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tv   Today  NBC  September 20, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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♪ and we're back now with more of "today" on a thursday morning. it's the 20th day of september, 2012. just stop for a moment, shall we, and take a gander at the nice people gathered on our plaza on a beautiful morning here in the northeast. >> picture perfect fall morning.
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>> it really is great. i'm matt lauer along with savannah gurthrie and al roker, jill rappaport signing autographs for the bow to wow fans over there. meanwhile, you guys got take three coming up. what are you talking about today? >> we were talking about the slightly cooler weather. it must be time for the christmas decorations to be in the stores, right? or wrong? >> too soon. >> too soon. but here's the good news. we have some of the hottest toys this season in our studio. maybe that'll put all of us in the mood a little bit. >> and we've got this viral video. just amazing. folks on safari, all of a sudden, hello, and come on in, come for a ride. and when you see, this cheetah actually -- >> no. >> yeah, let me take pictures he yeah. >> so we're going to talk about that coming up. >> hey, and if you want healthier, younger looking skin, you don't have to go under the knife, there's some non-invasive procedure. >> that's crazy -- >> that layer looks good. >> these actually have proven results. >> this won't hurt at all. >> no, basically got a sander. >> a belt sander. >> suddenly it's looking pretty good. >> doctor, what do you got that craftsman tool kit? >> it's a house of horrors. we'll look forward to that.
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in the meantime. >> natalie's got the headlines of the morning. >> good morning, everyone. republican presidential candidate mitt romney is going on the offense after a video surfaced in which he told donors back in may that it's not his job to worry about the 47% of americans who don't pay income taxes. in an interview, romney says his campaign is "about the 100% in america." he's also taking aim at the president capitalizing on comments made by then illinois state senator obama 14 years ago in favor of redistribution. the obama campaign responded, though, saying that romney would redistribute wealth from the middle class to the wealthiest americans. the french government is bracing for a possible backlash after a magazine published caricatures of the prophet muhammad. a few hours after the cartoons appeared, a small bomb exploded inside a jewish grocery store in a paris suburb injuring at least one person. a prosecutor said it was too
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early to draw any conclusions about the motives. newly released forensic tests show that the only dna found on the gun used to shoot florida teen trayvon martin belonged to george zimmerman. zimmerman is facing second-degree murder charges for the fatal shooting. he has pleaded not guilty and says he acted in self-defense. the new dna evidence, though, could help prosecutors knock down that self-defense claim. a thrill ride that left 20 people stranded high above a california amusement park will remain closed while the cause of the malfunction is investigated. riders at knott's berry farm dangled 300 feet off the ground for as long as four hours until maintenance workers brought them down after nightfall. prosecutors are asking for new charges today against colorado movie theater shooting suspect james holmes. he's accused of killing 12 people and wounding 58 others at a midnight showing of a "batman" film in july. prosecutors are asking for a notebook that holmes sent to a
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psychiatrist before the shooting. pro democracy activist aung sang suu kyi was honored on wednesday with a congressional gold medal. she thanked americans for their support while she spent nearly 15 years under house arrest in berma, a country also known as myanmar. the space shuttle "endeavor" is on its way to the retirement home at the california science center. during its 20-year career, "endeavor" traveled more than 122 miles and spent 296 days in space. and as "endeavor" retires, nasa's "curiosity" rover is hard at work on mars snapping this amazing photo of a lunar eclipse as seen from the surface of the red planet. well, is this the perfect man? yes, he's got a chiselled six pack, but look what else he can do. he can solve a rubik's cube in 25 seconds while doing one-armed push-ups. he says the stunt combines his
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two favorite hobbies. can he cook? and did "fifty shades of grey" leave you with an insatiable appetite, well, this cook book might be for you. called "fifty shades of chicken." sink your teeth into this naughty tale of a young free range and very fresh chicken. >> not right. >> the book has 50 chicken recipes, most of which have names we can't even tell you on morning tv. "fifty shades of chicken" goes on sale -- >> you lost me again, sorry. hilario hilarious. >> when are you going to stop making up news items? >> sales of chicken twine has gone through the roof. as we -- okay. wow. well, let's check our weather for you. >> save me, al. >> it's like take four. you can see we've got a station narrow front draped from newfoundland all the way down
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into florida where it's kicking up some showers. we've got another weak front pushing through the great lakes. that's going to bring some showers, as well. beautiful weather again in the pacific northwest. portland with a high of 80 degrees. 105 in albuquerque, new mexico, we're looking at plenty of sunshine here in the northeast with cooler than usual conditions. that's what's going on around t' >> by later this afternoon, we all right. now it is time for today's take three where al, natalie and i give our take on stories that
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catch our attention. and sitting in to add her two cents is an avid blogger. we're huge fans of your book. >> hello, thank you. hi. >> but, hello. >> i can't get over the fifty shades of chicken. >> i'm alarmed. i'm alarmed. >> i'll never look at chicken the same way. >> i already feel i can't. i feel like no chicken will ever be kosher again. it's not right. >> the mind boggles. >> yeah. the mind does. >> we're going to have to get that book in and take a real hard look at those recipes. >> well, let's see, have you ever seen an advertisement for a sanitary napkin that you really just love? >> i think most guys cringe with embarrassment. >> just at the words, right? >> yeah. >> that not so fresh feeling. >> we have a new ad that may just change your mind. this guy -- >> this guy. >> what's the point of this?
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>> well, i guess he's having fun with a maxi pad. >> because menstruation's hilarious. i have to say this ad put me off. >> why? >> i don't want to -- i don't know. >> you don't want to see them? really? >> no. i just felt grateful it wasn't like the blue goop poured on. we're not going to have a generation of sixth grade australian girls running to their mother saying something's going on and it doesn't look like windex. i'm with you. i don't want a guy -- austral australia's seth rogin selling me my lady stuff. >> at least it's funny not like some woman serenely in a white leotard. he's the guy in the bunch. >> yeah, i -- i'm just -- i'm just -- yeah, first the fifty shades of chicken, now this. this is taking an ugly turn. >> would you pin maxi pads on
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you? >> what do you think? >> if you were paid a lot of money? >> no. no. look, i'm still upset about the commercial with the couple sitting in the tubs. i don't get it. >> here's another question. how many times has deborah sent you to the store to go do that? and are you embarrassed? >> i'm not embarrassed. i don't care. i've got a teenage daughter now. this is what you do. you do this. it's not like some guy's going, hey, look what he's doing. come on, really. >> al roker's menstruating. >> what is going on this morning? what is wrong with you? >> al, our next topic is for you. it's wild animals. >> good. good. yes. i like this. going on safari. i love this. the cheetah decides, you know what? i'm kind tired of walking, i'm riding. >> this is too close and
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personal. >> see, i would like to credit everybody on that van for not grabbing the nearest toddler and holding it up and saying delicious, young, and tender, eat this first. like i'd be in the back trying to make myself as unappetizing as possible. >> and he's gone. >> this video goes on for -- >> long time. >> yeah. and the guy's taking pictures calmly, nobody is panicking. >> i would have been nuts. to scare them off, he just covered himself with maxi pads. >> and see that drives you nuts. >> the guy was doing wolverine. >> yeah, he was empowered by the feminine protection. he felt protected. in many ways. >> in every way. >> we're still going back there. >> i know. >> it's very true. >> we're not leaving it alone. next up. >> baby weight. >> why is it so big now? >> why is it so big? i am not happy.
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okay. this is what my doctor told me. i'm a regular person, i am not a celebrity, i'm not a performer, my doctor said nine months up, nine months down, okay? all of these women that we're seeing mariah and jessica simpson, they're being paid to lose this weight. okay, ladies, remember that. they're getting money to get thin. and it just really -- >> call it a hunch, they probably have trainers and people helping them. >> nutritionists. what worries me is we're raising a generation of children whose first memories are going to be of moms being embarrassed and like, you know, sorry, got to go be on the treadmill now, bye. just enjoy your baby. >> i mean -- >> be healthy. >> be healthy, absolutely. model good behaviors, but don't go crazy. >> i can't understand that term baby bump. i don't know why it annoys me, but part of it is it makes you expect if you're pregnant, you're going to have this tiny bump and you're not going to expand. >> for most women, that's not realistic. >> so much of it is hurtful. and i think that, like, you feel
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that if you don't leave the hospital in your skinny jeans, you have offended america somehow. you've done something wrong. and you haven't. >> no. >> just be a mom, enjoy the baby. >> you're not a celebrity, you're a normal person. >> exactly. >> and take a deep breath and chill. >> it is nine months up and nine months down. >> sometimes it's a little more than nine months. >> forgive yourself. >> i kept saying i was pregnant the whole time i was heavy. >> see? al and i will write you notes. it is just fine how you look. >> that's right. i can't take it. >> you know, we talked yesterday about like the pumpkin everywhere. now already we're getting the christmas hot toy list. >> it's halloween. >> and extra problematic? >> it's the hanukkah list. >> it's the holiday hot toy list. >> i have to tell you, we were in a toys r us or something and some nice old lady asked my
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4-year-old, did you make your list for santa yet, princess? and my daughter thought about it and she said i am a jewish princess. and i'm like, you're not. you're not. you're not. >> i want to get the sky started. they don't quiet. they say they talk, me, me, me. >> me, me, me, me -- >> sleeping. >> that could be annoying, but it's a hot toy. >> what is this? >> that's doc mcstuffins. >> and if you had a 4-year-old, you'd know her. >> well, i guess she talks -- >> she's an african-american doctor, isn't that enough? >> no, it's cool. she cures cancer. >> yeah, exactly. >> that's right. >> she'll talk to you about menstruation. >> all right. >> what are we doing here? >> scooters, one direction. >> one direction dolls. >> do these work?
9:14 am
>> and and apparently you move them by moving their hips. watch out, camera crew. >> how do you do that? >> you need to shake your hips, al. shake it. >> there you go. oh, yeah, baby. >> work it. work it. >> i'm coming after you. >> some hips don't lie. >> they're actually kind of fun, but i'm not quite sure what i'm doing. >> i feel like that could be the tampon commercial too. >> you can ride horses, you can scoot. >> oh, my. >> it's fun. >> i'm buying al a box and i'm sending them. >> our viewers said they can't take it anymore either. 86% said enough with the holidays too soon. >> all right. >> fair enough. >> it is still september, right? >> thank you for being here. >> any time. >> come back. >> any time. >> bye, al. >> coming up next, look better
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♪8ñ this morning on "today's" beauty cosmetic procedures without going under the knife. the american academy of facial plastic and reconstructive surgery reports that 75% of all cosmetic procedures performed last year were non-invasive. and here with the scoop is the associate professor of dermatology at mt. sinai hospital. good morning. good to have you here. these procedures do not require surgery, they may require a little bit of recovery time, though, right? >> recovery time is really the key to figuring out what works for you and your lifestyle. you need to know what the side effects are, know what you're getting yourself in to. look at the pictures. because often the more down time associated with the procedure, the more dramatic the results. >> okay.
9:19 am
also know the costs, obviously. let's start first with procedure to get rid of fine lines, wrinkles, and bright spots. three light-based procedures that can be done separately or together, as well. the first one being the photo dynamic therapy or pdt. what is that? >> pdt is actually a great procedure because it combines both cosmetic and medical treatments in one. it is a light-based therapy that we apply chemical on to the skin and then you sit behind a light for a short amount of time and the chemical gets absorbed by damaged cells, sun damaged, precancerous cells as well as pigmentation. and it leaves you with a fresh new look that looks fantastic. gets rid of cosmetic issues, as well. >> there'll be some peeling then? >> peeling, redness, inflammation, but the results are really quite dramatic. >> what about the next treatment? >> it's actually a laser light procedure and there are two lasers that are combined in one. one that's aimed at rejuvenating
9:20 am
the skin, the other that's gettingkn+ rid of pigmentation. the combination of the two gives a brand new resurfaced texture to the face with less precancerous skin cells, as well, less brown spots and less fine lines. >> i.t.l., intense pulse light, what does this do? >> it's geared toward getting rid of pigmentation, redness, sun damage. it's a quick procedure, no down time, very little peeling. and you need to do multiple procedures in order to get the results. >> okay. moving on now, filler injections. and i guess fillers aren't anything really new. but i guess filler into the ears. this is a new area where a lot of doctors are putting it into. what does it do? >> there's lots of new areas. and ear lobes are a great place to inject because what happens is over time the ear lobe starts to sag, the whole gets larger and we used to do surgery. now with a few little injections of juvederm, you can make the
9:21 am
hole smaller and make your earrings look better and lay more evenly. it's great. >> that's fantastic. and next, volumizers, and how does the volumizer differ from a filler? >> so they are really the liquid facelift. they're an incredible addition to our ability to make people look younger. collagen opposed to creating an area where the skin is just lifted where you put the product. and what they do is get rid of hallows and cause lifting. they're really the scaffolding, sculpture is the scaffolding to the face when you inject it. >> and you're injecting now in the temples, i understand? >> what happens is as we age, we start to hollow. the cheekbones hollow and your bones begin to recede and the injections of these volumizers can actually lift these areas up and recreate the frame that you've lost over time. so it's really quite a dramatic result. >> all right. well, unfortunately we didn't
9:22 am
have time to get to some of the others, but we'll have them on our website, thank you so much. thank you. coming up next, one woman's passion project on the big screen. but first these messages. [ male announcer ] imagine facing the day with less chronic osteoarthritis pain. imagine living your life with less chronic low back pain. imagine you, with less pain. cymbalta can help. cymbalta is fda-approved to manage chronic musculoskeletal pain. one non-narcotic pill a day, every day, can help reduce this pain. tell your doctor right away if your mood worsens, you have unusual changes in mood or behavior or thoughts of suicide. antidepressants can increase these in children, teens, and young adults. cymbalta is not approved for children under 18. people taking maois or thioridazine or with uncontrolled glaucoma should not take cymbalta. taking it with nsaid pain relievers, aspirin, or blood thinners may increase bleeding risk. severe liver problems, some fatal, were reported. signs include abdominal pain and yellowing skin or eyes. tell your doctor about all your medicines, including those for migraine and while on cymbalta, call right away
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>> this is wbal tv 11 news today in baltimore. good morning. it will be another nice day. a little chilly early this morning, but we will make it into the mid 70's this afternoon. few clouds from time to time. warmer tomorrow in the upper 70's up to about 80, on friday and saturday. saturday afternoon, chance of a few rain showers, clearing up on sunday. sunday. [ male announcer ] for the dreamers... and those well grounded. for what's around this corner... and the next. there's cash flow options from pnc. solutions to help businesses like yours accelerate receivables, manage payments, and help ensure access to credit.
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you want to start a school with me? >> what? >> i can't take this anymore, and somebody told me that if you -- if you find a teacher and you stick with it long enough you can turn a school around. >> that's maggie gyllenhaal along with viola davis as a mom who will stop at nothing to fix the ailing inner city school. based on a true story called "won't back down." and maggie will be here tomorrow on "today." supposed to be really good. two incredible actresses. >> absolutely. >> i'm savannah gurthrie alongside al roker and natalie morales. and coming up, the five style trends for fall. >> we've got the very latest
9:31 am
looks that you should add to your wardrobe that won't bust your budget. and then there's a new film called backwards about a young woman whose dreams of becoming an olympic rower were dashed only to find her true calling. we're going to talk to the woman behind the story. and then famed chef todd english whipping up his heartiest dishes and cocktails with warm flavors of fall. >> butter nut squash, yum. and we want to announce the latest winner of today's home chef challenge. it's amber ford from charleston, south carolina. her delicious side dish was voted the best side dish and you can get that at >> it does look good. >> okay. next up, we are also looking for the best pasta recipe. so be sure to head to our website, enter for your chance to be today's home chef. all right. al, you got a check of the weather for us?
9:32 am
>> let's show you what we've got for today. or tomorrow i should say. we are looking at sunshine up and down the east coast. showers in the upper ohio river valley, out west it's sunny and warm to hot, sizzling conditions through the southwest. saturday, risk of strong storms along the northeast coast with the heat continuing out west, then sunday, sunday look for some showers around great lakes. more warmth in the mid-atlantic states, the heat continues from texas inin
9:33 am
and that's your latest weather. >> all right, al. thanks. coming up next. cool looks for the cool weather. fall style trends right after this. ♪i -- i got it ♪ i got it made ♪ i got it made ♪ i got it made fresh at subway ♪ ♪ breakfast made the way i say ♪ i got it made ♪ i got it made ♪ i got it made ♪ i got it made fresh at subway ♪ ♪ breakfast made the way i say [ male announcer ] get breakfast made the way you say, like your very own egg white & cheese topped with that creamy super food, avocado. want jalapenos? red onions? done and done. on toasty flatbread? you so got it made. ♪ at subway
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this morning on "today's" style, fall fashion trends. and the perfect dress. contributing editor for "life in style" is here with the hottest list. good morning. >> thank you. >> where are we starting to see these style trends? >> obviously on the runways, last season during the shows. and they've filtered down into every store pretty much in the mall. and it's super affordable. a lot of these trends are something you want to wear one season so you don't want to spend more than $50 or $100, jewelled tops to metallic jeans. >> super trendy. >> super trendy. >> and maybe just a season's worth. >> every woman can wear them. >> let's bring our out first model, melissa, and she's showing us the jeweled collar. >> and what's great about it, we finally have a piece of clothing that accentuates a part of the body that every woman loves, the neck, the collarbone. >> draws the eye up to the face. >> it draws the eye up. we're going to be seeing this in
9:38 am
different styles. top is $49, and i love pairing it with something that brings out one of the colors in the jewels. this is a designer with a relationship with target. and it's the print, has that shiny material so works well with the jewel tones. and even more color. my theory is you can have two pieces of clothing at a time that match. you can do the shoes and bag as long as the color's not in the clothes, as well. and it brings lots of color and lots of fun. just kind of glam for fall. >> i learned something new. two colors that match in the outfit. very nice. next, the mixed media jacket. mel is wearing this. got a little leather and tweed here. >> mixed media is one of the biggest things we saw on the runway. it's a huge, huge trend. what it means is basically you pick two different fabrics in one garment and mix them together. what i love about this jacket is it's that very adult and mature and lady like, but when you mix
9:39 am
it with the leather, it adds edge, toughens it up, edge, sexier, throw it on with a casual pair of jeans. and i love these military boots. these are vera wang ones from kohl's. and again, make it look edgier and super fun and wearable. >> the buckle boot is the big trend. >> exactly. >> everyone is with the booties. >> next, we have felicia and she's showing us the panelled skirt. and this could not be more figure flattering. >> you hit it on the head. the panel skirt. because what it does makes the dark on the outside so takes away from the hips and thighs and really draws the center in. black and white is super chic. i like to pair it with black and keep it in that very sophisticated vein. and of course, the boots, super hot for fall, as well. just sort of very sophisticated
9:40 am
look. and a chunky necklace again, you want a real statement piece of jewelry. bcbg, love her jewelry. you'll look great. >> i love the hat. love the look from head to toe, thank you so much. >> super slimming. >> i know. next is maggie showing off our next trend and this is the fall floral. >> this is combining a lot of things that we love. florals, you know, spring and summer tend to be very light and sunny. the florals we're seeing for fall and winter are darker, a little bit more abstract. this dress is only $34 from h & m, gives you an opportunity to try it for one season. and of course the shape is very figure flattering, as well. you can eat a little extra at dinner, covers the tummy. and what i love about this, by wearing it with patterned tights, it takes you even more in for fall. a lot of people don't want to mix prints, this is a great way to try it without being too
9:41 am
risky, $20, you can experiment with that. >> you look beautiful. thank you so much. and finally, leslie, and here's the big trend, metallic jeans. >> yes, this is our big closer. i love it. metallic jeans are something that can be a little bit younger and trendier, but i think by pairing it with something that's super casual is something that most women can run around in on the weekend, have some fun in. this whole look is under $100 from forever 21. >> great. and very sporty rather than like the -- >> yeah. the sequin top, it might be a little too va-va-voom. but again, also the high-top wedge sneakers. here for like $20, and it's super sporty, it adds a couple en inches, you can be casual and taller at the same time. super comfy and something most women whatever age can still try on. >> rachel dallas, thank you, models, come back out one last look quickly. ladies, thank you. you all look amazing.
9:42 am
coming up next, we're going to show you how one woman reinvents herself after her olympic dreams are dashed in a new film right after this. [ sneezes ] [ male announcer ] if you have yet to master the quiet sneeze... ♪ [ sneezes ] [ male announcer ] you may be an allergy muddler. try zyrtec®. it gives you powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec® is different than claritin® because zyrtec® starts working at hour 1 on the first day you take it. claritin® doesn't start working until hour 3. [ sneezes ] [ male announcer ] zyrtec®. love the air. join zyrtec® rewards. save up to $7 on zyrtec® products. join zyrtec® rewards. mommy! i went potty! that's great, honey.... where? for life's bleachable moments.
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he did it. [ female announcer ] swiffer. better clean in half the time. or your money back. there's a new movie opening this week that highlights the story of a competitive rower who doesn't make it to the olympics, but instead finds a higher calling in coaching. sarah thomas alonge,kñ with jam van der beek, sarah thomas wrote, produced, and stars in "backwards." what a slacker you are. >> it's a lot of work. i'm a little tired. >> you wrote in high school and in college. >> yes. >> and you were away from it for eight years. how did you get back to this? >> i wanted to write a film about a woman who doesn't make
9:46 am
it. so she's the number one alternate for the olympics. i was a rower, it's a beautiful sport, not a lot of films about it. >> you feel in a sense -- and correct me if i'm wrong and i'm sure you will, a little bit too much emphasis placed on winning and not on the actual sports part of it. >> absolutely. in this film, abby has to make a choice, and in the end, i can't say what it is. some people will agree with the choice, some people won't. but i think the point is to be an olympic athlete, there's so much work that goes into it. and you have to give up a life balance. and so is that good? is that bad? >> and that's, you know, when we were at the olympics, talking with the athletes, and so much of your life goes in to this with no guarantee -- >> yeah. of a medal. >> of a medal. >> or even making the team. which is the point of this. the lead character in the film she, you know, she's 30 years old in the film, she's really 22. she's never moved on because all she does is train for something actually she's the alternate,
9:47 am
ends up sitting on the sidelines. >> and you're acting against james van der beek. >> he's really difficult to look at. he's such a nice guy, very fun to work with. it was a lot of fun. >> as a first-time actress. you were given fairly valuable advice. >> yes, she's a wonderful person, but then she plays a mother in a lot of films and in a lot of television shows and so she was really a mother onset just making sure i was very well taken care of and comfortable. >> you watched the u.s. women's team win gold. >> i did. >> and some of them are, in fact, at the premiere. >> yeah, they were at the premiere on tuesday. and what was so fantastic was to hear them say that this was how it was for us. like they really loved the film and thought it was genuine. and to me, that was so important that they believed in the film. >> when you -- now that you've gotten kind of back into it, do you miss it? then when you were watching them at the olympics? >> absolutely, absolutely.
9:48 am
and we got james in the boat, as well, who had never rode, for fun. it's a fabulous sport, a team sport, you win as a team, you lose as a team. >> what's the one misconception about rowing? >> that it's easy, maybe. it looks easy, but it's so hard. >> we try at the "today" show team. i can tell you, it's very hard. just getting into the boat. >> i know, and actually i'm upset i didn't know you rowed when you cast this because i could have cast you as my comic relief. >> the comic relief. >> why not? >> i've got to tell you, we have such respect for rowers after trying to do it. >> oh, yeah. >> so congratulations. >> thank you. >> the film "backwards" opens tomorrow. >> cinema village. thank you. we've got a fall menu makeover from todd english. first, this is "today" on nbc.
9:49 am
9:50 am
♪ i wonder what's for dinner
9:51 am
when i get home tonight ♪ >> this morning in "today's" kitchen, what's for dinner, the flavors of fall. locations around the country including the plaza food hall here in new york. todd, good morning. good to have you back here. >> thanks for having me here. this is one of my favorite times of the year, when you walk through markets, especially here in new york, amazing. bustling with incredible squash like this. >> lots of great squash. >> i've got to make this mixed squash soup, which i love. and it's creamless and really good for you. >> good. lower fat and cut it in quarters. >> take out the seeds. >> like that. >> and if you don't get all of them, it's okay. you can roast them. and a little bit of virgin olive oil over the top, salt, and crack a little pepper. >> sure thing. and you're going to put this in the oven. >> roast that in the oven until it basically deflates, falls apart. about 350 degrees, little scratch of nutmeg, and the other
9:52 am
thing on this is actually curry the soup. >> oh. even better. >> make it really flavorful. and again, i've been using it to cut down on fat and i know everybody's always watching that. >> right. >> the use of spices really does -- >> good antioxidant. >> and the whole idea of not feeling deprived in any way. so you don't have to add two cups of heavy cream. i add the onions, curry, all spice -- >> chicken stock or vegetable stock? >> vegetable stock, you can use chicken stock, as well. we bring that to a simmer, got the squash here. and see how wonderfully soft that is. and you can do one squash or two, however many you want. we basically let that puree like that. and then we're going to garnish it with some more beautiful fall harvests, as well. >> great. >> you want it thick still. >> yeah, nice -- i like it, a
9:53 am
little body, more substantial, more filling. >> definitely. >> very simple, easy, you can make this ahead, you can freeze it. >> it's delicious. >> pour that out into the bowl, like that. >> i love it. you've got these great garnishes you were saying. >> the garnishes here are sliced apple, red delicious apple salad with fennel. >> oh, wow. >> you can put enough on there, the lentils have been blanched, and then a little bit of spice, as well. beautiful goat cheese. >> delicious. >> that gets nice and -- that's sort of the creaminess and delight of it. >> squash seeds. >> this is actually pumpkin seed, virgin pumpkin oil. >> where do you get that? >> special tty stores, it's mor available now. >> smells very pumpkiny. over here. >> again, one of my favorite things in the world. >> yes. >> a little intimidating. you may have had this in the
9:54 am
mediterranean or a lot of the mediterranean restaurants, they actually have salt crested fish. >> yeah. >> so we actually take this salt and mix it with egg white, water, and in this case, all these spices to go around and when it comes out of the oven, it fills the kitchen or dining room with this. basically make this wet sand and put it over the top of the fish. and you cook it with the -- get a spoon here. and you actually cook it with the skin on, okay. the scales on it and everything, you peel that back on the bone. i've stuffed it with orange and fennel. you can simply pull this off like this, put it on there. and now a little vinaigrette. >> that looks fantastic. i'm going to try the soup too. >> here he is. good to see you, sir. >> al, look at this. >> timing is impeccable, sir. >> have you ever made this? >> i've never done this. i have been a little intimidated. >> and make a little vinaigrette to go over the top of it.
9:55 am
>> now we're talking. >> and a little cocktail of slow gin, bombay sapphire, cranberry, and apple. again, to bring in the beautiful fall flavors. >> cranberry, apple, and gin. >> for slow jamming the news. >> and it's 5:00 somewhere. >> there you go. >> thank you. you inspired us. i love it, it's delicious. and still to come, instant ambush makeovers with kathie lee and hoda. that and more after your local news and weather. hmmm, i don't think i took my pill today.
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