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tv   Today  NBC  September 13, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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♪ back now with more of "today" on a thursday morning, 13th day of september 2012. loving these crisp beautiful late summer/early fall mornings. a little song called "close to you." >> wasn't that supposed to be the carpenters? >> that's the wrong version of that song. this is maxine's version and the last song we'll hear from my playlist. >> i think they're saving your favorite for last. this is a song we hear a lot in the morning. >> it gets me up for the show. >> i'm matt lauer along with
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savannah gurthrie and al roker. the professionals are in the studio. mcdonald's has decided to start posting the calories for the food items on the menu. question is, will other restaurants start following suit? another question we're asking, remember the story we had earlier in the show about the 77-year-old woman dragged out by the police officer. controversial because if you know what happened before that moment, it may be a little bit of a different story. we also asked our viewers to weigh in on that, didn't we? i wonder what they're going to -- how that's going to break down. >> it's very interesting. and we will reveal the results of that coming up. >> okay. we've also got a little miami heat here in the studio. that's because the "real housewives of miami" kick off a new season. and there's no shortage of drama. also tonight, the winner will be crowned on nbc's "america's got talent." all six finalists performed last night. this morning, we're going to catch up with them. and they are going to show off their talents live. >> wow.
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>> that's cool. all right. great. before we get to all of that, let's go inside. natalie's got the headlines. >> good morning, everyone. anti-american unrest is escalating in the middle east this morning. protesters stormed the u.s. embassy in yemen's capital city. they set fires and smashed windows outside the compound before breaking through the main gate. the u.s. diplomatic personnel were moved to a secure location. an antiislam film produced in the u.s. is being cited as the trigger for the violence. and that same internet film is blamed for inciting protest outside the u.s. embassy in cairo, egypt, now in their third day. meantime, the pentagon is sending two warships to the coast of libya where an armed attack on the u.s. consulate tuesday killed four americans including ambassador chris stevens. a u.s. military strike on iran would likely spark a major war in the middle east. this is according to a new report from the former -- from former military and government officials. the assessment finds that iran
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would retaliate both directly and through its allies and says that an effective military operation in iran would be more demanding than the wars in iraq and afghanistan combined. the teachers strike in chicago has now dragged on into its fourth day. both the union and school district negotiators say they're making progress as talks resume there this morning. well, this year's outbreak of the west nile virus is on track to be the deadliest ever. cases of the mosquito-bourn illness have jumped 35% since last week. but the worst of the outbreak has likely past. some 118 people have died from west nile virus so far this year. actress kathy bates who beat ovarian cancer nine years ago is now battling breast cancer. the oscar winner chose to undergo a double mastectomy. more now from los angeles. good morning, diana. >> natalie, good morning. kathy bates is famously private when it comes to her personal life, but she chose to go public
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with her recent breast cancer diagnosis and surgery. and she says it's a fight she vows to win. >> i have faith in you, my darling. catch this. >> she's the force behind some of hollywood's most unforgettable characters. now kathy bates has revealed she is battling cancer for the second time. breaking the news to fans on twitter. hey, all, sorry for the long silence. i was diagnosed with breast cancer two months ago and am recovering from a double mastectomy. the 64-year-old oscar winner says she won't have to undergo chemo or radiation. a good sign according to medical experts. >> that usually means that the cancer has not spread to the lymph nodes or other areas of the body or it's not a buy logicallodg biologically aggressive form of
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the disease. >> reporter: she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer which she didn't disclose for 5 1/2 years. a decision she explained on "today" in 2009. >> when i was going through it, i think i just needed to go through it. and not really deal with anything but what i had in front of me. >> bates is up for two emmies this season, including one for her work on the now canceled nbc show "harry's law." honors that have allowed her to put her most recent role as a cancer survivor in perspective. >> kathy bates canceled a stage appearance here in los angeles last friday but is expected to walk the red carpet at the emmys in ten days where she's up for two acting awards. "harry's law" and "two and a half men." >> and we do wish her well. well, advance orders for apple's iphone 5 start tomorrow in the u.s. the new model was unveiled wednesday in san francisco. as you've heard by now, it's slimmer, has a larger screen with enough room for another row
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of icons. the iphone 5 has the capability to connect to the fastest new wireless data networks. apple also unveiled a new ipad touch and ipad nano that features a built-in pedometer for joggers. and gwyneth paltrow has been named the best-dressed woman in the world according to "people" magazine. she beat out younger celebrities and royalty to take the top spot on the list. kate middleton did come in second place for her classic take on fashion. and "spider-man" star emma stone came in third. i would agree with all of them. all lovely ladies. let's go back outside to al with a check on your weather again. >> thanks, nat. the new york renaissance fair is going on and -- ♪ ♪ >> you know, i never get tired of that. very nice. very impressive.
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all right. let's see what you've got as far as your weather is concerned. and we can see this front coming along. it's just taking its time, bringing a lot of heavy rain down into texas. in fact, some areas going to be looking anywhere from 3 to 5 inches of rain between texas and on into oklahoma. we've also got big temperature changes coming with this system. take a look at that in a little bit. 89 degrees in portland, lots of sunshine up and down the east coast. that rain stretches into the central great lakes. and we've got more beautiful weather into the southwest. that's what's goit.
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and by the way, a tip of the hat to our audio guys for pulling out the saber dance like that. savannah? >> all right, al. thanks and now to this morning's edition of "today's professionals." and they're weighing in on the hottest headlines. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> good morning. our first topic, gadgets on flights. i think we all suspected this, but a couple of psychology professors found that 40% of american adults that flew in the last year did not turn off their phones completely during takeoff and landing. 7% said they kept the notebooks connected to wi-fi, 2% used their phones while in flight. does this shock anybody? >> no. >> do you think this faa rule is outdated? this controversy over whether or not it's necessary.
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>> i spoke with a pilot one day and i said explain to me how these phones can interfere with all the ground interference that surrounds planes and still at 10,000 and 12,000 feet. and he says it probably doesn't do anything. our d.c. bureau has said the report probably says it just doesn't do anything. i think the reason for doing it is because it's a little bit of extra security. i don't think there's any science behind it, though. and i think people break the law all the time. >> i think it's also about distraction. you know, we know that one of the most dangerous times is takeoff and landing of a commercial flight. and so if you're distracted and not paying attention to what the flight attendants are saying, even though we all think we know where the exits are and what the floor lighting is going to do. >> do you count your rows? >> well, i now know most of them. i'm that anal, you know me. you're supposed to be paying attention. >> fair enough, but that's not the reason for the particular reason about turning off your phone. >> to me, this is a microcosm,
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bear with me, of the whole issue of what's wrong with this country politically. there's no shared sacrifice. it's the same way we can't give up medicaid, we can't cut budgets. it's -- everybody's attitude is, oh, the other guy will do it. it doesn't apply. nobody wants to give up anything. >> you feel like rules are rules? >> okay. the other 200 people are not going to do it, i can do it my way. and nobody wants to give up anything because the other guy will do it. >> the question is -- do you -- >> no, everything is me now. it's everywhere. >> you're so silly. >> i'm not silly. >> the premise is turn these things off because they're dangerous. explain to me -- >> you said it's probably -- by the way, if they tell me it might be dangerous, that's all i need to hear. and nobody wants to give up anything anywhere in our -- >> you didn't turn off your phone. >> what happened to the old-fashioned when your mother says do something you do it because she's your mother. okay? that's it. >> let's move on. mcdonald's has decided to post the calories of its items on the
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menu and the drive-thru menu. do you think this will actually affect what people order? they're going to go for the salad and not the big mac? >> it's affected me. because out at the mcdonald's i like to stop by, i saw that the calories for the filet of fish is much less than the hamburger and i picked the fish on purpose. >> the same way in tobacco that we basically have made certain things illegal, what would happen in this country if we saw that result on health care, if every food company had to be 30% healthier by law. >> that's an interesting idea. >> not just put calories -- by the way, now you have to reduce all caloric things by 20%. and we'll all be in the same place. >> the funny thing is, we do know that by posting calorie counts, people don't change the behavior. >> is that true? >> yeah. >> am i the only one? >> i happen to be one of those people who has looked at things and said, oh, my god, i'm not going to get that now. but we have looked at places where the calories are posted
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and -- and the 20-something-year-olds, they don't care. >> well, maybe not. but it's good to have disclosure. >> they will when they're 40 and get heart disease. >> next up, dashcam arrest. a 77-year-old woman was pulled out of her car and put into handcuffs when she refused to show her identification and insurance. let's take a look. >> you are hurting me. >> get out of the vehicle. >> i'm going to report you hurting me. >> okay. step out of the vehicle. step out of the vehicle. >> i will not. >> get out of the vehicle, lady. >> okay. i should mention what you don't see in the clip that he asked her to get out of the car at least six times before that struggle ensued. >> i looked at the whole thing. and savannah, i have to tell you, when a police officer gives you an instruction, you need to follow that instruction. and i'm sorry that she's 77. i'm sorry that she's uncomfortable. but she did not follow what the rules are. and it could have been dangerous to the police officer. >> i agree with star. don't just because you're 77,
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you don't get to say no to a police officer. >> our poll says the same thing. 88% of our viewers thought the police officer didn't go too far. a couple quick topics. we have a face value. the guy who supposedly invented the emoticon saying i don't like how they have the representation of it now instead of the parentheses. do you think using it in the workplace setting is appropriate? >> no. >> i need help as a man and i would like women to e-mail in. every time i put a smiley face and women go, you're like a loser. should men never use -- >> correct. men should never -- >> not with the little thing? >> please not use a red exclamation point. i assume you're sending an e-mail you think it's important, don't jazz it up with that junk. >> sometimes i'm trying to convey tone. >> do you think it's lame when a man does it? >> yeah, a little. little bit. >> here we are, the obsolete sex again. >> all right. so quick, i hate to give this a
9:14 am
short stick, but 20% of people said they would complain to their employers if they had a co-worker who was a whiner. >> i hate whiners. >> would you say something to your boss? isn't that whining? >> i hate snitchers more than whiners. >> i've been a employer most of my life. if somebody's paying your paycheck, keep your mouth shut. find another job, but i hate when people put down their employers -- >> if you listen passively -- >> listen, look, you make them obsolete in what you're doing. step around them, but i wouldn't report them. whiners will at the end of the day lose their jobs over something else, believe me, they'll take care of themselves. >> i agree. >> good to see you guys. thank you. coming up next, it is getting hot in here with the real housewives of miami coming up after this. [ male announcer ] today at kfc get our freshly delivered whole chicken
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the "real housewives of miami." >> the who's who in miami is determined 100% by who's got what and how much. it's all smoke and mirrors to be in miami society. i think you should earn it. >> i see the old and new miami. the older class, they demand respect, they want to show they're older and bigger than everybody else. >> we're the newer girls, if you're intimidated by us, sorry. there is a new miami. >> wow. marysol patin, good morning, ladies, good to have you here. leah, let me start with you because this is actually your second season this time around, what's different? obviously some new cast members. what else has changed? >> i think a lot's different. i think that the mix of the new girls has made it hot, spicy, wild, crazy, fun, and a little -- few other things have gone on. >> still lots of drama i imagine. >> more drama than ever.
9:19 am
and it heats up as the season progresses. >> ana, you're one of the new cast members, what brought the you. why did you want to join? and were you aware of what you were getting yourself into? >> we're never aware of what we're getting ourselves into. and there's apprehension when you can't predict other people's behavior. but i think the key is to try to stay above the fray and keep your dignity in the process. but it's been fun. a little more fun than i expected. >> how much of what we see -- and i think when we watch all of these shows, we always wonder, how much of this is really real? >> it's not scripted. >> it's not? >> they put us in situations where we probably wouldn't be in ordinarily, but then, you know, they let it rip. >> they let it rip. >> whatever happens, happens. >> marysol, all of you are professional women. all of you here are professional women, as well. some of you are lawyers, leah's a lawyer, we've got ana -- and
9:20 am
we also have pr publicists, as well. so what is new about the group of women here? >> oh, my god. like leah was saying, it's so dynamic, about a lot of spice and excitement to the show. and they're all very beautiful. and a lot of feistiness. and i think mixed with us from the former year, it's kind of a crazy combination. >> joanna, you're new to the cast, as well, and you're a model in miami. did you know any of these women beforehand going in? and any regrets about doing what you're doing now? >> definitely no regrets. i was friends with the plastic surgeon's wife, and i got into it because i've been in the business for so many years. and why not? it's another platform besides "dancing with the stars," now i have housewives, which is a huge franchise. and you know, i got to meet some new friends and it was fun. >> now, adriana, there's is a
9:21 am
preview, it's at the end of the first episode. >> of course. >> a confrontation between you two. you're seated next to each other, should we be concerned? >> she's the bodyguard. >> in the middle. >> we put shock collars on them. >> give us some idea what leads up to this. >> oh, my gosh. >> well? >> we're very -- we're both very energetic. >> yes. >> adriana's turn. >> she said/she said story. let's not. >> there was a lot that led us to that. and all i can say is that it's been a roller coaster ride, full of emotions. i think the public will be gripping to their seats because it's really, really a fantastic season. and whatever happened between us, you're going to have to watch and wait to see what happened. >> how many of you still get along here?
9:22 am
>> adriana's not raising her hand. >> everybody. >> she gets along with me, though. >> this season you're not seen as much because your son was in a terrible car accident. how is he doing? >> he's had a remarkable recovery. he's doing very well. thank god, we're blessed with that. >> this is a family decision for you to remain on the show? >> it was. it was a very painful and personal decision to make, but we thought it was important. i had so many followers and love and support from the community and from all of my followers that i thought it was important to share that with the viewers. and at the same time, it was done in a very, you know, delicate way. and it was, you know, unfortunately it was my reality. it was -- it's my life. and tragedy can happen to any of us. you know, at any second. and i hope that this -- i sent a message of hope to all the mothers that have gone through something like this. >> wow. that's great. and it's good to see he's doing well. good to hear that. thank you. ladies, thank you, and by the way, you can catch the premiere
9:23 am
tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern and pacific on bravo. watch out, it's hot. coming up, the finalists from "america's got talent" compete for $1 million, who will be the big winner? we've got all six final acts after these messages. [ female announcer ] when you have a glade sense & spray, you're ready for whatever life could bring. ♪ did he catch the early flight home? will he surprise the kids? [ gasps ] [ knock on door ] we'll see. but with glade's motion-activated sense & spray that offers a hint of hawaiian breeze... can i open the door? ...your home is always ready for any surprise. glade. open up and invite life in. automatically fill your home with a welcoming fragrance, like hawaiian breeze. sc johnson. a family company.
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>> this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> lots of sunshine. clear skies, but no weather disturbance in kentucky and tennessee. not to worry about that front in the west until the friday night or saturday. today's forecast is wonderful. temperatures slightly warmer
9:29 am
9:30 am
♪ ♪ gangnan style >> that is a huge hit. "gangnam style." the video's a huge, huge sensation now with more than 157 million hits and countless tribute videos. currently in the top ten on itunes with the likes of justin bieber, alicia keys and taylor swift. and we have come up with a challenge. if our audience can put his song in to the top three in the itunes store by performance time on our plaza tomorrow, we will have an exclusive world exclusive gangnam style dance.
9:31 am
as soon as we find out what that is, we will tell you. >> now he's sitting on the throne. >> you might want to watch the video before you watch it with your kids. >> yeah. i made that mistake last night. >> gets a little racy. >> of course, you've got to wonder how this guy would do on "america's got talent." after a season full of crazy stunts and stunning moments, the hit show down to six finalists. winner will be announced live tonight. all six acts are here to show us why they deserve to win just ahead. >> it's a good trick. >> that's right. and with autumn around the corner, we're going to fall in with a family feast. >> my favorite of all time. >> tiramisu. >> let's get a check of the weather. >> looking ahead of the weekend, more heavy rain, though, down through texas. sunny and hot through the southwest, warm along the northern tier of states. for saturday we've got, again, a
9:32 am
gorgeous day throughout much of the country with the exception of the lower mississippi valley. sunday, sunday, we expect sunny skies for new england all the way down into the gulf. look for warm conditions in the pacific northwest, hot through the southwest, and that sunshine continues into the upper mississippi river valley with plenty of heat. that's what's going on around's >> it is going to be another nice day. temperatures in the lower end of the 80's, a little above average to the time of year. a cool start. and that's your latest weather. >> all right, al. thanks. coming up next, the finalists from "america's got talent" show us why they are million dollar acts coming up right after this.
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9:37 am
crowned the winner and walk away with a las vegas show and $1 million. we want to meet the competitors starting with william close. >> hi, guys. >> you created this thing the earth harp. it's huge. it won't fit in our studio. how did you come up with this? >> i combined sculpture and music and bringing them together. the chamber mounts to the stage and the strings goes out over the audience and turns the whole theater into the instrument. so you kind of have to be there to really experience it. it's a great thing live. >> it is magnificent. we couldn't bring it in as you said it was too big. but you did bring another instrument you created. you're going to play this for us? >> yes, this would be the drum umbrella. >> the drumbrella. >> yeah. it's motorized. we're going to get a little help here. i don't know if one of you guys want to join me. >> you make good music, i don't know about us. >> we'll get it going. and just play the center here. >> wow.
9:38 am
>> nice. >> wow. all right. >> you were pretty good yourself, al. >> okay. william close, thanks so much. >> next up, we have david garabaldi usually with the cmy cage. and david, you have this whole painting act where you're doing acrobatics, as well. how did you learn how to paint so quickly? >> you know, i've always been into art my whole life and also dance, so mixing those two has helped me move quickly on stage and just a lot of practice in my garage and i got a bigger studio to do that. just practice. >> you're going to get started for us. >> yes. >> get going, all right. >> next up, joe castillo. come over here. we'll come over to you. and you've got an art of using sand and light. >> right. >> tell me how this act came about. >> normally what i have is a light table. >> mm-hmm. >> and then an overhead projector projects it on the screen so that people can see
9:39 am
what i'm doing. and then i can morph the images from one into another. >> how long does it take you to come up with this concept? >> well, i've been an artist my whole life. but the sand art i developed about seven or eight years ago. >> mm-hmm. >> and it's a great way of telling stories. so -- >> beautiful. >> what happens if you sneeze? >> if i sneeze, then i'm in trouble. >> it's all over. >> but the funnest thing is being able to morph these things. >> uh-huh. >> from one image into the next. >> oh. we're doing our little "today" show logo i see. >> yeah. >> you keep working on that. let's bring in tom cotter. >> good to see you.
9:40 am
>> very, very funny man. come on over here. and you do comedy on demand. >> i do do comedy on demand. >> you're going to give us a subject? >> you give me a subject and i'm an accommodating jukebox. >> the weather. >> but it's not on the list. >> i didn't realize. >> the weather in mexico tomorrow is chilly today hot tomale. >> family. >> my father is a foster parent, that's what he drank, fosters, he would come home liquored up and jump up and put me up and down under the ceiling fan, i hated that. i was the youngest in the family, getting beat up by the two oldest, mom and dad. >> wow. >> i like the drum, that's awesome. >> we add that. >> my brother shamus, we call him shamus because that's what he does, his name is john. he lives in a gated community, everybody else calls it prison, but that's what it is. >> okay. good luck. >> thank you very much.
9:41 am
appreciate it. >> let's bring out now ruby, jonas, camilla and angelo. >> these are the untouchable. how are you? >> good. >> you guys are so young. all under the age of 13, but yet you beat out all of these great dancers on "america's got talent." was that amazing? >> it was amazing because we are the last kids and dance act l t left. and that's really amazing. and no kids have won "america's got talent." and if we were the first, that would just be the best thing ever. >> you got some votes here. >> let's go see what they can do. come on, guys. >> go ahead. ♪ don't stop keep it moving put your drinks up ♪ ♪ let the rhythm take your world on the floor ♪ ♪ we're running tonight on the floor ♪
9:42 am
♪ >> whew! yeah. ♪ we gonna get on the floor >> the untouchables. >> wow. congratulations. >> oh, fantastic. you guys are great. good job. meanwhile, over here, let's point out david garabaldi. >> chairman of the board. >> yeah, looking like frank sinatra here. that's amazing. now let's bring out richard and nicholas olate, father and son animal trainers. these dogs are unbelievable when you see them perform. hi, good to see you. who is this? >> this is lili. >> and we have loca over here. how did you guys train them? >> my dad started when he was about 12. that was his way out of poverty as a kid and he supported his family that way. that's kind of how he got into it. >> wow. and you train them to do scooters and running around and dancing, everything.
9:43 am
>> that's fantastic. well, show us a little bit of what you can do. >> all right. ♪ >> aww. yay. ♪ >> oh, poor baby. ♪ >> yay. >> yay. >> congratulations. let's bring everybody back out.
9:44 am
>> everybody back here. come on in here. boy, tough choices for america tonight to decide who's going to win it. >> that's right. don't forget. we'll say congratulations, guys. >> great job, everybody. >> tonight starting at 8:00/7:00 central, "america's got talent," a two-hour finale right here on nbc. >> by the way, the painting of frank sinatra all done. good job, david garabaldi. coming up next, a talented family of chefs, with some fall favorites. but first, "today" on nbc. they're almost as good, but not quite. anncr: this casino's in west virginia. but it makes millions off marylanders every year. now they're running dishonest ads. why? because voting for question seven is a vote to build a... world-class resort casino in maryland. creating thousands of jobs and...
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...according to the official department of legislative... services, hundreds of millions for our schools. while saving taxpayer money by cutting casino subsidies. question seven. good jobs and better schools in maryland. not west virginia.
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this morning on "cooking with the scotto family." we've got the scottos from the new york restaurant fresco by scotto. good to see you, guys. >> good morning. >> fall already. yay. >> i'm talking, please. we begin -- we begin our fall
9:49 am
dinner with some cheese, and umbriago cheese which means drunk cheese and pistachio, it's wonderful with olive oil. >> what are we making? >> here we're doing sausage -- with sausage, some onions, garlic, and green tomatoes. >> oh. >> and green tomatoes adds like a tanginess. >> mm-hmm. >> they're not mild like regular red tomato. it's a wonderful way to begin this dish. >> right. >> little salt. >> so you've sauteed the sausage. >> we've already sauteed the sausage, onion, and garlic. >> okay. >> now we put the green tomatoes, which has to cook about 20 minutes. >> okay. >> which we don't have the time. >> of course not. >> oh, really? >> why not, mom? >> i'm not going to answer them.
9:50 am
so i am now -- >> you feel the love. >> i'm now putting chicken broth. >> uh-huh. >> and some wine, and that cooks again another 20 minutes. >> right. >> which has already been cooked. >> yes, pre-cooked, butter. >> yes. >> which is a perfume, you know that. you've got to have butter. and grated cheese. >> right. >> and there you go, al. >> looks like that. >> looks like that, and you can't get better. >> your turn. >> pork chops with apples and onions. >> nothing but fall, it's terrific. we have pork chops that we've blanched or browned real quickly. we're not cooking them. we're then going to take our onions, our shallots and roma tomatoes, they're a little bit sweeter, have a great texture, so they stand up -- >> the apples, you mean? >> roma apples. sage, thyme -- >> little thyme in there. >> we're going to cook this down. once we've cooked that down. we're going to start working on a reduction. the reduction is going to be
9:51 am
apple cider vinegar, apple vinegar, apple juice. >> okay. >> seeds, mustard seeds, we have a little vanilla bean. >> which you're going to split and put inside, and a little butter. we're going to cook that down and reduce it. so we've got this all done. this is now prepared. we're going to put that on the base. we're going to put these pork chops back on top. we're going to cook this now for about 1/2 hour to 45 minutes at a very low temperature. >> all in the same pot. >> all in the same pot. >> and we're going to place it on the plate, put the apples in everything we talked about. the pork chop on top, and then we're going to finish it with this glaze. >> delicious. >> which has got a little bit of a tang to it, which is really great. >> it smells amazing. all right, can't wait to dig in here. >> the favorite dessert. >> i hear it. here it is. tiramisu. and the trick here is just to be patient and do it in steps. so here's the first step. we've whipped some cream.
9:52 am
fresh cream. and then we've whipped egg, sugar, and always our secret weapon. that is a triple italian cream cheese. >> i see some vanilla in there too? >> yeah. a little vanilla bean. that's also a little secret. and we just simply fold this in together. and then if you could just add, that's our wine. >> okay. >> and we have some gelatin we've put in there. that's great, that's perfect. so now we just mix this all together. and al, if you'd like, here are lady fingers, you could dip them. >> nice ladies. >> soak those lady fingers up in some cool espresso. and then we just simply layer our baking dish. >> it's a pretty easy dessert. >> it's so easy, you don't -- once it's done, you don't have to cook it. you put it in the refrigerator for three hours. >> that's laying it out. >> and it lasts for days, which
9:53 am
is terrific. >> weeks even. >> yeah. so here you go. and that's -- >> hey, natalie. you've got to try it. >> scotto family, thanks so much. >> thank you. fantastic. oh, thanks. >> the tiramisu. >> yeah. thanks, guys. >> check out our recipes on our website, we've got more to come, but first this is "today" on nbc. anncr: this casino's in west virginia. but it makes millions off marylanders every year. now they're running dishonest ads. why? because voting for question seven is a vote to build a... world-class resort casino in maryland. creating thousands of jobs and... ...according to the official department of legislative... services, hundreds of millions for our schools. while saving taxpayer money by cutting casino subsidies. question seven. good jobs and better schools in maryland. not west virginia.
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9:55 am
thanks again to the scottos. good to see you. and coming up kathie lee and hoda. plus a makeover for your bedroom. all that and news and your local weather. have a great day.
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