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tv   Today  NBC  September 11, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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♪ we're back now with more of "today" on a tuesday morning. it's the 11th of september, 2012. an ideal late summer day. some people might say an early fall day, depending on your preference. we're out on the plaza. i'm matt lauer along with savannah guthrie and al roker and paula abdul helping us out in the third hour. >> nice to be here. >> and we're playing another one of al owes songs on his play list. what do you think of the songs so far? >> all over the place, but i like it. i like it. they are energetic. keeps you dancing. >> that's the idea. keeps you moving.
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>> throughout the week natalie is going to do tomorrow and i'm doing friday. i have a lot of paula abdul songs on my go--to-play list >> you better. >> he was playing "opposites attract." >> natalie is tomorrow, what are you going to give us a preview? >> yeah. i'm going to say that i may get a lot of digs respect for it. >> oh, wow. >> no, no, no. i picked a lot of songs that bring back some childhood memories ♪ have to believe we are magic >> i got a smile from paula. >> you can't make fun of me anymore. >> yeah, right. >> all right. what else is coming up here? >> for fall, five hot trends, including color blocking coming up next and also some beautiful jewelry as well. >> all right. >> and nbc's hit dramedy "parenthood" is here for its fourth season. we'll get a preview from one of its stars, jason ritter.
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>> and paula is going to stick around for the next hour so batten down the hatches. let's go inside and natalie with the headlines. in the news this morning, an expansive teachers strike in chicago has the country's third largest school system as a standstill for now a second day. 29,000 teachers hit the picket lines, leaving some 400,000 students without instructors. this is the city's first teachers strike in 25 years. the nearly 3,000 victims of the 9/11 terror attacks are being remembered on this, the 11th anniversary. president obama's attending a ceremony at pentagon while vice president biden is speaking at the flight 93 memorial in shanksville, pennsylvania. and in a break with the past, only family members will speak at the service in lower manhatt manhattan, though politicians are invited to attend. a night for the history books as andy murray became the first british man in 76 years to win a grand slam singles championship, beating novak djokovic in a marathon five-set match at the u.s. open finals.
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it lasted nearly five hours. a pungent stench across southern california has officials searching for the source. stink. one theory a fish diouf at the salton sea that wafted more than 150 miles thanks to stormy weath weather. and while the cause of monday's mysterious stink sunday investigation, air quality experts say there could be some relief for coastal residents today. miley cyrus is the subject of a criminal battery investigation after a night out at a hollywood hotel this weekend. she reportedly got physically involved in an altercation sunday between a club goer and her maine say, "hunger games" star lie am helmsworth. she is accused of pushing the victim and punching her in the face. miley cyrus denies the allegations. visitors to one tiger sanctuary in thailand actually pay to play this extreme version of here kitty, kitty.
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the bag on a stick routine reportedly gives the cats some much-needed exercise and provides money for their care and feeding. and move over, mozart. there is a new child music prodigy out there. check out this 5-year-old boy who plays the piano like nobody's business. ♪ that is just crazy. the video has gone viral. while some are asking if such skill at his age is even possible, most are just marveling at the raw talent. that is just simply remarkable. what a young man. four minutes past the hour and al with a look at the weather. >> i still can't do "chopsticks." >> that's incredible. >> let's see what we've got out there for you. futurecast shows we're looking at heavy rain developing, central and southern florida. over the next 24 hours, some
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areas picking up 5 inches of rain around ft. myers and as we move to the southwest, monsoonal moisture continues and an upper level low in the southwest and all that moisture coming up out of mexico. we've got flash flood watches and flood watches in erect, even a couple of flash flood warnings, and the rainfall amounts, anywhere from 1 to 4 inches of rain. some as much as 5 in the >> good morning. another cool start on this tuesday. we will see plenty of sunshine. a high temperature around 78
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♪ >> all right. now to today's "take 3" where the three of us share our take on the topic of the day. joining us this morning is the one and only paula abdul. paula, good morning. >> good morning. >> so glad you could be here for us. >> i'm thrilled to be here. thank you for having me. >> we're happy to chat with you. we really need your dance advice but that's really another story for another time. try to dance on the show all the time and it's not good. >> great that paula's here because we wanted her to weigh in on some of the controversy out with some of the new talent shows. they are not new, how many seasons in. season three of nbc's "the voice" premiered last night and a recent "usa today" ardakal argued that "the ex-factor" and "american idol" has become more about the vujs. simon cowell said the judges are getting more out of it than the contestants, it's really morphed into who can hire the best known celebrity but only if the celebrities know how to spot the talent. what's your take, paula? >> i find is very funny that
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simon is complaining that the judges get -- please. it's like come on. >> speaking of simon, simon was -- he's quoted as saying he thought it was mean that nbc scheduled a third night of our show. >> "the voice." >> against "the x-factor." >> paula's crying a fake tear. >> we're so mean. >> you're not fair. oh, boy, yeah. listen, it is a war out there with the oversaturation of these shows. i mean, i remember back when i was on "idol," the producers saying to simon it is not about the two of you judges and with randy. it's about the talent. and the truth of the matter is it's about everything. it's an entire puzzle to put together. you must have that raw untapped talent. >> yeah. >> it should be about the talent all together. >> all right. >> and you have to have the chemistry, as mentors and
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judges, and overall you have to just come together, and are your mentors and judges really good at working with the talent? >> was there a lot of pressure to be controversial though, one thing with the "x-factor," that maybe you were too nice? >> quite the contrary. on "the x-factor," i got a lot of grief for the fact that i was saying no to lots of contestants that were hopefuls. >> on "american idol" you were always the sweetest one, i thought. >> but i always told the truth. a lot of contestants would say wow, paula didn't say anything, must not mean that she liked it. that means she really had a problem with us. i come from the artist perspective. i'm an artist's artist and feels that i know what it looks like to put yourself out there. >> next up, crazy video. >> this is wild. i think we've all grown up and had a loose tooth. this one is pretty good.
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first grader eton lost his first tooth in a very inventive way. ties a string to his remote-controlled monster truck and then sets it off and take a look. >> this is really. this is a different way to get rid of that tooth. >> i found this a little painful to watch. i'm going to be honest. >> and yanks it. >> just like that. >> it must have been hanging on a thread. >> have you ever lost a tooth an interesting way? >> just pulled it out of my mouth. >> my mom would do that. oh, let me see. >> are you the tooth puller? >> i have a hard time doing it. joe, it's up to you. i cringe. it's like oh. >> how much does the tooth fairy bring in your house? >> i was going to ask you guys. >> the tooth fairy is generous. visa's poll said $3 is the average. >> i thought were you going to say stocks and bonds. >> 10 and sometimes 20 because the tooth fairy doesn't have change. >> wow, i'm going to come over to your house. >> how much did the tooth fairy pay in your day? >> mine it was 25 cents.
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>> i don't even remember. i think a quarter. >> yeah. >> a quarter. >> i think the tooth fairy often forgot our home. >> my sister would steal it from underneath my pillow. >> we have a crazy study out of england that shows, this is science, guys, that women are -- that men are now looking for more intelligence than looks when looking for a partner. >> thank goodness. >> believe it. >> and women are more preoccupied with a man's appearance these days over his wealth, which is kind of a switch. >> yeah. >> what's happening there? >> the tables have turned. i think it's very interesting. you know, at the end of the day, attraction's initial, but at the end of the day there has to be great conversation and smart. >> kind of a positive sign of the times. >> absolutely. >> though women's looking for guy's looks over wealth, is that shallow? >> do you think men have changed though? >> no. >> i understand -- >> sorry, al. >> i think men are always going to go initially for that attraction right after the bat,
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and if there's no initial -- and then it's like do i even bother to delve deeper into a conversation? >> shall we ask our resident man. >> i think a good hot chick is a great thing. >> and if she has money even better. >> a sense of humor is even more important. >> women are going out there making money, you know. >> i think that's it. that's what they say in the study. that as women are making more money, they are more empowered, and they don't feel like they are relying on the man to make money anymore. it's all about making sure they are attracted. >> their looks. i don't know what to make of it. like alice wonderland, what is up and down and left is right and everything is topsy turvy. paula, you're going to stick around with us. >> i am. >> and also you guys out there if you want to give us topics for today's "take 3." tweet us using the #take3. coming up hot fall fashion picks and later what you can do to get your kids to eat healthier meals and snacks, but first, these messages. launch sequence initiated. [ male announcer ] at kfc we have one mission:
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this morning on "today's" fall fashion picks, the guest style editor with the online retailer piper line. thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> paula and i have been eyeing the table and love what we're seeing for fall. what are some of the things you're seeing and are excited about? >> three trends i'm really excited about. leather. >> yeah. >> the color blue, and structured bags. structured bags, every woman wants that in their closet. think of a structure back, hermez, grace kelly, the birken bag so nice to play up that lady-like look. >> you two are always big fashion trend setters. >> you're not so bad yourself.
9:16 am
>> i'm trying to keep up with you two, standing in between you. all right. let's talk about this color clashing trend that we're seeing a lot of. two models will show us how to wear it. what exactly is color clashing? how is it different from color blocking? >> color clashing, you know, we've seen it through the runways multiple seasons. always love a pop of color getting dressed. our model here on the left. we have the metallic toe with the fuchsia and that's great. you can play around. add the play off blue denim which is really a great color this season and add a simple blouse. on the go, running to an appointment, even on the weekend, this is great, so just little pops of color here and there. two trends that are going on, and then -- >> then the structured bag. >> has all the trends going on here, too. >> she does. the great thing about that structured bag, is has a great structure, but you can also kind of wrinkle it up and play with
9:17 am
it and fold it so it has a little bit of movement. >> okay. the other model, there's a lot of different colors that i wouldn't think to put together here and patterns. >> mm-hmm. >> seems like anything goes. >> anything kind of goes. >> a pop of color is always great, and the most important thing is when getting dressed, you have to have your own unique personal style and just play with the trends and see what works. for fall, i always love to have a mustard color or a play off of browns of some sort, so that's why i pick the two tones of the skirt and the blazer. >> okay. thank you, ladies. you look beautiful. >> thank you. >> trend number two, and this is leather. >> yes. >> seeing leather everywhere, sheets, leather dresses, leather t-shirts. it's beautiful. come on out, ladies. >> love leather. very happy that every season it continues to stay on trend. as you have on the left, the military jacket. that's really versatile. you can really wear that with absolutely anything. dress it up, dress it down. you have the olive green pants
9:18 am
which are -- they are -- everything is under $150 which is really affordable and for a piper line, one of the best things is you can go in and shop online or now we have a store in new york. there's something for everyone. can you shop on a budget for $40, all the way up into the high 100s price point. >> you have your picks on the rachel zoe, some other stylist. tell us about the model on the right. >> this is a younger, cooler, relaxed look. love the motorcycle boot. again, playing up the colors. blue is really on trend this season, so sort of having navy, and navy's great because everyone in their regard robe has something navy. this is sort of a -- an accessory take and add a little bit of rock to give it the fall feel. >> thank you, ladies. let's move over here and talk about these trends. paula, come over. you're got the metallic shoe full on as we see here. >> she's completely on trend. >> you've got your shows, and
9:19 am
that's the toe tip, seeing a lot of, that right? >> saw it on the runways a few seasons ago. now they are really in. i love the fact that it's an oxford because women who are on the go and want to feel chic, these are great. >> exactly. >> jewelry trends, you're seeing a lot of more modern, art deco. >> vintage. >> and this necklace, for example, goes in, and if you want hints of color, so blue being a part of the trend, this is a great way to incorporate it if you don't have individual pieces that you're wearing. >> great bracelet, that's fun. love that piece. >> and we also have that in a ring as well. >> and then finally to the bags as we were talking about, it's all about the clutch or the handbag that's very structured and grace kelly-like. >> yes. so these, the color, i love browns and oranges for fall, so you have kind of the idea of a structured clutch or a little purse for the daytime. >> great. >> you don't want a huge hobo bag. >> thanks so much and thanks for
9:20 am
being here. >> thanks for having me. >> nice to meet you. >> nice to meet you, too. still ahead, timeless decorating for your kids' room. and coming up next, jason ritter on the season premiere of "parenthood" right after this. ,. but now that mr. clean's got this new select-a-size magic eraser, i mean, he can take on any size job. look how easily he gets things cleaned. it's enough to make you cry. you, specifically. not me. i'm just happy we don't go near rex's mobile home as often. because it's hard to clean or because you're scared of an itty-bitty doggy? [ dog barks ] aah! oh! [ clears throat ] yeah, that was a sneeze. i think i sprayed myself. [ male announcer ] new mr. clean select-a-size magic eraser. lets you pick the right size for every job. don't hide behind -size your lipstick.c eraser. use it to show the world how you feel. and today, i feel daring. [announcer:] revlon super lustrous lipstick. mega moisturizing formula in 82 stay true colors.
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next's hit dramedy "parenthood" returns tonight. here one of the stars, emmy nominated actor jason ritter. good to see you. >> good to see you, too. >> congratulations on the emmy nominations. certainly terrific. >> it is. it's very surprising and exciting. >> not surprising at all. >> in. >> last we saw you, you had just proposed in "parenthood" to lauren ingram's character. >> yes. >> so are we still engaged? >> we are still engaged. >> yeah. >> and now, you know, there's a whole new sort of set of things that we're dealing with, and, you know, talking about moving in together, and -- and it's very exciting, and not only that, but now ray romano has
9:24 am
joined the cast, and he's a big threat to our relationship. >> uh-oh, how so? >> there's a lot of ways. he has a daughter who has grown up as well, and -- and there's just a lot of things that they have in common with each other that -- that she and i don't have in common, and i think a lot of her character's fears about maybe my character waking up one day and saying actually, you know, i want a different life or i want someone with my own edge sort of feeds into her insecurities and -- and -- but -- >> a little love triangle. >> a little love triangle, unfortunately. >> great. >> it says that you're also voicing cartoons. >> i am. >> what are you doing? >> i'm doing a cartoon for the disney channel called "gravity falls" which is a lot of fun. >> which is funny and very good. >> thank you. >> what is your favorite cartoon
9:25 am
character voice? >> there's really a lot. i really like teenage mutant turtles. >> making a comeback. >> with mae whitman from "parenthood." she's playing april o'neill. your digestive system mat could be working better. listen to this. with occasional irregularity, things your body doesn't use could be lingering in your system, causing discomfort. but activia has been shown in clinical studies to help with slow intestinal transit when consumed 3 times per day. 7 out of 10 doctors recommend activia. and the great taste is recommended by me! ♪ activia on their own are amazing, but press out some biscuit dough, add some sauce and some pepperoni and cheese
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and monday's dinner is now a grands mini pizza party. pillsbury grands biscuits. let the making begin.
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>> this is wbal-tv 11 news in baltimore. >> another cool start this tuesday. plenty of sunshine. we are even going to lose the wind. high temperatures between 75 and 80 degrees. we will keep the sunshine on wednesday, thursday, and friday. a 30% chance
9:29 am
9:30 am
♪ ♪ gangnam style ♪ ♪ gangnam style ♪ >> psy's "gangnam style" with more than 140 million hits on youtube. this is probably not video for kids here. lots of tributes out there now, parodies of this. he's going to be here friday live on the plaza. paula abdul is trying to teach
9:31 am
him. >> i'll have him ready. i'll have you ready for trade. >> got to do this. the lasso. >> and the hippity hop and the booty. >> al. >> that wasn't it, i'm sorry. >> that was al's saturday night. >> that's another story. >> natalie morales along with savannah guthrie and al roker and paula abdul, our guest host this morning. >> still having visuals of that. >> wait until 3:00 a.m. this morning and you bolt up bright in bed screaming. >> emotional damage is done here. >> i'm having a great time, thank you. >> so fun to have you along with us. >> thank you. coming up in this half hour, how do you get your kids to eat healthy when they are constantly begging for sugary treats? joy bauer is here to answer some of the s.o.s. dilemmas. >> do you like to cook, paula? >> i do. >> you'll help us in the kitchen with some time-saving dinners that you can prepare, cook,
9:32 am
freeze and save for when simon comes over. >> not anymore. >> you broke up in. >> road kill maybe. >> cooking road kill for dipper, simon. come on over. don't want to constantly redecorate our kid's bedroom as they get older. start with a nursery, want to figure out how to make it last longer. some creative ideas to grow along with them. >> first a check of the wetter. >> a look ahead to the next 24 hours starting with today. plenty of sunshine in the east. cooler temperatures though temperatures are starting to eat up from texas on into the mid-mississippi river vale. a lot of wet weather in the southwest on into southern california. tomorrow that rain spreads into the rockies and up into the upper mississippi river valley. things start to heat up along the eastern seaboard. showers and thunderstorms down through central and southern florida. warm weather making its way into the pacific northwest and central california. staying steamy and hot in the southwes
9:33 am
>> good morning. it will be a another beautiful day today with lots of sunshine this afternoon. and that's your latest weather. >> all right. thank you, al. coming up next, can't get your kids to eat health? joy bauer offers some help right after this. the capital one cash rewards card gives you a 50% annual bonus. and everyone, but her... likes 50% more cash. but, i have an idea. do you want a princess dress? yes how about some cupcakes? yes lollipop? yes! do you want an etch a sketch? yes! do you want 50% more cash? no you got talent. [ male announcer ] the capital one cash rewards card. with a 50% annual cash bonus it's the card for people who like more cash.
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>> registered nutritionist and dietician joy bauer answers some questions when it comes to your kids ettie healthing. welcome. >> feel personally connected to this and hundreds of questions and i can relate to every single one. >> absolutely. >> we're going to go to skype from nicole skyping in from woodbury, new york. good morning, nicole. >> good morning. >> hi, what's your question? >> my question is my son logan who is 7 years old, he pretty much eats a balanced diet, but i struggle sometimes to find fun snacks to put in his lunch box, and i know it can't be all fruits and veggies for snacks so i would like some fun options to add into the mix. >> as a mom and health nut i totally understand where i'm coming from, and my philosophy is if you go out of your way to pack a healthy balanced lunch every kid is entitled to a fun treat, and really anything goes, as long as it's portion-controlled. so just keep it at 150 calories or less, and put in whatever he
9:38 am
like it. could be the 100-calorie snack packs of cookies or chips or chocolate-covered pretzels. it could even be a fun candy bar, fun-sized candy bar or one of those small little packs of m & ms, and if you want to go the extra mile, i'll show you a few fabulous brands that incorporate fun into -- nutrition into some of the fun. it's got both. >> great. >> so the first is plum kits. can you get this nationwide at target. they have these small bags of whole grain low sugar granola, which i love. they also have these fruit and veggie shredz, like gummy strings, which are terrific. this is called that's it, and they are fruit bars, and you can tell by the name, all that's in it is fruit. >> wow. >> 100 calories each and four different flavors. can you get them at whole foods and vitamin shops, and these cookies are terrific. because they are whole grain and portion-controlled, they come in little pouches, but they are also allergy friendly. >> wow. >> so they are gluten free, egg-free, dairy-free, nut-free
9:39 am
so this is also a really good find. go on the websites and find out where they are in your area. >> nicole, hope you can use some of these ideas. >> thank you very much. >> you're welcome. next go to the phone, kathy calling in from horsehead, new york. kathy, good morning. >> hi, good morning, al. hi, joy. i have two high schoolers, and both my daughter and son come home from school rannous. i try to stare away from unhealthy items like the pre-packaged frozen pizza rolls. can you suggest some healthy snacks that will satisfy their hunger without completely ruining their appetite for dinner? >> yeah. this is a popular question. if they like beats yeah, the easiest thing to do that's super healthy toast an english muffin, add jared marinara sauce and mozzarella soup and serve them
9:40 am
vegetable soup, minestrone, you can invest in an air popper, a bag of kernels and make them a big batch of popcorn and oil mist the top with an oil mister or one of the commercial sprays and vary up the topping, cinnamon one day, parmesan cheese another, chill i pepper, onion powder and brings naked popcorn to a whole new level or dip apple slices or banana slices with peanut butter, all sorts of all fun toppers to non-fat yogurt, frozen fruit bars or greig yogurt pops they have in the grocery stores now. a lot of options, doesn't just have to be the baby carrots and hummus, too, but that's works. >> if they are high schoolers, odds are they are not going to ruin their appetite. >> two hours before snack and dinner, they are hungry again. >> next week joy is back tackling blood pressure. five ways to get it under
9:41 am
control. head to to submit your questions. coming up, ageless decors for your kids' rooms right after these messages. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] you've been years in the making. and there are many years ahead. join the millions of members who've chosen an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. go long. there's no subtext... just tacos. yeah, it's our job to make you want it. but honestly... it's not that hard. old el paso. when you gotta have mexican.
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to creating a nonprofit pharmacy for our troops... to the first child safety caps. walgreens has been innovating for over a hundred years. and we're just getting started. with more and more ways to be well every day. here at the corner of happy and healthy. this morning on today's home, kids' rooms that grow with them. with a little planning you won't have to redecorate as the day goes by. >> ivillage contributor is here with ageless ideas. good morning. >> good morning. >> i like this idea of really trying to allow your kids to kind of grow up and grow into
9:45 am
the things around them. the nursery is so expensive. invest so money decorating them. >> and when you're a new parent you don't realize this room is going to change many, many times, not frozen for what you want at the get-go so pick some pieces that will last forever, pop in different things as they get older but in reason to respend every five years, two years on different pieces. >> yeah. >> i wanted to get some things today under $300 but will last. >> okay. >> so some key elements. >> the rugs here. >> not a kiddie rug. >> not a kiddie rug. so often i have to get choo-choos and dolls and little teddy bear. why not a cozy lush oriental-style carpet. this is under $300. would look great in a nursery. >> great colors in it too. >> could be boy, girl, if you don't want to know what the gender is. >> gender neutral. >> this one will last forever, and what i love it will last and also if you get down on the floor and play with the baby, it's going to feel comfortable, too.
9:46 am
>> let's look over here. you've got the shelves. >> i love this. >> invisible shelves this. can be great in a dorm room, right? a teenager would love this. >> i'm going to put it in my home. >> yeah. >> if you have a small wall and a lot of books, doesn't take up aslot of visual space. important when you're buying things for kids, they want to love it, too. they get excited. bring them into the process. >> and surround them with books. >> books are very important. >> and the mirrors, too, can always make a room look bigger. >> a great accessory. >> that's under 300? >> yes, $259. >> fantastic. >> isn't that incredible, and it can be in a nursery. you forget when you're a young mom. fun to turn around and look at the baby and how older, how glamorous for a girl's room, right on up. >> beautiful. >> you don't have to dumb down your room for a child. make it glamorous and make it fun and make it whimsical. >> i like these. >> these book ends from crate & barrel. add fun touches, under $30.
9:47 am
i think these are just so fun. >> way fun. >> and a great gift too. >> art, from accessories -- >> and you say go for, you know, pieces that or things that will inspire them or they will grow up were as well. >> i love black and white photography for a boy or girl room. very visual, $99 from why not have fun with it. again, it doesn't have to be something that's so childlike, but these are really visual, and i think any boy or girl would love these, and have them pick out what they would like, go online and pick some photograph that they love and then frame them and voila. >> all right. moving over to the bed and the headboard. >> so important. >> you can start with a crib, right. >> exactly. >> what i love about the headboard is it makes it comfortable for kids to read against at night but completes a room. can you bring color pattern. look at the sophistication and whimsy. i'm sort of thinking of you also like -- >> and bedding, of course.
9:48 am
don't buy the kiddie sheets. >> the "star wars" sheets. >> exactly. i like these are from west helm. save money by getting a great pattern comforter, and do white sheets. mix and match and be comfortable. i think this bed looks great. >> looks great with that lamp right next to it. >> love this. >> the color is great. >> this is also from one king's lane. it could be boys, girls. i like to put kind of residential looking living room lamps on a kid's desk to make their room look more friendly. put one on either side, and then this pendant i adore. >> that's great. >> why not put it in a nursery or over a crib, so light and pretty and make it seem like their fantasy light place but also it's functional. >> and then the curtains add bold texture and the color is very vibrant. >> these are $29. bring in some pattern and color, boy, girl, teen, tween, kid. it doesn't have to be so age specific, and a lot of times we
9:49 am
put in our windows boring blinds because you think it has to be dark and quiet. >> right. >> even if you need blinds, add the curtains just for decoration. so easy to do, and i thought these patterns were just wonderful, and you'll never get tired of them. >> this whole -- i have to do my 4-year-old room's all over again seeing this. >> hopefully some good ideas. >> thank you. >> thank you, guys. >> coming up next, quick and healthy solutions to dinner tympanic, but first, this is "today" on nbc. paula's going to get cooking next.
9:50 am
9:51 am
this morning in today's kitchen, what's on the menu? how about easy dinners for the family. the director of "real simple" magazine is making kid-friendly mitts. you can prepare, freeze, pop them out and cook them whenever you need them. >> absolutely. >> dinner time can be very stressful, back to school, having dinner on the table and kids' practice and all that stuff. great dishes. on the weekend spend an hour or
9:52 am
so, put them in the freezer and pull them out during the week. >> what's the first one we're making? >> a pocket with sausage and broccoli and some cheese. >> just roast some sliced up chicken sausage with a little bit of broccoli, cut-up peppers and olive oil. >> use any vegetable that you want. >> absolutely. >>ing that i that you have around. >> a little bit of garlic. toss it in one sheet pan. put it in the often, roast it, don't have all different pots and pans. comes out a little tender. add provolone cheese. >> cheddar. >> this is a great thing to empty your refrigerator on. >> whatever you've got. >> clean out the fridge. >> clean out, and you'll be all set. then you put it in some pizza dough. buy it in the freezer section or stop at your local pizza parlor, whatever you want. if you're really adventurous, can you make. it really no need. a little bit of circled pizza dough, close it up. put a little bit of water on the edge and seal.
9:53 am
the best part bake them now or put them on a sheet pan, freeze them until they are a little bit firm and pop them in a baggy and then you have this bag of calzones or pockets or whatever you want to call them in your freezer and if you are super smart write down how you bake them. 425, 25 to 30 minutes, right from the freezer to the oven, dinner is done. >> best part if you have slightly older kids, they can do it themselves. >> that would be great. >> i am waiting for those days. waiting and waiting and waiting. those days will never come. >> oh, yes, they will. >> what do we have next? >> this is a cottage pie which is basically a shepherd's pie with beef. beef i have in here, pearl onions, and then all you want to do is add a little bit of tomato paste to give it color and richness. >> and if you wanted to, ground chicken. >> chicken, turkey. >> the color is going to be a little off, but it will taste really good. a little bit of worcestershire
9:54 am
sauce and then chicken broth which will be the gravy for this and what i like is a little bit unusual. we'll put butternut squash in this. nice orange vegetables, really healthy, get those in, some peas from the freezer. >> frozen peas. >> and, again, you can put in a lot of different things, if you had potatoes. >> another fridge-emptier. >> exactly. dump it all n.cook that until it thickens up. it will end up looking like this. it's a hearty winter meal or fall meal. >> and then mashed potatoes, really simple. may you have leftover ones. we do this as thanksgiving when we have a ton of leftover thanksgiving. >> that's kind of like the crust in a sense. >> exactly. >> and put this whole thing in the freezer, and that is a serious meal. i mean, you are not going to go hungry after this. >> that's a one-plate meal. >> i'll show you. >> you cover it in some foil. again, you write on it. got to thaw this. heat it at 350 degrees for 50 to 60 minutes and this it is.
9:55 am
>> looks great. >> and these are some of the serving ideas. >> exactly. >> have a nice chicken enchilada with salsa verde. take a can or bottle of salsa verde and sour cream and cilantro and roll up tortillas with chicken and cheese. >> yummy. >> and, you know, how long can this really stay in the freezer? >> probably forever, but it will taste good for -- >> brush off some of the permafrost. >> tastes the best in two to three months. >> thank you, paula, for helping us out. >> thanks for having you along. >> still to come, kathie lee and hoda. >> yeah, yeah, there they are. there they are. >> kathie lee and hoda! kathie lee and hoda! anncr: this casino's in west virginia.
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