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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  September 14, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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data coming out about the west nile virus. more people are learning they have tested positive while trying to help others in need. dortch is live in the news room. can you explain this to us? >> this seems to mix blaine -- an increasing number of people are learning they have tested positive for the west nile virus when they go to donate blood. the smallest of creatures are still causing a big health risk across maryland. the mosquito born west and i'll virus has so far killed two people. a total 29 -- 25 people have been affected. more people than ever are finding out day of testing positive not by going to the doctor but when they have tried to donate blood. when you donate your blood, it goes to a lab to be tested for diseases testedhiv, polis, hepatitis b and c and the west
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nile virus. >> it is not available for transfusions or any other use of that blood. the blood supply is still considered very well protected. >> in 2010, the cdc reported there were no such cases. in 2011, three donors work cause. i didn't let it fall, 385 nationally would be donors had a positive west nile virus. -- in 2012, 385 nationally would-be donors had a positive west nile virus. >> they have to have a whole array of clinical symptoms to meet the criteria to be considered human west nile virus cases. >> it is not clear how many of the 10 donors so far this year will end up becoming confirmed infections. all of these would be blood
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donors have no symptoms of the west nile the virus at the time it did not know they had it. that is the case for about 80% of the people will have the virus. >> the new owners of the steel mill say they closed the deal and are looking for operators for all or part of the property. a federal bankruptcy judge approved the $70 million purchase last month. by a company that specializes in industrial liquidations. when it was sold, nearly 2000 people were laid off. a spokesman says the new owners are assessing the site which will take a few weeks. they are also considering removing and sell the equipment as well as demolition and redevelopment. a suspect is still a large tonight after a stabbing at a light rail station in south baltimore. it happened around 6:30 tonight at the westport light rail. suspect attended to take the victims cell phone on the tram and the victim refused and fought back. the fight spilled out onto the
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station platform with the victim was stabbed. the victim was taken to shock trauma with non life-threatening injuries. one person is hurt after a fire and the south was baltimore this evening. firefighters responded to a home birhgtwood0 block birh avenue. firefighters located one victim who suffered some type of injury, possibly smoke inhalation. the victim was transported to a hospital. it's about half an hour to bring the fire under control. no idea right now what started the fire. a break at the case of an elderly couple found murdered in baltimore county. investigators say they have discovered the couple's grandson and they're calling him a suspect. but he is not in maryland. investigators had not been able to speak with him yet. >> longtime residents vaughn and marjorie pepper live in their neighborhood for 47 years.
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police believe they were covered -- they were killed two days before they were found murdered. >> we have located matthew long, the grandson of vaughn and marjorie pepper. >> matthew long, the couple lived in grandson and a suspect in the murder, was discovered in oklahoma where police say he is currently in a hospital being treated for a medical condition. baltimore county investigators are also in oklahoma waiting for a chance to interview him. they are not say how he was discovered but say the best is there contacted them very correctly entered him into the national missing nurses database. when he was located in oklahoma on september 11, they notified the baltimore county police department. our detectives began making preparations to go out to interview him. >> he was living in the home of the missing when investigators discovered the bodies. police have described their injuries at dramatic but are not
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saying how they died or if there are any other people love interest in the case. >> are the texas have been investigating this case since monday evening. -- our detectives have been investigating this case since monday evening. >> the search continues for the man who opened fire on it -- on the campus of morgan state university wednesday. investigators say the 19-year- old victim was visiting his cousin who plays football at the school when he was shot in the stomach. they say he was targeted and is still that a critical condition. authorities say needed a short tour -- the shooter nor the victim or more as the students. >> is sexual harassment case. we have more on who is making the threats and why. >> it is another sign of the intensity of the legal battle involving an arundel county down is at the john leopold the
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former employee. she is suing claiming sexual assessment -- sexual-harassment an awful determination -- and wrongful termination. we asked the county councilman about it. >> it is obvious that the hostilities between the parties and the litigation between her and the county executive and the county are escalating. now there are other employees involved. >> a $affidavit, she claims she is on leave because of posttraumatic stress syndrome caused by what she called the toxic environment in the office. as the documents were destroyed and several staff members were very concerned about office workers exposing various practices and acts. two letters from an attorney representing 3 of his top staff members threatened legal action,
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calling the allegations libelous and slanderous. they say the actions were personal gain with a view of extorting a settlement and or benefits from her employment. in the letters, the attorney in demands she take it back saying he will retract and publicly apologized clear allegations against each of them or a civil action will be filed against you in the circuit court for an arundel county. >> it is another unfortunate chapter in my county's recent history. makes doing the job very difficult. we are trying to hold people accountable but it is clear that there are a lot of people who do not want to be held accountable. that is really unfortunate 3 >> the attorney says there is no question is civil suit is contemplated. he says the allegations have damaged his client's reputation as the statements are made falsely. they're not protected by community. >> let's be clear on this. if i say something about you, my
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friend is the turth. and not to the defense theory >> attorney also says -- >> and i knowingly said it is not true and it cost you harm, that is another plus. if the cost you harm, you can see me for the value of the harm i've got the progress -- i've caused you. >> leopold denies all the allegations. rex baltimore county to -- the district is making plans to set a new text messaging and e-mail system where students, staff, and the committee can report suspicious activity. the superintendent presented the new security plan in the wake of gun incidents at perry hall high school and stemmers run middle
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schools. >> we want to make sure everyone has a -- reviewed the crisis plan. >> the district is also looking for safety and security director and is raising awareness about a tip line to report suspicious activity. the member for that line is 1- 877-636-6332. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> in our commitment 2012 update, a new candidate is entering the race. he lost the democratic primary by less than one percentage point and says he will run as a write in get it. rosen with you after the party learned she voted in maryland and florida in 2006 and 2008.
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opponents, andy harris, says he will hold town hall meetings in place of debate. the rage over the video that is -- has offended some of it throughout the islamic world is not dying down. the protests have expanded even more country today. it did to yemen for the second day, furious protesters tried to storm the embassy, burning american flags as riot police fired water cannon that them. in tunisia, demonstrators set fires by the u.s. embassy gates and in sudan, protesters raged on the british and german industries -- embassies. the president went on tv to urge calm. authorities had to build a wall to block an access road. there were demonstrations today in nearly 40 cities across the
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region and beyond. what the body the the americans killed in the delivery of this week were finally home today. the transfer ceremony took place days after the group was killed in an attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. it was a solemn homecoming. the casket of ambassador chris stevens and three other americans were finally carried home. president barack obama and hillary clinton met with the families of the victims, honoring their memories. >> today we bring home for americans who gave their lives for our country and our values. >> they did not simply embrace the american ideal. they lived it. they embodied it. >> the president and secretary of state about justice and reiterated their condemnation of an anti-muslim film that triggered more deadly demonstrations overseas in more than one dozen countries. ater in sports, the o's and
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battle in the bronx. next, the summer drought has not negatively affected all crops,. . someg reat -- some great wine in time for the wine festival. >> a cold front headed our way. we will see how that impacts the weekend forecast. weekend forecast. 75 dow [ male announcer ] for the dreamers... and those well grounded. for what's around this corner...
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>> in near-perfect week and for this weekend's wine festival. it has been a tough year for maryland farmers grape growers
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say it as been one of the best seasons ever. >> i am here at the old west minister winery, a brand new winery making its opportunity. the wine festival as the best platform could ask for to be involved with the local wineries. >> the winery is on route 27. it is a small family-owned winery. on 6 acres. >> our goal is to grow and produce premium wines in maryland that really reflect our soils in our area will request the winery was established two years ago. the siblings are just out of college. the sister is a way of visiting vineyards in california. in this part of the state, it has been a great summer grape growing. >> we are about two weeks ahead of schedule.
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it was a little wet at the beginning of september but the past 10 days in the next 10 days were fantastic. >> not yet open to the public, it relies now on its -- shipping is going gang busters. >> it is teach. not every winery has a business model that includes a tasting room are going to advance to sell wine. being able to ship two or three times a year to customers is great. >> it is a lot of work at times but we do have a great time. >> the dam it is looking forward to the maryland wine festival saturday and sunday -- the family is looking for to the maryland wine festival saturday and sunday. you get unlimited tasting with the price of admission and that is not all. we have a lot of new demonstrations going on. we have a new location on the premiere tents. it will be a great time. >> if you do not want to worry
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about traffic getting into the museum, shuttle service available. children 12 and under get in free. >> now, your 11 insta-weather forecast. >> this was the sixth consecutive day with near- perfect weather conditions around our area. several changes tonight for a few hours. across the state of maryland, some sprinkles moving into western maryland. to allegany county. approaching hagerstown. these are isolated and not amounting to a lot of precipitation. morse is the impact of showers is further north -- more sign ificant showers farther north. bwi marshall, another dry dwy. the rainfall deficit at about a half an inch.
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for the year, 5.88 below normal total precipitation. a little more humid today than it has been. att today at the airport. 55 of the morning low. -- 82 today at the airport. 55, the morning low. 81 in pittsburgh. only 71 in cincinnati. the front will come through our area added to the next couple of hours. the fund should be gone by morning, allowing high pressure to settle to-- the front begun by morning, allowing high pressure to settle in. not that chilly here but it will feel very comfortable as skies cleared tomorrow. northwest of a breeze -- northwesterly breeze. high, thin clouds of the afternoon on sunday but most of
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the day pretty nice. what mother moves back into the mid-atlantic on monday. back intother moves the mid atlantic on monday. sunrise saturday morning at 6:48. on the bay, gusts at 25 knots. 3 foot waves are possible on the open waters of the day. western maryland, a fall preview. 66 on sunday. saturday night, sunday morning, 30's in the western maryland mountains. sunny skies remain into sunday with highs and the the upper 70's. at the coast, if the weather. temperature almost 80 degrees. still quite comfortable. it's sunny day for football on sunday. ravens and eagles kicking off. .ook for 70's during the game
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still watching nadine. sydney thymol an hour winds. it expected to remain a category one -- 75 mph winds. still expected to remain a category one storm. beautiful weather the middle of next week. >> stick around for a late night with jimmy fallon. >> hey everyone in baltimore. hugh laurie is here. plus jj abrams. >> and check on the orioles. so far, so good. they had sold possession of fir.
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>> this is 11 sports. >> a cross-country flight to face the hottest team in baseball. for these birds, nothing seemed to get in their way. game 1 of a monster series. you do not have to wear the hat protection. it is ok. text out -- strikes out. jj hardy.
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hard shot to 3rd. steven, nice effort. 1-0. orioles with the lead. bottom 4th. not fooled this time. 2 run shot. no easy feat. in the bottom of the fence, game is fence2-2. the rays and the yankees in the bronx. tampa try to bounce back tonight. david price gives of # 3284. jeter passes willie mays but no win for the yanks. the boss man, junio upton. 23 rd of the season. the orioles by a half-game in
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sole possession of first base. the ravens defense. ray lewis. tory smith one of many options for joe flacco. drop the 52 yard. the eagles must deal also with the noise. >> it is tough. it sounds basic but -- it is going to be a great battle. all of us. >> the ravens question of the day we did what you expected that the the game this weekend? said the text. text a to expected blowout or
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b if you expect a close game. update on the voting. 65% of those who voted think a close game will happen on sunday. high school football. gilman. the greyhounds coming off one of the biggest wins in school history. third game against out-of-state competition this year. gilman out early. matt tilly not to be caught. 78 yards. nice 21 yard touchdown run. 14-7, gilman. tily -- another monster effort. he goes 56 yards. 37-14.
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dunbar. defending baltimore city champs. coleman -- wants a big ho le. he got one. 2nd quarter. that arm tackel. 14-0. carlos austin take the punch and disappears for a little while. there he is. still running. goes all the way. dunbar, a big win. 27-0. visitors get off to a good start in this one. ryan jones. one handed. graet effort -- great effort. charges back.
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scoops. races into the touchdown. third quarter. jackson thornton. hanging it up. 45 yard touchdown. big win. 41-31. frigid that was. -- frederick douglass. he gos in. victory by a final of 14-6.
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>> sunshine for the weekend. comfortable temperatures. rain chances increase monday, tuesday. maybe a thunderstorm on tuesday. good weather in philly for the ravens on sunday. >> that is important. >> that is a look at our needs. thank you for joining us. have a good night.
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