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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  September 19, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> a baltimore county cosmetic surgery center has been temporarily shut down by the health department. >> one patient is now dead. sheldon dutes is live tonight in timonium with the latest on our big story. >> all three of those people got sick with severe cases of strep. the state health department has int down the monarch medspa timonium. the state health department says three people who got liposuction were hospitalized with severe cases of streptococcus. two of the patients have since been released from the hospital and one has died. >> three people came down with the same type of bacterial infection. that is a concern. >> it is still unclear how the people got infected, but the
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state health department has shut medspa until they determine what happened. it can cause severe or life- threatening diseases once they enter into the bloodstream, muscles, or long. >> symptoms like fever, pain, drainage from the site, we want you to call your health provider. >> according to their website, they have a team of highly trained and licensed health professionals. the state health department says cosmetic surgery centers are not currently licensed by the state of maryland. dr. michael cohen is a founder and medical director of the cosmetic surgery center of maryland. he says there is no such thing as a minor surgery. that is why it is so important for patients to do their
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homework. >> it is probably the most important thing you can do. >> in response to the investigation, monarch released the following statement, saying among art has been in business for eight years and has successfully performed thousands of complication free surgery's. they say the possible origin of the infection is being investigated. sheldon dutes, wbal-tv 11 news. >> baltimore city police are looking for the person or people responsible for deliberately setting two fires overnight. one broke out at portside gardens apartment. fire crews arrived to find flames and smoke coming from the second and third floors. 12 units of that building were destroyed. investigators say was started by molotov cocktail. >> kentucky these are very dangerous arsonists.
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anyone who would firebomb a house with a completely believe -- they could reasonably believe people are sleeping is dangerous. >> six adults and a 7-year-old boy were hurt in the fire. they are reported in good condition tonight. police believe -- police believe the second arson was also started by molotov cocktail. no one was injured in that fire. investigators think the two incidents are connected. anyone with information is urged to call baltimore city police at the number on your screen. >> an update tonight in the case of an elderly couple murdered in their pikesville home. a couple's grandson is charged in their death and police say the murder weapons were a pair of 20 pound dumbbells and a knife. they say 30-year-old matthew long use the weapons to kill the pair nine days ago and then took off for up obama. according to police there, he was found unconscious in a motel
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room after apparent suicide attempt, leaving a note saying i am sorry. investigators say the victims died of blunt and sharp force trauma. police said the process of extraditing him back to baltimore county has not yet begun. he has been ruled incompetent to stand trial in a cannibalism murder case. now it is being determined if he is fit to stand trial in the alleged beating of a morgan state university student. he is charged with attempted first-degree murder. police say he built -- beak and morgan state university student with a baseball bat in may, leaving the victim blind in one eye. he was arrested on murder charges days later after investigators say he killed and in eight parts of a family friend. a competency hearing is set for september 23.
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>> around 3:00 tuesday morning, authorities were called to the west side of the st. croix condo building to find a 41-year-old woman lying on the ground after falling from the third floor balcony. it is still unclear who made the call to emergency responders and police have not release the identity of the one yet. an autopsy is being performed. >> more than a dozen people have a name for possible disciplinary action in the bumbled so-called fast and furious gun running probe. the blistering report from the justice department highlighted misguided strategy, errors in judgment, and management failure after hundreds of weapons turned up at crime scenes in the u.s. and mexico. the internal investigation found no evidence that attorney general eric holder misinform congress. a deputy assistant attorney general resigned from the department after the report was released.
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inspector general michael harlots will testify on his findings before the house oversight committee -- general michael horowitz will testify before the house oversight committee tomorrow. >> in addition to school construction, $11 million will help fund kindergarten and pre- k programs. the budget still need to be approved by the county council as well as the state of maryland. >> city councilwoman mary pat clark hosted a forum to discuss the lessons learned after the june it derecho storm. residents at the chance to voice their concerns over the need for more accurate and timely communications. took the utility company over a week to restore power to more
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than 170,000 customers. >> we want to restore power and do it in a way that is efficient and prompt. we want to do it in a safe fashion. people have a tendency to forget the magnitude of the storm that came through. it is the challenges associated with restoring power. >> bge official said the 24-hour power restoration after a storm like the derecho is not possible but the wait could be improved. our regional icon is making a strong comeback in chesapeake waters. according to some new figures released today by the national marine fisheries service, the maryland crab harvest led the nation last year. 88 million pounds of blue crabs were caught in maryland in 2011. that is promising news for those whose livelihoods depend on the blue crab, but their wallets are
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taking a hit. the value of their harvest dropped at least 15%. they received an average of 91 cents a pound compared to $1.15 a pound year before. >> let's talk baseball while the orioles wrap up their west coast portion of their nine-game road trip. fans are fired up ahead of their final home stand. a buckle up street team will give away tickets and other free stuff at different events. more than a dozen rallies are planned. the first rally kicks off friday night from 6:30-7:30 at the silver spring mining company in cockeysville. a lesson in orioles pride at 1 harford county elementary school today. >> students met the challenge
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issued by the possibly playoff bound orioles. the schools have a lot of fun showing off their orioles orange. >> there was so much orioles cheering going on at northside elementary school, you would think the students were in the stands at the game. the school to an orioles time out today with the goal orange challenge issued by the orioles organization. schools across the state were challenged to demonstrate orioles tried all over the school. that means oriole's orange in classes, orioles out -- outfit, even an all orange lunch in the cafeteria. >> we have orange cookies, are
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napkins', orange jell-o. >> they are so excited, they have that orioles orange pride. >> the orioles announced the challenge last friday. >> one of the teachers chose me to dress up like an orioles word. >> is a big day that we are celebrating the orioles and being so close to going to the championship. everybody is wearing orange. >> the orioles will pick the winning school on friday. north bend elementary is determined to be in the running. kai reed, wbal-tv 11 news. >> it is also a big week for the baltimore ravens.
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the new england patriots kept them out of the super bowl last year. we will have a closer look at the patriots game and the ravens kicker, justin tucker, and all the ravens pregame news before the sunday showdown. it starts at 6:30 with the ravens countdown. >> we will check up on how the orioles are holding up against the mariners after their 18- inning marathon. >> a closer look at the uptick in crime in baltimore city. does that correspond to the command change at police headquarters? >> and not so sterling ranking for that area. >> august -- falls not officially begin until saturday,
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>> a recent string of violent incidents in baltimore it is causing concern that the progress seen in cutting crime may be being reversed. >> jayne miller looks into what is behind those concerns. >> just before 9:30 this morning, never mind it was broad daylight on a busy commuter
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route, someone shot and critically wounded a 19-year-old man on the street. just up the road, a 51-year-old government researcher were shot and killed as he arrived home after choir practice. his death marked homicide #153 for the year in the city, five more than at this time last year. no suspects have been named in the death, but we have learned there is a theory that he was mistaken for a food delivery person because he was carrying bags as he exited his car. police have been dealing with a run of carjackings targeting the northeast district. year-to-date, at least 24 carjackings in the district, up 85% during the same time last year. increases like that are not welcome in city hall. >> i am not happy with one homicide. near my house i had three murders within one month.
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what was watching the ravens game on sunday, i heard a shot. >> city council president jack young announced the timing of the restructuring -- of the increase coincides with the restructuring of the police department. the head of criminal investigations of a 32-year veteran of the department, has announced his retirement. the deputy police commissioner will leave next year. the council president worries about a loss of key talent. >> i believe we need to stay inside so we keep our crime- fighting strategies that we have in place moving forward. x the mayor says there is good talent inside the police department, but she went outside to pick the best. >> attorneys for state delegate vision -- state delegate tiffany
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alston failed to reach a plea agreement in the misconduct case related to her use of state money in campaign funds. she has been the subject of more than 111 news i-team report. she is accused of using campaign money to pay wedding expenses and pay an employee at her law firm. the deadlock involve whether she can remain in office. she faces up to 18 months in jail on a theft charge. >> baltimore has the dubious distinction of being named one of the dirtiest cities in america. baltimore is listed no. 3 of 35 metro areas based on overall cleanliness, smoking in public areas, and lettering. >> we need to help each and every constituent not throw
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things into sewers and make sure their trash is put out correctly and properly, and we will have a clean city. >> last year baltimore is right the sixth dirty a city in america. >> now, your insta-weather forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> we are downright dubiously dirty, dirty air than even laughter. the weather has been cooperating the last few years -- the last few days -- dirtier than last year. we are finishing up summer in great fashion. has been a hot, scorching summer for sure. it will officially end on saturday morning. from now until then, beautiful summer weather. high temperatures to the northwest were only in the 50 codey avalos 60's today. -- in the 50's and 60's today. the average for this day is 77
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degrees and we only hit 71. six below the average for the day. the lowest temperature was 67, that is a little below average. we are going into a cool weather pattern again. you should get a jacket or sweat shirt in the morning. out in western maryland, temperatures are dropping quickly as well. there is actually a frost advisory in garrett county tonight. the chill is starting to set in. not that chilly around here, but still below normal. clear skies and nearly comments. strong high-pressure pushing that cooler air in. it will be with us thursday and friday. saturday the front comes rolling through in the evening, and behind it is another batch of cool, fault there. then we will least be in the fall season. little bit of cloud cover and
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some showers from west in the ohio valley. late afternoon and evening when the showers costs that mounds and approach baltimore, may be up rubble of thunder as the front is sliding through saturday night. until the second front comes in, enjoy the nice weather. sun up just before 7:00, going down at 7:06. an afternoon temperature of 72- 77 degrees. western maryland, after that frosty start to the day, there will be sunshine and temperatures warning in to the -- warming into the 60's. the humidity stays down and on the coast, a few high clouds passing by at times tomorrow. lots of sunshine for friday. the last two days of summer, mid-7's. right around 80 on saturday with a 40% chance of an afternoon thunderstorm. beautiful football weather on
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sunday, and more sunshine for monday. >> jimmy fallon welcome the former "saturday night live" co- starred to the couch. >> maya rudolph is here tonight. >> the orioles have a chance to take over the wild-card race. >> it ready, everybody. this is powerball. tonight we have an estimated
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>> no matter how long that play tonight in seattle and a matter what the outcome, the orioles will still have a place in the american league standings. right now is tied at one out west in the sixth. a big challenge tonight facing the mariners. billick hernandez, j.j. hardy the last of the trio.
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the orioles put up there one run of the game so far. warren reynolds with a single into the gap at left-center field. comes all the way around from first, 1-0 orioles. the yankees with the double header from toronto in the bronx. game 2 of that set. suzuki with the tap grounder up the middle. a great defensive play. 1-1 game in the eighth. another single, his fourth of the game. curtis granderson with the go- ahead, the yankees went 2-1. the orioles can take over the top spot in the wild-card race with a win tonight.
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justin r lender gets out of a jam and gets out brandon mosque in the seventh. the pursuit of the triple crown, his 41st home run of the year, only one behind josh hamilton of texas as detroit beat oakland, 6-2. at the moment leads the tigers five games back from the wild card. the tampa bay rays could use some super heroes after dropping seven of their last eight. desperation time for tampa, facing boston. a solo home run to left field. the game is tied at three apiece. bottom of the six, desmond jennings will triple. the approach to the infield gets away from pedro. a home run as tampa beat boston, 13-3.
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some highs and lows and a lot of momentum swings. the ravens saw firsthand at the championship game at joe flacco can play with scott brady. experience has taught them that being the pacers will take as much mental toughness as physical toughness. ray rice thinks this year's ravens team has the maturity to handle it. he knows that have a leadership. >> when we are down we pick each other up. that is what is great about our offense. i have been with them for five years. we have seen the growth in both of us. we cannot be as successful as we were. my floor and the younger guys, we call ourselves -- michael oher and the younger guys, we call ourselves the leaders now. >> north carolina coach roy williams hopes he can do more
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than just read about it. he underwent surgery today to remove a tumor. doctors discovered the tumor earlier this month during an exam. they don't of the tumor was benign or malignant. he also has a tumor on his left kidney. his doctors say if the second to require surgery, he will miss practice time, but hoping can return for the start of the upcoming basketball season. the forecast is straight ahead.
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>> koehler, but it feels good. >> wait until you step out there this evening. near 80 friday and saturday and then another front comes through saturday night with a thunderstorm, and that brings in the cool air again. lots of sunshine on monday with lows in the 40's and 50's. is going to be false. -- it is going to be fall. >> thank you, and goodnight.
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