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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  September 19, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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the health department is trying to figure out how they got sick. this marked spot is shut down. the health department says they have liposuction procedures between mid august and mid september. all three patients were hospitalized with a severe case of a group a streptococcus. one of them has died. it's unclear how they got infected, but it often found in the throne or on the skin and most cases are relatively mild, but the bacteria can cause severe and life-threatening disease if they enter into the bloodstream, sales or lungs. >> if you have had any type of procedure at this location and are having any symptoms at all like fever, pain, drainage from the site or redness at a surgery site, we want you to call your primary care provider at your local health department. >> in response to everything
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that has happened, they have released the following statement -- they say they have been in business for eight years and have successfully performed thousands of complications-free surgery performed by licensed professionals. they say the possible cause of the inspection -- of the infection is being closely investigated. the police have said they have been fully cooperative and they do remain closed while the health department estimates what happens. >> thank you. is the man at the center of a cannibalism case in hartford county fit to stand trial? that's what a court judge is considering after postponing a competency hearing late this afternoon. the man is accused of attempted first-degree murder with intent of the assault on morgan street -- of a morgan university
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student, beating him with a baseball bat and leading him blind in one are -- and blind in one eye. police say he also killed a family friend, cut him up, 8 his heart and part of his brain. >> to overnight fires in northeast baltimore being investigated as cases of arson. police say they were started with molotov cocktails. we have been following the late breaking details. let's go live now to police headquarters with more on the investigation. >> 12 apartments were destroyed. six adults and one child were taken to hospital. all of those in hospital are in good condition. fire officials say it's a miracle no one was killed. >> just before 4:00, the call came in for a fire on an apartment building in northeast baltimore. >> i heard somebody threw a
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bottle or something through that window. they were on the right side. >> luckily no one was hurt. around the same time, this same call came in. six adults and one that 7-year- old boy were injured. some have to jump from their windows. >> i had to crawl -- i had to crawl out the bedroom window. i didn't know what to do. >> wednesday afternoon, police announced both were started by molotov cocktails thrown through windows, the work of an arsonist. >> i can tell you this is a very dangerous arsonist. anyone who would aspire bomb the house where they believed someone could be sleeping is a dangerous and as the intent to kill. >> police believe the same person or persons is involved in both crimes. they are putting up signs and looking for information, but so
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far, they believe they were random attacks. it does not appear that these were targeted. it could be as simple as a juvenile is playing a dangerous prank or if it is something more serious, we will be on that quickly. >> police say they have increased their presence in that area today. anyone with information is asked to give them a call. hot >> tonight, a spike in crime in baltimore under light by the un that scientists found dead outside his baltimore home. it comes as big changes are under way at the police department. but was this the right move? our lead investigator joins us live from the newsroom with details. >> the concern is the decision to look for the west coast -- look to the west coast for a new
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commissioner is causing a brain drain and disrupting the progress that the city has made over the past five years. >> just before 9:30 this morning, never mind it was broad daylight at a busy commuter road, someone shot and critically wounded a 19-year-old man on the street. just up the road, a government researcher was shot and killed as he arrived home after choir practice. his death marks homicide number 153 in the city. five more than the homicides this time last year. no suspects have been named, but police are considering a theory that he was mistaken for a food delivery person because he was carrying bags as he exited his car. police have been dealing with a run of carjackings in the northeast district. there have been 24 in the district, up 85% over the 13
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last year. increases like that are not welcome at city hall. >> i'm not happy with one homicide. i had free within months -- within one month around my house. when i was watching the raven's game on sunday, i heard a shot. >> accounted president acknowledged the timing of the spike in violence has come during a shake-up at the police department. since the mayor's decision to go outside the police department and baltimore for a new commissioner, the head of criminal investigations, a 32 year veteran has announced he is retiring. the deputy commissioner, a candidate for the top job to go next year. the council president worries about the loss of talent. >> i believe we need to stay inside so that we can keep our crime-fighting strategies in place moving forward. >> on that sunday morning, the
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mayor said there is good talent inside the police department, but she said she went outside to get what she called the best. her take was last in oakland california and must be confirmed by the city council. >> a judge today sentenced a baltimore city police officer for 20 years behind bars for dealing drugs on the job. he pled guilty to possession with intent to sell and conspiring to sell drugs from january to june of last year. court records show he sold heroin in the parking lot while in uniform. he had been working as a police officer for 17 years at the time of his arrest. >> police say the grandson of an elderly couple used a pair of 2010 on dumbbells and knifed to kill them before taking off to oklahoma. tonight, he has been moved from an oklahoma hospital to a detention center and is charged
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with two counts of first-degree murder. authorities in oklahoma say he was found unconscious in a hotel room with a note saying i'm sorry. the victims were both in their 80s and found dead earlier this month in their home. >> yesterday's severe thunderstorms are well off the coast and moving further away. we've seen a clearing trend with more sunshine breaking through and the high pressure will hold strong and build in tonight. we're looking a beautiful weather but it will feel like fall. look at these low temperatures. thirties' showing up in the great lakes and that air is headed our way. we will see how long this fall- like air will stick around and see if it hangs around for the official beginning of fall in your forecast and a few minutes. >> people are up in arms tonight, concern that city officials planning to pave a big
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chunk of a park to make way for certain renovations and improvements. the plant is preliminary but it would create 95 parking spots to use for various purposes. it would at a driving route and help increase activities at the senior building. but for neighbors, the main objection is losing something hard to find in the city, green space. and replacing it with something there is too much of it, traffic. >> the fiord the cars, the better. we are here all the time with their small children and it's not a place for cars. >> this is an asset that draws all kinds of residence to the neighborhood. we have seen a lot of investment in the park and in the neighborhood because of that. >> the plan is just a proposal at this point, all with the ultimate goal of getting traffic in and out of the park. organization had our meeting
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with officials tonight and at the park and rex department is planning community meeting for sometime in october. unfortunately, it's a fact of life -- baltimore is dirty. that's the word from a travel and leisure magazine and their list of america's dirtiest cities. just ahead, why a the president is, "blaming the people live here. >> was jesus married? coming up, what one caller is saying about the life of christ. >> it orioles continue to make it a habit, the impossible becoming a routine --
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>> of baltimore has a dubious distinction as a "travel and leisure clothes "magazine is out with this list of dirtiest cities in america. baltimore ranks as no. 3. the was based on overall cleanliness, smoking in public areas and littering. people point to the city's army of rats and complaints about rats running the streets. we caught up with city officials is a people's behavior is what to blame. >> we need to help each and every constituents not throw things in the sewers and make sure there crashes per out correctly and properly and we
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will have a clean city. -- make sure their trash is put out correctly. when i was young, we had to sweep the front and back to our homes. everyone did that, what kind of city what we have? the rats would move somewhere else. >> baltimore was ranked no. 6 last year. the magazine says it's because of the growing rat problem. they played well into the early morning and two full games last night in seattle, but the end result brought a smile to all orioles fans as they continued their unbelievable policies and push. our sports director has more on the incredible story that keeps getting better and better. >> day by day, night by night, and morning by morning. luckily, the orioles played well in the morning. the game didn't end until 4:00
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in the morning. that marathon game lasted about eight hours and 44 minutes and saw the orioles knockoff seattle in another unbelievable comeback. facing a terrific pitcher -- what a night he had, he struck out six and didn't give up a run. the orioles finally got him out of the game and my dad got back in the game, getting help from his batting mate. to-nothing at mariners until the ninth. predate -- 2-0, mariners until the ninth. tying the game at 2 and turning it into a marathon. onto the 11th inning with bases loaded -- can't make contact and looks like they are handing out a few more hours. the 18th inning.
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first and third -- only his seventh hint -- seventh hit of the season. scoring the go-ahead run, groundout and leading by two. his 44th save -- 4-to the final in 18 innings, a double header. just didn't shop on the schedule of a double header. the yankees are playing a doubleheader today, they beat toronto in the first of the two games. even after an 18-inning win, they are back to a half-game of first-place. stick around because these things change with the orioles rally fast. >> ireland wished i had stayed at to see the end of the game. we begin with a call for new standards for our sick and food. this comes after an investigation found arsenic in
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many rice products, including rice cakes and serial for infants. it's a clear whether it would fund -- whether it would cause health impacts, but high enough levels to lead to several types of cancer. the fda does not currently regulate our senate levels and to come only drinking water. the agency has begun its investigation a blend of it -- preliminary levels are as high as the consumer reports levels. the problem begins with where the rice grows -- in what fields that makes it easier to absorb our sncc that occurs naturally in soil. >> we believe rice is safe. there has never been any sign to the studies that positively link rice consumption and adverse health effects. >> the usa rice federation says it's working to examine are some of global copper mines consumers the product has been feeding billions of people around the world for thousands of years. you can't always erase mistakes,
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especially if you want to remove a tattoo -- a new study finds larger tattoos and those that contain colors like blue and yellow are more difficult to have it taken off with a laser. research suggests tattoos are harder to remove on people who smoke. >> breaking news out of downtown baltimore. police apparently tried to arrest a man. >> from whate understand, there was a gentleman involved in some type of alleged narcotics activity. officers tried to stop the individual and the suspect and that it taking off, crashing into another car here at saratoga and greene streets. the suspect and that bailing out and running eastbound on saratoga, however, city police
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were able to apprehend a suspect. the person he crashed into says he's injured and they have requested a medical unit to respond to the location. we don't believe the injuries are life-threatening. just be advise that anyone traversing the area, there will be delays as there is a lot of emergency equipment on the scene. >> the front that pushed through yesterday is off the coast with high-pressure coming in behind it. we have seen a gradual clearing trend throughout the day as the high-pressure system moves in and strengthens. dropping temperatures below normal, 69 right now. 54 in the afternoon. there is likely to be frost tomorrow morning in garrett county. still holding on to the '70s it to the east. the dew points was up in the
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'70s yesterday. 24 hours ago, it felt very tropical out there, but watch that dry air come from the west and the dew point numbers drop into the '30's and 40's. the dry air comes in and it feels like fall. 45 in the suburbs to night. 55 at the inner harbor. sunset is at 7:08. a clear night tonight and a lot of sun tomorrow. the front in chicago will be our next whether maker but it will take a couple of days to push past chicago, stall in the valley and get a secondary push behind it. finally, that front comes across our region tomorrow. until it arrives, we get to enjoy some nice weather. cloud cover along the coast but nice weather through friday. you can see unsettled conditions with showers breaking out friday
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evening, pushing toward baltimore. that is a strong cold front that will continue to keep temperatures down next week. sunny skies tomorrow. it went right out of the southeast. it should be a beautiful day. on the bay, light winds and waves at about 1 foot. western maryland, some frost possible tomorrow and 65 and that afternoon. showers hitting the mountains on saturday. beautiful weather on the eastern shore. along the coastal areas, look for sunny to partly cloudy skies and highs of 75 degrees. beautiful weather tomorrow. probably up to 80 before the front arrives on saturday. right back to sunny and breezy conditions on sunday. we will round things out with temperatures about 71. >> homeland security officials
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are concerned about the growing number of threat from al qaeda at home from an extremist. >> how the recent violence -- recent violence and libya is working to predict attacks. >> new
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>> one university professor is raising the question, was agees as married? she has proved that may have been talked about among early christians tried >> it's an interesting theory. the findings are based on a document that might can chains -- that might contain the phrase "my wife" which was likely spoken by jesus. we are leaf -- we have some reaction -- is this a controversial topic was are >> this should rekindle debates that have already been going on about this topic. it centered around one aspect of the life of jesus, a central figure of those committed to the
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christian faith. if this small piece of what one's colors as a fragment of an ancient document from the fourth century. it might hold be in answer to the question was jesus the son of got married? is it the first case we have of christians claiming jesus had a wife. the doctor is helping to translate the text at a conference of coptic experts credit belongs to a private collector who asked her to analyze it. that was enough to generate conversation on the streets of baltimore. >> i don't know because i haven't seen the document. until i did, i would know what to say about the truth of it. >> you are asking the wrong person. it makes me mad when i hear that stuff. if you read the bible, it plainly teleview christ did not have alive. >> being an atheist, i don't have much of an opinion about
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it. i don't feel like it's my place to draw conclusions. >> i have been studying and a lot of times, all these conspiracies and everything comes up, i tend to back to the word itself and just read the word. >> the harvard professor plans to have a chemical analysis performed on the document. >> we still don't know if jesus was married or not, but probably in the late second century, the question was first raised and that some christians say he was not married and therefore christians should be celibate. but other christians apparently were able to speak about jesus having a wife. >> christians have long believed jesus was not married based on scripture trento family bible. >> some feel that you have not heard the last of this debate. >> we were having a discussion here in the studio and it's interesting because to me, i would find it fascinating that
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there were things about his life that we didn't know. but others might find offensive? >> christians will say i hear it but it will not shake my core beliefs. i think that's one thing you will hear. with what others may think. >> it is a fascinating. >> thank you. as expected, the issue is generating a lot of debate on facebook. one person says it could have been referring to the church. >> another says he could not have been since that catholic church was not formed until after he was died in -- until after he died. >> another says if anything, it should confirm he was a real man able to do the impossible. >> the search is on for a bank robber in annapolis. >> this may be tricky to catch. what police know about the man behind a mask.
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>> top u.s. security officials are calling the killings at the u.s. consulate last week a terrorist attack. >> what remains under debate tonight is whether the attack was planned or spontaneous.
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>> our reporter joins us with more on the briefing of the state of u.s. security today. >> the hearing was posted be an all encompassing look at security in the u.s.. what happened in libya took center stage as it was called appalling. the question is whether it was anything but a planned event. three of the top u.s. officials called this scene, the deadly assault in libya where four americans died, evidence the u.s. is vulnerable to terrorist attacks. >> they were killed in the course of a terrorist attack. >> was al qaeda involved? >> we're looking at indications individuals involved may have had connections to al qaeda. >> was it spontaneous? >> i just don't think people
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come to protest equipped with rpgs and heavy weapons. >> as investigators sort out the facts, the present -- the family members of those killed are laying their loved ones to rest. there is a formal procession for a former navy seal. the scenes have sadness could have been prevented, some say, if -- she asks why they relied on libyan forces rather than marines. >> i'm stunned and appalled there was not better security. >> security was one of the many factors under evaluation as the u.s. tries to prevent a similar attack. the secretary of common security says the video has remained overseas.
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>> tonight, france is taking steps to protect 20 of its embassies and schools after the publication of a crude cartoon of the profit of it. a satirical magazine published the character over the objections of the french government. a baltimore area congressman who chairs a house subcommittee on intelligence says many of the people participating in the unrest don't understand the concept of a free press and believes it's the u.s. government which is insulting their religion. >> part of the issue is a lot of these people are protesting in a lot of these muslim countries -- these are either dictatorial or quasi-dictatorial governments for the government controls the media and the press. as a result, a lot of the people, might not be educated or in property don't realize that our government has freedom of the press, freedom of speech, and that is where some of these
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problems occur. >> the publication of the french cartoon comes on the heels of an ink leak -- and protests over movie trailers they found insulting to islam. >> in the race for the white house, met romney says he will make clear more of an issue of government assistance programs even after his caught speaking harshly about american to feel entitled to benefits. we've cut the latest on the issue and defining -- and declining romney polls. >> the romney is resisting those in his own party who are demanding he showed more warmth and sympathy to americans who have had to turn to government benefits like social security. >> mitt romney went to atlanta and stood up to his critics on the issue that put his campaign in crisis. will americans entitled to government benefits. romney blames obama who said
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that in the '90s he favored government or redistributing wealth. >> that will kill the american entrepreneur shipped as of to our economy over the years. >> the question of this campaign is not do cares about the poor or the middle-class. i do, he does. the question is who can help the poor and middle-class customer >> but on a secretly recorded tapes, romney criticized americans to pay no federal income tax. like many seniors, students and military, shocking some republicans. in the wall street journal, a reagan veteran wrote it time to admit the romney campaign is an incumbent one. this is not working. >> but paul ryan today was on the entitlement issue. >> we have too many people becoming too dependent on government. >> virginians hold the key to this. >> in 12 swing states, the gallup poll shows romney and rye
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and trailing by 2%. the nbc news poll finds obama leading by 5% nationally, in part, say pollsters because of the impression boaters' -- impression of voters are getting from romney. >> it's this sense of i don't know him, i don't understand him and i can relate to him. >> from the admittees' got work to do. >> some say republicans believe there is enough time. there are three debates ahead and no need for premature panic. >> here is a look at some of our other top story this hour. city police are calling to over five fires are some and detectives believe that they are connected. the suspects have been identified. both fires were started with a molotov cocktail, the first just before 4:00 this morning at park side garden apartments. it left seven people injured.
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no one was injured. anyone with information is asked to contact investigators. fe the state has shut down after the death of a patient there. three people to recently underwent liposuctions a cosmetic surgery center were infected with group a streptococcus and one of the patient later died. anyone who underwent procedures there should contact their doctor. a search is on tonight for the man who wore what appears to be hauling costume and is asked to rob a bank in annapolis. police are revealing surveillance photos. the robber is believed to be an
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african-american man. we are told he implied he had a weapon. he was wearing black gloves and a hooded sweatshirt. anyone with information is asked to contact robbery unit. >> do you find it hard to resist picking up your cell phone while driving? there's? app to make that easier. >> more details are emerging from a bizarre murder in california. details of a man accused of cutting his wife. >> as a huge renovation project concerning ellen's eagles small
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>> a bizarre murder in los angeles it's even more strange with what appears to be a taped confession. police say hey a southern california chef killed his wife and a taped interview played in court, he told police he slow cooked her body in boiling water for four days so the authorities couldn't find it and then dump
5:42 pm
it out as kitchen waste. he's charged with first-degree murder. that trial is expected to last for three weeks. >> we have late breaking news out of an atlas -- attorneys have failed to reach an -- reached a plea -- failed to reach a plea agreement related to tiffany austin. there's several components to the case. prosecutors and attorney met for a hearing on but the deal without going to trial, however the deal did not come together. she is scheduled to go to trial accused of using campaign money for wedding expenses. >> a bit of a makeover for the inner harbor. details of the deal between the city and harbor place civilians. >> a safety warning when it comes to these small and colorful toys. why they are a choking hazard. >> high-pressure selling in for the last few days of summer 2012. 2012.
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but it isn't always easy to find one... a vote for question seven is a vote for maryland jobs. two thousand construction jobs to build a new resort casino. four thousand permanent jobs, paying... on average fifty five thousand a year. six thousand jobs from increased tourism... and table games like blackjack and poker. add it up: it's twelve thousand new maryland jobs. but to build it you have to vote for it. vote for question seven. and get maryland back to work.
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>> it to cases of dangerous arson in baltimore city -- police say they are linked. a deadly infection forces a cosmetic surgery center to shut down in baltimore. we will tell you about that and hope for a better owens mill ball may be fading. we will tell you why the plan to revitalize it is being pushed aside.
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>> and the ravens are preparing for sunday night football against the patriots. everyone associated with baltimore football market on the calendar as it is a came up. >> 31 seconds left for the a and -- for the afc championship. >> the unavoidable conversation. >> touchdown. >> from a raven's perspective, you can't talk about -- talk about new england and avoid the most painful loss in history. >> it is long enough and it is no good. cook it wide to the left. >> i feel for the players and coaches this week. they got over the game better
5:47 pm
than any group i've seen. if they had a bad 2012, its stock because they are hung up on last season. >> no one has thrown it in my face. it doesn't matter. its history. it's going to be in your memory banks and hopefully you can learn from past experiences. >> win, lose, or draw, you move on. this year, we have a totally different makeup as a team and totally different outlook on what we're trying to do. >> it it's not just the loss in the afc championship game. this series has been about patriots played as well as anyone else but coming up just short. changing that is a big priority. >> we have to start fast. all lot of times we are tight throughout the whole game and we lose it at the end. if we can start fast and keep the lead, that will make it easier. >> the best way to change their history against the patriots is to follow their recent history
5:48 pm
when coming off a loss. baltimore on day 13-game winning streak in the game following defeats. the worst news for the patriots may be that the grievance lost sunday in philadelphia. >> the orioles issued a challenge to all elementary, middle and high schools and in maryland. the challenge is to go orange. they are taking the challenge to heart. orange pride was the theme of the day with students and teachers wearing homemade masks. orange food and jews was served. they're trying to win a statewide contest. it did winning school gets a visit from an orioles player and the orioles and byrd himself. >> we have decorated the cafeteria and they're eating orange food. they are so excited. they are in there now screaming and holding up their o's and
5:49 pm
cheering them on to a win. yet until tomorrow to send your pictures and a description of the way you decided to go orange. >> showers and severe storms moved out of the picture quickly. rainfall was not as heavy at the airport as it was in some locations. parts of frederick and carroll county picking up close to 5 inches of rain. 0.6 inches of rain yesterday, bringing the monthly total to 1.87. we are still about 6 inches below normal. the heaviest rain fell well to the north and west of our area. a cool, fall-like 71 degrees, six below the average.
5:50 pm
the normal low of 56 and we may get there before midnight. temperatures will drop quickly. already 69 at the airport. they spent the day in the low to mid 50's in western maryland where frost will develop in garrett and alleghany counties. 45 in the outlying suburbs. high pressure coming from the west stretching from the ohio valley and upstate new york right back through tennessee and the western part of the gulf of mexico. this will hang around for a couple of days. it's looking like thursday and friday will be nice. we'll have to contend with this front which will push scattered showers and thunderstorms and to the area. high pressure should return for the end of the upcoming weekend. sunshine and comfortable temperatures, low humidity and high, thin clouds. nice weather picture for friday. the showers out west pushed toward baltimore late in the day
5:51 pm
and maybe even a thunderstorm mixed in. but once the front clears the region, we will get back into nice weather for the second half of the weekend. 72 to 77 degrees. sunrise at 6:53. went out of the south least -- out of the southeast. a water temperatures from a low to mid 70's. fall begins at 10:49 on saturday morning. it will start to feel like it next week. in fact, it will feel like it tonight. close to 80 degrees on friday. at the front brings a 40% chance of a thunderstorm. that will clear out and be comfortable on sunday. kickoff temperatures sunday evening will be in the '60s. monday and tuesday look beautiful. >> in tonight's consumer alert, a new deal between the city and harbor place pavilions will
5:52 pm
change the way things look in the inner harbor. a new lease for the property will increase rental revenue by 158%. that's in return for returning the city land occupied by the billions. we'll also see improvement in that area, including an upgrade to exterior lighting and repaired to the pedestrian bridge. the renovations should take place over the next three years. a warning tonight about a popular toy you might already have in your home -- there called water balls, small, colorful and they come with a serious risk -- the gel starts to lose out and it grows as big as a racquetball when emerson water. you can't imagine what this did after a eight-month old swallowed one thinking was candy. the grandmother says the grant -- the child was dehydrated and vomiting and totally out of it. they're pushing to make still warning label more colorful so
5:53 pm
that it touches people's eyes more quickly. >> most of us know the dangers of tech's team -- of texting wild driving, but we will tell you about an app that will make it easier to ignore. it acts like a voice mail to text messages and you can't use it when you are driving and don't be distracted. the creators is it you don't return the text within five or 10 minutes, the person sending it thinks they are being ignored. >> i jumped at the opportunity to help him keep these youngsters from killing each other and other people. >> it's free and for using it this month, you can earn rewards. it automatically responds without creating a distraction. coming up, the owens mills mall
5:54 pm
may be headed in a different direction and. instead of an upscale shopping center, we could see a discount supermarket and a liquor store. but behind that 180 degree turn? >> it's a wonderful feeling, knowing this is something that's going to be in history. >> hundreds of people gather in texas to see the shuttle piggyback on a jumbo jet. details on the last mission.
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>> at the space shuttle endeavor officially retired today after circling and landing in houston. >> hundreds of people held up their phones and tablets to capture the images of be the youngest shuttle riding piggyback on a jumbo jet. >> the final flight began just after sunrise. >> wheels up. >> one last mission for the legendary shuttle program -- a three-day cross-country farewell tour honoring the spacecraft and those who played a key role in its success. >> here comes the shuttle carrier aircraft. >> after take-off, the 747 circled the familiar landing strip at kennedy space center and made one last lap along florida's space coast. as the journey continued, and never went into a cloud to fly with the space center in mississippi and an overt or lens. before gliding across the
5:58 pm
horizon in texas and landing for an overnight stay at ellington field just next door to johnson space center, home of mission control. >> it was emotional. with a wonderful feeling. this is something that's going to be in history. >> history that will continue as endeavor flies across the mojave desert to land at edwards air force base which served as alternate landing site. friday, the orbiter will finish its trip across california, flying low over disneyland, malibu, and a host of museums, including its new home, the california science center. but for tonight, the shuttle remains in houston, providing for some one last glimpse at history. >> i have goosebumps. my heart is racing. >> a reaction shared by so many as endeavor is on its way. >> it's amazing just to see
5:59 pm
that. >> that's it for us at 5:00. >> here's a look at what is coming up at 6:00. >> molotov cocktails are to blame for too early morning fires. the latest on that investigation. >> a recent crime fight in baltimore comes amid a big shake-up in the leadership of the police department. >> the health department has a shutdown and cosmetic surgery center, details, straight ahead. >> live, local, late breaking-- this is wbal 11 news at 6:00. >> are big story tonight, two cases of arson in northeast baltimore and police believe they are connected. >> police say they were started with molotov cocktails. we've been following the late breaking details. >> e


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