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tv   Early Today  NBC  September 20, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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do its job ? adding finish power up to your detergent brings your dishwasher back to life. dishwasher buildup, cloudiness, spots, even tough stains-- gone ! so don't give up. add finish power up. wow ! see the difference. on "early today," worst week. mitt romney tries to contain the fallout from his leaked comments from where he dismissed nearly half of all-americans. in harm's way. dramatic video shows a close call for a texas officer and a bystander. and piece of work. a spanish woman whose restorations have ruined a 19th century fres could he now wants restorations have ruined a 19th century fres could he now wants to get paid. captions paid for by nbc-universal television hello and good morning. i'm veronica de la cruz.
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president obama and mitt romney are campaigning in a swing state this morning. they'll play out their jabs that people have made in the past. brian mooar has details for us live in washington. brian, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, veronica. the romney campaign is pulling a page from the 2008 playbook accusing president obama of trying to redistribute the wealth. as president obama and mitt romney cross paths today in the critical battleground state of florida, their war for the white house has shifted to a skirmish over videotapes. romney's assessment of obama is still causing problems for his campaign, so republicans are firing back. they're using a 1998 recording of then state senator barack obama talking about making government more efficient at a
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loyola chicago university conference. >> i think how we structure government systems that pool resources and, hence, facilitate summary distribution because i actually believe in redistribution, at least at a certain level, to make sure that everybody's got a shot. >> he said some years ago something which we're hearing about today on the internet. he said he believes in redistribution, all right? >> you want to talk about redistribution, governor romney and congressman ryan would redistribute wealth from the middle class to all-americans. >> reporter: a war of words caught on tape. some of their most important words in florida may well be in spanish at a spanish language tv forum quote courting that all important hispanic vote. a top u.s. security official
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said the american ambassador and three others tharp killed was a terrorist strike. they doubt it started as a spontaneous attack. nbc's daniel lee has more from washington. >> reporter: sitting before the u.s. senate committee, they called this scene last week, that deadly assault on the u.s. consulate in benghazi where four americans died evidence the u.s. continues to be vul neshl to terrorist attacks. >> they were killed in the course of a terrorist attack. >> reporter: much else remains unanswered or under dispute. >> we are looking at indications that individuals involved in the attack may have connections to al qaeda. >> reporter: was the attack planned like the libyan government insists or was it spontaneous like u.s. intelligence officials believe? >> i just don't think that people come to protestee
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equipped with rpgs and other heavy weapons. >> we are conducting interviews, gathering evidence and trying to sort out the facts. >> reporter: as investigators sort out the facts, the families of those men killed are laying their loved ones to rest. republican senator susan collins says this could have been prevented had the consulate been better protected. >> i'm stunned and a flauld wasn't better security. >> reporter: one of the many factors under consideration. i'm danielle leigh, nfc news. france has closed embassies in 20 countries in anticipation over islamic protests over cartoons in a french paper. a satire magazine published pictures of a prophet muhammad. while reiterating france's right to free speech, they're accused of pouring oil on the fire. here's a look at some of
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those stories making news early today in america. in texas, quick second heroism by a police officer say a woman after an alleged drunk driver plowed his car into a patrol car. the officer had stopped to help the woman sending the wreckage of the police car straight at the pair. both are recovering. in florida, a school bus camera captured a violent confrontation. police say a mom went after a 17-year-old boy who had been allegedly in a fight with her son the day before. investigators say the mom chased the teenager on the bus and then started pulling on his hair. she's charged with child abuse. finally in kentucky, this is devotion. a mad dash by university of kentucky basketball fans who waited all night and then raced to find a place to camp out for three more days in hopes of landing tickets to the first open practice of the season. now the tradition grows over a
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year. this year, with good reason, after the wildcats took home their eighth national title in april. and now for a look at your national and regional weather, here's nfc meteorologist dyl dylan dreyer with your forecast. i can't fathom for waiting in line for anything. >> for practice. >> are you a sports fanatic. >> not a huge basketball fan. football, baseball. >> you would do it. >> i don't know. >> shopping or shoes. >> that i could camp out for days for. we are looking at some pretty decent weather across the country. there's one spot where we're dealing with some rain that's going to move into the eastern great lakes as we go through the morning today. some heavy packs of rain moving through eastern michigan and then across lake eerie, lake ontario then we'll start to see improvements as we go through the area later on this afternoon. other than that, things are really pretty quiet.
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the scattered showers continue as we go through southern florida which we've been dealing with for the entire week. this is a cold front that's moving through. it will drag in cooler air from the north and west. heavier pockets of rain. lots of thunder and lightening as well. that will move into the detroit area around 9:00, 10:00. we could end up with a couple inches of rain. not a whole lot. across florida we will see another inch or two of rainfall. that's a look at the weather across the country. now here's a peek out your window. washington, dc, 76 degrees. we'll stay in the 70s down through indianapolis. georgia, around 79 degrees today. we're looking for a beautiful day in nashville, tennessee, with highs topping out ashtd 80. that's your latest weather. >> not too bad out there. >> pretty nice. >> thanks. housing sparks, oil sinks, and mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the richest of them all? your early morning business headlines straight ahead.
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plus, sound familiar? late nightclubing, driving, then an arrest. lindsay lohan's latest legal run in this time in new york city. you coming up, pen net races, history chases, and a fond farewell for one american coach. you're watching "early today." >> announcer: "early today" is brought to you by advil. make the switch to advil now.
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very good morning to you. welcome back to "early today." i'm veronica de la cruz. here are some of your top headlines this morning. a justice department report says there is no evidence that attorney general eric holder knew about the fast and furious gun operation. they were criticized for not preefg holder. the highest ranking atomic energy official in iran said two nuclear facilities were the target of sabotage. explosions knocked out power
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including the underground plant americans said would be the most difficult to bomb. in california about 20 people were stuck for about 4 hours 300 feet in the air on a ride in knots berry farms. they were eventually taken off and there were no injuries. aung san suu kyi met with president obama at the white house and was given the congressional medal of honor. the nobel peace prize winner called it, quote, one of the most moving days of her life. and the spanish woman who recently damaged a frescoe of jesus now wants money from the church. the painting has attracted a dramatic increase in tourists. she wants royalties. and now here's an early look at how wall street will kick off the day. the dow closed at 13,577 after adding 134 points yesterday. the s&p was up 4 and the nasdaq
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gained 4. the nikkei sank 145 points while in hong kong the hang seng dropped 250. a pair of encouraging housing reports gave stocks a little boost on wednesday. existing home sales and housing starts must reach the highest level in more than two years. that drove home builders, d.r. horton all sharply higher. meanwhile, the sinking price of crude slowed down the energy sector. oil prices slid another 2 poi3. yesterday. overseas, china's manufacturing output dipped to the lowest level in 10 months. according to "the wall street journal", bank of america is ramping up a cost-cutting plan that could result in a loss of 16,000 jobs by the end of the year. >> industrial bell wetter 3 m threw up a caution flag over weak economic conditions.
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on the earnings front, general mills got a bout from strong sales of yogurt overseas. after the bell bed, bath and beyond fell 5%. adobe besystems, the software maker putting its new subscription based model, will take a toll this quarter. american airlines has canceled hundreds of flights this week as it struggles with an increase in pilots calling out sick. finally, microsoft co-founder bill gates has retained his spot at the top of forbes 400 richest list thanks to his $66 billion net worth. meanwhile, facebook's mark zuckerberg is the year's loser tumbling from number 14 down to number 36. still, i guess you can say it's not a bad place to be, right? extra inning magic, closing in on the double crown and a double dip victory in the bronx. plus the u.s. women's soccer
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team sends off their coach in style. your early morning sports headlines are ahead. the rest of the country looks sunny and dry. your forecast is coming up. you're watching "early today" [ male announcer ] we got a real mom
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in sports, the orioles continue their late season surge last night beating the seattle mariners in baltimore's 15th straight extra inning victory. here's nbc's fred roggin with a look at all your sports headlines. good morning, the wild card leading orioles needed 18 innings to beat seattle on tuesday. why not an extra inning fair last night. sleepless in seattle. that solitary oriole fan will never say dye. baltimore won it 3-1. second straight extra inning victory. they've got a 3 1/2 game cushion in the wild card. off to the bronx, yanks and blue jays in a doubleheader. andy pettitte's first start after breaking his leg. yanks won game one 4-1. in the ninth, tied in the eighth, ichiro put new york on top. yanks won it 2-1 to sweep the doubleheader. they're now 1/2 game ahead of baltimore in the east. tigers making a run in the
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a.l. central. miguel cabrera making a run at the triple crown. runs batted in, after that home run, just one behind josh hamilton for the league lead. no one has hit for the triple crown since carl yastrzemski in 1967. tigers are within the white sox. game two, the nats came back from a 6-0 deficit. scored six in the eighth to tie things up. matt kemp kept it out. a solo homer in the ninth. dodgers win it 7-6. they're ahead by two. the ladies sent their coach out in style. 63rd minute. have their mitts to alex morgan. header into the net. americans showing off on their gold medal victory tour, beat australia 6-2. quite the farewell for the coach. now she's going home to coach the swedish national team. that's an early look at your sports on "early today."
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a famous couple is said to reunite and an international superstar who is said to do no wrong has a greeting from the stork. plus, what would it take for to you jump in the water and go at it with one of these guys? a florida senior citizen did it and we're going to tell you why. you're watching "early today."
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things are pretty quiet all across the country.
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we do have some rain moving into eastern michigan but we actually have frost and freeze advisories in northern new england where temperatures have dipped down into the 30s overnight. it is going to rebound nicely. a little fall like a especially across the northern tier of the united states. orlando and miami we will i see scattered showers and storms. if you're watching us on kptv news channel 5 in west palm beach, florida, in nearby boca raton see what happens when artists design their own golf courses at big art miniature golf at the boca raton museum of art. that is your "early today" event of the day. i'd love to design my own golf course. >> that is really miniature golf, did you see. >> no, i was reading. >> watch next time. here's an early look at entertainment headlines. shakira is taking another step to have it all.
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she and 25-year-old barcelona soccer star gerard piquet are awaiting the arrival of their first baby. the grammy winner and judge on nbc's "the voice" is taking time out. congratulations. the ron bert pattinson kristen stewart reunion has apparently turned into a reck reconciliati reconciliation. friends of pattinson is saying, quote, they're going to be a couple together again. us magazine reports they are back together after a dramatic makeup in los angeles. finally, lindsay lohan has been arrested again this time in new york city for leaving the scene of an accident after allegedly clipping a pedestrian with a borrowed porch. the man claims lohan was slurring her words and reeked of booze. lohan claims she is being set up. this now comes to us from west 2 news in orlando, florida, where in a nearby community of
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the villages it was gator versus dog until a senior citizen risked life and limb. his terrier was grabbed and dragged into a pond. steve who is 66 bounced into action dove in and struggled with the reptile pinning its nose underwater and grabbing its tail until little bounce was freed. steve says he did it for one reason, because his dog is his best friend. i mean, i can totally relate to that. >> we were talking about our puppies recently and, yeah. if you see them in that situation, i really feel like i, maybe you, would have done anything. >> you would have rescued a gator, i know it. i'm veronica de la cruz, this is "early today" just your first stop of the day today on your nbc station.
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>> you are watching wbal-tv 11 news. live. local. late breaking. >> good morning everyone. it is chilly out there. you might want to take a light jacket or sweater. 50 at the airport. 43 in frederick. 50 in randallstown. forecast for today -- mostly sunny skies. high temperatures will make it into the mid 70's. but what the forecast for the upcoming weekend. >> 4:57. the degrees. coming up, the o's go an extra and it again. >> better way to fall and aiding
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in and win with an 11th inning when. >> the fire we first thought you as breaking news just a morning at 11 is has turned out to be the work of an arsonist. investigators need your help finding the suspect responsible. details next. >> if you're getting ready for your morning commute, we're your morning commute, we're checking roads for you a [ male announcer ] with ultra-filtered water
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>> you are watching wbal-tv 11 news. life. local. they'd breaking. 11 tuesday at 5:00 a.m.. >> good morning. a cold start to the day. >> it is chilly out there. might want to take a life jacket to start the day but we do not expect precipitation. 50 at tir


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