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tv   Today  NBC  September 7, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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making his case, president obama closes the democratic national convention with an impassioned speech, defending his first term and asking voters for four more years. >> the path we offer may be harder but it leads to a better place, and i'm asking you to choose that future. >> but will this morning's jobs numbers speak louder than words. party over. new video this morning showing prince harry on a new mission to afghanistan. a far cry from that notorious trip to las vegas. we're there live. the embrace. chris brown and rihanna share a moment at the mtv music awards.
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that and miley's surprising new look have a lot of people talking today, friday, look have a lot of people talking today, friday, september 7th 2012. captions paid for by nbc-universal television good morning. welcome to today, friday morning, i'm mauer. >> good morning. i'm savannah guthrie. >> you were up late. great job in charlotte. it lasted late last night. >> we lappeded about 2:30 a.m. i guess forgive me if i make no sense whatsoever today. >> got an a plane and got back to the show. >> a little foggy. >> speaking of no rest, president obama hitting the campaign trail right away today, new hampshire on the heels of his speech last night. the president made it pretty clear how the campaign sees this. the choice facing voters comes
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down to two different visions for the future. >> he acknowledged some failings during his first term while arguing he rescued the economy from disaster but the president says he still needs more time to turn things completely around. we're going to have more on his speech and talk to jim cramer this morning about how this morning's job report could impact the race for the presidency straight ahead. also a case we've been following for years, former police officer drew peterson facing up to 60 years behind bars after he was convicted of murdering his third wife. this morning her sister speaks out about that verdict in an exclusive interview. >> still questions about the disappearance of his fourth wife. imagine if everything you knew changed, your life turned completely upside down. two young women that grew up in amish communities and recently made the difficult decision to leave their simple lives for life in new york city. they are going to share their stories coming up.
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all right. we want to begin with the presidential race and president obama's acceptance speech to close out the democratic national convention. nbc's chuck todd our political director and white house correspondent is in charlotte this morning. chuck, good morning to you. >> good morning, savannah. they acknowledged it wasn't his most poetic speech, not on par with previous convention speeches and maybe not the best convention speech of the week, a distinction michelle obama or president clinton could make. because of realities, the president decided that had to trump soaring rhetoric. >> madam chairwoman, delegates, i accept your nomination for president of the united states. >> reporter: facing the political fight of his life, the 44th president of the united states made the case for his re-election, asking americans to stick with him for another four years despite tough economic times. >> our problems can be solved, our challenges can be met. the path we offer may be harder
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but it leads to a better place, and i'm asking you to choose that future. >> reporter: four years later the president felt he had to appeal to voters exhausted by the tone of american politics. >> i know campaigns may seem small, even sill sly sometimes. trivial things become big attractions. if you're sick of me approving this message, believe me, so am i. >> reporter: but obama pulled no punches when it came to his republican rival. his references to opponent turned him into a punch line. >> my opponent is new to foreign policy. you may not be ready if you can't visit the olympics without insulting our closest ally. if you can't afford to start a business or go to college, take my opponent's advice and borrow
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money from your parents. >> reporter: lacking rhetoric of 2004 and 2008 he used this speech to frame the word choice using the word choice or choose more than 20 times. >> the choice you face won't just be between two candidates or two parties, it will be a choice between two different paths for america, a choice between two fundamentally different advices for the future. >> for dissolution the president tried to define hope and change, hoping to redefine his base, particularly young voters. >> the election four years ago wasn't about me. it was about you. my fellow citizens, you were the change. you're the reason a young immigrant who grew up here and went to school here and pledged allegiance to our flag will no longer be deported from the only country she's ever called home. why selfless soldiers won't be kicked out of the military because of who they are or who they love. >> reporter: beyond the
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president's speech, the convention's most powerful mom came earlier thursday. >> i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america. >> reporter: there was not a dry eye in the house as former arizona congresswoman gabby giffords recited the pledge of allegiance. >> in divisible, liberty and justice for all. >> reporter: the obamas and bidening traveled together to new hampshire. they do a rally together there, then iowa, a rally together there. then split up, ohio for biden, florida for the president. by the way, mitt romney will also be in iowa and new hampshire. >> chuck todd, thank you very much. joe scarborough, the host of morning joe on nbc. he's in charlotte. good morning to you. >> good morning. i'm in charlotte and i'm in a bar. >> so situation normal, nothing
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different for you, joe. let's talk about that speech last night. obviously obama landed on the political scene in 2004, four years ago saw him in denver going strong. yesterday we saw a different approach, not the soaring oratory, given the democrats' past-of- inspiring enthusiasm among voters. did he deliver? >> he certainly delivered in the convention hall, excited his base. did we see anything new from barack obama, any proposals with a mandate going forward? no. as we said before hand, as jeff greenfield said before on the set, they weren't swinging for the fences. michelle obama, bill clinton set this president up well. they believe they were going to believe mitt romney this fall, so they decided they didn't have to take a lot of chances. the president didn't take a lot of chances but he did what he needed to do.
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if this is going to be an election, much like 2004, where you had a president below 50%, george w. bush and they inspired their base. i think if you just look at it through that lens, the president did exactly what he needed to do last night. >> you obviously were in charlotte all week, tampa the week before. pound for pound, speech for speech, make a call, who had the better convention and who the most riding on it? >> good lord, pound for pound, round for round, this wasn't aly versus frasier it was muhammed ali versus wepner. you could tell from the first night when michelle obama came up there and gave a remarkable speech, one of the best speeches i've heard from a first lady that this was going to be a convention that was focused on explaining why barack obama made a difference. between michelle obama and bill clinton, joe widen gave a great speech last night. they all hit home runs, they all
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hit it out of the park where you had a republican convention that was trying to figure out how to love mitt romney. it really was problematic for a convention in tampa that just wasn't excited about their nominee. you felt that in tampa but here in charlotte you certainly from the first day felt the love for their nominee. >> joe scarborough in a bar in charlotte, i'm going to pretend i got that chuck wepner reference. >> look that up. thank you, savannah. >> mitt romney will be david gregory's exclusive guest sunday on "meet the press." 7:09. >> scott wepner, bayonne bleeder. that's a good reference. to the jobs report, impact the race, dow closed 1392 thursday. that's the highest closing mark since december 2007. jim cramer, the host of cnbc's mad money, good to see you. not only the dow up in record
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territory, the nasdaq hitting the highest mark since 2000, s&p 500, the highest since 2008, why the party atmosphere. >> we're seeing much better numbers from most of the companies we deal with, particularly companies based in america. it's really positive. the earnings are good. >> we're going to look at some jobs numbers this morning. we should mention the president had those numbers last night when he took to the podium, he knows what's coming. what are you expecting? >> he has a poker face. he didn't seem to tip the number will be that great. a little better than expected, not much more. >> better than expected, a lot of people predicting 135,000 jobs created, unemployment sticking at 8.3%. is that what you see? >> maybe 10,000 more than that. we got some encourages numbers. but nothing that moves the needle on unemployment. >> writes the strength in the job mark, where are the weaknesses. >> really only strength oil and gas, particularly oil. we're finding it places we didn't have it. >> these are going to be the
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august job numbers. we're going to get september and october and octobers just a couple days before voters head to the polls in november. do you remember a time where data like this has had such an amazing effect or will have such a big effect on the political situation. >> no. this is it. this is the highest jobless rate. we've got a terrible percentage. remember, 2007 period we had pretty good unemployment numbers. we don't have that kind of percentage now. >> some of the analysts i've been reading have said no matter who is president over the next four years, the economy will add about 12 million jobs just because of the cycle it's in. are you on board with that? >> i kind of am. i've got to tell you we haven't built much in this country in the last four or five years. no big buildings, not a lot of houses. we have a lot of pentup demand in autos and exports. it's not such a bad moment. >> jim cramer, jim, always good to have you here. thank you very much. can you watch mad money, 6:00
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and 11:00 eastern time on cnbc. 11 after the hour, here is savannah. >> thanks, matt. another story we're following prince harry's did he loimt to afghanistan. a four-month stint there flying apache attack capitolers. in cable afghanistan, good morning to you. >> good morning, savannah. he's known as captain harry wales by the army. he's here for a start of a four-month deployment. he's looking quite relaxed as he was inspecting apache helicopters where he'll be a gunner in charge of the arsenal as he fights the insurgency. a royal entrance into a a war zone as prince harry arrives in helmand province, afghanistan, for his second time in the country. >> a welcome to the squad ran and captain wales. >> reporter: his deployment may be a surprise to us but may explain why he let his hair down and took his clothes off in las
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vegas last month. >> i think he was in vegas because he knew he was going to be deployed, he was letting off steam, probably a little too much. >> reporter: harry will deal with a different time of steam in helmand, no longer king of the pool parties but flying apaeches in the province providing air cover for military missions. >> working with colleagues in the squadron, a difficult and demanding job. i ask he be left to get on with his duties and allow him to focus and deliver support to the coalition troops on the ground. >> reporter: stationed at one of the largest nato bases in the country he won't be far from his former base. his 2008 deployment was kept a secret by the army for fear he would become a taliban target but his mission was cut short when an australian gossip magazine leaked pictures of the prince in combat. harry has been itching to get back every since. will his vegas antics put him in
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the outs with his military mates. >> there's no question the army would be disappointed with the publicity surrounding prince harry's antics in las vegas. the truth is he's a dam good apache pilot, one of the best in his squad. >> reporter: as he returns to military fat eagles his charity work will be put on hold for now as he serves in the most important role in his life as a british soldier not a prince. those vegas pictures may have gotten him in trouble with the palace but he has dozens of fans waiting for him in helmand. in the past two weeks pictures surfacing on the web saluting the prince and stripping down. so there are a lot of people looking forward to seeing him, savannah. >> all right, in kabul this morning, thank you. >>. 7:14, here is matt. >> officials at yosemite national mark extending an alert on the virus after a number of
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confirmed cases grew to eight and a third death was reported. janet shamlian in yosemite, good morning to you. >> health alerts have gone out international internationally on this for the past couple of months yosemite had outbreak all over the world. cdc said originally thousands were exposed, could be higher. takes weeks to develop. the number of cases is certain to arrive. >> hi there. welcome to yosemite. >> california's yosemite national bark is known for its majestic peaks, waterfalls, this summer a deadly outbreak. along with a map of the park, park rangers are handing out information about rodents and their droppings. >> we've upped our education and
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outreach in the last few weeks. >> posted in the popular cap inside with 91 camping tents after finding deer mice inside the walls. >> there's a lot of outbreaks occurring now because we're at the end of summer. it's the time of year people are outside on vacation, coming in contact with infected rodents. >> reporter: hanta can mimic flu and take weeks to appear. >> chills and fever, nausea and that progressed eventually to a pulmonary infection that can be quite dangerous. >> reporter: because yosemite attracts people from around the world, the threat has spread quickly. health officials in france are now investigating two possible hanta virus cases linked to yosemite. the hanta virus isn't the only disease concerning health officials. this 7 yearly is recovering from a disease also spread by
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rodents, one that was supposed to be wifd ped out centuries ag bubonic plague. >> the war is far from over. >> reporter: elsewhere, cases of the deadly west nile virus have surfaced in more than 38 states. >> one in 18 cases confirmed, seven died. >> reporter: more than 1900 sickened, 87 have died this year so far from the west nile virus. experts say the best way to prevent the disease is to avoid mosquito bites. >> common sense. make sure when you're outside, especially at dusk and dawn, you wear insect repellant, you spray over clothes because mosquitoes bite through thin layers. >> reporter: and back here at yosemite, the 91 cabins where most of the cases originated have been closed indefinitely. park rangers handing out warning flyers to people coming to the park. a lot of people aren't coming. there were a number of
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cancellations over labor day. >> janet, sorry to interrupt you. thank you very much. let's get a check of the day's other top stories. natalie is off, tamron hall at the news desk. >> good morning, everyone. the fbi investigating the motive behind a plain location has forced a us airways flight to turn around midair and head back to the airport. pete williams is in washington this week. good morning, pete. >> reporter: tamron, good morning. a passenger aboard that us airways flight in pennsylvania to see a family in texas is at the center of all this. the fbi said he was a completely innocent victim unaware of what was in store. christopher shell of philadelphia intended thursday to be a celebration of his birthday. instead he was twice taken into custody by police at two different airports in handcuffs. he had just settled in for a morning us airways flight to dallas when he posted this on his facebook page, quote, we
7:19 am
just spent a half hour in the air onto be notified the plane has technical difficulties and have to fly back. >> going back to texas for his birthday. the company he worked for was paying for him to go back. said he had broke up with his girlfriend. >> reporter: moments later a stunned christopher shell was escorted off the plane, investigation of explosives, a phoned in tip. nothing was found. he was the victim. >> all indications are this was a hoax and a pretty nasty trick was played on a passenger. >> reporter: investigators say anonymous airport caller told police shell was carrying liquid explosives on the way to texas. late yesterday the fbi questioned the former girlfriend and new boyfriend investigating whether the hoax call was an act of revenge for the dispute. federal officials said it was no joke causing tens of thousands in jet fuel, law enforcement
7:20 am
response and passenger inconvenience. but christopher shell's day of adventure wasn't over. officials were waiting arresting him on offenses in texas. it had nothing to do with the hoax. they do know who called in the phony tip and whoever did it will face federal charges. they want to make clear such hoaxes won't be tolerated. >> thank you very much. women who possess genes that make them more susceptible to breast cancer have a higher risk of get the disease if they have mammograms at a young age. researchers found women exposed to chest radiation in their 20s had a 43% increased risk. now to disturbing dash-cam video of an officer in maryland pulling someone over on the highway and narrowly escaping with his life. a semi came rolling by at high speeds.
7:21 am
the officer is alive. i've got to warn you the video is quite startling. >> westbound -- stay in the car. stay in the car. stay in your car. >> the officer was seriously injured. doctors say he may not be able to return to work nor move his right arm again. it's become a familiar sight in the eyes above arizona a cloud known as a haboob, the storm was 2500 feet tall and stretched from 30 miles. it is now 7:21 back to matt and savannah. i know that weather but i was thinking about that officer, your heart has to go out to him and his family. hopefully he can recover and have a good life. >> he had the presence of mind, gets on the radio, tells him to
7:22 am
stay in the car, kept thinking clearly through the whole thing. that dust storm, a big haboob. >> i'm going to leave that alone. enjoy yourselves. that was. look at what we've got, jacksonville beach, this is gorgeous. we're going to start to see wave heights increase and riptide problems. why? hurricane leslie, 1500 miles south southeast of bermuda, 75-mile-an-hour wind. basically stationary. make its way north of bermuda, causing rip current risks from miami all the way to new england and strong storms in the midwest. we'll take a look >> good morning. we're expecting a lot of sunshine. it will be another warm day.
7:23 am
weather. matt. >> still ahead drew peterson convicted of murdering his third wife and now facing up to 60 years behind bars. his former sister-in-law reacts to that verdict in an exclusive interview but first this is "today" on nbc. wççñçñ.
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coming up a fascinating look when young people leave the am issue world. fashion choices and antics from last night's mtv music
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awards after your local news. >> this is wbal-tv 11 news in baltimore. >> good morning. i am stan stovall. the man convicted of killing a police officer and a car accident will spend more time in prison. in 2004, albert antonelli slammed into a police cruiser in annapolis. he served three years in prison on that conviction and was released, but now he has been ordered back to prison for
7:27 am
reportedly violating probation on drug charges. here is sarah caldwell and traffic pulse 11. . >> not exactly an ideal start out there. we have one westbound on 100 blocking the ramp to i-95. watch for delays developing there. this one is clearing an energy parkway. never crash creating big backups on the inner loop of the east side. the backups extend prior to pulaski highway. in rosedale, another accident we're tracking. we have some delays out of the northeast and on the north side towards providence. let's give you a live view of traffic. we will show you what it looks like out of the northeast. adding to these delays, the accident on the inner loop east side. chesaco avenue, that is what it looks like to the accident scene. ava as a check on the forecast.
7:28 am
>> mouth start to the day. 68 degrees at b.w.i. thurgood marshall a lot of sunshine today. isolated shower or thunderstorm by the afternoon, but those are far and few between. another sunny and warm day. big changes in the seven-day. a powerful cold front comes our way saturday evening. sunday we clear out, with partly cloudy skies. it gets even
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>> that's one of the women featured in a new reality show about a group of amish and mennonite adults that leave their community and come to the big apple, a story that came to some trouble when they were exposed to the modern world. we'll talk to two of them ahead. friday morning, september 7, 2012. i'm savannah guthrie alongside matt lauer. >> labor day is ahead of us, entering the fall season. we've got the best places to vacation during the fall, the hottest fashion trends of the season and much more. >> summer is over. we're worried about the next
7:31 am
vacation. i like that. >> moving on. >> speaking of fashion, some interesting looks on display at last night's mtv music award from miley cyrus to rihanna who shared an embrace with chris brown. >> we want to begin with drew peterson convicted of murdering his third wife kathleen savio. we'll talk to his sister-in-law. first kevin tibbles. >> it's as if drew peterson never met a camera he didn't like. with his third wife dead and fourth wife missing, he always played the jokester. while this morning his television days are over, drew peterson awakens a convicted murder. it took the jury 13 hours to find the flamboyant bolingbrook police officer drew peterson guilty of the murder of his third wife kathleen savio.
7:32 am
>> the defendant in this case was a coward and a bully. >> reporter: eight and a half years after her death savio's family is jubilant. >> finally someone heard kathleen's fly. twelve people did the right thing. >> savio was found dead in the waterless bathtub of his suburban home in 2004. originally it was ruled an accidental drowning. then when peterson's fourth wife stacy went missing in october 2007, suspicions were raised. savio's body was exhumed, her death ruled a homicide. extensive searches for 23-year-old stacy peterson turned up nothing and she remains missing to this day. drew peterson insisted stacy had run off with another man. he spoke with matt in november 2007. >> can you look me straight in the eye and tell me you had nothing to do with the death of your third wife kathy or the disappearance of your fourth wife stacy. >> i can look right in your eye and say i had nothing to do with
7:33 am
either of those instances. >> reporter: but acquaintances of stacy came forward with stories they say she told them, how peterson had threatened to kill her and how peterson had asked her to provide him for an alibi for the night savio died. >> i couldn't come up with any reason, in my mind, to not put him at the scene beyond a reasonable doubt. >> reporter: in 2008, the state of illinois passed a law allowing such hearsay evidence to be used in court. it was dubbed the drew law. >> will this conviction stick? in my opinion, we will end up .supreme court of the united states on this case. >> reporter: peterson's defense team immediately said it plans to appeal his conviction for savio's murder. >> it was hearsay evidence allowed un, unprecedented amount. >> reporter: now the friends and family of stacy say they want drew peterson charged with her death as well. >> no matter what, still have it
7:34 am
pay the price for stacy. i still believe that's around the corner. >> reporter: peterson faces a maximum of 60 years in jail. illinois does not have the death penalty. he'll be sentenced november 26th. true to form he was overheard saying as he was leaving the courtroom, i guess this will ruin my christmas. matt. >> kevin tibbles in illinois this morning, kevin, thank you very much. kathleen savio's sister was in court for the verdict. she's with us along with her attorney. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> i'll get to the verdict in a second. you heard it. talk to me about what it's been like to sit in the courtroom over the last few weeks. >> i wasn't allowed in there much because i did testify. i was only in there for the closing statements. >> and what was it like to see him and watch his democratic, too, as kevin just mentioned, he was always playing to the cameras as he has been for the last eight or so years.
7:35 am
what was it like to sit through that. >> very typical drew, typical sociopath, all full of himself. >> when you heard the jury's verdict of guilty, just give me your immediate reaction. >> when i first heard it, i was like, did i really hear that or do i want to hear it so bad that's what i heard. i was excited. i think that's what i heard. i looked at my sister next to me. i said, did i hear guilty. she looks, starts screaming, guilty. i thought i heard it. you wait and want it so much. >> these last eight years you talk about a civil suit being filed. you talk about your sister's body being exhumed, another autopsy. >> all horrible, yes. >> you say you always knew he was responsible for your sister's death. what made you so sure? >> just by the way he had treated her and things she had told us over the years.
7:36 am
he had great motive. between the motive and the way he had been, just knowing drew. she told me multiple times he said he was going to kill me. she was terrified of the guy. >> john, there was a lot of controversy and a lot of talk during this trial there might be a mistrial because there was so much hearsay allowed into this based on drew's law out there in illinois. do you think that law and hearsay now jeopardizes this verdict? >> not at all, matt. the illinois supreme court has ruled on the constitutionality of it, upheld it. it's commonly referred to as the voice from the grave. basically it says someone can't benefit by silencing another person who has incriminating testimony against them and it's fair. >> but do you think that drew peterson could have been convicted or would have been convicted were it not for that hearsay? >> it would have been more difficult, but this is just the perfect crime just got a little more difficult to commit.
7:37 am
all things considered it's equitable, fair, constitutional and the conviction will stand that. >> i'm interested in your take on this. stacy peterson's family hopes the attention will turn to their loved one. what would you like to say to them about the perseverance they are going to need and the time it perhaps could take for them to see justice? >> well, i've talked to them. i told them, i said, eventually it will come. i'm praying for them. anything i can do to help you i will definitely do. it's tough losing someone you love. i miss my sister desperately. at least i know where she is and what happened. not knowing, i can't imagine how horrible that has to be. >> anna, i thank you for your time this morning. we really appreciate it. john, always good to see you. thank you as well. >> thank you. >> you can see more on the story on "dateline," 10:00, 9:00 central time right here on nbc.
7:38 am
let's get a check of the weather from al roker. >> thanks very much. a rick of strong storms from detroit down to little rock as far east as columbus. could be possible hail, tornadoes in this could be isolated as well. looking at anywhere from one to three inches of rain for that region. now for tomorrow look for afternoon storms along the eastern seaboard, into the mid-atlantic states, sunny and hot in the western part of the country from the plains all the way down to texas, sunny and warm. then as we move into sunday, look for late day showers in new england some clouds, possibly showers in the pacific northwest. the rest of the country looking warm and >> good morning. we are waking up to mostly clear skies. it will be another one day.
7:39 am
>> of course the first time we get to say this. it's sunday night football night in america. this is a good one. ben roethlisberger and the pittsburgh steelers coming to mile high stadium. peyton manning first regular season game as a bronco. the sports authority feels mile high, clear, mild, 75 to 79. they will be talking about this one on monday so you better watch sunday on sunday night football night in america. matt. >> the first of a long season. coming up next, what happens when a young adult leaves the simple amish lights for the bright lights of new york city. we'll talk to two women who did just that right after this. [ male announcer ] on one corner, one pharmacist started it all:
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back now at 7:42. there's always been a fascination with the am issue, their devout nature and their commitment to live without modern convenience. a new reality show follows young adults as they accept an opportunity to leave their communities and visit new york city. we'll talk to two of them in a moment but first here is their story. >> life in amish communities is simple but rigorous. >> you're not allowed to have a car, not allowed to have a tv, not allowed to have electricity. >> reporter: they reject anything that can be viewed as worldly. >> we're not supposed to have pictures taken of us because they think it's us being vein. >> but curiosity about life beyond their culture is not uncommon. >> i've been thinking about leaving the amish since i was 18-year-old. >> my dream is to like figure out who i am as a person. >> in the new tlc reality show, "breaking amish" five young adults from am issue communities
7:44 am
in ohio and pennsylvania accept an opportunity to leave their homes and visit new york city. >> i want to go to new york because i've always dreamed of being a model. >> for the first time kate, rebecca, abe, jeremiah and sabrina experience life in the big city. >> i want to wear what i want to wear and i want to have fun. >> without any restrictions. producers followed the group as they told their families of their decision to leave, despite the potential consequences. >> you know when you leave, you're not going to be able to come home. you're going to be shunned. >> they will tell you you're going to hell. and it's really hard because you want to love god. >> they don't want anything to do with me anymore. >> leaving the life they have always known was not without their complications. kate engaged in alcohol and
7:45 am
driving. >> i got charged with a dui. it was like the worst night of my life. i'm pretty sure my dad is going to freak out. my mom is probably going to cry. it makes me feel like a horrible person. >> kate and sabrina with us now along with executive producers of "breaking amish" good morning to all of you. >> good morning. >> i have to ask you, talk about culture shock, when you were first approached for being part of a television show, reality television show, given how you grew up, did you even have a concept of what that meant, kate. >> i don't think it really sank in right away. i don't think i realized exactly what everything held. >> sabrina, how difficult was it to walk away from this very tight-knit community? >> you basically give up everything to find out what's out there. i mean, it's hard. >> kate, you're the bishop's daughter, right? i assume you're like any
7:46 am
preacher's kid, you're held up and people look at you as an example. this must have been kind of scandalous. >> a lot. >> what happened with the dui? do you think that's part of the fact you've been sheltered, now you're out in the world and can do anything you want and you made a bad decision. >> i think it was really a bad decision and a huge mistake, just me being stupid and not thinking things clearly. >> so sabrina, take us through it. you grew up in this tight community, you're a mennonite, you have some more modern convenience than amish do. you come to new york city, what is your reaction? >> i pretty much freaked out because i like being outside. i was never really -- i had no idea what to expect even. when i got here all i saw was concrete and could not see the sky that much. from where i'm from there's always wide open spaces and
7:47 am
trees and grass. there's really none of that here. there is but it's so small compared to what i was used to. i was used to acres and acres of it so it was hard. >> it must have been overwhelming, kate, what was your reaction? >> well, my first reaction was like it's so loud. >> it is that for sure. >> let me turn to shannon and eric. what made you want to do a series like this. i have to ask you, did you concern about exploiting young people who have not been exposed to this media culture, this spotlight. shannon, i'll let you take that? >> all of the people that -- first of all, we were down in lancaster county for over a year and a half doing research. we had an amish and mennonite produce that reached out to our cast and knew them personally. each and every person on the show had already planned on leaving. it was something that was important to them. so we just made it possible for them to do that with a safety net and with others that felt the same. >> very quickly, eric, was it
7:48 am
difficult to shoot in these communities? >> yeah. you have to be very respectful of everybody. you have to go in with a small crew, similar to a news crew and really be respectful of the area and the beliefs of the people we're filming. >> i know one of the themes is whether kate and sabrina you go back to your communities. i see you in traditional wear this morning. is that a hint? >> they are staying silent on that one. okay. we'll have to watch and see. kate and sabrina, thank you for your time. appreciate it. we want to remind everybody "breaking amish" airs sunday night on tlc. coming up next from one direction to rihanna and chris brown, all the highlights from last night's vma after this. [ female announcer ] wake up
7:49 am
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7:52 am
best new artists. >> rihanna took home video of the year for "we found love." a lot of attention for this, the embrace she shared with her ex-boyfriend chris brown. we all know the history there. people were surprised with that. >> she did that interview with oprah and talked about she still has obvious feelings for him. that was kind of a spontaneous moment there. >> some other highlights, olympic metalist gabby douglas brought the floor exercise to the stage. look at that. involving alicia keys performance of "girl on fire." had to be a double take when miley cyrus came out to introduce pink. wait until you see her new do. >> it's a mohawk. she looks like billy idol. >> and pink. >> that's embarrassing. pink's hair is pink. >> i dare you. i dare you. days.
7:53 am
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7:56 am
>> this is wbal-tv 11 news in baltimore. >> good morning. i am mindy basara. here is sarah caldwell. >> the accident has gone on the east side prior to eastern boulevard. very heavy delays left over, beginning approaching 95 towards eastern boulevard. inner loop crash that was cleared, and the accident is gone, but the delays are not. we have an accident in rosedale. slow go on the north side. 12 miles per hour, with jammed conditions towards towson. sully road and energy parkway,
7:57 am
we have a crash. live view of some of those delays. to and from i-95, heavy delays. live view of traffic at chesaco avenue, where things are moving again prior to the accident scene. >> high temperatures around 70 degrees. white marsh, 68 at b.w.i. thurgood marshall and catonsville at 69. i'll start to the day. hotter as we get towards the afternoon. mostly sunny skies today, but there's still a chance of an isolated shower or thunderstorm. if you may encounter that. satellite picture remains mostly clear. it will cause a slight chance for thunderstorms this afternoon. a more substantial cold front moves through on saturday evening and that will be a big drop in temperatures at the seven-day.
7:58 am
80 degrees on sunday. that cold front comes in on saturday evening, and that is when we could see substantial thunderstorms, some of them turning severe. big dro
7:59 am
8:00 am
. 8:00 on friday morning. it is september 7th, 2012. it's actually a pretty beautiful day here in new york city right now after some gray times in the last 24 hours. i'm matt lauer along with savannah guthrie and al roker out here. we had a pretty shot of jacksonville beach because the waves are picking up. with leslie out in the water. >> hurricane leslie. we're going to have to worry about riptides. as the weekend goes on, those risks are going to move up the
8:01 am
coast. >> all right. out on the plaza matt lauer with savannah guthrie. first of all, welcome back, good to have you back from charlotte. we're going to get revved up for fall. >> we're going to tell you what's hot, in, out, for fall, fashion to food. travel, where you want to go on vacation. >> also ahead, do you know who is joining us this morning, ellen barkin, a fabulous actress. she's got a brand-new comedy coming to nbc called "the new normal." yes, it's kmd comedy but also stirring up a lot of controversy before it's even aired. we're going to talk to ellen about that in just a few minutes. >> all righty. we also want to share something kind of personal with you, our play list, music players. starting monday, listen to "today" crew's play list, each of us sharing our favorite songs. in fact, it's going to be, i think, kind of interesting. >> basically all the music you
8:02 am
hear on the show next week will be coming from our ipads. i'll get my chance later in the week. first of all, let's cue up this song. whose play list do you think this is from? ♪ i just want to be close to you ♪ >> i know whose that is. that's yours, matt. >> why do you do that? >> that's what you do. that's how you get excited for the show. >> we've got, i think savannah's number one song. can you cue that up? ♪ all by myself >> hold me, al. >> we're in for an entire day of that? >> yeah, maybe we are. a little disco. >> next week, by the way, they can get in on the action as well. >> we're teaming up with viewers, is this your song,
8:03 am
tweet about it. the soundtrack of your lives. >> going to be a short life. >> tamron hall at the news desk. good morning. >> good morning, everyone. president obama gets back to the campaign trail in new hampshire and iowa after receiving his party's nomination to the democratic national convention last night. in his prime time address, the president said it will take more than a few years to solve challenges he says have built up over a decade. no president since franklin d. roosevelt has been re-elected with a job rate higher than 8%. thursday bringing the total to 25 arrested sense the convention began. a new younger kennedy is throwing his hat into the political arena, joe kennedy iii won his congressional primary thursday in massachusetts. the 31-year-old grandon of the late robert f. kennedy is seeking the seat of long time
8:04 am
democratic representative barney frank who is now retiring. a follow up to a story on this program, a young chicago who thought they could never have kids have welcomed their daughter into the world. she was carried by her 53-year-old grandmother. yes, 53. the surrogate for her daughter, suffered from cervical cancer and had a hysterectomy two years ago. the entire family doing well. look at this place. one of hollywood's famous couples are breaking up. amy poehler. parks & recreation star. they have two sons. a look at what's trending online. frank ocean did not take home a statute from mtv video award but logged the most tweets of any performer during his debut of
8:05 am
"thinking about you." ♪ i've been think about forever ♪ >> among ocean fans on twitter, lady gaga who broke watch frank ocean steal this whole show. and kristen stewart is buzzing on celebrity sites. she was out on the red carpet for premier of her new movie "on the road" at the toronto festival. it was her first public appearance in nearly two months admitting she had an affair with married director of "snow white and the huntsman." they have sliced together 50 years of car chase scenes featuring all six james bond, chase, shoot and grin at each other. the viral video is a promo for guys all bond movie channel which debuts next month in britain. for all you bond fans. back to al. who is not a bond fan? >> that's pretty cool. i like that. it's national planting day. tell us a little about that?
8:06 am
>> we're here from keep america beautiful promoting national planting day encouraging americans to plant native species across the u.s. >> that's a great idea. i'm going to make like a tree and leaf and show you what's going on. first of all our pick city, eau claire, wisconsin, 68 degrees. heavy showers and thunderstorms moving through chicago now heading into indiana. wet weather through the plains. fairly dry along the eastern seaboard. we are going to be watching a risk of strong storms from northern arkansas all the way on up into southern michigan. beautiful in the pacific northwest. actually a little on the toasty side. 92 in portland. 88 in boise, 104 in dallas today. we expect the rip current risk to continue up the coast as we see leslie make its way to the north slowly. >> good morning.
8:07 am
we're expecting a lot of sunshine. it will be another warm day. >> what happened to your sign? >> we had some complications. making it for his birthday. >> happy birthday. >> happy birthday. >> it's says -- savannah. >> all right, al. thank you so much. coming up next, a friday to get you ready for fall, everything position from fashion to food and travel coming up right after this. forest fresh full tank brain freeze cake donettes rolling hot dogs bag of ice anti-freeze wash and dry diesel self-serve
8:08 am
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new hershey's simple pleasures chocolate. 30% less fat, 100% delicious. what do we do when something really wants to be painted? we break out new behr ultra with stain-blocker from the home depot... ...the best selling paint and primer in one that now eliminates stains. so it paints over stained surfaces, scuffed surfaces, just about any surface. what do you say we go where no paint has gone before, and end up some place beautiful. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. behr ultra. now with advanced stain blocking, only at the home depot, and only $31.98 a gallon. we're back now at 8:11 with today's whip. we're focusing on what's in for the new fall season. >> we've got three experts to give us the scoop. first up fashion by lilliana
8:12 am
vasquez. good morning. >> good morning. >> they have us separated because i tower over you. >> keep the distance. >> burst into fall, lace was huge this summer. >> one of my favorite fabrics, also one of my favorites for the fall. looks good for texture, chunky sweater over lace dress or cassimere looks appropriate. >> we love the pop of color. over here we have what you can do with handbags. >> neon was a huge trend for the summer. you can carry them over but pair them with darker, richer colors, army green trending huge for fall, also navy blue. orange, navy blue one of my favorite color com boss. keep your neons and wear them all season long. >> peplum was the big hit of the summer. you think if you have one you have to put it away. >> sleeveless can go a long way. add a thin turtleneck underneath. these affordable, about $50. >> i hate to put away my sandals, now you're telling me
8:13 am
you don't have to. >> people think socks and sandals are a huge faux pas they are. tights and sandals aren't. they are on sale. pair them with colored tights, patterned tights, i promise, trust me on this one, great trend for the fall. >> have to see that one to believe it. >> ankle bootie, seems like a transition piece. >> buy now, wear now. we don't like to wait for fall purchases. they are huge, every celebrity is wearing them. these are $24.99 from kohl's. piper has a selection of color and pants, even shorts. >> i love shocking hot pink lipstick the fall is a twist on this. >> if you want one that's expensive, switch out coral and holt pink and do a plum or berry color, lip stain, lip gloss like
8:14 am
i'm wearing. mulberry, my favorite color for the fall. >> thank you, lilliana vasquez. >> thanks, savannah. what's in with fall travel. digital projects editor for travel & leisure magazine. good morning. >> good morning. >> it's unofficially the end of summer but still summer. you like the beach for travel this year. >> the beach is great in the fall. that's because the resorts are empty, serene, windswept. >> not as crowded as july and august. >> not as crowded. nantucket, rates start at $175, rooms recently renovated and have an outdoor pool heated year-round. white elephant, a great example, one of the best hotels, rates in the summer months $680. in october about $195. >> take advantage of that. great opportunity to stay in a place you probably can't get into in the summer. also like to suggest people go
8:15 am
to ski destinations during the fall months. why? >> prices are not as high as they are when there's a powdery snow on the slopes. beaver creek, lover for people who love to hike and cycle and golf. pines lodge, incredible foliage. rates at $200 a night. excuse me, $100 a night. talk about a great value for something a little different in jackson hole, the bentwood inn has an incredible experience up close to the elks, mating call happens once a year, $233. that includes that excursion plus breakfast and evening appetiz appetizer. >> you like san francisco, weather great. >> hits about $70. hyatt regency across, start at $209, throw in passes. you can take public transportation which includes the classic cable cars. for something a little different, d.c., of course, all eyes on that city for the election year. rates at the liaison capitol
8:16 am
hill are about $159. great way to celebrate inauguration. you'll be right across the mall. >> from beaches to ski resorts to a couple great cities. good idea, sarah, appreciate it. >> thank you. >> here is al. >> new season, exciting food selection. lifestyle expert and our "today" contributor. good to see you. >> good-bye lemonade, hello cider. >> this is so fun, different sizes. turn it around, blocks inside, load it up with apples. press it, delicious. >> mill your own grain. >> thank dan barber of blue hill stone barn created cooline of heirloom organic grains, get them from sonoma. >> your own corn mill. >> it's not only healthier keeps
8:17 am
minerals and vitamins but also tastes even better. >> candy buffet. >> candy buffet, parties, what better time than fall when you've got new fall candies, these are from buy based on size, type, shape, whatever you want. pottery >> does anybody really like candy corn. >> i do. >> there you go. beer. >> going away from light beers going to the warmer ales, ales. pumpkin beer since the colonial time is having a resurgeon earns. there you go. pumpkin ale, al, oh gosh. >> a great pumpkin. thanks so much. coming up next, ellen barkin on new show and controversy surrounding it right after these messages. means living with pain. it could also mean living with joint damage. help relieve the pain and stop the damage with humira, adalimumab. for many adults with moderate to severe ra,
8:18 am
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8:21 am
we're back now at 8:21 with award winning actress ellen barkin. it seems hard to believe but her film career started 30 years ago in diner. she went on to leading roles in clarvegs like sea of love, now taking on a small screen role in a regular comedy. this is nbc's new show called "the new normal." >> look at that, just strutting down the middle buckeye road proud as gay peacocks.
8:22 am
>> why shouldn't they? >> why shouldn't they, grandma? >> i love the gays. i could never get my hair to look like this without them. >> we had a hard time finding a clip. you said something after that we couldn't run. >> god bless nbc. >> what reaction are you getting from this? >> i'm kind of surprised. i read a script, say to murphy, we're never going to get away with this. he says by the time you've read a script nbc has approved it already. >> any nerves about the reaction. forget nbc, nbc will put it on the air. any worries about the reaction you'll get from viewers? >> no. i hope it's extremely controversial.
8:23 am
it's meant to be. >> so is that a good thing for a show like this, even though it's controversy because controversy breeds viewership and that's always a good thing. >> look, i think it's a nice thing and it's a very high bar. but if we can get somewhere near that "all in the family" type sitcom, then we've done a great thing. >> i'm glad you bring that up. so compare jane, if you will, to archie bunker. is she the same? i always viewed him as being loveabley ignorant. she's not ignorant, jane. >> no. jane is very smart. she's very well informed. in the beginning people were like what was all the work you had to do. it's so unlike you, i guess, because of the politics. i said i found it very easy. i just split myself. she's very opinionated. i'm opinionated. she has big mouth. i have a big mouth.
8:24 am
she always thinks she's right, i always think i'm right. she's just on the other side of the aisle from me. >> there's tough language in this. a lot of it goes after homosexuals, minorities, religious groups. the nbc affiliate in salt lake city, utah, is refusing to air this show saying, quote, the dialogue is excessively rude and crude, scenes too explicit and stereotypes are offensive on all sides. you tweeted. what would you like to say about that? >> i'd like to say ksl, the nbc affiliate is an openly mormon church owned station. so yes, it's a private corporation and they are allowed to show whatever they want to show but it's still owned by a church. do i think it is a form of censorship, yeah. it's legal, i guess, because they are privately owned by a
8:25 am
church, but i do think it's censorship. why not let the audience decide. >> here is what you tweeted. shame on you not air "the new normal" law & rod, rape and murder but loving gay couple is inappropriate. i don't get the sense they are objecting to love gay couple but some of the language and characterizations on the show. >> i would disagree with you there, matt. >> you think this is about not wanting gay couples on the air? >> yes. and certainly not portrayed in a kind of sitcom, jokey way. they are a serious, committed couple who want to have a baby and can't because they are two men. i think unless you have exaggerated stereotypes, it becomes unacceptable for certain
8:26 am
extremist religious groups. >> i will say this. obviously a lot of different opinions here. we're going to be hearing more about this show. no question about it. ellen, nice to see >> this is wbal-tv 11 news in baltimore. >> good morning. i am mindy basara. let's get a final check of the commute with sarah caldwell. >> we try to recover from earlier problems on eastern boulevard. inner loop delays are in place as you make away from pulaski on. we have one in dundalk and hollen bird avenue. speeds of around 29 on southbound 95 out of the northeast, but heavier on the north side. 17 on the west side outer loop at 795, and 35 miles per hour
8:27 am
towards 29 on eastbound i-70. charles street will shut down between northern and coldspring for the funeral procession. we're looking at delays on the northeast side of the beltway at belair road. 295, saw by delays in -- southbound delays in place. >> totally different morning this morning than yesterday. humidity is still up there. dew points are still high. humid day. winter iwinds are calm right no. nothing going on around pass. something could pop up this afternoon of an isolated nature. the real weather is tomorrow. the cold front towards the upper midwest begins to come our way.
8:28 am
i mentioned a slight chance for an isolated storm this afternoon. '87 to '92 the high. >> we are back with another update at 8:56. now sink your teeth into that big n' toasted if you're ready to soar.
8:29 am
good. exits are here, here, and here. a big day calls for the big n' toasted breakfast sandwich. grab yours at dunkin' donuts.
8:30 am
8:30 on t.g.i.f. morning, september 7th, 2012. on the weekend very excited. got a visit to rockefeller center. >> and we have got some good stuff coming up. for example, people who want to look like their favorite
8:31 am
fashionable star but they don't want to pay celebrity big bucks, we're going to show you exactly how you can do that coming up in just a couple minutes. >> and we've got a new way to leave your mark on the world. it's called yarn bombing. >> come on. >> look at that dog? >> look at the posts. we will explain how yarn bombing works. >> will that get you arrested? >> is that illegal? no, i'm not kidding. >> i think it is but it's a cute way to vandalize. >> there's the headline of the show. >> i'm wrong. okay. in the meantime we're going to take a look at katie holmes who has a new job, official face of bobby brown cosmetics. we're going to talk to bobby to find out about her new campaign which i think is one of the most beautiful woman and talked about
8:32 am
woman in the world days. >> stars coming out tonight for stand up to cancer, airs live simultaneously. good morning. >> hi. >> here to tell us about it. the third telecast for it. how successful has it been? >> extraordinarily successful. it's ground breaking that mostly spearheaded this, all four networks aired the telethon commercial-free for an hour, kind of unheard of to have them do that. >> your personal connection, you were diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009. i believe during the last telecast you were just finishing treatment. >> my hair was like that. >> how are you doing first of all? >> good, i think. >> is that what has you committed to this for the long hall? >> i directly benefited from this organization. dennis layman, one of the researchers for stand up to
8:33 am
cancer, a drug i took, which is i think why i'm going to be here for a while. i have a personal connection. it's grassroots. anybody can contribute. if you don't see the telecast, go to the website. >> there is a live telecast. what are some of the things we're going to be looking for. >> entertainment. who is performing? alicia keys is performing. tim mcgraw is performing. and who is the young, very cute country singer so famous. >> taylor swift. >> yes. >> almost like jeopardy. >> i know. sorry. >> who is taylor swift. >> celebrities, people answering the phone that are survivors. >> media banks. >> people call in personal stories and celebrities will retweet people who their survivor stories. >> who is that loveable weather guy who does the weather on the "today" show? is that al roker? how about a check of the
8:34 am
weather. >> my favorite thanksgiving day, watching buddy. >> donate now. >> watch taupe, do it after. thank you for having me. >> loveable weather guy. >> thank you very much. until we get one, here is the forecast for you. for tomorrow we expect to see a risk of strong storms along the eastern seaboard in the mid-atlantic states, wet weather through the southeast. sunny and warm in the western third of the country for sunday -- sunday! -- look for mild weather, sunshine here in the northeast and mid-atlantic states, morning showers in northern new england. afternoon rain in the pacific northwest. sunny and hot through the southwest and into texas. atat's what going on around the >> good morning. we are waking up to mostly clear skies. it will be another one day.
8:35 am
>> okay. what's the deal? >> we're from columbus, indiana. we're an investment club. >> an investment club. all right. there you go. don't forget. they play bunko. don't forget, weather any time day or night, weather channel on cable, online. all right. let's find out what's happening with uncle willie scott. willie. >> what a beautiful spot. i think it's the highest elevation in washington, d.c., the national cathedral. we're in the bishop's garden. she loves it, comes here and contemplates. happy birthday, take a look as the screen spins. this is bennie from cheshire, massachusetts. bennie madigan, beautiful
8:36 am
bennie, bennie, bennie, bennie. 113, lifelong traveler and humanitarian. we love her. don an mary olson married 78 years and crazy about each other. farmer city, illinois. can't beat that country. great corn when they get rain. take a look at thomas terrell out of dayton, ohio, more inventions came out of dayton, ohio, airplane, bicycle, you name it. world war ii veteran and director of the parks for many years for dayton. take a look at helen. helen fellows of ridgewood, new jersey. a holocaust survivor, god bless, loves her grandchildren and knows what life is all about. louis, louis wermers, lake of the ozarks, tremendous shoreline, 100 years old. loves to jet ski and eat ice cream but not at the same time.
8:37 am
katherine jones from washington, d.c. that's where we are right now. 100 years old. she loves to spend time with great, great-grandchildren and loves to go to church. and dot donovan, sounds like a mystery spy star 100 years old from auburn, maine, enjoys long walks in her beautiful garden. that's all from washington, d.c. your nation's capital. you're paying for it, i hope you enjoy it. >> affordable ways to look like your favorite celebrity. first this is "today" on nbc. hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol
8:38 am
as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios
8:39 am
back now at 8:30. this morning on "today's" beauty -- 8:39. how to get that celebrity style without breaking the bank.
8:40 am
"glamour" magazine's author of a new book, "how to look expensive." i love it. how to look it but save money. how do you do that? >> it's about knowledge and tips and techniques, much is in the book. that's really kind of what this is about. i've got looks to show you where you can shop, find things to help you look expensive without breaking the bank. >> three celebrity looks we have. first the park avenue pretty look. if you don't know park avenue, it means money. there you have it right there, the looks, anne hathaway, pippa middleton. >> we want it modern and contemporary. what we have here is flawless skin, using a foundation brush can help you get that. great products at the drugstore. visible lift from l'oreal. >> looif light and clean without foundation. >> like air brushing your skin. >> of course we love to define
8:41 am
our eyes but using bronze colors is a way to get a neutral eye. celebrities are doing it all the time. gives you almost like a halo of light around the eyes, which i love. not dark and really pretty. >> people will tell you, you're glowing but you don't know why. >> that's the sephora look. the bronze is great for eyeliner. i love this gel liner from l'oreal. >> i hear gel liner stays on. >> this is a crossover product you can find in the drugstore. a great way to look expensive without spending a lot of money. we'll put that on her. a great way to do that, pull it up, get at straight line. >> aykroyd usi-- avoid using bl. >> makes it cool, straight and shiny. >> pretty look. >> then i'm going to show you this is one of my favorites. this one. this is one of my favorites, a
8:42 am
dry texturizing spray. i think every woman should have one. flip your hair over. spray this. hope this works on live tv. >> i do, too. >> kind of gives you that messy, chic. >> beautiful. >> doesn't she look like -- >> that smells good. >> hollywood bo ho, jessica alba, nicole ritchie, rihanna. how do you define this look. >> oozing cool in a lux way. there's some feature, like i said, your hair, something that gives you that cool factor. >> okay. >> for evelyn we used sapphire liner. >> that makes your eyes like wheater when you use blue. >> this is shimmer, more natural looking. >> matching your nail polish to your nail is a fun way, almost like wearing a sapphire ring. >> we know nail polish matters since the first lady's was so
8:43 am
talked about. >> polished nails, eyes. we used creamy textures for her makeup. another demo. we'll show you. open this up. how to use this silver shadow and turn it into a cream. >> you take the powder, mix it with the cream, there you have it. >> nice. >> gives it a more lived in look. >> dry or moisten it up. do the same with blush. >> frizzies with a bo ho more contrived look like this, frizzies on the top, use a toothbrush to get them to go away. >> label your toothbrush so you don't mix it up. >> move quickly to modern movie star jan jones, reese witherspoon. looks beautiful. >> i call this the black tie eye in the book, a lot of celebrities are wearing this look. charcoal eye shadow, warm her up and give her sultry. >> a little gold. >> right in the center. >> nice you can still use gold
8:44 am
even though she has blond hair. >> exactly. >> number one thing to use to attain this look. >> number one is charcoal with the gold. >> okay. >> the red lip, of course, that's the hollywood red lip. >> pretty. >> number one tip i can give all real quick, million dollar smile is a cheap accessory. free. >> ending this segment. thank you, ladies. andrea, greatly appreciate it. up next, the yarn bombing craze. first fill you in, this is "today" on nbc.
8:45 am
8:46 am
>> 8:46, we're back with an activity that turns every day objects into yarn covered works of art. jenna wolfe is here to explain what that means. >> this is fun. hey, matt, nice to see you. you name it, this has probably been yarn bombedp fire hydrants,
8:47 am
mailboxes. it was first stitched up six years ago and today it has reached yarnegeddon. knitting, time honored tradition folks creating heirloom pieces has taken on a new form. knitting has hit the streets. yarn bombing, a modern day phenomenon of artists taking cozy creations and stitching them onto urban environments. >> has anyone here ever yarn bombed? >> no. >> has anyone secretly thought about yarn bombing. >> i have people i'd like to yarn bomb. >> this woman is credited with starting this revolution. >> knitting, crocheting, we put it on anything that inspired us of it's okay not to knit a baby blanket or sweater, you can knit a mailbox. >> like other forms of graffiti,
8:48 am
it is illegal. >> it is illegal technically to do this. it's really pretty. people are enjoying it. >> should something this beautiful be outlawed. >> i'm wrapping something on a pole. if you don't like it, you can take it off. >> reporter: not to needle folks with just details but not anyone can do it. listen to my weekend, finished with sk 2, all decreases. >> doing good. >> thank you very much. i guess knit happens. uh-huh. yarn bombing has gone global, france, australia, china. >> what's the biggest thing you've ever yarn bombed. >> a bus. it was only supposed to be up a couple months but because of the popularity as a project it stayed up for 11 months. >> a bus? really, a bus? we headed to times square, the center of the world, to leave our mark on something magda had
8:49 am
never done before. >> let's yarn tag it. have you ever done it? >> no. >> let's do it. >> so i don't know about you but i think we just yarn tagged our first tourist. >> i think we did. >> nice, right? >> so i'm going to give you these. i think i'm ready for lunch. >> all right. >> good luck. okay. thank you so much. we shot that in june. i was out in times square yesterday, she's still there. magda is traveling the world with her yarn. as can you see her brother and external c.j. are in on the act. what they did was they, i don't know, sprinkled some of their
8:50 am
offerings. we look good. >> al's bedroom. >> who did we look like? >> he has matching underwear, we can't show on tv. >> are you knitting with pencils. >> apparently it's so big if you're in a bind, you can grab pencils. i'm just going like this to fake it. >> fake it till you make it. >> it's soft yarn. >> what prescription is that. >> i think it's great you brought something to the show illegal. >> for the first time, can we show this? he has been yarn bombed. >> way to go. thank you. >> a normal day. >> sneak peek of what's hot as fashion week. >> this. >> yarn bomb. >> everyone wearing it. >> what's up, bro.
8:51 am
8:52 am
back now at the wonderful and wacky world of sports. glenn berman is our guide and he's got one good yarn today. >> so, last month or so dominated by the olympic. what truly were the top stories of the month. let's go spanning the world.
8:53 am
on your mark, get set for the cuban pole vaulter. play ball, the short and long of it. barry zito on the mound for t giants. just a little low. as opposed, the austrian penalty kick. >> just a bit outside. >> our oops. chavez of the yankees tossing it over to the pitcher. ethiopian runner, didn't work out. norfolk tide. nobody got hurt. race of the month from canterbury park in minnesota, ostrich racing. better hang on now for the ben physician. >> does that counseled? >> in there racing. >> you think calling a race on helium was a good idea. >> the helium champion. >> good for him.
8:54 am
>> all right. the phillie phanatic -- fanatic, the little girl getting the baseball until the lady snatches it away. cfl, chris williams for hamilton doing a little show boating, nicely done and, yes, he does get tackled. and ricardo russo in italy celebrating his win. way to go, ricardo. there was still one lap to go. he finished 14th. >> rabbit ears. in daytona, the music intern played "swit three blind mice." you're out of here. our olympic mom for the month, chinese hurdler getting all set for london and here he comes.
8:55 am
>> isn't he supposed to go over? >> he didn't quite make it. >> perks of olympic reporting as you know in london. >> very good. no cheering in the press box. tell that to the bbc when a brit won the 10,000. >> two gold medals for great britain. beautiful. >> beautiful. the noisiest group, of course, those lady shot putters. >> that was jerry lewis. >> thanks. join us our close-knit group. >> happy to be here. >> we're back with more after your local news.
8:56 am
>> this is wbal-tv 11 news in baltimore. >> good morning. i am mindy basara. the baltimore city police department lays to rest one of its finest today. a 17-year veteran of the force, lakeforest taylor, died after complications from surgery after an accident in february.
8:57 am
he was responding to a call when he drove into
8:58 am
>> the sun is out. it is very, very nice. still on the humid assigned. a lot of sun today. '87 to '92 the high. slight chance that an isolated storms could pop up this afternoon. afternoon.
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