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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  September 11, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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a very rare an enviable position. >> tonight but the baltimore orioles and the baltimore ravens or in first place in their divisions. let's say for that moment just for a second. gerry sandusky joins us live with an update. the big news is exploding on twitter right now. >> this is only ever happened once before, in 1967, when the ravens won their third game out of four at the start of that season and the orioles were in first place, to have a night like tonight on 9/11 with both the orioles and the ravens in first place in their respective divisions. the yankees lost putting the orioles in a first-place tie, and the ravens won their season opener over the seam -- the season opener over the
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cincinnati bengals. in the last time it happen that orioles were still in the afc east. the ravens banished 6-9-1 and the orioles lost in the american league championship series. they will have to build on this from here. >> now to the other big story, tonight we are learning new details about a terrifying day at a baltimore county business group predicts an eighth grader brought a loaded gun to stemmers run middle school and pulled it out during class. now police are charging the state and grandfather. 71-year-old norman gatewood was served with a criminal summons this afternoon. investigators say the 13-rural
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entered the school armed. at the end of the first period and he pulled out the gun, waved around for a teacher who is being identified only as a female wrestled with the student and finally got the gun away. >> we know that the teacher immediately reacted and began to grapple with the individual, knocking the handgun out of his hand to the floor. we know that damage occurred to the gun when it was not to the floor. the teacher continued to restrain the young man and summoned a with a hand-held unit that she possessed. >> the student was taken into custody and the school placed on temporary lockdown. more than two dozen middle school students experience so frightening moments in the classroom. >> this latest incident comes two weeks after a student at perry hall high school opened fire in the cafeteria, striking a fellow classmate.
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kerry cavanaugh joins us live from county police headquarters with more on what the stemmers run students witnessed and house school administrators are reacting to night. >> officials are beefing up police presence in baltimore county schools and tell us they will add to the officers detail assigned to all county middle and high schools. the superintendent has ordered hand-held metal detectors for the officers to use at their discretion. >> i knew that my friends could die and i could die. >> stemmers run middle school or describe the frantic scene unfolding inside a classroom around 10:00 tuesday morning. a 13-year-old classmate and a loaded gun at his teacher, classmates, and himself. >> he ended at a student and the teacher stepped in front of her.
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>> didn't credit their teacher with taking away the 25 caliber semiautomatic handgun and dick using the situation. >> she smacked it out of his hand and yelled at no and had him in an arm lot. >> this is triggering immediate changes in school security. >> that will have metal detectors and hand-held wands. as they get reasonable suspicion to conduct certain -- searches, they will use them. >> to deny he address concerned parents and outlined plans to review the school system security and crisis plants and create a dedicated office of safety and security. >> safety is paramount before you think about any academic achievement happening in the classroom. we are taking this extremely
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seriously and we will work that with the community to make sure it is delivered. >> police tell us the eighth grader also had a hunting knife on him. he was taken into police custody and we are told he will be charged in juvenile court. the school will be open with additional counselors on site tomorrow. >> in pikesville, police have identified the elderly couple found dead inside their home yesterday afternoon. investigators say the bodies of 57-year-old vaughn pepper and marjorie pepper were discovered in the home by neighbor who was checking on them at the request of an out-of-state relative. the neighbor then contacted the police. detectives say they don't consider the death of the other decouple random crime. they have recovered a weapon and said they did not die from a shooting. police say an adult grandson, 31-year-old matthew long, lived with the peppers and they are
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attempting to interview him about the crime. beck's family and friends bid a final farewell to art modell. nfl commissioner roger goodell and ray lewis gave stirring tribute to the man who they say gave of himself and the credit to him with the role he played. >> there is no baltimore ravens if there is not art modell. the question he leaves us today with, if you do nothing else in life, what would you fight for? what legacy would you leave? >> his contributions to the nfl were extraordinary. the nfl was lucky to have art modell. >> art modell died last thursday at the age of 87. he and his wife patricia made generous donations to more than two dozen organizations in and around baltimore.
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>> it was a somber day all across the country as americans recognize the 11th anniversary of the september 11 terrorist attacks that killed nearly 3000 people. solemn ceremonies filled with tears in pennsylvania, the pentagon, and ground zero in new york city. this is a live look at the tribute of lights symbolizing the following world trade towers. the beams of light filled the night sky, a final tribute to the victims on this 11th anniversary of the terrorist attacks. many people took a moment out today to remember what happened 11 years ago at 8:50 in the morning. >> kai reed visited the memorial at the world trade center as people stop by to say a prayer, leave a flower, and to remember. >> it is more of a reminder for meat that is important that we cannot forget. if you let your guard down and you forget, there is a
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possibility that something like this could happen again. >> i did not know that memorial was there, and it kind of focused the whole day for me with the memory of that morning and the enormity of the loss of life and the evil that was perpetrated. i just hope that humankind has learned an important lesson from this and we can learn to live with respect for one another and dignity. >> it is a reaffirmation of life, but it is also very sad occasion. everyone remembers where they were on september 11. >> we go to work everyday, just like the people did that day, and what it must have felt like, the terror of whatever going through. seeing this twisted metal that used to be the ticket -- the
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twin towers is very humbling. it really is. >> i am sorry is so small and so insignificant. we don't know what their loss was. >> everybody knows on september 11 every year that something like this is possible. >> we cannot forget. we cannot forget. >> falling that fateful day, hundreds of thousands of servicemen and women were deployed to iraq and afghanistan. >> and the fight against terror continues, even though the mastermind of the 9/11 attacks, osama bin laden, is dead. sheldon dutes joins us live from the airport where some heroes have just returned stateside. >> a lot of those folks are back from afghanistan within the past two hours or so. they were greeted by loud group of cheering volunteers. they come every day to greet the
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soldiers as they come home, but today's homecoming was especially meaningful. a warm welcome home for the men and women who put their lives on the line defending our freedom. >> we have them, we shake their hands and welcome them back home. >> bwi is one of the first dogs for soldiers coming home from afghanistan and other middle eastern countries. welcome home maryland has been reading every flight home since 2007. on this 11th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, it is even more meaningful. >> we are over there for reason. it is just good to be home. >> i was supposed to be at the world trade center, going to the
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105th floor. the trip was canceled the night before. the vietnam war veteran is grateful he is able to give these soldiers what they did not receive when they return home. >> we got rotten tomatoes and not next, baby killers, murders. the rest of us vietnam veterans never got this. this is my payback to them. >> they helped pack these welcome home bags and she is happy to share this moment with third sons. >> i wanted them to actually see the people that are doing it. >> said means a lot to know that people are here to welcome me back to the united states and for a job well done that they do. >> operation welcome home maryland is a group of volunteers to come out here to the airport every day to greet soldiers when they come home.
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there is a link on our website a few like to get involved with the organization. we are live tonight at b.w.i. thurgood marshall airport. sheldon dutes, wbal-tv 11 news. >> losing a home to arson is bad enough, but for one moment, has become a real nightmare. she is now homeless through no fault of her own, and she has been built thousands of dollars by the city for the demolition of her house. >> is just inconsiderate. >> but next, the investigation, with reaction from city officials. >> we will
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>> after someone set fire to her house two years ago, brenda lost the home she has lived in for more than 40 years. >> she must deal from the injury she suffered in that fire, but what she is trying to figure out how to come back from the devastating fire, the city put a lien on her house for $8,000. lisa robinson reports it is a fire that never goes out. >> i am going to stand my ground. i own this land, owned at home. i am a taxpayer, and i am a united states citizen. >> when brenda does not stay with family or friends, she calls this 10th home, camping gear with cucumbers. she has a place to cook, a pit for he, and a place to lie down. she does not want to give up on the place she called home since 1969. >> i did not want to be a burden on other people. >> in february 2011, someone set
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fire to her home. >> i opened the door to the per se level and there i saw a column of fire at the front door, and i just watched my home go up in flames. >> the cause of fire was ruled arson. she and her daughter and grandchildren made it out of the home alive. she had to be hospitalized for several days for smoke inhalation and minor burns. she has recovered, but what happened as a result of the fire continues to be an open wound. x and needed help from wherever it could come. i needed everything because i had lost everything. i said i don't want the city to just level my house to the ground and go off into the sunset. >> the city relocated look is in her family to a hotel. they stay there for a week and while she was gone, the city sent her a code violation notice
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saying she needed to secure the shell of the home and then have it razed. she did not have homeowner's insurance and could not pay for the demolition herself. she asked city to give her some time so she could find some help. then she got a bill from the city for $7,200 for the demolition. money that look as did not help. then cooling was placed on the property she paid $10,000 for -- a lien was placed on her home for nearly $8,000. >> it to me 32 years of working to pay that off. then when my house was demolished and i received a bill for almost that same amount, it will take me a lifetime to come up with that. it is just inconsiderate.
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but the city is not very sympathetic to her plight. >> the city's first responsibility is for public safety. that was an emergency demolition as a result of the fire. the building had to come down for community safety. >> the city says there's not much they can do, even though she was the victim of arson. >> this is exactly where homeowners insurance comes into play. >> an anonymous donor came forward and paid the tax bill. >> i have been paying taxes. i am paying taxes as the united states said this in, state and federal like everybody else. now i am asking for help, which those services are supposed to provide. >> this sign is a reminder to folks who drive by as to what happened. she is homeless and thanks those who have helped her donations
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and more. but what she wants most is to rebuild on her land and for the city to have a heart and help her. >> now, your insta-weather forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> another beautiful late summer day. high temperature is about normal, just a little below for this time of year. quite a bit cooler than you would expect in the morning. many of the suburbs north and west of town or in the 40's this morning. this is the last of the year where the average height is 80. it is also the last time we had a 100-degree record high, the latest in the year it has ever happened was in 1983. clear skies across the region, setting up for another cooler nights. expect some 40's in the north
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and west of baltimore. a big area of high pressure is dominating the weather across the mid-atlantic. on the west side it gets a little milder. once this thing moves off the coast, the temperatures will climb a little bit, but not extreme. still very comfortable, 77-82 tomorrow. the normal is 79. because it for the next few days. -- low 80's for the next few days. high tide at fort mchenry at 4:14 in the morning. western maryland enjoy some beautiful weather, too. on the eastern shore, expect high temperatures to peak in the low 80's. bright sunny skies wednesday through friday. the delaware beaches down into southern maryland, 74 tomorrow, close to 80 thursday and then in the low 80's for friday and
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saturday. michael and lesley finally weekend, diminished, and moved into the cool waters of the north atlantic. a new storm has formed in this area of showers and thunderstorms is the 14th storm of the season, nadine. right now the winds are only 40 miles an hour, moving west at 15. it could become a category one hurricane. it is curving out into the open waters of the atlantic, -- no threat to any major land areas yet. it looks like another hurricane on the way. sunny skies around here wednesday, thursday, and friday. a 30% chance of a storm saturday afternoon but a nice finish for the weekend for more rain arrives monday and tuesday. >> the orioles bouncing back from problems and get the ball tonight from the red sox.
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x. this is 11 sports. >> for a second night enroll, -- denied the orioles provided that thrills. they open the three game series with tampa bay, putting them back in a first-place tie with
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the yankees. j.j. hardy, four hits, five rbis, giving the orioles a 3-1 lead. matt wieters broward double to right field off the base of the wall adam jones behind him, 5-1 orioles. j.j. hardy needed a triple. he went one based border, a home run, his second of the night. bge went one basic farther. his bat carried the night. >> he is just such a steady human being. that means as much to a club is what he does statistically. it's kind of hard sometimes being around a great force of
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j.j. hardy every day. he is very consistent die. >> -- a very consistent die. >> -- a very consistent guy. 3-2 yankees, but then a left bill munster, a solo home run. it stayed tied at three apiece. in with the winning run. a celebrated boston as the red sox beat the yankees, 4-3, putting the orioles in a first- place tie with new york. a quick emotional shift for john harbaugh. he reveled in the atmosphere celebrating the win over the
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bengals. this week the ravens will play their first road game in philly. john harbaugh spent 10 years coaching in philadelphia before becoming the raven's head coach. the coach knows this week will create a unique mix of emotions. >> it is special, any time you drive up into the same parking lot you drove into for a number of years as the coach or player. you see a lot of familiar faces, whether it is on the sideline or in the tunnel, coming out to the field, the security people and the people that work there are so familiar. it means a lot. it really does not hit you until you get there, and then all of a sudden the emotions flood up on you. that happened in the preseason last year when we played there.
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>> intense is the word. after waiting longer than any other season -- than any other team except to, they have four games in 18 days. they will have new england at home and in cleveland at home on a thursday night. the first month of the schedule, really quickly. it would be reversed if the orioles and the ravens finish
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>> is getting cool in the evening. sunny skies tomorrow, into friday, high temperatures and below 80's. beautiful weather, a couple of thunderstorms arrive on saturday. the weekend should be really nice. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute
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>> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes -- katie couric. from the new movie, "hit and run," dax shepard.


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