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tv   Today  NBC  September 18, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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♪ get up and try >> thank you! and we're back with more of "today" on a tuesday morning. it's the 18th day of september, 2012. once again, pink, ladies and gentlemen, in the rain in rockefeller plaza. thanks so much. good to see you. and out here i'm matt lauer along with savannah guthrie and al roker. more music from pink coming up in just a little while, and she was right. she is waterproof. >> she is. >> that's true. coming up, we're going to talk to an american who spent 22 years in a nicaraguan prison. he says he didn't commit the crime. after two years he is free and he's going to share his ordeal in just a couple of minutes. >> then we'll take you on terry
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cruz, burning up the nfl and burning up the internet. flexing his muscles. well, guess what? he's bringing his muscles here. going to join us for our "take 3" segment in a couple of minutes and more stuff during the 9:00 hour. what, go ahead, say it. no, come on. >> no good can come of this. >> not for television. >> maybe thinking about buying or selling a home. barbara corcoran is here to show you what you can get for $400,000 or less. whether it's a modern, a contemporary or a traditional home, well, we've got the 411 for you. >> well, let's go inside. natalie's got the headlines. >> good morning again, matt, savannah and al. mitt romney isn't apologizing for comments he made to wealthy dopers at a florida fund-raiser. the reap captain can presidential hopeful said on a secret video that 47% of americans believe they are entitled to help from help from the government. he the video was made public by
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the magazine "mother jones. ". olympic snowboarding champ shaun white was released by nashville police after his arrest early sunday on charges of public intoxication and vandalism. police say white is accused of pulling a fire alarm and destroying a hotel phone. he was also treated at a hospital after hitting his head. a french court today banned a gossip magazine from publishing any more topless photo of kate sunbathing with her husband william. the royal family hoped to block international publication, but today's ruling only affects the french publisher. a diet drug that was approved by the fda earlier this year is available by prescription starting today. it's a combination of two medications that have long been used in weight management. and it sounds like singing sensation adel may become a bond girl. the website reports adel will perform the theme song for the
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new james bond film "skyfall" due to be released at the end of october. seems like americans can't get enough of the "gangnam style" craze. now navy midshipmen have recorded their own version of psy's hit. ♪ the midshipmen have already racked up half a million youtube views in less than two days. everybody in on the craze. now it's four minutes past the hour. al, it took me all weekend to get that song out of my head, and the moves out of my head, now it's back to it. >> i was going to say. you did better than me. >> still on it. >> it's still in there! >> let's see what we've got for you today. we're talking about some really rough weather. you're seeing what we see outside right now. it's going to get worse, from albany all the way down to charlotte. damaging winds, heavy rain. tornadoes possible, and airport delays likely. look at that rain coming up. if you're flying from either
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albany, atlanta, new york, washington, it is going to be a mess. as you can see all during the day today, all that rain continuing to push in. wind gusts of over 60 miles per hour and rainfall amounts, 1 to 3 inches, but we could get as much as 4 to 5 inches of rain >> good morning. the chance for rain will go up today. some severe what the bank is all right. now to today's "take 3" where al, natalie and i give our take on stories attracting attention
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and adding a little muscle. he's got the move. "gangnam style." too bad you weren't here on friday. >> i got my "gangnam style." >> everybody remembers the old spice commercial, can't get enough of it. keep the shirt on for now. >> remember last time it came off. >> take a look at this. >> i love it. >> love it. >> i have no shame. no shame in me. >> you're missing one part. something going on there. >> hey, hey, watch yourself. >> i was talking about your forehead. >> i'm shocked. all right. >> well, you're very comfortable being bare-breasted. >> i am. >> what a segue. >> i get warm very often, can just take it a problem. >> it happens. >> natalie was saying, speaking of toplessness, kate middleton,
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everybody following this? she had a good ruling from a french court today saying that they are going to demand the digital copies of the topless sunbathing photo to be taken back. what do you think of all of this? >> nothing you can do. i had a photo that hit the internet with me wearing a bra. shot me in a bra. i was so embarrassed. >> it wasn't like they caught you unaware. >> we put me in a bra. i started to embrace it. you know what? i'm having fun. i can wear a bra. if i wore a bikini i would make that the best looking male bikini of all time. >> you're the original jiggle vision. >> exactly. >> so you think kate should embrace this? >> she has to. the thing is, it's always the thing where they want to knock you down a little bit. >> right. >> you're a big star, whatever, but they want to kind of put you in your place. you know what you have to do? you know what, say i'm going to embrace it. i have breasts. it's okay, you know what i mean? if you're a woman, you got them too. it's all right. >> seems like she embraced the
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hume of the mom being in the solomon islands last week in southeast asia where a lot of women were bare-breasted and in fact handed her a naked statue which is a part of the culture and the art there, and she kind of has a little bit of a smirk going, but you see in this picture here she seems to kind of make the most of the situation. >> compared to what happened with harry. >> she really has nothing to be ashamed of. private villa, sunbathing topless is what they do in europe. whereas harry was naked and playing strip billiards in vegas. >> a gutsy thing to do. >> yeah. >> just want to make you embarrassed. they want you to feel bad. you don't give them that satisfaction. you'll be all right. >> there you go. >> speaking of somebody feeling bad. >> oh, boy. >> this reporter -- we've all been on local stories where you're interviewing a family, and there's a kid, and then watch what happens. it's -- it's not pretty. >> right now, he can't say anything right now, he's
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saying -- e equals mc squared. get that camera off my face. i'll take the cantaloupe. >> oh, no. >> oh, dan, don't make him cry. >> but as a reporter walks away, if you keep -- it gets worse. >> it gets worse. >> because the anchors get in on it, too. you just made that kid cry. >> he gets a little manic. >> yeah. >> the reporter or the kid? >> the reporter. >> the reporter. >> i didn't see the whole video. >> this is why kids are scared of clowns, you know what i mean? >> not calling the reportary clown. >> let me tell you. he started going off crazy, and then come on, man, calm it down. >> look at that face. that face says it all. get out of my face. >> i mean, he gave us some serious side eye. >> and then the anchors jump in. try to kind of -- >> look at this guy. >> and watch. >> look at kid in the background. >> he gets a little wacky here.
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>> one guy starts losing it. >> you walked away. ♪ >> i would cry. >> i would cry if a man came up to me like that. >> he seems to be making fun of him. >> he's a kid. leave him alone. >> next topic. >> music talent contest, judges all morning. heard about the new "american idol" junction. new judges announced for "the voice" as well. usher and shakira are going to replace christina aguilera and cee lo green. >> they will take time off to do some other projects. >> i guess adam levine is not taking off. >> at am is there, blake shelton is there. >> i love the fact that they are switching it up, and the truth is, and i say this to everybody, if i had to go on an acting show, i would lose, you know what i mean? if you had to go on whatever show that was about your job, you'd probably lose because when it's all about the voting and it's -- america wants blood. they want to make sure somebody goes and dies and gets out of
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here, and the whole thing is these judges wouldn't make it themselves, even though they are all super great, wonderful, you love them. truth it, put them on a show like that they wouldn't make it. >> but if it's a contest with bouncing pecks. >> i would win. >> they are going. >> biceps, bouncing pecks, muscle music. >> do they go by themselves? >> involuntarily i have muscles that kind of go of course, and i talk to a lot of my muscles. i have to control them. >> they are out of control. >> this is just going to go to a bad place. >> it's already gone to a bad place. >> okay. our next topic of conversation -- >> no, the next topic is bye- e bye-bye. >> they cut the clip and our mike. >> great fun having fun with you, tery. >> stick around. >> i'm here. i am on the "today" show forever. >> all right. >> you're not getting rid of me, ever! >> he's not expendable. >> whoa. >> all right.
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terry and the biceps are back in a couple minutes. coming up, we'll take a turn to an american sentenced for a crime in a nicaraguan prison for a crime he didn't commit. he's now back and free and we'll hear his story after this. [ female announcer ] introducing yoplait greek 100.
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body washes with paper that reacts like skin. if others can strip this paper, imagine how harsh they can be to your skin. oh my gosh. [ female announcer ] dove is different. its new breakthrough formula changes everything. new dove. this is care. . back now with the story of a washington state man who spent nearly two years behind bars in a central american prison for a crime he did not commit. jason puracal is here with us this morning, and we'll speak to him in just a moment, but first more on his story from nbc's kerry sanders. kerry, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that's right, natalie. jason puracal spent 22 months in prison in one of the most notorious prisons in central america. he was wrongfully convicted of
9:15 am
drug trafficking and money-laundering, but he's now free in large part because of the very diligent efforts of his family. a homecoming years in the making. >> i'm in america. >> reporter: this past thursday american jason puracal was set free from this nicaraguan prison after nearly two horrifying years behind bars: jason puracal first went to nicaragua as a peace corps volunteer. he joined after graduating from the university of washington. during her sis advice in that country, he fell in love with a local beauty, married and started a family. he settled down selling real estate to a growing number of americans who see this picturesque seaside village as the perfect place to retire. in november 2010, jason's peaceful life was torn apart when police stormed his remax office. his mother was there visiting when her son was taken into custody. >> i was thinking that this is
9:16 am
all some strange mistake, and things would be over pretty soon. >> reporter: instead, jason was held in prison for nine months, then charged and convicted, ultimately sentenced to 22 years in prison for drug trafficking and money laundering. jason's wife scarlet. >> i know 100% that jason is innocent. >> there are no drugs in this case. >> reporter: jason's family back home launched a full-time campaign to win his freedom. they received support from a wide range of current and former u.s. officials, including tom cash, the former miami station chief for the drug enforcement administration. >> i say that there's a lot of major drug traffickers in nicaragua, and there's a lot of major drug traffickers in central america, but jason puracal is certainly not one of them. >> thank you, everyone, for praying for me. >> reporter: nicaraguan justice system eventually agreed with an appeals court overturning jason's sentence and setting him
9:17 am
free. before he left the country, jason insisted on stopping off to say good-bye to old friends who had stood by him. and then as he was leaving nicaragua and crossing the border into honduras, he began to take pleasure in things that only a man who had lost and regained his freedom could truly appreciate. >> have you ever seen such a beautiful traffic jam? this is a wonderful traffic jam. >> enjoying a traffic jam. jason puracal physically free, experts say fully understanding that he's mentally free. that will take some time. natalie. >> kerry sanders, thanks so much. jason puracal is here, along with his sister janice who fought so hard to save him. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> good to have you here. jason, how are you feeling and has it sunk in you're free? >> i'm feeling wonderful, feeling great. it's overwhelming and, no, it's not sunk in. it's still very surreal. >> tell me what those 22 months in the nicaraguan prison were
9:18 am
like. describe the conditions, and how did you keep your hopes up? >> it was the most horrific experience i've ever had to deal with. there were days when i didn't think it was going to end. just thinking of my son, he kept my hopes alive. kept my spirits alive. >> and i know it was a really hard time for your son as well, and can you tell me how that reunion was with him? >> it was overwhelming joy to have him in my arms again. it's been hard to let him -- put him down these last 24 hours, so -- >> yeah, i can imagine. i read that you said you slept with him in between you and your wife, and you just didn't want to leave his side. >> that was the first night that i actually got seven hours sleep. my wife and son piled on top of me. >> oh, amazing. janice, as jason has said, you and your family are the reason he is out and free today. what do you think was the key to the success in this case? >> you know, it's really hard to pinpoint one thing that really was the tipping point, that
9:19 am
pushed us over the edge. we had a phenomenal team of individuals who were so dedicated to jason, and it was people that had known him and people that had never met him, but knew his spirit and knew what an incredible injustice this was, and they were willing to fight for him for two years. >> tell me what that moment was like when you got the phone call, when you found out that your brother would finally be set free. >> jason's defense attorney called me from nicaragua. he doesn't speak english, and he was telling me that the ruling would be free and when the family figured it out i was screaming and yelling. everyone was so excited. >> a long two years for all of you. i mean, how much has this changed you, jason? >> definitely affected me, but i went to nicaragua to do sustainable development, and i plan to go back to school to the university of washington. they have a degree in sustainable urban development. >> do you want to go back to
9:20 am
nicaragua some day? do you feel like what happened to you was such an injustice would keep you away from a country you love so much? you even mayor aid local. >> yes. my son was born there and nicaragua will always have a place to my heart. i hope to go back there one day to finish the sustainable projects that i started. >> do you ever understand? do you know why this happened to you? have you tried to figure out what it was that made them have this case against you which turned out to be a complete bogus case in the end? >> that's a question i've been asking myself every day for -- for almost two years, and i probably will never know the answer of why they invented such horrible lies about me, but right now i just want to focus on my family and moving forward, so -- >> it's great to have you back, and so glad that you're able to spend time with your family. enjoy this time. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> jason puracal and janice, thanks. and we'll be back right after these messages. serve the world's best-tasting chicken. t-minus 10... that's why our whole chicken is delivered fresh. 9...8... and prepared fresh by real cooks 7...
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coming up, great homes around the country for $400,000 or less. plus ivillage reveals the steps we love. the must-haves for women. and in "today's kitchen," delicious recipes to get your kids to eat healthy, but first your local news and weather.
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>> this is wbal-tv 11 news in baltimore. >>. -- periods of rain are likely now into the afternoon. even a few thunderstorms are possible. breezy day with high temperatures between 76 and 81 degrees. mixture of sunshine and clouds on wednesday, thursday, and on wednesday, thursday, and [ male announcer ] for the dreamers...
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it's the here of the rancics and it really has turned out to be that way. >> so we are finally having a baby. >> finally. >> after years of trying. >> that was bill and giuliana rancic announcing back in april after coping with infertility and a breast cancer diagnosis, they were expecting their first child with the help of a gestational surrogate. now baby edward duke is here, bon just a few weeks ago, and giuliana will be here to share all her experiences as a first-time mom tomorrow on "today." we can't wait to hear all about and see her again. i'm natalie morales along with al roker and our special guest terry cruz sticking around. you'll help al cook coming up in a little bit. >> terry cruz can cook. >> oh, yeah. i can eat, too.
9:31 am
>> i bet you can. >> there you go. >> also got a real estate reality check coming up. >> that's right. if you're not sure how far your cash will go we'll show you great open houses from a traditional southern home to a mountain vista, all for $400,000 or less. >> got to be willing to move. >> yeah. >> report. the things we love. ivillage is out with the best of the best. the top picks on everything from fashion to the kitchen. >> and speaking of the kitchen don't hide the veggies to get your kids from eating healthy. your daughter is here, terry. did you have trouble getting her to eat the vegetables? >> yeah. because i wouldn't eat them. >> you eat them now? >> i eat them now. that's the thing. you got to eat them now. >> first al has a check on the weather for us. >> first of all for today, we do have a risk of strong storms from the southeast all the way up into new england with heavy rain, winds, the possibility of tornadoes. the west of the country is looking actually pretty decent.
9:32 am
we've got a few showers in the central great lakes with cooler, windier conditions. for tomorrow, leftover showers in florida and the southeastern atlantic states and great lakes. sunny and hot in the southwest. nice and mild in the pacific northwest, and plenty of sunshine and temperatures in the low 80s. that's what's going on aroun >> good morning. the chance for rain will be going up as we head towards the afternoon and evening. it will be a breezy day. and that's your latest weather. >> thank you. we're joined by one of the newest members of the nbc family john cho who is on the new comedy "go on" starting matthew
9:33 am
perry. well, john, good morning. >> nice to meet you. >> welcome to the family, and what's it like being on the show "go on." you play matthew perry's boss who is really concerned about his sanity after he lost his wife. >> yeah. it's a really good time. i'm really enjoying working with matthew perry who is my comedy hero. so it's been fantastic. he was joey on friends. are you aware of that? >> i don't think so. >> chandler. >> chandler, right, whatever. >> close. >> clearly a hero of yours. >> no, it's great. i've stolen so much from him over the years that sometimes i feel like i'm doing him to him on the set. >> wow. >> got to be a little freaky. >> a little fun. it's a little weird, a little weird. >> like a bromance that you have. >> his, yeah. my character steven is a very caring fellow and he's his best friend and boss, and he mandates that he has to go to grief therapy to deal with his wife's
9:34 am
passing. and natural ly hilarity ensues. >> there's the pathos of this man losing the love of his life and dealing with it and finding the comedy in it. >> i feel that's the beauty of it. funny comes from real circumstances, and, you know, most people deal with grief in awkward ways, and that can be funny. at least sitting on your couch watchi watching. >> laugh all the time. >> the sad thing is -- >> scary. >> tyler james on the show. >> you guys have like six degrees here. >> it's weird and we have the same build.
9:35 am
>> can you do that too, john. >> move down. it's unbelievable. >> he can pop a peck. >> pop your peck like tery. >> "star trek 2" coming soon. >> yes, i believe next year. >> the plot involves snakes. >> on a plen. >> another movie. >> another movie. >> blows up at the end, big explosion. >> different movie, different movie. >> al. >> oh, go on. >> that's funny. >> so what he did america. >> he's funny, and can you catch him on "go on" tonight at 9:00,al central right here on nbc. >> coming up next, in today's real estate, what do you get for $400,000 or less? right after these messages. [ female announcer ] style is long lasting when hair is nourished
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having my food tracker on my phone, i can figure out what i'm having at the restaurant. i lost 73 pounds with weight watchers online. i don't think i've ever smiled this much in my whole life. it kind of hurts my cheeks. [ female announcer ] join for free. offer ends october 20th. weight watchers online finally, losing weight clicks. this morning on requested today's real estate," homes for under $400,000 or last. real estate expert barbara corcoran with an open house coast to coast joins us now. >> good morning, al. >> let's start in the pacific northwest. bremerton, washington, a lovely home for $347,000. how far is this from seattle? >> this is in a great situation. you know where it is, it's directly smack between seattle to the east and the olimpia mountains to the west, and houses on this side of the water sell for half for what houses on
9:40 am
the other side. the living room of this cedar-sided home was a vaulted ceiling and fireplace. built-ins, lots of windows. the eat-in kitchen is clean as a whistle with white cabinets, oak floors and solid surface counters and butts right into the sunny dining room with marble floors. spacious master bedroom conveniently located on the main floor. the house is set on the sixth green of a golf and country club and the backyard is absolutely perfect. the patio looks on pond, fountains and the yard is landscaped. >> dickinson, texas, a lovely five-bedroom home and this town is the best kept secret of the gulf coast. >> you know why it's undervalued, al, everyone there is friendly, houses inexpensive and very close to the water so why people are having to discover this i don't know. it's smack dab between houston and galveston, easy to get to. it's got 4,000 square feet, this house, on an acre of land.
9:41 am
all southern and traditional on the inside, but, bam, when you look inside you would swear you're in a different house. surprisingly modern, snazzy kitchen with granite and marble counters, not an inch of southern style in that kitchen and travertine floor, recessed lighting and there's a casual octag octagon-shaped dining area that's kind of weird. feel like i should have my tarot cards. >> hard to sell a house when it's traditional on the outside and so modern inside? >> a lot of people have a hard time gelling the both. this house has done so well on the outside and inside, i don't think it gets in the way. also a pool room that every guy is going to like with dark wood walls and fancy dancy lighting and a wet bar to boot. a great house for 370,000. no trouble selling this one. >> then to pacos, new mexico. this house is full of
9:42 am
traditional southwestern details that everybody out there loves, like the beamed ceilings throughout. the kitchen has hand-carved custom cabinetry and the living room with the mexican tile floor from that area and a hand-carved wood-burning fireplace. there's another fireplace and flagstone floor in the sunroom. the home sits on a rise overlooking the rolling green lawn and best of all, the back deck is on the pecos, always mispronounce it, i practiced five times and still don't have it. incredible mountain vistas on the pecos river valley. >> your daughter katie could -- can you say pecos, katie? >> pecos. there you go, that's my girl. >> all right. that's embarrassing. i'm not going home today. >> you better because katie's got to get home. barbara corcoran, thanks so
9:43 am
much. >> thank you. >> coming up next, ivillage shares its list of the stuff we love, right after these messages. to cover all of manhattan out of landfills each year? the equivalent of 140 million trash bags, gone. by using glad trash bags, designed with reinforcing bands to be stronger with less plastic waste, we can. it's a small change that can make a big difference. and try ad odor shield with febreze freshness... strong bags that neutralize strong odors. oliv never ending pasta bowl is back! endless combinations of pasta and sauce for just $9.95. plus, never ending sausage and meatballs for just $2.95 more. the pasta never ends but the offer does. only at olive garden.
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we're back now with ivillage's second annual stuff we love awards. the go-to list of the top products from jeeps to toys. ivillage chief correspondent kelly wallace has the best picks and terry will stick around to help us out with this segment as well. >> yes, yes. >> first talking about jessica simpson's guest editor. readers requested her. >> we had michelle obama in august which was amazing and who else would you like to hear from? jessica simpson tops the list. talking about how she's trying to lose the baby weight. getting very personal about her relationship, including with her fiance eric johnson and today it's all about style.
9:47 am
style icons, her mother. also says bridget bardot. whenever she goes out to the red carpet, looks at some old photos and tries to match her look so it's really exciting. >> let's get to the stuff we love and terry loves it as well. tell us how these were chosen by the winners starting off with jeans, and they love levis. >> levis curve i.d., everyone has difficulty finding the screens that work for your body. >> it's hard. >> here you can go online or in the store. you identify your shape, answering questions such as how curvy is your seat, and then -- >> this one are you pear-shaped or apple-shaped? >> i know. you're supposed to come up with one of four styles that will work for you. one of our editors in fact said she broke up with her muffin top after these jeans and doesn't miss her. >> good. >> we can all relate. >> all right. >> next up from the drug store beauty products, the winning choice here was this lip balm by neutrogena. >> exactly. so many lip balms so heavy. more lipstick, less balm.
9:48 am
this one is really light, great color, really smooth and also has spf 20 so good protection. >> terry, you like that one. >> i have four daughters. got to have it in my pocket ready. >> next, moisturizing, the miracle workers, st. ives is the winner. >> one of the contributors said she broke her addiction to the high-priced exfollowient scrubs that used to send her into sticker shock every time she bought them. just as goods. 1/109 price, $4.99 for 60 pads. >> perfect. there you go. >> i'm stealing that for my wife, stealing it. that's mine. >> you can take it all, including the jeans. next an app that people love. don't you hate getting inundated by catalogs? >> 52 million trees cut down every year to send out 19 billion catalogs every year, so many of them at my house. >> all at mine christmastime, forget it. >> you get this app and it takes all your brands to you. window shop online. more than 250 catalogs, 155
9:49 am
brands. you're taking a look there now. west elm, nieman marcus. >> get it at itunes. >> every mom knows this toy because this was a life saver, was in my house as well. one that all your readers love. >> you can have your little one creating mozart compositions, right, and one of our contributors said there's so much screeching, annoying toys, this one literally music to her ears. the mozart magic cubes. >> for my grand baby. >> you have a grand baby. >> yes. >> and finally. >> what is this? >> i don't even want to know. >> it sounds gross, but any mom with a little baby and a clogged nose knows it's so difficult to clear that nose. it's called the nose freezer. put it at the baby's nostril and suck the mucous out. >> yeah, that's what i love. >> there's a filter. don't worry. >> it's not going to come in. >> a kid's nose doesn't stop
9:50 am
running until their 14. i have five kids, run all the time. >> i don't know if you can use it on your 14-year-old. >> good luck trying. >> kelly wallace, thank you. we should note ivillage is part of nbc universal. for more on these products, our website >> coming up, meals your kids will devour, but first this is "today" on nbc.
9:51 am
9:52 am
this morning in "today's kitchen step by step," the founder of the website has some new recipes and joining us terry cruz as i join the land of the giants. >> so here we go. yeah. the weelicious cook book is all about fast, easy, fresh, fun recipes for the entire family. >> all right. >> and the key word being fun. >> you don't advocate necessarily hiding the food, just disguising it a little.
9:53 am
>> we want kids empowered. we want them to know they are eating their vegetables and that they are great for them. red beet white bean hummus. a whole beet, garlic, skin on, and what we're going to do is make a fun packet. make a mom's life easier. >> and a dad's. >> of course. >> ask the kids to cook so you don't have to. >> exactly. >> so we'll bake this for 45 minutes. when it's all done, it's going to -- you're going to open it up and see, watch this. here is the trick. you have your roasted beet, no one wants to get their hand dirty, and we're going to peel the skin off. just comes right off with this, pulling the skin off. already got one in here, and what we're going to do is got the beet. i'm going to ask you, you put in the white beans. got to get you involved. >> a little hummus thing happening. >> this is a roasted garlic so it's going to mellow out the
9:54 am
flavor of this. >> we've got some salt and lemon juice, olive oil. >> i love hummus, by the way. it reminds me of that. >> this is colorful. >> this is colorful. that's the point. we want the kids to see like the beautiful bright colors. they are really exciting. >> and you pulse is and we end up with something like that. >> fresh veggies. >> that's good. >> little girl's birthday party. >> can i dry try that one? >> not that you're a little girl at a birthday party. >> serve it with chip, veggies. >> that's good. >> okay. now these are veggie nuggets. so everyone was e-mailing me saying my kids, all they want are nuggets. >> right. >> this recipe is going to save you $20 on the boxes ones you buy in the frozen food section. >> and they are good for them. >> all nuggets and crunchy on the outside so what i've got here is i steamed pateos 15 minutes with some carrots, added broccoli in for another five minutes, and now it's all
9:55 am
steamed in here, in the food processor i added some corn. pulse this up. >> oh, i got, it i got it. >> actually getting a little short here. >> you've got all that together and you -- >> you're going to mix this with this, and you're going to add some garlic, some onion powder, some salt. you're going to press it on to a sheet tray, about half an inch thick, and, again, put the muscles to work. >> there we go. >> cut some shapes. >> and then in the interest of time. >> this is frozen. >> i think i pulled a muss. oh, my god. i'm injured! i'm kidding. >> so you put them on -- >> freeze it so you can cut it. >> a little egg wash, more breadcrumbs. >> baked two minutes on each side and another thing. >> looks good. >> freeze them. >> yes. >> i am big on the freezer. >> thank you so much. terry, thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> than[ male announcer ] for the dreamers...
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