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tv   Today  NBC  September 16, 2012 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, mounting mideast tensions, libya's president calls the consulate assault preplanned by foreign elements as the u.s. beefs up security today and embassies worldwide there is a deadly attack in afghanistan and tensions ratchet up this morning between israel and iran. putting up a great front, the duke and duchess of cambridge keep a stiff upper lip during an overseas trip as their lawyers get set to go to court to keep more topless photos of the duchess from being published. and happy birthday to us. "weekend today" turns 25 years old and this morning we're looking back at 25 years of
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breaking news. >> saddam hussein was hanged -- >> treks around the world -- >> good morning from shanghai. >> and, of course, good times. >> go "weekend today." >> and many of your favorite co-hosts are back to take a stroll down memory lane. today, sunday, september 16, 2012. captions paid for by nbc-universal television and good morning, everyone, welcome to "today" on a sat saty morning. i'm lester hold. >> we are happy. >> that's quite a wide shot there. all have helped make this program the last 25 years waking up early on the weekends to
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bring you the day's top stories and have a little fun as well. they're all here. al roker, garrett utley, mary ellis williams, scott simon, jackie nespral, mike schneider, gisele fernandez, jodie there he is -- from memphis, >> there he is. >> did you miss the plane, jack? how does it feel to be back, everybody? >> it's wonderful to say hello to my hair. >> my family wondered if i had dark hair. this shows i once had dark hair. >> husbands and wives are here. i have to get married in order to come back. 9. >> borrow our children. >> i'm happy. >> a show of hands, how many people broke into a cold sweat when the alarm went off at 4:00
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this morning? >> definitely. >> i slept through it. >> he's still sleeping. >> so the usual. >> our second half hour we're going to catch up and show more of the hair shots. be prepared. we're going to hear from some of the co-host who is didn't make it here this morning as well. we have a lot to get to. we begin this morning with the rising tensions in the mideast, the u.s. is beefing up its presence in libya by sending marines and drones as it searches for those who killed a u.s. ambassador and three other americans there. eamon, good morning. >> reporter: the libyan police have sealed the compound with hopes of trying to preserve any evidence that could be important for investigators as they try to piece together what happened that night. now the details may remain unclear. there is no doubt who was behind this preplanned attack.
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they say there were foreign elements involved and suggesting caal qaeda inspired militants m have played a role in trying to revenge the killing of a senior al qaeda member who was from libya. now obviously al qaeda has taken this opportunity. they are praising the embassy attacks and are calling on muslims around the world to carry out more attacks on u.s. embassies that is has led the u.s. state department, as you said, to beef up securities as the embassy in paris where protests took place. they deployed 50 marines to protect the embassy in yemen and all across u.s. embassies in some critical countries. you get a sense the mounting protests are causing for the u.s. state department and embassies worldwide. >> thank you. and now here is generjenna. lester, thanks. the outburst of violence across the middle east has the white house dealing with an international crisis now. a difficult balancing act for the president with less than two months to go until election day.
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more now from nbc's mike viqueira. >> reporter: after leading the ceremony for the four americans killed in libya, president obama vowed once more to hunt down those responsible. >> those who attack our people will find no escape from justice. we will not waiver in our pursuit. >> reporter: the president says the images of besieged american embassies are a small part of a larger picture. >> let us never forget that are for every angry mob there are millions who yearn for the freedom and dignity and hope that our flag represents. >> reporter: since taking office mr. obama has sought to reduce tensions with the muslim world. the white house insists that the anti-american violence now sweeping the region is not a rejection of the president's policies. experts say the administration must walk a fine line. >> it is a very dangerous political dynamic on the ground that is fueled by the fact that the arab spring has not quickly found a very clear direction. >> reporter: after initially taking hits for politicizing the deaths in libya, mitt romney has
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softened his tone. >> well, this is politics. i'm not going to worry about the campaign. >> reporter: but with romney trailing in polls on the question of foreign policy, running mate paul ryan continues to hammer the president. >> amid all these threats and dangers, what we do not see is steady, consistent american leadership. >> reporter: and today a close ally added more foreign policy pressure. in an interview to air on "meet the press" israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu insists mr. obama get tougher with iran over its nuclear program. >> iran is guarded by a leadership with an unbelievable fanaticism. it's the same that you see swarming the embassies today. you want these fanatics to have nuclear weapons? >> reporter: with less than two months to the election, the middle east is again a flash point. for "today,"-manufacture, nbc news, the white house. david gregory is moderator of "meet the press." david, good morning. good to see you. >> good morning, lester. >> on the heels of your interview with benjamin netanyahu this today from a top
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commander in iran's revolutionary guard warning that nothing will remain if israel takes military action against tehran. it seems so many wheels are spinning in the middle east and that part of the world. has it shifted the focus of our presidential election in terms of the top issue? >> well, for now it has. and i think it's significant because the events are significant. they're complex and they're difficult to manage. iran, chief among them, especially against the backdrop of this real kwai crisis and leadership throughout the middle east that is morphing into a rage against the united states. i think it is here. and from a pure political point of view, this is an area of strength for president obama that they thought could essentially be put away as there's more after focus on the economy and contrasting president obama with governor romney. now this question of american policy, accusations of american weakness in the middle east, all of those things are in play and here come those presidential debates to really hash all that
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out. >> and governor romney has challenged the president's leadership in the middle east after the libya attack trying to politicize. has it resonated beyond the republican base? >> well, we don't know yet. we'll test that out over time as we look at polling and as these two debate one another. the reality is that president obama would be perhaps more on the defensive if it were not for governor romney getting so much criticism for his statements this week criticizing the president even before all the facts were known and in the immediate wake of the death of our ambassador in libya, chris stevens. >> the republicans are not backing off. some have drawn parallels between the embassy attacks and the iranian hostage crisis faced under jimmy carter. is that a fair comparison? will they continue to go in this direction or try to get things back on the economy? >> well, i will weigh in on whether it's fair on the merits, but i think they'll continue to drive home this point. i think this becomes a debate
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about american strength versus weakness in the middle east. and i think there are a lot of people who would push back and say the view held by a lot of conservatives, that all you need are americans to show a lot of power in the middle east, belies the results of the last decade in that part of the world, that invading iraq did not change the middle east as many felt it would just by projecting american power. this is in many ways about the kind of leadership that we're seeing take root in the middle east and what leverage the united states has. i think that's a critical question. how the united states uses leverage in that part of the world and what about american public opinion? americans are very frustrated seeing all these images after we give millions of dollars to these countries and have actually played a role militarily and otherwise in helping to free folks, citizens of libya and egypt from rule. >> david gregory, thanks very
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much. >> thanks, lester. now a check on the rest of this morning's top stories. veronica de la cruz is over at the news desk. good morning. good morning, jenna and lester. good morning, everyone. fbi agents have arrest add man they say planned to detonate a car bomb outside a bar in downtown chicago. more now from nbc's michelle franzen. >> reporter: authorities say a bar in chicago's busy downtown was the target friday night of an alleged car bomb plot. planned in a detailed criminal complaint by 18-year-old adele daoud who was arrested by undercover fbi agents after he allegedly tried to dead nate what he believed were real explosives in a vehicle he parked in front of the bar. >> credit is due to the fbi for literally discovering a needle in a haystack. >> reporter: federal prosecutors say the suspect was under watch of authorities for months after he posted material on the internet righting to violent jihad and the killing of
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americans. >> they went under cover by pretending to be terrorist colleagues who could help him in his plans to carry out an attack. >> reporter: authorities say daoud allegedly drafted a list of approximate lip 29 potential targets including military recruiting centers, bars, malls, and other tourist attractions in the chicago area. but at no time, authorities say, did he pose a real threat to the public. for "today," michelle franzen, nbc news, new york. four u.s. military members have been killed today in a third apparent insider attack in as many days in afghanistan. nato says at least one afghan police officer fired on coalition troops at a remote checkpoint before escaping. chicago teachers could be back at work on monday. the union delegates vote this afternoon on a contract that would give teachers a 10% raise over four years, but also require tougher performance
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evaluations. turning now to sports, the nhl locked out its players again at midnight. the main issue is over how to split more than $3 billion in revenue. this is the third work stoppage in pro sports in 18 months. and this video now drawing mixed reactions from deeply moved to absolutely horrified. it shows 18-month-old tamzi playing with gorillas at the wild animal park in england. her father, damion, who owns the park, decided to post the home video online to reveal the gentle nature of great apes. now 23 tanzi says she agrees. and that is the news. i'll send it back to lester and jenna and something about that video makes me feel uncomfortable. >> everything about that video makes me feel uncomfortable. von ka de la cruz, thank you very much. dylan dreyer is here with a check of the weather. >> it's perfect all across the northeast but we are focusing on
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some heat in the southwest. that's where we did see some record breaking temperatures. it's all this area of high pressure. it's an offshore flow. it's a desert wind and it did create a very hot day yesterday across southernc california. look at those records, 101 in san diego. the land of nearly perfect temperatures. i think that's just too much heat to handle, but we are going to see some relief as we go into the day today. temperatures still above average in l.a., 92 degrees, but we are going to be closer to average down through long beach and also across san diego as well. so we are looking at a really nice day here across the northeast. we do still have heavy rain in texas where they need it. we are going to see scattered showers and thunderstorms as we go it through the day today. >> should be another great day today as we are under the influence of high pressure. if you have tailgating before the game, temperatures 74 to 79 degrees under mostly sunny
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and that's your latest weather. lester? >> dylan, thanks very much. up next, william and kate keep up a brave front overseas as more topless photos of her are set to hit the newsstands. we'll have a live report. and we're celebrating 25 years of "weekend today" with some of your favorite anchors from the past. but first a message from some special fans of the show. we're the fierce five. happy 25th "weekend today." >> hi, this is missy franklin and happy 25th anniversary "weekend today." "
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happy 25th anniversary to "weekend today." >> and we are sending you a lovely chardonnay. >> mom, i think that 25th is actually silver not wine. >> oh, come on, we know exactly what's in their coffee cups. >> that's why they're so cheerful so early. >> no, it's actually why we have multiple coffee cups at the same time. in fact, we had eight that we took away. five of them. our thanks to melissa and joan rivers as always. meantime, switching gears, the duke and duchess of cambridge are making quite a splash during their overseas trip to the south pacific, but a world away lawyers are for the couple are preparing for a huge legal fight over topless photos of kate. nbc's sara james is in the solomon islands following the royal couple. sarah, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jenna. it was back in 1974 that queen elizabeth paid a visit to the solomons and now her grandson, prince william, and wife
8:19 am
catheri catherine. for those who waited hours in the hot tropical sun, it was some enchanted afternoon when the duke and duchess of ca cambridge arrived in the south pacific. stepping foot on the island, a famous world war ii battleground. >> it's a chance in a lifetime, so something for us as a family and the kids to see. >> reporter: the royal couple traveled in a replica canoe to the cathedral pay iing tribute the nautical nature after country which is a collection of islands. the couple's laidback visit here in keeping with their trip, kate wearing hiking boots rather than the designer gown she wore earlier in the trip. the royals are keeping a brave face while controversy swells about the topless photos taken of kate while she and william were on vacation in france. first a french magazine
8:20 am
published them, then an irish newspaper, prompting this response from the company's british editor. >> there is no way that we wish to be associated with this because it was not a decision taken here in the uk or even consulted in the uk. it's a paper that has made a horrible, horrible decision. >> reporter: but an italian magazine owned by a former italian premier berlusconi has no such qualms and plans to run a 26-page spread monday. but for will and kate duty calls and they're keeping their focus on this trip to a far-flung realm of the commonwealth. meantime, lawyers for the couple will be in a paris courtroom on monday trying to prevent further publication of these fphotos an seeking legal damages from the magazine. anyyeah? >> sara james, thank you very much. still to come on a sunday
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edition of "today" our anniversary celebration kicks off. we're going to catch up with the people you shared your weekends with during the past quarter century. first another message from some admiring fans. hey, i'm alicia keys and happy 25th "weekend today." >> happy anniversary "weekend today." the soreness was excruciating. it was impossible to even think about dancing. when you're dancing, your partner is holding you. so, his hand would have been right in the spot that i had the shingles. no tango. no rhumba. you can't be touched. for more of the inside story, visit because four out of five dogs over the age of three develop gum disease, and tartar buildup is a contributing factor. [ dog ] or new dentastix fresh. clinically proven to fight tartar and now with added ingredients to fight dog breath, too.
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we've covered from around the world the past 25 years. >> and we'll catch up with some of your former "weekend today" hosts. but first, get them all in, these messages. jack, you're a little boring. boring. boring. [ jack ] after lauren broke up with me, i went to the citi private pass page and decided to be...not boring.
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>> this is wbal-tv news in baltimore. >> the time is 8:26. let's update you on the morning's top stories. in southwest baltimore, a shooting has left one man in critical condition. police were called to the 500 block of coventry road around 12:15 saturday afternoon where officers found the victim with several gunshot wounds. there's no word on motive and the gunman is on the loose. police in north baltimore are looking into what they call a suspicious death. the body of a man found inside the car in the 4000 block of buena vista avenue early yesterday morning. we are told he had been shot but authorities are awaiting autopsy
8:27 am
results. baltimore county police detectives for oklahoma waiting to interview the grandson of the elderly couple found murdered in pikesville. he is named as a suspect in this case. investigators learned matthew long was in oklahoma. long was living with his grandparents, vaughn and marjorie pepper, when they were killed, but was missing when police discovered the bodies on monday. according to police, long is undergoing mental treatment at a hospital in oklahoma. police have described the couple's injuries as traumatic but are not saying how they died. we are back in a moment with
8:28 am
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>> if you're heading up to philadelphia for today's ravens game, it should be a delightful one at lincoln financial field, kickoff at 1:00, mostly sunny skies, winds out of the west 5 to 10 miles per hour, temperatures 72 to 76 degrees. as far as our weather, pretty much the same thing, partly cloudy conditions, 77 in central maryland, 74 in southern pennsylvania. out on the eastern shore, they'll be in the mid 70's and then out west, 71 degrees. as far as the forecast today, 74 to 79 degrees. we will have winds out of the northwest at 5 miles per hour. sunny conditions will prevail as we are under the influence of high pressure, keeping any moisture we are seeing on the map to the south of us. however, as we head into next week, things could get rainy but again, it looks like a delightful day.
8:30 am
>> thanks for joining us 11 news sunday morning starts in 25 minutes. for nbc news this is "weekend today." ". >> i'm maria shriver. >> welcome to the first edition of "sunday today. ". >> this morning we celebrate a milestone, 25 years of bringing you the stories that matter from trips around the world. >> once again we're on the road this morning in jerusalem. >> and freedom fighters becoming icons -- >> a salute from mr. nelson mandela. >> to the trial of the century -- >> what was the first thought that went through your mind when you heard the not guilty verdict? >> as well as the international
8:31 am
cu custody dispute. >> the 6-year-old brought out of the home. >> there's been indescribable human tragedy. >> we have been reporting on the horror of the new orleans convention center. >> and amazing human spirit. >> a family member passed away and he says he continues to smile because he's alive. and throughout it all, 25 years "weekend today" has been your window to the world. and we're back on this sunday morning, september 16th, 2012, celebrating, yep, 25 years of "weekend today." >> and we are joined in studio by many of your favorite co-hosts included boyd who was here from the beginning, 25 years ago. boyd, good start. this was an experiment, can we move the "today" franchise beyond five days a week? >> they apparently did not have color photography. >> we had black and white, our oldest memory. >> feel the love.
8:32 am
25 years, bam. >> chased down by an elephant one day. i'm allowed. >> i'll bring more nation. i will say those of us doing the show thought it was such a natural, obviously it's going to work on sunday mornings. there's a hole. people need this information. they weren't so sure so we were not allowed to sit at the official news desk. we had to open the show from the couch, are a little separation in case it tailed. that had nothing to do with it. >> we're going to catch up and get more stories from boyd and the rest of the group in a little while. first, outside to dylan dreyer for another check of the weath weather. hey, dylan? good morning. everyone is here for big celebrations. we have anniversaries, reunions, birthdays, everyone coming down for the big anniversary edition. temperatures almost a little fall like all across the northeast will be in the 70s. much-needed rain falling down through texas today and an inch of rain or so possible.
8:33 am
not as hot as it was yesterday. we shouldn't break any records across the area. and then as we go into tomorrow, that rain extends from wisconsin all the way down into the gulf coast states and that will eventually move eastward and bring some rain to the east coast as well. so we are going to see that rain start to move in to the new york city area and most areas across the east as we head into tuesday especially. >> should be another great day today as we are under the influence of high pressure. if you have tailgating before the game, temperatures 74 to 79 degrees under mostly sunny and it's sunday.
8:34 am
that means it is football night in america. tonight we are heading out to san francisco. we are looking for a gorgeous night out that way. a little bit breezy. we could see gusts up to 25 miles an hour but temperatures looked fantastic. highs topping out this afternoon in the 80s, but by this evening we should be around 56 to 60 degrees. jenna? >> dylan, thanks. should be a good one. we are back with 25 years of the memories made here on "weekend today." "is that al? right after these messages. can boldly satisfy any craving. share an appetizer, then choose
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two chili's entrees, like our classic bacon burger or our famous slow-smoked baby back ribs. chili's $20 dinner for two. welcome back to "weekend today" and our 25th anniversary edition. we're going to talk with our former co-hosts.
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>> but first let's take a look back at the 25 years of breaking news on the road add vventures,d memorable weekend moments. with welcome to "today" on a sunday morning. >> good morning to you once again. >> good morning -- >> and here are some of the stories we'll be covering in our electronic paper today. >> we tried to think about how we could make sundays different. sund sunday's first day. >> and it's raining. >> it's all your fault. >> this was your broadcast version of your sunday paper. >> i'm glad to join the traveling trio here. >> this is the first "today" on saturday. this means "today" will be seen seven days a week. >> you're part of the family now. >> part of the family. >> sit down and relax with us. >> what "weekend today" was able to do was be all things to all people. >> never tried to take ourselves too seriously. >> nbc "weekend today" lowdown showdown. >> there's a controversy about
8:37 am
weekend tv and this license to just be yourself. yes! >> yes! >> minutes before a show you're always excited right as the clock hits the opening theme song starts playing. >> all night long we heard the impact of bombs. >> on the environment -- >> live from johnson space center -- >> do you feel as though they love you. >> never forget that our primary mission, we're a newscast. >> news and history in the making this morning. thousands of people are coming through this wall. >> i was really mad that i was nine months' pregnant and could not go to the berlin wall. hello, it's coming down and i am here and i can't travel. this is not acceptable. >> the terrible destruction left in the wake of hurricane andrew -- >> tragic end to go a fairy tale that never quite was read. >> then the viewers are certainly going to be feeling a sense of loss. we toe to them to tell the story as best we can. >> the kennedy family's latest
8:38 am
tragedy today. >> the joy and tragedy in the life of john kennedy jr. >> this breaking news report for you that morning. it appears that 6-year-old elian gonzalez has now been removed -- >> from oklahoma city where there's so much heartache and still hope. >> the people vs. o.j. simpson. >> an elected president was impeached for the first time in u.s. history. >> the latest on hurricane katrina. >> this is a reality that is incredibly overwhelming. >> we need some help here. it is so pitiful. >> it gave you so much hope that this child could touch people in a way that truly changed their lives as much as they tried to change his. >> in haiti the devastation is immense, the loss incomprehensible. >> so much of this show has become an extension of who we are and there are oftentimes when news happens in our hometown because we know the people that are close to us that affect us. >> the attempted assassination of congresswoman giffords.
8:39 am
fighting went on into the night. disaster in japan, an extraordinary new look at the moment of the crisis. >> it allows to us cover the story with more dimension. we spend time talking to peel. i think that's really a powerful component of the show. >> the wind has been gusting 30, 40, 50 miles an hour all day. we're in south central iraq right now. >> david was the complete package, super smart, super handsome, really fun, and tremendous ability. he loved journalism. just loved to be able to jump into a story. >> he had take then job of "weekend today." my true passion and my true love is still reporting. he was able to combine the two of them. >> the image that comes to my mind and probably everyone else's is david on the tank, going through the desert. >> i would be remiss if i let you go without passing along the good wishes from your colleagues here at "weekend today." please stay safe.
8:40 am
>> thanks, soledad, i look forward to getting back home. >> i got a call the night that david died, and i didn't know what was going on. i knew it was horrible. >> to say it's a difficult morning doesn't even come close. >> i just remember thinking that my only responsibility was to his family, to melanie and his daughters. >> and of course a lot of fun in between which is one of the perks. there are a lot of perks working on saturday and sunday mornings. >> david bloom looked like a 12-year-old. enthusiastic about everything. he would vibrate with enthusiasm and was fun. >> and we're on the road this morning in jerusalem. >> we went all over the world. wow, let's go to israel, and we went to israel. >> we did a show from hawaii. >> i don't really remember much about hawaii. maybe i had one too many peina colada s. >> we worked hard. >> we work very hard.
8:41 am
i thought there was something magical about taking the show on the road. >> the aussies on one side and the usa on the other. >> we did our knockoff version of "where in the world is matt lau lauer." >> we wouldn't know where each other was going. mine was las vegas and the hotel has gondolas and canals and we were trying to fool them that i had gone to venice. >> i thought did he really get to go to venice? if you're in ven i, i'm going to be really mad. >> for me it was the best part. the look on her face was like, what, i'm in new orleans and he's in italy? are you kidding me? >> you know, we just had pun. ♪ >> let's keep going. ♪ >> new york city! ♪
8:42 am
>> at the time said you played vegas and somehow they worked it out that i was able to play with captain and tenille. i probably practiced that song 100 times. ♪ >> nobody -- it not one show, not one person, nobody did halloween the way weigh do hollywood at the "today" show. >> susan boyle. ♪ >> i get the laughter from the crew, yes, it's a good one. hopefully the people at home are laughing as well l. >> you can open your eyes. >> no, don't you do that. >> do you have anything that sort of numbs the pain before you do that? i can't believe i was that old and never had my ears pierced. i was really nervous about doing
8:43 am
it on tv mostly because i was afraid that the person doing the piercing was going to to get hurt. ah! my ears are pierced. ♪ >> i can't tell you how many times i've said i can't believe they're paying me to do this. >> go "weekend today." >> thank you very much. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> we do want to find out -- >> what a great crowd on our plaza this morning. >> i was really proud to be the first anchor of "sunday today." >> we've had a lot of great talent, a lot of folks who have gone on to do really terrific things. >> morning, al. hi, al. >> hi. >> of all the things i've done in television, "the weekend today show." >> to this day, "weekend today." anchors come and go but it's still that same feeling. >> i think those who have worked on the show, you know, always
8:44 am
feel this connection. that is probably the coolest part of the job is to be able to share these incredible moments with people. i'm watching that and thinking i want to work there. >> right? who wouldn't? >> and we do. our friends are sticking around. we're going to talk more about all the fun we've had for the last at that years. first these messages. [ male announcer ] one try can change everything. one try can relieve your nightly congestion without the blowing the stacking the steaming. that's the transformative power of one ingenious little breathe right. try one free at and open your nose instantly. feel the power of air sleep like you mean it and rise to mornings alive with activity. breathe better, sleep better. one free try is all it takes. it's your right to breathe right! [ john ] no. ♪
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it's been 25 years since "weekend today" premiered and over the years only a few of us have had the privilege of sitting in these chairs as co-host. >> this morning had many of them back with us, al roker, boyd,
8:47 am
jodie applegate, mary ellis williams, mike schneider, scott simon and from memphis jack. >> where is he? >> he's right up here. there he is. it's so great to have all you guys here. garrick, a lot of us were talking when you am come from a straight, hard news position and you came to the "today" show, okay, what are they going to expect of me? you were a foreign correspondent and you got right out there in the field. why was that such an important component? >> there were two parts. having foreign correspondent experience, it's wonderful to have this platform and the wherewithal and the bunches to go out in the world, moscow, hawaii, jerusalem and elsewhere, and it was also, as you mentioned earlier, the function of time. you weren't doing nightly news, a minute and a half or maximum three-minute spot as you knew. i do what you do now, basically
8:48 am
everything on the three shows. it was that luxury of time and flexibility and that we could take the show on the road internationally. >> you know what, what's also very interesting the difference between when you came to the "weekend today" show you have to form chemistry. was it hard for you guys getting to know your partners right away and having that family atmosphere? >> i would say in my case when we started "saturday today" he was a guy from washington, d.c., the nation's capital, npr, had never done television, and then a gal from -- >> i it did adult films, though. >> i didn't want to say that stuff. >> no, no, al immediately said, hey -- >> he recognized him. >> but i had only done spanish language television. had they ever done english language television from sunny south miami. how are we going to have chemistry? >> we did the first weekend in spanish. >> we did and it worked out.
8:49 am
>> and al was here. you kind of saw the transition because if i recall the show started out more like a sunday news magazine, a little more thoughtful l. >> it really was. >> not that we're not thoughtful. >> thanks. >> we did very long pieces, seven, eight-minute pieces. the best part was you could form this camaraderie. it was like the adults were away. we were here on the weekend and they let us use the set and put on a show. it was a really great experience. >> and we should add that al did more of the weather. we gave al more of a chance to do the weather. >> they didn't give me cameras. just sent me out. come back and the door was locked. >> he was a great reporter as well as a businessman. >> he never got voted off the island. >> he's the true survivor. >> jack, let me turn to you, you come from this legal background. you had to make a transition on the show as well. you started the show when it was becoming more of a "today" show we see today, right? >> it was, lester, and we were outside an awful lot. i was doing work as the chief
8:50 am
legal correspondent at the time. you talk about the chemistry. i had -- i was worried i was going to start being perceived as a serial anchor swapper because during my period of time i had the wonderful opportunity to sit next to jackie and then gisele, to jodie, and then to soledad and people would say, what's the matter with you you can't keep a work spouse? are you driving them off? i thought of it as i won the lottery. i got to sit next to these talented, really smart and good looking women every saturday and sunday morning and said, i'm getting paid for that. this is a good deal. >> we love you, too, jack. >> we do. and i think i can speak for are gisele and your other co-hosts and tv wives that you may not feel very welcome like you were the kindest, the most lovely person to work with. and we were together -- >> he's still alive, you know. he's right there. >> he came with a fresh
8:51 am
perspective and he was so human and wonderful, and he also came at a very interesting time because it was at the height of the o.j. simpson trial, so he really brought as a co-anchor this incredible knowledge and legal background that really added depth and humanity at the same time. so, jack, we miss you. you're never in studio when i'm here. >> jack is the big difference. we're talking to him live now in memphis. when i did the second show from china, i had to do the first one here, fly to china. but we taped the intros. throwing back to maria was all on tape. we weren't really live. >> we're not even live right now. >> so there's a fun element that you brought to the weekend but then you have to make the hard turn to news. was it hard to balance the two and have an equal balance throughout the shows on the weekend? >> not really. we were all in washington during garrick and me and al would fly to washington to do the show every week so we were -- it was the more serious show because it was merged with "meet the press." >> which garrick was hosting. >> in washington, yes.
8:52 am
>> we did "sunday today" followed by "meet the press" and then would come back and do sunday nightly news. >> and, mike, you came aboard the show when you started using the plaza for the first time, right? >> right. >> you have that element of the show but also doing the hard news. >> which was different because i come out of the same kind of background that you had as well, anchoring at local news stations and you had to be perceived as being a heavy journalist. suddenly this obligation to go out and do a little bit of show business as well. and, to be quite honest, at first i felt professional news people would not take me seriously. then i realize it had didn't matter because the popularity was there. they signed me for another contract anyway. >> i want to talk about all the fun we've had. we look at the clips, silly stuff. did anybody have to hold their nose when we started doing some of the silly stuff? i'm always curious. >> only the animals. >> that's a whole different story to get into.
8:53 am
did did anybody find those moems like what am i doing? and i'm looking right at you, jodie? >> is this incriminating video? >> there is and it's coming right now. >> if it's the one with the camel -- here is the back story. >> you were a rockette. >> which is one of the great things about being associated with the "today" show. i walked out in full costume. >> ew. >> in the christmas spectacular they have a nativity scene so in the wouls of radio city is this menagerie of animals down there so that was a camel. >> and i mentioned to boyd earlier, you mentioned the snake thing. i do not like snakes. and then you came on here long after being the host of the show and tried to get me over the fear of snakes. i have never forgotten that. >> i used to come back in my role of national geographic network and i would bring animals, i brought snakes, tarantulas. the great thing lester never stayed seated during our
8:54 am
segments. he was always backing up going to the corner getting as far away -- and then, of course, as i remember the snakes also apparently decided this was the perfect moment they had been wait i waiting for to go to the bathroom on national television. >> i recall that, yes. some things you don't forget. >> and, you know, we've all covered so many huge events. jack, you with the o.j. simpson trial, that one was pretty personal for you. you knew a lot of the players involved and we were all watching. how memorable was that for you. >> that was -- it was a difficult one because of that. i knew o.j. simpson, had known him for years. he was working at nbc sports at the time and i had known him before that. johnnie cochran was a good friend. we had been involved in cases before i got involved in television. and in many ways it was surreal. there would be a break inside of the courtroom and i would come up in the well and stand there and talk with o.j. and talk with johnnie cochran and then talk to the goldmans in the courtroom jach wards and it was the it first time i had ever covered anything where you did have that personal connection.
8:55 am
it was tough. back then we made sure our opinions never came through in the course of report iing. i think the thing that was most -- that i was able to enjoy the most, if you would, and that coverage is during the week i would be there as a legal correspondent and on the weekends we could then talk about what was happening. we could let the case breathe a little bit. we could engage in discussions ourselves. so, for me, it was a mice balance of ways to cover that. >> sure. >> well, it's been fun having all these weekend warriors return here and, you know, all veterans getting up early. i hope it wasn't too painful. >> one "today" show trivia not mentioned, probably forgotten. in the early '90s they said garrick co-host. i'm a young reporter in the washington bureau named katherine. were you on that show? we were on the show and after the show was over she turned and said how did we do? and i said i think you have a future. >> by the way, one other thing, did you know garrick utley wanted to be a country western
8:56 am
music star? >> we never did it on air. >> i'm surprised. i'm surprised. >> the only one who doesn't have the complete anchor suit. >> guys, thank you so much. the story and the insight is all great. thank you for setting table for the present and the future as well. we're going to take a quick break. release me! you should eat something that's good for you before you go outside. never! it's a new fiber one chewy bar. chocolatey and delicious. mmm. [ male announcer ] new fiber one chewy bars.
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8:59 am
of the camera. happy 25th anniversary to the entire "weekend today" family. cheers. thanks, everybody, for being a part. have a great day. >> bye, everybody. >> up next on 11 news, baltimore city mayor stephanie rawlings-blake is here for this morning's q&a, and kids and caffeine, not always a great combination. dangerous associated with kids and too much caffeine. >> another great day if store but things are going to change during the beginning of the week. the insta-weather plus forecast the insta-weather plus forecast


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