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tv   Today  NBC  September 15, 2012 2:05am-3:00am EDT

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captions paid for by nbc-universal television never thought we'd get here, it's try day friday. september 14th. we're glad you're with us. this is a very important day around here. >> it certainly is. it's the last day of our colleg e competition. we really want you to take part in it. we're holding the competition to find out what school really catches our eye with a lot of
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school spirit. we've been getting great tweets and videos and stuff. and then we're going to narrow it down. >> first we're going to look at a video from the university of mississippi, i believe. >> hey, hoda. hey, kathie lee. we love you here in mississippi. we really need you to come experience the true spirit of the game day grove. i have cocktail for you and your wine. you'll be all set to enjoy ole miss. >> she's the only girl there. >> that's oxford, mississippi. that's where my friend sam was like king of the jungle. no, it's a beautiful town. all right. you guys are in the running. >> we also have a photo and tweet from laura brooks at the university of tennessee. she says even peyton manning has a jersey waiting for you. yes, indeed. anyway, we like to talk about our friends over at "the "new york times"" and he always gets some really tricky questions. and so there's this lady -- >> this is a good one. >> -- who wrote in saying her sister-in-law and her family, this gets tricky, had stayed in
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her house almost two months while she was away. she didn't charge them. it was totally free. they could use the cars. and while they were there, the garbage disposal broke. okay. now what would you do? you're staying in someone's house for free, for a few months. >> you fix the garbage disposal. >> they fixed it, and the bill came, and it was $600. so the person who was staying there decided to say to the owner, here's the bill for the garbage disposal. that broke at your house. why don't we split it? and the homeowner said, what the wherewithal? anyway. so the question is what should have happened? should she have said something to the sister-in-law. i usually agree with phillip. i don't agree with him. fit says you should split it. he agrees. >> here's the use of a new disposal. but lord only knows what those people were eating to break it in the first place. you know what i'm saying? >> it could have been a timing thing.
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it could have broken weeks before or weeks after. i would have paid for it. you're on a free ride. you're on a gravy train. >> this has happened to me. maybe i'm just too sensitive. you come to your place to appreciate it and someone has not cared for it at all the way you would have expected them to. i think that's extraordinarily rude. >> what if by chance it broke. it's time. it's old. it was going to kick. >> in two months staying there, they would have spent a lot more than $600 anywhere else. and out of gratitude -- which is an unused word too often, they should have paid for it to say thank you for letting u stay here two months. of course, i'm always wrong. >> you were wrong about the granny. granny had a urinary tract infection. >> granny panties. >> you guys remember? she got yanked out of the car by the cop. anyway, it's national play-dough day on sunday. >> celebrating 50. >> i'm older than play-doh. 55 years.
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>> now that hurts. by the way, this was first manufactured not at play-doh but as a wallpaper cleaner. and kids started playing with it. they're like, oh, my god. you can make things out of it. they started using it in the classroom. >> so we're going to make a face today. it's in the national toy hall of fame. no joking around. i have an unfinished hoda. you have a browner face and yours isn't. >> now, we have different parts that we're supposed to add to make it. so we'll do it right now. >> let me look at your nose. >> okay. that looks like the big one. i'm just telling you. >> just saying. >> don't do that with the hair. i'm already onto you. hold on. look at your lid. your lid is bad, too. hold on. we're going to hold it up because -- you know what these look
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like? >> turds? bambino. you are disgusting. >> okay. i'm done. as usual, early and perfect. >> that's close. >> i got to put the nose up a little higher. >> careful with the nose. >> it's just a little bulbous. but it's good. please don't use that word. i look like a freak. >> since when did i get my mouth like that. >> well, you know. >> go ahead. do the reveal. >> sometimes after drinking. here's hoda woman. >> that's terrible. i'm bummed it's their anniversary. >> i'm bummed i'm older than that. so here's warm and fuzzy. there was a guy who owned a car dealership. he was retiring. 83-year-old howard cooper decided he was going to give every employee $1,000 for every year they worked. there were 89 employees in all. a lot of them worked there more than 20 years.
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one was with them 47 years. the other part of the story i love so much. he had sold the company to another motor company last april. when he did that, he made sure each employee was retained as part of his deal. >> we're starting the award on friday or whenever we decide to do it. whenever we hear of a nice person. nice guy or gal of the week. and this award goes to him. and we do have ideas about that. don't lie. we'll find out. here's some weird thing they're doing with tombstones. bringing tombstones into the modern era. >> why not? >> you know the bar codes they have on clothes and groceries and you can scan it with your iphone and tell you how much it costs? . they want to try to do something in graveyards where they have the same bar code on a tombstone. it's called a qr code. put it in the prompter. anyway.
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you scan it with your iphone, the qr code and it shows pictures and photos of the person who is deceased. so if you want to learn more about that person. >> it bothers me, and i don't know why. it looks like a desecration on the tombstone itself. >> moving it kind of into the modern era. i guess if you were walking by anybody's tombstone you could scan it. >> and will how do you know what information is on there? >> is it your facebook page? >> if it's wikipedia, anybody can put anything they want. it's time for our friday funny. [ laughter ] >> fine. i haven't even looked at this. from our facebook family staffer. two elderly women were fussing about their husbands over tea one day. i do wish my leroy would stop biting his nails. it makes me terribly nervous,
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the first one said. my elmo used to do the same thing, the other woman commented. but i broke him of that habit real quick. how did you do it? well, i hid his teeth. [ laughter ] it's time for bobbie's buzz. >> i didn't understand that. >> bobbie, we have missed you. where were you? >> i missed you, too. i went to hawaii for a short trip to celebrate fashion week. now it's fashion week in new york. >> look at you. all ready for her wedding. we all missed you like crazy. >> remember when you, hoda, were talking about your favorite treatment at the spa which is like a scrub down and they strip your skin. >> like on a gurney. i think i have found your favorite new tool. it's law schooled la edge. this is not a razor. it's an exfoliating tool. feel it against your skin. it's not going to take off the hair. but if you get a close up it's going to literally take the dead layer of skin off. and look at my arm.
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>> ow, ow. >> do you see the color? >> are you supposed to use water. >> they do say. but you said you like it rough. >> i do. i do. >> she's right. anyway. you can see the self tanner coming off. really exciting. any ways, la edge this is really helpful if you do have self tanner or tan you want to get rid of. a lot of women also have fallen in love with gel manicures. don't peel it off. it will take your nail with it. red carpet manicure will help you with the nail removal kit. and cameron diaz and j.lo have a secret. it's in their bag. this will keep your teeth whiter. it will remove your film to wear the brighter, bolder lip colors for fall. so here you go. >> aren't we glad bobbie is back.
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>> thank you, honey. sarah, what's happening in the tweet world? >> the colleagues are still tweeting from washington state university. the best tailgaters in the world at washington state university. once a coug, always a coug. i hope that wasn't a joke at your expense. if it was it wasn't funny. we're not picking them. david from the university of evansville. kathie lee and hoda of the "today show" get stached. admissions interns love hoda kotb and kathie lee gifford. >> thank you, sarah. >> who are you wearing? >> fashion police joan rivers, kelly osbourne are going to -- >> and i learned to tweet somebody. i guess a crash course in texts. it's not a pretty sight. first these messages.
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and that's a photo from the university of michigan to remind you that hoda and i want to go back to college. >> not really. >> one of us does. and we're searching for the campus with the most spirit. >> tweet us the name of your school and why your campus has the most spirit. you can #klgandhodau. >> meanwhile, if you haven't seen it yet. there's a show on e called fashion police that's a very funny no holds bar. >> here are the three hosts with us. the outspoken and hilarious joan rivers with her book in hand, of course. >> not stupid. fashionista and trendsetter, our friend kelly osbourne, and celebrity stylist, george kotsiopoulos. >> hi, kids. great to see you all. how is the new season kicking off? >> great. we all came from fashion week and it's been amazing, amazing.
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>> a lot of new material? >> the whole place smells. >> it does? >> we've been filming from -- i swear as each day goes on, it gets worse and worse and worse. >> what do people do when they're not? >> they're trying to purge. so they can fit in the clothes. >> allegedly. >> and they eat things like newspapers dipped in orange juice. >> cotton balls. >> i hear a lot of champagne is absorbed and a whole lot of -- never mind. >> so tell us what makes somebody stylish, please. tell us what makes somebody stylish. >> angelina jolie told me this. she said, style is something you have. you cannot steal it from anybody. like a husband, you know. you've either got it. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> but you know. it's a woman that can wear
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anything. and look confident and beautiful and -- >> sure. >> this one has it. >> kelly, you do have it. >> every time you go on the show, doesn't she get prettier and prettier? >> she reinvents herself. >> thank you so much. you know, i wouldn't be stylish if it wasn't for this woman right here. >> you just have a love of fashion. people start with a love of fashion. >> i do love fashion so much. and i think that what's so great about it is you can be whoever you want to be by the way that you dress. if you want to dress crazy one day, then dress crazy. getting ready can be an emotional experience. i know that sounds really cliche. but when you feel really down you want to be in sweat pants and a hoody. when you're happy you want to put on a cute dress and do your makeup. >> should fashion reflect how we feel about ourselves? >> absolutely. it's a form of self expression. >> what if we hate ourselves? >> then look at old pictures of me. >> george was the bachelor of the year in l.a.
2:21 am
>> what? >> i don't know if that's a good thing or bad thing. >> can't get a date, huh? . exactly. >> that's not true. so many guys come up to me and say, is george single? is george single? they do! and then he's always like, but i can't. i can't. >> he sits there and says, how do i look? and the man is always impeccable. >> thank you, joan. >> the shows are being supersized for september. how can we supersize john rivers? lord have mercy. >> again, we went to fashion week. which opened way up. we have interviewed amazing designers. we had people on the show that are staggeringly good. >> j.crew, marchesa, zach posen. naomi campbell. >> really, how is she? >> i adore her. >> go figure. >> i'm surprised by that. >> look at that. >> you suffer no fools.
2:22 am
i would be surprised. ? you won't put up with any nonsense. >> she is nothing like you would think. she's one of the nicest ladies. i love her. >> let's show you pictures and do critiquing. we don't know what it is. don't even. >> oh, that was a long time ago. no. >> quiet. mind your business. >> do it. >> very nice. color is good because if the wind blows up your leg, they will match. it's like a purple. but i like it. don't you? >> well, i'm just -- it's interesting that you chose -- >> you hate it. just say you hate it. >> i don't hate it. i think you look beautiful. but you have a great figure, i don't know why you hide it. right? >> anyone that you see on a red carpet in an award season that has the empire line is usually pregnant. >> or they're trying to hide flaws. and you have a fantastic figure.
2:23 am
>> i've been doing it for 45 years. nobody told me that. >> next picture. >> okay. kathie lee. remember that day? >> that was one of those things i got at les attitude. and one of those things that look a lot better on the hanger than me. >> a little too much going on at the bottom. don't you think? >> it needs tailoring. otherwise -- >> your hair and makeup is really pretty. you did it yourself. >> we can't talk about it. >> you look very good. >> i hope that's all we have. we really don't have time for much more. oh! and do you like? >> you look great. i love it. that was our '80s show. >> that i would think kelly would love. >> i love this. >> never throw anything away. sarah jessica parker would buy that to wear. >> ridiculous. >> beer. >> look at hoda's face. what did you say?
2:24 am
. joan just asked if we were drinking ensure. by the way, joan, we have to say about your book, it is a laugh out loud -- >> oh my gosh. crying because i was embarrassed. >> wear depends when you're reading that book. >> catch fashion police tonight at 10:00 central on our sister network. >> the spotlight moves from fashion. fans ask any question they want to right after this. [♪...] >> i've been training all year for the big race in chicago, but i can only afford one trip. and i just found out my best friend is getting married in l.a. there's no way i'm missing that. then i heard about hotwire and i realized i could actually afford both trips. see, when really nice hotels have unsold rooms, they use hotwire to fill them. so i got my four-star hotels for half-price! >> men: ♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e ♪ >> announcer: save big on car rentals too, from $12.95 a day. i've been coloring liz's hair for years.
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keep those tweets coming. this photo from the university of tennessee. tweet us the name of your school and why your campus has the most spirit. you can #klgandhodau. we just might pay your campus a visit next month. it is time for 3-2-1 live with sarah hanging out across the street with the crowd. >> hi, guys. first up we have gretchen from north carolina. hey, gretchen. >> hi kathie lee, what made you
2:29 am
name your dog bambino? >> why did i? we were sitting at an italian restaurant in greenwich. this darling girl comes by and holds this little tiny thing of fluff. i go, oh my gosh. that's the cutest thing in the world. she said, i know but i have to give him away. i have to sell him. and frank leans over to me and goes, does she come with the dog? so i -- we bought the dog. and it cost frank gifford a lot of money. there he is. since we got him at an italian restaurant we named him bambino because that's italian for baby boy. >> it's so heartwarming. >> what happened to the girl? >> no, never mind. >> and from texas. >> hi. i really love to laugh. so i was wondering who is the funniest person you've ever interviewed? >> one of them is coming up. >> who? >> joan rivers.
2:30 am
>> oh, yeah, joan rivers -- but we just did it. we already did it. she was so funny that you forgot. you know who else is funny, howie mandell. >> not right now. >> nothing is funny right now. >> sometimes you get confused. >> we're the funniest people we know. >> we have to run. love you. she cracks me up. class is in session. we're going to tell you how to get the best websites for back to school. and if your kids can do it, i can too. i'm going to learn how to tweet without looking like a -- [ female announcer ] to get a professional cleansing system
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can i get you to sign off on the johnson case... ♪ we built this city! don't let food hang around. ♪ on rock & roll! [ orbit trumpet plays ] clean it up with orbit! [ ding! ] fabulous! for a good clean feeling... eat. drink. chew orbit. [ marcy ] it's like memory foam. [ female announcer ] the only pad made from a revolutionary material. [ erina ] it totally fits to your body. [ female announcer ] it's incredible protection, you'll barely feel it. always infinity. tell us what you think. welcome back today on this friday where our girl kathie lee has finally decided to join us in the 21st century.
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>> i didn't like it either. i called in my friend to give me a little lesson in technology. >> is that what you did? >> i didn't want to. >> and what a lesson it was. even though you have an old school flip phone, there is hope for you to soar right through cyber space. >> i got an iphone. >> some people are obsessed with the latest gadgets and apps. >> if you have an iphone. >> oh, no. >> facetime. it's the best thing ever. >> for others they're still stuck in the stone age. >> here's my old phone. >> which looks like my dinosaur phone. >> after seeing kathie's old school approach to writing her broadway show" scandalous" she clearly needed a lesson in 21st century living. >> she's terrible with technology. i think she found out last week how to use a microwave oven. simplicity is best with klg. >> this is a laptop. >> oh! >> so we started off with a basic facebook post.
2:34 am
>> i hate technology. >> you need to put this. >> this is going to go out there. >> yeah. >> how do i erase? >> try it again. >> oh, shoot. i haven't done a keyboard in a long time, either. >> use your mouse and hit post. >> use my little mousie. >> there's your first post on facebook. >> big deal. >> since you mastered this -- >> i don't know how to turn on your mac. how do you turn it off? >> we're not turning it off next. >> next, i found a few photos i thought klg would want to post. >> it's always food for a laugh. >> click on photo and video. nuff said. it's going to post. >> oh, it's taking it. oh. it's downloading all the hair. ♪ that's what makes you beautiful ♪ >> she's probably going to come and get us. >> my life is over. she is ruining it.
2:35 am
>> when it comes to twitter, hoda is always ready to tweet. >> let's show everybody where hoe hoda keeps her tweeter. yep. right in the old spanxaroonie. >> she's never said anything in her life in under 140 characters. >> is your tweet ready to go? >> it's really none of your business. we're not that good a friend. my tweeter has been active all day. >> her tweeter wasn't as ready as she thought. >> compose new tweet. watch this. what did i do? oh, i hit that thing. >> you got to start again. >> i'm not sure our friendship is going to survive this. tweet. >> wow. >> kathie reached out to two phenoms in twitter land for help getting more followers than hoda. >> want more? >> no. we'll do oprah tomorrow. >> where is my mousey? and send.
2:36 am
kyle! aah! >> the next day we checked, and unfortunately there was no sign of any retweets from ellen or kim. >> they're dead to me. ♪ hey i just met you and this is crazy ♪ >> with kathie's long hours, at the theater, video chatting could be a good way to keep in touch with her family. >> nobody i want to talk to. >> i called up a facetime friend to help encourage her. >> grandma, meet kathie lee. >> hi, grandma. >> why do you think kathie can learn ho use facetime. >> just keeping in touch with the children. especially when you have grandchildren. >> what if you don't like your children and you don't want to be bothered by them? >> i haven't had that experience yet. >> since grandma is in her 80s and can video chat, our rising tech star shouldn't be scared to do it, too. >> do you think we'll see you facebooking and tweeting and
2:37 am
video chatting? >> oh, constantly. thank you. >> you rocked there. i'm sorry. i'm kind of impressed. i'm a little shocked. >> he's a very good teacher. i'm just a very bad student. if there's something you want to do you're going to learn it right away. i don't care. >> she doesn't care. >> let's see if you can tweet right now. >> she forgot already. >> who are you tweeting? >> i have no idea. >> this is an ipad. >> i know. >> i use it for my devotions in the morning. >> amen. >> let's tweet justin bieber. @ -- and then -- start typing justin. >> i'll hold it. you type. >> j-u-s-t-i-n. >> i can't see. that's always one of the problems. >> okay, justin bieber. >> i had a blast with your mom. >> no. do tweet me. follow me. >> how about please? >> yes, yes.
2:38 am
please is not implied with follow me. >> then send. let's see if it happens now. how much time do we have to wait? >> oh, look at. there you are. you popped up. >> you successfully did it. >> but he's not going to -- >> maybe he is. >> how much time do we have to wait to see? >> okay, thank you. >> now that klg is a little more tech savvy. >> but i'm not. >> you're not. >> what else are we going to do? >> we're going to get high-tech gear, apps and websites that will put your kids at the head of the class. [ male announcer ] introducing zzzquil sleep-aid. [ snoring ] [ snoring ] [ male announcer ] it's not for colds, it's not for pain, it's just for sleep. [ snoring ] [ male announcer ] because sleep is a beautiful thing. [ birds chirping ] introducing zzzquil, the non-habit forming sleep-aid from the makers of nyquil.
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good eye.
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>> today's classroom is brought to you by kelloggs frosted mini wheats cereal. now high-tech help for your students. here with gadgets, apps and web sites to help your little einstein excel in school the
2:43 am
founder of digit carly. how are you? >> i'm really good. how are you guys? >> great. we like how you have broken it down to elementary school, middle and high school and college kids. >> yeah. let's start with elementary school. kids make art. if your little one is prolific, it starts to pile up around the house and it's too much. this is a paperless solution. it's an app called archives. now it's digitally cataloged and archived. you can make a book. >> oh my god, imagine that. that's adorable. can you imagine how that would make a kid feel? next we're going to talk about math board. this is a great app to help kids brush up on their math skills. it's got a fun feel. retro chalk board. the start with basic levels all the way up to long division and big numbers. i like this scratch space so you can work out the answer to your problem. carry the two. all that kind of stuff. so that's $4.99.
2:44 am
it's a really great quiz. then moving onto middle and high school. so we're going to talk about this lock. if you want the kids to have the coolest locker in the hallway you're going to get them this master combination lock instead of numbers. it's an alpha numeric panel. we programmed it to say hoda. >> how do you do it? >> where is the "h"? >> h-o-d-a, and then it just pops open. >> what? >> yeah. yep. >> i'm going to do it while you continue. >> moving on. it works. you can program it with any word that you want. so it's easy to remember. it's fabulous. come on over here. we're going to talk about this academy. a thousand tutors in one website. if the math homework gets beyond you, have your kids go here. this is a video.
2:45 am
on logarithms. i don't remember this from school. if your kids need help with homework. they go here. >> what's going on underneath? >> this is a math lesson and this is a breakdown of the biggest elements of the lesson. >> this computer helps you to your homework? >> yes. and brush up on your skills. this is a power bag full backpack. a battery inside. it will charge a smart phone four times. charges multiple devices at once so your kids c have their devices charged by the end of the day. they use those during class. more and more people are reading the books on ebooks and stuff like that. let's talk about college. this is an organic chemistry textbook. it costs $270. you can rent the same book. i'm just going to scoot over here from course smart for $92 for 60% savings. you have a digital copy now of the textbook. you can an notate it.
2:46 am
highlight it. >> okay. >> fabulous. >> that's great. thank you, carly, so much. >> this really quickly. put your ipad on this. it's not over. so you have this really great workstation and a tiny footprint, which is great for where there's not enough space. >> i like it. >> it's $80. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. best selling author exploring female sexuality and hoda's right after this. good morning. we're going to start off with a look at where there's going tonight best chance for rain. still some leftover showers throughout parts of new england. central and southern florida. you'll have a chance for some showers. also the southern plains, you'll be dealing with some showers and possibly some thunderstorms, some of those could end up being on the heavy side. as far as those temperatures go,er the heat once again will be right here in the southwest. but in the midwest especially the northern plains it is going to be an absolutely gorgeous
2:47 am
day. it's not going to last all weekend for everybody, but for the most part midwest you have a fantastic weekend on the way for football games, excellent. just about perfect tailgating weather. chance for showers and storms from parts of far eastern north carolina all the way over into arkansas down into southern texas. you have to deal with some showers and some thunderstorms on sunday. those temperatures still looking pretty good throughout portions of the midwest. this includes chicago and minneapolis. you can start to see a hint that things are going to change. a little bit more yellow up here to the north. that's going to be the sign that much cooler air is going to be moving in. it's going to be a rude awakening for some people all the way into the great lakes into the coming days and the beginning to middle of next week with. that ahead of that, here comes those showers and storms. look at the difference here, mid 70s in chicago to 60s in minneapolis. on tuesday a chance for rain along the entire eastern seaboard. much of the southeast. also going to be dealing with a few leftover showers here. these highs now, daytime highs
2:48 am
lower 60s in chicago. for wednesday a few leftover around the great lakes and in florida. otherwise a huge portion of the country will be dry. and then on thursday you're going to be dealing with just a few showers around here and there, mainly throughout portions of florida and around the great lakes once again. and remember, on the weather channel week days you can wake up with al. [ cat 1 ] i am not a vegetarian... look at these teeth! they're made for meat! [ cat 2 ] do i look like i'm stalking plants? [ male announcer ] most dry foods add plant protein, like gluten but iams never adds gluten. iams adds 50% more animal protein, [ cat 3 ] look at this body! under this shiny coat is a lean, mean purring machine [ cat 4 ] i am too! hahahaha! [ male announcer ] iams. with 50% more animal protein. [ cat 5 ] yum! [ cat 1 ] i'm an iams cat. feed me what i'm born to eat. meow.
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brings light and fragrance together, to create a mesmerizing experience in your home. try the new color changing candle. something in the air wick. and that is a photo from auburn university in alabama. reminder to send us a tweet if you want us to send us your college campus. maybe we'll come see you. >> all right. switching gears. female sexuality has puzzled scientists, psychologists, men, women and perverts for generations, leaving many of us wondering is there a mind/body connection to having a happy sex life? >> best selling author naomi wolf talks about this in her new
2:50 am
book "vagina: a female biography." >> you did it. you said it. >> i said it because i'm not scared. >> a lot of us have a problem saying that word. what is the story with that? >> well, i mean, it's very private, very personal, very intimate. on the other hand, there is some important new information that we have. we have to have the conversation. >> i'll deal with my own much less everybody else's. naomi wrote a very scholarly account of this. >> thank you. >> so we're having a little fun with you. tell us what you learned new in all of your research. >> you bet. like most of us, i felt like i knew the basics. i've been interested in sexuality my whole career and thought i followed it, thought i understood. it turns out our idea of what women need is really stuck from 40 years ago and there's all this amazing new science about female arousal and desire and
2:51 am
orgasms. there i said that, too. i'm blushing. but it should update how we understand women and help people help their lovers, help their wives, their partners and help them understand themselves. >> you say it's connected to creativity. your sexuality and what happens downstairs is connected to your mind. >> i'm interpreting the data that way. there's an amazing new documentation that neuroscientists have established that there's a strong brain-vagina connection. we all knew about the brain-pea news connection. one man yesterday joked about the brain-vagina connection. well, there is no brain-penis connection. a disconnection. we'll wait for a man to write that book. there's understandably a brain-vagina connection such that when a woman is empowered to know about her desire, know what makes her happy, think about it and have the satisfying
2:52 am
orgasm, she gets some really great neurokept cams and hormones affecting per mood. she gets dopamine, and she gets oxytocin and she gets opiates, which is about joy. i've definitely interviewed a lot of women who realize when they see the signs, ost, that's when i'm really feeling good about myself and my lover i can bring that to other aspects of my life. >> we're all so different. every woman is completely different. as you were saying this, did you speak to anyone such as like a nun who has never had sex her whole life and yet seems to enjoy a beautiful experience in life of service to mankind? >> oh, absolutely. >> how does that figure in? >> i'm so glad you asked that. let me stress the findings in this book. i have reeders who are sell bait, reeders who are lesbian, bisexual, long married. you don't have to be having sex
2:53 am
with another person to be able to use this information to protect your own health and well being. of course you can have wonderful dopamine oxytocin from other experiences. you get it from nursing or holding a baby. you get dopamine from shopping. >> retail therapy. it's about knowing yourself better. you don't have to be in a relationship for that. you said everyone is different. this is a huge important finding. in the '70s where all our information has stuck. masters and johnson said men and women are basically the same. but the new science shows it's incredible. one of your producers called it the difference between the grid and the lace, which is the difference between men and women's newer al wiring. this doesn't sound like a sexy subject, but it is. if you look at medical illustrations of the male's pelvic -- the penis -- i said that. >> go ahead and say erectile dysfunction.
2:54 am
>> stop it. >> it will make you feel so much better. we're running out of time, i'm so sorry. this book is really fascinating. >> it's full of great information. it's gotten terrific reviews. gloria steinman from "time" book lists. "new york times." thank you for coming. we really appreciate it. next up. from vagina to paella. >> in 15 minutes or less.
2:55 am
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check out this photo from the university of alabama. they have school spirit. and we know you do, too. there's still time for kathie lee and me to go to your college. tweet us at klgandhodau. >> we are back in today's kitchen making paella. you can enjoy this spanish baked meal. a chef named p,rfecto will show us how. i love it. how are you? >> the name is perfecto. >> only my name is. >> we start with olive oil? >> we start with olive oil. you're from spain. beautiful. so you don't put seafood in your paella. >> traditionally it's rabbit, chicken and snail.
2:58 am
>> rabbit, chicken and snail? >> what a combo. what do you have there? >> this is pork and chicken. and we start to make it. we can put this in. >> what is this? this is lima beans and artichoke. >> you whip that up. we mix everything. and we need a good salt. >> of course. >> good flavor. no, no. >> pay attention. >> and none of that. perfecto. okay. we need to pay attention. we need to cook the artichoke, the lima bean, the pork. >> but how long, perfecto? >> we have to do it fast. we're going to do it fast. >> whip it up. >> when it's ready.
2:59 am
>> when it's ready it's ready. >> five minutes, four minutes. >> we don't have five minutes. >> come on. let's come on down here. come on down, perfecto. >> after you. >> don't get envious. come on. we put the rice. we start with the rice. and now is the moment. >> what is happening? this is the most important thing. you do it -- >> in the what? >> it's like paprika. and you move everything. then you have the tomato. >> oh, that's tomato? as we're cooking, guess who is joining us? dillon briar. dillon is the new addition to the nbc family. you're going to be doing weather on the weekends. >> yes, saturday and sunday weather on the weekends. >> you came from boston? whdh? >> yes. >> well, we are glad you are with us. >> and you're getting married. >> moving, getting married, coming down from boston, doing it all at once. >>yo


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