know. what do you think? >> it's actually related to the starfish. it's in the same group of animals. >> feels like peat moss. >> they actually can expel their intestines out of their posterior part. >> they need to see a doctor about that.
2:43 am
they nood a gags gastroenterologist. will that helps them get away from predators. >> the sea urchin. >> that is a delicacy in japan, but here it is not food stuff. >> no. we don't eat the urchin. >> take us to the little mini shark. >> as adults they can get up to 8 to 10 feet. the record is 14 feet long. from that little thing you can get up to a 14-foot shark. >> he's dangerously close to the posterior part of the cucumber. doesn't he know what could happen? >> thank you, sweetie. >> we are going to shift gears. we have a sea lion in the house. with him is russell morgan. hi, russell. >> hello, ladies. how are you? >> hi, how are you? >> hello. >> a sea lion and a seal. completely different? >> right. not completely different. they are very closely related. five major differences between the two. easiest way to tell the difference is the ears. you see the ears on the side of her head?
2:44 am
>> uh-huh. >> i thought it was a skin snag. i have those, too. >> that's a sea lion. >> she doesn't have that problem. not yet. >> more fish. >> yes, she does. there are four other differences. the way she walks. she walks on land very easily. a seal can't do that. they move like this. >> that's crazy. >> he is showing off that he's better an seal. >> she. she doesn't like to show off like that. >> what other tricks does she do? >> she can dance. >> can she? >> do you need music? >> you've got some music? >> crank up the music, please. ♪ >> oh, my gosh! >> yeah! >> very cool. >> wow! >> whoa, we did not want to see that. >> how do you like that? >> that is talent. >> crazy!
2:45 am
>> oh, my gosh! how long can she be out of water before she needs to get back in? >> actually these animals need the water for two different things. one, the food they eat, obviously with the big fish. but also for body temperature regulation. but on days like today when it's not too hot -- >> it's 81. >> that's not too hot for her. she could stay out of the water for weeks on end. >> she could take a booze cruise. >> whoa! >> she could! >> could you? do you want to? say no. >> russell, thank you, sweetie. coming up next, sara is taking a tour of all the islands when we come back. >> there are 700 of them. ♪ alaska is a very extreme environment. 30-foot seas, hurricane-force
2:46 am
winds. >> we go in in some really bad situations, and we always wipul it off with the coast guard. >> when you hit the water, game on. >> minutes are wasting away. go! will. >> under water, go! >> the reason why we all do this job is to save lives. >> a lot of the times the coast guard comes before the family. when he's out flying i do pray. >> woo-hoo! >> i love you, daddy. >> made contact with the survivors. stand by.
2:47 am
>> everything they throw at us we do.
2:48 am
2:49 am
♪ we are having an absolute ball here at atlantis, but the
2:50 am
bahamas are so much more. in fact, they are 700 islands more. >> guess who want on a little plane the next couple of case and managed to island hop around. >> our little sister sara? >> our little sister sara. take a look. >> i begin my exploration of the bahamas in andros, a little piece of tranquility. >> welcome to andros. >> my first stop, looking to make androsia batik, the national fabric of the bahamas. >> i made a special design for you. put it in the wax. >> one, two, three, take it off. ooh, that one's good. >> a few more wax stamps and the fabric is ready to be dyed. it looks pretty! >> andros is dotted with blue holes, vertical underwater caves, like this one called captain bill's.
2:51 am
what an adrenalin rush. next on my itinerary, touring the abacos, an island chain that's a paradise for boaters. there i made a visit to the historic elbow reef lighthouse which has served as a beacon for sailors since 1864. this is the best view. like maybe ever. >> see that piece of breaking water right there? that's the reef that this lighthouse is to protect people from running up on. there are no other lighthouses that are kerosene-lit and hand-wound in the world. >> it's like a lantern. a mean a big-daddy lantern. from there i sailed over to green turtle cay. a festive little gem of an island. i guess i got hair and makeup for this segment. inside miss emily's blue bee bar, they showed me how to shake up their famous cocktail the goombay smash.
2:52 am
>> what's in it? >> no, no, no. it's a secret. >> a little coconut rum, pineapple juice and a few mystery ingredients later. >> shake well. you take it and you move your body. you just move it. >> whoa! >> how is this for my own little piece of paradise? i landed in the middle of the bahamas in the exumas which consists of 365 islands. most of them are uninhabited. in great exuma, visitors can take in a gorgeous round of golf at the sandals emerald reef golf club. >> that was a 4 on the hole. i think you parred it. >> my next adventure at big
2:53 am
major cay you have to see to believe. swimming pigs. oh, my gosh. look at his little tail. >> no one is sure how it started. i think locals put them here because they could subsist. >> okey-dokey. >> and we got a special glimpse at the newest members of the beach club. that was so cool. those pigs were so -- whoa! my trip would not be complete without hitting the beach party at chat 'n' chill. >> boaters and wanderers from all over the world show up and enjoy themselves. >> a signpost created by customers from around the globe. i feel like there's something missing. >> really? >> i do. >> a "today" sign. wonderful. >> it has been so much fun island hopping but really exhausting. just another day at the office.
2:54 am
>> and we're modeling the batik fabric. >> we want the pigs to be here. >> we were two swimming pigs with the dolphins. >> which is sad. next, we are going to play beach volleyball with some olympic hopefuls. >> yes. >> but first, this is "today" on nbc. we know a place where tossing and turning have given way to sleeping. where sleepless nights yield to restful sleep. and lunesta can help you get there, like it has for so many people before. when taking lunesta, don't drive or operate machinery until you feel fully awake. walking, eating, driving, or engaging in other activities while asleep, without remembering it the next day, have been reported. abnormal behaviors may include aggressiveness, agitation, hallucinations or confusion.
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well another great thing about all this walking i've been doing is that it's given me time to reflect on some of life's biggest questions. like, if you could save hundreds on car insurance by making one simple call, why wouldn't you make that call? see, the only thing i can think of is that you can't get any... bars. ah, that's better. it's a beautiful view. i wonder if i can see mt. rushmore from here. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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our time here in the bahamas wouldn't be complete without hitting the beach. >> we are very excited. the gentlemen playing volleyball behind us are members of the bahamas men's national beach volleyball team and they have high hopes of going to the olympics. for the first time ever, it would make history. >> would definitely be a big accomplishment for the bahamas and these guys behind us. >> you've got nicaragua in your way next week? >> yes. next week we go to nicaragua. we have to get through that round to qualify. >> who is your biggest competition in the caribbean? >> besides us? >> yes. right now it's trinidad. we play trinidad in the first and second round. >> and? >> we won the first round in trinidad. unfortunately, we lost to them. we came second in cayman. >> you learn through weaknesses
2:58 am
by playing them first. you know where their weak spots are. >> exactly. >> you're going to show us -- it's not an easy sport to learn. it's tough and difficult. >> unlike indoors, you have a lot of skills to execute in order to be competitive. just two people per side. >> it's harder because in the sand you can't bounce in the sand. >> we can bounce anywhere, know what i'm saying. >> i can see that. >> given the right motivation i bounced once or twice. >> we are going to go three-on-three and that's how it's going to work? >> you pick a side. >> i'm going over here. >> hi, guys! >> we're ready. >> hi, sweetie. we're ready! where should i stand, here? tell me where to stand. >> have you ever played volleyball? >> no! i want to be opposite klg. i'm opposite you. >> are we ready? >> let's do it. >> get it! get it over!
2:59 am
>> come on, kathie. >> good shot. >> i'm sorry. i thought it was yours. i should have gone for that. >> we got it. >> that won't happen again. >> right here. i dare you. >> so sad! >> whoo! >> does that count? >> not really. >> no. >> ready? >> oh! >> come on, b. >> nice touch. >> that was for you. >> good, hoda! >> come on, hoda. i got it. >> oh! >> good try. >> thanks, guys! >> we're sucking wind. what have you got?


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