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tv   Today  NBC  September 13, 2012 2:05am-3:00am EDT

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from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> a happy winesday wednesday to everybody out there, september 12th. how you doing, hoda woman? >> i'm doing real well, thank you. >> we are excited about all the people sending in their entries
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for our klg and hoda u. >> they are getting it -- >> we are getting crazy videos and excellent tweets. and remember, you have to tweet klg and hoda u with a hash tag. so #klgandhodau. getting cool videos. >> the whole point is to get our attention so use your imagine nation and -- like this one from the university of evansville in indiana. >> hey, time to get your school spirit showing on "the today show." kathie lee and hoda are going back to college and all you have to do is tweet a photo, short video or just message using the #klgandhodau and ue big free. today's show will be broadcast live at the winning school. let's show the nation what we are all about. u.a.'s 15 minutes of fame is just a tweet away. >> that is really, really well done. all right. >> wow. we have a lot of them coming in. we are going to show you more as we go. >> okay. >> by the way, ms. fancy, i don't know if you're aware, but "people" magazine does something every year and they come out with their best dressed list.
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and for women -- >> over 50. >> at any age. which includes a lot. here you are. kathie lee is on the beautiful -- the best dressed every age. christie brinkley. gayle king. kim catrell and ann curry. wow. >> i just want to thank michael khors. i was wearing his dress. that's very nice. >> isn't that sweet? >> look who's in the 40s. >> you know what's sad? it had the 50s, which i still am, but they didn't put me in that. they put me in the "at any age." >> so there's a rumor out there. i feel my age today. got to do a shoutout to neil
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sedaka and his beautiful wife leva have been married for 50 years. want to go to memory lane with this. ♪ i love i love i love michal encar girl ♪ here they are. probably -- >> chocolate bars? >> chocolate bars. all going to enjoy little bit of neil and leva after this. this is what they look like today. >> great shot. great shot. >> the sweetest people on the planet. ♪ ooh, i hear laughter in the rain ♪ >> we had a really, really nice time last night. saw the reg man. sat next to clive davis. >> gave him an earful. >> did you? >> i don't know. i don't remember it. he is such a sweetheart. he really is. it was fun. so, what rumor? >> well, there's a rumor out there that the duchess -- >> kate. >> middleton, is pregnant. >> only because she drank water instead of wine. >> here is the thing. it was a toast. it was in singapore. she arrived. everyone is doing a toast. in her glass, if you look
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closely, there's waurt. she didn't choose to toast with wine. now, this, i think, has happened one other time where she was toasting with water or had water when everyone else had wine. so, what does that tell you if we read between the lines? is she pregnant or not? >> i don't know. it's one of those kinds of things if you just have a little patience you will someday find out. i don't think she would show up until six months because she's so, so tiny. >> yeah. >> and -- but maybe she was jet lagged from traveling all that way from singapore. and you get dehydrated. i don't drink it. >> we will find out very soon whether or not she is or she isn't. >> you are dressed beautifully. even though you wear the same stuff a lot, the stuff you wear is gorgeous. >> i repeat, like kate. >> like kate. exactly. >> i repeat. i have a certain number of dresses and i recycle them. >> and i'm proud of you for t.
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>> you're stick of them. that's the goal. so guilianarancic and bill, there they are with that cute little baby, edward duke. which we haven't seen yet. born august 29th, named ward duke for bill's late dad and guiliana's dad. >> what a couple years they have had. she is such a sweetheart. >> yeah. >> okey-dokey. >> "the voice" on the tube last night. >> i was hanging with neil. i didn't see it. you were busy. a couple of picks, the blind auditions, okay? so, there was someone named aquil and she is saying -- he sang your song, he is on christina's team. take a look. ♪ it may be quite simple but now that it's done i hope you don't
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mind i hope you don't mind that i put down the words ♪ ♪ how wonderful life is when you're in the world ♪ >> oh, nobody picked him? >> yeah. no. no. christina picked him. christina ended up getting him but c cee lo, too. >> how about julio sang a song and this is "la bamba." >> this i heard was great. >> take a listen. [ singing in spanish ] ♪
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>> cee lo and blake turned around, ended up going with blake. which is an interesting match, don't you think? >> yes. this is just the beginning, right? >> the beginning. going to go on and on and on. >> okay, good. what else is going on, hoda woman? you think you've heard it all. but this is very disturbing, i think. this is a -- it's called a twisted grip. it's a dance and fitness studio in vancouver, and it's offering now pole dancing classes for kids. they're called little spinners. and they are offering it to kids as young as five years old. >> i guess what's happening is the kids are watching their moms do these pole dancing classes, they are aerobic kind of classes and they want to do it. so far, it hasn't been a huge blockbuster, three girls have signed up and one boy. we're making it a little bigger than it is. >> well, it is costly.
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it is $70 for a one-hour session. >> yeah. >> but would love to know what you-all think about that at home. >> it's kind of nasty. >> who knows where those poles have been, you know what i'm saying? >> you're sick. all right. there may be a cure for baldness. >> good news for most of the guys in this studio. look at howie. 35 million men suffer from male pattern baldness and now -- >> look at howie. >> scientists are trying to figure out what might help. vitamin d, howie. vitamin d may. so, here is what howie looks like today, as we have just seen. here is what he -- this is what he looks like with his full head of hair, back in the day. >> howie, you -- >> it receded to here. this is it. this is what's left of my bangs. >> here's what al roker --
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here's what -- okay. i'm not noticing the hair. >> i can't even believe that's -- is that al? >> that's al. that's al back in the day. >> that's al pre everything. >> oh, wow. >> what did you say? >> i said he lost his hair and a chin. >> he sure did. matt lauer, this is matt's current picture and before. >> he can't look bad. come on. come on. >> he wouldn't look great with that kind of lid. that's my lid. >> wait a second. >> all right you know how annoying those telemarketer people can be? hoda hangs up on them. >> what i do in the middle of talking and i'm bored, i hang up. what do you guys do? they have called you. it can get you all lathered up, listen, please do not call, i'm on the do not call list, i'm in a bad mood. they just start talking and i just go like that. it's all over. >> i try to say i'm sorry but we
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do not take calls of this nature at home and then i hang up. >> apparently a guy got a call, and he was upset, and he said something. what did he say to the guy? he hung up on him. >> he hung up on him, he said he wasn't interested. >> the telemarketers allegedly called back and threatened to blow up the guy's house. >> i shouldn't laugh. >> he was so mad. >> he was having a bad day. >> don't you hang up on me. the resident called the cops who had to evacuate the neighborhood and search for explosives. not funny. it's not funny. >> i'm sorry. i'm very tired today. so i'm punchy. i'm inappropriate today. >> that happens. >> you can put my ticker on, kathie lee apologizes now for what she's said, she's saying and bound to see next. >> i wonder if it's fun for people to read the tweets on the twickeh. we can't read it because we don't have glasses but i bet it's fun. >> if we could read it what
2:16 am
would they be saying, sarah? >> they would be saying a lot of neat things, teasing howie now. >> i want to tweet you. >> i wanted to ask klg, i'm tweeting. coming up -- it is appropriate. when am i gonna be on is what i'm tweeting? >> am i on tv? >> you're next, honey. what do they say? >> some college ones coming in. lisa patton from the university of georgia, we want kathy lee and hoda to come to uga. we love kathy and hoda. jen from the university of iowa, come to the university of iowa, the hawkeyes love you, klg and hoda. my son and i watch you every morning. >> thank you, everybody. keep them coming. >> you have until friday, right? >> yes, we do. >> we go wowie for howie. >> comedian howie mandel is going to get tweeting. >> he is with us right after this. >> yes, i got it.
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#klgandhodau. >> find us broadcasting live from your campus this fall. talk about live broadcast's "america' got talent" judge howie mandel is here. >> this is the final. >> this is the final. six finalists competing for the $1 million prize. and richard and nicholas and their dog -- >> that's what you get from that? >> take a look. >> o'latte. ♪ >> that's unbelievable. >> it is unbelievable. best dog act i've ever seen in my life. >> and you've seen a lot of dog acts. >> i don't know how to answer that before we talk -- the final, i have to ask you, a friend asked me a favor, you are doing this whole thing where you will broadcast from this school. there's this one guy i know in pacoima who is home schooled and he would like you to --
2:20 am
[ laughter ] he will send in a tape if you want. he just wants to know if you can -- >> you're right. we are discriminating, aren't we? >> why does it have to be a big college? a lot of people can't afford a big college. they're at home. he has got an online course going and he would like you and hoda to come and broadcast for a week from his -- it's a bachelor pad, like a -- think about it. >> that was fun. >> back to the big show. >> if you were picking the winner tonight, i know america's going to pick the winner tomorrow, which one would you go for? >> here -- people have different criteria on our show and sometimes it ends up just being a popularity contest. i believe that it's going to be a tossup between tom cotter, who is the comedian, you know, because people love him and he is funny and he makes you laugh and the dogs because everybody loves cute little animals. but if i had to invest in a show as far as the one i think would make the most money is the earth harp. >> we should talk about this.
2:21 am
>> earth harp. >> okay. watch this guy. do you have a clip of it? >> we have a clip of it. the earth harp doesn't necessarily translate. >> but watch this guy. ♪ >> okay. can they hear it? >> yes. >> what you can't tell, it doesn't play get a on tv, those strings go from the stage, hooked across the whole theater into the second balcony. so you're totally enveloped in the music. see those parasols? those are drums. he creates and builds all these instruments. dancers come out and they hit him. so from the percussion and the weird instruments. you're totally enveloped in this concert. i've never seen a better live show. >> cirque de soleil. >> never seen a better live show. if i was going to invest my own money, i would build a room for him in las vegas and i think a lot of people -- >> like cirque de soleil. >> or a blue man group kind of thing but i think what translates to television and based on the way people vote and during the show, mentioning @howiemandel.
2:22 am
i think people are responding to the comedian and to the dog. but that's not what you asked me. you asked me who i would. i would invest in him. >> what is going on with the judges on your show in we know you and howard. >> yes. and they just re-signed randy jackson on the other show. i heard the same rumors as you. i hope -- i called her and i said, i don't know anything. and i said, please stay. so i hope she does. i want her to. i think that we make a -- three of us are friends. sharon is my neighbor. so we play pool together. we fly here every week. i'm a huge fan of howard. and i think there's a good chemistry. and i hope that these are just rumors and it doesn't come to fruition. >> howard's only signed for one year as well, right? >> do you think he's going to come back? i want him to. >> next time i see him i'll ask him. >> yeah. i don't know. i keep asking him and he doesn't commit. he complains about the -- he's got a tough schedule, he says.
2:23 am
>> yeah. >> i said this before on the other hour. but me and sharon -- >> have to fly in for this. >> we fly. we take our luggage. go to the airport, get on the plane, get our luggage, go to the hotel, go down in the morning, get a car, drive to the thing. right. and then he comes in and he goes, boy, the traffic in the tunnel. i don't know how i'm going to do this every day. you know, i don't know -- everybody's got a different threshold for how tough things are, you know? [ laughter ] >> but i would love to keep together what we have. i think we have something good going. but there's one more show tonight. >> something else that's good, too, it's you. >> what's that? >> you. your time is up. >> is that -- every time it happens. >> see him tonight on "america's got talent." >> i don't understand. so it's not over. >> you're fired. >> i'm sorry. i don't know the cues, people. >> it's over. >> it's not over. sit down. sit down. >> it's over. >> they said it was over.
2:24 am
>> it's over. >> what should i tell that guy to send the tape? >> send it to hoda's apartment. she doesn't find anything there. >> a lovely boy. >> we'll be right back, everybody. >> i've been training all year for the big race in chicago, but i can only afford one trip. and i just found out my best friend is getting married in l.a. there's no way i'm missing that. then i heard about hotwire and i realized i could actually afford both trips. see, when really nice hotels have unsold rooms, they use hotwire to fill them. so i got my four-star hotels for half-price! >> men: ♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e ♪ >> announcer: save big on car rentals too, from $12.95 a day. [ male announcer ] the inventors of twix had a falling out, so the production of twix was divided between two separate factories. left twix factory cascades caramel and chocolate onto cookie, while right twix factory flows caramel and chocolate onto cookie. today they share nothing, but a wrapper and a driveway. try both and pick a side. degree created an antiperspirant
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keep the tweets coming. from the university of alabama. if you tweet us about why your school has spirit, using the #klgandhodau, we just might come to your campus next month, or maybe not. >> time to look at all the wacky, whimsical photos that make you stop and say wackawack. >> it was good last week. >> it was. >> no pressure. >> good luck. >> and go. >> okay. the first photo up was sent from tammy from st. ingos, maryland. would you like to choose what's behind door number three? fyi, that was actually not locked.
2:29 am
they did try the door. everyone wants to know what is on the other side the next one is -- there's nothing behind -- a door to nowhere. debra smith from fairfax, virginia, submitted this photo. thank goodness they put the caution sign there because i would not have known otherwise. you may get water going this way. and then we have a photo from carolyn cooper. darn it, i'm off by a day this is probably car wash, although it leads to you believe otherwise. >> that's cute. >> i wouldn't go there for other services. aubrey from selma, california, sent this photo. >> open 9 to 9. nine days a week. >> when did we get the extra two days? and where are they because i have not seen them. 9 to 9 nine days a week. someone didn't think that through. my best friend, erin, submitted this photo. this is what they did to his boss's office when he left town because he said no one missed him when he left the last time.
2:30 am
people started coming in and people never seen before came in to wrap things, contribute to the party. >> oh, that's good. >> another photo of him -- they are all still employed. he was a good sport. they had post-it notes wrapped. you see why i love her and why she is my best friend. >> how many aluminum trees had to die for that? >> 15 like economy-sized aluminum foil. >> okay, kids. that was fascinating. >> #klgandhodau koikt. we have a lot coming up. the one and only jessica alba in the house. >> making babies safer. and you can channel your knowledge of tv's fall season. take our quiz and see how you click after this. and we are back on this
2:31 am
2:32 am
and we are back on this winesday wednesday, ready to play our weekly trivia game called "who knew"? our tv shows are back for the fall, and to get ready for the
2:33 am
season we will test your knowledge of the favorite shows. kathy is across the street at the nbc experience store. going to hand out $100 to those who get the questions right and to those who don't, lucky ones, they get a copy of her cd. isn't that nice? all right. here to help me out is e! news correspondent ms. cat sadler. how are you? >> i'm good. i want one of the cds. >> go ahead. >> you both look beautiful, by the way. who knew? anyway. look at this precious girl. she is from north dakota. all right, honey, who is not a judge on "the voice." carson daly, blake shelton, christina aguilera or adam levine? who's not a judge? who's the host? how would you like one of my cds? [ laughter ] >> the correct answer there carson daly. >> long-time dejay host of "trl"
2:34 am
years ago. >> late show the middle of the night? >> "last call with carson daly." only judge missing from that is cee lo green. >> back across to kathy. where are you from? >> richmond hill, georgia. >> matthew perry is starring in the new show "go on." such a great show. what was the name of his character on "friends"? chandler, ross, joey or matthew? >> joey. [ buzzer ] >> oh, don't turn ugly! >> that crowd did turn on her. the correct answer, chandler bing. >> she just wanted a cd. how could she not? thought this would be the easiest question of the whole day, chandler bing, of course, one of the most memorable characters on "friends" entire run from 1994 to 2004. he didn't win an emmy for that role. so surprised. nominated for the emmy, but didn't win it. >> "go on."
2:35 am
i have seen it. awesome. home run. back across. >> australia. >> all right. the doctors on this show work at what hospital, right here? is it lenox hill, sacred heart, county general or seattle grace? >> seattle grace? [ ding ] >> you won yourself a little money, honey. >> dr. hottie. seattle grace? >> ding ding ding. somebody's going shopping today. seattle grace of course responsible for making so many stars out of that show. katherine heigle, patrick dempsey, ellen pompeo. mcdreamy? >> i'm mcdreamy. all day long. >> back across to klg. >> lovely lady from wisconsin. name the tv show with this theme song. ♪ is it the office, 30 rock, modern family or the mindy project? >> 30 rock? [ ding ]
2:36 am
>> good girl. she is right in the building, too. 30 rock. >> we are at 30 rock. i thought that was a hard one. 30 rock. you probably knew this here on "the today show." but ryan lochte. going to be a guest star, his cameo, he just shot, finished, and he will have a cameo and appearing on "30 rock." >> he will? i knew he was on "90210." >> "30 rock" too. >> back across to kath. >> san jose, california, true or false, on the show "revenge" emily thorn's real name is victoria grayson? >> false. >> oh, you watch that show. >> that's a good show. >> everyone loves this show, don't they? am i the only person in the world not watching "revenge." >> get on the train. >> i'm so off the train, i know is a cult favorite. everyone loves this actress as well, emily van camp, canadian actress. i had no idea, the alter ego, names.
2:37 am
i'm lost. >> got to get on board. >> we are gonna run. thanks for coming. >> thanks for having me. >> is a jungle out there david here with exotic creatures from around the world. klg is coming back. don't go away. the falling leaves, the crisp air, the perfect inspiration for air wick's fall collection. yeah, when i smell all those things, i know fall is in the air. the fall collection brought to you by air wick and the national park foundation. something in the air wick. [ male announcer ] it's subway's birthday and everyone's celebrating with their $5 footlong™ faves. many of the subs you love like the italian b.m.t®, oven roasted chicken and more
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are you kidding me? >> that's from the university of tennessee, remind you to send us a tweet if you want us to visit your college campus last month? use the #klgandhodau. >> back with us, the "call of the wild" animals around the world. >> a nasty warthog. >> right now. come on, show me. show me the hog. >> angry warthog. >> he's not angry. >> he's not? >> i think food always helps. hi, dave. >> hi. come on over. >> no, thanks. >> he is just a baby. this is a warthog, an african species, if you guys have seen "the lion king", everybody knows pumba, only five months old, obviously a member of the pig family, not the prettiest animal. >> no. >> just because an animal isn't pretty doesn't mean it is not important. >> beauty is in the eye of the beholder, anyway, but that is pretty darn ugly. >> the sounds that this warthog
2:42 am
makes are disturbing. >> you know, they are very vocal and live in family groups, that alarm call, a leopard, lion or hyena comes by, one of these guys squeals, everybody bolts. they live in burrows and use that big head and when they get older, big tusks. kind of dig out burrows. >> how big will he get? >> probably twice the size of this. >> okay. >> they are not huge animals but still, really, really neat, i think. they have a maine an mane that goats up if he gets scared, the tail sticks up. >> you are okay with him running around the studio? >> just a baby, not going to hurt you. >> okay. all right. make the noise? >> move to our next animal, also a baby. >> following milk boy. >> little guy here. >> oh, that's cute. >> this is adorable, right. >> what is it? >> a cowartier, a cowatta munde. it's a species that lives in south america. you can pet. a few weeks old, a teensy baby here.
2:43 am
going to get to be probably five or eight times the size he is right now. so check out the tail. obviously, what do you think he is related to? >> a raccoon. >> exactly. yeah. these guys -- one of the species of cowatties live in north america, one of the beauties in our country, such a diversity of wildlife, live in the east coast, west coast, you would never know. they come in into the desert southwest. >> what does he eat? you like a grape? would you eat a grape? >> i don't think he will eat a grape, feeding off a bottle as well. when they are adults, they are omnivores, they eat pretty much everything, like raccoons. cute guy, a really long snout as well. >> that is a cute one. >> okay. move up to our next. i think you guys are going to like us, hoda, i don't think you are a big fan of birds. >> i don't mind birds. this is like cee lo green's sidekick. african gray parrot. >> beautiful. >> beautiful. a male. see he will eat a grape here.
2:44 am
this is an animal that was a pet. >> amazing, amazing beaks, tuesday to crack nuts, eat fruit. this is a pet, they live really, really long and abandoned because the owner can't take care of it anymore. if you are going to get a bird as a pet, make sure that you're prepared to take care of -- >> the long haul. >> live 50, 60, 70 years. >> does this talk? >> species incredibly intelligent, mimic some individuals hundreds of words. >>can this one? >> he will but not do it on cue. >> try it. hello. hello? too busy with the grape. >> okay. >> beautiful. really gorgeous. >> again, amazing animal, in the wild, threatened by the pet trade, getting these birds out of the wild is regulated strictly. but yeah, just a beautiful, beautiful, intelligent animal native to africa. >> oh, great. >> oh, my -- >> last but not least. you know i have to bring out an >> circa britney spears, remember? >> yes. >> this is an reticulated python. native to southeast asia. albino individual, wouldn't see this color phase in the wild. and if you did, it probably
2:45 am
wouldn't survive very long because it has no protection, no camouflage prom predators, these guys are predators in and of themselves. >> wants the grape? >> doesn't want the grapes, eat birds and mammals. >> it wants the warthog. >> beautiful animal, just because, you know it is a predator, a lot of people are afraid. you can gently touch. people think snakes are slime slimy, it is not, feels like leather, right? very, very smooth. they have dry skin reptiles. at the end of the day national wildlife -- >> he is urinating. >> it's never a segment until i get pooped or peed on. it happens. now my shoe is coated. >> it has been nice having you back. >> wow. how do we segue to jessica alba after that? >> we are going to talk with jessica and other inspiring women who are making a difference in this world.
2:46 am
>> women doing good awards. hoda kotb will be there. >> i am. it's still going. >> wow! >> i'm meteorologist chris warren with your weather channel forecast. that cooldown happens after this cold front that's going to bring all this rain and storms after this bring some of that throughout parts of the plains and the midwest. still spots in the southwest. see that temperature, that green? that's where that orange and the yellow meet each other. the orange the very warm colors and then the yellow, that's more mild. it's not quite as warm. you could even call it hot. getting into the time of year where 80s don't feel as bad as what we've seen earlier in the summer with the 90s and triple digits. but compared to the 60s, some cases mid 80s women be hot. still warm in the pacific northwest. on friday that chance for storms goes from the far eastern lakes
2:47 am
all the way down into texas where this will be welcome rain. probably don't care too much for some of that heavy rain when you're driving around. but drought areas will at least be getting some rain. a few storms possible in florida. you can see that cool air modifies a bit throughout the upper midwest here where you're going to see a little bit of orange mixed back in with the yellow. so where you had the cool air move, in it's going to slowly warm back up. at least a little bit back into the 70s in some cases instead of the 60s. still a chance for some showers and maybe a few storms throughout parts of texas into oklahoma, arkansas, southern missouri we're going to see cooler temperatures throughout parts of the northeast. 60s and 70s by saturday. on sunday a few showers and thunderstorms throughout parts of far eastern kansas all the way down to louisiana and texas. and then on monday it's the southeast it will have a chance for some showers and some thunderstorms. daytime highs in the southeast much cooler into the 70s and even the lower 80s.
2:48 am
remember, on the weather channel week days you can wake up with al. [ male announcer ] this is rudy. his morning starts with arthritis pain. and two pills. afternoon's overhaul starts with more pain. more pills. triple checking hydraulics. the evening brings more pain. so, back to more pills. almost done, when... hang on. stan's doctor recommended aleve. it can keep pain away all day with fewer pills than tylenol. this is rudy. who switched to aleve. and two pills for a day free of pain. ♪ and get the all day pain relief of aleve in liquid gels. you have hard water stains and that cleaner's not gonna cut it. you need lime-a-way. it's 4 times more effective at removing limescale than the leading bathroom cleaner. lime-a-way is specially formulated to conquer hard water stains. for lime, calcium and rust... lime-a-way is a must.
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and that's the photo from the university of michigan showing us their school spirit. time is running out. you send us a tweet, you want us to come and visit your college campus next month, just use the #klgandhodau. >> now the women doing good awards, every year "self" magazine honors inspiring women making a difference in their world, globally, nationally or their community. >> hoda will emcee this year and and we're here with some of those women doing good. jessica alba, tanya farming. sabrina cohen. >> nice to see you ladies. >> jessica, you found a cause personal to you and it had do with your children. explain your cause. >> baby to baby basically
2:51 am
provides essentials to children in poverty in los angeles. and so it's a local organization. i started a company in january and i embedded in the dna of my business model to give to charity and i think good business, also doing good by -- for people. >> good for you. >> your kids are doing well? >> my kids are doing well. >> how old are they, by the way? >> they are 1 and 4. and so yeah, the cause is very obviously personal because i can't imagine not being able to provide for my babies. >> so cute. can we just live in the pictures. so cute. tanya, you were -- you're honored for a special reason. you started this great cause about -- it's athletes for cancer and your brother died when he was younger and it kind of propelled you to do this. >> quite young, wasn't he?
2:52 am
>> he passed away when he was 19 years old. and it was just a very difficult struggling time and i tried turn my grief into something positive and athletes for cancer came about. >> you have raised a lot of money. >> we have. our real focus is on cancer survivors and helping them get their lives back after their cancer. we do that throughout door adventure camps and use adventure therapy really as a form of therapy to help them get their lives back. surfing, stand up paddling, canoeing. >> kiteboarding? >> a little bit of kiteboarding as well. >> that's great. >> just helps them get their confidence back and really take control of their lives. >> look at katherine. you actually defied the odds big time. >> yeah. >> you were diagnosed with hiv. >> yes. >> doctors gave you i guess eight years or six years to live. 18 years later, here you are and you started an organization to help other women? >> yes it has been a long struggle, enduring the stigma
2:53 am
associated with hiv, 18 years ago, just as it is today. however, my organization, we work with women who don't have a voice. you know, this disease is unlike so many other diseases out there. and i am a true example of what hiv/aids actually looks like. >> you were in a monogamous relationship. >> married to my husband. absolutely. absolutely. when hiv came home to my home, it just was devastating. it was completely devastating. so, through women, changing not only my life but the lives of others. >> can we talk about sabrina? >> hi, sabrina, how are you? >> how are you? >> very good. >> you were in a terrible car accident a while ago and you were told, look, you're never gonna walk again in this elevated wheelchair, but you're definitely not taking no for an answer, are you? >> no. when i was 14 i was involved in a car accident, i have been living in this chair coming up on 20 years.
2:54 am
and i basically was just able to tap into my inner strength and get out there and advocate for disabilities rights. and in 2006 started my own organization to help fund research for the field of regenerative medicine and the core mission of my organization is to find treatments to reverse paralysis for chronic spinal cord injuries. >> so happy for all of you. >> you all deserve this so much. lucy at "self" magazine should point out -- >> she does this every year. it's a really, really great organization. >> what did it mean when you got the call, jessica, when they asked you to be part of this? . >> i was so honored. i think, you know, you can bring certainly, even in the fashion world and magazine world, there's -- and the september issue are usually fashion oriented. but i just love that it's all about women, female empowerment, and that's supporting each other.
2:55 am
and, you know, these causes are so important to all of us. and so i'm just honored to be amongst these amazing women. >> fun tonight, ladies. see you guys tonight. >> congratulations again. >> we will be right back. >> but first this is "today" on nbc. so anyway, i've been to a lot of places. you know, i've helped a lot of people save a lot of money. but today...( sfx: loud noise of large metal object hitting the ground) things have been a little strange. (sfx: sound of piano smashing) roadrunner: meep meep. meep meep? (sfx: loud thud sound) what a strange place. geico®. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. [ female announcer ] windex multi-surface uh oh!! lets you keep up with messes right when they happen.
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check out this photo from millersville, university of pennsylvania, just reminds you that we want to visit your college campus. whoever shows us the most spirit, we might come see you. >> we want you to get our attention with the most unusual tweets you can figure out using the #klgandhodau. look at what the students of auburn university put together to try to convince us to turn their campus into our studio. >> hey, kathie lee and hoda, we want you guys to come to auburn university.
2:59 am
i'm standing here in front of one of auburn's greatest and oldest traditions, sanford lawn. now, we all know that you guys have great backdrops when you go to different locations. what would be prettier than this as your backdrop? >> and she got to be in the foreground, 'cause she is so pretty, too. >> yes, she is. >> i guess they got their most beautiful girl at auburn to do that. >> probably did. we do have a lot of other good videos, a great one from virginia tech i want to show tomorrow the whole sorority come out. we haven't been able to get them together today. we will show it. we want people to get out there and tweet, right? >> we have a couple more. first is from laura brooks from the university of tennessee, who says, there ain't no place i'd rather be than good old tennessee. and leslie from the university of missouri or misso, celebrates the beginning of a new era with the misso golden girls. we are not golden, yet. >> we are the golden girls. >> tomorrow, we will help hoda with something, very, very important. >> what?


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