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tv   Today  NBC  September 11, 2012 2:05am-2:58am EDT

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from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. captions paid for by nbc-universal television hello, everybody, fun day monday. we have quite the show, hoda woman. i hope you ate your wheaties. >> we have blake shelton in the house. >> that would be enough, except also we have randy jackson. that would be lots, except we also have big ang. >> oh, my god. look at her on the cover. just look real quick. hi, look what's happening here.
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>> bigger is better. i met her downstairs, she's funny. >> i went to shake hands, not good for big ang. >> what happened? >> bear hug. >> did they come at ya, both of them? >> she tells a funny story, she says she's got killer boobs, but literally. apparently she was upstate, out one night, a bat flew right into her breasts and fell over dead. >> boom and dead at the catskills. >> that's what i call a formidable woman. >> we have a big announcement to make, don't we? >> big, very big. we are so cutting edge. >> it's called the twiker launch. you see that thing on the bottom of your screen right there? that is going to start a twitter feed of people writing in as they are watching our show. as you guys are watching it, you can clickety clak and we'll screen you in case there's porn,
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and then put it up on the screen. >> we may show yours up on the air, unless sometimes it slips through. brittney will be on that. if tweet @klgandhoda or # klgandhoda. >> you go first. we're going to tweet from here. it takes about 10 or 15 seconds. stop fake typing. that is so obvious. >> and send. >> let's see. now we have to wait for two seconds. i'll fake type and do mine. twittering. >> don't ask me. >> okay, this is good. -- is fancy. go. now go. what did you say? >> i can twikker quicker. >> that's not what it said. no, but you really can. we have trouble with the internet in the studio. i would never lie to you.
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>> this is very fancy. klgandhoda, hash tag, you forgot to do it. tweet a song you like a lot, you can do things singing. this is my tweet where it said -- and, go, go. >> you're assuming i can actually see something on the bottom of that screen. >> anyway, people are tweeting right now, apparently, as we speak. we just can't read it. >> that's going to be fun. we just want to hear more quickly how you feel about things. we think we want to hear that. we're not sure. >> we're not sure. >> that remains to be seen. big weekend, big, big weekend. it's happening. >> i know it. >> on friday, i went over to the neil simon theater with my leading lady, and we actually -- they were putting up the marquee, so that -- >> here it's going up. >> yeah. >> are you contributing?
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>> i was helping the guys. >> i noticed you helped carolee. >> i helped her and then it went up. >> that's pretty cool, huh? what a fun day. >> unbelievable. this thing is huge. somebody's calling me, hoda. >> i know. >> i don't know if we have anything rare, i was hoisting carolee. >> both your hands on her tush. >> then yesterday, i was very honored to host broadway on broadway, where it's a big free celebration in times square. thousands of people came out and our "scandalous" -- oh, hoda was sweet enough to show up with something i had forgotten, a nice big old glass of wine. then you took off stage and drank. >> you didn't need it. >> anyway, a lot of the new shows performed a different song coming up. people were so excited about new stuff. >> it was cool, too, i had never
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been to this, you're literally out in the middle of times square, it's all free. you hear great songs. people stop and listen, and carolee was singing the song from kath's show, she hit this moment in the thing, and there was this spontaneous explosion from the crowd, clapping and cheering. you don't usually hear that in the middle of a song. ♪ this is what i was born for >> then the crowd went crazy. >> they did, it was fun. >> you know what else is fun? >> never in a million years expect to see it. >> here's the thing, you page through "the new york times" this sunday. you end up having your coffee, you open it up, and what is happening here? >> i don't know why that in particular. >> this is what i love here, temptation is not a sin -- >> temptation isn't a sin. >> -- unless you give in. >> think about it. we're all tempted. it's juicy.
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>> how cool is that? >> thank you, everybody, for coming down yesterday. it was a lot of fun. we had a gorgeous day. >> it was a gorgeous day on the tennis courts too. >> good day for serena. >> wait a second. my gosh, sorry, new ring tone. it's very loud. anyway, serena was playing, usually she cleans everyone's clock. so it's not theen big a deal. but at this open, she has not dropped a set. until this one. it was one set a piece, she was going against this girl from belarus. it was 5-5 at the end. i got to tell you, it was such a great, great finish. she won at the end. she went crazy. i got to tell you something about watching sports, i'm realizing. watching sports is making me fat, because i am nervous all the time. >> football fans have known that forever. >> oh, my god, i got the thick crunchy barbecue potato chips,
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the one you bite with a real hearty kind of crunch. i can't remember who makes them. anyway, that was gone, then the saints lost, that was the end there. i ate then. then my brother's team the steelers lost. i am a lode at the end of the weekend. but anyway. >> it's a little thing called discipline, hoda woman. come on. you can have one hotdog or something like that. here's the thing, get up at the crack of dawn and haul your carcass out and run, you look great. if you had a pound or two to lose, i'd agree with you. you're fine, you're fine. >> one more thing to gross you out. the airports are so germy, it is nasty, according to one of these studies. >> mit based this study on connectivity, in other words, how many people are connecting in one area from other places and bringing things from outside. >> apparently jfk international is the germiest of all, lax, honolulu, san francisco, newark. >> something is wrong for
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honolulu. it's just so beautiful. >> boarding pass is nasty, passport is germ ridden. because so many people are touching it. the conveyer belt, whatever is on the bottom of your stinky shoes, someone's putting their coat on the conveyer belt and what not and it's all getting picked up. >> i know, i know. arm rests, the tray tables, and, of course, the nastiest place in a plane is the restroom, because there's no cleaning it during the flight. >> imagine, what about the back where you put your head? >> i know. god knows what's going on there. >> how about the pouch where you shove your stuff in. who knows who put old tissues in there before you? ah-ha! >> nasty. >> all righty, you know what, they give you this information and don't tell you what you should do about it except take some purel. >> then everyone thinks you're crazy, you know? >> tammie is.
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tammie, our producer. >> tammie brings a gallon, however much they'll let you take on the plane. she'll soak everything in it. >> i don't know. what good does it do to know these kinds of things? we know they are filthy, try to be careful. >> nothing you can do. let's talk about our favorite things. i thought with the election coming up, this is -- this is underwear. >> those are hankies? >> i love those. >> hanky-panky thongs, they are $21 a pair from they sent this whole little thing to get you through the election. >> what do they have in there? >> aspirin. >> that's cute. >> you drink, what is this? five-hour energy. >> bullseye. >> throw darts, whatever gets you through. >> ear plugs. >> these are cute, red, white, and blue. >> those are adorable.
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i'm going to disclose she's a friend of mine, but here is something called the skinny girl cleanse. >> bethany! >> bethany. okay, so you open it and it is made of lemon, green lemonade, you open it and you pour it in a glass of water like this, like so. then you stir it up. >> uh-huh. >> and it's got all kinds of aloe vera, not the kind of cleanse that makes you run to the restroom immediately, just your eyes brighter, feel better, skin looks good. green things don't taste good, this one out of all that i've tried is the least icky. it's not terrible. >> no, it isn't. >> anyway, you can get 30 packs for $40. >> needs something else with it. if you know what i mean. >> sarah, what do you have over there? >> mine is an attempt to get some school spirit -- i went to smith college in massachusetts, but i'm from iowa, and we're not getting any iowa schools to tweet you. a little from drake, but university of iowa, i'm begging
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them, please. >> who's the mascot? >> hawkeyes. my sister was a cheerleader there. we are getting no iowa love and i'm feeling abandoned. oral roberts is there. >> oral roberts is in second place. way to go, guys. >> iowa is not representing. >> we want to go to your college. if you tweet us and show us your school spirit, we might choose you and do our school live from there. virginia tech. hello. >> usc, come on. fight on, fight on for usc. beat the pants off the other day. that's usc. >> look at that. >> there's tommy trojan and the horse. >> do not diss my people. ♪ >> that's embarrassing. >> that's cute. >> gorgeous guy on a horse, what is that? >> that's a turkey.
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>> uva. we want uva to come out. regis' old alma mater, notre dame. >> bobo down at rollins college. lehigh university. >> send us your tweets. >> this first one is a photo from west virginia university. "come home to morgantown, home of the mountaineers." there's another photo from rollins college in florida, "starting our morning with kg and hoda again." come to florida. claiming hoda loves it there, i do too, hoda, woman. see you soon. >> okay, you've got until friday, so get tweeting. >> nobody is twikking us right now. it's not working yet? >> okay, it's working. anyway, country music star. >> and a very good-looking hotty, blake shelton. >> he's eating the food in
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there. >> what was the big stories? >> don't eat the food in there. >> you know not to eat in the green room. >> what were the big stories this weekend? we have the latest buzz from andy cohen. first, these messages. dy. his morning starts with arthritis pain. and two pills. afternoon's overhaul starts with more pain. more pills. triple checking hydraulics. the evening brings more pain. so, back to more pills. almost done, when... hang on. stan's doctor recommended aleve. it can keep pain away all day with fewer pills than tylenol. this is rudy. who switched to aleve. and two pills for a day free of pain. ♪ and get the all day pain relief of aleve in liquid gels. ♪ i got it made ♪ i got it made ♪ i got it made fresh at subway ♪ ♪ breakfast made the way i say [ male announcer ] at subway, you got it made. try an egg white & cheese tricked out any way you want. subway. eat fresh.
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you could spend as much as $200. olay says challenge that with an instrument that cleanses as effectively as what's sold by skin professionals for a whole lot less. olay pro x advanced cleansing system. ♪ ♪ we are very, very excited here at nbc, and so is america. those are judges christina aguilera, cee lo greene, adam shelton belting out a tune on "the voice." >> here to get us ready for tonight's big third season premier is country music star and our friend blake shelton. >> celebrating. i'm excited too.
2:21 am
you have alcohol on this show. all other shows suck. that's why this one's awesome. >> we have quite a history with you here. >> i know it, i know it. >> the world is just starting to know you about four and a half years ago when i joined hoda. >> i owe it to you all. >> do you remember co-host something. >> i do. i sang you a song. >> never been the same since, if you know what i mean. >> big crush, big old crush. >> not happy that you and miranda lambert got married. sobbing in hodaville. >> great interview so far, isn't it? we're getting down to the important issues. >> how is the mrs., by the way? >> she's good. she just flew back to nashville. she was at the canadian country music awards last night. i guess she's in nashville today, she's waiting on me to get back there. she's going to dvr the premier of "the voice" tonight so when i get home, we can watch it together.
2:22 am
i seriously don't remember what has happened. >> how long ago did you do it? >> we filmed a lot of the stuff that's going to air in june. >> okay. >> yeah. in fact, all the stuff for the first eight weeks. >> those are the blinds? >> blinds and battles and all the other crap. it's a hit, it's a hit, who cares? >> so is this crap, go figure. >> this time it's a little bit different. you have some new rules that weren't in place last year. explain the thing you can steal somebody. >> first of all, there's 16 artists per coach this year, where the first year it was 8, then 12, now it's 16. >> that's a lot. >> in the battle round -- we found out people like the button, they like the button, so they brought the button back for the battle rounds. basically, we can steal artists from other people's teams to be on our team if they pick
2:23 am
somebody in the battle round, that loser doesn't necessarily have to go home. we can hit our button. you can either win or you can lose. >> now, the guy who's going to be working with you is michael buble. what's he like? >> we love him around here. >> oh, my god, michael buble is my favorite concert i've ever been to. i've been to two of his concerts and went and got tickets. >> you have a bromance going with him. >> he's a good-looking guy, you know what i mean? anyway, we've actually worked together in the past before and did a david foster special one time. i had a country hit on "home," and he's on my christmas album. there's just a lot of reasons that he ends up being my mentor, whatever. the smart guy. >> he is very smart. >> do you have a new christmas album coming out, i heard a rumor. >> i do. it comes out in the nick of time for christmas, october 2nd or
2:24 am
something like that. we're desperate for something to sell. >> i did read you're concerned a little bit by doing back-to-back seasons that you're not out there on the road as much and you want to be able to be out there with your people. >> i hate the way -- and i've always been vocal about it. i hate having seasons back to back with the voice, because i want to get on the road and tour. that's still my real job. >> uh-huh. >> but also, i love, you know, being a part of "the voice" so much and so i'm going to keep doing it for a while. but eventually, i'm going to have to get back to what i do. >> well, good luck. >> maybe y'all can let me co-host every now and then and i can be on tv. >> say hello to miranda for us. >> i will. >> continued success for "the voice." >> thank you. >> three-night premier of "the voice" tonight at 7:00 central on nbc. >> we'll announce our fan of the week. right after that.
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♪ it is monday, that means it is time to reveal our newest fan of the week. >> sara is here to tell us who it might be. >> drum roll, please. our winner is michael hahn from portland, oregon. who tunes in on kgw channel 8. michael works from home, the fourth hour is getting the best of the office water cooler. today's hot topics, best material for evenings out with his friends. michael's favorite moments on the show are when the gloves go off and you go head-to-head in trivia. michael can't stand -- oh, gosh, to miss a show. not even during a flight. he's toasted you guys at 30,000 feet. we hope you catch us again when you're jet setting to new york city. >> cool!
2:30 am
>> you'll enjoy a four-night stay at roosevelt hotel, food and beverage gift card, hotel and airport provided by the roosevelt hotel new york city. >> you know what, i will also throw in a ticket for him to see "scandalous." come after october 13th. >> like it. >> all right, if you got mail piling up at home, we'll show you how to get it organized and cut down to size. and will he or won't he, "american idol" judge randy jackson talks about his future on the show and a cause very close to his heart. what your favorite celebs were up to. we'll have the buzz after the news. and big ang, big ang is here. >> i think she's going to mix us a drink, i hear. careful, pringles are bursting with more flavor.
2:31 am
[ crunches ] mmm. ♪ [ male announcer ] pringles... bursting with more flavor. [ crunch! ]
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but between check-ups tartar builds. keep it clean with new listerine® ultraclean™. it's the only mouthwash with a new tartar control formula for a dentist clean feeling. ahhhhhhhh. [ male announcer ] new listerine® ultraclean™. power to your mouth™. we are back with this fun day monday with more of today, and randy jackson, of course, best known for 11 seasons on "american idol." but in his private life, he's
2:33 am
had to analyze something entirely different. >> after being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, he's touring the country to help americans admit to a diabetes-friendly lifestyle with a campaign called "take diabetes to heart." >> great to see you, randy. >> thank you. thank you for having me. love you both, of course. and good morning. >> good morning. >> a lot has changed in your life when you found out you had diabetes, right? >> back in 2003 when i was diagnosed, one thing i partnered with this campaign, there's not enough education or awareness out there. i didn't know i had it, right, i was walking around, i thought i had a flu. couldn't quench my thirst, tired, lethargic. i was your it that -- urinating all the time. >> not normal for you? >> not normal for me, thought maybe i had a cold, started taking over-the-counter medications, nothing helped. wound up in the emergency room, found out i had type 2 diabetes. the funny thing is that
2:34 am
it ran in my family, but you always think it's going to happen to somebody else, not you. >> it was not the first thing you thought of at all. >> it was not the first thing. the sad part for me, i found out there was no cure, but you can manage it with your doctor, health care provider, but you're two to four more times risk developing stroke, there's so many bad things that can happen to you. >> you changed your diet, randy, everything? >> that's hard for a boy from louisiana. >> eating like that, food is just good. it's called good eating down there. >> for a reason, it's good eating. >> got to have everything in it, all the sugar, butter, whatever. but i had to get my weight together, i had to get my diet together. i had to start moving. >> you didn't exercise either before, did you? >> i had a sedentary lifestyle. i didn't really exercise, i was
2:35 am
eating poorly. i was 350 pounds at the time. >> when you're sitting there producing records, it's sitting there. >> sitting there and you see food and you eat it. you don't know where it comes from, you don't care about it, don't everyone think about it. >> let's talk about "idol." everyone is buzzing about it. we know mariah carey's in, j-lo, steven tyler's out. so are you still a judge, what's going on with you? >> listen. "idol's" an amazing show, my friend mariah carey's there. i think she's going to bring a lot of excitement to it. let's see what happens. let's see what happens. it's me and mariah. >> what about nicki minaj? there's a lot of buzz about her. >> i don't know who else has been confirmed yet or not. >> really? >> but i know mariah's there. you two, the two of you could make cool judges. >> i've always said so. my personal choice is aretha franklin, though. >> we love aretha, the queen of soul, so unbelievably amazing.
2:36 am
god, when you say that name, i keep hearing songs in my head. >> of course. >> you know, it's funny. speaking of diabetes, when i first got diagnosed, i started walking, right, i tried to find the simplest exercise i could do. so i put together this great playlist on my ipod, so much aretha on there. >> what's your go-to aretha song? >> "think" or "respect." >> i think we're out of time, no lack of respect for you. >> i like that. go to that website. >> got you. what was hollywood abuzz about this weekend? we'll get caught up with one andy cohen. >> and big ang is here. >> of course, she is. hide the children. >> she'll talk why bigger is better. first, these messages. i'm done! "are you a cool mom?" i'm gonna find out. [ female announcer ] swiffer wetjet's pads are better than ever.
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♪ it is time for today's buzz and all the celebrities you may have missed over your fun-filled weekend. >> ryan reynolds and blake lively's secret marriage to the worst box office weekend in years. here with the scoop is bravo's big and. >> that's right, i was smothered in the breasts of big ang in the green room. >> how was it? >> fantastic! loved it. woke me right up. >> blake lively, ryan reynolds, who knew? >> perez hilton broke the news on my show last night. they got married over the weekend in south carolina. what a hot couple. florence welsh performed at the ceremony, as did bette midler, how amazing.
2:40 am
>> how did they fly under the radar like that? >> i don't know, but i love it that they did. nobody knew. >> i thought this was a flirtation. i had no idea. >> me neither, but i like it. may met on the set of "green lantern." >> have they been together for long? >> i don't know. up clear to me. >> that's why you're here. >> at least i'm honest about what i don't know. >> amy poehler. >> apparently, it's amicable, they have two kids. such a fan of both of them. >> didn't see the marriage coming, didn't see the divorce coming. >> there you go, in the dark. >> what about katy perry and john mayer? >> they are back together, apparently. yes, they are. page 6 reported the other day they had a stormy night after the vmas. i love it that john mayer cut his hair. he had the long hair. he was on my show and we did a poll about whether he should cut his hair and it was a landslide
2:41 am
that he should. i don't think he did it because of that, but he cut his hair, looks great. >> do you like him, what's he like? >> i've gotten to know him over the last couple years and i really do like him and i love his new album. >> just had another surgery, right? >> he did. he can't perform live, he can't tour, but the new album is great. >> miley cyrus, there was a break-in. >> this guy must hate her haircut, he was found in her yard with a pair of scissors. they caught the guy, some 40-year-old dude. what do you think about this haircut? >> i don't like it at all. >> exactly. maybe this guy didn't either. >> it's a statement haircut. >> sure is. >> tom cruise was out and about. >> loved it, gave him a standing "o" at the old globe, and then katie holmes, who allegedly
2:42 am
didn't get anything from him in the divorce because she had signed the prenup, she is the new face of bobby brown. >> celebrity. >> first celebrity facer, and she's apparently got a speaking agent, she's looking for many ways to make money. so yeah, starting a new life in new york. >> i can't believe she didn't get any financial stub. >> some change, some loose change. >> let's talk about the box office, because nobody went to the movies. >> worst weekend in, like, ten years in hollywood. >> is it because football started? >> warner bros had a movie that was supposed to come out this weekend that they had to recut because there was a scene that would have been inappropriate to show in light of what happened after "the dark knight" incident, so they moved it off the schedule for this weekend, so there were no new releases, so it was a really crappy weekend at the box office, kathie lee and hoda.
2:43 am
>> i sure didn't go. >> i didn't either. i saw madonna saturday night. >> did you love it? >> loved it! >> anderson cooper was with you. what's going on with all this? >> nothing, we're pals. >> okay. you guys go off to europe as well with kelly and mark consuelos? >> what are you doing? >> what is this segment right now? >> you're making news yourself. >> i'm here to talk about the buzz, man. >> that's your part in the buzz. >> thank you, sweetie. >> i'm excited for big ang. >> so are we. all right, big ang, see you next. cut the clutter, hoda. is bigger better? >> uh-huh. >> you bet it is. larger than life stories right after this. >> she is in our studio right now. >> not big enough for her. >> i don't think so. good morning. i'm meteorologist chris warren. looking once again at more
2:44 am
showers and storms throughout portions of the southwest. and this is where there could be the threat for flash flooding with those storms. that's something to think about during the course of the day. central and southern florida, a chance of showers and thunderstorms once again today. the heat cranked up once again from kansas city to minneapolis. lower to mid 90s. very warm also in chicago. 85 degrees, a little cooler in the pacific northwest and a pleasant day in the northeast. and then for wednesday, middle part of the week, chance for showers and storms from the southwest up to minneapolis. so cooler air comes in behind that front. look at that big change, down about 25 degrees there in minneapolis. down to 70 degrees on wednesday, from tuesday. so temperatures going to tumble in a big way once the cold front moves through. also bringing the chance for showers and thunderstorms over parts of texas, all the way up
2:45 am
into nebraska, iowa, and into wisconsin. a chance for showers and storms, still looking like a great day in the northeast. 80 degrees for you in new york city and 80 in boston. friday, you can see the chance for storms from the great lakes to the mexico border in texas. we'll see temperatures stay on the cool side behind the front into the 70s. northeast, you're still right around 80 degrees in new york. so still dealing with beautiful weather there for you on friday. saturday, chance for showers and thunderstorms and the great lakes and the gulf coast. still hanging around 80 degrees in new york city. so the weather is looking good to start off next weekend. remember, weekdays you can "wake up with al." ♪ [ dog barking ] ♪
2:46 am
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we've all heard the expression living large. well, our next guest has made it a lifestyle.
2:48 am
big ang, aka angela. how do you pronounce the last name? raiola. the breakout star of "mob wife." >> i want to get my insides cleaned out. i heard it's a fast and easy fix, and i love quick fixes. >> all right, now she's gotten her colon cleansed, she's got a memoir out. >> i didn't do it. >> thank god. it's called "bigger is better." the no drama mama, big ang. >> we're so happy you're here. >> so happy to be here. >> you just popped off that other show and got your own show. people are just into you. >> it's crazy. >> did you ever think in your wildest dreams that you'd become one of the biggest reality stars in the country? >> no. no, i was just being a mom and a grandma and a bartender, i don't know what happened. >> you were a minor character at the beginning, right, but your larger than life personality took over.
2:49 am
>> you must have made a lot of people angry when you became the big star. >> according to them, they are very happy. >> really? >> okay. >> the two things about you that draw the most attention, and you talk about them in your book "bigger is better," three things, your lips and your jjs. >> yes, and my height. >> and your height too. >> and your voice. >> my heart. >> okay, so the jjs, that's something you had done a couple of times -- plastic surgery a few times. >> '85, '95, 2005. >> why did you do it, tell us? >> because i had to. >> oh, you did? >> because after i had my daughter, my boobs were here, i had all this extra skin, they were horrible. dead figs, flap jacks. >> so you got the js. >> so then i had to keep filling them until they expanded to the skin and that's that. >> did you know there's a new thing out, a new survey or something that said drinking makes your boobs hang down lower too.
2:50 am
>> that's not happening, because mine are up there. >> you could eat off them? >> yes. >> the chapter on your book is called "read my lips from space." you wanted thick, juicy lips. >> did this when i was 40. that was a while ago. this is -- that was a while ago. this is them since. i never touched them. >> never since? >> never. >> you said a little vile of collagen, five viles. >> at once. i came home and looked like daffy duck. this is them ever since that day, 12 years now. >> do you love them? >> we are 52, did you just say? >> 52. >> now, what is it like when people see you on the streets, big ang, what do they say, what do they want? >> they are chasing me down the block to take a picture. i stop, take a picture with
2:51 am
everybody, i don't mind. >> you have your bar, the drunken monkey, which is in staten island, right? >> the drunken monkey has blown up. when i pull up on saturday nights, there's at least 50 to 70 people waiting outside with their children. >> at the drunken monkey. >> this is not a good thing, big ang. >> it's crazy. >> your book is funny. here's what you say on dieting, swearing off lasanga, you might be thinner, but you're still the same person but bitchier. >> me, my friends, family, eating, having fun. no drama, everything nice. >> life is good at home? >> very good. >> okay, all righty. >> thank you, big ang. >> big book signing today, right? >> yes. brooklyn, 13th avenue, the boulevard, 7:00. coming up, you've got mail. >> we'll tell you how to get
2:52 am
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has twice the everyday grease cleaning ingredients of one drop of the leading non-concentrated brand... to clean 2x more greasy dishes. dawn does more. so it's not a chore. ♪ all right, this week we're going to have a great new series called "getting organized today" in honor of hoda. first up, the huge pile of mail you've been ignoring, and hoda, it's bad. >> i know, i pick it up once every three weeks and throw most of it away. apparently, i'm not alone.
2:55 am
viewers have sent in pictures, rosemary miller can hardly open one drawer. i like her. we'd be friends. dawn bumbul has been trying for a month trying to get this cleared off. and debby cleared off mail and here's what's left. >> good grief. must be missing important stuff. here to help you is "real simple" magazine editor mary kate. good to see you. >> get us started, what should we do, and by "we," i mean me. >> americans spend eight months of their lives going through mail, so it is a problem for everybody. the first thing is, attack it when it comes through the door. sort, sort, sort. >> right when you get it. >> right when you get it. if you take a few minutes at the beginning of the day, you won't be dealing with it on and on and on. the first thing is, weave through this big pile you get. we all get catalogs that we love and cherish.
2:56 am
>> we also get a lot of junk mail. >> there are a few we don't want. direct marketers association, is a website you can go to and fill out what you want to get. keep it to a pile, make a nice pile. the ones you don't, recycle. >> okay. >> nice basket by the door, something pretty, nice by the front door. >> get rid of it. >> okay, the ones that you do want to keep, these are usually in your bookshelf or for an office space, but they come in great patterns now, these magazine files. if you could keep two, it's about a month's worth of magazines. >> once you've read them -- >> then what? >> how often do you have a pile like this, oh, bieber got married, you missed it, it was hiding. >> is that ballard? >> nice and easy. also take this with you wherever you go. >> shredding, it's a big deal. >> this is important.
2:57 am
identity theft is out there. >> we have about a minute, just so you know. >> shred through things you don't want. shredders are big and bulky, but this is only $44. >> okay. >> the next thing you do, you've gotten that pile down to this. that's something you can handle. keep it in a nice tray, only $30-something. it's only about a week's worth of mail. >> okay. >> oh, no. no. >> but if you are the old school person and keeping all of your papers, this is the command central. >> look at that. >> it's great, though. it's from pottery barn, starts at $27. you buy it by the piece. if you have kids, everyone can have their own separate slot. you teach them from the beginning, empty out the bag, in goes the papers, get your invitations here. >> nobody has an excuse they didn't know something. >> exactly. no longer rsvping late. the papers you keep, bills and what not, for tax purposes, you want to keep them for seven
2:58 am
years. get some pretty file storage, put away for seven years. if you do want to go the route, 30% of your viewers are now going paperless, which is great for the environment. the thing you want to do is scan them. cute, portable scanner. not bad looking, only $199, and


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