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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  September 14, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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took a hard line. >> as anti-emetic -- anti- american writing spreads -- rioting spread, the president vowed no u.s. retreat. >> making it clear that justice will come to those who harm americans. most of all, even in our grief, we will be resolute, for we are americans. we hold our head high >> but the protests widened. this was iraq, lebanon, symbols of the u.s. got burned -- a kfc and a hardy's. this is gossip. many egyptians are still furious over the anti-muslim film made in the u.s.. it is not just arab nations.
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muslims to the east erupted. this was pakistan today. this was bangladesh. these were indian muslims in kashmir. while back in the u.s., republican vice-presidential candidate paul ryan blamed president obama. >> what we do not see is steady, consistent, american leadership. that is what keeps the peace, and that is what we will have a in a romney-ryan administration. >> team obama called that an attempt to score political points. >> both factually wrong and poorly timed. now is a time when americans should be coming together. >> as many in the muslim world are coming together against americans. >> the white house insisted today there was no intelligence that could have prevented the american deaths in libya. >> our coverage continues
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online at and our smartphone app. also, the actress in the film set to have sparked the attack speaking out. you can click on national news. >> closer to home tonight, securities on the forefront of baltimore county school employees after two major gun incidents since the school year began. they met today to review the security measures now in place. our education reporter is live at school headquarters with more on the meeting. >> the superintendent will be first to tell you these have been trying times for the school system. all the more reason, he says, for people to become more aware of their surroundings. >> the district-wide safety meetings were in response to gun incidents at perry hall high school and stammers run middle school. school principals were also ordered to review school crisis plans already on the books. the school system's communications director says there is a reason why the
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superintendent is calling for review. >> we want to make sure that people are really paying attention, that teachers are comfortable with their crisis plans, and more importantly, that students are included so that they know what to do in the event of an incident in a school. >> decides to call -- besides the call for more imports, the district plans to move ahead with the search for a safety and security director. over the next few weeks, baltimore county school officials say they will do more to make sure there is a way of reporting suspicious activity, using it to plan already in place. >> we found out maybe we were not publicizing it to students and staff as much as we should have been, so you will see us doing that. there will be posters in school as a constant reminder that if you see something, share it. say something to someone. >> the district says it is trying to develop a text messaging and e-mail system for staff and students. they are also calling on parents to become more aware and more involved in the lives of their children. >> we are asking parents to do
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the same thing -- if you see something or hear something, particularly with your own child -- if they seem a little quiet or out of character, take notes. have a conversation with them. >> much of that is being spelled out in a letter sent home to parents today throughout baltimore county. back to that tippling, we do have the number. it is the school system to top line. 1-877-636-6332. again, that is the tip line that has been in effect. they are now being urged to use it. >> thank you. >> new at this hour, police say they have arrested a 22-year-old man from the six for setting three fires overnight. fire crews were called to the scene around 4:00 this morning were the found two cars and a boat on fire. crews were then called to the 100 block of riverside road for another fire.
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some, a car parked in the street and a third fire found in a parking garage nearby. the suspect this is a laundry list of charges including arson, drug possession, and that. >> a new twist tonight in the slaying of an elderly couple from a tax bill. police are naming their grandson as a possible suspect after finding the man at a hospital in oklahoma. detectives in baltimore county made the gruesome discovery on monday. at this hour, we do not know how the two were killed, but police confirmed they suffered some type of trauma. authorities in oklahoma are waiting to interview long. bge officials of chasing a gas leak to a home, which led to a brief evacuation of several homes nearby. residents living in the area -- some of them in any event -- were forced to evacuate their homes as fire crews worked to control the problem. we're told the scene has been
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cleared. we are told the residents behind the problem will be responsible for the repairs, and their gas is now shut off. >> vandalizing speed cameras is such a problem in prince george's county that police are now installing surveillance cameras to monitor the speed cameras, and vandals have struck as many as eight times in baltimore county in the past few years. david, are baltimore county police considering the same thing? >> the short answer is no, but these things are sitting ducks. based on what we saw in prince george's, a to would not take much to protect them. the irony is inescapable -- cars whiz by on racetrack road prompted police to hide a portable speed camera in the woods. to deter vandalism, police installed a camera to watch over the speed camera and have plans to install a dozen more by the end of the year because six have been damaged since april. >> it is a good idea. it slows you down.
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especially from the college over here. they fly through here. >> he lives across the street from the camera watching the speed camera. he is not bothered by the big brother feel of it. >> you do not think it is a little much? or do you think it is just a fact of life these days? >> i think it is a fact of life, really. >> speed cameras in baltimore county have been vandalized eight times since 2010. they paid over speed camera lenses and publicly express their anger in graffiti -- the paint over speed camera lenses. then those even set one on fire. all the cameras on their school loans. so far, six have been targeted. two twice. in august, they did not consider this a big deal. >> in the scope of everything we deal with in the baltimore police apartment, this is a relatively minor problem. >> they still do not. they did issue a statement.
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"if we had a can of -- camera analyst every week, we might consider it. now, the normal process we have -- normal processes we have are sufficient to deal with any problems we may have. the baltimore county's become a program generates $2 million in revenues each year. no cost estimates are available when a camera is out of commission. the cost of replacing and repairing damage cameras is the responsibility of the vendor. unlike baltimore county's contract, it costs prince george's county tens of thousands of dollars to replace the camera, and they do not want to lose ground making drivers slowed down. meanwhile, sam hale offered a solution making all the cameras unnecessary. >> should not be speeding. and then many may wonder why speak camass simply cannot do double duty. under maryland law, a speed camera can only be used to take pictures of speeders.
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>> an entire week of fantastic late summer weather conditions. temperatures right now upper 70's and low 80's on the area. 81 of the inner harbor. it is beautiful up there, but there are changes coming our way. look at the southern edge of that line really falling apart. our best chance for a shower is nothing more than a sprinkle here. late tonight. it looks like that cool front, which is what those showers of developing ahead of, will be passed us by tomorrow, so the weekend promises some decent weather again. >> just a few days after the raven's tame the cincinnati bengals, the team faces a tough game this sunday. i have a closer look of the first road game of the season. >> the second game in the most
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grueling stretch in nfl history, certainly one of them. four games in 17 days. a brutal toll on the body, the acheson pains are eased with wins. ed reed, who tweaked his hamstring scoring his 14th touchdown says he is fine. paul kruger, who today was wearing a channeler jones jersey at practice -- listed as questionable. both players said they will play sunday and the eagles. as for the ravens office, very healthy, coming off a game that had our entire football nation all fired up. >> i hope we are all better, both sides of the fall. it will be more of an issue. defense probably has a lot of this crowd noise in our own stadium, so we will have to work on our control the ball. it has got to improve. >> coming up, how the ravens plan to correct their only
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glaring issue. >> thank you. that brings us to our raven's expression for the day. what do you expect from the raven's eagles game? grab your phone and send a text to this number -- 88509. text a if you expect a blowout or b if you expect a close game. standard text messaging rates to apply. we will reveal the results on 11 is at 5:00. >> a scathing report in a cleveland newspaper has art modell fans crying foul. >> details on the article that lately accuses the former raven's owner of lying. van at an an unimaginable tragedy for one family. and has been, his pregnant wife?o?o?oçoíc';woçwk
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>> a week after the passing of the former raven's owner, some in cleveland are calling him a liar. he had always maintained that he move the browns because the city would not build a new stadium. today's article in the plain dealer, two former cleveland politicians claim they offered a new stadium years before the move, and were turned down. the former city council president said he and other city officials proposed building a
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facility along with a baseball complex, but modell would not listen. forbes says he is speaking out now to set the record straight. my bill died last week at the age of 87. the driver of a tractor-trailer accused of causing a chain reaction crash that killed a gaithersburg family has been charged with four counts of manslaughter. it happened in western nebraska about 40 miles west of wyoming. police say diana schmitt, seven months pregnant, was driving in one car with her two young sons. her husband was following in another vehicle. as traffic backed up to a stop, the trailer did not slow down. >> this is terrible. this is so shocking. i do not know what words to use to describe it. >> family and friends say the family was in western nebraska because they were in the process of moving from maryland to california. >> that was sad. in tonight's medical alert, two
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more human cases of west nile virus confirmed in baltimore county, bringing the total number of cases of humans in maryland to 27. health officials are scheduling this year's spraying is in the area next week. but springs will occur, weather permitting, after 7:00 p.m. it would like a complete list of the streets that will be sprayed, you can go to our website. for the first time, researchers have been able to see the effects of alcohol on a fetus in the womb. the doctors surveyed pregnant women about their alcohol use and tested the ability of their unborn babies to learn to ignore sounds, like the way you would learn to ignore the ticking of a clock after a while. they found that the fetus's whose mothers reported binge drinking took significantly longer to perform this skill than other babies. and two big companies teaming up to bring healthy food options to schoolchildren, and kids are giving it riverview's.
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a salad bar loaded with fruits and vegetables is not an option at five schools in des moines. new guidelines put in place this year require students to have a fruit, vegetable, whole grain, meat, and milk at every meal. that salad bar helps meet the standard. and it is pretty new for us. i have been here since kindergarten, and we have never had it before. it is kind of a new experience. it helps with how healthy we are. >> great idea for kids. that salad bar initiative is all part of the first lady's initiative to help fight childhood obesity. >> beautiful, late summer day again. all week long, we have been enjoying this. a little more cloud cover perhaps today, and maybe a touch warmer in a spot or two with more humidity factored in. nonetheless, real nice september day. all about the baltimore metro
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area, temperatures are comfortable. 78 degrees at rock hall in edgewood. rising sun at 78 degrees or so. 77 in randallstown. tiny town checks in 79 degrees. just a little bit cooler in the western maryland mountains, temperatures running in the low 70's. get set for some real chilly fall-like weather. highs will probably barely get into the low 60's. 81 at eastern. 79 cells vary. there are some showers approaching us, but if you watch the transition of the showers from detroit through cleveland into pittsburgh as we go through the last 12 hours or so, you'll see that the bottom end of the showers are falling apart and china. a manager with the system is father to the north, and that is where the more substantial rain will be. the farther south you go, we are really talking just a passing brief shower or a sprinkle late tonight. temperatures ranging from 55 to 65.
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those warmer numbers in downtown baltimore. the wins will be shifting as the front goes through. out of the south, ahead of the front for a good part of the night. again, just isolated showers or really sprinkles overnight as the front is making its way through. the front itself sitting just to our west now. you can see the clouds are mostly on the western side of the front. access to the front and the cooler air. 59 in cleveland. 80 in baltimore. pretty good temperature contrast. we will get into that fall-like air late tonight and tomorrow, and it will stick around for most of the weekend. southern and might get active and come at us, but not until monday next week. we see the remnants of the front passing through between 2:00 and 3:00 in the morning. showers associated with it out ahead of it. you can see there's not a lot of rain with that front. tomorrow morning, and is pushing off the coast. northwest winds kick in. we see a good deal of sunshine
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for saturday. maybe some high, thin clouds on sunday, but overall, nice looking weekend with the next batch of rain coming up from the south and pushing into central maryland by monday afternoon. the timing could not be better for the weekend. 74 to 79 tomorrow, mostly sunny skies. a little on the breezy side. on the day, winds are going to be strong behind the front, gusting at times to 25 knots. a small craft advisory flag is up for the open waters of the day tomorrow. in western maryland, a touch of fall. high temperatures in the low 60's tomorrow. nighttime temperatures -- would not be surprised if there are some 30's and 40's in the coolest valleys out in western maryland. 79 saturday on the eastern shore. 78 on sunday. a lot of sunshine. a little on the breezy side. ocean city will have temperatures just under 80, low humidity, and quite a bit of sunshine for both saturday and sunday. if you are making the trek up
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sunday afternoon, mostly sunny and pleasant. great football weather. sunny, breezy saturday. 76 degrees on sunday. a 60% chance of showers and thunderstorms on monday and tuesday. back to the cool, dry weather the middle part of next week. >> seems like no matter where you go in the baltimore area, people have a little extra spring in the step. >> i suppose. combine that with something that has been a little foreign. while the purple and orange is putting some stores in an interesting situation. >> the maryland food bank held their annual symposium today. what you can do to help next. anncr: a good job. it's the key to a good life.
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but it isn't always easy to find one... a vote for question seven is a vote for maryland jobs. two thousand construction jobs to build a new resort casino. four thousand permanent jobs, paying... on average fifty five thousand a year. six thousand jobs from increased tourism... and table games like blackjack and poker. add it up: it's twelve thousand new maryland jobs.
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but to build it you have to vote for it. vote for question seven. and get maryland back to work.
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>> in the race for the white house, the focus continues to be on the battleground states. latest polling shows that president obama -- not surprisingly -- got a boost in key states following the democratic national convention. >> today, his opponents were on the attack. at the top of the hour, we talked about the president being at andrews air force base to receive the remains of this killed in the libyan attack. what about the romney/ryan team? what were they doing today? >> they led dual attacks against the president on the economy and foreign policy. mitt romney starting the day in new york with a fund-raiser. then he went to ohio for a campaign event where he focused much of his time talking about
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the economy and attacking the president's policies. paul ryan, on the other hand, addressed a gathering of religious conservatives here in washington, and he focused a lot of his time attacking the president on foreign policy, saying that the president is not providing steady, consistent leadership. >> the "washington post right now -- they are quoting romney advisers as saying that the violence in the middle east would not have happened if romney were president. how has the obama camp reacted? >> that is right. the obama team reacted by saying that this video that was produced here and sparked this riot in the middle east -- that it would have likely been produced had romney then president. back to you. >> thank you very much. two campuses locked down. >> threats of students on edge in north dakota and texas.
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what is behind the recent surge in scare's. >> what happens when hough orioles magic leads into purple friday? in the dilemma fans are dealing with coming up. >> hundreds of people have gathered for the maryland food bank's annual symposium. details coming up.
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>> know it 5:30 -- after yesterday's sweep of the tampa bay raise in dramatic fashion, the orioles looking playoff baseball strike in the eyes -- in new at 5:30. some fans may be going through a little bit of withdrawal. >> the orioles winning has been drawing huge crowds. it has been great for the fans, great for the businesses as well. and yes, as you were mentioning, this has been a terrific thing for the city, but one thing you have noticed -- one problem if you will -- is some ravens and orioles fans are going through a little bit of an identity crisis. it is purple friday. but what if you are also an
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orioles fan and want to wear orange on friday? we found a solution to that problem as orioles fever continues to catch on. >> i love those. orioles fear, magic, whatever you want to call it has taken a grip on the baltimore area and is not letting go. >> it is fabulous. it is exciting to see. there is a lot of momentum, and we hope it continues. >> good bye, home run. it is a fair ball. >> after a sweep of the tampa bay raise, the orioles are headed out west on a nine-game road trip, and keeping the spirit alive is now more important than ever. am i love them. they are just doing so great right now. >> is it exciting to see? >> it is. i wake up before i have to go do anything. >> we bought more tickets at the beginning of the season, and it just happened that they started
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playing better. the past couple of years, we probably only one to one or two games. >> the winning ways of the o's have also put sports memorabilia stores in an interesting situation. september usually means the entire store is raven's purple, but this year, there is a lot of orange as well. >> usually, when the season gets rolling, we end up backing away and putting more purple in. it is good to see the change. >> some fans are finding themselves in a tough spot, especially on purple friday, but have no fear -- split shirts are available right now like this one, which describes the situation with the made up word -- baltimania. >> condition where one loses the ability decide what color to wear in charm city. >> fans all over the area rejoice having two hometown teams playing at the top of
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their game. gamma the orioles will be on the road for the next nine games. they're back in town for a doubleheader on monday the 24th against the blue jays. >> #baltimania. thank you. officials at baltimore county school districts are being ordered to review the school crisis plans as administrators react to the recent gun incidents in schools. the situation earlier this week and stood and brought a gun to class. the district is also looking for a safety and security director in addition to raising awareness about a tip line that is in place to report suspicious activity. tonight, police have located the grandson of an elderly baltimore county couple found murdered inside their home.
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matthew long is being treated for an unknown illness eye hospital in oklahoma. he shared a home the people who were found dead in their home this week. baltimore county executives say they do consider want to beat a suspect and are waiting to interview him. the victim of the morgans the shooting is in critical condition tonight. this should still remains at large. investigators say the 19-year- old victim, who suffered from a gunshot wound to the stomach, was targeted. little the young man was visiting his cousin, a morgan state football player at his school on wednesday. police say the gunman was also not a morgan state student. no word on motives. >> the fbi is trying to figure out whether bomb threats at two universities this morning were related. students and employees at the university of texas and north dakota state were ordered to evacuate for a time after both schools say they received threats, one of them claiming affiliation with al qaeda. >> there were two calls at about
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the same time this morning, both warning of bombs planted on two college campuses about 1,000 miles apart. the university of texas in austin. >> we had a threat of an explosive. a group of explosives. >> and north dakota state in fargo. >> the campus evacuated in a timely, orderly fashion. this is a scenario we have practiced and plan for and unfortunately have to put into practice right now. then as students, faculty, and staff moved out of both schools, local swat teams and federal agents rushed in, securing and searching several buildings across each get the spirit within a few hours, sounding the all clear. >> we are extremely confident that the campus is safe. we are allowing people back into the buildings. >> back but not completely confident as the tense morning at both schools was just a coincidence. >> we definitely think it is a coordinated effort when you hear that another university has the
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same or a similar threat. >> a threat to both local and federal officers are still investigating. >> we have breaking news right now. what is happening here? >> we are down here on brooklyn south huntington avenue at plum street. a crash involving two vehicles. we know there is a personal injury involved. one of the vehicles and up against the house. firefighters in the process of removing one of the victim's right now from one of the vehicles. be advised that southbound pennington avenue is shut down due to this accident. >> thank you. a new attraction is coming to disney's magic kingdom in november. >> this one may raise a few eyebrows. what the park decided to add on this has been against disney policy for four years. >> first, record year for team usa.
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a special shout out for maryland. >> more twist in a sexual- harassment case. a woman who spoke out could
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anncr: a good job. it's the key to a good life. but it isn't always easy to find one... a vote for question seven is a vote for maryland jobs. two thousand construction jobs to build a new resort casino. four thousand permanent jobs, paying... on average fifty five thousand a year. six thousand jobs from increased tourism... and table games like blackjack and poker. add it up: it's twelve thousand new maryland jobs. but to build it you have to vote for it. vote for question seven. and get maryland back to work.
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>> [inaudible] [laughter] >> michael phelps was among the more than 400 olympic athletes on the white house lawn today for a special thanks from the president. team usa's olympians and paralympians marking a banner year, taking home 141 metals, 46 of them gold, the biggest american hall had an olympics not held in the united states. maryland athletes have a standout year as well. he did not just mention michael phelps. katie lecky also got a special shot out. and she may have been swimming in london, but she still had to
5:40 pm
finish a summer assignment for her high school english class. there she is. [applause] >> there you go. that is pretty cool. also at today's event, the athletes presented the president and first lady with an american flag that was carried by the u.s. team during this year's opening ceremonies in london. >> covering the nation today, classes are cancelled for a fifth day for chicago school students, but both sides of the teachers' strike say they are closer to getting a deal. the new hope emerged thursday after days of sometimes contentious meetings between the teachers' union in chicago and the city school board. the union which represents nearly 30,000 chicago teachers says both sides are near an agreement on pay but are far apart on teacher evaluations, benefits, and other issues. both sides say they hope kids can return to school, hopefully by monday. >> meantime, it looks like students across the nation are
5:41 pm
not doing so well in the right thing department. a new education survey finds just a quarter of eighth and 12th grade students in the u.s. are able to write well-developed essays using proper english grammar. that is always a help. that is true even when they are allowed to use a spell check and other word processing tools. this is the first time since have been given the test in nearly four decades, so results are not comparable to recent years. >> overseas now where the royal family is considering taking legal action tonight for what it is calling a grotesque and unjustifiable invasion of privacy after a french magazine published topless photos of the duchess of cambridge, who had apparently been sunbathing in the south of france. the pictures were taken on a private guesthouse terrace where the couple was vacationing. this represents the first significant press challenge for kate and for prince william, whose mother princess diana was killed during a car chase with the paparazzi. >> a group of robbers in california took their demands
5:42 pm
for the year if a little too far. >> that might have got away for it if it were not for one very crucial mistake. >> showers associated with a cold front headed this way. the ins to whether + forecast for the weekend straight ahead
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>> coming up, anti-american protests have spread to more than a dozen countries in the middle east and beyond, fuelled by a movie trailer that enraged moslems. another twist in the harassment case involving john leopold -- why three of his aides are threatening a lawsuit
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>> food, of course, is a basic human necessity and a right. the annual floods imposing hopes the idea will help to -- help in the fight to end hunger in maryland. >> the maryland food bank needs more goods on their shelves. the food bank was in need has increased threefold in the last couple of years. >> most of the families we are reaching our families who are new to receiving food. these are people who work but do not make enough money working or have been recently unemployed.
5:46 pm
the faces i changing, but the need is still very real. >> the food bank posted their annual symposium friday, bringing workers and clients together with state agencies and others in the community to brainstorm how to stop this growing problem. >> we are really focusing on food as a right, like the right to vote, the right to equal pay. we believe every human on the planet should have access to adequate nutrition and food. >> i hope that everyone leaves really energized about -- within the knowledge that collectively, we could really make a difference. to their organizations, their neighborhoods, their circle of influence, and mobilize people
5:47 pm
into a movement that will end hunger in maryland. >> the first step is getting more donations into the food bank for these agencies to distribute. for that, they need everyone's help. >> people here need to understand that for the food they have, they are blessed, but there are families who just are not able to make ends meet. >> an easy way you can help us by noting to a virtual -- donating to a virtual food bank online. >> morning lows in the 50's, afternoon hi's in the low 80's pierre normal highs, 79, so we were lower than that, but the morning was comfortable, and we were thankfully nowhere near that record high for this 14th day of september, that was set
5:48 pm
in 1931 when the temperature hit a scorching hot 94. right now, no rain in sight. at least not in the immediate next few hours. hour rainfall deficit continues to grow. for the month, we are half an inch below normal. for the year, almost 6 inches below normal. but there is a little bit of rain on the radar. coming out of cleveland into pittsburgh, but it looks like it will mostly miss us to the north. the southern end of this line is very ragged. just a few scattered light showers or sprinkles possible here late tonight after midnight. otherwise, it will be partly cloudy. eventually by morning, we will see temperatures dropped into the 50's again because this front, which is now cutting across northwestern the pennsylvania separating 80's hear from 50's in cleveland -- that front moves through tonight with a few scattered showers or sprinkles. after that, high pressure will fell in behind it. the weekend looks pretty nice. 3:00 in the morning, the fund is
5:49 pm
making its way through baltimore. you can see very little, spotty showers going on. the clouds will clear up nicely as we had a saturday. cool and comfortable for saturday and sunday. monday, we will keep an eye to this out because the next batch of wet weather starts to move about of richmond toward baltimore through the afternoon on monday. the timing is pretty good. temperatures will be in the 70's again tomorrow. a small craft advisory on the bay for winds gusting to 25 knots, and 3-foot waves. in the tropical atlantic, we still are tracking nadine, which refuses to become a hurricane. but only threshold. it is a strong tropical storm. good-looking satellite picture here with clouds wrapped around the center of the storm, but wins have been holding a 70 miles an hour. 74 mile an hour winds, the threshold to become a hurricane. the hurricane center thinks it may strengthen to a category one storm before it gets pushed off into the eastern atlantic, but
5:50 pm
nowhere near any large major land areas for the next several days. 76 on sunday. our chances increasing by afternoon monday with a thunderstorm possible tuesday. back to partly cloudy skies wednesday and thursday of next week. >> we begin tonight's consumer loan with a look at wall street following yesterday's move by the fed to provide more help for the economy. stocks climbed again today. the dow jones reached above the 13,600 mark for the first time since the start of the great recession in december 2007, but it pulled back just a little bit at the close. nasdaq rose around 29 points to 3184. s&p up 6 points to close at 1466. retail sales shot up in august but not necessarily because more people are shopping. the commerce department is pointing to higher gas prices. labor officials say while consumer prices are up for the first time since march, higher
5:51 pm
gas prices account for about 85% of that increase. food prices also a little bit higher. some of the of the things consumers are paying more for -- rent, medical care, new cars. but you are saving money on clothing, furniture, and air fare. it looks like the tax break we have all been getting when shopping online may become a thing of the past. more and more, online retailers are starting to include state sales tax on your purchases. it is part of a long battle at the cash register between traditional brick and mortar businesses and websites. in reality, you have been responsible for that tax for years. you were supposed to voluntarily pay it to the state. >> with the amount of money that amazon will be collecting or we will be collecting off of amazon, in the state, it should be a pretty significant amount of dollars coming in. >> the move is also a traditional retail shoppers helping that start to mezzos, that many will be promoting
5:52 pm
stronger customer service in order to bring folks back into their brick and mortar stores appeared finally, apple fans, today's the day. well, it was. customers can now officially begin for ordering the new iphone 5, but already, they are sold out. apple online was taking orders for the new gadget, which features a larger display screen, among other upgrades. the phone was unveiled wednesday on -- in san francisco and will hit store shelves on september 21. more than 244 million iphones have been sold since 2007. >> that is a lot people. bill pdp blessedly excited about getting their hands on the new iphone, but one man in los angeles release one over the edge. take a look at this not so smart phones matching grant. security video shows the suspect crashing his vehicle through the front window as several other men leap from the window and start taking iphones and ipads from display cases. the license plate apparently
5:53 pm
fell off during the incident, and he returned later to look for it, and that is when police mid-air rest. coming up, the latest woman to sue claiming sexual harassment by county executive john leopold now facing threats of a lawsuit. 11 is getting a clearer picture of how intense the legal battle is becoming. a live report knew it 6:00. >> not every crop has had it rough this summer. coming up, how you can taste for yourself at this weekend's maryland wine festival.
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>> for the first time in the 41- year history of disney's magic kingdom, a new attraction is getting a lot of attention -- alcohol and beer and wine will be on the menu when the new be our guest restaurant opens later this year. officials say they have been listening to feedback from guests who have said they would love to have the option of having an adult beverage with dinner at a playland for kids. the restaurant is based on disney's beauty and the beast, which will serve french cuisine, one, and beer we are told will be only served during dinner time. >> speaking of wine at lunch time -- or any time. it will be a beautiful weekend for the maryland wine festival. >> indeed. while it has been a tough year for maryland farmers, great growers, it has been one of their best seasons ever. >> i am here at the old west
5:57 pm
minster winery, which is a brand new winery making its debut at the festival this weekend. >> this is the perfect opportunity. the wine festival was the best platform we could ask for to be involved with all of the other local wineries and the people who love the maryland line. >> excited for its debut, westminster winery is tucked away off route 27. it is a small, family-phone winery. that our goal is to grow and produce premium wines in maryland that really reflect our soils and our area well. >> the winery was established two years ago and is run by the baker siblings who are just out of college. their sister lisa is away visiting vineyards in california. drew says in this part of the state, it has been a great summer for grape-growing. >> we are about two weeks ahead of schedule, which is a good place to be. it was a little wet at the beginning of september, but the past 10 days and the next 10 days look into it -- fantastic. >> not yet open to the public,
5:58 pm
of westminster relies on its wine club, something made possible by marilyn's new shipping laws. >> it is huge. not every winery has a business model that includes a tasting room. being able to have a wine club and to ship two but three times a year -- it is great. it is a blast. it is a lot of work at times, but we do have a great time. >> the family is looking for to a wine festival. 37 wineries from all of the state will be there, featuring over 200 wines. unlimited tasting with the price of admission, and that is not all. >> we have a lot of new crafters. a lot of new demonstrations going on, and we have a new location, so it is going to be a great time. >> if you do not want to worry about traffic getting in, shuttle service is available, and children 12 and under get in free.
5:59 pm
>> that is all for us at 5:00. >> take a look a what is coming up next 6:00. an atlanta woman speaks up about an alleged sexual harassment -- an ann arundel county woman speaks out. then a cold front headed our way. possible a few showers. weekend forecast coming up. >> more protests broke out today around the world over the anti- muslim film even in places like london and turkey and india. >> meanwhile, the president offered his personal condolences to the families of the four men killed when a diplomatic compound was attacked by libya earlier this week. their bodies came home today at andrews air force base. m a the president


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